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Selena Taylor is an American citizen determined to find her grandparents after she loses her family to the violence of the drug cartel in Mexico. Crossing the border into Texas turns out to be the easy part.Virtually penniless and enticingly innocent, she soon finds herself at the mercy of Travis Blake. Travis is a hard-working, self-made rancher that has never known loveSelena Taylor is an American citizen determined to find her grandparents after she loses her family to the violence of the drug cartel in Mexico. Crossing the border into Texas turns out to be the easy part.Virtually penniless and enticingly innocent, she soon finds herself at the mercy of Travis Blake. Travis is a hard-working, self-made rancher that has never known love or softness of any kind. His only use for women is sexual, and Selena is caught on his ranch with no way out.While Selena plots her escape from his control, Travis ruthlessly and methodically tightens his possession and makes it impossible for her to leave.The struggle that follows is a clash of wills that pits purity against passion, virtue against vice and love against lust.Excerpt: “I specifically told you to stay away from the men and stay at the house. In fact, I’ve told you more than once.” He ate, standing up, and scrunched up the bag when he was finished. “You got anything to say to me? Anything in your defense?”“Am I on tri—trial?” “Yeah, you’re on trial. And I’m the only judge you’re going to get. No jury of your peers. Just me. My decision. Got that?” His voice rose.Selena took a step back from him. “What’s wrong w-with you? How can you b-be so nice and then s-so mean?”He stalked toward her. “Really?” He reached down and swiped her wrist and held it tightly in his grip. “Really? You don’t get it yet? You haven’t quite figured it out? I told you what happens when a man wants something he can’t have. Have you forgotten so soon? Are you saying I can have it? Are you? I tell you what, Angel, you let me take you back to the house, strip you naked every night. You sleep in my bed, and we’ll see just how nice I can be.” He slammed his mouth down on hers. His tongue went deep, tasting her sweetness. He pulled her into his body, his erection straining against her. He lifted his mouth from hers. His hand went to the back of her head and grabbed hold of her hair and pulled until her eyes were on his.His face was menacing, his hold on her uncompromising. He fisted his hand in her hair until she was completely captive. His other hand went to her neck and felt her racing heartbeat. His hand roamed down and settled on her breast. Her flesh swelled against his palm, her nipple hardening. His thumb moved back and forth across the tight little pebble. They stood there, panting together. His touch gentled, and his words became beguiling. “Come on, Baby. You don’t want to be a virgin forever, do you?” His mouth lowered and he took a gentle kiss from her parted lips. “I can make it good for you. You don’t need to be scared. I won’t hurt you. It won’t hurt at all.”She pulled away from him, accusation in her eyes. He stood in front of her, blatant masculinity dripping from his pores. He had a dominant nature, and she felt its intensity now.His eyes were riveted on her, his nostrils flaring. Goddammit! He had sworn to himself that he wasn’t going to try to seduce her, and then he had gone and done just that. “Shit.” He turned away and dug his cell phone from his pocket, flipped it open and pressed a button. He spoke into the phone. “Yeah, get back here and take her back to the house.”He ended the call and slipped the phone back into his pocket. “I’m not going to apologize. You’re playing with fire and you know it. You better watch out, little girl, because you’re going to get burned. I want you to get back to that house and stay there. You can go to the barn and see those damn skunks, but that’s it. Nowhere else....

Title : under the cowboy s control
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under the cowboy s control Reviews

  • Alp
    2019-05-25 18:31

    4.25/5I love Lynda Chance's OTT alpha heroes. They are super possessive and protective over their women, and Travis is no exception. From the first page of this book, I was pulled into the story instantly and I found myself not being able to put it down. The story moved along at a brisk pace so it didn't take me long to finish the entire story.Selena Taylor was brought to Travis Blake's ranch with black and purple bruises on her face and the side of her body. The moment he saw her, he felt like someone kicked him in the stomach. His cowhands all thought that she was a boy, but Travis knew right away that she was a girl and he wanted her badly. So he did every way to keep her as far away from his men as possible.Selena knew that she would certainly be safe from other men, but how could she handle an alpha man like Travis? How could she save her virginity as she was tempted by the sparks of desire that ignited between them whenever they were in the same room?At first, I had a problem with Selena. She was a bit annoying and too weak for my liking. But after she married Travis, I started to warm up to her. And by the end, she surprised me with her strength and how she made him understand his own feelings for her. That was very impressive.Overall, this was hot and sensual, yet sweet and beautiful. For me, it was a winner and I would recommend this book to anyone who loves reading insta-love stories with OTT alpha heroes and virgin heroines. You will not be disappointed!I'm glad I picked up this one.

