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The former EVP of Walt Disney World shares indispensible Rules for serving customers with consistency, efficiency, creativity, sincerity, and excellence. Lee Cockerell knows that success in business – any business - depends upon winning and keeping customers.In 39 digestible, bite-sized chapters, Lee shares everything he has learned in his 40+ year career in the hospitalitThe former EVP of Walt Disney World shares indispensible Rules for serving customers with consistency, efficiency, creativity, sincerity, and excellence. Lee Cockerell knows that success in business – any business - depends upon winning and keeping customers.In 39 digestible, bite-sized chapters, Lee shares everything he has learned in his 40+ year career in the hospitality industry about creating an environment that keeps customers coming back for more. Here, Lee not only shows why the customer always rules, but also the Rules for serving customers so well they'll never want to do business with anyone but you. For example:Rule #1: Customer Service Is Not a DepartmentRule #3: Great Service Follows the Laws of Gravity Rule #5: Ask Yourself "What Would Mom Do?"Rule #19: Be a Copycat Rule #25. Treat Every Customer like a RegularRule #39: Don’t Try Too HardAs simple as they are profound, these principles have been shown to work in companies as large as Disney and as small as a local coffee shop; from businesses selling cutting-edge technologies like computer tablets to those selling products as timeless as shoes and handbags; at corporations as long-standing as Ford Motors and those as nascent as a brand new start-up.  And they have been proven indispensible at all levels of a company, from managers responsible for hiring and training employees, setting policies and procedures, and shaping the company culture to front line staff who deal directly with clients and customersChock-full of universal advice, applicable online and off, The Customer Rules is the essential handbook for service excellence everywhere....

Title : The Customer Rules: The 39 Essential Rules for Delivering Sensational Service
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The Customer Rules: The 39 Essential Rules for Delivering Sensational Service Reviews

  • Taylor Ellwood
    2019-05-21 21:41

    In 39 short, and to the point chapters, the author shares his experiences and lessons in customer service. Each chapter is packed full of good ideas and examples of how those ideas have been implemented. The author draws on not only his experience at Disney, but more importantly his experience as a customer to illustrate the rules of customer service. A lot of what is also shared is how to be a good leader and trust your employees while continuing to invest in their development. I'd highly recommend this book to any company where customer service is an everyday reality, but I also think you can learn a lot even if you don't have a storefront.

  • Shaw
    2019-05-01 22:05

    Short and sweet and plenty of take aways.

  • Surya Kumar
    2019-05-02 20:43

    Guide to make you some wow factor with your clients.

  • Daniel Butcher
    2019-05-19 17:43

    From BetweenDisney.comThe Customer Rules: The 39 Essential Rules for Delivering Sensational Service by Lee Cockerell presents the former Disney executive's thoughts on providing excellent customer service. Cockerell provides 39 separate short chapters that are easy to read and digest for those wanting to know more about superior customer service. Cockerell's chapters generally focus on relationship building, preparation, and going beyond expectations. In many ways his guidance aligns with his granddaughter's most basic advice, "Be Nice!" The book's advice ranges from being prompt, understanding new technology, copying the best services of others and relationship relationship relationship.Honestly, for listeners of Cockrell's podcast, the tone and even some of the advice is far from shocking. Cockerell's thoughts really match the guidance he gives on a weekly basis with a focus on relationship and thoughtful service. But the Customer Rules has an advantage that the podcast lacks, you can easily share the book to someone who may not enjoy podcasts or not be open to Cockerell as a "Mickey Mouse" executive. Cockerell's advice here is not overly focused on Disney, again allowing the non-fan to buy into the book. And the chapters are short enough one could easily read them on the commute or in the cough cough bathroom.I do not think of myself as someone who provides customer service. But as Cockerell points out it is everyone's job. And in the midst of reading the book I was challenged with a situation that made me ask what would Lee Cockerell do? How can I give this person something allowing them to move forward when I need to say no? Because The Customer Rules is a great reminder that we all provide service to others and the foundation of supporting their needs is relationships. In the end, we probably should just be nice!

