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Eliza Hammond has always been quiet and reserved - hardly the best qualities for finding the man of her dreams and living happily ever after. A new heiress, Eliza is financially secure, courtesy of her aunt's fortune, but even great wealth has its drawbacks since every greedy, fortune-hunting bachelor suddenly finds Eliza irresistible.To help her best friend, Violet takesEliza Hammond has always been quiet and reserved - hardly the best qualities for finding the man of her dreams and living happily ever after. A new heiress, Eliza is financially secure, courtesy of her aunt's fortune, but even great wealth has its drawbacks since every greedy, fortune-hunting bachelor suddenly finds Eliza irresistible.To help her best friend, Violet takes Eliza's romantic dilemma into her own hands, enlisting the social skills of her brother-in-law, Lord Christopher 'Kit' Winter. Kit helps transform Eliza into a stunning belle, certain to attract a worthy beau. There's just one problem: Eliza has always been head over heels in love with Kit, the very man who is trying to find her a husband!...

Title : The Wedding Trap
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ISBN : 9780091949112
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The Wedding Trap Reviews

  • Beanbag Love
    2019-04-04 04:21

    After being rather "meh" about The Husband Trap and definitely disliking The Wife Trap, I was pleasantly surprised by The Wedding Trap. Kit and Eliza are a very nice couple. Friendly acquaintances since Kit's brother Adrien and Eliza's best friend Violet married, they start from a really nice place in this story. Eliza has had a huge crush on Kit since he danced with her (at Violet's urging) one night at a ball, but has decided to put that behind her and attempt to find a decent, unexceptional man to marry.This is a Pygmalian story, which is fine with me. I love make-overs and Eliza is in desperate need of one. Raised by her penny-pinching aunt, all her clothes are made of the cheapest fabrics, in loose-fitting, unappealing styles. Her hair is long and pulled back tightly at her nape and it and her skin clash with her clothes. Add to that her incredible shyness and bookish tendencies and she's a wallflower for sure.When the nasty old aunt passes away, Eliza inherits a very large fortune. Now she's being pursued for the first time in her life and the pursuers are blatant fortune hunters who couldn't give a hoot about her. Violet decides that Kit should help Eliza with the social graces (as he did for her) and he agrees with the stipulation that it's a total make-over. That's the set-up. Simple. Nothing new, but really sweet. Both characters pop and their chemistry works well. The characters from the previous books are much more appealing on the sideline, as well. I'm looking forward to reading Warren's "mistress" series now, when I was a little worried after The Wife Trap. Now I feel like my initial reaction to her Byron series was not off and that's a relief. :D

  • Rane
    2019-03-25 07:20

    Maybe because my love for the story of the ugly duckling I came to adore this story.With the hero Kit is givien the job to remake Eliza into the swan for the upcoming season, you knew from the start spraks were going to fly between the two.The story was very cute with Kit's love for food and Eliza's overcoming her shyness.With the misunderstanding and the hero seening he was in love and hoping it wasn't to late, it was a lighthearted read. Even if it's the third in the Trap series it stands alone as it's own book, with no need to read the other two books before it to understand what's going on or feeling lose. Overall a cute and fun story with the ugly ducking getting her true love in the end!

  • Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...]
    2019-04-17 07:48

    My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 3 parts.I've read 8 chps and I'm not still not into it. The storyline is usual, not bad yet not quite grabbing me the way I thought it would. Feels too much like Romancing Mister Bridgerton, only Eliza isn't as impressive as Penelope, yet! I'm not sure about Kit. I now know that I don't really feel like respecting heroes who think they're maybe in need of a woman too much just because they suddenly find themselves fantasizing about/attracted to the so-called 'ugly, spinsterish' relations/friends of relations. I really loved Romancing Mister Bridgerton, I still adore Colin (the last part of the book made it all up to me) but on my 3rd read I've realized if a man had such demeaning thoughts (not the fantasizing part mind you! :p) about me, I'd stay thousand miles away from that guy. I liked that Kit defended Eliza's honor, still ... He seems immature to me. I've read about more matured and strong-minded heroes who were as old as/younger than Kit. Really don't know. Let's see.****************Hmm, about halfway through but I'm really not that hooked. Kit is immature, Eliza is still a doormat. Kit even has this 'insatiable appetite' thing like Colin. I've read better. I'm rather interested in Lance. Loved Darragh and Jeannette's crazy chemistry so much more than this. Call me a nutcase but this one isn't proving to be that interesting. :|****************IDIOTS! Really, both of them. I was SO bored that I got pissed off!!! Eliza was forever jumping into bed with Kit, no matter what! At least, she spent half the book thinking about it, even when she was engaged. Sorry but I didn't find Eliza's abuse of trust very funny. How could she do that to a man who said 'I Love You' to her, even before Kit? A perfectly honest man at that, a man knowing she wasn't a virgin anymore (that's right, Kit!) was willing to marry her. For shame! And, Kit? This is what he did throughout the book (at least the half he hadn't spent giving boring lessons to confused doormats!): When he was being denied a lollypop he ignored all his life, now thought he wants, Kit suddenly realized he 'loves' that aforementioned lollypop. He started beating people off, spent time scowling and glaring at others. Ughhh! This must make sense cause he was that immature. *gag*Lance (even Lord Maplewood) deserved better. Would've love to read their book since both are deserving of their HEA IMO. Sad truth is, I wasn't impressed by neither Kit nor Eliza. The whole book was a waste of time for me.Don't know how people thought it was the best of the three! 2.5 stars.

  • Shivanie
    2019-03-27 08:33

    Out of the entire series this is MY FAVOURITE book. I love the characters so much. The playfulness of Kit and Eliza's innocence. It was just a perfect match.The story is about Kit and Eliza. Eliza has always been in love with Kit since he danced with her back in Violet's book. Now Violet has asked Kit to help Eliza with the upcoming season in London. Her grandmother passed away and left her a fortune. She wants to find a husband and have a family of her own. Kit has to teach her the ways of ton and thats where the story gets interesting.(view spoiler)["One last thing Kit said. If your curiosity presists and you find yourself tempted to experiment further in the relam of the physical, don't go to any of your other suitors I am still your mentor" ...." If you wish to have more lessons in love, you need only say. I shall teach you whatever it is your care to learn." (hide spoiler)]He treated her with such passion and never realized his true feeling. I've given this book a 5 star rating. It's a wonderful story; quite witty at times. It's very well written by the author; it's a very enjoyable read.

  • Natalie
    2019-04-17 03:30

    After having read "The Husband Trap" and choosing to skip "The Wife Trap" (after reading the first in the trilogy, I truly disliked the character and wanted to avoid any books that would involve going into depth of her shallow mind) - I came directly to the last in the trilogy. I admit, I was wary to read this after being a little disappointed by the first, but I was glad that I chose to read it regardless. This book is a lovely read. Scholarly and frumpy Eliza Hammond undergoes a makeover at the hand of her best friend (heroine of the first in the trilogy) and her best friend's brother-in-law, who she has secretly held a torch for for years. Of course he begins to recognize her true beauty, seeing her for more. She realizes there is more to her than she originally thought. Both characters developed very well in this book and the storyline wasn't incredibly trite or hokey. There are surprising twists that contribute to the plot, helping the HEA along. The love-scenes weren't overwritten and showed up appropriately. (Sometimes, when reading a romance, an author will just throw in a scene for no other reason than to add pages.) I loved this book and will keep it in my collection to read as a pick-me-up. I was pleasantly pleased with this book and TAW. She did a great job with this book.

