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Maddie Dupree interviews serial killers for a living, yet somehow walking into Mort's Bar in Truly, Idaho, scares her. She has come back to the small town to write a personal true-crime book. Her mother was the other woman when she was killed in Truly, leaving Maddie in the care of an eccentric aunt. The owner of the bar is the son of the philandering husband and his wife.Maddie Dupree interviews serial killers for a living, yet somehow walking into Mort's Bar in Truly, Idaho, scares her. She has come back to the small town to write a personal true-crime book. Her mother was the other woman when she was killed in Truly, leaving Maddie in the care of an eccentric aunt. The owner of the bar is the son of the philandering husband and his wife. Mick Hennessy now owns his family's bars and believes that the past is just that. The fact that his mother killed his father and the waitress, as he and everyone else in town calls Maddie's mother, and then herself is better forgotten. But now this darn author is in town stirring up old memories and Mick's libido. The feelings are mutual, but will they last after Mick finds out who Maddie really is? Gibson will sustain her popularity with this witty, fiery romance filled with interesting and dynamic characters connected to Sex, Lies and Online Dating (2006) and I'm in No Mood for Love (2006)....

Title : Tangled up in You
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Tangled up in You Reviews

  • Mo
    2019-04-02 08:35

    This is book 3 in the “Writer” series by Rachel Gibson. Liked it as well as the first two. There was something brilliant and disturbing about Warren Zevon’s lyrics. A little like looking into the mind of someone who stood at the line between crazy and sane and occasionally pushed one toe over. Toying with the line, testing it, then pulling back just before getting into the looneyville.If you haven’t checked out the music and lyrics of Warren Zevon – DO IT! How had her life come to this? She had a cat in her house and a Hennessy in her bed.“When I’m with you, I feel a kind of calm I’ve never felt in my life. I’m tangled up in you and you’re tangled up in me and it feels right.”

  • Yolanda
    2019-03-30 10:38

    Me ha encantado!!!!

  • Sophie ♥
    2019-04-14 11:01

    Rate: 4 starsRachel Gibson will always be one of those authors I'd go to for a fun read. Tangled Up In You is more or less the same as every other one of her books - light-hearted and enjoyable with a side of steam. Probably not her best, I personally love the Chinooks series (Any Man of Mine was perfect) but I have to say, this one was a little heavier on the steam. Picking up this book, I knew exactly what I was going to get, and that's exactly what I got. I wouldn't say this is the kind of book that would have readers tripping all over the place trying to declare their eternal love, but you know, once in a while a quick fun read is exactly what you need. I can see some similarities between Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Rachel Gibson, so if you're an SEP fan then I would recommend you try this book. Otherwise, I would go for this book if you need a break from angst and emotion. If you're looking for something deeply touching and soul wrenching then this is definitely not your go-to book.

  • ᴥ Irena ᴥ
    2019-03-21 13:58

    2.5You know that feeling when you really need to sneeze and someone or something interrupts it? Well, this book was like that for me.Maddie returns to a place where she briefly lived as a child to confront her past. Of the four friends in this series, I was looking forward to the most morbid one. Her story was the most promising considering the type of person she is (or I was led to believe she is in the previous two books) and the things she writes about. After all, Maddie is familiar with the dark side of human mind. Her interviews with serial killers gave her a unique insight into the darker side of human psyche which should have made for an excellent story.Not so much. This is not a suspenseful story with a romantic touch. This is a story of two people lusting after each other and arguing when some secret or other is revealed. Nothing more, nothing less. To be fair I am not a fan of stories where we know everything, but the characters don't. We are forced to go through all the stages characters must go through to get to the bottom of the things. It is tedious. You know who Maddie is and what she is after, but her love interest doesn't. Plus, he did not grovel enough in the end.

  • KarenH
    2019-03-29 08:43

    I don't have time to do a review right now but I have to share a LMAO scene: We know the heroine has abstained from sex for the last 4 years, but took the edge off with the help of a vibrating "friend" she named Carlos. After having sex for the first time, a brooding hero asks the heroine, "Who is Carlos?" "Why?" she asks. "Because the first time you climaxed," the hero replies, "you called out his name." too funny :D GREAT book!