  • ~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews
    2019-05-16 21:40

    Just exactly what I needed right now. A hero who knows what he wants and never wavers. Not one sliver of other woman drama. Not one iota of pushing away. Loved how he realized what he felt was love all along. Pure alpha perfection. So good.

  • Barbara➰
    2019-05-09 15:42

    It was okay. Travis was an ass for most of the book. He finally grew on me around 75%. Selena was super naive and almost too innocent. I realize she was raised that way but I like my heroines a little more knowledgeable.

  • Deserie williams
    2019-04-25 16:47

    This was an ok read for me. I felt the hero fought his true feelings for too long and came off as kind of a selfish jerk at times and only wanting her just for sex! lol I didn't care for it. The heroine I felt seemed younger than 22 .She was way too innocent. But even with all that being said the hero was a jealous, possessive alpha which I loved:) And it had it sweet hot moments! Safety gang safe!

  • Lady Raven RAVE!
    2019-05-05 14:41

    This is a wonderful story as well as my second book by the author within a day. She does make her male characters possessive and dominating, but its always driven by jealousy and a strong attraction to their female characters. And I find that likable.Selena  is an American and Mexican citizen, determined to find her grandparents in America after she loses her family. She leaves Mexico, to get away from the violence of the drugs. So she  crosses the border into Texas with no money and just her bag pack. After a couple of rough days, she finds her self in Travis's barn. Travis is an ex rodeo star now self-made rancher. His has grown up without a mother and a drunken father. When Selena is discovered by the ranch hands, both  Selena and  Travis will build a relationship that both weren't expecting. Travis will become possessive and demanding and Selena will try not to lose herself.This was a nice story and a bit sad in certain areas. I really felt sorry for Selena, when she was found and what she went through  just tug at your heart. I admire the way Selena stood her ground sexually and mentally.  Even though she stood her ground, it drove Travis crazy. To Travis,  Selena was a walking temptation that eventually drove him to craziness, obsession and possessiveness. The only statement I didn't like, it got so obsessive for Travis that he said he wanted to see her barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen and bed. But Travis was a sweet heart and sexy. I laughed a few times at the ranch hands when they discovered Selena isn't a boy and can cook. I thought the Epilogue was so sweet and nice.Storyline:GOODIntimacy:GOODEnjoyment: GOOD for readers

  • Roksana
    2019-05-06 17:24

    Safe gang: safe book/Hero not a manwhore, completely wrapped around the heroine's finger and no other woman exist for himThis book grew on me ever so slowly and in the end I was happy to make the decision to continue reading despite the lack of plot-line...alas, the Hero in this story was "my type of Hero" moody, rough around the edges, possessive and domineering, but with a heart of gold and redeeming qualities. I love this author for making her Heroes so crazy in love with their heroines that "they never stray" and cheating is unacceptable in those heroes eyes! This hero is no exception..he was very possessive and jealous, but at the same time he showed the heroine kindness and genteelness that made me really fall in love with him! Heroine was very innocent and very likable character, but I have to admit that at times she was too innocent for my taste and I wanted her to take charge attitude towards the Hero especially in the moments of his jerkiness! Some moments were very emotional and even moved me to tears, so despite the lack of proper plot development, I really liked the romance part, it was tender and passionate and the Hero was one hunky cowboy that I would easily have fallen in love like heroine did!