  • Shalynne Barr
    2019-05-24 16:06

    This book was an easy read. The format was easy to follow as each customer rule had about a page or two for it. I liked all the examples that Lee used to demonstrate his points. I learned quite a bit and was reminded of things that I am not doing but should be when it comes to dealing with my own customers. Everyone who works with customers should read this book but I would also recommend this book to anyone who is moving into a customer service job for the first time.

  • Amanda Paulin
    2019-05-23 22:52

    One of my favorite reads for anyone in customer service. The easy to read, quick tips make this book easy to digest. Lee's story telling also grabs your attention the whole way through. I would recommend this book to anyone who deals with customers!

  • YHC
    2019-05-12 20:07

    In service business, the rules to win customers' hearts is simple, treat them like your mother (as author mentioned in the book) Just imagine how you wish your mother to be treated then you know how you should do to your customers.He listed out 39 rules, nothing really magic or difficult to understand, but we often lose temper or patience when dealing the bad attitude customers. He shared his personal experiences while working in hotels and Disneyland. Very precious and useful to be a good listener and predict, simulate the need of what customers might need next.I think in a company, the difficult part is still humans. The employees need to take company as their family business so they would really work hard with heart. The boss should also treat their employees like a family member ( usually not possible), so they can both understand each other's situation. Good management is never easy and though this book focus mostly on the rules to customers, still how to train our employees to be professional is probably the most challenging part.

  • Chris Goodbread
    2019-05-21 15:58

    I loved this book.The writer was the head of WDW operations from 1990-2006, which is what I would call the Golden Years of Disney. I moved to Florida in 1989, and nearly every year we would take multiple visits to Disney World, I tell people I was raised “Mousecatarian” as we usually went on Sundays instead of Church. During these years and growing up around the amazing customer service that Lee had in place, I learned hospitality from all of the adults surrounding me, I even made friend with some of the cast members. It left such an impact on my sister that she now works for the company, and I work with a deep seeded partner company that also prides itself on the same kind of customer service. The book was something I wouldn’t call enlightening for myself or someone who has had the same upbringing, as we all just consider it the standard of service we’ve come to expect and mirror. This book did put names to many of the different strategies in play, and I enjoyed that.I have recommended this book to many of my friends who have lived a very similar life as me.The writer has his phone number, and email address on his site, and he promises to answer both in a timely manner, and says that he always answers his phone. I plan to write him and thank him for what he has done, and ask if he knows what he has inspired my peers.

  • Stan Stinson
    2019-05-20 16:54

    Rule #40 - Read this bookIf you interact with other human beings you can benefit from the principles Lee Cockerell lays out in this book. If your business involves interacting and meeting and then exceeding your customers' or guests' expectations then the principles in this book will help you achieve that goal and enhance your bottom line at the same time. Even if you are an IT Project Manager like me you can learn and be reminded of the common sense rules of human nature and how they can be applied in whatever business you are in. I recommend you follow Rule #40 and get your copy today!

  • Rick Yvanovich
    2019-04-29 19:54

    Lee has a lifetime of experiences to share from some highly respected customer service driven organisations and has distilled it down into only 39 rules.They sound so simple but guess its messy and hard to get them constantly adhered to by everyone.They are not only essential but should form the solid foundation for a customer service driven organisation.The sooner you adopt them the sooner you will see the results.

  • Robert J. Smith
    2019-05-11 20:59

    Loved itI do a lot of these things already as a manger but I learned so much more about why I should do them. He puts things into a perspective that is simple and straight forward. Having employees read it now.

  • Soulshine Boutique
    2019-05-06 22:03

    Quick yet concentrated read...great for anyone that deals with humans. Simple touches, attention to the customer, makes all the difference in success. xo

  • المهند السبيعي
    2019-05-19 23:11

    Very informative and full of stories and real-life examples which simplify's the author ideas ... it is a must to read book for people working in customer service or customer experience fields

  • Nathan
    2019-05-13 19:58

    Excellent and practical adviceMr Cockerell’s years of service and commitment to quality service can help guide you to delivering the service your customs deserve and expect.

  • Joy
    2019-05-02 20:00

    I really enjoyed this book since I think customer service is a lost art form. It was also interesting that some of the items mentioned differ from what my company has said.

  • Catherine Sharpe
    2019-05-22 23:00

    Actually really enjoyed this book. so simple, so adaptable to any interaction with any sort of person. Not only appropriate for customer service, but applicable anywhere in life.

