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Facing her estranged husband Fletcher was always going to be heartbreaking for nurse Tessa King.Especially as Fletcher has one last favour to ask – with his mother critically ill, he needs Tessa to pretend tragedy never tore their marriage apart. Impossible when your husband’s the one man it hurts your heart to touch...but the one man you can’t resist......

Title : How to Mend a Broken Heart
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How to Mend a Broken Heart Reviews

  • Heidy
    2019-03-24 13:39

    Wow I mean WOW!You have not read a heart screaming, tier wiping soul-searching medical romance novel until you read Amy Andrew How to Mend a Broken heart.This novel is exquisite is caviar for the readers. The story line is just memorizing a parent worst nightmare. This story will steal your heart.It is a few times when I start a book right before bedtime and cant but it down it was one that I just had to finish.A Story of two people who are in love but are separated by tragedy. Tessa have not seeing her ex-husband in nine years but Fletch needs her help. Fletch mother is suffering from Alzheimer's and Tess has experience in that field so who better to help him then his ex-wife. So Tess come in agreement with her ex-husband to help him with Jean. The catch of this agreement is that Jean Fletch mother does remember their divorce or their tragedy.From there first touch you can see the love they have for each other and how they can never get enough of one another. With perfectly small flashback of there live together you can see how steamy their love was. It was never overwhelm or felt like filler in any way.On top of all that love there is a dark cloud of pain, regret, guilt and shame that does not allowed them to live beyond their past. There is only one road to travel and Fletch knows they are the only one that can mend their broken hearts.*Thank you to NetGalley and Mills & Boon Medical and Harlequin Medical Romance series for the opportunity to read and review this ARC.

  • Naomi
    2019-04-19 14:05

    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley for review.How To Mend A Broken Heart is quite an emotional read. The main characters, Tess & Fletcher are still trying to cope with the death of their son 10 years later. After seperating nine years previously & Tess moving to the UK to try to escape any memories of Ryan (their son) she comes back on the anniversary of his death & see's Fletch at the graveyard. He asks a favour of her & the rest of the story carries on from there.I had tears well up a few times as Tess' struggle with grief was quite sad but also Fletch had moments of utter despair too.If you like emotional, true-to-life reads then this is definitely for you!

  • SaraHarlequinJunkie
    2019-04-06 12:47

    How to Mend a Broken Heart is Poignant, soulful and thought provoking romance! A must read....

  • Amy
    2019-04-09 10:39

    First, let's talk about that cover.This book is about a couple who divorced shortly after the death of their young son; ten years later, they reconnect, bent and bowed under the weight of grief that still shrouds them. Does that cover look like two people in their late thirties? In his case, Fletch, the man in the photo, is forty. The hell? Do the people who come up with these covers even read the books? And Tess, the woman, has short spiky hair. The cover couple looks like two college kids hiding in the library stacks, desperate for a naughty study interlude.Now that I've gotten that out of my system, on with the show.How to Mend a Broken Heart is saddled with, in addition to that awful cover, an awful title. Yes, Tess and Fletch's hearts are broken. It's been ten years since their son Ryan's death, but in those ten years, Tess left their home in Australia to move to a small town in the English countryside. Fletch stayed behind, and now must deal with his mother's dementia. When he sees Tess during her annual graveside visit on the anniversary of Ryan's death, he asks her to move in with him and his mother and help take care of the latter.This is a "medical romance," or so the cover tells us. And it is, to some degree. Fletch is a doctor, Tess a nurse, and some scenes do take place in a hospital. But it's really a character study of two people still mired in grief, both of them clinging to it out of fear that if they get past their loss, they will lose their memories of their son. Mirroring this is Fletch's mother, who actually is losing her memory. If Fletch and Tess ease up on their grief, will they experience their own form of dementia?There is a romance to be found here, as Tess and Fletch independently remember their life together. He is determined to keep her, just as she is determined to leave him again, absconding to England to get away from memories of Ryan.And this being a romance, we are treated to some loving, touching and squeezing. Just ... not enough. And what we get can be a bit of a tease. Then again, given the heaviness of the story lines, would it make sense for these two to rock the headboard? Probably not.There is nothing lighthearted about this book. It is serious, from start to finish, with almost no let up. Tess is not always likable; she's frustrating and self-focused. Not that you can blame her, really. Fletch, on the other hand, wears his wounds like his three day stubble. We want to comfort him and help heal him.You have to be in the right mood for this book, even if it is a fast read. If you want an excuse to shed a tear or two, this is one to pick up.I'd give this 3.5 stars, if half stars were available. Published on cupcake's book cupboard. @VivaAmaRisataThanks to Net Galley for the preview.

