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-out of print -Skylar doesn’t believe in things that go bump in the night. But after her uncle’s body is discovered with a mosaic of eerie symbols carved into his chest, she moves to his spooky California estate to get logical answers....

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Immortal Eclipse Reviews

  • Anastasia シ
    2019-05-09 22:30

    **ARC was provided by the Author for an honest review**Upon reading the synopsis of this book, I didn't know if this book would be humorous, action-packed, or mysterious. But as soon as i started reading the novel I was hooked! Immortal Eclipse is an action-packed, character driven novel that is guaranteed to give you goosebumps!The main character is Skylar Blackwell. She was a fantastic protagonist, interesting to read about, she is kick ass, witty, and quite the fashonista! Her character in a sense made the book come alive, especially when she arrives at Summerwind Mansion. Her interactions with the mansion's staff really make this novel shine. There is definitely something sinister going on at Summerwind and Skylar is determined to get to the bottom of things, no matter what. Underneath all that love of material things, she really was a compassionate person; her family meant the world to her.Dorian!!! :) A very intriguing character and Skylar's love interest. But he kept pushing her away. However in the end I understand why he did the things he did.I loved this book, it was really good, the story-line is captivating and you wont be able to put the book down! I really enjoyed this book, and highly recommend it to people in the mood for a paranormal mystery with a creepy haunted house feel and If you are looking for a gripping tale of action, romance, loss, and all things that go bump-in-the-night, then this is the book for you!!Review is posted on My Blog

  • Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews
    2019-05-16 03:34

    Immortal Eclipse was an interesting story with great promises but I was not the biggest fan of Skylar. She was almost an oxymoron. She went to California to the estate she inherited from her Uncle in order to have some chill time and get to the bottom of her Uncle’s death. She felt that there were things that didn’t add up and she wanted to really understand what happened with her Uncle. When she finally gets to Summerwind estate, and the getting there was not the easiest trip, she finds that it was not what she was expecting. There was something hokey with almost every employee there. Whispers of paranormal activity that Skylar adamantly did not believe it. Except that she had a necklace that she wore that would go from warm to cold before a paranormal event. There were also her “gut instincts” that she would “go with” but no, there could not be any such paranormal activity happening to her or around her, ever, because there was just no such thing. Skylar’s character kept changing her mind about staying at the estate versus going many, many, many times. Her character was written as a twenty-five year old woman but I felt like she would have been better cast between the ages of sixteen to eighteen. She did have some character development by the end of the story that made her okay in my book but her being the main character did not move the story along for me. What I did love was everything else. This story had a great mystery that had past-present flashbacks. The mansion itself was almost its own character and it was creepy! The paranormal aspect of this story was most creepy and enjoyable. There is plenty of suspense that is built up throughout the mystery that is developed. I could clearly see the story as it was meant to unfurl and I completely loved that aspect of it. There is a little bit of romance in this story but it takes a back seat to the mystery and paranormal elements, which is nice. Overall, Immortal Eclipse was an entertaining read that gave me a great creepy feeling that kept me just having to know what was going to happen next. This review is based on a complimentary audiobook I received from Narrator, Courtney Parker. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

  • Alycia
    2019-04-22 23:26

    "Immortal Eclipse" is a fascinating paranormal mystery with a dash of horror and romance. Skylar Blackwell is a fashonista and photographer in the industry who inherits her uncle's mansion in Carmel. Which couldn't have come at a better time, because Skylar's life seems to have a few changes in it. She didn't have much family left, but Skylar was a very compassionate character, with a lot of moxy, not just an empty-headed girl who loved designer shoes and purses. She decides to go to the mansion to put her beloved uncle's affairs in order, but can't help but wonder if there is more to her uncle's death. The mansion, Summerwind is and old, creepy secluded place that employs an interesting group of people. Skylar soon becomes an amateur sleuth and does some digging into the history of the house and her uncle and his research. Curiously, ever since Skylar got to the mansion and started living there weird paranormal activity happens and people keep turning up dead. Which leads her to believe even more that her uncle was murdered.Dorian Delacroix is the mysterious caretaker with personal ties to the estate. He at first pushes Sklyar away, but succumbs to his attraction. Everyone is a suspect in the beginning, including Dorian, but his history is revealed as well. He and Sky figure out that she is a doppleganger and in danger. They must stop the villains or die trying. If only to avenge the murders and take back their lives. Immortal Eclipse had interesting twists and turns, the villains were not hard to guess but the downfall was different than this reader expected. Skylar finally has peace and has found what she was always looking for.Soule has a talent for keeping a reader interested in the mystery storyline and to keep reading to find out what happens. The story never drags, but keeps a brisk pace. This is the first time I have read the author, but not the last. I recommend this book to readers who enjoy paranormal romances or paranormal mysteries on the lighter side. *Thank you to Disenchanted Publishing who provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Seirra
    2019-04-26 02:29

