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It's summer vacation, the weather's great, and all the kids are having fun outside. So where's Greg Heffley? Inside his house, playing video games with the shades drawn.Greg, a self-confessed "indoor person," is living out his ultimate summer fantasy: no responsibilities and no rules. But Greg's mom has a different vision for an ideal summer . . . one packed with outdoor aIt's summer vacation, the weather's great, and all the kids are having fun outside. So where's Greg Heffley? Inside his house, playing video games with the shades drawn.Greg, a self-confessed "indoor person," is living out his ultimate summer fantasy: no responsibilities and no rules. But Greg's mom has a different vision for an ideal summer . . . one packed with outdoor activities and "family togetherness."Whose vision will win out? Or will a new addition to the Heffley family change everything?...

Title : Dog Days
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Dog Days Reviews

  • Archit Ojha
    2019-03-03 16:21

    And Dog Days they are.Dog days : noun " When everything you do, the universe some how conspires to undo. " - My very own dog, Eva [in the figure above]There is a new pet in the family and bringing something into the family without the wife's consent is a bad idea.Bringing "something alive" is suicide. Regardless to say Sweetie did not survive the entire book without being shipped.Humor is all yours to loot. The hatred for the comic galvanizing Greg and Mr. Heffley is something we can very much relate to. Emergency phone is a bogus phone. And Reading is not so fun when your mom makes you read stuff that became obsolete.Rolled over the sides reading this one.Mr Kinney,

  • RandomAnthony
    2019-03-17 17:23

    I read this entire book on the sidelines of my eleven year old son's football game on a freezing October day in Wisconsin. I laughed so hard at parts that I think I disturbed some of the more intense observers of said game. That's ok. Middle school football is boring.My favorite scenes from the book:1. The idea that the wimpy kid and his dad are united in their hatred of a comic strip,2. The email the wimpy kid sends his mom when he's on vacation with another family,3. The one time he uses his emergency cell phone,4. The hilariously weird "reading is fun" club his mom tries to start,and5. How much the wimpy kid hates the public pool's locker room.If Calvin (you know, of Calvin and Hobbes) got a little older he'd probably sound like the wimpy kid. I can see why so many kids I know love him.

  • Kenny Hernandez
    2019-02-22 14:23

    Greg has went to vaticon with with his best friend and greg got to go to got on the ride of his life . He scared the life out of hem.

  • Kittykat797
    2019-02-22 18:25

    I personally think that this one is the best one out of the whole entire series!!

  • Pooja
    2019-02-27 20:37

    Does the same person Gregory got troubles with, in his life ever going to stop their encounter with him?No!And that's where the fun lies! Gregory is having a summer time playing video game all day long. While his family is running after him to do something in summer.His dad brings a dog to te family! Uh Uh He should have probably checked with his wife first! It's a family decision, isn't it?Manny gets the dog saying Sweetie, and that's that!Everyone is as fun as never before. Such a humorous read!

  • Sarah
    2019-03-01 17:29

    This hilariously sharp comic book is written from the perspective of 11 year-old Greg, whose canny jokes and observations have become a series of popular books. Dog Days chronicles Greg's Summer holiday, which he wants to spend playing video games in his room, with the curtains shut and a cover over his head. Greg's mum, however, seems to think that Summer holidays should be spent doing 'useful things' such as running around outside, spending time with one's family and visiting the local pool.Through daily entries the reader follows Greg as he gets into mischief at his friend's luxury poolhouse, managing to offend staff with his helpful recommendations of how to improve service and ends up banned, with a huge smoothie tab to pay off. It seems that the only solution is for Greg to spend his Summer holidays working off the debt. Dog Days is packed full of humour and manages to highlight just how differently parents and children see the world. I would recommend this book for Y4 or Y5 children of all reading abilities, however, the diary layout, informal language and relaxed style of the book make it a particularly fantastic resource for less confident readers across upper KS2.

  • Mrs.
    2019-02-22 15:39

    Plan to finish this today! I like this much better than "The Last Straw". Anyone out there who has read the Wimpy Kid series agree or disagree? So far, my favorite part is Rowley thinking that Greg's family is rich because they ran out of toilet paper and were using Christmas napkins until Dad went to get more TP. Been there done that!