  • Abdullah Albaghli
    2019-05-09 18:01

    Simple nice bookI enjoyed reading this book. Very simple and easy to read with rich valuable tips.Its will help you to how to deal with customers for delivering great service.

  • Shanwow
    2019-04-26 15:11

    My obsession with Disney's customer service is continuing almost an entire year after our trip. I picked up this book because Lee Cockerell is a former executive vice president of Walt Disney World. He wasn't in his position while we were there however there is no way that someone that high up works at a company for 10 years and doesn't change the groundwork for those later to see.This book is full of great customer service tips, as Lee recommended everyone should read this book. It not only can apply those at the front line of retail but those who answer the phone at an office, if you are a teacher or doctor. You may not think of parents or your patients as customers but the suggestions on how to handle different situations. I have been in retail for over 10 years now and this book even had me thinking about different situations I have been in even as recently as the past few weeks. The book is well written. Lee doesn't draw out the examples or stories he tells, he respects that people are busy. He's straight to the point but explains things very well. Each rule has a few pages dedicated to it at the maximum. Most of the rules are one or two pages. It was a very quick and easy read.The other books that Lee has written have been added to my must read list. If you are thinking about learning about improving or learning about customer service this should be the first book you pick up.

  • Mtbike40
    2019-05-22 19:48

    Lee Cockerell has done another great job putting together his latest book. The Customer Rules is a great book to read and think about. We all have customers, even if you are not in the retail business or the hospitality business, this book will have an application for your. As I read each of the 39 rules I kept thinking about all the different customers I have in my life. Yes I have my external customers that come from a variety of sources, but I also have many internal customers including my very own family. Lee has done a great job of expressing each of the 39 rules and providing a relevant example of that rule going well or not so well. The great thing is that Lee makes sure to share more positive customer service examples than negative ones. One of my great take away ideas from this book is to remember the great customer service I receive. To track that great customer service and determine how I can put it to use in what I do.Thank you Lee for once again serving us so well by making a book that is easy to read and apply in our everyday life. You have truly served your customer well by doing such an outstanding job on this book.

  • Crystal Shrader
    2019-04-30 22:05

    There are a lot of good things about this book. There are great points highlighted in here that are great for customer service for ALL industries and ALL career positions. A lot of the rules in this book are common sense that mothers or caregivers teach their children, but may have been forgotten along the way.I was required to read this book for work and it's a quick read, but it was difficult for me to actually get through this book for one very specific reason. I want to preface this in stating that I do not know the author and I have never met him so this reason is strictly my perception of him based on his writing. He comes across as a pompous old man who is only looking to pad his pockets. His egregious name dropping in this book was hard to swallow. It seems as though the use of big-businesses in this book were for personal gain with either money from those named or hopes of potential monetary gain from said businesses. Personally, I feel this book could have been written without mentioning a single business by name. It would have been a far better read and less distracting.

  • Clay Clark
    2019-04-25 19:43

    I read Lee's first book, Creating Magic: 10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies from a Life at Disney and enjoyed it quite a bit. This book is a perfect partner to Creating Magic. It is relevant to any one in management who holds employees accountable that are in direct contact with customers. This book talks about the importance of taking responsibility for serving your customers whether its face-to-face, over a call, or from the office.Lee talks about everything he has learned from his days as a frontline service provider. He goes over how to create service driven policies and procedures on how to hire and train employees to uphold your reputation of providing excellence customer service. These principles can be applied to any industry, small business or large company. You'll learn what it is that Disney and the Marriott do when it comes to delivering great service and what your customers need.In todays world you must choose to stand out from your competitors and one of the key factors is how you treat your customers. I highly recommend this book along side Creating Magic. Both are wins!

  • Scott Buchanan
    2019-04-27 19:04

    Lee was an inspiration and a mentor to me when I worked with him at Walt Disney World. He has many great ideas about leadership and definitely practices what he preaches. That said, this book contains a lot of fluff and I found nothing new or freshly-presented here (Sorry Lee). Instead, the content is, more often than not, common sense. Concepts like 'Be nice' and 'Know your customers' should be already mastered before opening a business or accepting a management role. There are some good examples of Lee's positive experiences with businesses but these tend to grow tiring after a while. Lee calls out by name his dry cleaner, stockbroker, tax accountant, the barista at a coffee shop, his wife's doctor, etc and goes on and on about them. We get it Lee. There are people out there providing great service but there's no need to mention everyone who says hello to you when you enter their store. This is not a bad book but there is just not much substance here and it's not much different from his book 'Creating Magic'. It is an easy read but there's a reason for that.