    A review copy was provided for an honest review. Immortal Eclipse is an interesting paranormal mystery novel. I found it very appealing and appreciated the detailed writing style although it was a little too descriptive at times. The main character Skylar is daring and determined to find out the truth behind her uncle's untimely death. While I liked the protagonist it was difficult to completely relate to her—she's a little shallow (aren't we all though?), but also unbelievably stubborn in a Scully from the X-Files sort of way. She's dead set against the idea of any paranormal existence or anything beyond the realm of possibility and too easily changes her conviction. Immortal Eclipse draws upon other stories such as The Picture of Dorian Gray—the love interest is even named Dorian, but despite similarities with other works it links together a lot of neat ideas. While the story wasn't particularly out-of-the-box it still kept me reading on to find out who the culprit is, and why the mansion is haunted. I enjoyed the creepy feel this novel produces entwining many horror elements. I liked the different characters that are introduced but I wished they weren't dumped upon the reader all at once—it took effort to remember who was who until it no longer mattered. The world that's created is dark and most of the entire story is told from one setting—Skylar's inherited haunted mansion—Summerwind. The mystery aspect of Immortal Eclipse was intriguing enough but the character's history and back-stories really lacked for me. I was more than a little disappointed that the heroine of the story wasn't too bright at putting two and two together and was always 10 steps behind the reader. I think if you're looking for an eerie read with a puzzling murder-mystery, ghosts, a little romance and other paranormal twists this book will please you.For a great portion of the novel you know more than the lead character herself which was a little irritating for which I found myself internally screaming. Also how the novel is narrated is strange because its feels like you're reading it like a movie script. It's very out-of-body can't quite feel connected or tethered to the story. That initially made me wary but eventually I got used to it and it no longer was an issue. There's not much development in the romance department which was somewhat disappointing. Though labeled New Adult Immortal Eclipse can almost classify as Young-Adult because their is minimal sexual content and a moderate amount of "bad" language. Aside from the little issues it has a lot of redeeming qualities as well from the varying characters, to the honestly creepy vibe, to the multiple stories that unravel—that itself made up for a lot.Skylar Blackwell is twenty-five, obsessed with fashion, and lives in New York which only feeds her addiction. When she unexpectedly inherits Summerwind Mansion after her uncle dies under suspicious circumstances she feels she owes it to him to do some investigating. After being let go from her fashion photography job she decides it gives her the perfect opportunity to find out what really happened to her uncle. Upon arrival the mansion's staff seems almost hostile to her for being there until a worker's death turns their anger into fear. As more and more bodies start piling up at the estate Skylar is determined to figure out what's going on and she knows it's no coincidence—just like her uncle's death. The longer Skylar stays at the Summerwind Mansion the more she notices strange things occurring and it's nearly impossible to hold on to reason and logic when things are clearly not as they seem. Then there's Dorian, the attractive and utterly mysterious caretaker who she seems to be inexplicably drawn to. As Skylar looks for answers and tries to keep her romantic notions to herself she starts to uncover a darkly hidden past of the house and it's inhabitants along with a deadly lurking secret.Sometimes I get lucky and stumble across a commendable read and other times I get stuck with a lackluster one - Immortal Eclipse falls slightly in the middle. There were many things I enjoyed and some things I really didn't. Overall I thought it was just good and amusing. It has an alluring mysterious story with a level-headed (albeit slow at times) heroine, a chilling premise, characters that will pique your interest, and lastly a broody/gorgeous hero. Immortal Eclipse held my interest till the end and I would recommend it for a rainy day when you can get the complete effect of the novel and fully appreciate it.

  • Michelle Leah Olson
    2019-04-29 23:45

    Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Guest Reviewer - Cheryl:I received Immortal Eclipse as an eBook for review on behalf Literal Addiction. I read the blurb and was really looking forward to it but have to admit that I tend to stay away from ghost stories and haunted house stories. But, I honor my obligations so I tucked in yesterday to see what this story had to offer. Skylar is a gifted photographer who has had photos on the cover of some of the best fashion magazines published. She also spends more than her fair share of money on designer shoes and clothes. Her glamorous life takes a turn and she is suddenly without direction. She has received several calls from her recently deceased uncle's attornet to handle his estate which was left to her when her Uncle died recently. She decides it is as good a time as any to go to California and see how the investigation into his death is proceeding and handle his estate.From the moment she arrives in California she is warned away, harassed, haunted and threatened. Everyone she has met that works at her uncle’s mansion, now her mansion, seems to dislike her. Oddly enough she expected better treatment from those that depended upon her for their livelihood. She finds that it is hard to trust any of them and some openly distrust her though they just met her. That is one of the things that is great about this book, the character development. You have no trouble seeing who the bad guys are but, there is some difficulty determining if those that seem like good guys really are good guys because everyone there has secrets and some of them involve Skylar though she is not aware of the secrets. One of the other things about Immortal Eclipse is the story line. Though ghost story/hauntings are not usually to my taste this one was well told and held my interest. Honestly at times it kind of crept me out which might be why I stay away from them. Skylar has to decide if risking her life is worth determining who killed her uncle since the police have already closed the case as a suicide or going back to New York and trying to rebuild her life. She sticks it out until it is too late and she has no choice but to push on and find out the secrets of her uncle’s home. I will be looking out for more titles by Sherry Soule!LITERAL ADDICTION's Guest Reviewer gives Immortal Eclipse 4 Skulls.

  • KathyAnne
    2019-05-20 03:24

    Getting ready to re-read this one soon... and, it's a good fit for the Halloween season if you're looking for something with a spooky atmosphere.This is a very well written mystery/ghost story with a few interesting twists on immortality. Let's start with Skylar. Yes, Skylar is somewhat of a fashionista... her addiction to fashion is a good fit for her personality and photography career. And, thankfully the name brand and fashion talk did not overwhelm the story which is good. I've read books before where the name brand dropping was annoying but I didn't feel that way with this book. I liked Skylar... and after you get to know her a little you get the feeling that her sense of style is actually a mask for her inner struggles. You know... if I look good on the outside it will hide the pain I feel on the inside. I think we can all relate to that in some way or another. Her love interest is Dorian. I love the slow and gradual way he and Skylar come together. And Dorian, along with everyone else at the mansion are a mystery. This story has a very spooky feel. Loved the setting of the old mansion and the grounds around it. I was very engaged and stayed huddled on my couch till' I was done. I found it to be very creative and the murders and the mystery keep you guessing 'till the end. I even found myself feeling a little creeped out and scared a few times. But, the spirit world always freaks me out more than it might for someone else who isn't such a scaredy cat. This is one of the creepiest love triangles I've ever read! And, I do mean creepy... some people will go to great lengths for love... or say, possession. Yep, that's a better word. Anyway... I enjoyed this book very much and I do think it would appeal to someone who enjoys haunted mysteries mixed with a bit of paranormal and splashed with a dash of romance... oh, and an eye for fashion!Complimentary copy received by publisher in exchange for an honest review!Follow my blog:

  • Kirsty Vizard
    2019-04-28 22:27

    Immortal Eclipse's female protagonist is Skylar, a city fashionista with a shoe fetish, not someone the reader expects to be moving to a supposedly haunted mansion by the coast. However, I think that Sherry Soule wants the reader to feel disturbed by her characters and setting, as this helps to build the suspense of the story.Immortal Eclipse is in essence a ghost story with a romantic side-plot. Although the romance never replaces the main story, it does add to the atmosphere as Sherry Soule cleverly brings the mansion's past and present history together, thereby adding a third paranormal dimension to the plot.As the story becomes more intriguing the author focuses on her characters development, particularly that of Skylar, Dorian, Victor and Emma. Skylar becomes less sceptical, self-conscious and more comfortable in her new home. The reader witnesses how driven she is to discover how her uncle died, because he was her last family member and she was so close to him.Dorian opens up and allows himself to love again. We see him become more honest about his past and relationships with his family, in which he reveals much to Skylar about Summerwind.Emma is one of the most genuine characters in Immortal Eclipse and Skylar's true friend. She encourages Skylar's relationship with Dorian because she selflessly wants happiness for them both, and she also tries to warn Skylar about the evil in the house.Victor is Dorian's cousin and we initially see him through Skylar's eyes during a coven meeting whilst chanting and discussing magic. He tries to seduce Skylar, but she shows him she is not interested, which only makes him angry.With Immortal Eclipse Sherry Soule has succeeded in writing a multi-layered paranormal story which is tense, exciting and compelling to read. This is definitely one to recommend, particularly to fans of para-romance.

  • Maria_Love_For_Books
    2019-05-20 04:43

    The author gave me this ARC of the book for an honest review.I really didn’t know what to expect from this book after reading the blurb. I like a good mystery so I thought that I should give it a try. I’m glad I did it. Although, there were some things not perfect, it was a nice read and I enjoyed it.The atmosphere in the book was exactly as it should be: spooky and mysterious. Sometimes I had the feeling that it was more like watching a movie than reading a book! Skylar isn’t like other female main characters in this kind of books. She’s a young woman from New York, who lost all her family and now she’s alone. Also, she loves to shop and when she doesn’t shop she’s thinking about shopping!Don’t get me wrong, she’s not a bad person but she could be better! Although, I was sorry for her for not having her beloved ones alive and well, her attitude wasn’t always the best.I liked Dorian a lot. He’s the typical tortured hero but he was far more interesting than Skylar. Also, in this book I liked the secondary characters a lot because everyone had an important part in this story. But, if I want to be honest, I have to admit that the best thing in this book is definitely the creepy / gothic atmosphere. While reading it, it was like watching a thriller and a spying film at the same time. I have a complaint about the pace of the story, because sometimes it was a very slow pace, but it’s not a big deal. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this story and it’s obvious that the author has a talent to create spooky atmosphere and believe me it’s very important to such kind of books!

  • Casey
    2019-05-06 23:47

    I would like to start off by saying I got completely sucked in by this book, I just wanted to continue reading so I could know what was going to happen! It was full of suspense and just when I thought I would get some answers the story took a new turn and kept me guessing. Skyler is a great character who I related with, especially her love for shoes although I wish I could afford some of the shoes she has! She learns so much about herself and grows to be a very strong person who is ready for anything! There were some shocking twists along the way that I really enjoyed, including the Dark Secrets of Summerwind Mansion. If you like to read romance with a paranormal twist then this is a book you should read! I have read many books in this genre and this one is at the top of my list! On a side note I enjoyed that the author included a reference to a show I enjoy...Supernatural! Two thumbs up for this book!!!

  • Lola (Reading by Lamplight)
    2019-05-21 05:35

    I am always down for a good paranormal romance. However, Sherry Soule combined PNR with a good haunted house story, which is just all kinds of amazing! I was hooked as soon as I started reading this beauty. Immortal Eclipse is an action-packed, character driven novel that is guaranteed to give you goosebumps! Skylar is a fantastic protagonist! She is kick ass, witty, and quite the fashonista. Her personality really comes alive when she arrives at Summerwind Mansion (which is a character in itself). Her interactions with the mansion's staff really make this novel shine. There is definitely something sinister going on at Summerwind and Skylar is determined to get to the bottom of things, no matter what. If you are looking for a gripping tale of action, romance, loss, and all things that go bump-in-the-night, then this is the book for you!

