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For Jimmy Pecatti, joining the mob doesn’t seem so bad. The street tax on his old man’s business drops to zero, he pulls down more cash in a week than he used to see in half a year--and, if he’s gonna learn to channel his innate talent for magic, the underworld is the only place to do it. It seems like everything he could ask for.Trouble is, Jimmy doesn’t know what he’s geFor Jimmy Pecatti, joining the mob doesn’t seem so bad. The street tax on his old man’s business drops to zero, he pulls down more cash in a week than he used to see in half a year--and, if he’s gonna learn to channel his innate talent for magic, the underworld is the only place to do it. It seems like everything he could ask for.Trouble is, Jimmy doesn’t know what he’s getting into. The Mafia isn’t such a big deal in Boston these days, and the Russian mob is gearing up to exterminate them. Worse, the Russians have hired a notoriously out-of-control wizard named Kelsen who is conjuring up unkillable demons and leaving wiseguys in pieces all over town. As the Mafia’s hot new talent and the only one with enough mojo to stop Kelsen, Jimmy might as well be wearing crosshairs.When the violence escalates into all-out war, Jimmy pulls every trick he can think of to stay alive, protect his family, and keep ahead of the Russian gangsters. Luck and smarts won’t get Jimmy through this--it’s going to take magic. But magic is a dirty back room deal with the universe, and demons mediate the deals, sinking their hooks into Jimmy’s soul a little more with every spell he works.Jimmy just might be able to protect his folks, take Kelsen out, and bring the war to an end--but he’ll have to take a flamethrower to his own soul to do it....

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  • Katy
    2019-05-03 03:47

    Please note/Disclosure: I originally read and reviewed this book in December, 2011 from a copy provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.Book Info: Genre: Urban FantasyReading Level: Older Young AdultRecommended for: Fans of urban fantasy, Dresden FilesTrigger Warnings: ViolenceMy Synopsis: Jimmy Peccati is a fairly normal kid – his father owns a small meat market and he and his mother help him out. Of course he’s had to grow up tough – he’s a Southie after all (for those who don’t know that term, it means he’s from South Boston, a rough part of town). But one day things go too far – his father has always paid his “protection money” to the Russian gangsters that demand it, even though it makes things hard for them – but today they’ve arrived a day early, and they aren’t taking, “I don’t have it yet,” for an answer; they’re beating the life half out of Jimmy’s dad. Then two more men come in – Benedict and Frankie Lazarro. That’s the day Jimmy’s life changes forever. That’s the day when he realizes he really does have magic, and that it can be put to use protecting his family. He just has to sign up with… the mob.My Thoughts: Three words: Boston. Mafia. Wizard. This is one of the most unique and entertaining ideas I’ve read in ages – Joseph Garraty has a real winner here. The wry tone and subtle black humor evoke images of Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden. Yes, I know what I’m implying may be blasphemy to some folks, but it is true – I adore Harry Dresden, and I can honestly say that this book reminded me of the Dresden files. It’s really THAT good. If you enjoy a good urban fantasy with a tough-guy wizard with a slightly blackened heart of gold, you will enjoy this book. There is a great deal of violence – I mean, it’s the mob, what do you want? But most of it is at a distance, and not overly gory. The characters are beautifully drawn and carefully developed – you know exactly who they are, and they each stand as a unique individual. The plot flows smoothly and it is impossible to put this book down once you have started reading it. This book definitely gets my highest recommendation!

