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To her employees and friends, Gabrielle Archer is the epitome of the self-made, strong black woman. With her aggressive style and razor tongue she’s made it in a man’s world with room to spare and bodies in her wake. She’ll put anyone who crosses her – especially any man – in his place, and then she’ll despise him for his weakness. No man dares challenge her…except one.SimTo her employees and friends, Gabrielle Archer is the epitome of the self-made, strong black woman. With her aggressive style and razor tongue she’s made it in a man’s world with room to spare and bodies in her wake. She’ll put anyone who crosses her – especially any man – in his place, and then she’ll despise him for his weakness. No man dares challenge her…except one.Simon Bishop knows what buttons to push – not to ignite Gabrielle’s wrath – but to strip away her emotional armor to reveal the woman within – the woman she yearns to be: Elle. Elle has no power and no control. Elle is free to give herself over to a strong man, a man she trusts to take care of her so that she can give all to him. And what Elle has to give is a fiery passion that that knows no boundaries and no shame.Elle is the woman that every real man desires, and the woman that every other woman, deep in her heart, wants to be.Author’s Note:When I posted an early draft of “Elle” online a few years ago, I was surprised at the number of responses I received from female readers who told me how much they identified with Elle’s character; how she spoke to their hearts and epitomized their own feelings about being strong women and the price to be paid for that strength. Based on those responses, I knew that one day Elle would become a published novel. ~ The Black~...

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Elle (Insatiable: Book One) Reviews

  • Nia Forrester
    2019-03-10 17:06

    Elle follows the personal journey and sexual awakening of Gabrielle Archer from a woman who thinks she knows herself, into Elle, a woman who truly does. The journey is precipitated by her meeting Simon Bishop, a man so confident and self-possessed that he immediately has her challenging her long-held assumptions about who she is and wants to be. The beauty of this book is that you're challenged right along with her. I cannot recommend it highly enough for readers of intelligent erotic fiction.Every once in awhile you run across a new author who pisses you off. Not because their work frustrates you, or their writing doesn't come up to par, but quite the opposite - it's because they are so damned good (excuse me, but I had to use that word for emphasis) that you feel cheated for having not read their work before. And you feel even more cheated when you realize they've been out there all along and no one told you! The Black is one such writer for me. I started reading Elle(Insatiable Book One) as I was finishing another book (never do that, it dilutes your enjoyment of both books) and so my attention was divided. But when I was able to truly dedicate my attention to this book, I was hooked and could not let go. First I should say that I was intrigued to read this not only because The Black and I have met in the virtual world, but because the male voice in books is something that I like to study. Few men in my opinion write women well. And occasionally, the women they write are so incredibly one-dimensional you want to stage a book-burning in protest. None of that here. Among the many, many things I liked about Elle was the pitch-perfect female voice. I knew he understood women when the author had Gabrielle, the main protagonist go home after an encounter with Simon and check herself out in her full-length mirror, trying on a pair of shoes to find one more appropriate for her outfit just because he commented that her choice was a poor one. If that doesn't capture how the female psyche works, I don't know what does - the ways that self-doubt can rear it's ugly head when an attractive man makes a comment that is marginally critical . . .And that was just the beginning. I also liked how he portrayed an organic and natural evolution of a D/s relationship and one that doesn't exist only in a fictional "playroom" where whips and chains and complicated apparatus are displayed for dramatic effect. He convincingly illustrated how the paradox of a submissive is that they are generally people who are very much in control of all other aspects of their lives, unlike the fictional subs in Fifty Shades and similar novels where subs are weak of will, innocent and in all aspects of their lives very much subjected to the whims of others. Not so in real D/s relationships, so this author clearly did some actual research or knows from whence he speaks!And then there were the incredibly bold plot choices. I liked almost more than anything that this author chose a counter-intuitive resolution to this story; one which challenges the norm of novels centered around relationships (I can't call this a romance because that label is too limiting). The ending, which intriguingly leaves room for more, challenged the norm of relationship narratives just as Gabrielle and Simon's relationship challenges social norms. Brilliantly done.I said I liked that almost more than anything because more than anything, I liked, no loved that this author knows his way around the English language, how to play with words to create mood, how to create a strong sense of place and of emotion and even of time. I give this book five stars even though there were places where as a fellow writer, I thought I could detect a little fatigue in his prose(like he wrote it late at night, or when he was exhausted with his characters, or just wanted to move the plot along). This is still a five-star read because when it was good, it was effing genius. Here are a couple of my favorites:Describing Gabrielle's reaction upon facing Simon's, er, manhood: "It was just mindless blood-filled muscle, a dark brown organ with a drop of pre-cum glistening at it's tip. But it beckoned Gabrielle in its rigid silence, called out to her, demanded from her. Its command to her was distinctly clear as had been Simon unzipping his pants. Gabrielle opened her mouth and gave it what it wanted." Powerful stuff, and not that dumbed-down, raunchy ridiculousness that passes as erotica these days where there's lots of humping and naughty words that make schoolgirls twitter behind their hands. Elle is real, grown-folks writing.I like this excerpt because here, as he does in many more places in the book,he demonstrates that as a writer he knows when to leave the prose alone, let it remain uncluttered and clear: "She felt pure: raw, primal. She was high-on the wine and on the purity of the moment as she walked naked through the night." You have no idea how tempting it is as a writer to use adjectives and lots of them; either that or hackneyed similes like "She moved like a panther", crap like that which I sometimes do when I'm lazy. The Black's resistance to that kind of language made me want to print some pages, grab my highlighter and post them on my fridge as a reminder of how it's done. Yeah, it's that deep for me.I also liked that the chapters were short bites - snippets of scenes that had the effect of giving us key moments in the time as the transformation of the female protagonist from Gabrielle, ball-busting woman-in-control-of-her-universe to Elle, woman-untethered-by-convention unfolds. By the time you get to the end, she is a very different person than the woman you met in chapter one.And that I think was what made me love this book most of all, the very vivid, visual and wholly convincing transformation of a character. This was not a technically perfect book, few indie-published books are, but my satisfaction upon reading it was absolutely complete. If you want to be turned on, it'll do that but not just physically. For me the turn-on was intellectual as well. How does this happen? That a woman in control of her life decides to surrender and give over her control to another? This writer convinced me in a way that has never been adequately expressed for me before that the surrender itself is a type of freedom. Books that challenge the way you look at people, relationships and the world; books that make you think. That's my turn-on. If you're the same way, read this one.