  • a_tiffyfit
    2019-04-24 02:25

    First, I should mention that I was gifted an electronic copy by the author in exchange for my honest review. From the cover and title, I thought that this was going to be another vampire romance: immortal, eclipse (thought of a solar one at first). Then I thought, well maybe it's a werewolf story (immortal, eclipse this time lunar). But NO TO BOTH. This is a haunted mansion story with ghosts and mystery and romance and violent deaths galore! Skylar is a feisty, fashion-obsessed NYC high-fashion photographer. Her uncle, her last living blood relative, has died and left her a few hundred thousand dollars and a mansion in Carmel, CA. After being fired from her job and realizing she really has nothing in NYC to hold her down, she decides settling her uncle's estate is exactly the change she needs. She packs up her suitcases, gets ready to sublet her apartment, and hops on a plane west. Upon arriving, she crashes her deceased uncle's BMW but escapes with minor injuries. Making her way the last mile to the mansion, she's greeted by hostile staff and a hunky caretaker, Delorian Delacroix, whose family used to own Summerwind, the estate she just inherited.Creeptacular ghosties and hauntings, cryptic comments, and flashbacks to the past all frustrate Skylar as she lives at Summerwind, deterimined to discover why her uncle died. She knows it sure as hell was not a suicide as Detective Chen believes, especially not as the body count starts to pile up upon her arrival.Plagued by these memory-like dreams, Skylar starts to doubt her skepticism about the paranormal and the occult and becomes even more determined to solve the mystery of these deaths and get closer to the caretaker, Delorian, all while looking uber-cute in her high fashion clothes. I liked Skylar from the beginning. She is snarky and just the right level of sarcastic. She's giddy about her namebrand clothing and super cute heels. She's just the right mix of everything: cheery, ditzy at times, fashion-obsessed, determined, loyal, and sweet. I liked the thorough descriptions of her outfits and the joy she has dressing. I suppose some would see her as shallow because of this, but my grandmother and mother always stressed that "clothes are your wings." Come on, ladies, tell the truth: you feel sexy in your "period" underwear or your kickass lingerie? Exactly. And that self-empowerment travels outwards. She isn't wearing anything outlandish or dumb (okay, maybe traversing the woods in heels IS dumb, but they looked cute with those jeans!), she wears practical, comfy, yet stylish clothes. They help her face the day and I loved that about Skylar. Sounds like she's gonna need that inheritance check ASAP to help with her credit card bills now that she's unemployed! There are some really great moments of creepiness - the description of how the being moves, the moths that haunt Skylar, the things that go bump in the night. This was such an enjoyable, read-it-all-at-once read. Once I started, I didn't put it down and didn't want to put it down. I wanted to be left alone to find out the secret, find out the mystery, and exclaim to myself phrases like: "Oh, I knew it!" "Ugh, creepy s.o.b." "JUST KISS HER ALREADY, DAMMIT"

  • ☕ Kimberly
    2019-05-08 00:21

    Immortal Eclipse by Sherry Soule offers paranormal elements, and a suspenseful murder mystery complete with ghosts, the occult and a side dish of romance. I found it to be a suspenseful, dark and haunting tale that I easily consumed. Three word review: suspenseful, eerie and strange.The tale begins in New York City where we meet our protagonist Skylar Blackwell. She is a successful fashion photographer whose Uncle has recently died leaving her the Summerwind Mansion on the California coast. When she is laid-off from her job, she packs up and heads out West, to settle the estate and discover how her Uncle died. The tale that unfolds is filled with malevolent entities, an unusual staff and a series of unexplained murders. While not perfect, this tale entertained me as we unearthed the secrets of Summerwind.Skylar Blackwell is a self proclaimed fashionista and romance book lover. She has grown up around a family that believes in the supernatural but claims she does not. I found her to be a contradiction. On one hand she believes runes protected her and then despite what she witnesses she declares there is no such thing as ghosts as she clutches a protective amulet. She believes she has a sixth sense, and thinks the amulet warns her, all while she tries to dismiss or explain what occurred. She was kind, thoughtful, snarky, confident and unsure. Sadly, I never completely connected with her. Dorian is the properties caretaker. He is mysterious and gorgeous. His interaction with Skylar goes from hot to cold. One minute he is warning her away and the next he is asking her to go riding. There was definitely a physical attraction and interests but for most of the novel they behaved liked strangers. While everything is explained, I never quite bought into the romance. Other characters added to the mystery and kept me in suspense.Summerwind Mansion was almost like a character itself and I loved the creep factor it provided. Everything about it from the paintings to the weird noises made me shiver. Soule spun a clever paranormal mystery. For me, this was the best aspect of the novel. I loved everything from the wind to the paranormal warnings. The sense of foreboding the author provided with subtle clues and changes thrilled me. Skylar has bizarre dreams and in them, we learn about events in the past and I enjoyed the way it was told. The ghost was dark, violent and believable. The occult, historical events and current danger all felt genuine. This would make a cool haunting movie. Copy received in exchange for unbiased review and originally published Caffeinated Book Reviewer

  • Jeann (Happy Indulgence)
    2019-04-23 04:36

    This review has been posted on Happy Indulgence Books. Check it out for more reviews!Set in a haunted mansion inherited by cynical fashionista Skylar, Immortal Eclipse is a deliciously scary novel reminiscent of our favourite horror movies. I’ve watched many movies like it but never quite read a book like it, and as Skylar herself says, she’s not going to be one of those dumb heroines that get prematurely killed.As she gets fired from her prestigious fashion photography job, she decides to investigate her beloved uncle’s death in the creepy old mansion that she’s inherited from his will. The mansion is filled with scary pictures with their eyes cut out, and Skylar sees ghostly images of a pale girl with long black hair in a white dress everywhere she turns. She gets a niggling feeling that the servants of the house are harbouring a secret, especially when she hears them chanting at night in a scary coven.If horror movies had Skylar as the main character, they would totally become more awesome. She’s a name dropping fashionista who feels more grounded with her Manolo Blahniks even when being chased by a ghost in a creepy mansion. Her investigative nature makes her the perfect person to get to the bottom of her uncle’s murder and unravel the mansion’s secrets on the way. Even though she has a sixth sense inherited by her grandmother, she’s still rational and cynical which helps her deal with the repeated hauntings and murders with her head screwed on tight. Her witty, sharp nature makes her a fun person to follow amongst the scary setting.Dorian, the mansion’s caretaker is a sexy brooding man who is instantly attracted to Skylar and their blooming romance is an interesting one. For some reason, he doesn’t want to get close to Skylar despite their instant attraction. They get close, and he keeps on pushing her away. This is a clean romance (surprisingly) which can be read by young adults as well.From meeting the mansion’s strange inhabitants, to being haunted by a vengeful ghost, to the deaths that keep on cropping up and the secrets of the Summerwind mansion, I was enthralled. Immortal Eclipse delivers a lot of chills and scary moments and intrigue that will have you jumping mingled with mystery and intrigue to keep you guessing.I loved Immortal Eclipse for a fresh, scary and unique read and recommend it to anyone into horror movies.