  • CC
    2019-05-10 19:46

    This was a sweet story. Hero fought his feelings for a bit too long for me. And she was just so shy and inexperienced. It was like she was a child, not a 22 year old woman. But it was a very easy and sweet story. Got a little steamy towards the end, but not the typical Lynda Chance story. Totally safe.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-05-23 22:49

    3-1/2 stars. A cute little romance. It was a bit different in that the heroine was a young virgin and it was important to her to stay that way. She believed that sex was only for marriage. And the hero was an ass but I liked him regardless. He was pretty bad about trying to get her in bed anyway. So normal realistic guy stuff. One of the parts I enjoyed the most is that she was fairly aware of how jerklike he was being and just went along with him as you do sometimes with men. Sort of he can think all he wants that he is winning this male/female thing but since I'm getting what I want I'll not call him on his bulls**t. He did have a crisis of conscience about how he had manipulated her and kept her from having any other options but to stay with him and eventually marry him. So I forgave him his asshatery.All that being said, there wasn't a whole lot of conflict or tension involved here so if you're looking for that this might not be the book for you. It was however well written. It flowed nicely and was well paced. Good use of language and fine sense of place with just the right amount of description to paint a picture. Not an erotic story although there were some fairly hot love scenes after they get married. No glaring ebook formatting errors.I'd be happy to try another book by this author.Thanks Marisa for loaning it to me.

  • Chantal ❤️
    2019-05-13 19:46

    This was an almost perfect book in that he waited for her and he was faithful. I can't give it a 5 stars because he was way way too controlling. She could not even leave the house for Pete sake. He does get better but it's more of a 4.5 then a 5. The heroine was so down on her luck that it screamed, victim. The hero was nice most times and he did everything for her to recover. He never wanted her to work at all in the house. She insisted. I loved how protective and possessive he was but it did get much when it came to her talking to others. Great story and a keeper for me.

  • ♡Tonya♡
    2019-04-25 15:51

    Lynda Chance does growly alphas like a champ! When Travis is told a young boy has been found beaten on his ranch, it doesn't take him long to figure out the young boy is actually a young girl. Selena took a chance and fled Mexico after her family was killed. Little did she know that meeting Travis would be the start of the rest of her life. Classic Lynda Chance. Grumpy OTT alpha, no cheating, HEA and a great epilogue.

  • Jenny
    2019-05-02 21:28

    Sweet and steamy, innocent heroine, alpha hero, adorable epilogue! Just what I needed!

  • Val
    2019-04-29 20:52

    I enjoy Alfa Males even when they are a bit too over-obsessed. If the heroine is into it - I am into it!But this was too much for me. The hero is just plain old mean. The heroine is 23 years old but she felt like a small wounded girl to me. Travis response after seeing Selena's citizenship papers scared me.A quick calculation put her age at twenty-three. She wasn't a teenager. Thank God. Instantaneous relief surged through Travis. He wasn't lusting after a minor.Keep in mind that he just met her like ten minutes ago and she is badly wounded and scared (a lot). Furthermore, she hardly speaks English. Even though Travis tended to her wounds and helped her to get back on her feet he was mean and harsh and really awful to her during it."We're going to play this one way and one way only. I say jump, and you say how high, got that?"Travis thought about Selena intimately very very often. He also tried to touch and kiss her all the time. And it's kind of funny how he is blaming everyone around him of 'thinking dirty' about her but then says :"I'm a grown man. I can control myself."This book made me feel uncomfortable and I wanted to slap Travis all the time.

  • Sue Alcantara
    2019-05-10 14:24

    I must warn anyone about to read this book that it is not for the easily offended. It is a great story and my favorite of all the Lynda chance books/ short stories. The first time for the couple I must admit though was a bit anti-climactic and some of the things said were too cheesy to be comfortably read. (view spoiler)[For example when Travis is finally going to sleep with His little latina beauty he has his fingers in her lady parts and says " Angel, I am holding your virginity in my hands." (hide spoiler)]...0_0...Even though their first time together ( when he officially takes her virginity) was not electrifying at all, the other scenes of them together were SO HOT. REALLY HOT, And there were plenty! If you are curious about Lynda chance, Read this one. I often reread it. Maybe I'll start walking accross some ranches in texas >_>

