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Für ihr nächstes Buch über Charles Dickens braucht Kate Ivory historische Informationen - Details, die sie einem spektakulären Manuskript-Fund entnehmen will. Eine gewisse Dr. Olivia Blacket, Dozentin am Leicester College in Oxford, bewacht diese kostbaren Manuskripte jedoch mit Argusaugen und weigert sich hartnäckig, Kate Zugang zu dem faszinierenden Material zu gewähren.Für ihr nächstes Buch über Charles Dickens braucht Kate Ivory historische Informationen - Details, die sie einem spektakulären Manuskript-Fund entnehmen will. Eine gewisse Dr. Olivia Blacket, Dozentin am Leicester College in Oxford, bewacht diese kostbaren Manuskripte jedoch mit Argusaugen und weigert sich hartnäckig, Kate Zugang zu dem faszinierenden Material zu gewähren. Als Blacket unversehens tot in ihrem Büro aufgefunden wird, nimmt sich Kate des Falles an...und muss erschüttert feststellen, dass die Spur unter anderem zu ihrem Geliebten führt....

Title : Morgen trauert Oxford
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ISBN : 9783404154289
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Morgen trauert Oxford Reviews

  • Richard Stueber
    2019-03-25 14:38

    Novelist Kate Ivory is writing about Charles Dickens lover Ellen Ternan. Kate is trying to get in touch with Oxford professor Olivia Blackett who should know the most about the subject. Unbeknownst to Kate, her own boyfriend Dr. Liam Ross has been having a lengthy affair with Olivia.Meanwhile a family of five unrelated vagrants arrive in Oxford. One of them, Angel, has her own reason to find Olivia Blackett.Of course murder occurs and Kate becomes involved with Angel and her pals in solving the crime.My local library system doesn't have volumes 4 to 14 in this series, so unfortunately I won't be reviewing them at this time.

  • Anne Fenn
    2019-03-21 12:52

    I like this series a lot, at the right time eg a short train journey. It has shades of Agatha Raisin in its main character, Kate Ivory, an author looking into random crimes. The author makes the most of the Oxford setting. Plot is lightweight. If you're needing some pleasant distraction, this book would fit the bill.

  • Jean
    2019-04-01 11:52

    I read the first two books in the series earlier and picked up the third book to continue reading about Kate Ivory. Enjoyable character/setting and story.

  • Simon Mcleish
    2019-04-19 12:59

    Originally published on my blog here in November 1998.Oxford Mourning is the third of Veronica Stallwood's series featuring the novelist detective Kate Ivory - it is strange that so many crime novelists write about novelists as detectives. In this novel, Kate is writing a lurid historical romance about Oxford butcher's wife Maria Susanna Taylor (whose sister was Charles Dickens' mistress and may have had an illegitimate child by him). When she discovers that new material on this subject - letters between the sisters - has been discovered and is being investigated by an Oxford academic, she attempts to gain an introduction to Dr Olivia Blackett through her on-off lover, Liam Ross, music tutor at the same college.When, repulsed by Blackett, Kate sneaks into her rooms to see - and remove - some of the letters, she witnesses from behind a door a massive argument between Liam and Olivia, with whom he clearly has a far closer relationship than he let on to Kate. Kate also meets a young woman named Angel, clearly rather unstable, who has an obsession with Leicester College and Dr Blackett. When Blackett is discovered murdered later that day, Kate finds herself in a position where she is the only person who knows about all the threads which came together on the day of the murder (though there is much about each of them which she doesn't yet know).Oxford Mourning suffers even more than most crime novels from unbelievable coincidences - the complications to a plot made necessary by supporting a puzzle of sufficient difficulty make them a ubiquitous weakness of the genre. The fact that Kate and Olivia have two unsuspected connections (in their working interests and Liam), and that these form part of their lives at the same time is one; the way that all this drama happens on one day is another. In both these cases, a little bit of extra work could have removed the incredible nature of these events, by making the day significant for another reason which made it natural for the unconnected events to happen then, and by separating Liam's love affairs in time, for example.In fact, Oxford Mourning shows signs of lazy writing throughout. Angel and her homeless friends, for example, are a group of stereotypical homeless people: the mentally disturbed, the amoral hustler, the alcoholic from a posh background and so on. Another revision would have immensely improved this book, as it does at least also show signs that Stallwood can do better - the character of Kate is well drawn.