  • Patricia
    2019-05-02 22:23

    I put this on my "not yet released" shelf when it had another cover, another blurb, another everything. And when everything was changed, it got me very confused. But still, back then, the cover was so pretty (you wouldn't believe it seeing the new one) and I just read the blurb while adding it to my shelves:"I mean, come on. The blurb?? Nope. I'm reading it WHILE I'm commenting it, so please bear with me:(view spoiler)[As an intelligent and sassy New Yorker, Skylar Thornton doesn’t believe in the supernatural until she moves into Summerwind Mansion and begins having nightmares about a young woman murdered in the house. She suspects there’s something strange about this place and it’s not just the bad dreams.Will think she's crazy, close to mental breakdown, probably needs man who'll make her feel sane again and who knows the supernatural world, because intelligent and sassy isn't enough, she needs a penis, too. (Or, the guy is part of supernatural world and she's gonna be like, "Am I crazy? But I want to be with you! But it's dangerous! But you!"Determined to unlock secrets that have remained hidden for centuries, Skylar is plunged into an otherworldly mystery that not even she can explain away. Not to mention, her uncontrollable attraction to the former owner, Dorian Knight. After meeting Dorian, all of her beliefs are tested. He seems so familiar, and as close to Mr. Darcy as she’ll ever get—but Jane Austen never wrote a hero like him—someone who both excites and frightens her. Dorian Knight. Really? Old money, ivy league college parents, or Wrestler. I'm not sure yet. And is there only one person who writes these blurbs? Do we always need to be frightened by our love interests? Really? REALLY?As the history of the Knight family begins to unravel, tensions heighten and old resentments turn deadly. Even though Dorian warns her about a terrible curse—she doesn’t know who or what to believe. Is she too stupid to live or is he too frightening to be trustworthy?Now Skylar starts to wonder which she would rather hold onto—her sanity…or her life.Oh. Did I mention before how.. yeah. Questions her sanity. Right there.I guess I won't be reading this after all? (hide spoiler)]

  • LadyTechie
    2019-05-20 00:36

    I received Immortal Eclipse as an e-Arc for review on behalf Literal Addiction. I read the blurb and was really looking forward to it but have to admit that I tend to stay away from ghost stories and haunted house stories. But, I honor my obligations so I tucked in yesterday to see what this story had to offer. Skylar is a gifted photographer who has had photos on the cover of some of the best fashion magazines published. She also spends more than her fair share of money on designer shoes and clothes. Her glamorous life takes a turn and she is suddenly without direction. She has received several calls from her recently deceased uncle's attornet to handle his estate which was left to her when her Uncle died recently. She decides it is as good a time as any to go to California and see how the investigation into his death is proceeding and handle his estate.From the moment she arrives in California she is warned away, harassed, haunted and threatened. Everyone she has met that works at her uncle’s mansion, now her mansion, seems to dislike her. Oddly enough she expected better treatment from those that depended upon her for their livelihood. She finds that it is hard to trust any of them and some openly distrust her though they just met her. That is one of the things that is great about this book, the character development. You have no trouble seeing who the bad guys are but, there is some difficulty determining if those that seem like good guys really are good guys because everyone there has secrets and some of them involve Skylar though she is not aware of the secrets. One of the other things about Immortal Eclipse is the story line. Though ghost story/hauntings are not usually to my taste this one was well told and held my interest. Honestly at times it kind of crept me out which might be why I stay away from them. Skylar has to decide if risking her life is worth determining who killed her uncle since the police have already closed the case as a suicide or going back to New York and trying to rebuild her life. She sticks it out until it is too late and she has no choice but to push on and find out the secrets of her uncle’s home. I will be looking out for more titles by Sherry Soule!Review can also be seen at http://LadyTechiesBookMusings.blogspo...

  • Melissa
    2019-05-01 05:31

    Warning - some spoilers but they are hidden3.5 stars out of 5. I rounded up to 4 because of how clever the author was in this story.The Good1. Funny, smart and sassy heroine. Skylar is believable and her inner dialogue is hilarious.2. Wicked good story. Lots of twists and turns and while you are suspicious....the ending and the big bad......very creative and shocking but satisfying. I usually figure out the ending early on but tricky tricky Ms. Soule.3. Tortured hero. Sigh.4. (view spoiler)[ Mega-bitch of an ex that you want to choke the life or unlife out of(hide spoiler)]5. After completing the book, I want to re-read it and look for things I might have missed.The Bad1. Some minor grammar and spelling errors.2. Not to be a style snob, but Jessica Simpson shoes? bletch3. I want to know MORE!! (view spoiler)[ You assume they have a HEA but can they have kids? And don't they need jobs to pay for the upkeep and food and electricity? And that must be one WHOPPER of a story they tell Detective Chen to explain this mess. (hide spoiler)]Overall, a very good first read of a new author. Since I am a fan of PNR, CR and UF I didn't even notice there wasn't graphic sexy time. I was too engrossed in the mystery. Well played Sherry Soule....well played. (insert slow clap gif....if I knew how to do that)

  • Liesl Biddell
    2019-05-18 00:35

    Spine chilling page turner with a touch of romance! This book had me ditching my housework to get to the next chapter. I was wonderfully frustrated by the ongoing mystery and teasers throughout that suggested I might get some insight on the next page. I loved that.The action starts right at the beginning and Sherry gives you just enough time to catch your breath between 'events' to stop you feeling overwhelmed but keeps the pace going.I dived into this book without reading the blurb so that I would have no expectations and in this case it turned out to be a good move as I was surprised at each turn.Great read Sherry and I will certainly be checking out more of your work.

  • Samantha
    2019-05-07 03:32

    Immortal Eclipse by Sherry Soule is an engrossing read with many layers for a reader to enjoy. Skylar is a delightful main character surrounded by a fun and enduring supporting cast. Paired with an excellent plot that moves along well the story provides solid entertainment. Add in a charged romance and this book does an amazing job of blending genres resulting in something that appeals to readers of many different stripes.An ARC of this book was provided for me to review.