  • nurmawati
    2019-05-12 21:44

    bagussss....ttg cowboyyg tinggal di poedalam texas dimana susah banget nyari ce di sana :pdan tentang ce yg kabur dari mana ya..meksiko kalo gak salah setelah keluarganyatewas dibantai sama pengedar narkoba....tau sendiri disana pusat pengedaran narkoba dan org banyak mati tiap ce yg berhasil kabur ke amerika berjalan kaki jauh, kehabisan uamg, dihajar sampe mukanya bengkak sama pengedar yg mau manfaatin dia buat bawa narkoba ke amerika dan kekurangan makanan...tapi untunglah dia nyamar jadi co jadi gak sampe ada org yg berniat lebih jahat lagi ke dia..di temukan di pinggir jalan karena pingsan,,,di bawa ke peternakan si co yg mantan rodeo....cuma sekejab mata si co berasa lust ngeliat dia...dan otomatis tau dia perempuan si ce di paksa tinggal di rumahnya sambil nyembuhin diri dan belajar bhs ce bukan imigran gelap seperti anggapan ana buah si ce ayahnya orang amerika so dia punya kewarganegaraan texas berniat mencari kakek dan nenek nya...selama di rumah si co, dia merawat si ce dengan sayang...sambil ngebayangin buat bisa uhuk2 ama si ce :psi ce amat sangat lugau..usia 23 tahun masih untouched ...pada akhirnya si co gak tahan lugu yg suka gagap gugup akhirnya diberi ultimatum...nikah ama dia atau lebih baik mereka pisah dan si ce akan ditinggalin si co di kota itu ....lumayan banyak uhuk2 nya after lugu juga 'cepet belajar' :psampe akhirnya si co lewat detektif swasta yg dia sewa buat diam2 mencari keluarga si ce tau kalo si ce ini aslinya orang kaya..neneknya kaya raya dan sedang mencari dia plus bakal dikasih harta warisan yg co takut si ce akan pergi ninggalin dia buat tinggal sama akhirnya diambil kesimpulan kalo dia mesti bikin si ce hamil so bakal terikat selamanya ke (lagi) diperbanyaklah adegan uhuk2...tiap hari gak siang gak malem...terang ajagak lama kemudian si ce ce kasih kabar gembira ke si co sebenernya seneng bukan main tapi dia takut si ce bakal pergi kalo tau rencananya....dan dia terlanjur cinta sama si ce lugu yg sering gagap gugup :peniwei akhirnya si co gak tahan lagi...akhirnya di bilang kalo dari awal ketemu dia udah very2 lust sama si ce dan dia membuat si ce mau menikahi nya dengan ancaman bakal di tinggal di kota dan mereka gak bertemu lagi (padahal saat itu si ce udah cinta mati ama si co)si ce bilang ...'i know'dan juga si co making love tiap hari ama si ce dengan harapan segera hamil sehingga si ce akan selamanya bersama dia...lagi2 si ce bilang ...i know'si co bingung kok si ce tau rtapi tetep mau stay sama dia ? si ce bilang karena dia mencintai si co...dan si ce bisa membuat si co mengakui kalo dia juga mencintai si ce...endingnya mereka punya anak kembar dan 1 baby lagi.....gitu aja sih ceritanya...yg bikin agak sebel si ce saking lugunya dan takut (asal2) ke si co sering banget gagap ngomong nya...cape juga liat nya....tapi ya kasih 3.5 bintang tapi adegan hot nya banyak dan bagus...jadi kasih 4 bintang deh hihihi....

  • Noelle
    2019-05-08 22:30

    This is the first book that I've read by this author and I'll probably read more. I think this one was supose to be erotic, and for some it might be but to me it felt like I was reading a Diana Palmer book with a bit more discriptive sex scenes.Selena (h) had lost her family to the drug wars a violence sweeping through Mexico. She had no one left to stay for and knowing that she had grandparents in Texas she sets off,on foot, to go and find them. With only a small amount of American dollar's in her pocket and the Texas heat wheighing on her, she soon discovers just how had and impossible her plan had been. And then she runs into trouble....Travis (H) runs his own ranch and after years of hard work and hardship he finally has his land/ranch and plenty of money. One day one of his ranch hands finds him and tells him that he needs to come and see this young boy that they found under a tree on the ranch, he was injured and they thought he may be an illegal.Selena didn't mean to pass as a boy but with all of these men around her she felt it was the safest thing to do. If only she hadn't gotten beaten up she wouldn't be in this mess.When Travis takes a look at the "boy" he's not fooled for a second but he goes along with it till his men go on about their business. The more time he spends with her the more he knows that he will do what ever he has to to keep her, she's his now whether she knows it or not.