  • Deloris
    2019-03-20 15:01

    I really liked this book Simon knows how to treat a woman and he gets Gabrielle when he first meets her by saying her shoes don't match her outfit. Gabrielle is intrigued , He gets her and me by saying this : A real woman is a gift to a man, and a real man recognizes that in a woman. He gives her what she deserves and more important what she needs. I loved it when he said that. this is a book is about a woman discovering what she wants in life and letting Simon show her they way. She gets a real bonus because Simon with his sexy self leads her on a sexual journey that will make your mouth water.

  • Michelle [Helen Geek]
    2019-03-04 18:15

    03/17/2013 --Overall Rating = 2.5 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb = 3 / 3 = 3 StarsWriter’s Voice = 3 StarsCharacter Development = 2.5 StarsStory Appreciation = 2 StarsWorth the Chili = 2 Stars [$4.99 Amazon]I wanted to like this one, but just couldn't connect with it.

  • Osei
    2019-03-19 18:55

    Simon is my favorite character because of his attitude in general. Made me re-evaluate some opinions I had and expanded some others. Cannot wait for the next installment.

  • Autumn Forrester-Light
    2019-02-18 18:07

    Gabrielle Archer was a powerhouse woman. She was a successful realtor. She owned her own company. She was perfectly happy with her life as it was. Until she met Simon Bishop. Through a series of events she learned that life can be great when one is willing to go beyond her comfort zone.The story was developed through a series of months. It flowed rather nicely. The questions that were generally posed in the beginning were resolved in the end. I found the characters true to form. There was not much out of the ordinary about them. They were realistically drawn by the author. As a practitioner of kink, it was clear to me that the author was familiar with the D/s (Domination/submission) lifestyle. The relationship between Elle and Simon seemed to be true to an actual Dom/sub relationship that I have seen in every day practices.I appreciated the references to seemingly real world events and places to help orient the story. It created a portrait in my head that helped to anchor the story for me. (Now this may not be true for all readers. I happen to have previous knowledge of some of the cities mentioned.) I appreciated the romantic development between the characters however for me I would have appreciated some conflict. Something that enticed me to want to read more about the characters. There was continuous development but it felt like it was missing some of the dramatics of other books.The writing was very well done. There were a few words that were over used and some grammatical errors but overall, it appeared to be publication quality. I would definitely put this on my bookshelf a something I am glad that I have read, but I can’t say that this is quite a bookshelf must have. I give it Four Leaves. I did love it.

  • Cassandra Baker-Durham
    2019-02-24 19:54

    This is the second book that I have read by The Black and let me be the first to say, I can appreciate and respect a writer that can give blistering, sizzling hot sex and then deliver a phenomenal storyline that could have stood unaccompanied. There are a LOT of people that write about sex/add sex to their books in order to have a story. The Black wove an excellent tapestry of a modern day self made woman, that if you are not careful will make you check yourself. Gabrielle has achieved the so called American dream. She started and maintained a successful company in the often cut throat competitive world of real estate. For her, life was great until she meets Simon. Who then causes her to re-think who she really is… I especially like how he peeled back certain aspects of her one layer at a time. In the building of their relationship we were able to see her essentially re-build herself. The Black captured what was happening with her externally, as a manifestation of what was happening to her internally. She was able to do all of the freakishly fantastic things on the outside because Simon restored her faith and trust. Excellent book, Job well done!!

  • Alexandrea Ward
    2019-02-23 12:58

    I really liked this book. Even though I had to keep taking breaks because of my schedule, I did not want to put this book down at all. It felt like I was going through Elle's liberation and freedom as she was and as Simon brought that part of her to the surface, so cool. I wish I could experience something like that, maybe some time in the future. But duty calls. The heels on the cover definitely drew me in and I can't wait to read part two.

  • Lotchie Burton
    2019-02-18 14:59

    What a great read! I love the way this author writes. His ability to convey emotions, thoughts and realism are admirable (which appeals to the reader in me) and enviable, (which appeals to the writer in me).