  • Robin
    2019-03-29 09:42

    True crime author Maddie Dupree has moved to Truly, Idaho, to write about a murder-suicide that took place twenty nine years ago. There were many stories at the time of the incident. Maddie wants to uncover the truth, especially since one of the victims was her mother. But there is one family standing in her way. Mick Hennessey and his sister, Meg, have lived with the fact that their mother shot and killed their father and his lover when they were small children. They don't want Maddie stirring up old stories about their family. Even though Mick doesn't want Maddie writing this book, he is attracted to her and wants to get to know her better. Will he still feel that way when he learns how Maddie is tied to his past?This is an entertaining contemporary romance with some steamy scenes. All of the characters in this book are likable. Maddie is a person with very set ideas. She doesn't want to get married. She doesn't even want a pet. Her views change as the story goes on. Mick is a guy that women, including Maddie, find irresistible. He is upset about the book and is worried how the gossip will affect his sister. But that isn't going to stop him from getting involved with Maddie. This book is part of Gibson's Truly Idaho series. It is also part of her Writer Friends series. I enjoyed the book so now I'm going to have to catch up on both of these series. My rating: 4 Stars.

  • Jacob Proffitt
    2019-04-20 12:46

    This is part of two series. This is the second of the Truly Idaho series. So far, both books have sucked and no small part of it is that Truly is full of jerks and idiots. This is the third in the Writer Friends series and you don't really need the others to understand this one. If you haven't read the others yet, I highly recommend you do. Not because it adds anything to this novel, but because they're actually good. Unlike this one. Go ahead and give this one a miss.I was looking forward to seeing how Gibson handled Maddie. She's always been a bit prickly and unapproachable and her chosen genre, true crime, means she's somewhat hardened as well. I wondered how Gibson would soften her enough to fall in love. The answer turns out to be that she makes her stupid and weak and sex-starved and she matches her up with a horn dog. Maddie's internal dialogue goes on about how fearless she is, but you never see it, not even once. She knows that keeping her full identity from Mick is just laying landmines for their future and yet every time she steels herself to divulge the truth she wimps out. Over and over and over again. Indeed, this was the only conflict in the novel and I have to say I'm deeply disappointed with Gibson for being so incredibly lame.And that's not even getting to the waste of a tough returned army vet who runs a couple bars. This has competent tough guy written all over it and we don't see that even a tiny little bit. He's just a sex drive with legs who buries every tender moment under feeling Maddie up. I don't see what Maddie sees in him and I don't see what he sees in her. Except for sex. Apparently they have great sex. I give this relationship a couple months for them to tire each other out before they wake up to the disaster they've created.So yeah. Go team sex. Or something...A note about Steamy: Even though their relationship is all sex, there's only one actual explicit scene with any detail to it. The rest is all back-reference and foreplay. So this is the middle of my steam tolerance, but it only got that high because I got tired of how sex was pretty much all they had and all they really cared about together.

  • ♡Karlyn P♡
    2019-03-22 13:56

    4.5 stars. Tangled Up In You is the story of Mick and Maddie, which takes place in Truly, Idaho, the fictional town from the book "Truly Madly Yours". (It is now seven years later, and yes, we get a sneak peak into the lives of Nick and Delany!)Maddie shows up in town to write the story of a murder / suicide that took place 29 years earlier. Mick is the owner of two bars in town and a former helicopter pilot for the military, and not the least bit happy that the desirable Maddie is un-earthing the story of his parents' death. But she is unlike any woman he has ever met, and they find themselves drawn to each other despite the obstacle of her book.Maddie is a great heroine. I just loved her outlook on life, her sense of humor, and even her obsession with over indulging in "hedonistic" desires such as carbs, cheesecake, scented lotions and, uhm, sex. Mick is a classic Rachel Gibson hero. He's a bit rugged, handsome as sin, and pursues his heroine in a way that just make your knees weak! Together, these two really steam up the pages. This is definitely one hot and sexy book, and the passion scenes are very well done.There was a bit of a mystery to the story, but it is not a "who did it?" story. The romance is the main focus of the story, which was great. There were a few minor parts of the story that bothered me, but they were minor. The biggest one being Meg, Mick's sister. I just didn't get her. I am just glad she wasn't in the story all that much. She remains "damaged" from her parents death, which makes you want to scream GET OVER IT!! The ending was also wrapped up a bit to neatly. Without spoiling anything, all I will say is that I would have liked to see more emotion on both their parts given what happens prior. In short, I can't help but feel that Maddie would have made Mick work much harder for the happily-ever-after. But that goes to show just how much I connected with the hero and heroine. By the end of the book, they felt real and very three-dimensional. A great contemporary romance read with plenty of yummy steam.