  • ♥Aicha~high~on~books♥
    2019-04-12 07:33

    Whats to like in a book where the hero does not think the heroine good enough almost till its end. All he seems to want is a good romp with her for no explainable reason.To be honest, "Makeover Romances" are not my favorites and this book tells me why!A Doormat heroine who totally dumps the nice guy in favor of our lousy hero who is indeed a very lousy hero in a not that great a plot... what has this book to recommend?Umm, some random jealousy and angst are the only redeeming qualities, but otherwise the book reeks of mediocrity.Passable. Totally!

  • Jenny
    2019-04-03 05:20

    Eliza has always been in love with Kit. Now Eliza's best friend Violet has asked Kit to help Eliza find a husband. Kit has to teach her how to flirt, how to socialize and the ways of ton. Eliza manages to charm the ton and she has many admirers. Kit doesn't how to deal with jealousy or why the thought of Eliza married to someone else breaks his heart. Wonderful book with a very charming sexy hero and a shy bookish heroine! It was also so nice to see again my favorite heroine Violet with her husband and 3 kids. I am a fan of this author for sure!

  • Vintage
    2019-03-24 08:44

    Releasing back into the wild.Skimmer and DNF. I don't know why.

  • JG
    2019-03-25 07:33

    This book GOT ME SWEATING like HELL!I fell in love with the first book, husband trap and i thought i might try the others.So let me get this out: this book sent me blazing with heat from head to toe. And that is NOT an exaggeration! There were utterly sweet and totally passionate scenes that made my chest clenched it hurts. A book has never made my heart ache like this one did and i enjoyed every minute of it.I have totally read more detailed and steamy book before but this was really special. I don't know why...Maybe it's because, in tons of book where there's instant physical attraction; the romance in her progressed in a believable manner, the lust and desires where completely reasonable after the two got to know each other.The heroine was one of the few reasonable and smart heroines i have come to encounter this days. In tons of books where the heroine gives in to easily, becomes really really stupid, and really annoyingly feisty (uggh...i had a taste of this one a little to many) or to freaking unreasonbly stubborn or prideful, it's great to read about a shy girl coming out of her shell and changing into a confident, beautiful, and charming, yet still a humble, kind, smart, and charmingly shy young woman. The plot is interesting and is enought to catch my attention. It was totally gripping and i finished it in a day. Our heroine finds herself the successor of a great wealth. She's quite boring-looking and always the wallflower but because of her inherited wealth, finds herself some suitors. So she is in need of a husband, in order to find and attract a suitable one she needs to get her head out of books and activate her social life.Her best friend, our heroine from the first book, ask our hero, her brother-in-law, to help.The hero reluctantly agrees and help her with a major make-over. She stuns everyone, even our hero with her hidden beauty no one really did see before.The hero becomes her mentor. Teaching her ways of the society; how to talk, what to talk about, how to be charming, how to greet, how to be that and how to do this..In the process, our hero begins seeing her as more than a friend and that wasn't denied by the intnest lust he suddenly feels towards her.“Eliza.”“Yes?”“One last thing,” Kit said. “If your curiosity persists and you find yourself tempted to experiment further in the realm of the physical, don’t go to any of your other suitors. I am still your mentor.” Reaching out, he stroked the edge of a knuckle over the delicate curve of her cheek. “If you wish to have more lessons in love, you need only say. I shall teach you whatever it is you care to learn.” One of my fave scenes was when the heroine asked the hero to teach her how to kiss. AHHHH....that was HOT HOT HOT!He was consumed to lust and it took a while to realize how he feels. I love seeing the hero get really jealous; which he does a lot in this book. This book was beautifully written, it will be really memorable and i wont deny this is simply going strait to my 'favorite book shelfs'. I strongly suggest this book to anyone dying for a some hot steamy romance :)