  • Nikki
    2019-03-22 09:37

    Protagonist Kate Ivory, a writer of historical romances, lives in Oxford, but is not exactly of it. She has no University degree, and many of the academics who surround her are a bit scornful of her work. In search of a bit of Victorian-era scandal to spice up her latest book project, Kate attempts to interview Olivia Blacket, a Fellow of the mythical Leicester College, who has recently come into possession of the diaries and letters of an Oxford woman connected with Charles Dickens. Meanwhile, an odd little "family" of four men and a woman have arrived to squat and busk in Oxford. The woman, whom they call Angel, remembers very little about herself -- only that she must reach Leicester, and the name, Olivia Blacket.How Kate's and Angel's paths intersect and what comes of it makes a fascinating mystery which also deepens the character of Kate, in her third appearance in a mystery novel. In fact, all the characters are well-drawn, and the setting in Oxford seems very real. The title refers both to an annual event at Leicester College commemorating the victim of a 16th-century murder, and to the problems of some of the characters. I gave this only three stars because of one annoying clue which was obvious to me but which no one in the book worked out until the very end. Still, it was very enjoyable and I'll be reading more of Ms. Stallwood's book.

  • Kate
    2019-04-16 14:41

    "When novelist Kate Ivory first meets Dr. Olivia Blacket, an academic at Leicester College, Oxford, the atmosphere is far from amicable. Olivia refuses to show Kate the fascinating material she is researching, even though it concerns the same esteemed literary figure that Kate is writing about. Determined to nose out the scandals that could provide her with a bestseller, Kate discovers a darker side to Dr. Blacket. What are the strange obsessions that haunt her? What is her relationship with Kate's boyfriend Liam? And most of all, who would want to murder her ...?"Liam's name heads the list of suspects, but Kate thinks a bizarre 'family' of civilised squatters -- four men guarding a blank-faced girl -- might have something to hide. As she is drawn into their circle, Kate starts to unravel the truth."~~back coverAs I started reading this book, I didn't think I'd like it. It's so "modern": rough alienated young men, destructive love affairs, academic thuggery, etc. I like cozies. This definitely isn't a cozy.But the more I read, the more the plot drew me in, in spite of how wet our heroine seemed to be at times, and how alienated and distant at others. I won't go so far as to say I'm looking forward to reading other books in the series, but it wasn't half bad after all.

  • Krob
    2019-04-05 07:52

    This was my third book in the series about Kate Ivory, an author who lives in Oxford and gets involved in murders at Oxford. I enjoyed this, but don't think I'll read the rest of the series at this time. In this one, Kate is seeking old papers about Charles Dickens' mistress to bolster her latest historical novel. Interesting, but I think that the author has used up all plausible avenues for Kate to get involved in murders, not that this would stop a really clever mystery writer.

  • Cat.
    2019-03-21 08:03

    Purchased in Hay-on-Wye on vacation. I've just found another author I need to read all of. This one was interesting not just for the Oxford and author standpoints, but because of the concept of the squatters in the story, and the back story. Weird, sad, but interesting and pretty good. Why do sensible women always have such stupid taste in men though??

  • Teddi
    2019-04-13 09:41

    I liked this one much better than the last. I'm also happy to see that the author has described and explained more about the surroundings of Oxford for those of us not from the area or the country.

  • Kelly Simpson
    2019-04-20 09:01

    Another great book by Veronica Stallwood in the Kate Ivory Mystery's series.

  • Krissa33
    2019-04-10 09:49

    Gut geschrieben, flüssig und leicht zu lesen, mit einem überraschendem Schluß