  • Michelle [Helen Geek]
    2019-03-22 14:47

    I'm going to try this one more time ...+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4 StarsRachel Gibson has a tried and true recipe for success, or at least success according to this reader. She starts out with a bit of fluff building a back story, then she throws a bit of angst, a lovely man with a bit of a dark side, a pretty lady with some relationship issues and waaa laaa, you have a Rachel Gibson story. I’m never bored and she sucks me in every, single time. Just love her stories.In this one, you have a beautiful blue eyed man who left his childhood behind when he was five. His father owned a bar which had been in the family for three generations. The father, Loch, was messing around with one of his waitresses - not an out of the normal sitch for him... but, he had fallen in "love" with this one and was going to leave his family. Wifey wasn't havin' none of it .. she comes to the bar and shoots him and his lover dead .. bang! Then kills herself leaving three kids without parents. Wow! This was smalltown Idaho America and Mick never had a chance at a normal childhood from this point forward. Jump ahead 20 years or so and the "waitresses'" daughter comes to town to write a book about the murder. Maddie is a well known author of true crime books. They meet and are immediately attracted to each other, but can they get past the tragic, violent past they share?I enjoyed this story. It wasn’t great, but it was good. These books are those types of reads you can read rather quickly, don’t take much focus, and provide a nice “warm fuzzy” story. One you don't tire of and can read over, and over again. Who wouldn’t appreciate this? Perfect for when RL is rather trying or an absolute mess and you need a little sum sum to provide distraction.. *sigh*Happy Reading!

  • Lauren
    2019-03-29 11:58

    Tangled Up in You4 StarsTrue Crime author, Maddie Dupre, travels to Truly, Idaho to confront the ghosts of her past. Determined to uncover the truth about the fateful night her mother was shot in Hennessey’s bar, Maddie finds herself face to face with the one person just as serious about forgetting what happened - sexy, irresistible Mick Hennessey. Gibson is a wonderful story teller and this series is very entertaining. The characters are well defined, the romance sizzles and the plot premise is engaging. Nevertheless, the annoying keeping secrets trope puts a damper on the rest. While the plot involving Maddie’s interest in her mother’s death has potential, it is not as compelling as it could have been if the hints at something beyond a simple murder/suicide had materialized into something more substantial. As it is, the case is apparently clear cut despite the innuendo and as such it sort of fizzles.The focus, therefore, it on Maddie’s secret and its effect on her relationship with Mick. This inevitably leads to the despised keeping secrets theme, which is problematic for three reasons. First, situations constantly feel contrived to ensure that the secret remains hidden, such as forced interruptions or postponing the inevitable. Second, the reader is constantly on the alert waiting for the other shoe to drop, which results in irritation and annoyance rather than a productive build up and release of tension. Third, the secret keeper often comes across as dishonest and untrustworthy thereby undermining the romance, which is certainly the case with Maddie. Despite these issues, Tangled Up in You is an enjoyable read mainly due to the wonderful characterization. Maddie is intelligent and resourceful and Mick is charming and sexy. Their chemistry is intense and the conflict between them is real. The final book is about Adele, the fantasy writer and it will be interesting to see where Gibson takes it.