  • ياسمين ثابت
    2019-03-07 17:20

    جريج كان نفسه في كلبولما تحققت امنيته شاف الويل وسواد الليل من الكلب ده :Dالجزء ده لذيذ جدا تعاملاته مع اهله موتتني من الضحكعمري ما باشبع منه

  • Jennifer Wardrip
    2019-03-11 14:42

    Reviewed by Kira M for TeensReadToo.comGreg Heffley wants to spend his summer indoors, relaxing, playing video games with his friend, Rowley, and watching late-night horror films. His mom has other ideas, however. She wants him to spend time with the family, improving his education, and playing outdoors.Greg tries to implement his ideas of summer, but without much success. He tries to spend time with Rowley kicking back at his friend's father's country club, but gets permanently uninvited when he accidentally tells the clubhouse manager his complaints about the place's service. Things only get worse when his mom tells him he has to find a way to pay off half of the smoothie bill he and Rowley racked up.When Greg's father comes home with a dog that won't leave him alone, he's soon at his wits end. With failed attempts to earn money, a falling out with his best friend, and a crazy dog, will Greg ever survive summer? Will he find some way to make this into a great summer, despite the rocky start?This fourth installment is an excellent addition to the other three stories. Greg's true character really comes out in this novel as he discovers who he is, learns to balance everything that's going on, and takes an easy-going approach to life. The illustrations are well-done and only add to the book's humor.Avid and reluctant readers alike who have loved the other DIARY OF A WIMPY KID books, who like humorous stories, or who prefer reading realistic fiction will all enjoy this one.

  • Eddy N
    2019-03-22 18:31

    This book is the 4th edition of the diary of a wimpy kid. It talks about how greg in is normal life explains everyday moment he spends and reflects on it. Greg's dream is to stay home and play video games but his mom disaproves with that so she kicks him out of the house the whole day so he could go and play games. Greg didn't like that idea he was just thinking staying home playing video games with chips and the curtains closed. I can make a text to text connection on this book because works hard the whole entire school year and wants to be let go by his parents as in no rules and no responsibilities. Greg is an indoor person, i can relate to Greg's feelings and thought because me too when i go to my grandma and grandpa i just want to go play video games with some friends and sleepover at their house. If i were to rate this book i would give it 5 even above because it was so good. I would recommend this book to someone who wants to have fun in life and understand the facts about boys. I would not recommend this book to people who are clean freaks and hard workers because it would definitly disagree with their lifestyle.

  • Sandy Trand
    2019-03-12 21:23

    If you would want to know how a life of a unfortanate teenager goes? Then read the Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days. It is about a kid who is in middle school and faces a lot of problems. He faces pretty much faces all the problems you could think of. The main character Greg Heffrey is stuck as a middle child and a social outcast. His younger brother Manny and his older brother Rodrick drive him absulutly nuts with their crazy ways of doing things. His best friend Rowlery Jefferson and own a lot of money to Rowlery's dad because of unwise spending at a country club. They decided to create a summer lawn care to help pay for the money that they own to Rowlery's dad. When their summer bussiness goes horribly wrong Greg finds himself in a rut. Read the book to find out what more happens to a horrible summer for Greg.

  • Tej P
    2019-03-09 20:43

    Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Dog DaysBy: Jeff KinneyRealistic Fiction216 PagesDiary Of A Wimpy Kid Dog Days is a book about A kid named Greg Heffley. He is funny. This book is about how Greg Heffly spends his summer. But Greg Heffley doesn't spend his summer out side. He stays inside and plays video games. But Greg's mom doesn't like him playing video games. But she thinks of having family vacation and doing activities together. Greg and his friend Rowley do weird stuff during summer vacation. Greg's mom has a club thing called Reading is Fun. But Greg thinks his mom is weird. This book is really funny.I really like this book because it is funny. I like books that have humor. My favorite part was when Greg and his dad go to the pool and they have to go past the shower rooms and there are guys that are showering. Also when it was Greg's birthday,His uncle Joe's dog Killer ate his cake before he could eat it. In this book there are somethings that have also happen to me. Like my mom telling me to go play out side instead of sitting in front of the t.v. and playing video games. And I also recommend this book to people that haven't read this book and this book will be my favorite book I've every read.

