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Can Lief, Barda, and Jasmine survive Dread Mountain in the fifth action-packed Deltora Quest adventure? Now with an amazing 3-D lenticular cover!The Shadow Lord dominates the Land of Deltora. Only Lief, Barda, and Jasmine can save it from his evil powers. To do this, they must restore all seven gems to the magic Belt of Deltora.Four gems have been found. Now grave news hasCan Lief, Barda, and Jasmine survive Dread Mountain in the fifth action-packed Deltora Quest adventure? Now with an amazing 3-D lenticular cover!The Shadow Lord dominates the Land of Deltora. Only Lief, Barda, and Jasmine can save it from his evil powers. To do this, they must restore all seven gems to the magic Belt of Deltora.Four gems have been found. Now grave news has reached Lief from his home. He longs to return--but the quest must continue. To find the fifth stone, the heroes must venture to the edge of the Shadowlands and enter the dark and terrifying realm of the monster Gellik.Can Lief, Barda, and Jasmine survive Dread Mountain?Book Details:Format: PaperbackPublication Date: 8/1/2001Pages: 128Reading Level: Age 8 and Up...

Title : Dread Mountain
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ISBN : 9780439253277
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Dread Mountain Reviews

  • Sara Kamjou
    2019-03-31 15:33

    بازم روند داستان تو این جلد جذاب شد. کین‌ها رو خیلی دوست داشتم و سیر داستان عالی بود.لذت وافری بردم از خوندنش!------------------------------یادگاری از کتاب:وقتی آدم تشنه و خسته است و می‌ترسد، هیچ چیز خوشایند نیست....من مرگ سریع و در راه هدفی خوب و موجه را به مرگ تدریجی ترجیح می‌دهم....اگر آینده‌ی ترسناکی پیش‌رو می‌داشتند، دلش نمی‌خواست آن را ببیند. او به موقع، خود با سرنوشتی که برایش مقدر شده بود روبه‌رو می‌شد.

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2019-04-07 15:38

    Dread Mountain (Deltora Quest #5), Emily Rodda عنوان: کوهستان وحشت؛ نویسنده: امیلی رودا؛ مترجم: محبوبه نجف خانی؛ تهران، قدیانی، 1382؛ در 158 ص، مصور، نقشه؛ فروست: در جستجوی دلتورا؛ رمان نوجوانان؛ شابک: 978964176807؛ چاپ چهارم 1386؛ چاپ پنجم 1388؛ چاپ ششم 1389؛ موضوع: جادوگری - داستانهای کودکان و نوجوانان از نویسندگان امریکایی قرن 20 م

  • Kenrick Su9
    2019-04-09 17:26

    It is a comparison book as books such as other Deltora Quest books.They are all interesting and a good book to read.The characters are Lief,Barda,and Jasmine.Lief is the main character in the book.He is all ways funny but heroic.He is a very honest man.Barda,a very inpatient troll.Finally,Jasmine, a cleanliness-freak girl.She always complains about her skirt had gotten dirty and stuffs like that.Togetther,they stop the world from a monster,Gellik.I felt worried after reading this book as the last sentence said,"he prayed that the wait would not be too long,"said Lief.The problems are that they need to find 7 gems to the belt of Deltora to stop the evil Shadow lord from destroying the world.The moral of the story is that a person had to be respectful.A wizard wanted to learned a magic from the Shadow lord but the wizard says"Hurry up and teach me,you fool!"Once the lord had heard it,he turned the wizard to a old frog.My feeling and the best part of the story after reading the story was that as the heroes were so up sad that their friend named Frano was turned to a big spider.But actually,he reflected the magic back from the wizard and turned him to a stone!The genre of the body of the story was about fantasy and part love.The seting was at a mountain top.The ending was mysterious as they mention about "waiting for you."