  • Pam
    2019-05-15 18:31

    2 stars"He liked it best when she was glued to his side, barefoot in his kitchen or naked in his bed."I didn’t know if I was back in the dark ages or in the present world, it was so backwards for the most part they live the life in the present day but their actions were so medieval in their actions and words. For most of the book Selena was too busy protecting her virginity, the one thing she can give to her future husband, while the Cowboy spent most of the book acting like a petulant child who got his candy taken away. Sadly this story is my least favorite from the author, I like her style and her other books, but this one just wasn’t for me.

  • Kristy
    2019-05-24 14:52

    This was a cute little story about a cowboy and a immigrant. Selena is a fighter and her strong will and determination was so enjoyable in this book. I thought she was adorable. And she confounded Travis, the strong cowboy who was not used to being told no. It was a fun read.

  • Yvonne
    2019-05-05 15:50

    I really liked this book. It wasn't very long but still packed a punch. I've discovered that Lynda Chance's heroes are WAY OVER THE TOP Alpha males and I love them all! FYI - Nice amount of "scorching" sex.

  • Anna
    2019-05-01 17:33

    i realy liked the Country feel the cute animals and though im not the bigest Douchbug fan i liked the romance to its my first Lynda chance book and i think ill read her other but i generaly like more angs and plot twists

  • Lethevert
    2019-05-09 14:51

    I can't even pin point what was wrong with this book, it just wasn't romantic at all.

  • Cheryl (Gwyneiira's Book Blog)
    2019-05-10 21:31

    I am surprised that this book only has an average of 3.77 rating over at goodreads. I absolutely loved and enjoyed this book! It was sizzling good. Amazing story telling, enjoyable writing style, lovable characters and yummy steam! I definitely got my fill of hot, possessive and dominating male with Travis. Travis is very possessive and protective of Selena, and at times, crazy jealous when there are other guys around her. You may think, "he sounds like a downright ass. Why would you like him?". But let me tell you, Lynda Chance has managed to balance it all out with his occasional gentle side. She shows us the backstory of the characters and how it shaped them to who they are today and how well they fit together.Travis had to touch her. He physically was unable to stop himself from reaching out and picking up her hand. "Oh yeah, I like it." He pulled her into the bathroom and swiveled her in front of him, her back lightly resting against his front. He gently wrapped his arms around her...Selena stood in his embrace, enchanted at his reaction to the few simple things she had done. His praise washed through her mind, and a feeling of safety settled in her soul...I absolutely LOVED seeing how overwhelmed Travis was with his need for Selena. Alpha males and their women who bring them to their knees. Don't look down on sweet, adorable, innocent Selena because she has Travis wrapped around her tiny finger! We get to Travis (almost) begging for her touch and kisses. The interactions between Travis and Selena were either downright adorable, hilarious or steamy hot! I loved seeing Travis grumpy and jealous, always sets me off. I loved the sex and how gentle he was with Selena despite his overwhelming need for her, absolutely amazing. "Baby, I beg you, don't let go until I say so. Please. You won't be hurting me. I promise. You'll be helping me. Okay?"Selena was a tad too innocent but she grows on you. Their expectations and wants of their relationship is kinda like the 50s I suppose. Needs a bit of getting used to. I do like that Travis knows and acknowledges the fact that he seems to be "taking advantage" of Selena and knows how unreasonable he was with his bouts of jealousy and possessiveness."Baby, you are so fine. I don't know what the hell I did to deserve you, but I'm not going to argue."

  • Copper78
    2019-05-04 21:42

    Typical Lynda Chase. Comical yet entertaining. Likable heroine and predictable caveman hero who doesn't understand that he is in love with her. I don't know why I read these books by LC, I just know that I will probably continue to do so from time to time. Always quick, simple reads when you want a mindless read.