  • Jacob R.
    2019-02-26 19:42

    This book in my opinion is great. It takes us back to those good old days of elementry and middle school. Even knowing a few of these events have actually happened to us. Filling sorry for the kid one second laughing at his wierd side the next, this book will keep you reading. THis book relates to our lives in many ways, it reminds of those kids that where kind of off, and tells us some of there stories. Of course, these stories get as off and crazy, sometimes i even wonder if there is a plot! After that though, I believe any age would love this book. I would only recommend this book to people that can find immaturity funny. Even though I said any age would love it, if you were straight minded and dull you would most likely find this book to be a nuisance. The literary elements in this story are, imagery and and alot of figurative language. The real reason it has imagery is simply because it shows pictures to show us each scene. Its figurative language consist of similes and of onomatopeas, that is what is in this book.All in all, the book is a want to read. It might not keep you on the edge of the seat only because you will be falling out of it laughing.

  • Mel Mel
    2019-03-15 14:45

    this book has to be funny.Look at the cover how can you not say no!!

  • GirlwiththeBraids
    2019-03-21 14:21

    Greg Heffley, who is now an expert in the middle school ways, is on summer vacation. While most kids are swimming at the public pool or riding their bikes, he’s in front of the television playing video games. Greg’s mom wants him to be more social, more active, and more … well, outgoing. With the cute lifeguard and trying to earn the responsibility of having a dog, maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad idea. But after the sufferings of walking through the men’s shower room at the pool and having a cold, wet dog sleep next to him all night, Greg realizes that being lazy and irresponsible is just the way he is.The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series has yet to disappoint me! While I can tell that Greg is getting older and his opinions are becoming more grown-up, his narration and drawings still crack me up. This book is simply entertaining and it’s very easy to read and keep reading. Greg’s experiences and feelings are so realistic that I couldn’t help but sympathize with him, laugh at him, and just want to be with him! The series appeals to both boys and girls and is the perfect gift.

  • Valeria De La Rosa
    2019-03-20 14:44

    I think that the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days was a very relate able.I think my whole class will enjoy this book very much because of the humor and the situations they might relate to.What I don't like is that every book has a different story that doesn't continue from the last one so it's like a gap between each book. My two most favorite parts would be when Greg's parents tell him that they got him a phone but they actually got him this cheap lady bug phone and when Greg's parents bought him and Rodrick a pet fish and Rodrick fish ate Greg's fish.In the book Dog Days most things don't happen as Greg and his friend Rowley,plan them like when they tried to make a lawn mowing/snow digging business ending out being a failure.In the book Greg seems like that "I'm better than anyone else"person so that's why he comes up with these stupid plans to get famous.Since this book is already a series,I can't wait till the next one.

  • Anna
    2019-03-06 16:40

    Σχεδόν το έχω καθιερώσει μου φαίνεται: κάθε κυριακή και ένας σπασίκλας!Αυτή τη φορά βρισκόμαστε στις καλοκαιρινές διακοπές, όπου ο Γκρεγκ προσπαθεί να κοιμηθεί ως αργά (ε μα κι αυτός ο μπαμπάς να γκρινιάζει που γυρίζει από τη δουλειά και ο Γκρεγκ κοιμάται ακόμα!), να γλιτώσει την πισίνα (μέχρι να μάθει ότι μια ωραία κοπέλα δουλεύει εκεί), να βγάλει εύκολα λεφτά να ξεπληρώσει το χρέος που δεν κατάλαβε πώς δημιούργησε (θα του ταίριαζε να είναι ελληνάκι), ενώ μπαστούνια τα βρίσκει όταν το μεγαλύτερό του όνειρο, να του πάρουν σκυλάκι, γίνεται πραγματικότητα...