  • Skye
    2019-04-12 11:34

    This was a great next step on Lief’s journey around Deltora. As the group continues onwards and their success increases, so does the danger that they find themselves in. This time, they find themselves meeting mysterious legends, finding the true story of Doom’s past and solving the mystery of the Grey Guards’ blister balls.I loved the Kin – they’re a gorgeous kangaroo-type creature that is believed extinct, and help Lief, Barda and Jasmine on their journey in a fantastic manner. As with everything on this journey, there is a sense of destiny and fate in the path that they take. Not only are they able to uncover the fifth gem, but they also dismantle another one of the Shadowlords plans and schemes. This journey is no longer just about finding the seven gems of the belt, but also showing the extent of the Shadowlords dark tyranny.I loved the ease with which this book could be read. Yes, I know that it is aimed at a younger generation, but it is the perfect book for late at night when I can’t sleep, but still want to read. It’s easy, fun and has just enough mystery that you still have to think while turning from page to page.

  • Parker O'connor
    2019-04-15 10:34

    This is my favorite books in the series. It you out meeting one some of the weirdest characters in the Deltora Quest series. These giant animals are called Kin. They are large dragon like creatures. It starts out with a young one named Prin who takes a liking to Lief. Lief finds a dream well with magic water. When he goes to sleep he can go wherever he want to see whats happening and finds out his parents have been captured, but he can't do anything to help them. He then goes to the Mountain to find the other gem. I don't think they should have taken Prin because she is just a child. Since the monster toad leading the goblins is dead I think they will become less hostile towards everyone. I hope the Shadow Lord won't notice that the poison that they are giving the troops is really water until they have already dealt with him.I recommend this book to middle school boys and girls who like fantasy. The main characters of the book are boys and girls, so it fits either. The book is a fairly easy read, so it should fit most middle school students. Dread Mountain is a very solid book. I gave it four out of five stars because it was a good book but not perfect. I liked the new characters that were brought into the book. There was a lot of action once they reached Dread Mountain. We learned a lot about some of the characters met in the previous books. Dread Mountain was a all around good book.

  • Lairmemo
    2019-04-11 14:26

    The fifth book in the DELTORA QUEST series, though not as great as some of its previous installments, still is a great book and has, at least I think, a really cool Guardian this time around. Really, this book is all about the Dreaming Spring, which the Kins use every night. They drink the water from it and it allows them to spiritually visit the place or person they dream about and see what is happening to them in real life. After meeting the Kin, they take our heroes to Dread Mountain, where this book's guardian, a giant toad called Gellick, reigns with his giant piles of coins and riches and commands over a large army of gnomes. Even though it was one of the weaker books in the series, I still thoroughly enjoyed it, which is why I gave it a 5/5.

  • Iri
    2019-03-31 15:44

    Reread 31. 5. 2015Kdo nemá rád zmutované klokany, občasné klišé a pavouky v chatě, ať tohle raději ani nečte. Na druhou stranu, greenpeace by se asi vyřádili, když se tady podporuje toliko výsadba nových stromů.

  • Armin Khodadadi
    2019-04-18 12:47

    به به. اون بود اون چیزی که از دلتورا انتظار میرفت.بسیار جذاب تر از قبل بود و پرداختش به داستان بسیار عالی بود. اما همچنان شخصیت پردازی و شخصیت هاش رو دوست ندارم.

  • Regina
    2019-04-02 14:48

    I have to admit that when I started listening to this book I already forgot most of what I listened to in previous instalments (it has been so freaking long) and the anime version is not fresh in my mind anymore either so I was afraid that that would take away from my enjoyment. But it did not. Before I get into how I feel about the story I have to highlight the narrator of the story, Ron Haddrick, because he works his ass off with these books. He is brilliant. He puts the correct emotions into every characters voice and when the pace picks up his voice picks up urgency as well. And he sings the children's song in the book! This is a great narration. It makes me feel like I am a child again.Deltora Quest is a wonderful series and Dread Mountain is perhaps my favourite arc in the entire story. There is just to much to love: the Kin, that are basically sentient, fluffy, furry dragons fused with kangaroos, the Dread Gnomes who are straddling that gray area where I do not quite know whether I pity them or not (view spoiler)[ I mean, enslavement is tough but one of them is wearing a coat made out of the skin of another sentient creature!(hide spoiler)] but the ending is pushing them towards being allies in a sort of "turning a new page" fashion.My favourite part was, naturally, Gellick, the toad who was both frightening and disgusting. I truly felt sorry for the emerald for having to touch him. I also liked how he factored into the Shadow Lord's greater plans. It made me feel like defeating him accomplished something. And boy, oh boy, what a defeat it was, I loved it: (view spoiler)[ Leaf used the water of the Dreaming Spring. It was wonderful because it was properly set up: first we got the introduction of the water and a demonstration of what it does, then we got the reminder that our heroes still have it (by having them use its magical properties) and then BAMM, goodbye Gellick. I take great joy from the idea that turning into a tree was a thoroughly painful experience for him(hide spoiler)]. That is an aspect of the series I really like: sure on many occasion it is magical objects that bale them out, small deus-ex-machinas, but it never truly feels like it. It's never "oh. ofc they have something for that. why would they not?" but "OH! of course they have something for that!". It is nice to see the payoff of the things they pick up on their journey. It is also nice to see them use their wits to get out of tight situations rather than just fall back on their trinkets.

