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Accused of treason by his own father, Prince Philipe of Chevudon finds his flight to safety cut short by an arrow to the shoulder. There is only one person to whom he can turn for help, the only woman he ever loved, the only person he ever truly betrayed…Following the destruction of her home and family in a fire that left her horribly disfigured, Johanna has lived a life oAccused of treason by his own father, Prince Philipe of Chevudon finds his flight to safety cut short by an arrow to the shoulder. There is only one person to whom he can turn for help, the only woman he ever loved, the only person he ever truly betrayed…Following the destruction of her home and family in a fire that left her horribly disfigured, Johanna has lived a life of hardship and pain. When her lost love comes to her, wounded and on the run from his father’s guard, she cannot turn him away. But she cannot forgive him either.Can a prince who was once a beast earn back the love he cast aside?...

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Beast Reviews

  • BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions
    2019-04-26 12:28

    Wow this story surprised me in that it was amazing. I admit i got it for the cover and then was sad when i started it and realized it is historical. I hate historicals, usually. This book though is very well written and very engaging. I never found myself bored or getting lost in descriptive details. This story is driven by strong characters with emotional back stories and an undeniable connection between them. Their history together isn't a happy or easy one. P was a slutty coward and made bad decisions and chose just to ignore and fit people rather than stand up and make decisions or even offer support from the background. He is an idiot bastard and I didn't like him. J is a wonderful character. Her past is tragic and harsh, most all of her suffering and loss cost by P's selfish cowardice. But J is a fighter and though her and her brother are barely surviving they have each other and keep their honor and do whats noble. I loved, Loved the dialogue and banter. It was great fun reading J just putting P in his douchesore place. I was glad she didn't just forgive P or forget everything he did to her. it made for a lot of tension and witty banter. however as much as i loved that i was disappointed in the complete 180 the book took. around 75% they were getting married and i was like WTF?!?! married? seriously? where did that come from? it seemed to go from strong hate to all of the sudden instant love. He never actually did anything to show he had changed or even remotely make up for the suffering and devastation he caused. And his whole during his orgies and all of his vigorous whore visits he always thought of J wasn't comforting IMO. If he was always thinking about her then why in 15 years did he never bother to see how she was, or send someone else to? or offer any kind of aid? He was just a douche and didn't show up until he needed help and didn't even care that when he was showing up he was putting them in danger. and then he pretty much bitches and complains the whole time but somehow she ends up just forgiving him? Yeah that part i don't get.

  • Katie Michaels
    2019-05-05 08:06

    4.5 StarsSometimes I think I am too hard on novellas. I read a fair number of them, but most of the time, I fail to really connect. Either it's all action and the romance is back-burnered or it's all relationship and no plot. The romance is almost always rushed and I rarely feel like I know the characters. They often feel superficial, but then I ask myself, How could I expect more out of something around 100 pages? Well, novella authors of the world, thanks to Abigail Barnette, I now expect more from you.This felt like a full and complete story. It had depth. It made me feel things. The characters were three dimensional and I believed in their emotions.Johanna was the beautiful daughter of a noble who was supposed to marry Prince Philipe. But an uprising after their betrothal burned out her family's keep. It killed almost everyone and left her terribly scarred. After the fire, Philipe broke off their engagement without so much as seeing her again. In the 15 years that have passed, Johanna has suffered both physically and emotionally. Her heart was broken, her home reduced to rubble... and the fire truly disfigured her. Her life has been miserable.Now Philipe's father, the king, is in the midst of a meltdown. He is convinced Philipe is trying to kill him so he has sent his men to take him down. An arrow to the shoulder has Philipe running for his life and he has no choice but to take refuge in what's left of Johanna's home. He must finally face up to his own actions all those years ago and deal with repercussions. The story is difficult to read at times. So often, a "scarred hero" can still manage to still be attractive in some way, but Johanna is not. She is irreparably damaged both inside and out. And yet she can't quite rid herself of the love she holds for Philipe. At the same time, he finally accepts that he has never really stopped loving her. But how can she ever forgive him? There were times I wasn't sure I wanted her to. The story is called "Beast," but who are we really talking about? What Johanna has become? Or the man Philipe was to abandon her the way he did?This is definitely not light reading. But I thought it was very well done. And I was happy with the ending.Rating: B+*Book provided by author for review

