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This unique mini-hardcover contains the most memorable quotes from Neil Gaiman's THE SANDMAN series, accompanied by masterful renditions of Morpheus and the rest of the Endless, contributed by a remarkable ensemble of artists....

Title : The Quotable Sandman
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ISBN : 9781563897474
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 96 Pages
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The Quotable Sandman Reviews

  • Jon(athan) Nakapalau
    2019-04-01 07:41

    "That which is dreamed can never be lost, can never be undreamed." Beautiful quotes from a master storyteller.

  • Diana
    2019-04-08 11:54

    Short but good

  • bitchrepublic
    2019-03-29 10:34

    Gift from a good friend - i love it! very inspirational.

  • Sara Forsberg
    2019-04-18 13:40

    Sandman coffee table-book. What more could you want?

  • John Watt
    2019-04-01 08:38

    I nice easy read of quotes from the Sandman Comic series.

  • Ea Solinas
    2019-04-02 14:36

    "Things need not have happened to be true. Tales and dreams are the shadow-truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes, and forgot." -- DreamThe Sandman series has two major things going for it: sublimely lovely art by a variety of talented artists, and Neil Gaiman's haunting writing... which are basically all that a graphic novel series needs to be brilliant. And both are present in "The Quotable Sandman: Memorable Lines from the Acclaimed Series," which is basically a beautiful sampler of the Sandman series.It contains various quotes from various characters throughout the Sandman series -- Dream, Thessaly, Rose Walker, the nameless Narrator, the other Endless (such as Death, Delirium or Destruction), Mervyn Pumpkinhead, Lucifer and assorted other people.The quotes are selected well, highlighting Gaiman's skill as a wordsmith. Sometimes it's a sensual phase ("with skin as pale as smoke, and eyes tawny and sharp as yellow wine"), or a funny quirky line ("Lady, I'm your worst nightmare--a pumpkin with a gun"), or philosophical insights ("That which is dreamed can never be lost, can never be undreamed"). Sometimes the quotes are just to illuminate some aspect of Morpheus himself ("He's gotta be the tragic figure standing out in the rain, mourning the loss of his beloved").It also has a beautiful sampling of artwork -- stark black-and-white ink pictures, Charles Vess' delicate faerie work, a murky muddy portrait of Despair, a soft tawny portrait of Delirium, a gorgeously realistic picture of Desire, Jill Thompson's adorable "Little Endless" picture, Dave McKean's surrealistic "collage" images, and many others."The Quotable Sandman: Memorable Lines from the Acclaimed Series" is a beautiful little collection of some of Sandman's highlights. A nice little item for Gaiman collectors.

  • Alpha
    2019-04-20 13:01

    "The Quotable Sandman is exactly as it sounds. This isn't a novel or a comic book but a collection of all of the best quotes in the Sandman Series created by Neil Gaiman. The quotes are even complimented with great illustrations by an remarkable ensemble of artists.A lot of the quotes are based around the five major characters in the entire Sandman Series who are Dream, Death, Destruction, Delirium, and Despair. Notice how all the names start with the letter ""D"". Anyways, a lot of these quotes are very good and can be relavent to life in general.I personally found the quote by Lucifer to be very good because it places a huge amount of responsibility on the person instead of blaming the devil. How I see it, every action is the person's responsibility and nobody can make you do what you do. All in all, an excellent little book of little quotes from a very cult-famous comic book series I respect."

  • Hope
    2019-04-14 11:55

    This was part of Mah Sweetie's 13th Mensaversary gift to me. It's fun to remember the series through the quotations, and I enjoyed seeing the art in this different context. It's a small, hard-back meander through a graphic novel series I'm right fond of. I wouldn't have bought it for myself, but I'm very glad Mah Sweetie did.

  • April
    2019-04-08 09:55

    My thoughts:

  • melissa
    2019-04-02 11:33

    A cute little book. Gorgeous artwork & great quotes. A nice way to remember the series for those that read it or a small taste to hook in new readers.

  • Jen Pierce
    2019-03-31 13:01

    What a lovely little book. Put me back into all the best feelings from Sandman, and saw lots of old friends.

  • Anas Al tardei
    2019-04-17 11:03


  • Andrea
    2019-04-08 10:59

    Great Coffee Table book

  • Priscilla
    2019-03-22 09:50

  • Ben
    2019-04-14 08:50

    I bought this book thinking it was standalone, it was only $2 and had the price sticker over the part that says "Memorable lines from the acclaimed series". So I initially thought it was a spinoff book in addition to the series. I honestly didn't put much time or thought into buying it. Reading through it though, I found some of the quotes insightful and interesting. Most of them weren't very enlightening though, and would be more enjoyable with the proper context of the story. The art is mediocre for most of the book, with a few pieces that stand out. The constant changes in terrible fonts did not help at all. I think this book needed a better graphic designer. But hey, it's a coffee table book, so the publisher was just trying to make a quick buck. Can't complain too much.

  • Reese Lightning
    2019-04-06 12:01

    "Things need not have happened to be true.Tales and dreams are the shadow-truthsthat will endure when mere factsare dust and ashes,and forgot." -Dream"That which is dreamedcan never be lost,can never be undreamed." -Master Li

  • Neil
    2019-04-17 12:42

    Forgot I owned this, until my girlfriend got into reading Sandman. A clever little "gift book" for Gaiman fans. The quotes are fun, but the illustrations are what make this work.