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Allegra Coleman is young, beautiful, and destined for stardom. Clementine James is a jaded journalist who has been persuaded to write one last celebrity profile, a piece on Allegra for Flame magazine. But when their road-trip interview ends in a car crash, Allegra vanishes into thin air, and America goes into a frenzy of round-the-clock TV coverage, candlelight vigils, andAllegra Coleman is young, beautiful, and destined for stardom. Clementine James is a jaded journalist who has been persuaded to write one last celebrity profile, a piece on Allegra for Flame magazine. But when their road-trip interview ends in a car crash, Allegra vanishes into thin air, and America goes into a frenzy of round-the-clock TV coverage, candlelight vigils, and miraculous sightings.Clementine becomes a celebrity by proxy—and while recovering from her injuries, she receives a series of ghostly visits from Natalie Wood, Clara Bow, Myrna Loy, Loretta Young, Gloria Swanson, and other screen sirens of the past. As Tallulah Bankhead tells her, “It’s agony, darling...bitter agony—watching everything slip away. Your looks. Your dough. Your mind. Your ass.” Has the missing Allegra escaped such a fate?To find out, Martha Sherrill takes Clementine on a riotous, often hilarious journey inside the hideaways of Hollywood stars and the hangouts of Manhattan’s power editors. Along the way, Sherrill captures the erotic jolt of celebrity and the way it affects the celebrated. My Last Movie Star is both a parody and parable of Hollywood, at once absurdly funny and weirdly plausible....

Title : My Last Movie Star: A Novel of Hollywood
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My Last Movie Star: A Novel of Hollywood Reviews

  • Erin
    2019-04-13 12:44

    This was a really stylish and interesting read about a celebrity journalist who decides to get out of the business but takes one last assignment doing an exclusive with a beautiful Hollywood It-girl. During the interview, the two women take a drive through the desert and the star crashes the car and runs off, leaving the injured journalist to deal with overnight celebrity as well as the loss of her eye. As she recovers, she is visited by stars of Hollywood's Golden Age. An artsy, insiders novel for true film buffs.

  • Dox
    2019-04-13 14:31

    The concept for this novel was compelling: an interviewer is injured while driving with the celebrity, the celebrity vanishes after the car crash, and while the missing celebrity's fame grows to monstrous proportions the interviewer goes through a recovery process that involves having famous, dead females stars (such as Loretta Young, Gloria Swanson, Myrna Loy, etc.) come to her to talk.The narrative of the book is difficult to relate to. Instead of emotions, the author likes to describe minutia. I suppose this is a facet of the distancing of emotion as the interviewer character goes through her healing process after the car crash, but it got tiresome to have the character notice details instead of relating how she is feeling. The overall arc of the book is interesting, and the best parts really are when the dead female movie-stars show up and expound on their lives, her life, the vagaries of fame and fortune, but it feels overly drawn out--like this could have been a fantastic novella instead of a full novel. All the characters are vulnerable on the inside--which the reader never really sees because you only know how vulnerable they are by the hard-shells they wear on the outside. Hard shells get tiresome very quickly.

  • Ankur Rastogi
    2019-04-13 10:21

    "My Last Movie Star" is a fictional account of a journalist who met with an accident when she was travelling with an emerging Hollywood star "Allegra Coleman". (the fictional character was inspired by a hoax issue of Esquire where Allegra was played by the sexy star Ali Larter). While the movie star disappears, the journalist gets her due share of fame from her fans. In parallel, the journalist also gets into imaginary conversation with various dead Hollywood celebrities like Gloria Swanson, Loretta Young, Monica Vitti and others. The novel is a blend of how imagination mixes with real life people. Unfortunately I am not a buff of old Hollywood movies so most of these stars were unknown to me and hence I lost a lot of drama while reading but this novel would be a very interesting read by someone who has been a fan of such movies / stars.

  • Sherrie
    2019-03-31 16:46

    Jaded magazine writer, Clementine James, is doing her absolutely last celebrity profile for Flame, a popzine that she wants to abandon for life on a horse farm. A road-trip/interview with hot starlet Allegra continues until a car crash changes everything. When Clementine awakens at the accident scene, she's lost an eye and Allegra's vanished. The world becomes obsessed with Allegra's fate while Clementine, the last person to see her alive, finds herself caught up in a media feeding frenzy. While recovering, Clementine experiences mysterious "visits" from glamorous movie stars-Dorothy Lamour, Gloria Swanson, Loretta Young, Marion Davies, Myrna Loy and Tallulah Bankhead-who teach Clementine about life, celebrity and how to move on. (or not). Book #19 of my 2006 Book List, finished reading it on 4-21-06.

  • Matthew
    2019-03-27 09:27

    Odd ending to this one. And I'm not referring to the 40 page filmography annotated by the narrator's dorky assistant (that part I liked). Read this for an online book club sort of thing that I just started following.

  • Joanne
    2019-04-20 15:45

    This book was a little strange and disconnected. Clementine James is assigned one last interview with “It” girl Allegra Coleman before she retires to a farm in VA away from the fame and fortune of Hollywood. The obligation ends in a car accident; Clementine is injured and Allegra is missing. I really couldn’t get the fantasy of Clementine’s visions from past actresses and the rational connection to missing Allegro. Unless you are a film buff and familiar with vintage films and actresses I believe you may be confused with some references despite there being a Filmography section found at the end of the novel (discovered too late!). The ending was reminiscent of “Thelma and Louise”.

  • Jill Kemerer
    2019-03-25 16:24

    I loved the premise of this book, and the writing was superb. However, the plot didn't really go anywhere. The main character started out interesting and strong, but as the story progressed I didn't get a sense of her goals or why she was doing what she was doing. The end also felt like a let-down. All that being said, this was a high-concept book and written well.

  • Nina
    2019-04-05 17:29

    Meh. Great premise, fair execution but the book makes three inexcusably false claims:1. Fatty Arbuckle murdered Virginia Rappe2. Clara Bow had sex with the entire USC football team, including John Wayne3. Gwyneth Paltrow is on Hollywood goddess par with the likes of Myrna Loy, Gloria Swanson and Tallulah Bankhead.

  • Tina
    2019-04-20 16:35

    I loved the nostalgia of reading about the golden age film starlets, but I didn't care much for Clementine or Allegra or understand their connection. It did make want to read some film bios and seek out some films I have yet to see.

  • Kathi
    2019-04-08 15:28

    I walked away at page 110 or so. Too much jumping around, I wasn't sure what was really going on. Really important events like the actual car crash are totally skipped over.

  • Mark
    2019-04-14 14:47

    Quite possibly my favorite novel ever.

  • Kerry
    2019-03-30 17:29


  • Kelly
    2019-03-27 13:27

    did not enjoy