  • Jenn Scranton
    2019-03-22 07:54

    UPDATE: 2/13/13The more I have thought about this book, the most I really did enjoy it. I have bumped it up to 3.5 stars versus my previous 2. I still can't stop thinking about all of the luxurious soaps and scents which is why I have a multitude of pretty smelling things suddenly topping my dresser. As my gift to you, coupon code for 20% off Bath and Body Works. Coupon Code: RMNFEB13 (good until 3/04/13)This book had a great story line! Exciting, unpredictable and different than anything else I have ever read! But I feel like it should be wrapped in caution tape that reads:CAUTION: THIS ENDING WILL PISS YOU OFF!Tangled Up In You picks up the Writer Friends Series with Maddie, the more "rebel" friend. Rebel in the sense that she had no desire to get married and have kids. She is smart mouthed and sassy and she doesn't change for anyone. She is a true crime writer who wants to write about the crime committed against her mother that left Maddie orphaned.29 years ago Alice Jones was sleeping with the wrong married man. Loch was a known ladies man and had an affair with every woman in town, but his wife had finally had enough... On a hot night in August Loch's wife came into the bar that they owned and shot Loch and the "Waitress", before she shot herself. Left in the aftermath were 3 small children. Alice's 5 year old daughter and Loch's 5 year old son, Mick, and 10 year old daughter.When Maddie started digging all of the info for her book, she knew it would be difficult, but she never knew how difficult it would be to stay away from Mick... Who knew that he would be gorgeous and charming and want the same things in life as she had... Who knew?My Commentary:The book was great! I know, then why did I only give it two stars? The reason is the end. It was not your typical shitty, cop-out ending... Maddie has been a strong character for 3 books. She has her head high and knows what she wants out of life. She is not the "white wedding, picket fence, baby-making" kind of person... but in the last paragraph, Rachel Gibson turned her into one! I felt that it was weak. Maddie could have fallen in love with Mick and they could continue their character as is as opposed to the about-face they were given... I am a "white wedding, picket fence, baby-making" kind of person, but one doesn't need that to be considered a "happy ever after". As a side note, the book definitely made me want to raid Bath & Body works and buy pretty soaps. Especially if that is the result ;)

  • Zeek
    2019-04-06 13:52

    "You can never come home again-" well, that's sorta true for Maddie Dupree, for come home is exactly what she's done. No longer the orphaned and scared child forced to leave with her Aunt after the tragic death of her mother, Maddie is now a popular true crime novelist making her way in the world and she's decided to make the focus of her next novel personal- very personal.Maddie's determined to get to know more about the family at the center of her mother's murder - and she'll stop at nothing to get to the truth. Of course her plans are turned on their ear when she meets the handsome and oh so charming son of the cheating man who ruined her mother's life- and thereby her's- all those years ago, even though she finds the attraction she feels toward him annoying to say the least. Still, she'll stop at nothing to get to the truth- even if it means turning everyone elses' world in Truly, Idaho upside down as well.Tangled Up In You is a quick, entertaining read that is sexy as well as delightful. The heroine is feisty, yet vulnerable and like the first book I read by this author, I so easily related to her. With Mick, she's written a hero that makes it easy to see why her heroine fell for him despite the obstacles she threw at them.Rachel Gibson once again manages to effortlessly weave romantic suspense and light contemporary romance and I find I can't seem to put her books down once I start them. Simply put, I can't resist a Gibson novel! Another winner as far as I'm concerned!

  • Eliza
    2019-04-16 16:02

    After about 50 pages of not much happening and a TON of exposition and backstory, I put this down. I couldn't keep going. For such an accomplished and usually enjoyable author, I was very disappointed that she forgot the cardinal rule of genre fiction - grab the reader right away and don't let them put down the book.

  • Ana T.
    2019-04-06 10:54

    I was a bit worried about starting this one as I thought the previous one in this series was nothing special but now I'm really glad that I did. Because I enjoyed it very much!Maddie is determined to uncover the untold story about the town's sordid past—her past. As a child, Maddie lost everything, and now she's back at the scene of the scandal—a local establishment that's always belonged to the Hennessys—determined to uncover the truth, and nothing is going to stand in her way. Especially not a black-haired, blue-eyed Hennessy. Everyone in Truly knows that the Hennessy men are irresistible, and the current owner, Mick, is no exception. His late father was a skirt-chasing heartbreaker who ended up causing disaster for two families. So far, Mick's managed to keep the ladies in line, but when he claps eyes on Maddie, with her luscious curves and tempting lips, he can't resist getting tangled up with her. But Maddie is keeping secrets, not the least of which is her true reason for being in town. And when Mick discovers what`s really going on, there is going to be a whole lot of trouble in Truly. I really really liked Maddie. I found her a really likeable heroine and I felt that I really got to know her. She is funny, resourceful, independent and was a very interesting person. A true crime writer she decides to investigate the murder of her mother 29 years before at the hands of her lover's wife that also killed him and then commited suicide. She goes back to Truly, where the tragedy took place.Mick Hennessy became an orphan when his mother killed his father, his father's lover and then committed suicide. Unlike his sister Meg, Mick only wants to forget about a past that brought him nothing but pain when he was growing up.Maddie and Mick meet but she doesn't tell him her real name. They are initially attracted but things go wrong as soon as he finds out she is writing about about the crime. He wants her to give it up but she doesn't, she also doesn't tell him who she is even after they get involved. This was something I felt should have bothered me a bit but it didn't. Maybe because Maddie doesn't use Mick for information so I never really felt she was using him. Instead she came across as really in love and torn between telling him and having to face a negative reaction. Also she has to put up with everybody speaking of her mother as "the waitress" and blaiming her for getting involved with a married man. Although it's not a situation I feel should be taken lightly the fact is that the married party is the one that promised to love and to honor. It always annoys me to no end that women are always considered the guilty ones in this kind of situation!When Maddie finally tells Mick I felt so bad for her that he reacted badly. Maddie was after all a victim just as he and his sister were and nobody seemed to remember that. Speaking of his sister she was really annoying and I'm glad she was kept in a very secondary role. Grade: B+Not as good as some of my favourites by her but a very satisfying read!