  • Sheila
    2019-05-14 10:17

    BEAST by Abigail Barnett is a different variation of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Johanna was scarred in fire that took the life of her father, brother, and many of their people. When Philipe learns of the fire and her disfigurement, he breaks their engagement. Now when Philipe is on the run from his father, the king, he seeks refugee in Johanna and her remaining brother, Wilhelm’s, home. I liked this telling. Johanna is the one who is scarred. She holds onto Philipe’s betrayal to protect herself from feeling hope that he or any other man will want her. Philipe must face the fact of what he did to her 15 years earlier. He has to learn that physical beauty is not enough to hold a couple together. He must learn how to love. She fights him all the way. If he can get her to love him again he knows that love with be worth the horrors and fighting of the past. He is also aware that he is unworthy of her love and no matter how many apologies he gives it does not make up for what he did. There was a very fine line that had to be maneuvered so that the story did not lapse into pity parties and deep bitterness. Abigail Barnett did well to keep the story and emotions tightly written so that, as in the fairy tale, love could blossom again. I liked that they were not youthful but going towards middle age and that both had struggles that gave them strengths of character with which they could build a relationship. I also liked how both had to give up their youthful idealism and face reality to build that relationship.At times the story seemed to be missing scenes. There is an incompleteness as they relive the past. A longer story would have helped with that. I also felt that Johanna went from shrew to lover quicker than her character would have allowed. Again a longer story would have given Ms. Barnett more opportunity to develop the change in her feelings. Philipe’s emotional growth was done better as he struggles with the past, his weakness, and the present.This is a good telling of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST especially if you want something different and unique.

  • Netanella
    2019-05-16 09:32

    First paragraph:The summer sun had melted the snow from the peaks of the Gebruder mountains for the first time in a century. The valleys below had flooded, and where farm and field had once stood, shimmering lakes now glistened beneath the brother mountains.“That one is Jacob, and that one is…Wilhelm.”"Beast" is a well-done retelling of the "Beauty and the Beast" fairy tale. I initially had a hard time with this tale, as the actions of Prince Philippe were so self-serving and cruel I was not so sure I could reconcile myself to him in the end. Fifteen years ago, Prince Philippe and Lady Johanna were engaged, but a palace fire killed most of Johanna's noble family and left her horribly scarred. Philippe's reaction was to send notice of his breaking the engagement, leaving Johanna to live destitute with her one remaining family member. The descriptions of her father's and brother's burning and slow deaths were simply horrible. So, wow. This is supposed to be an erotic romance with a fairy tale twist. As erotica, it fails completely in my eyes. Philippe is too jaded, too cruel; the tragedy of Johanna's life, so completely revealed in this book, too horrific for this to work as erotica. As twisted fairy tale, this book works on many different levels, and I found it moving and poignant and powerful all at the same time.So, kudos to the author for a great read. But fair warning: don't expect to like the 'hero' any time soon.

  • Rose
    2019-05-08 06:07

    Warning there will be swearingIt's not everyday you read a book with an unquestionable 'ugly' heroine so I was looking forward to this. Huge bloody disappointment. I expected some A-level groveling from the Hero instead I get an uncharming, whiny, pussy-assed little bitch who doesn't show a sliver of remorse that he should. I couldn't bring myself to finish because I was too disgusted.