  • Fashionable Booklover Reviews
    2019-05-17 05:49

    I instantly bonded with the shoe-addicted heroine, Skylar! What girl doesn’t like cute, designer shoes? Could not put this book down until the end. I really loved reading about the very quirky, yet snarky and stylish heroine of IE! Scary, funny, and fashion forward! Go team Skylar!Read the full review on my blog:

  • ☠ PNR Novel Review ☠
    2019-05-14 06:26

    “If you like supernatural suspense mingled with a dash of chick-lit (and some fashion fun!) and a healthy dose of paranormal romance, then fashionatas will love reading this book. No one is more kickbutt than a girl who can battle the supernatural in stilettos!”

  • Lalaine *myficbookreviews*
    2019-04-21 01:42

    I am so intrigued with this book I want to read this now.

  • Heidi
    2019-05-14 03:40

    Skylar Blackwell at twenty five is still struggling to hit it big. Just when Sky thinks she is going to land that big promotion, she is slapped in the face and fired. Frustrated, she returns to her empty apartment. Sitting on her table is an invitation from her uncle to visit him in California. Unfortunately, Sky's uncle died a few days ago. He apparently had a heart attack and fell of the cliff, but there were some unsettling marks carved into his chest that were supposedly self inflicted. Something doesn't sit well with Sky. A visit with her uncle's lawyer reveals that she is the sole recipient of all her uncle's assets. There is one catch, Sky must stay for one month at his residence, Summerwind. Sky packs her suitcase, she has nothing else to lose at this point. Upon arriving at Summerwind, Sky learns that the property is supposedly haunted, and Sky is tempted to leave, but she refuses until she learns the truth behind her uncle's death. Who or what killed Uncle Gerald?What I Liked:*I enjoyed the creepy atmosphere presented in this book. Sky arrives at Summerwind and is immediately plunged into a paranormal mystery. Her new home appears to be haunted and Sky is constantly hearing strange chanting and whispering. The servants all appear to be hiding something and Sky doesn't know who to trust. The house itself is downright scary. Soon people begin dying under mysterious circumstances, and Skylar starts to fear for her own safety. If you like books that are filled with suspense and plenty of creep factor you should try this. *I liked that Skylar is a bit shallow. She is a twenty five year old who is struggling to make her mark in the fashion world. Her funny and sometimes snarky remarks definitely help lighten up the mood. Skylar has impeccable fashion taste and she is always talking about her designer shoes and clothes and at times it is just the right amount of comic relief. *This book presents some original ideas and it turned out to be completely unexpected. I am always pleased to encounter something different in the paranormal genre and this one definitely had some refreshing ideas. I liked that I was continually guessing at to what was really going on, and in the end I was completely wrong. This book has an evil ghost, doppelgängers, black magic, necromancers, haunting dreams and visions, unexplained suicides and immortal beings. If you are looking for a New Adult book that has a paranormal infusion read this one. *The ending is fast, furious and scary. There were plenty of twists and turns and it was unpredictable. I appreciated that everything wrapped up neatly, no cliffhangers!And The Not So Much:*The romance for me was a bit frustrating. It starts out as insta-lust, as Skylar immediately begins drooling over the hot guy, Dorian who works at the estate. Then the romance moves into that I am really attracted but we can't be together for reasons I can't tell you phase, which continues for the majority of the book. It is a constant I am attracted to you but we can't act on our feelings, pushing each other away, and it got a bit old after awhile, but at least there wasn't a love triangle.*Even though I enjoyed Skylar's witty asides, I grew irritated with her character because she was continually denying that she was encountering something supernatural. She repeatedly wants to pack her suitcase and run away, but then she endeavors to stay because she wants to know what is going on. There was so much repetition with her wanting to run away and then deciding to stay. She also comes across as a bit dense since she is confronted over and over with evidence that should tell her something paranormal is going on, and she fails to process it and accept it. *There were a couple of inconsistencies in the story, such as one scene Skylar passes out and wakes up the next morning in her bed and notices her special protective amulet is missing from around her neck. She thinks to herself it will be a pain to hunt it down, then a few pages later she is in the basement and she clutches the amulet around her neck like it was never missing. A chapter or two later, she is in a bedroom and finds the amulet on the floor. Then I was never clear on how old Victor and Dorian appeared to be. After Skylar starts having the flashbacks, it is immediately apparent that something isn't right about their appearance and ages, but Skylar fails to put it together.*I felt the concept of the Immortals was not detailed out enough for my taste. I had so many questions as far as this idea goes. While it was intriguing, it failed a bit on execution. Immortal Eclipse is a New Adult book that presents something beyond the common dramatic story full of angst and tension. Instead you are treated to a creepy ghost story set in a haunted house with plenty of paranormal twists. If you are a fan of the New Adult genre and you are tired of the same old same old and you long for a read with a bit of supernatural infusion, take a chance and pick this one up.Favorite Quotations:"They say housework won't kill you, but why take the risk?""Sometimes love is a reticent flower that takes time to blossom.""Since the first romance book I read in high school, my literary heroes have consequently made my ideals and expectations too high. And I totally blame romance novelists. Their books are the reasons why I'm still single."[email protected] Rainy Day Ramblings.