  • Fiona Marsden
    2019-04-18 10:05

    This is one of those wow books when you are amazed at the story but shattered at the same time. This was such an emotional read for me even though I've never lost a child post-natal. Fletcher and Tessa are such remarkable characters you just ache for them right from the first moment. Each of them have dealt with the loss, the grief and the guilt of losing their only child tragically in different ways.Fletch looks whole on the surface but inside he has a hole in his heart that not only is the place where their son should be, but also his soulmate Tessa. He has chosen to devote his life to improving the chances of children who drown by researching and trialling methods.Tessa has withdrawn entirely from feeling, from living, and this was essentially the breaking point of the marriage. They still loved each other but they lost their way in expressing that love, in validating their feelings. By denying her grief and through that, giving her husband no outlet for his, Tessa pushed Fletch into an action that became the final straw.Now they have to work together to help Fletcher's mother who is sinking into the frightening world of Alzheimer's. Tessa is experienced in nursing such patients since she left paediatric nursing to avoid children and Fletch desperately needs her assistance.Thrust together, these two have to start dealing with the issues that tore them apart ten years ago. And it is a painful process, not just for the hero and heroine, but for us living through it with them.I felt battered when I finished the book. Yes, it has a happy ending. But as the author informed me when I asked halfway through when I was panicking, it is a tempered one. Damaged people do not have euphoric happy endings, not in the real world.But this book, painful as it is, is a book about hope. It is about healing that can come if we are willing to work towards it, within ourselves and together with those we love. The writing, and the way the author deals with such a deeply sensitive issue is beautifully done. It isn't an easy book to read but it is a very worthwhile one. Anyone who denigrates the quality and depth of romance novels has never read authors such as Amy Andrews. Thank you Amy for the pleasure and the pain, and the healing tears.

  • Maria
    2019-04-19 15:46

    This is one of the most realistic romances I've ever read. It touches on the death of a child and the toll it can take on a marriage. It touches on the care of Alzheimers' patients. Dealing with the care of a sick child not to mention infidelity. How could this be a romance? Well how could it not? Romances are relationship stories and relationships can have problems as well as emotionally satisfying moments.It's Tess and Fletch's reunion story. Their marriage was unable to survive the aftermath of their son a decade earlier. They retreated from each other, divorced and buried themselves in work - his work as a doctor, hers as a nurse.But a family problem has thrown them together again. Now it's time to face up to what happened back then. Face it, heal and move on - preferably together.As in all romances, when the healing power of love gets a chance to do its work, the results are magic.I approached this book with trepidation. I did not think it would work as a romance. But surprisingly for me at least, it did. Stories about relationships, stories about life, these are stories worth reading. Especially if a message of hope is there. And yes, it is there

  • Hsiau Wei
    2019-04-18 10:01

    I find this book is an emotional read for me. Whatmore, the night before i started reading this book i dream of my boy being missing. In fact, i almost wanted to put aside this book given that i know the stressfulness in reading this book. Glad that i contnue to read instead. This book tell the story of Tess who went back home to visit her son on the anniversary of his death found that the Husband that she left behind 10 years ago waiting for her at the graveyard. Fletcher needed her help to take care of his ailing mother who is battling with Alzheimer. This was to get her to be back by his side after she severe all ties with him upon the death of their son. Hence, the begining of the second chance of them to discover their love for each other.Throughout this book, the author inserted bit and pieces of the untimely death of the son and i was able to piece them up together and understand the reason Tess in doing so ten years ago. This book is definitely not an easy read and at the end of the book, i was emotionally tired!