  • CodeBlue
    2019-04-08 15:34

    This book seemed shorter to me, or maybe I could not put it down. Either way our intrepid heroes continue their journey to collect the missing gems for the belt of Deltora. Along the way they make more friends in the Kin, who I could not help but picture as Falkor the dragon from the Neverending Story - likely because the author chooses to give them fur. There is some interesting magic at work in this one involving a mystical pond that saves the band of heroes more than once. It also gives them dreams of the people they think about before they go to sleep, which helps Jasmine, Barda, and Lief keep tabs on their friends and family on their journey. The journey takes them to Dread Mountain, where a terrifying monster is found, before meeting mischievous gnomes - where the heroes have to overcome a few traps laid out for intruders, and the guardian of the next gem. At dread mountain, they learn the source of the Grey Guards "blisters" as well as ending a feud between the Kin and Dread Gnomes before they continue on their way to the next gem. One area of interest is whether this is the origin of the mysterious Doom figure.

  • Scott
    2019-04-02 15:49

    Pretty good. I liked the Kin...unique creatures with an interesting culture (though it was hard to really envision how they would look), and the gnomes were handled in a thoughtful, nuanced manner--pretty unusual, really for an antagonistic fantasy race (think goblins), especially in a book for children.

  • zachjosh89
    2019-04-11 17:35

    Very enjoyable book. Great characters and a strong storyline.

  • Winter
    2019-03-28 12:43

    whoop whoop love this series realllllllly gooooodddd and intense

  • Marchel
    2019-04-10 16:43

    Kisah kelima petualangan Lief, Barda, dan Jasmine untuk menemukan kembali permata-permata dari Sabuk Deltora.Ketiga sekawan telah berhasil mendapatkan kembali Lapis Lazuli. Dengan masih dikejar kedua Carn, prajurit Kelabu yg membuntuti mereka bagaikan anjing pemburu.Mereka bertiga sampai di hutan aneh, dengan pohon-pohon serupa. Tumbuh tegak memanjang ke atas, dengan kedua batang utama juga menunjuk ke langit. Di tengah-tengah tempat tersebut, ada sebuah kolam kecil bundar dengan sebuah lempeng kuningan pudar ditempel pada salah satu batu. Lempeng tersebut bertuliskan: MATA AIR IMPIAN Minumlah orang asing yang lembut, dan selamat datang.Semua yang berniat jahat harap berhati-hati.Karena minum dari mata air impian, Lief bermimpi yang menyedihkan dan itu menyebabkan Lief ingin kembali ke rumahnya.Apa yang diimpikan Lief? Dan itu belum semua. Masih ada suku gnome pegunungan yg pintar namun licik. Masih ada pula suku Kin, sosok mirip naga bersayap, yang doyan makan daun dan biji Boolong.Dan monster kodok raksasa rakus-pemakan-lalat-mati-yang-gemuk. Monster bernama Gellick. Sekutu Raja Bayangan, dan perjanjian rahasia Gellick dgn Raja Bayangan yg membuat pasukan Pengawal Kelabu sangat ditakuti.Gellick menempatkan Emerald yg Agung di kepalanya, untuk mencegah siapa pun untuk merebutnya. Dan itu saja belum cukup. Gellick berada di ruang harta rahasia para gnome pegunungan, jauh di dalam.Di jantung Gunung Kengeriann...Bagaimana Lief, Barda, n Jasmine menembus smua rintangan tersebut untuk merebut kembali Emerald, simbol kepercayaan.