  • Stephanie
    2019-05-17 01:21

    ORIGINAL POST AT MY BLOG: FANGS, WANDS & FAIRY DUSThttp://fangswandsandfairydust.blogspo...FIRST PERSON PRESENTThis book has the feel of a 1950's thriller, mixed with a little Hitchcock, some Dark Shadows (the TV show) and a big helping of Nancy Drew. I could almost see the estate on the ocean in California, buffeted by the wind and salt spray. I'm thinking Rebekah meets The Secret of Cliffhouse (purely invented). It was very atmospheric. In Nancy Drew we would find a rational explanation for spooky ghost stuff bit here the explanation is more Dark Shadows.Sherry presents her main character as shallow, and, honestly, not that bright. But the character is aware of and okay with being a shallow person. There's a Dorian Grey vibe in the hero, and a nasty housekeeper too. No one really plays out of type - they are who you expect from point A to point Z.Skylar's is told in the first person present. I read today that this method was distputably started by John Updike, but I have always found it a little disconcerting. I feel as if I am watching a movie over my shoulder. If this style only gets you into one character's head and that character is shallow and self-centered then does that doom the story to having that same flaws? How do you feel about this trend?The story was interesting and proceeded as I imagined it would. The middle was slow, it milled about the same ideas over and over without progressing. It could have been compressed quite a bit. The characters are waiting for an eclipse but tthe author could have made the beginning closer to the occurrence. Even though there was an intriguing idea as a foundation. I felt the story line was stretched beyond its supportable span and if compressed much would have been gained for the story's momentum.There are some interesting paranormal ideas that are touched on at the start and at the end but son't serve much purpose throughout. They could have been brought in more to the middle and not left orphaned on the book's beginning and end. I would be more explicit but to do so would be to revelatory.This skirted around nookie until the very end and even then didn't go too far. I think she could have let the whole thing go a little farther sexually and the long portions in the middle would have been more justified. Without the erotic content, the retreat and advance in the relationship doesn't really move us along. Another thing that took up a lot of space was descriptive detail. Yes, Sky is a photographer and into fashion, but the detail is too much. It all adds words and if it isn't telling me something other than the character employs basic hygiene standards I don't need to know much more unless it is pertinent. It's fine to say I put on an outfit by a certain designer, but I don"t need to know about her shower. It's all a matter of degree.The end of the book is action packed and climactic. It was quite exciting.There are a couple of things that are a bit outside the scope of suspension of disbelief. I can't say what they are without being spoilerish, but they just stuck in my head.I think much of the liking of this particular book is a matter of personal taste. Sherry shows a great deal of promise as a writer and has taken time to edit and proof the book, and even as I read she was updating for continuity. That tells me she is a writer willing to work on their craft; growing with each work.

  • Colleen M
    2019-05-10 05:39

    *I want to thank the Disenchanted Published for offering me this advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest review.Skylar is a fashion photographer in Manhattan, except she is having a run of bad luck. Her last living relative, Uncle Gerard, has passed away leaving her a mansion in California. Shortly thereafter she loses her job and decides this is motivation she needs to head out and set her Uncle’s affairs in order… while also investigating the suspicious circumstances surrounding his death (you know, like him having weird symbols carved into his body and then “falling” off a cliff with the only official cause of death being a heart attack). But Skylar is facing some weirdness of her own, like her apartment being attacked by weird black moths…. And then things only get weirder upon her entry into the beautifully creepy Summerwind Mansion. The staff is not thrilled to her see her and treats her with outright animosity, even the mysterious hottie Dorian Deveroux. Within days of her arrival Skylar is entrenched in the intrigue that is balck magic, ghosts, and weird murders/suicides surrounding Summerwind, and she’ll have to put everything she has into solving the crimes because no one else will, and her own life and safety are coming into questionSkylar is a pretty awesome heroine… think Carrie Bradshaw meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I think this mental image sums her up pretty well”“The Glock, squeezed tight n my shaking hand, gleams dully. My French manicure stands out starkly against the sleek black weapon”. Fashionable… the a dangerous edge. She also smacks weird demon moths a old copy of Elle magazine.. I mean how can you beat that?Dorian is a sexy mystery in his own:“He’s damaged; a beautiful wreck. A walking enigma- one of those mysterious, detached types, as if he bears the scars of a past so haunted and dark that only the force of his strong resolve as brought him this far. Yup, this guy has issues with a capital I”.While there are many side characters floating (and walking) around Summerwind, I think it draws special mention to talk about Summerwind itself. The author does an amazing job of bringing the atmosphere of Summerwind to life. You immediate get this haunted hill on the hill vibe, very Casper-like. Summerwind itself becomes a central character in this novel. Overall, I liked the book. I don’t normally go in for ghost stories, but what really tipped this book for me was Skylar. She’s a dynamic character, she actually reminds me a lot of Merit from the Chicagoland vampire series. My only complaint with her is her continued disbelief in the occult occurances going on while still believing in other things, like her “interal warning system”, the temperature changes in her amulet, but yet she refuses to believe it’s possible that the voices she is hearing in Summerwind are real.If you’re in for a ghost murder mystery with a kick-butt heroine and sexy hero, dig into this book, you’ll enjoy it.

  • Suzanne
    2019-05-19 04:36

    I received an e-ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review. Possible minor spoilers at the end.I was excited to receive this book after I read the synopsis, because I do love a good paranormal mystery, one that isn't just sex, sex, and more sex (but more on that in a minute). Enter our heroine, Skylar, in her apartment in New York. Something creepy is trying to get in, but her grandmother had painted protective symbols on the walls before she had passed away, so the creepy thing cannot get in. The next day, Skylar becomes unemployed and decides to see her newly inherited estate in California, and investigate the suspicious death of her favorite uncle, who bequeathed the estate to Skylar. The estate is called Summerwind and is something straight out of a tale by one of the Bronte sisters. Creepy, drafty and gothic. The head housekeeper is more than a little like Miss Danvers from du Maurier's "Rebecca". Dorian, the estate keeper, is straight out of every woman's fantasies. There are the usual baddies, but I don't want to give much away. Skylar is warned by everyone to go home, but she doesn't listen, determined to stay and solve the mystery of her uncle's death. In the meantime, more mysteries and dark secrets are brought to life and the answer Skylar seeks is nothing she could have ever expected in real life. The story was great, Skylar was likeable and reminded me of a less foul-mouthed version of Betsy Taylor, from the Undead series by Mary Janice Davidson. Dorian was appropriately broody and many of the other characters will leave you puzzling over their roles. The brand-name dropping Skylar does (particularly at first) did not bother me. First, because I love shoes. Second, because it is her fatal flaw. There were a few minor editing mistakes, but again, this was an ARC, and they were truly minor. I am just pretty OCD.******BELOW ARE MINOR SPOILERS*******The sex? Non-existent. No wonder Skylar was confused, she was frustrated! So if you are looking for sex scenes, you will get heavy petting scenes. I don't mind that after reading TOO many paranormal mysteries that are nothing but orgy after orgy with little plot. The one thing I did not like was the name of the "evil scientist". When you read the book, you will see what I mean. It's actually very funny.