  • Georgie
    2019-04-10 00:25

    I felt lukewarm about this book, and I can't quite work out why. The writing is competent, the characters clearly delineated, the plot straightforward - there's nothing obvious to dislike. There is, though, a faint sense of writing-by-numbers, by which I mean there's little here that I haven't come across before. The characterisation is two-dimensional - She is Shy, He is Young and Thoughtless - and they don't really interact with sufficient brio to engage me. After a couple of scenes where She keeps saying, "I'm shy, I'm shy", and He encourages her bluffly with, "Oh, I'm sure you're not really", the process of her emerging from her shell (which had possibilities) is more-or-less covered off-stage in a quick paragraph, and lots of new dresses. The plot is Cinderella topped off with - yet again - a kidnapping and rescue: absolutely my least favourite HR trope, as it always casts the heroine as helpless and often stupid, and rewards the hero mainly for having a faster [Insert Here the mode of transport of your choice] than the villain. I'm being a bit unfair to a book with no glaring faults except its failure to grab me.

  • Donna
    2019-04-13 02:19

    As so many others have noted, the third installment of the series is much better than the second. The reasons why are simple: the h/h are likeable people you'd want to have as friends, and the plot doesn't have them angry with each other for over-long.Kit and Eliza are my favorite characters from the earlier books, and I loved watching them fall in love. There were a few unexpected twists and turns to add to the excitement, and the audiobook narrator (Bianca Amato) was excellent.It left me wishing there might be more coming in the series, but I think all the main characters are paired up!

  • Michelle Connolly
    2019-03-29 04:39

    I hesitated when buying this book, but I'm very glad I did. I loved the characters and the passion they shared. The plot was fun and engaging and very nicely written. I have to say I enjoyed reading it from beginning to end and will definitely be reading more from Tracy Anne. Just finished rereading it, and guess what? Loved it all over again! Definitely my favourite one from the Trilogy.

