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As all the creatures are forced into a battle that will determine who rules Feyland, a bigger force emerges that threatens all. "Midnight Frost" is the pivotal book in the popular series about the beautiful but dangerous world of Feyland and its magical and powerful inhabitants....

Title : Midnight Frost
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ISBN : 9781597489027
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 262 Pages
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Midnight Frost Reviews

  • Kailin
    2019-04-10 14:59

    This is the fifth book.

  • Daizc
    2019-03-31 14:43

    My roommate got me on the Frost series. I can't put it down. Can't wait for this one.

  • Betsy Hillendahl
    2019-03-29 09:42

    I absolutely loved this book. After ending so abruptly with Frost Kisses I was left wanting more. Where Kailin Gow picks up it is intense from beginning to end. Breena still has a long battle ahead of her at the beginning of this story. She learns that she battle many wicked things in order to create peace throughout the winter and summer faries. What will she have to sacrifice in order to bring peace? I love the scenery that Gow creates in these books. The characters are so passionate in what they believe in. Once again Kailin Gow did a magnificant job with this book. I can't wait to read Fire Frost! I cried a little in this book for the sacrifices made with some of the characters.

  • Christie
    2019-03-25 12:47

    i really enjoy this series, however, i felt like the characters werent really themselves, i felt as if something was off the entire time, i dont know if it was because Gow has alot of different things going on, or if it was because i havent read this series in awhile and the other books are throwing me off, but it just felt different. it was good, dont get me wrong, but i just couldnt connect like i usually do. ill still be waiting for book number 6 to come out. i hope logan finds someone!

  • Lauren
    2019-03-26 11:49

    Love this series. I read books 1, 2, 3 and the Wolf Fey Novelette. I don't know Mrs. Gow personally, but a bunch of girls at UCSD love her and her work. She's an Alum of the UC school, and we're proud of her.

  • Melisse Haeberle
    2019-04-06 07:57

    Can't wait to read this one! The third book defintely aided in making me love the series. Team Kian!Thanks for stepping up your game, Kow!

  • Emma (BelleBooks)
    2019-04-11 15:50

    What can I say about this book really, after the way Frost Kisses ended I had to start Midnight Frost right away!This book has everything, I mean it really does!A crazy love triangle, a war, fairies coming together and fighting for a common good, family dramas. Gosh you name it and it is in this book!I was really happy the way everything turned out after finishing this book, I am happy Breena has finally made a choice and got herself out of that love triangle. Although in the past she thought she had made a choice and ended up going back and being confused again, so I really hope she sticks to her guns this time!The imagery used in these books just gets better and better, the world Kailin Gow has created is completely different to anything I have ever read before, there is so much descriptive language used that you feel as if the story is unfolding all around you. The characters in this book are brilliant! I feel like now that I've got to know who everyone is and what they stand for, I can appreciate all their individual little quirks that much better in this book.I'm glad Breena isn't a portrayed typical heroine in this book, we get to see her doubts and her fears as well as her mistakes. To me this makes Breena more realistic as a main character, she is after all only a teenager. Instead she learns fom her mistakes and grows, which I think is the perfect mix for any kick ass book heroine.Overall I really did love this book and this series is fast becoming one of my all time favourites. I have book six ready and waiting for me on my Kindle, hopefully I'll get around to it soon!

  • Dominus~
    2019-04-13 14:45

    I really love this so much. Mythos Academy thumbs up. But but but but! I have a frigging question. So Rory is his cousin because their fathers are brothers. If I remember correctly, Rory said she has both parents as Spartans so that also means Gwen's father is a Spartan, right? I knew it went that way. So why doesn't Gwen have any Spartan characteristics in her? It feels weird. At first I thought Rory might be her sister when she said she's a Foresti but then she was a Spartan so I disregarded it. Turns out she's her cousin. I wish Rory would come to North Carolina to help with Gwen.Then there's the baby gryphon just like Nyx who is friggin freaking cute. I love this part so much. When she saved baby gryphon also when the leader gryphon came to Gwen and Logan till they landed on the academy. It was ridiculously amazing. I'm thinking buckbeak from Harry Potter over here and if this became a movie, I think it's gonna be good. The ending with the silver laurel and mistletoe was intriguing, I actually don't have a guess or if I even have one it's completely wrong. I love this feeling but also hate it.

  • Ciara
    2019-04-01 10:37

    Although I love Kailin Gow, I feel like after reading Midnight Frost I can't possibly imagine what is left to read about in Fire Frost due out in December! Bree, Kian, Logan, Delano, and all the other characters we have grown to love or love to hate have all played a big role in the war against a common evil. Bree FINALLY makes a choice between the men involved in her romantic debacle and we say goodbye to someone we have grown used to reading about!!! I am not sure how I feel about Bree's decision on her love interest because I am a fan of both Kian and Logan, but I feel like even though she always says she is sure "this time" she still lets her doubts resurface hence reigniting the love triangle that Kailin Gow is so well known for!!! I will read Fire Frost mainly because I feel like I have journeyed this far with these characters and also because I am dying to see whats left to write about!! Maybe more intimacy and confidence in their relationship maybe??? We shall SEE ;)

  • Chrissy
    2019-03-21 09:01

    I did like this series overall, but I needed to vent on the love triangle crap. By the third or fourth book I was over the love triangle and ready for Breena to decide. I was annoyed that it seemed in each book she had made her "final" decision for Kian, claiming she could love no other and how she knew deep down it was always him, but then after she made that decision she would yet again waiver. Then after she made her decision she would say something about needing to let Logan know, but decided not to at that time for his feelings sake. Argh! Uh hello! Not telling Logan sooner basically made Kian AND Logan suffer. Idiot!I just get so annoyed when the brave, strong, and amazing heroine in the book can't seem to get her head outta her ass to figure out what she wants. It just smacks of selfishness and immaturity.Glad she finally stuck to what she wanted this time. 3.5 stars

