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Quanto maior é a mentira maior é a dorJá teve a sensação de não pertencer à sua família, que é completamente diferente daqueles que a rodeiam? É isso que a decoradora de interiores Harri Ryan, de trinta anos, sente desde criança, apesar de ser muito chegada a George, o seu irmão gémeo, e aos carinhosos pais, Gloria e Duncan. É a segunda vez que Harri tenta casar com o seuQuanto maior é a mentira maior é a dorJá teve a sensação de não pertencer à sua família, que é completamente diferente daqueles que a rodeiam? É isso que a decoradora de interiores Harri Ryan, de trinta anos, sente desde criança, apesar de ser muito chegada a George, o seu irmão gémeo, e aos carinhosos pais, Gloria e Duncan. É a segunda vez que Harri tenta casar com o seu noivo James, e a segunda vez que tem um ataque de pânico, acaba no hospital com o vestido de casamento e a festa tem de ser cancelada. Harri perdeu o amor da sua vida, mas há mais na situação do que o nervosismo de uma noiva - e desta vez ela quer a verdade. George suspeita que há algo que os pais não lhes estão a dizer. Porém, numa semana tudo será revelado e as suas vidas irão mudar para sempre....

Title : Sempre Que Dizemos Adeus
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ISBN : 9789898228970
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Sempre Que Dizemos Adeus Reviews

  • Claudia
    2019-04-21 02:29

    LINDO, aconselho às românticas. Uma escrita emotiva e fluída, de ficarmos com uma lágrima ao canto do olho!

  • Maria
    2019-04-29 04:21

    A minha estreia nos livros desta autora foi assim-assim. Gostei das histórias que são contadas paralelamente, uma no presente outra passado mas achei a história pouco credivel, não tendo sentido grande empatia com nenhum dos personagem. Mas não dei por mal empregue o tempo que usei a ler este livro, pois a escrita é fluída e agradável. Por isso vou dar mais uma oportunidade à autora, até porque já tenho outro livro dela para ler, emprestado pela minha querida amiga Sónia Sousa :)

  • Elphaba J
    2019-05-22 04:06

    Existem erros, pecados, que embora possam ser serenados deixam as suas marcas permanentes, nem sempre visíveis, mas sempre presentes.Um casamento por consumar, um amor perdido e uma família unida serão a chave para um mistério que remonta a um lugar nunca antes visitado, a uma jovem perdida e a uma verdade qua nunca deveria ter sido escondida.Sempre Que Dizemos Adeus é uma história intensa no que respeita ao amor, mas também relativamente às variantes deste sentimento, como é exemplo a família. Explorando diversos tipos de relacionamentos, e com uma componente misteriosa interessante, este é o livro ideal para um público apaixonado, mas também para todos os que procuram uma bonita narrativa sobre a vida.Anna McPartlin tem uma veia dramática forte o que torna a sua escrita bastante emotiva. Com palavras doces e um ritmo embalador, a autora consegue chegar ao coração dos leitores proporcionando lágrimas e sorrisos, assim como uma reflexão profunda a respeito do peso que cada escolha pode acarretar.Opinião completa:

  • Sozie
    2019-05-12 06:25

    While the story starts with Harrie lifting James at the alter AGAIN , it ends with Liv the charming young lady that will took your breath with her story .I loved this book very much it made me ache , that a very sad ending created all these beautiful beginnings .. But that is life and what a great impact Liv left in all those people around her at a young age .It deserve all the 5 starsFor Olivias and Matthews love , there unique souls , their friends and friendship , i think even with the little time they had together they made an epic love story .For James who was patient and loving enough to never let go of his one true love For Harrie who was just lost and while trying to find her way among all the surprising events , she never let anyone around her down / hold them tight like a prayer / took the leap / until she found herself for the first time !Thank you Thank youThank you for this amazing novelXxx

  • Aileen
    2019-05-03 00:04

    I have read several books by this Author and loved them, and this book certainly didn’t disappoint, Harri Ryan is engaged to James, the book starts, it’s her 30th Birthday and wedding Day, however Harri takes a panic attack and ends up in A&E leaving James at the Altar again. James is very hurt and she loses him, harri is devastated, she becomes really depressed. She has a twin brother but has always felt different. Do her parents tell her the truth about her past? Is it really the end for Harri and James?I really enjoyed this book it was easy to read and follow I would definitely recommend.

  • Erin
    2019-04-26 23:09

    I really loved this book. This is the third book I have read by this author, and I have loved each one. I found myself laughing and crying out loud during parts of this book. I felt sad when it ended because I wanted the story to keep going. I have suggested this author to others and will continue to do so. I can't wait until she releases her next book!