  • Luca
    2019-05-22 21:07

    Such a great read, a real pleasure and enjoyment to move along the pages with lots of stories and examples of how to be in customer service and what it means to deliver true service. Couldn't let this book out of hands for a day or so and finished reading before I knew it.Now am not sure about all the 39 rules, though there is definitely merit in all of them. I have made my notes and my insights along the key principles taught in this book. It has been a good journey to actually make me think about my own job and how am I operating with respect to our clients. There are lots of insights and little gold nuggets throughout this book. You wouldn't know where to start, trust me. I reached out to Lee and actually thanked him for the book. It has certainly helped me a lot. I have quite a few questions I need to ask myself and others.

  • Sandy
    2019-04-29 18:03

    I read this book for work. Working at a public library I deal with patrons and this book had a lot of good information for dealing with the public. It's small and each rule takes just a few pages. I did have an issue with rule #33 Never Argue With A Customer. In this rule the author says to "take responsibility for the problem....they don't care if you are understaffed, or the internet was down". Now, I have never had a patron get after me because of something I had no control over. I'm not going to take responsibility for something just because the "customer" can't get over a problem. Of course, I work with books and it's not a life or death situation but some people can get upset at the library. Almost all the patrons I have worked with are great and understanding with issues. All the other rules were good ideas to follow, some were common sense.

  • Clint
    2019-05-02 22:00

    The most of the rules are common sense, but I enjoyed how Lee put examples to the rules. I enjoyed reading of his learning situations. The top 2 pages that stood out were rule 15, Be like a bee. Lee explains that leaders need to buzz like a bee pollinating work area by engaging with the employees. he list several question to ask the area employees to find out more. Real front line feedback. The other was rule 33, Never argue with a customer. When you argue, the only outcome is that the business doesn't win. Lee outlined several tips for handling angry customers without returning fire. Honestly this is a hard one, especially when you believe the customer to be wrong. As leaders we need to set the example, understand that in business, the customer comes first and set the example for the staff.

  • Jill
    2019-05-02 20:56

    I found this book in Disney last fall....I got it to read for my real is a great read....lots of common sense....and great things to live by in any business....the whole gist is about attitude...great work ethics...and a positive outlook, and ultimately a positive result in business....great things to live by. It is tough in business when you know people complain for the sake of getting something free....but this book puts dealing with customers in a different light. And it is true that Customer Service is not a is a way of good business that should be inbred in all employees at all levels of your business. All your staff should read this.

  • Andrea Hesselbach
    2019-05-18 22:42

    This book is a quick read but the rules will last a lifetime. I see myself coming back to this many times in the future to remind myself what it is all about.

  • Leader Summaries
    2019-05-09 17:07

    Desde Leader Summaries recomendamos la lectura del libro El cliente pone las reglas, de Lee Cockerell.Las personas interesadas en las siguientes temáticas lo encontrarán práctico y útil: marketing y ventas, atraer y retener a los clientes.En el siguiente enlace tienes el resumen del libro El cliente pone las reglas, Normas esenciales para brindar un servicio excepcional: El cliente pone las reglas

  • Alex Hannis
    2019-05-02 15:46

    A fairly short and easy read on Customer Service. Most of the chapters were helpful, and I can genuinely say it helped shape the way I view customer service, gaving me a greater passion for it. However, as one operating out of a Christian worldview, I varied in some conclusions with Cockerell in regards to why one ought to treat customers in this way. Furthermore, some of the chapters were a little repetitive and probably could have been joined or condensed. Overall, a good book worth reading.

  • librarian4Him02
    2019-05-19 23:05

    I appreciated Mr. Cockerell's sound advice on providing quality customer service. The most memorable tip I took away from this book os to treat people the way I'd want my mother treated. I've also been putting some of his other tips into practice in order to improve how I serve customers in our library.