  • Kaoru Hamaguchi
    2019-03-09 18:33

    In this story it is summer time and there is birthday for Greg. It looks nice for him ,but it is start of terrible time. Begging of Summer vacation Greg has 3 things that he want to do in his summer.First is going to beach second is day of end of "L'il Cutie" ,But son of Author have start new L'il Cutie He didn't fun at it. Second is Birth day ,but He didn't got good present and his uncle's dog ate birth day cake so he felled sad good thing is he was able to get fish for another present that eaten by Rodrick's fish. Lastly the beach unfortunately He couldn't go there because his mother say "we have to save money" and "But we still do fun things as a family" ,but still it was bad for him. Fore gi     My opinion in up will evidence by first front picture that show Greg drop his ice cream and second when he invite girl to country club pool and 5 second later she is talking with life guard. thirdly he forgot to return book to, that when Greg start to swim in pool loudspeaker say that it is raining so it is end of pool, and Greg's family is stuck in traffic jam and they forget mom at gas station. Lastly he hurt his finger because Rowley thought it was ghost and he hit it with hammer. You could engaging this book with how Greg is unlucky like he can't go anywhere he wish and can't swim in the pool and even his finger hurts. Also his father is a little bit unlucky too for giving you a example he thought his dog went to butterfly farm ,but Greg's gran father say he accidently drive over the dog. Greg's father got so angry and he bought dog. Dog isn't becoming emotionally attached. I will prefer give this book to grade 3 to 5 because it is a little bit easy to read for grade 5. I will give 5 star because it is so funny because in this book he is so unlucky and if imagine about it makes me laugh a lot I will give this book for grade 6 student to lower place like EAP student or person who dislike English and maybe you could start Novel study by this book.

  • Namratha
    2019-02-23 15:33

    Summer is ‘ all scorching splendour. And much like Greg Heffley, I am content to live out the dog days of summer sitting pretty in a cozy, darkened room....surrounded by books, crisps and the waves of air-conditioned goodness.Speaking of books, I had been oscillating between dire apocalyptic dramas and predictable mush fests. The resulting mood swings are NOT a pretty sight. I needed a quick, laugh-a-minute riot.And The Diary of A Wimpy Kid Series fits the bill. Paying homage to the season in vogue, I picked up Dog Days. Greg has to deal with the lo-ong, *immense-potential-to-be-loaded-with-embarrassment* summer that looms ahead. Mooching off Rowley at the country club, staying awake after watching horror movies, dreading the walk-of-shame through the men’s shower room at the town pool, doing a dismal job at snagging the attentions of the curvy lifeguard, trying to earn a quick (and lazy) buck through lawn-mowing, dealing with a new pet that has NO Clue about personal space and finally, becoming a “man” after getting on to the Cranium Shaker Ride at the beach...all this and much more, handled the Greg Heffley way. A well-meaning mother, a ticked off father, a git of an older brother, an emerging evil of a baby brother, an on again-off again best friend and the ever-reliable glimmer of creepiness by Fregly, all combine, to make it one forgettable summer for long-suffering Greg.As the series progresses, the gags lose a bit of their efficiency. Somewhere along the line, you (obnoxiously enough) start predicting the outcome of yet another grande Greg scheme. It’s inevitable. But if you are picking up the book for the first time or reading it as a standalone book, it’s smirk worthy. Not great but not bad by any stretch of the imagination. An engaging read for preteens and a guilty pleasure for supposed adults.GO Heffley!

  • Dana Salman
    2019-02-25 16:17

    Well, I suppose it wasn't that bad. I expected it to be funnier, but granted I did think it was hilarious when they watched that retarded movie and got all paranoid, that sort of thing happened to me all the time when I was little (recalls Child's Play, *shudders*). Still, I find Greg a very detestful character: he's lazy, selfish, and incredibly dim-witted for a boy in middleschool (unless I'm mistaken and have no idea what a boy his age is like..I mean, my brother's in middle school and is smarter than he is, but is nuts, regardless). I think I probably would've enjoyed reading some of the other books in this series first, but unfortunately this was the only one I could find. I liked the irony behind the fact that Greg 'guarantees' that either the girl or the pig in "Charlotte's Web" will die when really it's just a spider. Still, I have to agree on his definition of 'classics'. I never much liked them either.All in all, I don't think this book was entirely worth the 52 dirhems I spent for it (devide that by 7 to get it in dollars). But I think, if I see any of the other books, preferrably The Last Straw or Roderick Rules (because I like sibling rivalry) I will have to read it too.