  • Faith Lowery
    2019-04-04 13:42

    I have such a hard time putting down this series. I like it more as it goes on. This book, showed a deeper side of those we love and hate in this series, and we saw a battle come to head that was a necessary battle to try to unity Feyland.A definite fast 5-star read. Granted, I hated the use of the line, "my pretty," because immediately I responded with, "and your little dog too." Also, I'm entirely human & entirely female - the struggle is REAL. But for Breena to waffle about as a flighty little girl, as though the emotions of those whom she loved were irrelevant was cold. It showed her to be her father's daughter - as he treated Logan and Kian with the same disrespect King Foxflame showed red leaf while galavanting with his concubines.Given the conclusion of this novel, I truly hope she treats love with the reverence it deserves.

  • Jessica
    2019-03-21 10:40

    Ok I liked this book, the love triangle still got to me but whatever at least in the end she made a bloody decision on the whole issue but I am nervous taht in the next book she will change her mind and it all start again. I am happy about the way things turned out for Queen Redleaf (well as good as they can with her being dead), after all she didn't deserve to be treated the way she was. The Winter queen I think was kind of a bitch to her kids and if she had treated them better then this would have been a whole different story. I have a feeling the next book is going to be in Logan POV unless Breena decides to join in with Logan and the gang to find the missings suns.

  • Beth
    2019-03-31 10:59

    *Possible Spoilers*Finally...Peace in Feyland! I was really happy about the way events turned out in this latest "Frost" book. I am surprised that there is going to be another book, when everything seemed to come together after the Hordes were brought down and everyone found their HEA. Except for Logan, and I assume that he will find his HEA in the next book (mayhaps w/ Rose??). I was thrilled that Breena and Kian will finally be able to move on and be the King and Queen they should be. love really is the most powerful magic of all...

  • Kelly
    2019-04-14 11:56

    Okay... what the HELL. Why do I keep reading this damn series?!?! It's just awful.. Good grief. How do you know that a series sucks? When after 5 books NOTHING about the characters stays with you. Normally, I read a series and I'm in that characters world for days afterwards. Gow's feyland is the direct opposite. I can hardly even remember the names!! OMG so many plot holes, nothing is cohesive, and Breena is just a half-twit. Totally wasted a week of my time with this series. I've read fanfic better than this...

  • Laura Wall
    2019-04-08 14:05

    With so many books out there today covering the same genre, it's the true artists - those authors who find a way to break through the conventional standards of the day and transport the reader to a different time and place. This is what Ms. Gow does so well. With breathtaking descriptions of the fey world, superb character development and just enough twists and turns to keep the reader turning page after page I am one fan who eagerly awaits the next book.

  • Amanda
    2019-04-01 15:48

    a wonderful, wonderful book... i loved everything about it... breena finally chooses between logan and kian.... at first i wanted her to be with logan, then i wanted her to be with kian, then i wanted her to be with both( i know, i know) then i got to the point where i just wanted her to pick, it didnt matter who because they are both worthy... and they noth love her more than life itself... an epic battle... an unexpected alliance... this latedt installment has it all... props to kailin

  • Alyssa Hull
    2019-04-14 07:36

    I just finished the series and though satisfied with the ending, am wishing for more. The book had many emotions and was exciting all the way through. I highly recommend reading this book if you enjoy fantasy and romance. Especially fairy stories. Definitely put this as one of my favourite book series.

  • Pamela Talley
    2019-04-03 08:40

    Truly love will conquer whatever!Kailin Gow has again created a place that does exist. It has everything, a history that leads the present into the future. Love, strongest of all the emotions, is able to bring everyone together and I believe it. So what adventure do we have next? So glad I have the next book.

  • Misty
    2019-04-16 09:00

    this one has it all, tears, love, drama, friendship, loyalty, hate, war, and forgiveness!If you can read this book and not cry or laugh and just tear up or even just get outraged then you haven't grasped the meaning of this story.Love. Love was thought dangerous and forbidden but it becomes the most powerful of all magics.

  • Vanessa
    2019-04-09 11:40

    so love it like I love all of the ones so far! though Logan needs to go lol. I mean I love him but bree needs to end up with kian! even though I'd love to have kian for myself they should be together!!!! hopefully something happens in the rest or next book lol! cause she's aggravating me with not choosing

  • Leona
    2019-04-21 10:48

    I like the author and her writing/other books, but I'm just not at all very fond of her Frost series. I gave the first three books a shot and just gave up. Maybe number four can rekindle my interest.

  • Angela Gonzales
    2019-04-10 07:46

    love this series :)

  • Michaela
    2019-04-17 15:46

    The whole thing was pretty okay up till the whole power of love thing. Just saying. Reminds me of those corny television shows about courage and friendship and other lovey dovey things.

  • Kamryn
    2019-03-27 15:05

    Mom is it good?

  • Marie-claude Perras
    2019-03-24 10:46

    Excellent. The pace was fast. The story was interesting and emotionally intriguing. I love the fairy world Kailin Gow has created. I can't wait to start Frost Fire (book number 6)

  • Kelli
    2019-04-11 08:04

    This has to be one of the worst series ever written. Not only is the writing terrible but there are so many typos it makes it painful to read.

  • Sharee
    2019-04-11 15:38

    I really wanted to like this series.. but the same things keep happening over and over. And it's just not worth the money to buy the 11 books in the series to find out what actually happens.

  • ★Carri
    2019-03-25 09:51

    The best book of the series so far!

  • Aeron Trahaearn
    2019-03-29 09:42

    oooooooooooooooooooooooh...finally!!!!!!!!!!! evrythings fine once and for all!!!