  • Jill Elizabeth
    2019-05-20 08:14

    Today I’m honored to take you on your second trip into the world of author Joe Garraty, this time into The Price, a Mafia-filled corner of said world for a crime story unlike any you’re likely to have read before. My review copy of The Price was graciously provided by the author. Joe Garraty writes great books.There, I’ve said it. If you ever see his name, pick up the book. It’s that simple. There aren’t many authors I can say this about, mind you, so take the advice at face value. Seriously. This guy knows how to tell a story. Doesn’t matter what the topic is, he nails the tone and the feel of a good story every time.I first encountered Joe when he asked me to review his debut novel, Voice (review available here). I couldn’t have loved the book more, so when he informed me that he had a second that was just about ready for prime time and asked if I’d have any interest in reviewing it, I jumped at the chance. I’m pleased to report that The Price was every bit as enjoyable as Voice – and just as chock-a-block full of mayhem, madness, and magic, as well.The story opens in a somewhat customary fashion for a mob story: a young Jimmy Pecatti witnesses his father getting beaten for failing to pay the Russian mob it’s required protection money in a timely fashion (and receives a few licks of his own, since he happens to be in the room at the time). Just as things look like they are about to get out of hand, two mysterious fellows walk into the room, announce their presence with authority (by beating the hell out of the Russians), and basically inviting Jimmy to join their world – an invitation he willingly accepts.Up to this point it sounds like a classic Mafia story, right? Kid gets sucked in, enters world, yadda yadda… Garraty would never be so gauche as to follow such a predictable path though – because right about when I was thinking it was going to be a regular story – BAM, he threw in a loop. You see, Jimmy isn’t just joining up to protect his family and seek vengeance, like the classic genre tales would have. Whoa, no. He’s also joining up because he wants to learn more about the flash-bang magic employed by Benedict, the most mysterious of the two men. Magic that tracks the kind of bizarre happenings that Jimmy himself has been able to tap into ever since he was a wee small boy.Cool, huh? I certainly thought so.As Jimmy travels deeper and deeper into the intertwined worlds of organized crime and organized magic, the tale gets darker and darker. There’s good old-fashioned crime/mystery/suspense here, as well as some classic fantasy/supernatural elements – all tied together with messy, mind-bending, evil ribbons and bows. It’s the best possible kind of present – one full of things you don’t see coming.Trust Auntie Jill (teehee – an homage to Stephen King’s “Uncle Stevie” references, shamelessly adapted to my own ends), even if you think you don’t like Mob stories, check this one out. It’s a fabulously dark, mystical journey into a world you won’t want to stay in but won’t be able to stay away from – just watch out for that first step, it’s a doozy…

  • Bill Thibadeau
    2019-04-23 03:54

    I received this book as a freebie in exchange for reviews. This book is a fantasy story set within the Boston mafia world. I normally do not read fantasy books. Neither of these items play a part in my honest review.This book is simply about a Boston mob-wizard. Sounded like an odd plot to me when I realized quite early on that was the subject. I thought - get real and Are you kidding me? I was very surprised that the story actually works and works very well. The book is a polished novel even though I don't care for the genre. The author has managed good proofreading and editing. I cannot think of a single instance where I thought there was anything lazy or unprofessional in the story. It has been some time since I have been able to say that.The characters ALL came to life quickly for me. The story is fast paced, interesting and entertaining. In reality, the quality of writing actually had me believing the magic was real (ok - maybe not completely). Since I am not a magic fan, that is praise for the skill of the author.I heartily recommend this book to just about anyone, If you are very religious, maybe you should look somewhere else. If you have sensitive ears when if comes to colorful language, read something else. (What, you were expecting clean prose in a Boston mob book? Didn't you see the Sopranos?) Seriously, this is a well written and entertaining book. Before you fuggedaboutit, pick up a copy and have a good read!