  • Brianne
    2019-04-05 12:42

    Trigger warning: the death of a little kidThis was a heart wrenching and sad book that ends on a hopeful note. The bulk of the story is about the journey of these two parents ten years after the death of their 18 month old son.

  • Aurelia Rowl
    2019-03-28 14:44

    Gosh, what a heavy subject matter - mourning the death of a child. This story left me feeling wrung out, not helped by the unexpected blast of personal grief over the elderly, fat, arthritic, deaf Labrador.

  • Jacquie
    2019-03-30 12:55

    This must have been so hard of a story to write, I can't imagine. The trauma that this family went through was so well written I cried.

  • Helen
    2019-04-21 08:46

    Such a heart warming story I loved it so moving

  • Brie
    2019-03-23 09:03

    Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerI haven’t read a Harlequin Medical Romance in months, maybe even years, so when I saw this one on NetGalley I decided to renew my former love for the line. Almost ten years ago Fletcher and Tessa’s toddler died in a tragic accident. Their inability to cope with their grief ended their marriage. Tessa moved to London and they never saw each other again. But every year she visits their son’s grave and he watches her. Now, after all these years, he’s ready to confront her. His mother has Alzheimer’s and he asks Tessa to stay with them for a while because his mother needs her. So she agrees, even though she’s still actively grieving and can’t even stand the sight of him. The situation forces her to come to terms with what happened and decide if she wants to give their marriage a second chance.I like angst and emotional stories, and there was plenty of it here. But the heroine was very selfish in her grief. She acted like she was the only one who lost a child, and didn’t even give a second thought to Fletcher’s pain. I understand acting that way at first, but after ten years she still wasn’t able see past her own feelings. Not only that, but she was frozen in time, she was unwilling to even try to move on. I’m not going to judge, because I can’t even imagine having to experience such a tragedy, but it was exasperating (and I just judged. Honestly, I don’t know how to express my dislike without sounding like an asshole). Fletcher wasn’t a bad hero. Mostly I just felt sorry for him. He was a martyr with a very good reason to atone and he was mature and knew what he wanted. The problem was that he didn’t mind using his mother to get it. And this is why I almost couldn’t finish the book. The mother and her disease were nothing but convenient plot devices. As someone who knows just how devastating Alzheimer’s is, I found this book borderline offensive. The book does have a redeeming quality that kept it from being just plain awful. There was no easy answer or miraculous recovery for Tessa. The happy ending isn’t emotional health; the happy ending is the first step towards recovery. It’s a work in progress and it was the only way to make the ending believable.This one was a melodrama, so if you like over the top emotion give it a try. Fletcher’s sister has a toddler and a baby on the way, so we also get the typical scene where the heroine has a nervous breakdown, but then when the kid is in danger she has to save him. So there’s a lot of angsty angst which I’m sure most readers will enjoy. I was too offended to pay much attention, though.