  • Nisha
    2019-04-05 14:35

    My first book by Rachel Gibson was I'm In No Mood For Love and I only kinda enjoyed it. Somehow, I wanted to give her a second chance, especially after reading a quote from this book about Carlos, Maddie's vibrator. I'm glad I did, because this book is worthy of all the praises RG has gotten.Crime writer, Maddie returns to Truly, Idaho, a town that she had only lived in for 6 months of her life when she was about 4 years old. But it was the place where her mother, a waitress was murdered in a double homicide and suicide. TO confront her past, she had decided to write a book about event of that murder. Bar owner, Mick had grown up in Truly, even after his mother had killed her husband, his waitress lover, and herself. Shaped by the events of that night, neither Maddie nor Mick expected or wanted a serious relationship - but somehow, the attraction between these two made their past irrelevant, at least to Maddie. Could the pair be made for love or could the past threaten to destroy them, again?I liked both both H/h, especially since they were entangled by events of the past. Maddie has always prized herself to be independent and had even gone without a man for 4 years, despite her hedonistic personality. She's strong and fair and the perfect counterpart for Mick. Mick's father was the town's playboy and his last affair, ended in a murder. Blessed with the same looks and charm as his father, he has never wanted to marry, in case he becomes the same as his father. He just wants to forget the past, and it infuriates him the Maddie wanted to uncover it. Neither character really needed to grow - both were mature and functional, but it was a past that haunted them and the truth was all they needed.I recommend this book to anyone who wants to tackle a good contemporary romance. It does it's best to keep it light, even while bringing up a tragic past. I loved the humor in it and it worked perfectly - Mick's nephew and sister, Maddie's vibrator and her brand new cat, and the small town that was no good with secrets.

  • Serpil Kır
    2019-03-25 09:01

    Rachel Gibson / Sırlar Aşka Engel Mi?Kesinlikle engel,okuyarak bunu en iyi şekilde anladım.Kitabın adıyla konusu ancak bu kadar tamamlaya bilirdi birbirlerini.Konu sahibi RACHEL GİBSON da olunca keyifli bir kitap okumak kaçınılmaz..Writer Friend’s (Yazar arkadaşlar) serisinin son kitabı-aslında 3. kitabı- okundu.Ne diyebilirimki,bu yazarı sevmemde bir çok sebep sıralaya bilirim.Serinin yayınlanmamış kitabı kalmasa da başka serilerde buluşmak ümidiyle bu devri kapatmış bulunuyorum...Psikolojik sorunlu seri katiller ile ilgili roman yazan Maddie,kendisi için kapanmış geçmişinde,annesine ait günlüklerini bulduğunda ister istemez kapandı sandığı olaylar açılır.Annesi ile beş yaşındayken taşındığı Tuly kasabasına geri döner. Annesinin evli Loch Hannessy ile ilişkisi sonucu,karısı Rose, Maddie'nin annesini,Lorch’u ve kendini öldürülür...Geride kalan Mick,Meg Hannessy kardeşler ve Maddie'nin hayatları bu olayla değişir...Yıllar sonra kasabaya döner ve bu cinayeti roman haline getirmeye kararlıdır.Mick ile tanıştığında yasaklı bölge olduğunu bilmektedir,ama duygularına engel olmaya çalışırken, Mick Maddie’e pek yardımcı olmaz,Mick’e bakan herkesin onda gördüğü beyaz gelinlik,pembe panjurlu ev ve iyi bir baba adayı izlenimine kapılmak istemesede duygular da aşka engel olmaya çaılmaktadır.Zira Mick'in bilmediği ise Maddie'nin kim olduğudur. Maddie'nin cinnet anını roman olarak yazacağını öğrenmek bile Mick'i öfkelendirmiştir.. Sorun şu dur ki,artık Mick de duygularına engel olamaz...Arada kalan "sır" dışında herşeyi kabullenmeye bile razı olan duyguları ile Mick ve Maddie mutludur.Peki bu Sır Aşklarına engel olacak mıdır? işte bu kısmını sizler okuyarak karar verin :)seri dört kitaplık,ama bu kitabı okuyunca tek de okuyabileceğinizi söyleyebilirim. Elbette önceliğim seri ile tanışmanızdan yana,her bir karakterin hikayesi ve aşklarına okumak çok eğlenceli...Çok severek okudum,yazar Rachel Gibson olunca TAVSiYE kısmın kesinlikle TAVSİYE OLUNUR'dan yana...Şimdi den keyifli OKUMALAR dilerim...SeRpiL....