  • İnci Puyan
    2019-04-01 03:25

    3,5 stars kalemine taptığım bir yazarın daha kitabını bitirdim. Bir yıldır beklediğim ve artık çıkması konusunda ümidimi kestiğim kitabın çıktığını görünce hemen aldım ve neredeyse hemen de okudum. Aslında hemen okuyamadım. Yoğun bir iş programım olduğundan dolayı biraz elimde oyalandı kitap ama yine de her satırından zevk aldım diyebilirim :))Tracy Anne Warren,akıcı, sürükleyici zaman zaman eğlendirici aşkı hissettiren bir kaleme sahip bir yazar. Daha önce yazarın iki kitabını -aynı zamanda serinin ilk kitabı- okumuştum ve bu üçüncü kitabı..."The Trap Serisi"nin üçüncü ve son kitabı Geceyarısı Tutkusu, daha önceki kitaplardan tanıdığımız utangaç, kültürlü, okumayı seven ama sosyal olmayan, konuşmayı pek beceremeyen Eliza ile sosyal, genç kızların hayranlığını kazandığı, yemek yemeyi seven Kit'i konu alıyor. Seriden biraz bahsetmek gerekirse, 3 kitaptan oluşuyor ve her kitap bir çifti, karakteri anlatıyor ama bu karakterler birbirleri ile bağlantılı karakterler.Diğer kitapların da blogda yorumları olsa da onlardan da biraz bahsetmek istiyorum. Serinin ilk kitabı "Kollarımdaki Yabancı", Reaburn Dükü Adrian Winter ile Leydi Violet Brantfort'un evliliklerini, Violet'ın büyük sırrını ve bu sırrın aşklarına neler yaptığını konu alıyor. İkinci kitabı "Gül ve Diken", Violet'in ikizi Leydi Jeannette Brantford ile Darragh O'Brien'ın tanışmalarını aralarındaki çekici ve Darragh'ın oyununu ve sonrasında aşkın nasıl kazandığını anlatıyor. Son kitap "Geceyarısı Tutkusu" ise Violet'ın en yakın arkadaşı Eliza Hammond ile Reaburn Dükü Adrian'ın kardeşi Lord Christoper(Kit) Winter'ın aralarındaki çekimi, Kit'in akıl hocalığını ve ikisi arasındaki aşkı anlatıyor.Kısaca üç kitabında özetini geçtikten sonra asıl kitabımıza dönerek yorumuma gelelim. :)Kitap içeriğine girmeden önce genel bir yorum yapmak istiyorum. Kitabı beğendim hem de çok ama ımm bazı yerlerde beni tatmin etmeyen bir şey vardı. Sanırım tam olarak beklediğim bu değildi. Diğer kitapları daha güzeldi sanki. Ben Kit ve Eliza'yı bu şekilde tahmin etmemiştim. Gerçi tam olarak nasıl bir şey bekliyordum bilmiyorum ama...Neyse... yine de kitap güzeldi. Beğendim gerçi yazarın dilini sevdiğimden olsa gerek okurken keyif aldım.Fazlasıyla kitap içeriğine girebilirim :))Öncelikle söylemek istiyorum ki Violet & Adrian çiftini ve Jeannette & Darragh çiftini mutlu ve çocuklu görmek çok güzeldi ama keşke oları daha fazla okuyabilseydik. Hani onların da ilişkilerini falan :)) özlemişim bu çiftleri :))Gerçi Violet'ı baya okuduk eee Eliza'nın arkadaşı ve Eliza'da onların evinde kalıyor okumamız normal tabi :)Neyse... :)) Eliza'nın utangaç tavırlarını ve sosyete rahatlıkla karışabileceği davranışlarını geliştirmesi, kıyafetleri ve saçlarını değiştirmesi konusunda Kit'in akıl hocalığı yapması iyi fikirdi. Kit ve akıl hocalık... okumak güzeldi ama daha fazla olmalıydı o satırlar.Eliza'nın bir anda popülerliği yakalaması ve Kit'in her ne kadar kıskansa da itiraf edemez tavırları ise okumaya değerdi. Hele saçlarını kestirme muhabbetinde kuaförün tavırlarına çok eğlendim. :) Elbise seçimlerinde de Jeanette'nin moda aşkında da çok eğlendim. :)İlk başlarda Kit'in yarattığı Eliza'dan hoşlandığını düşünmüştüm ama daha sonra fark ettim ki ikisi beraber çok zaman geçiriyorlar ve Kit, Eliza'da hoşuna giden tarafları keşfediyor, onun arkadaşlığında hoşlanıyor... Bunları keşfedişini okumak da çok güzeldi. Gerçi başlarda saç ve kıyafet değişimiyle çekici ve daha güzel hale gelen Eliza'dan etkilenmesi hiç hoşuma gitmedi ne yani her şey dış görünüş mü? dedirtti ama ilerleyen sayfalarda davranışlar, konuşmalar, bakışlar, karakteristik özellikleri keşfederken Eliza'ya aşık olması daha hoşuma gitti.Kit'in eğitim aldığı yıllardan tanıdığı Vikont Brevard'ın Eliza'dan hoşlanması ve ona evlilik teklif etmesi... Kit'in duygularını harekete geçiren şey oldu bence! Hani elinizdekinin değerini kaybedince anlarsınız ya işte Kit'in durumu biraz öyle oldu. Ama... ama... Brevard'a haksızlık yapıldı. Cidden tam bir beyfendiydi ve Eliza'yı hak ediyordu... Bu şekilde olmamalıydı olaylar Brevard için... ama işte aşk kazanacak ya...Şahsen ben Vikont Brevard'tan daha çok hoşlandım :))Kit'in aşkını itiraf edişini de paylaşmak istiyorum sizlerle :))Loş, şimşekli ışık altında gözlerinin içine baktı Eliza. "Lütfen, Kit. Lütfen bırak beni." Kit yavaşça başını salladı. "Bırakamam. İnan bana denedim ama olmuyor. İnkar edilemez şekidle sana olan arzumdan acı çekiyor olsam da duygularım çok ama çok daha derin." İfadesi ciddiydi, Eliza'nın dudaklarına bir öpücük kondurdu. "Seni seviyorum, Eliza."Tamam itiraf ediyorum ben bu sahneyi biraz daha romantik hayal etmiştim :) Artık yorumumu bitiriyorum. Kitap hoşuma gitti, okumaktan zevk aldım. Hikayesi, kurgusu hayal ettiğim gibi olmadı bu konuda birazcık hayal kırıklığına uğrasam da yine de beğendim kitabı. Imm... puan vermek isteseydim sanırım 3,5 verirdim... The Trap Serisi kitapları:Kollarımdaki YabancıGül ve DikenGeceyarısı TutkusuSeriyi sizlere tavsiye ederim. Tarihi aşk romanı, lordları, leydileri, dükleri vikontları okumayı seviyorsanız bu seriyi de seveceksiniz. Dilerim Koridor Yayınları, yazarın diğer kitaplarını da yayınlar, şahsen yazarın kalemini çok seviyorum bu yüzden okumayı çok isterim. O yayınlamasa da inşallah başka bir yayınevi alır haklarını :))