  • Andrew S.
    2019-03-26 13:43

    I loved Dread mountain. The fifth book in the series, Lief, Barda, and Jasmine set off to dread mountain, the border to the shadowlands, where Vraals and gnomes prowl. Along the way they meet an endangered species called Kin. They also must face off against Gellick, a gigantic toad that spits acid, to retrieve the Emerald, symbol of respect and honor, which also lightens when a vow was broken. The next book is the Maze Of The Beast. The sixth book in the series, it portrays the continued story of Lief, Barda, and Jasmine, who now trek to the coast to the maze of the beast, where the face pirates and shift-shaping Ols. Along the way they encounter a ferocious giant slug called a Glus which fiercely guards the Amythest, symbol of truth. Another figure that is just as mysterious named Doom, a burly man who leads the resistance against the Shadow Lord. The seventh book in this series is the Valley Of The Lost. This story is a continued one of Lief, Barda, and Jasmine, who. Journey south of Tora to the Valley Of The Lost. Along the way they encounter the lost people of Tora, which have been enslaved by the wicked Shadow Lord. They also encounter Ols and flying Ak-Baba. They must trek their to retrieve the Diamond, symbol of purity.The final book is the Return To Del. The concluding book in the series portrays the final trek back to Del, Lief, Barda, and Jasmine finally have retrieved the seven gems and could finally defeat the Shadow Lord. But, they don't know who they can trust, from Doom to a young boy named Dain. I would highly recommend this too Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings fans.

  • Christian
    2019-04-04 17:48

    The Genre of this book is AdventureAt the beginning of the book, the author writes a story about a king's son named Endon and a palace peasant named Jarred. At the beginning it shows Endon and Jarred's childhood and how they grew up. Endon and Jarred shared many fun memories, like chasing from the palace guards, (even though Endon was the prince) stealing apples from fruit stalls, and even walking the streets after dark. Soon Endon's father died to a severe disease placing Endon in his father's place. But soon enough the Shadow Lord has plans to over throw them. For the rest of the book it shows the same characters all grown up. Jarred's son Lief decided to take down the Shadow King, the only way to do this is to retrieve the 7 gems of Deltora. These gems bring mystical power to the one who possess them. Lief goes on a dangerous adventure to save the world of Deltora. On his adventure he meets two other friends, Jasmine, and Barda. I would rate this book a 4, (5 being best) because I thought that this book was very fun to read and was interesting to read. There were many exciting moments in this book. This book made me want to read the sequel. If you are interesting in mysterious creatures then I challenge you to read this book, you will love it.

  • Frank
    2019-04-12 11:37

    The quest goes on and the adventures continue to be fresh and new with lots of excitement and close calls. The trio finds a source of dreams so real they can actually travel to the source of dreams but such source can be deadly. Yet they find friends as well as foes. They not only continue their search for the gems but in the process are converting the land they visit undermining the Shadow Lord's kingdom, who is beginning to realize there are three on some sort of quest causing trouble where ever they go cutting into his kingdowm. So the quest face greater and greater dangers.In this one they face yet a very strange foe full f poison and even greater challenges to stay alive. Emily Rodda continues to turn out a fantastic quest in this book number 5.

  • Saeed dourandish
    2019-04-05 09:31

    lif , barda va jasmin , 3hamsafari hastand ke tanha noghteye moshtarakeshan , nefrat az doshmani vahed ast. anha baraye peyda kardane 7 gohare jadoiie kamarband nacharand dast be jost o johaye khatar naki bezanandzira tanha zamani ke kamarband kamel shavad arbabe saye ha sarnegoon mishavad.4 gohar peyda shode va hala akhbare mohemi az khane be lif reside ast. delash mikhahad be khane bargardad ... ama jost o jo bayad edame peyda konad.baraye yaftane 5min gohar , ghahremanane ma bayad dast be kare khatarnaki bezanand , be entehaye sarzamine saye ha beravand va varede ghalamroye tarik va vahshatnake gelik gayola beshavand.aya lif , barda va jasmin az kohestan vahshatzade bar migardand?khob malooomeage bar nagardan chejori nevisande baghye ketabasho benevise :) :D

  • Dilan
    2019-04-15 12:47

    In this book Lief and his friends have just found the fourth Gem and are heading to find the fifth in Dread mountain. When they get to dread mountain they come across a spring. They drink the water and then they start hallucinating. I connect this book to the first book of Deltora quest. When they first started looking for the Gems. This series is very interesting and i hope to find out what happens to the characters. This series is entertaining.I gave this book 4 stars because i thought it was good. This book was interesting and mysterious like the first of its series. I hope that it will get more exciting.