  • Thenia
    2019-04-10 09:57

    The story of Maddie, true crime writer on a difficult investigation into her own past, and Mitch, (view spoiler)[the son of the man her mother had an affair with before his wife shot them both and killed herself (hide spoiler)].Maddie stupidly, but somewhat understandably keeps things secret for too long, and Mitch, hurt, cuts off his nose to spite his face, and their relationship is far from effortless. I would have liked (view spoiler)[a lot more groveling on his part, since he was an idiot for far too long to be forgiven so easily, but Maddie was in love with him so his months of missing her were punishment enough I suppose (hide spoiler)].Engaging, original story, with a couple with a lot of history between them that they need to overcome before they can reach their happily ever after. Previous book reviews:✦ Sex, Lies, and Online Dating✦ I'm in No Mood for Love

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-03-31 15:44

    Pleasant, thoughtful book. A few good lines. OK characters. Nice ending.This would be ok to get from the library, but I wouldn't buy it. A writer, Maddie, moves back to her hometown to research how her mother Alice was killed when she was 5 years old. Alice was a single mom, having an affair with Loch who was married to Rose. Rose shot Loch, Alice and herself. Mick is Loch's son. Mick and Maddie are attracted to each other. Mick does not know who Maddie is since she is using her pen name.DATA:Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: six. Setting: current day Truly, Idaho. Copyright: 2007. Genre: contemporary romance with some mystery.OTHER BOOKS:For a list of my reviews of other Rachel Gibson books, see my 3.5 star review of “See Jane Score” posted 10-05-09.

  • Elle
    2019-03-22 15:48

    I like Rachel Gibson as an author and find that her books very enjoyable.This book doesn't disappoint. A quick read with interesting enough characters and and entertaining romantic dynamic between the two main characters. This book reminds me of Kraft-Dinner on a rainy Tuesday: Good because you're too lazy to look for something better.

  • Kady
    2019-03-21 10:51

    Maddie & Mick were awesome. This one was steeeeeeamy. Oh, how much do I love Rachel Gibson books! Stand alone novels with gradually building plots and relationships with plenty of chemistry. And she can REALLY write a HOT bad boy. More please! I will be so very sad when I've read the last existing Rachel Gibson novel...

  • Amy
    2019-04-01 10:42

    I read the paperback years ago and have been rereading the series via audiobook. I had planned on rereading this one via audio as well but I had a few minutes and thought I'd pick up the paperback and skim thru it; but what actually happened was I ended up rereading the whole book in one sitting.

  • Dee
    2019-03-28 07:47

    Rachel Gibson is very quickly becoming an auto-read author for me and Tangled Up In You is no exception. an entertaining story with some comedic elements, some sweet spicy scenes between the hero and the heroine and a satisfying HEA (although in this one, it did feel a bit rushed)

  • Dee
    2019-04-07 15:46

    4.5 Stars

  • Marie
    2019-03-29 14:48

    Loved this book!!!!