  • MadLoveBookBlog
    2019-05-16 17:52

    Sometimes, when I can’t find a book in that I am interesting in, I usually go by an appealing title. I believe, I have learned my lesson. I will not trash this book because it wasn’t dreadful. I will just say that it started well, I was having some expectations; unfortunately, it ended predictable, bland and dull. It seemed more like a first time try out book rather than an actual novella. The narrator was good; her interpretation more than acceptable. However, I believe she thought Selena (the main character) was stuttered rather than not being able to speak the language. Oh well. I can always request my credit back. **********************************************************************************************Algunas veces, cuando no encuentro un libro en que me llame la atencion, usualmente escojo un libro que el titulo sea llamativo.Creo que he aprendido la leccion. No voy a denigrar ni hablar mal del libro, proque no fue horroso. La historia comenzo interesante, y tuve mis buenas expectativas. Desafortunadamente, termino siendo totalmente predecible e insulso. La narradora fue buena. Su interpretacion mas que acceptable. Sin embargo, Sin embargo, creo que se confundio y penso que Selena era tartamuda, en vez de no saber hablar el idioma. Not quite there. SORRY!

  • Eyvette Abreu
    2019-05-12 22:42

    This was an entertaining okay read.Travis is a 32 year old ranch owner and ex rodeo champ and Selena is a 23 year old fleeing Mexico.Selena is found by Travis' men who assumed she was a boy, even though Travis immediately knows she is not.He is a very OTT jealous, and possessive with her while at the same time trying not to give into the lust he feels for her. Because of the way he feels he is a jerk to her and Selena being a total innocent does not understand this. He orders her around for alot of the book, even though a few times she did stand up to him. It seems the more he feels for her and wants her the harsher he gets. I will say he did have his very sweet moments and he did mellow out after they got together.This reads alot like a historical since his thoughts were so 1900's with all the domestic talk, her duties as a wife, and his caveman attitude about sex, but it ended well. Selena is all about Travis. He loved her, he just did not recognize the emotion. It was sweet when in her innocent way she made him realize he was in fact in love with her.No OW/OM DramaSweet Epilogue

  • Lorraine Lesar
    2019-04-26 17:45

    Very, very un-PC but really sexy! I have started to love Lynda Chance's books and this is no exception. A young Mexican woman has had her family wiped out by drug cartel's in Mexico and she is now alone, trying to locate her grandparents in America (author does not go into details of the drug related incident) though this does not have a major impact on the book. She ends up on a American ranch and meets the owner and love blossoms. He is dominant and wants everything his own way, she on the other hand, is innocent and a strong catholic. So see this plays out, read the book. You won't be disappointed! This, as is all Lynda Chance's books, is for adults only.

  • mad4rombks
    2019-05-12 15:31

    Different character names but basically the same story. In this one, hero was more of a douche than her other heroes....either that or I'm getting over my LC glom very quickly. I think it's time to read something else. I do have a few more of her short stories on the Kindle still not read but I think it's time for a break. Find something else because none of them have even come close to the enjoyment I had when I read Marco's Redemption. These are all just pale imitations and none have hit the mark for me.

  • Tanya
    2019-05-02 21:27

    Sappy and happy, 100% usual Lynda Chance. No major angst or craziness, sweet, HEA, complete with super sweet epilogue. Our hero of this one is of course the usual alpha guy (a rancher for this particular book) who falls for his sweet heroine a thousand times over and would do anything for her at all. Yep, pure fantasy read there. No crazy over the top stuff, murders, aliens, triangles, or anything else major; the story centered on their relationship with very minor side/back story. This is just what I needed in a simple happy read when real life gets a bit crazy!

  • KatieV
    2019-05-15 17:26

    I found this in a search for 'spanking romance'. I'm not sure if it was Amazon's fault or the author's that this ended up there. This is not that. It's a pretty standard romance. The cowboy is domineering, but there are no real D/s elements and no spanking that I can remember. Just wanted to put that out there in case anyone else makes the same mistake.It's not a bad book, just not what I expected.

  • Petesmom
    2019-05-10 19:24

    Under the Cowboy's Control was a quick and enjoyable read. I didnot want this story to end.

  • Dina
    2019-05-23 20:33

    3 1/2 stars