  • George Bell
    2019-04-07 17:24

    Dread MountainEmily RoddaDread Mountain is the 5th book in the Deltora Quest series. It is about 2 kids called Lief and Jasmine and an adult called barda, they have a quest to do which is to get 8 special stones. In Dread mountain they have to get the saphire which is worn on the head of a giant toad called Gellick. He lives in a cave at the top of Dread Mountain. The kids and Barda fly to Dread Mountain on some flying creatures called Prin.I thought the book was good but it wasn't as good as other books in the series so I gave it 3 stars. I thought the characters in the book was good but there wasn't much action in the last bit where they kill Gellick.

  • Sarah Eagle
    2019-04-22 13:41

    It's not often that you see book 5 of a series be better than previous books, but with this one it's definitely true. Everything I had to complain about in the last two books was fixed. The pacing is great, the world building is solid, the character development was steady. Rodda threw in the clever puzzles I always love, AND the ending was a genuine, pleasant surprise. Next to the first, this is my favorite installment thus far, and I have 3 to go! If the last one was an 8, this is right back up with the 9 point something's of 10.

  • Heather
    2019-04-20 09:27

    The only problem with finishing Dread Mountain was knowing there are only three more books left to read in the Deltora Quest series. While the stories are formulaic (something kids like my 7 and 9 year old boys – and, I’ll be honest, I – love in reading books), there is something special about the relationship between Lief, Barda, and Jasmine that makes me feel like I am hanging out with my own old friends. I highly recommend this book, and the entire series, to everyone. It makes a great family read aloud!

  • Tim
    2019-04-08 12:38

    Fifth in the "Deltora Quest" series, more adventure, peril, help from unlikely places/characters and the usual monster guarding the fifth gem. Turning into standard fare, but what he heck, I'm an old guy reading stuff for tweens, not in itself a bad thing to do, especially when one of these tweens recommended it in the first place. Again, entertaining, some gross parts, but what's a good adventure story without those? Lookin' forward to #6.

  • Arito Sato
    2019-03-23 17:29


  • Katie W
    2019-03-27 12:37

    Another fun adventure in this series! I read this one aloud to my kids and we were surprised at some of the twists in the story. There are a few things that are still a mystery and we're having fun trying to guess what's going on. Who left the blood message on the rock? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

  • Monika
    2019-04-14 14:51

    This part was less interesting than any other. Journey was quite exhausting but it had some cute and lovely parts. Final battle with a frog went a little bit unexpected. From unsolved situation suddenly characters made weird choices that of course led to the predictable end. It wasn't a fast read. I put this book down many times, and forced myself to finish reading.

  • Nura
    2019-04-22 16:24

    war makes strange bedfellow. Lief yang tadinya cuma berdua dgn Barda, bertemu Jasmine yg ga pernah berpisah dr Kree dan Filli. Kali ini mereka berhasil menyatukan dua ras yg awalnya saling bermusuhan demi berebut tempat di Dread Mountain. para kin dan gnome.

  • Brad
    2019-03-30 12:23

    Book five of eight. Not as good as the previous book, but I did like the pond they found, as well as the different traps and things the gnomes had created. Very cool.Rating: PG, for action / fantasy violence.

  • Lucky Lion
    2019-03-26 15:32

    I really liked the dread gnomes, and I thought that they way they dealt with the giant toad was genius, even though it was last second, and pure instinct. I also thought it was awesome that the gnomes welcomed back the Kin with open arms.

  • Ashley kreger
    2019-04-02 14:39

    the main thing i remember about this book is the evil toad who sat on top of the pile of jems and gold these creatures gathered and mad but is slain and the creatures are freed promising to help the children when ever they need it.