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Super Friends meets Gorillas in the Mist Four students and their anthropology professor journey to a remote island to study its indigenous population. But this is no ordinary native culture. They're super heroes and villains with flesh costumes and outlandish abilities like self-detonation, musical eyelashes, microwave hands, whalemancing, super boobs, and the power to turSuper Friends meets Gorillas in the Mist Four students and their anthropology professor journey to a remote island to study its indigenous population. But this is no ordinary native culture. They're super heroes and villains with flesh costumes and outlandish abilities like self-detonation, musical eyelashes, microwave hands, whalemancing, super boobs, and the power to turn anything into fuzzy pink bunnies. When evil government forces threaten the island, the students and super people must join together to fight. Only through their combined powers can they save themselves from total destruction. Bizarro author Kevin Shamel unleashes a novel of cyber-soldiers, colossal battles and naked super heroes. Excelsior!...

Title : Island of the Super People
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ISBN : 9781936383818
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 177 Pages
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Island of the Super People Reviews

  • Sam McCanna
    2019-03-07 22:22

    Let's start this off by saying I am already a large fan of Bizarro fiction in general and comic books... though I am NOT a fan of the "superhero" genre.I went into this book having neither read the back, nor any sort of summary of the story, much like I try to do with movies that I hear good things about... and I was NOT disappointed in what I found inside. I was sort of expecting a somewhat typical superhero story with a lot of insanity thrown into the mix, and there is NOTHING like that in this book.What I found inside was a story about a secret island, apparently known only to the military, and a small group of anthropologists. On this island lives a whole race of superheroes and supervillains.But these are NOT the heroes and villains we are used to. More like an odd species of animal, than an organization against crime. In fact, rather than making it their goal to save or destroy humanity, they barely recognize we are even there... Mostly content to fool around showing off to each other and being involved in their own messed up society, for example: a Hero or Villain is not decided by their deeds, but by the colors they are born with... (yes, born... the suit is NOT something they put on.)The story structure was quite recognizable... a small group of people has to convince group A and group B to stop fighting and join together against group C... however, everything about the story content was wildly funny and original, and built on the backbones of some really funny and likable characters.I highly recommend this book for superhero fans, and for any fans of things that are AWESOME. :)

  • Dustin Reade
    2019-03-01 14:32

    A few months back I took a College Course on Screenwriting.The teacher was always going on and on about the importance of foreshadowing.Seriously. He never stopped talking about it.As examples of perfect foreshadowing in a story, he had us watch "Erin Brokovitch" and "the Matrix".I am convinced that, as fixated with foreshadowing as he was, he would make a mess of himself--drooling and making waste in his breaches--were he to read this book.The storyline (briefly): Four anthropology students and one anthropology professor travel to Super Island to study the natives, who all happen to be superheroes. Hence, the title.Several things happen. I won't give any away but I will say that Dr. Shamel is not so much a writer of fiction as a documentarian of fact. (You read that right, don't worry.)What I mean is, one of two things has happened that resulted in this remarkable book:1) Kevin Shamel is actually a Professor of Anthropology--Akin to the Late Carl Akeley--who spent the time since his last book (Rotten Little Animals) on an actual island filled with super people, taking notes, and so on, and then simply publishing his notebooks.Or:2) he is a writer of incredible skill, with an incredible eye for foreshadowing that would make my Screenwriting Professor mess his drawers. I am inclined to go with option 1.But that is just one man's opinion. I suggest you read this book and decide for yourself.

  • Eric
    2019-02-28 19:35

    There are a lot of super “heroes” on the Island of the Super People. And the permutations are endless: rock fists, swamp faces, claw hands, spiked bodies, capes, masks, big tits, tight asses, glowing balls of super energy, giants, bug-swarms, invisibles, and plasma orbs. It’s almost like being inside a video game says a grad student doing research for his master’s degree in cultural anthropology. There’s one “capeback,” however, who stands out among all the rest. And he’s a bad guy. In fact, he’s so bad, all the other “villains” have expunged him from their tribe. It’s no surprise to discover that he’s the most interesting character on the island. While the heroes spend their time juggling boulders, jumping through rings of fire, and clawing their way to the center of the earth (ho-hum). Death Killer is in his cave painting, sculpting, and drinking tea. He may look like the scariest badass in the world, but he’s actually just a softie with a big (broken) heart. Interview with the author here:

  • Jason
    2019-03-17 17:14

    I had some reservations about reading Island of the Super People at first. To be honest, I’m not all that into superheroes, which is a strange thing to say in this day and age. But to be fair, I decided to give Kevin Shamel’s book a chance.And I’m glad I did. What I was expecting versus what I got were two separate things. I expected the book to be a form of cheap entertainment with very little in the way of story or characterization. And yes, before you go and start accusing me, I know that I can be a bit of a book snob sometimes. But who among us bibliophiles aren’t snobbish in one way or another? For me, it was the fact that the story took place on an island populated by super heroes. Yes indeed. We even had a tribe of both heroes and villains.What I wasn’t expecting was for this book to completely and utterly seduce me into manic reading sessions, my eyes bulging, my skin greasy with sweat, my brain twirling with the need to know what would happen next.Trent, our hero (pun intended), is studying anthropology and is on Super Hero island with his class to observe the hero species’ culture. We go along with him in monitoring what turns out to be a well-developed and fascinating people. I had a lot of fun following Trent as he failed and succeeded in his various assignments, and how he fought his way through what would become a violent and bloody war between the heroes and villains and a mysterious human military unit. What Island of the Super People manages to do, at least in my estimation, is bring about an interesting way of life that the heroes share. It’s tribal, it has its own rules and dimensions, and some of the super heroes and villains superpowers are just downright cool.If you like a lot of action while maybe learning something, even if that something is fictional, then I highly recommend this book. There’s a lot of interesting culture from an interesting group of a people inside, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself completely captivated.