  • Daphne
    2019-05-08 03:13

    What a fabulous read! Love will have us doing all kinds of things that you would NEVER imagine! I absolutely loved the individuality of each peerson (friend) and thier inter-change was comical!

  • Sandra
    2019-05-07 02:05

    Ao estilo de Dorothy Komsoon...ADOREI :')

  • Karolina
    2019-05-19 04:15

    Das Buch ist wirklich okay. Es hat seine spannenden Momente und ich brannte darauf zu erfahren, was an Harris Angstzuständen Schuld trug. Mir haben besonders die beiden Handlungsstränge gefallen. Am besten hat mir der Einblick in Livs Leben gefallen. Ich denke, dieses Buch ist eher in die Kategorie der "leichten Kost" einzuteilen, obwohl sich alles um eine Tragödie dreht...ich frage mich, wie man das als Autor hinbekommt. Sprachlich ist es keine Herausforderung und stellenweise war es leider etwas langweilig. Doch im Großen und Ganzen bereue ich es nicht, es gelesen zu haben.

  • Taaya
    2019-04-23 22:04

    Ein wenig zu gezwungen. "Uh, sie hat bei ihrer Hochzeit eine Panikattacke. Es kommt davon, dass sie als Kind im Alter von 2 Tagen adoptiert wurde." Die restliche Geschichte, das erkunden ihrer Vergangenheit, ist ja gar nicht schlecht aufbereitet. Aber einfach diese Hinleitung, die so lieblos und unrealistisch geschrieben wirkt, versaut es dann doch ein wenig.

  • Lissa
    2019-05-04 22:02

    Reviewed by Lissa Staley Posted April 15, 2009Women's Fiction On the morning of her second wedding, Harri Ryan is rushed to a Dublin hospital with a panic attack. Since she has already left the same fiancé, James, at the altar once before, this time he says goodbye and moves out of their shared apartment.Harri is heartbroken, and although her twin brother George tries to cheer her up, she feels like something is really wrong with her. Her parents know more than they are letting on, and they are clearly hiding something. When George and Harri confront them, the news their parents share is devastating to the entire family. With knowledge of the truth of her past, Harri must now work to discover where the future will lead. Harri is supported by her close group of friends. Her interior design business partner, Susan, is miserable in a marriage where her husband rejects and ignore her. Melissa is an overstressed working mother of two whose husband doesn't understand why she is unhappy. And Aidan, her twin brother's long-suffering boyfriend, is trying to find his own happiness. Irish writer Anna McPartlin develops her characters to give us fully realized human beings who love, laugh, betray, feel guilty, forgive and are ultimately redeemed. Interspersed through the chapters are entries from a mysterious diary of a teenage girl living in a small Irish town almost 30 years earlier, which add a delicious and intriguing depth to the present-day story as more characters appear in both narratives. I highly recommend this excellent exploration of one woman's search for herself. This novel is well-developed women's fiction, with warmth and humor and a true understanding of what it means to love yourself and your family.

  • Stephanie
    2019-05-14 03:19

    I loved As Sure as the Sun by Anna McPartlin. Harriet Ryan has just had an anxiety attack before her second wedding attempt to the same man. She has no idea why it's happening because she loves her fiancé James and wants nothing more than to have a life with him, but something inside her seems to be holding her back. She just doesn't know what.Harri's twin brother George has a feeling that her attack is a lot more than just cold feet so he brings it up to his parents who finally admit to hiding a secret that has the potential to completely tear their family apart.Along with the story of Harri and George, we get to read the diary entries of a teenage girl who has seemingly nothing to do with the main plot line except for the connection of a couple of characters.I discovered my love for Anna McPartlin when I read her first novel, Pack Up the Moon. She has a wonderful way with words and creating characters who are far from perfect and usually have deep issues that need resolving before they can continue on with their lives. Her books are more journey's for her characters to come to terms with themselves so they can continue on with their lives.This novel was just as moving as her other two novels. I fell in love with all the characters as the supporting cast was given as much depth as the main characters. And each person had their own problems and had to find a way to deal with those as well as be there for Harri when she gains the shock of her life.I cannot wait to read Anna McPartlin's next novel. She's such a dynamic writer whom I am unable to get enough of. I encourage you to read this one along with Pack Up the Moon, and Apart From the Crowd. All three are excellent novels.