  • Sara
    2019-04-01 11:51

    This was a different style book for me, it hit home pretty hard on a few points. I usually read more towards the contemporary romance with the fantasy element of the rock star etc. This was a very sweet story. Disclaimer: The cover does this book NO JUSTICE at all! It really says nothing about the emotion that is portrayed in the book. Fletcher and Tessa were married, a tragedy happened and they divorced. Fast forward nine years to the anniversary of the tragedy and they are face to face again because Fletch needs help and Tess is just the person to help him. Reluctantly Tess agrees; see Fletch needs help with his mother whom is living with Alzheimer's and Tess just happens to work in a home for such patients. She reluctantly agrees but does because she knows her ex-mother in law can benefit from her help. The catch with this arrangement is Fletcher's mother thinks they are still married and does not remember they divorced. Such trauma is not good for a woman in their condition so of course Fletch and Tess decide what is best is to pretend. Here is where it gets good. From the first touch of Tess' hand on Fletcher's thigh to her shirt sliding off her shoulders in bed we get glimpses of who this couple used to be together; a couple madly in love and who could never get enough of one another. The flashbacks and time together are just steamy enough and placed perfectly where they do not feel forced or for filler. Yet though we see their past happiness; there is the tragedy looming over them like a serious dark cloud of regret and guilt from their past. To confront this can lead them down two different roads which neither of them are sure they want to travel but know they are the only one who could mend the heartbreak that caused their divorce and the divorce itself. How to Mend a Broken heart is a very real to life story. A story of two people who fall in love and separate because they felt it was for the best. There is a scene in this book dealing with the tragedy that had me in tears; it was emotional reading it but on a personal level I experienced the almost exact same thing so reading something that close to home and my heart hit hard. I enjoyed this read as it was a nice break from the fantasy land of rich men, rock stars etc. and just read as simple love story about a man and a woman who caused each other pain but have the chance to repair the hurt. Thank you to NetGalley and Mills & Boon Medical and Harlequin Medical Romance series for the opportunity to read and review this ARC.

  • waterbaby786
    2019-04-10 11:03

    I got this Arc via Netgalley. I give it a 5 star rating cause i absolutely didnt want to put it down and gratefully it didnt read like a cliche romance novel.The only thing I'm complaining about is that it was too short..In this quick, but emotional, heart wrenching but soul satisfying read I'd grown so quickly attached to our two main characters fletcher and tess. Theyve been divorced and out of touch for ten yrs Following the tragic freak death of their 18mnth baby boy.the trauma and grief was the catalyst in the consequential fall out of their marriage. Fletcher blames the lack of ability to deal with their own devastated feelings and each others too. Ten yrs later a still very much in love Fletch approaches the still grieving mother of his child( in denial) for a chance of making life a bit more comfortable for his alzheimers sufferng mother who was lke a mother to Tessm what insues are awkward moments volatile situations. Plenty harsh words spoken back and forth but teender feeling of once passionate and endless love brimming below the stranger facades they wear in front of Fletches easily riled up mother. At times things seemed to just fall into a calm serene pce and times fletch finds 2 step progress of keeping a barely existing trusting friendship goes back ten steps and turns them bak iinto suffering frustrated souls screaming on the inisde for respite.Ilove love loved this book, it had me riveted frm the get go all thru the 48 hrs it took to revel in this heartfelt story

  • Roub
    2019-03-31 09:43

    very painful, heart-rending one. this is not abt romance but abt a couple getting over the loss of their baby..a small toddler wid rounded chubby fingers, blond hair n big green eyes. i'm actually picturing him.. the 10 year gap is realistic, in fact 10 years may not be enough but the healing process begun at least. tessa was dreadfully affected. when i arrived at the very end, i understood why she cud not talk abt it, get over it. i mean u dunt get over but u can try 2 live again while she cud not at all. she was an ice block 4 10 years. dats bcoz it's already unbearable 2 lose ur child, add 2 dat she did had a point abt feeling guilty. ofc it was an accident, a set of circumstances thriving together so dat things went wrong. but any1 in her place wud feel very very guilty bcoz she fell asleep n thus was not watching over ryan. the if-onlys u never get over. this is a book not 2 be missed, the author deals wid this theme fantastically. she did a real good work. she showed us how tessa's attitude, shutoff pushed fletcher away n eventually in the arms of another woman. he was suffering too. as he said, it was not a matter of lust, not a matter of love but a question of affection which he badly needed. he did not remember the woman's name, did not see her again but dat was not the point. he got a few hours of abandonment, of forgetting, of oblivion ! this is one exceptional read yet only a 3 stars bcoz it's too tear-jerking