  • Knihomoľka Bleise
    2019-03-20 01:26

    Neskutočne milá a naivná romantická knižôčka! :D Verím, že romantické duše si prídu na svoje. :)

  • Ange
    2019-04-14 03:40

    FINAL RATING 3.5 STARSI liked this book well enough. In fact I started out liking it more than I did the previous installmentThe Husband Trap. However, near 70% in I kinda lost interest. I think it was mainly because unlike in The Husband Trap I did not feel the longing and love between Kit and Eliza develop with the same natural pace than it did between Violet and Adrian in The Husband Trap.What I mean is that the Kit/Eliza relationship develops at a pace that is slow, but not as romantic. (view spoiler)[ For a long while the focus of their relationship is sex and more precisely their sexual desire for each other. Sure, there was love on Eliza's side from the very beginning, but Kit's realization that he loved Eliza as well didn't seem realistic to me. It was too easy. Too Deus ex machina. I think many people would disagree with me, but I think this book would have been more interesting and engaging if Eliza went through with her wedding to Lord Brevard, and many years down the road, she became a widow and met a more mature Kit. A Kit that knew what it was like to have lost her, and that knew first hand that he couldn't live without her because he had already endured that pain. It would have been a longer book, but I think I would have enjoyed it and believed the end result more. I simply couldn't believe that what Kit felt for Eliza was truly love because I was too caught up in his immaturity and his constant attempts to convince himself he only viewed Eliza as a good friend.(hide spoiler)]I think that was the reason why Kit and Eliza's romance didn't manage to hold my interest near the end. Adrian fell in love with Violet in a much more believable manner in my humble opinion.Don't get me wrong, this book is lovely. It just lacks that je ne sais quoi that makes a book truly remarkable.In fact, near the end I was wondering if Tracy Anne Warren would write Lord Brevard's story. (view spoiler)[ Because he seemed to me more interesting as a subject than Kit. Kit was merely immature and without a compass in life. Brevard was this near perfect gentleman, who every girl in town wanted to marry and yet he chose Eliza. He must have truly been in love to forgive all he forgave. So now I want to know how a man who had everything recovers from having his heart broken so thoroughly. That has to do something to a man's ego. I hope Tracy Anne Warren writes about Lord Brevard because he deserves a happily ever after. Poor guy. *cries all the tears for Brevard* (hide spoiler)] So, you see when I'm more interested in a secondary character than I am on the main one, you know something bad happened. I would recommend this book if you're looking for something sexy and historical. Just don't read it looking for an epic romance.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • JG
    2019-03-26 03:24