  • Cassidy
    2019-02-28 14:23

    Diary of a wimpy kid (dog days) is about Greg and how he wants to spend his summer. He wants to sit inside all day and watch t.v. and play video games but his mom had other plans for him. She wants him to go outside and be active but he definitely doesn't like that. His parents want him to be more responsible. So he gets a job, well actually a fake job at the country club. He makes his family think he has a job while he relaxes all day at the country club. But things soon get complicated when he gets caught up in his own lies. I really like this book because it talks about real things teenagers are going through and give it a fun twist to make it funny. The book is great it has a fun plot, fun characters whats more to love. One again Jeff Kinney did an amazing job with making a good book with a easy plot and understandable characters. Its really easy to relate with the characters and what there going through because its similar to what we're going through now with middle school and friends. These are many reason why you should read this book. I think your going to like it. Enjoy.

  • Trixie
    2019-02-22 22:22

    5/5! I kept laughing out loud...literally. Need I say more?

  • Emma705
    2019-02-28 16:27

    I think overall in this book Greg is not truthful. He writes everything in a diary and doesn't say anything, he always tricks his supposedly best friend in to doing things for him, and he lies to his parents. It seems to me he isn't a very loyal person.Some people think they are so superior so they can just put other people down. And they are the greatest, and they use it to their advantage. By tricking the ones they love, lying to the people who are always there for them. And being manipulative and spiteful. These aren't good character traits nor good personality traits. People like this can't just go around and stomp on everyone else like ants, they need to be put in place and shown the right way to do things. Not the way they think is right. Because people who think they are the best wind up lonely and friendless. That doesn't sound good to me.Greg always does stuff behind people's backs too. His mom made him join some "Reading Is Fun" club. After he went to the club he trashed his mom in his diary... HIS OWN MOTHER. He doesn't have to do that to people. Rowley's parents bring him on vacation with them. And even if it wasn't the BEST vacation, it still is a nice gesture. Greg doesn't have to go all negative towards the Jefferson family about it. He only looks at the negative and stays away form the positive. But why?I think people drift from positive vibes because they are too caught up in being negative and mean that they can't think about how it's wrong. If people were positive then more people would be happier. If everyone was just plain, old negative, the world could be a place full of darkness and depression. Why can't we run from the negative? Maybe because we are insecure so being mean and evil and bitchy, is our way of making ourselves seem (like I said before) superior. And making others feel worse causes us to feel peaceful, happy, and good. When really we are the victims. Why are we enemies to others in our own world?

  • Crystal
    2019-02-21 21:35

    An interesting quick read that middle grade kids will enjoy. Mixing a chapter book with comics and drawings on every page makes this easy and enjoyable to read. My son has read all of these books and was thrilled when his book fair coincided with the release week of this book.The rating above is based on readability and the fact that my son loved it.Now on to my personal thoughts:I let him read through all of these and didn't think anything about it. Then my husband flipped through it and didn't like what he saw, so he asked me (being the more open-minded one) to read it and see what I thought.So I did and I was surprised. I'm not sure I like this book - this child wants to sit around and play video games and not do anything with his family. He admits he and his dad have nothing in common and even goes as far as to call the police on his dad during one episode because he thinks his dad is going to leave him somewhere when his dad is just taking him to a baseball game.I am disturbed by this child and I'm not sure why. I really don't want the values he is espousing to be planted in my child's head. Maybe I need to read the first three, maybe they are better and I would understand the character more. I am Christian but I don't usually feel strongly about books. I wouldn't hesitate to let my boys read Harry Potter as I have read the first one and loved it and see no harm in it. But I do see harm in this book. At least from my stand point.So help me out here - have you read this series - am I wrong - I'm willing and really want some other opinions here. I don't believe my opinion is the end-all and be-all, I'm unsure as far as these books are concerned.So tell me your thoughts on this series. Should I let me son read the next one whenever it comes out or should I discourage him? What do you think of the book?