  • Mike Maski
    2019-02-23 22:34

    Wow! Awesome book! This is one of the best super hero books I've read. Kevin Shamel created a very unique take on the super hero genre. This book does a great job combining heroes and bizarro together into a very captivating story. Trent, three other students and their anthropology professor travel to a remote island to study its indigenous population, super heroes. Kevin builds an interesting plot and develops the characters into people that you care about. Trent, Death Killer, Squiggles, Jen, and Martin are interesting and well developed characters. If you like either heroes or bizarro this book is for you. If you are like me and enjoy both of those genres then this book will become one of your favorites. Island of the Super PeopleKevin Shamel

  • David Barbee
    2019-03-18 14:26

    The Mellick blurb on the cover is true: this is the MOST ORIGINAL superhero genre story to date. Kevin Shamel takes everything awesome about superheroes (and villains) and crams it into an adventure story with a nerdy National Geographic vibe. The result is bizarro brilliance. Only a few super people are featured as characters, but there are TONS of awesome and weird superhumans filling the background. Great characters, great concepts, and now one of my favorite novels in the bizarro genre. Also... fucking speech bubbles. Genius.

  • Craig Rettig
    2019-02-22 15:24

    I've come to the conclusion that I only like the bizarro genre in theory. Generally speaking, the author has a neat "what if" idea that s/he wants to explore and attempts to have fun in that world.In practice, however, the genre seems to have a template/formula that just doesn't work for me. The first third to half of the book involves a lot of description and exposition as it sets up the world. Once the plot is established, it runs in a relatively straightforward direction and ends either predictably or abruptly. I'm usually left shrugging and saying, "Well, that happened."Island of the Super People is no exception, opting for the more predictable route. At the book's halfway point, I thought I knew exactly how the plot was going to unravel, and I was right.Despite the negative points so far, I do have to give author Kevin Shamel credit on some well-written fight scenes. The action was clear and well-directed, with a good sense of timing and spatial awareness. In summary, if you're expecting a deconstruction of the super-hero genre, such as the vastly superior Watchmen or Brat Pack, you're going to be disappointed. If you're familiar with and typically enjoy the bizarro genre and its tropes, then you might like this.

  • Frank
    2019-03-13 19:30

    ISLAND OF THE SUPER PEOPLE is a Bizarro novel of the fantasy sort. Author Kevin Shamel presents a fun offbeat super hero tale that is anything but a super hero tale. The story is more of a morality tale about the perils of racism masked (if you will allow the pun) by heroes and villians.One of the great aspects of the story is the super hero angle. This is not your run of the mill super hero. The heros (and villians) are actually an indigenous people on a seculded island. They are being observed by a group of student anthropologists in much the same way that remote African tribes would be studied. All hell breaks loose as the students studing the powers of the heroes (and villians) uncover a common enemy of both sides. The students must then convince the super people, both good and bad, to work together against their mutual enemy, the unmasked.ISLAND OF THE SUPER PEOPLE is a great way to step lightly into the Bizarro genre. The elements of the genre are there without really going over the top. The story is very accessible to comic fans and casual readers alike. If your in the mood for something fun and very different, pick up the great read!

  • R.A. Harris
    2019-03-16 15:21

    ISLAND OF THE SUPER PEOPLE by Kevin Shamel is one hell of a read!A group of anthropology students led by their tutor go to an island to study the inhabitants, the "Super People". Once there, it becomes clear that some sinister force is at work, causing the population to disappear, and it's up to the students and their new "super-friends" to save the day.The characters are all unique, the super powers the super people have are imaginative, and lead to some superb action scenes. The most powerful super person is also the most well thought out and interesting, a really great character with motive and emotion.The plot takes a little while to warm up, but once it gets going it doesn't stop until it's going at breakneck speed!Shamel uses some interesting language, sometimes poetic, but never verbose. I really felt like I got a good idea of what the super people were like, their culture and their appearance.The epilogues add a nice layer of detail to the characters, particularly Whalemancer.Overall I rate the book highly, and would recommend it as a burst of fun reading that you will probably complete over a weekend.

  • S.T. Cartledge
    2019-03-03 21:39

    This is what you’re looking at when you get behind the guys in the New Bizarro Author Series. This is Kevin’s second book, his first being part of the first group of New Bizarro Authors. This book is like The Incredibles, but set in a world where superheroes don’t comingle with society. They’re of an entirely different breed local to a small, obscure island. The story is about a group of anthropologists who are studying the superheroes and trying to learn more about them. I guess you could say they’re there to learn something about themselves too. And there are some superheroes and supervillains that could leran a little about themselves too. In amongst the action and weirdness, at its heart, this is a story of self-discovery. And learning to reach out to others and to understand others. That’s a lesson that I can relate strongly to. For all the bizarro/cartoon logic, this is a story with real depth.

  • Josh
    2019-03-11 20:17

    Great book, full of humor, awesome super powers, and it even includes some bad ass robot soldiers. You can't go wrong with this one.

  • Melanie Catchpole
    2019-02-23 16:10

    Really fun! Enjoyed reading this. Story is about super people, both heros and villians coming together and fighting a bigger enemy. Not much else i could say, interesting easy read.