  • Rachel Gilbey
    2019-05-11 00:27

    Harri suffers from crippling panic attacks. They are the reason she has now failed to marry James twice, and left him standing at the altar both times. James understandably has now had enough, and in the days that follow, Harri's parents decide they need to explain some things to their daughter, and her twin brother, George. The revelation that follows is a bit hard to believe, I'd say even for fiction, but since I wasn't living in Ireland in the 70's, I can't be sure its completely unreasonable. However what George and Harri are told shocks them completely, and the rest of the book deals with the aftermath. There is also Susan, Harri's business partner, and she is struggling with her marriage, and Harri's best friend Melissa feels like a single mother to her two young children as her husband doesn't seem to help out anywhere near enough. At the end of each chapter there is a diary. It dates back 30+ years and it takes quite a while as the book progresses for you to even vaguely know who was writing it. Unfortunately the diary entries didn't grab me at all, and I hate to say that after half the book, I was skipping those sections (with odd paragraphs catching my attention), as I just didn't really relate to what was happening. Also due to the amount of characters in the main story, I was then getting confused with a similar amount of people being mentioned in this diary. As a result I feel I may have lost some sense of the book as a whole. I liked the main story, but felt it did drag a bit in places. Ultimately I much preferred the other book I have so far read by Anna McPartlin, but still want to read more by her.

  • Kimberly Westrope
    2019-04-29 22:07

    Set in Ireland, this was a very interesting look at how our lives are intertwined with others, past, present, and future, in ways we may not even be aware of. When 30 year old Harriet discovers the family secret that's been kept from her all her life, she begins a journey into her past that will change her life. Meanwhile, her brother and her two best friends are dealing with their own interpersonal crises, all the while trying to support Harri on her journey. Wonderfully drawn characters from two different eras (1970s and present day)are presented with very difficult and real struggles in their relationships, both familial and romantic.I found this story very moving, with an assortment of complex characters and story lines. Tackles some big relationship issues, such as infidelity, financial struggles, loss of loved ones, single parenting. There is a lot going on in this story but it unfolds and holds together in such a way that is doesn't seem cluttered or scattered. Wonderful characters and a look in to the complexities of relationships. I'd like to read more by this author.

  • Ann
    2019-04-21 05:02

    So, Harri has a panic attack on the day of her wedding (for the second time. With the same guy). The guy, James, figures it is all him and leaves. Which sets everything into motion. I probably have never read a book from so many people`s perspectives. At times it was a bit hard to keep track who was who (I am not that great with names). I mean, all the characters in the present and the past all combined. Harri and James supposedly the main characters? It seemed they all were.But all in all, I really enjoyed this. I got to know all these couples, their difficulties and finding out how much their loved ones really ment. Harri`s self discovery was kind of left in the background for me for some reason. I knew who Liv was (well, not her name at the beginning) from the start. I had a stong suspicion to be percise.

  • Diane
    2019-05-01 03:14

    Harri Ryan is trying to be a wife, but on her second attempt at marrying her fiance, James, she has yet another panic attack and winds up in the Emergency Room. Poor James can't take it any more and she goes back to their apartment to find that he has vacated the premises. Harri's twin brother, George, feels that something is amiss and feels that their parents can provide some answers here. They do reveal the secret they've been keeping for years and it changes everyone's lives. This is a well written story and I enjoyed all of the characters. It is a story of love, but it is also a story about truly finding yourself.

  • Raquel Bernardes
    2019-05-12 02:22

    Quando comecei a ler este livro, disse logo que Harri não podia ser da família e é assim que se vai desenrolar a história a partir daqui. Harri já por duas vezes que tem um ataque de pânico e que não consegue casar com o seu noivo James ( também com um segredo assim até eu tinha um ataque), mas só é revelado este segredo após a segunda tentativa falhada do casamento. E começa a busca em querer ser quem é que realmente é, e conhecer a sua família. É um livro de facto muito interessante, e que me fez apaixonar pela história de Harri em que começamos a torcer para que tudo corra bem à miúda.

  • Melissa Andrews
    2019-04-25 03:23

    I would really give this 2 1/2 stars. The story kept me going but mostly because of Liv and the stories of some of the secondary characters. I am sure I don't know how I would handle receiving the news that Harri and George received, but their reactions never sat well with me.The description of the edition I read made it seem as though the book would be mostly about Harri and George, but there are a host of secondary characters who also feature and who made the book interesting for me - issues of infidelity, the conflict women face when trying to balance both home and work lives, gay relationships - after a while, i could have cared less what happened to Harri.