  • Kaniac
    2019-05-05 04:31

    *e-arc provided for review*Let me start off by saying I had high hopes after reading the "Acknowledgements". I do not necessarily pay much attention to them, after all I start a book for a story not a thank you. That being said, the first line made me automatically like the author so I am glad I didn't bypass it this time.However, the first line of the book made me dread continuing. This novel is a first-person narrative. As I have stated before I hate them. Not just dislike I absolutely hate them. I may have caught on sooner if not for my stubbornness not to let any book be ruined by the synopsis. Hence, I hardly ever read them. I pick my books by recommendations, random buying and a few must have favorite authors from over the years. The point is I wouldn't have picked this novel, but I have found a few that I admit are on my favorites shelf, so onward I said. Besides my word is law to me. I said I would read it and write a review and that is what I planned to do. The next thing that struck me was the overuse of proper nouns. They were everywhere. Apparently a BMW is not a car, it is a BMW. It would disgrace the BMW if said BMW was referred to as a car. I did not really feel it was necessary to tell me every single brand of every single item that Skylar has ever purchased. Luckily, the overuse tapered down around chapter 8 or so. It was still there just not as bad. I honestly don't think I would have been able to continue. My overall reaction to the story was I LOVE the idea behind it. In most cases I feel the plot of this book would make it an instant success. Yes I feel the general idea was that good. However, the characters are flaky. There seems to be no depth to any of them. S.S. tries I think but it seems to me she tried a bit too hard. I didn't love any of the characters, in fact I am not sure I even moderately like any of them. I just enjoy a bit more punch to my Hero/Heroines and supporting cast. Although this book was not for me it may appeal to the young adult mindset. It does have some mystery and is in no way over zealous in the romance department. I am giving this novel 2 out of 5 stars for the plot and humor/mystery that cropped up every so often. I would recommend this book to young adults and/or shopaholics.

  • Connie
    2019-05-22 00:47

    First of all, I am not sure what genre this would fall into, because there are many facets to the story. These are just a few bullet points that I came up with: Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, Mystery and even Humorous in places. I thought the writing style was good, it just seemed to take forever to get where the action was. I was six chapters in and all I really new was Skylar liked fashion and especially shoes. Because that is not something that I know anything about, this wasn't something that interested me. This, however, did not detract from the book, just wasn't my taste. The book had hints of sex, but no actual details. There were some pretty strong lust scenes within the pages and these were tastefully done. There is not a book that I have read in recent years to compare this one to, as it is very unique in nature. There are some real horror scenes, but again, tastefully done. Horror is not generally a genre that I would read but it was light and was a small part of the story. I am giving this 4 out of 5 stars. There were words missing in some of the paragraphs, but my copy was an advanced reader's copy so I am sure they will be fixed before being published. Sometimes the mind is writing the story faster than your fingers are typing. I believe this to be the case in this book. I think the story could have been a bit more suspenseful. I didn't feel the pull to keep reading the next page until I got almost to the end and I would like the book to engage me so that I have that pull.

  • Jilly
    2019-05-06 05:34

    I enjoyed this story. From the beginning, it had a wonderful mix of suspense and mystery. I'm a fan of subtle and situational creepiness and I feel like this book delivered on that right up to the end.Skylar was a good character. You sympathized with her situation from the beginning and felt the need to route for her goals as the story progressed.I have to admit of the two men, it was blanantly obvious from the beginning which one was good and which one was not, and yet it was the method of the foes madness that you had to uncover with Skylar.Dorian, one our mystery men, was appealing though I did feel all the way to the end that we still knew so little about him. I think too many of his interactions with Skylar were repeats of the same conversation. While I enjoyed his presence in the story, I did wish we'd gotten a more in depth view into him. I felt this way about Victor as well.The other characters lent the air of mystery and creepiness to Skylar's world which I enjoyed.Overall, a good book. I have to admit I didn't read this before bed but then you may be braver than I.

  • Amber
    2019-04-25 23:48

    Immortal Eclipse is full of darkness, deceit, and suspense. Love a book with mystery and a lil bit of romance than this is the book for you. Sherry Soule has her readers captivated straight from the start. This thrilling story will keep you on your toes and wanting more.Skylar, a New York fashion photographer is about to be thrown in to a world she swears doesn't exist. After her uncle dies leaving her everything he owns, she moves to Summerwind leaving all she is behind. Once arriving at Summerwind, she finds there is so much more than what she ever imagined going on around her uncles death. Never did she imagine that ghost and witches were involved, I mean they just don't exist, that's for psycho's and nut jobs or so Skylar has always believed. Everyone is hiding something in the mansion and no one will fill Skylar in, that's ok though Skylar is determined to find out what is going on and who is behind the murders at Summerwind, even if it costs her own life. In a place she never thought she would call home she finds friends, love and so much more.

  • C Joy
    2019-05-20 06:20

    I give this 3.5 stars. After reading the story summary, I was intrigued by it 'cause mystery and suspense are just some of my favorite genres. This was generously gifted by Karen, the EIC of Disenchanted Publishing.I liked the concept of the book but I found the pace a little slow. It picked up about halfway when I started to be engrossed. This is more of mystery and suspense; the scenes between Skylar and Dorian are a little chaste so it works for younger readers.I'm not the type to spoil anything but I'm glad I gave it a chance. Though I wasn't able to connect with the characters, it provided me a little entertainment.