  • Soleil
    2019-05-13 04:07

    Joseph Garraty is slowly becoming my favorite male author. He writes the dark, gritty, twisty plots I’m naturally drawn to and he writes them so well that I’m always sad to reach the end. His writing style, while straight-forward, is so packed with a biting sardonic sense of humor that keeps me smirking even when the characters have found themselves up the creek without a paddle.Sometimes, they even deserve to be there.That’s a huge draw for me. Characters that aren’t perfect, not even particularly heroic. Instead their so tragically human that it’s their own decisions that end up getting them in trouble in the first place. Because no matter what anyone tells you, you always have a choice. But that doesn’t mean there’s always a “good” choice…When Jimmy comes home to find his father being bludgeoned to death by Russian Mobsters, he finds himself without any good choices. Fortunately (or not), he’s “rescued” by two wiseguys Benedict and Lazzaro, current members of the Boston Mafia. Benedict offers Jimmy a chance to take his life into his own hands by joining the Mafia. And considering the alternatives, Jimmy figures it could be a hell of a lot worse. What Jimmy doesn’t realize is that this one action sets him on the path to making all-too-literal deals with demons. Who have their own plans for his life.I liked Garraty’s portrayal of the crime syndicate. I liked it even more that he blended an incredibly dark magic system into the mix. The title of the novel alone is enough to tell you that this isn’t to be taken lightly. Jimmy’s magic has huge consequences to both himself and the people around him.Speaking of the people around him, the supporting cast is brimming with rich interesting characters. I loved Benedict, Tink and Kit. I already mentioned Benedict earlier. He plays magical Yoda to Jimmy’s wizard Luke. Tink is a character that comes up near the middle range of the book, and damned if I didn’t like him from the start. Just don’t ask how he got his name, ok? Kit isn’t mentioned in the blurb but she’s an important side character. I’ve already mentioned in my review of Voice how much I appreciate Garraty’s portrayal of women and Kit’s no exception.But be warned, liking Garraty’s characters can also come with a price. There aren’t always happy endings. But satisfying ones? Oh hell yeah.

  • Daniel Kaine
    2019-04-27 04:53

    Jimmy Pecatti has a talent for magic. So when the Mafia shows up, offering him and his family protection and the training he needs to channel his innate powers, he quickly decides to join. However, an out-of-control wizard named Kelsen, working for the Russians, is summoning up unkillable demons and leaving people in shreds all over the city, and Jimmy may be the only person able to stop him. But all things come with a price, including his magic, and he'll have to take a flamethrower to his soul in order to protect everyone.I love the premise of this story. Too many times in other books, we see magic-users casting spells with almost no consequence, and becoming almost God-like in their powers. In 'The Price' there is a very real and dangerous cost to using magic, meaning the characters can't just go around casting spells – they still have to rely very much on old-school tricks, such as lockpicks. This helps to keep the magic-users very much human, which adds to the thrill of the story.In my opinion, the beginning of the story was a little slow, but it soon picked up. From them on, it was an intense, action-packed read, with plenty of mystery and twists. I, for one, was taken by surprise at many of the twists and turns. The writing style is straight-forward and informative, allowing the reader to easily get inside Jimmy's head and experience the story with him.Speaking of Jimmy, I thought his character development was spot-on. From the beginning, we see Jimmy change from a young, almost naïve teen, to a confident young wizard who will do whatever it takes to protect himself and his family. But, as Jimmy begins to learn the true cost of his magic, we see that young boy showing through again.Overall, this is a great read. If you love mystery and suspense, with a paranormal twist, then I would recommend you read this book.

  • Mirrani
    2019-05-07 07:03

    When you mix magic and the mob you get The Price, a creative story about growing up under the influence of gangs in South Boston. The main character learns the hard way that magic isn't what you'd expect it to be and that there's a price for murmuring those words, casting out your requests to the spirits who are doing the deeds as you have suggested.A mixture of gangs and monsters isn't as bizarre as it sounds though, the characters were well written and the haunts of the main character alone are written so thoroughly that you can almost feel them yourself. Being gang related, there is violence and so the magic certainly isn't used for good, but it isn't all guns and spells. There are touching moments of trying to reach out to lost family mixed in with moments of pure comedy that appear as incredibly witty one-liners throughout the story. There were places where I let my mind wander a bit, but my interest was mostly in the unusual combination of the two worlds, which blended perfectly with each other.Note: Though this book was a free gift from the author, the content of my review was in no way influenced by the gifting. The book speaks for itself and my review would have been worded just this way even if I'd gone out and bought it. I also give bonus points for Text To Speech enabling on Kindle format.... but that also wasn't a factor in the above review.

  • Julia Phillips
    2019-04-24 03:57

    Different! Magic and the mob, a heady combination. Very imaginative plot with an anti-hero who engages the reader's sympathy and interest from the beginning. The story moves along at a cracking pace with plenty of action and a fair bit of violence - so not one for the squeamish - but great fun for those of us who enjoy mayhem and madness.

  • Xenophon Hendrix
    2019-04-19 06:12

    This guy can write.

  • Joseph Garraty
    2019-05-17 05:55