  • Mariazita
    2019-05-20 03:21

    Um livro que nos fala de varias personagens ,e que de uma maneira encantadora cativou-me.Com muitas volta e reviravoltas , um livro que fala sobre amizade, amor, família e amigos que tornam está história muito emocional e ternurenta.Depois de tentar casar pela 2ª vez e não conseguir chegar ao altar, Harri descobre um segredo guardado pelos seus pais , algo da sua infância que ira mudar radicalmente a sua vida e a do seu irmão .Os seus amigos também irão passar por vários episódios nas suas vidas, que os leva a reflectir e mudar Um livro muito bonito, e emotivo.

  • Leslie
    2019-04-21 04:03

    I really liked this. Picked it up on whim but I'll look for more by her after reading this one.A story of a woman who has a twin brother, and parents who have quite the secret they've been keeping for 30 years. Two of the woman's friends and their families also fit into the story. Alongside the current narrative are the diary entries of a 17 year old girl, written about 30 years ago. It's very well done. Suspenseful and satisfying. She writes well, her dialog rings true, the plot was original. I totally recommend it as an enjoyable read.

  • Valerie
    2019-05-15 00:23

    I didn't like this book as well as her other two. I thought the main character Harri over-reacted to her situations. I don't know, maybe I am too judgemental. I don't know how I would react however, I think everyone feels out of place with their own family at one time or another. I loved Harri's friends Sue and Melissa and the character of Liv. The thing I like best about Anna McPartlin's books is that no matter what catastrophe has befallen the main character, they always come through in the end stronger and perhaps wiser than in the beginning. Isn't that what life is all about?

  • Janine
    2019-04-29 05:16

    I liked The Last Days Of Rabbit Hayes soo much better than this oneI think there were just way too many characters and the author didn't really focus on any of the plot lines in particular except for Liv's and I actually liked her parts best.The writing was not too great but overall its kind of a cute story. Kinda unrealistic though in my opinion - also I still don't understand what her panic attacks have to do wit the whole thing but okay I don't have to understand everythingI expected more from this because the concept itself isn't bad but yeah. could have been better.

  • Jenny L
    2019-05-04 23:14

    Anna McPartlin writes about uncomfortable and difficult situations and does it so very well. It is very easy to judge the reactions and behaviour of the main character Harri and also her twin brother George as this shocking story unfolds, but then you also begin to ask yourself how you might react if found in the same situation. A thought provoking tale, well and believably told, with a clever and credible conclusion.

  • Sharon Stockham
    2019-05-21 23:02

    An Irish author "paints a rich multi-textured picture of ordinary people swept up in a scandal they never could have imagined." Emotionally engaging from page one--both humor and a tug at your heart strings. The story is outstanding, but as I continue to read, I am disappointed in how much the F word is used when it is unnecessary. For that reason, I'm reducing my rating by one star from my original one.

  • Megan
    2019-04-24 03:04

    Harri is supposed to be getting married for the second try to her fiance James. She had a panic attack the first try and had another on the second try. The panic attack is so big that she ends up in the hospital and James thinks it must mean she doesn't want to marry him. She has no idea why she keeps having them. Harri's parents decide to tell her and her twin George a secret that they have kept from them. This secret changes their lives and they have to find out who they are again.

  • Krista
    2019-05-02 06:08

    When I started this book, I didn't think that I was going to be able to finish it, the writing was cringe worthy, and felt like something I would attempt to write. But I kept with it, and it turned out to be entertaining. Predictable, but mindless enough to be enjoyable. Made the long trip out west a little more bearable.

  • ReBecca
    2019-05-02 03:26

    A very serious/ mature book. What I loved about this novel is it hit on the reality of things that could happen in real life. It focused on actual things and you read how these characters dealt and coped with them. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is tired of reading the same love story over and over again and wants something more!

  • Breeanne Schreffler
    2019-05-19 22:12

    This book, had me completely confused, not uninterested, just utterly confused. I finally got it, maybe a little later than I should have, and my heart cried for the character, laughed with the characters, and smiled when the author writes with her own sense of style.Overall, amazing book.Anna, is amazing.

  • Inge Hulsker
    2019-04-28 03:06

    Great read. Lovable characters. Their strong family bond is a nice touch. Sometimes the problems of all Harri's friends were described in too much detail. And all the changes in perspective were a bit confusing sometimes. Even though the end was basically what I expected, there were a few nice extra details.

  • April
    2019-05-16 04:20

    Really, really enjoyed this book. Loved the characters, the setting (Ireland), and the storyline. I'm generally a "happy book" lover, especially during the school year when I have less time to read so I want what I read to make me feel good in the end. I don't want it to leave me depressed or without resolution. That being said, it definitely followed my wish list. I recommend. :o)