  • 08sierrab
    2019-02-21 14:27

    Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog DaysAuthor: Jeff KinneySummary: This book is part of Greg's funny journal focusing on his summer. Greg's idea of his summer vacation being a video game marathon. That was not Greg's mom's idea. This book is mostly about Greg's mom coming up with idea's (that end up not being good ideas at all) to keep Greg off of video games. The first idea Greg actually like for a while. The idea was he would go with Rowley to the country club Rowley and his parents were a part of. Greg and Rowley were having a fun time until Rowley's dad informed Greg's mom that they had charged a lot of money because they thought the smoothies were free. Greg wasn't invited back. Greg's birthday is in the summer and he was so excited until it came. You will need to read the book to find out the rest. Also Greg's mom made up a reading is fun club. By the third day Greg was the only one still attending. Greg's mom also makes Greg come to the pool with her and his brother Manny. That you will also need to read all the funny events in the book! Greg's mom tried many other events that because of Greg's reactions involved the beach, getting sick on rides, the police (that's right, oh snap), lawn mowing, a crush, and a lot of funny events. To find out all the gaps read the book!Rating: I would rate this book from 3 1/2 to 4 stars because it was a fun book that made me smile butt I have read better books.Recommending: I would recommend this book to anyone to kind of smile at the events or someone that likes to hear about a twelve year old boys summer.

  • Tung
    2019-03-02 18:34

    The fourth installment of the Wimpy Kid series focused on the life of middle school student Greg Heffley. Like the other books, this book is told via journal entries peppered with illustrations to enhance the humor. I found the first book hysterical, the second one less so, and the third possibly the best of the first three. I found Dog Days to be by far the worst of the series. The book focuses on the summer adventures of Greg, and somehow the removal of Greg from school also sapped much of the humor from the events of his life. Here, we get a much larger focus on Greg being self-centered, and the hijinks don’t resonate with the same level of charming adolescent stupidity. Instead, I found myself disliking Greg much more than I did in the three prior books. Recommended only for elementary students and their parents who are fans of the series; non-fans can take a pass on this one.

  • Edwin Soto
    2019-03-04 14:30

    In this story it talks about how summer is going for this kid called Greg.His parents want Greg to do outside activities but Greg wants to have fun in summer by playing video games all summer.My favorite character in this story is Greg because he is very funny.I would recommend this book to people of like to laugh a lot and enjoy reading.

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2019-03-15 18:35

    Dog Days (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, #4), c2009, Jeff Kinney عنوان: خاطرات یک بیعرضه: جلد 4، دفترچه زرد؛ نویسنده و تصویرگر: جف کینی؛ مترجم: ندا شادنظر؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، ایران بان، چاپ نخست 1391، در 224 ص، مصور، فروست: خاطرات یک بیعرضه جلد 4، شابک جلد 4: 9789642980901؛ چاپ پنجم 1392؛ موضوع: داستانهای فکاهی مصور، دفترچه های خاطرات، مدرسه ها، داستان؛ گروه سنی ب و ج

  • Jessica
    2019-02-24 20:26

    I'm becoming increasingly less amused by these books, mostly because of my son's reactions to them. His main interest seems to be any time someone is depicted in the shower or in their underwear, or the little brother potty-training. And there is a lot of that. Sigh.

  • Jason
    2019-02-22 16:40

    This is as dull as the previous 3 books, very similar stuff, Greg still isn't a nice kid and he needs some decent parenting, unfortunately his parents are pathetic so I don't see that happening soon. And you can't help but feel sorry for poor Rowley. Rodrick's pranks are brilliant, he has taken them to a new level here.The thing that bugged me the most in this book was Greg gets 3 months off for his summer holidays! What the hell! who gets 3months off? When I was a lad it was an incredibly short 6weeks.Some good news though, I've managed to talk my daughter into taking a break with a David Walliams book. wooooo