    I finished the wedding trap and LOVED IT! I skipped the second book finding ther heroine (which was introduce in the first book) a selfish and self-centered female and thought she DOES NOT DESERVE A HAPPY ENDING! UGHH!! I DESPISE HER!Anyway...this is my favorite of the series. I have read a lot of historical romance and knew the cliche's and feeling and lust all to well. This book, however was magic! I LOVED IT! THis is one of my fave Historical Romance among ALL the others i have read. Compared to my top-fave-list mostly composed of magic, poignancy, heart-aching, tear-jerker romance, it's hard to believed this (= made it's way into my top 5.This is a light, sensual and steamy read. Yes steamy. It was hot and made me ache inside. The sexual tension between the characters was so strong you can cut it with a knife but also with reasonable and believable amount of time; just enough time for their feelings to stir. The progression of their romance was a delightful read. I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!I don't know what made this special. I guess it was the teacher-student romance that got me. I LOVE FORBIDDEN!Or maybe, it was because the writer was simply amazing and knows what readers want. Transforming something simple into something great. OUr heroine is shy, clever, and passionate young woman with an adorable innocence. Our hero was ask to be her mentor as she hunts for husband. He reluctantly agrees and they did a lot of lessons together. As their desire begins pulling them together, our hero gives our heroine more....passionate and intimate lessons that drove me CRAZY! It was simply to much! Our hero tries to act differently but he knows she wants our heroine. Wants her for himself and he becomes overly and insanely jealous when suitors starts paying a visit. guilty pleasure!Over all: totally recomended

  • ♥ℳelody
    2019-04-06 02:37

    By far the BEST of the three books (1st one comes in close second) for me. And it surprised me because after reading the second one I was underwhelmed and not sure what to expect but goodness this was really good. Loved loved loved Kit and Eliza. I adore and loved the hero Kit in this. He just made me swoon. His humor whit and charm is so infectious and lovable and Eliza is adorable. The starting off as friends and Kit starting to fall for her was really sweet. The innocent set up is what made the whole plot so delicious. I loved the little 'lessons' Kit gave Eliza to try and teach her but ended up getting carried away. The build up was really nice while a little slow and dragged out at times the second half of the book and ending more than makes up for it. I was not expecting the intense angst in this one I was expecting more light-hearted fun given the main characters but I was really surprised. I think the last few chapters is what really made me love the book more. I wasn't expecting it but jesus the love between them and how it grows is amazing and addictive to read. I don't think there was anything I disliked about this book which is rare for me. lol Really fun playful delightful read while at the same time very passionate. And it's not even just in the physical sense but through words and dialogue which is what's really nice and surprising. I really like this author's style of writing and use of dialogue. Beautifully done. Awesome book!

  • Julie
    2019-04-19 02:31

    Another okay historical that didn't quite hit the mark. Here we have Eliza who is the quiet wallflower friend of Violet (from Book 1 in the series) who has now come into a fortune and is on the marriage mart. Kit, Violet's brother-in-law is enlisted to help her re-do herself, so that she's more comely and stylish and not so shy. Once she gets her haircut, etc. he starts to notice her himself and enjoys their lessons together - particularly kissing lessons! Unfortunately, even though she's always loved him, she doesn't think he cares about her and she is now being actively pursued by the perfect gentleman, Lord Lancelot, who is handsome, strong, heroic, manly and he wants to marry her! But, he's not Kit! What's a girl to do? I liked the fact that Kit is not perfect and we see that when he fights Lancelot and is compared to him. He does shape up though when dealing with her slimy cousin. Cute story, but it didn't really grab me, not bad, not great though it ends well.3.5/5

  • Rebecca (everyday reader)
    2019-04-09 07:43

    Eliza is a shy, quiet, bluestocking with a secret unrequited love for her best friends brother-in-law, Kit. She has been ignored and ridiculed in public until her nasty aunt dies and leaves her a fortune. Now she has to have another season and find a husband who is not a fortune hunter, or a cad. Kit becomes her mentor and helps her overcome her shyness in public, reveals her looks in a new wardrobe and hairstyle, and discovers a passion well hidden. During their lessons their closeness brings something more for both of them, other men propose to her, her social life blooms, and a dangerous man kidnaps her. Great read!!

  • *MariaA*
    2019-04-08 00:42

    Pure Romance!!! PLZ PLZ Ms Warren, need a story for lance Brevard!!!