  • Anita
    2019-04-13 15:52

    This is a sorta 4-Star book. I liked it more than a 3 1/2, but not quite enough for a full 4. I generally enjoy Rachel Gibson, but this romance was kinda flat. Lots of hot sex, for sure, but it didn't have any humor, an element I really want to see in my romance. But, the subject this book was built around wasn't funny at all, so I can forgive that. Really made me wish that Darla had tossed her panties at the elk and Mick would have been forced to toss her bare butt out of the bar. Anyway, Maddie was my least favorite of the Writer Friends and she didn't move from that position in this book.Maddie is going to write a true crime book about her mothers death. It's going to open all kinds old wounds and reignite old gossip and hurt a lot of people. Mick's mother shot his father, Maddie's mother and committed suicide leaving three orphaned children. When Maddie comes to town she encounters Mick and he is instantly smitten with lust for Maddie. Maddie is likewise smitten and begins a relationship she knows is doomed, especially when she doesn't tell him who she really it! But, love conquers all and everyone gets closure in the end.

  • Eline
    2019-04-17 10:34

    Some people give me a strange look when I say I like chick lit... Is that because I'm a teacher who teaches quite serious courses? I don't know... and I don't know why I'm not "allowed" to like chick lit! :p Maybe I need some predictable romantic stories from time to time...I can't go without saying all of Rachel Gibsons books follow the same plot. I've only read the three first books of the writer series, but they all tell us the same story with different characters. Because I needed a light harted book, I just didn't care about that and enjoyed the book despite it.Have to say I liked "Tangled Up In You" by Rachel Gibson. I'm starting to become a fan of her books. The story is somewhat predictable, but Rachel writes it in such a way you keep on reading and you start loving the lovely characters. It's a good read to clear your head in times of work and stress!"Tangled Up In You" tells us the story about Maddie (Madeline) Dupree/Jones. She's one of the four writer friends Rachel wrote about in four books. Maddie's the one who writes about serial killers and the people behind big crimes. This time everything is different. Maddies next book doesn't tell her readers the story about a big crime or people she doesn't know. This time she wants to write a book about the day her mother was murdered by the wife of her big love. It's hard for Maddie to be back in the town and bar where her mother lived her last days, where she herself started her life as a lonely kid without a real family. It's even harder for her to meet the children of the woman who killed her own husband, Maddies mother and commited suiced after that. These children, Meg and Mick, are nice people and Maddie likes them (especially Mick) even though she didn't believe that was going to be possible.Although Maddie really wants to write her book and meet some people who knew her mother, it's not so easy as thought. Mick isn't just a useful source for her book...he's the man she didn't expect him to be: the one she loves! That's the reason why Maddie doesn't want to tell him who she is. He knows she writes a book about his family and the tragidy that ruined his life, but he doesn't know she's the daughter of the girl his father loved instead of his own wife. The daughter of the reason why his mother took a gun and destroyed three lives...To everybody who loves predictable and romantic chick lit: read this book (and the other ones in the writer series by Rachel Gibson). To all the others: .... ;)

  • Elisabeth
    2019-03-27 07:52

    The story that wove Maddie and Mick together was very good - Maddie's mother had an affair with Mick's dad - Mick's mother didn't deal well with this news and shot and killed both of them before turning the gun on herself - thereby leaving 3 children orphan. Mick and his sister Meg stayed in Truly with their grandmother and dealt with the fall out expected in a small town where everyone knows your dad was a dawg , and your mother snapped and shot him, his lover and herself. Maddie is raised by her only living relative an elderly great aunt and becomes a true crimes writer. On the death of her aunt she finds a box of her mother's diaries which allow her some insight into the mother she never knew and that was taken from her at such a young age. She decides to write a book about it and returns to Truly. Ironically enough she and Mick have this instant chemistry that she tries to work against becos of who they are (Mick doesn't know she's his dead father's lovers daughter) but of course they can't and when he does find out it's too late.The plot was really good and the issue separating them was a real one, not some stupid misunderstanding that could have been resolved by talking, however I just didn't like Maddie and Mick enough. There was nothing wrong with them per se, I just didn't care about them as much as say a Jane and Luc or a Sam and Autumn.This small town atmosphere didn't particularly grab me either - in the interest of full disclosure I didn't really enjoy Truly Madly Yours which also took place in Truly. On the other hand I loved the small town atmosphere of Gospel in Trouble with Valentine's Day so it really is a case of different strokes for different folks.