  • Nas Dean
    2019-04-19 14:43

    HOW TO MEND A BROKEN HEART by author Amy Andrews is a August 2012 release for Mills & Boon Medical and Harlequin Medical Romance series.Tessa King really couldn’t agree to what her ex-husband Fletcher asked of her- could she?Living apart for the last nine years after tragedy tore their lives; she just managed to live day by day. Surely she couldn’t pretend now that everything is normal between them?But since it was Fletch’s mum, who had been like a mum to her, Tessa agreed. And living together kept bringing back all those harrowing memories for her. But it did one more thing, it brought back her subdued feelings for her husband!They were bereaved, aggrieved and divorced. That was a whole lot of baggage to take with them to a bed they hadn’t shared in nine years.HOW TO MEND A BROKEN HEART is a wonderfully poignant tale of old passions, second chances and healing power of love. It is an exceptionally realistic romance that will touch your heart and make you shed tears. Author Amy Andrews kept her characters and therefore her readers in constant whirlwind of emotions with this dramatic, at times heartbreaking, but ultimately uplifting story about taking chances on loves devastating choices, redemption and triumphing against the odds. 4.5 out of 5 Stars

  • Rakisha
    2019-04-03 10:52

    Most of my friends and colleagues know of the struggles I had with conceiving and/or having a viable pregnancy in my late 20s and 30s. Only a few know how devastating it was on myself, my husband and our marriage. To say that my first miscarriage had the destructive force of a hurricane is no hyperbole. It took me a lot longer to read Amy Andrew's How to Mend a Broken Heart because it brought back some of those hard feelings and situations. The book, of course, is a little bit more neat and tidy than real life. Also, in the book, the child lost was 18-months-old not 12 weeks in utero or still born at 22 weeks. But a loss of a child hurts no matter how old. It's the death of dreams, futures, and what might bes. The aftermath is guilt, hatred, and no escape from pain. I think How to Mend A Broken Heart did a good job of describing that but infusing hope and love into a situation where one imagines the grieving will never end. I never really read a somber romance novel that had a happy ending before. It wasn't sappy. Also, it was nice to have a hero and heroine who were my age contemporaries. :-)

  • Tracey
    2019-04-15 11:39

    Thought provoking and heart wrenching.When Fletcher and Tessa divorced ten years ago it wasn't a simple break down of love it was a break of a million pieces kind caused by grief. The loss of their son broke them. In a way denying themselves of each other is their self inflicted punishment. Fletcher still loves and needs Tessa, even more now he needs help caring for his mother. It is a decision that inflicts more pain as both are forced to relive their loss and devastation.Don't read this if you are expecting your usual smile a minute romance from Amy Andrews, read it because she has the bravery to stay true to the depth of the emotion behind this story. From page one I felt like a baby elephant had decided to take root on my chest and was making my eyes leak. Yes throughout I wanted Tessa to be stronger, yes I wanted Fletcher to be the perfect guy, yes I wanted them to start mending their broken hearts before I reached the middle. But honestly if all of that had happened I would have felt cheated. The reality is grief hurts and Amy Andrews explores this beautifully.Now if someone can just help me move this elephant...

  • Judith
    2019-04-02 12:50

    I received a copy of How to Mend a Broken Heart through NetGalley. This book is definitely a roller coaster of emotions. It has been ten years since the death of her toddler son and Tessa King still lives with the pain every day. After her marriage fell apart, Tessa left the home she loved and her life. Now her ex- husband, Fletcher, needs a favor. His mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and her prognosis grows worse and worse. Fletcher needs Tessa’s help caring for his ailing mother, but can Tessa handle the constant reminder of the life she once had?I almost gave up on this book. I was about a quarter of the way into, but the atmosphere surrounding the story, especially the character of Tessa, was too depressing. I ended up finishing the book and I am glad that I did. The relationship between Tessa and Fletcher will definitely tug on your heart strings, especially when Fletcher admits the secret he has been keeping all these years. This is not your typical dime store romance and I wish it hadn’t been fashioned this way. I think the story, given the content and array of emotions, would have been an exceptional if the author had drawn it out to a full novel.