  • Esra
    2019-03-30 07:22

    Kitabın çok bilindik bir hikayesi olsa da ben çok beğendim.. Yazar hakkını vermiş bence..Karakterler de çok tatlıydı.. Kit'e zaten bayılmıştım, Eliza'nın da böyle sevimli biri olduğu az çok belliydi.. Şu hediye kitap da hikayeye biraz ilginçlik katmıştı..Kısacası yazarı da bu seriyi de sevdim :)

  • Sue
    2019-04-17 01:31

    3.5 Marked improvement over The Wife Trap, very "My Fair Lady" in mentor growing a less likely lady to became a sought after woman.Enjoyed it, was a little long in the tooth at times but the premise though not original is certainly enjoyable. I can say that the twists away from My Fair Lady made it more enjoyable because it was a complete rehash.

  • Lorka
    2019-03-22 01:22

    I know that I have read this concept from other authors before, and I do like the storyline... it just seemed this particular story did not have any umph to it for me. It was good, just not super exciting.

  • Selin
    2019-04-05 07:35

    Formüle indirgersek inanılmaz seveceğim Ugly betty hikayelerindendi lakin bu kitapta yakıştıramadım. Daha uygun bir tabir arıyorum ama yok. Sadece yakıştıramadım.

  • Wiwo Aprilia
    2019-04-06 01:18

    My least favorite in this series.i hate Eliza Character, better Jeanette (book 2) than her.

  • Chika Nkachukwu
    2019-04-11 06:28

    My choice is 2 then 1 then 3. That's the order. I thought the first was magnificent until I read the second which made me laugh so much.

  • Maida
    2019-04-15 08:35

    Bloody adorable!!!*4/5 stars*

  • Aysu
    2019-04-06 03:32

    Brevarda üzüldüm:( Keşke Kit değil de onunla evlenseydi.İlk yarısı çok durgundu.Ama bir Gül ve Diken değildi.

  • Patty
    2019-04-16 05:33

    A typical romance novel with a boring, predictable, unlikely plot.

  • Akanksha
    2019-04-09 00:23

    The plot was okay but the story ended up dragging a little during the middle. Normally I am not really concerned with the accuracy with which the author portrays the era but in this it seemed a little bit too far fetched. For starters the heroine has always been shy and submissive all her life thanks to her aunt and with the help of the hero she manages to slowly come out of shell. But being able to rebel against the laws of such a strict society requires more than overcoming shyness and has more to do with being a born rebel who has the strength to defy society and yet the demure and shy girl who finds making an excuse to stay at home thrilling doesn't seem the kind to refuse a marriage proposal after losing her virginity while still looking for a husband. I mean does she expect that her husband would just ignore the fact that she is not a virgin, something which was a very big issues in that era. An even if I do ignore that little flaw in the plot, I don't think I can ignore the part where a guy actually is okay with knowing that the woman he has just proposed to has lost her virginity to another man. I agree there could have been a few guys who would have been a broad minded even in that era but seriously the guy doesn't take more than a few seconds to come to grips with it which is completely unbelievable. And if that wasn't enough the heroine even breaks off an official betrothal with a viscount or something to get engaged to the hero who is the second son of an earl so basically untitled. And all this happens very peacefully with the exception of a well deserved punch to the hero's face. I am pretty sure that in those days a broken betrothal was a very big deal especially to the person being dumped. And most of all I fail to understand after stretching the rules of the society in so many ways why did the author stop at punishing the villain who had been a pedophile, kidnapper, gold digger and about-to-be-rapist. The hero warns the villain to leave the country and does not throw him in jail to protect the reputation of the heroine. I don't see the point of protecting it since at least 4 other people already knew that she had been kidnapped and even though they were family the book had already established that the servants were not very good at holding in gossip plus the heroine had been abducted for 2 days so I m pretty sure people knew she had been kidnapped. At this point how much more harm could have been done if they had thrown him in jail instead of setting him loose on the world. And even if it did how does it matter anymore since the author obviously doesn't care to stick to the actualities of the era.