  • Melissa
    2019-05-05 05:17

    Two kingdoms were to be united in marriage. Their children would seal the treaty but King Albart decided to not allow the marriage to take place, breaking the heart of the two children who were already in love. Not only greed but fate plays a large part in this fairy tale.Johanna, the daughter of Lord Köneig, was in love with Philipe but wanted to be his wife not his mistress. When a fire comes to her home, she is terribly burnt but survives. Her father and brother, Jacob die horrible deaths. With the scars on her body, she feels like a beast and hides her face from the world. When her home needed help, King Albart wouldn’t help and Philipe broke off their engagement. It seemed like Johanna’s whole world fell apart.Philipe, the son of King Albart was forced to break his engagement. Then his father’s mental health goes downhill. The king begins to believe that others are out to get him, including his own son. Sending his troops out to kill his son, Philipe is wounded by their arrows and turns to Johanna and her remaining brother, Wilhelm for help. At death’s door, Philipe doesn’t think about the love he lost but once he glimpses her fighting spirit and begins to understand her strong spirit in spite of all she’s been dealt… he finds the love that he has been searching for.Beast is a wonderful story that really hits home in a world where outer appearances are important. We live today in a place where young girls are afraid that they are too fat when they should be enjoying their childhood. Johanna, is misshapen from the scars but doesn’t let the scars only define her. She is able to keep a household running for her brother and herself while facing many hardships. I really love that Philipe learns the truth about what is sexy and how love can be found in so many places.Beast is a romantic retelling of the story Beauty and the Beast with a Medieval flavor as kings and knights fight for what is right and just in the world. If you love a wonderful retelling of popular fairy tales, you are going to enjoy this story.

  • Julesmarie
    2019-05-14 09:04

    There were several things I loved about this book, but it was just so painful to read that I can't give it more than 4 stars.What I loved: Most of all, I loved that Johanna wasn't magically healed at the end. I know that makes it a lot more like real life and a lot less like a fairy tale, but it absolutely fit the story and I think it made a great statement. The whole book was about learning to live with the consequences of our decisions, so it would have seemed like a total cop-out (for her, but especially for Philipe) to have her magically perfect again.I also loved the emotion in the story. I loved that neither Johanna nor her brother was willing to just instantly forgive Philipe. It was fascinating to watch as their emotions changed the longer the prince was with them.However, the emotion is also the thing that made this so difficult for me to read. Being in Johanna's head is not pleasant. She's angry and hurt and bitter at first and it made me uncomfortable to have to read.Beautifully well-written and true to itself, I would recommend this.

  • Calisto
    2019-05-10 09:16

    A strong entry in the Naughtily Ever After series. For a short story there is remarkable depth to it. Basically, it just works. If you are expecting a simple or light-hearted Beauty & the Beast story, this isn't it. Both of the main characters are rather beastly for different reasons and I couldn't help but wonder how they were going to pull it together. They didn't. Ms. Barnette did. And did so beautifully.Part of me wanted (and dreaded) a possible shark jumping and I have to say that I'm glad it didn't happen. It's a better story this way. (Don't worry there is a definite HEA).My favorite of the series is still, Glass Slipper but mostly because it was lighter and more smutastic. (BTW: love how they are all interconnected.) Beast is by far the best of the series (so far ;). Looking forward to more.

  • Kel
    2019-05-04 10:21

    I'm not a fan of historical romance at all. But I AM a fan of Abigail Barnette and when I read an excerpt of this book I knew I had to read it because I thought the idea was so good. I definitely wasn't disappointed... the retelling of Beauty & the Beast with a twist was very interesting and the love between the two main characters was sweet. A great quick, sexy read!

  • Donia
    2019-05-14 07:15

    beast? who was exactly the beast?she with her burned flesh and hostile attitudehim when he left her to face her pain alone without looking back his father the king that incited the whole angerfire that caused them to be awayor fate even they were apart for 15 years they reunite again in a mature relationship.

  • Veronikka
    2019-05-17 12:23

    So I dipped my toe into New Adult/Erotica and chose Abigail Barnette as my first foray. I liked this well enough. I was actually surprised at how rich the writing was, considering how short this story is. But regardless it was a nice, quick read.

  • Karen
    2019-05-14 10:05

    Third in the “Naughtily Ever After” series. Refreshing that the heroine is far from flawlessly beautiful. I wish there were more in this series.

  • Rachel- Goodbye Borders
    2019-04-23 10:30

    I am a sucker for Beauty and the Beast retellings (my favorite fairytale). What makes this one unique is the "beast" is Johanna, scarred horribly in a fire. I liked that change. Good characters.