  • NixLapi
    2019-04-03 15:38

    This is not the type of romance I am typically drawn to, it was not at all a light read and had I know that I wouldn't have read it... but I would have missed a great story. I teared up throughout the book, it was absolutely heartbreaking the tragedy (death of their toddler ten years ago) that Tessa and Fletcher went through and how they dealt with it (or didn't). I was a bit disappointed the happy ending didn't come a tiny bit sooner, more for an emotional uplift than anything else... as I was still pretty down despite the happy ending.Overall a very heartfelt love story, about a couple torn apart by grief but who still love each other very much. Definitely not for anyone looking for a 'cheer me up' romance.

  • Karen
    2019-03-23 10:59

    I found this a really heartbreaking book to read. A friend of a close friend recently lost her 20 month old son to drowning and I have been following her blog. As a mother of four children myself, its unfathomable to understand how a mother can ever live with the grief of losing a child. Amy Andrews has written a very touching and heartbreaking story and I immersed myself in Fletcher and Tessa's story. Well done to Amy Andrews. Recommendation: You'll need a box of Kleenex for this one.Oh and cover is different to the one on Goodreads, but the one I have is not appealing at all. Certainly not the kind of male model that would catch my eye when browsing the bookshelves.

  • Caro
    2019-04-10 11:59

    This was an ok book. It was slower and had a little too much angst for my taste. There were plenty of emotions, some good parts and bad ones. The personalities were ok, but mostly I just wanted to tell the characters to get their stuff together and comm-un-i-cate. There was also a lot of grief. This was written well and flowed but just couldn't keep me interest. Good Luck

  • Amelia Strydom
    2019-03-29 08:39

    A truly beautiful romance, one of the best I have ever read. The characters divorced years ago because their son drowned, and both carry a lot of guilt. It was heartbreaking yet very uplifting. I read it twice, something I rarely do. Have a box of tissues ready!

  • Therese
    2019-04-15 07:52

    This was a nice story, it touched how parents grieve differently for their children and acceptance. It also touches Alzheimer's.

  • Kegan
    2019-03-31 13:55

    A heart breaking story but so worth it. I loved how it all ended.