  • ѕєяєηιтι
    2019-04-21 10:38

    Bir önceki okuduğum Rachel kitabında ki karakter Sam beni deli etmişti fazlasıyla ama bu kitapta karakterlere konuya bayıldım tam benlikti!yazar arkadaşlar serisinin 3. kitabı ama bizim için son kitabı biraz tersten bitirdiğimiz için okuma açısından böyle oldu. ama dahada önemlisi Truly Idaho serisinin ikinci kitabı ilişki durumu karmaşık çıktığında serimidir nasıl okunur diye etkilermi diye düşünüyorduk bu kitabı okuduktan sonra diyebilirimki evet etkiler nitekim konu içinde ilişk durumu karmaşıkın anakarakterleri nick ve deli görüyoruz hamile del ikiz kızlar bekliyorlar falan o yüzden yazar arkadaşlar serisinden içinde aşk saklı kitabından sonra ve truly idaho serisinde ilişki durumu karmaşık kitabından sonra okunması gerekiyor. anlatabildim inşallah:DÇok güzeldi kesinlikle tavsiye ediyorum. Maddy'nin aile geçmişiyle Mick'in aile geçmişi birbirine bağlı kötü bir yönde. Maddy'nin annesinin geçmişte Mick'in babasıyla ilişkisi varmış anneleride bu ikisini öldürüp intihar etmiş. Maddy'de bu durumu araştırıyor Truly'e dönüp bir yandanda hakkında kitap yazıyor. O arada Mick'le tanışıyor aşık oluyorlar tabii Mick'in haberi yok durumdan sonra öğrenince işler nasıl karışıyor tahmin edilebilir.tek rahatsız olduğum nokta bu cinayetlerde soru işaretleri açılması ama sonrasında adam kızla barışınca bu arka plan hikaye bi sonuca bağlanamadan kitap bitti ve hoş olmadı yani bunun harici herşey güzeldi ne diyim okuyun:)

  • ஐ฿υκєτஐ
    2019-04-05 14:50

    Sırlar Aşka Engel mi? yazar olan dört arkadaşın hikayesine bağlı bir kitap.Cinayet romanları yazan Maddie'nin hikayesi.Maddie çok küçükken annesi trajik bir şekilde öldürülüyor ve onu teyzesi büyütüyor.Yıllar sonra teyzeside öldükten sonra evi boşaltırken bir kutunun içinde saklı olan annesinin günlüklerini buluyor.Bütün bir gece o günlükleri okuduktan sonra annesinin ölümünü kitaplaştırma kararı alıp yıllar önce yaşadıkları ve annesinin öldüğü kasabaya gidiyor.Amaç olayı araştırmak.Tabiki orda kendini bekleyen büyük ve seksi süpriz Mick'den tamamen habersiz.Mick erkek karakterimiz.Mutlu bir çocukluğu varken annesi cinnet geçirip babası ve metresini öldürdükten sonra kendisinide öldürdüğünde sorunlar başlıyor.Kız kardeşi Meg ve Mick'i büyükanneleri büyütüyor.Tabi olay üzerine dedikodular alıp başını ürüyünce bir süre sonra Mick orduya yazılıyor.Yıllar sonra kasabaya dönüp bar işletme işiyle meşgulken bir gece barına girdiğinde orada oturan kadını görünce bütün hayatı değişiveriyor.Rachel kitabı oluğta sevmediğim dediğim kitap yok:)Buda onlardan biri.Çok beğendim şahsen.Tavsiye ederim.

  • ~Megan~
    2019-03-27 14:53

    Wow! My first Rachel Gibson book, and I'm so glad I read it. What a horrifying backstory these two lovers seemed to both of them there was no way to get past it. I have to say it seemed that way to me, too. I knew where it was headed and I wanted to scream at Maddie to TELL HIM. Instead, she was forced to tell him in the worst possible moment, a very emotional moment that made the reveal even more dramatic than I think it would've been at any other time during the story. I hated Mick's reaction, but I understood it.Most of all, this book had the element I love most in books....characters who I connected with, who learned important things about themselves, and then grew and evolved. The book was nothing like I expected, but all that I could want from a story.