  • Desty
    2019-04-04 16:05

    Sudah sepuluh tahun Tess dengan rutin mendatangi makam bayinya tepat pada hari kematiannya. Sepuluh tahun yang sangat berat baginya. Bukan saja karena dia kehilangan bayinya, tetapi juga dia kehilangan keluarganya. Sejak kematian Ryan, Tess terus berada dalam penyesalan. Tess tahu Fletcher, suaminya, pun merasakan hal yang sama. Rumah tangganya menjadi dingin, dan ketika dia mengajukan perceraian kepada Fletcher, suaminya langsung mengiyakan permintaannya. Tess menganggap dirinya adalah ibu dan istri yang gagal. Seandainya saja dia tidak tertidur karena migrain, mungkin Ryan masih ada di pelukannya sekarang. Dan hubungannya dengan Fletcher tentunya tidak seperti saat ini.Fletcher mengamati Tess dari kejauhan. Rutinitas mantan istrinya setiap tahun itu yang membuatnya datang ke pemakaman ini. Fletcher sendiri menyesali mengapa dahulu dia juga tertidur setelah lelah bertugas jaga di rumah sakit malam sebelumnya. Atau mengapa dia tidak memperbaik kunci pintu yang rusak sejak seminggu sebelumnya saat Tess memintanya. Jika dia melakukan hal yang sebaliknya dari apa yang dilakukannya sepuluh tahun lalu, dia tidak akan mendapati tubuh biru Ryan di halaman belakang rumahnya. Dan tentu saja dia tidak kehilangan satu-satunya wanita yang dicintainya. Kali ini, Fletcher menemui Tess dengan satu (atau dua) misi yang mungkin akan ditolak oleh Tess.Jean, ibu dari Fletcher, menderita Alzheimer selama 5 tahun dan selalu menanyakan tentang Tess. Somehow, pikiran Jean berada pada masa dimana Fletcher dan Tess baru saja menikah. Selama ini Jean didampingi oleh Trish, adik Fletcher. Tetapi Trish sedang mengandung dan kehamilannya yang sulit membuatnya tidak bisa mendampingi Jean. Fletcher-lah yang mengambil alih tugas itu. Namun dengan kesibukan penelitiannya, Fletcher tidak bisa berada di sisi Jean setiap saat. Sejak perpisahan mereka, Fletcher menenggelamkan dirinya dalam penelitian mengenai kerusakan otak akibat hypertemia. Jean tidak bisa didampingi oleh orang asing, dan dia sering mencari Tess. Pengalaman Tess sebagai seorang perawat yang menghadapi pasien dementia juga mendukung Fletcher meminta bantuan dari Tess. Fletcher tahu hal tersebut tidak mudah bagi Tess. Tapi Fletcher juga ingin istrinya kembali padanya.Banyak sekali emosi yang diangkat dalam novel ini. Novel ini mengisahkan tentang bagaimana keluarga yang kehilangan anaknya berusaha bangkit dari rasa penyesalan diri dan luka di masa lalu. Di samping itu, mereka pun menghadapi kenyataan orang tua yang disayangi pelan-pelan mulai melupakan apa yang di sekelilingnya. Belum lama sebelum saya membaca novel ini, mama bercerita tentang kondisi nenek saya yang mulai menurun. Dia mulai melupakan orang-orang yang ada di dekatnya, mengalami disorientasi waktu, dan sepenuhnya bergantung pada orang lain. Jadi, saya memahami sekali apa yang dirasakan oleh Tess dan Fletcher dalam menghadapi Jean. Saat satu per satu masa lalu itu kembali datang menghantui dan bagaimana mereka berdua berusaha mengatasinya dengan sekuat tenaga.Amy Andrews sendiri yang adalah seorang perawat berusaha membuat novel ini serealistis mungkin. Dengan beberapa istilah dunia medis dan psikologi membuat novel ini terasa lengkap dan membuat pembaca larut dalam karakter yang diciptakannya. Dia tidak membuat alur cerita everything-is-okay-now-and-the-future-must-be-good untuk para tokoh. Dengan mengambil POV orang ketiga, pembaca bisa ikut memahami pergumulan diri Fletcher dan Tess. Sayangnya, bagian penyelesaian konflik di akhir cerita terkesan seperti ingin segera diakhiri. Tiga bintang layak diberikan untuk novel ini.

  • Gina
    2019-04-07 10:00

    This was a o.k. book for me. Not that it was a good story, it was for a younger crowd- 30's & single looking for true love.Always thanking netgalley for the the books!

  • Laura
    2019-04-05 09:46

    The romance in this book was nice - very sweet and touching. Very likable characters that have been dealt a crappy hand in life. However, when I pick up a series romance, I want a quick, lighthearted get-away-from-it all read. This book was so sad and heavy, it was a bit draining to get through. I don't mind some tragedy in a book, but for it to be the only topic in the book - mentioned on every other page, it is just too much. And not what I want in a romance novel. I just felt sorry for both protagonists and never fully related to them as a hero/heroine. 2.5/5 stars.

  • Modesty_b
    2019-04-05 10:56

    The story was good but I was confused at times about the back story and it does not become clear till the end.

  • Lu Bielefeld **
    2019-03-27 12:52