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In the outback town of Mount Tully, many a man’s had to squeeze into a frock after backing the wrong derby cane toad on Australia Day.But Mount Tully’s surliest bartender, Jane Hood, has her steel-capped boots planted firmly on the ground, so there’s no way she’d risk her independence to accept a saucy bet from the sexy but bossy pub owner, Luka Belov … is there?...

Title : A Sporting Chance: Hot Down Under
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ISBN : 9781743341216
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A Sporting Chance: Hot Down Under Reviews

  • The Smutty Kitty
    2019-05-18 05:30

    As posted on The Smutty Kitty4 out of 5 LicksWho knew toads could be an intricate part of a romance? Apparently Rhyll did. lol I like the fact Luka is a bit of a hard ass and Jane is a bit of a feminist. Thankfully she isn't too bad or I might not have enjoyed it. After losing a bet Jane has to spend 24 hours and she's not sure it's such a bad thing. We learn at the start of the book that Jane's bank account was hacked and all her money was taken . It's only been three days but Luka makes the comment about her checks being sunken in. I am not sure I believe that her cheeks would already be sunken in after only three days of not eating other than canned veggies. Other than that tidbit I felt like the tension and teasing between the two was fun and natural. For a short story there was quite a bit of character development and that went a long way with me enjoying the story.

  • Roz ~ My Written Romance
    2019-04-22 00:12

    I have now officially raised the reading bat! Luka most definitely inspires some naughty Cossack fantasies....

  • Kaetrin
    2019-05-08 06:28

    Cute and fun. This story was the longest of the five stories and was quite fun actually. An ex-boxer from an eastern European country buys a pub in Mount Tully. The barmaid and he have been trying to ignore their attraction and on Australia Day, over a bet about a cane toad, it all comes to a head. (Why anyone would want a cane toad as a pet is a bit beyond me though!) Luka sounded very Australian to me, despite his eastern European background but otherwise, I enjoyed this story quite a bit. It was sexy and fun and had one of the best one-liners I’ve seen in a while:‘And I suppose your body’s a temple?’‘Interested in the hours of worship?’Heh.This review originally appeared at the ARRA blog at http://australianromancereaders.wordp...

  • Cate Ellink
    2019-05-05 04:28

    I love Rhyll Biest's stories - they're unusual with heroes and heroines that surprise you. A Sporting Chance: Hot Down Under is no different. Have you ever read a story that gives you an insight into cane toad racing?Jane's broke and Germaine, her pet cane toad, is her best hope to win money for food. Except Jane's boss, Luka, knows her secrets. Jane thought she was smart but Luka outsmarts her with bets and temptations she can't resist.A super hot story, starring Germaine the cane toad and Fifi the French maid. Expect the unexpected!Disclaimer: I'm in a writing group with Rhyll Biest but I earn nothing from her stories except the enjoyment of reading them.

  • Linda
    2019-05-15 22:30

    Jane´s had feelings for her boss at the bar for a while, but resisted them. Luka´s been teasing her but when she needs help, he´s there, not taking no for an answer. Quick read, smutty fluff and perseverance in a great combo.

  • Vanessa
    2019-05-11 23:37

    Such an easy read...finish it in approx. 1 hour. Typical Australia Day celebrations spent at the pub drinking copious amounts of alcohol and watching the toad races (or in some instances cockroach races).

  • Cathleen Ross
    2019-05-20 02:38

    Put a feminist with a cane toad and a hot Eastern European heavyweight boxer together and what do you get? Hot sex. Just not with Germaine, the cane toad, you'll be pleased to know.Jane, a waitress at Luka's pub loses a bet and has to be his slave for a week. The threat of wearing a dress is enough to make her cheat when her toad Germaine and Luka's Big Elvis go hop to hop, plus Jane needs the winnings because her account has been wiped out.Rhyll is a master of characterisation. Her hero and heroine come to life and are both very likeable.It's a three star heat level so not as sexy as some of the others, but I know we'll see more of Rhyll's beast.

  • Georgina Penney
    2019-05-20 01:23

    Who knew that one of my favorite steamy short stories would feature a cane toad? It does and I liked it. I loved the mixture of a feminist bar tender with a boxer. The dialogue was fantastic, the characterization brilliant and the sexual tension was out of this world. Overall this is a fantastic story that is just long enough to cheer you up if you're having a blah day. Loved it to pieces.

  • Nessa
    2019-05-17 03:24

    This is a short, quick, erotic read that had me in stitches for part of the story. There's a light-hearted vibe that's in the story that I found quite enjoyable. Please note that I did receive a free copy of this book.

  • Caryn Denny
    2019-05-08 22:30

    For such a short story I found it quite entertaining! I'll have to read more by this author in the future!

  • Lily Malone
    2019-04-23 05:29

    I never thought toad racing would be so much fun.

  • Eleni Konstantine
    2019-05-11 02:39

    4.5 starsA fun and flirty read. Take a feminist bartender, mix with a eastern European ex-boxer, add a bet over cane toad racing, and viola you have this wonderful read.

  • Modern
    2019-05-20 06:36

    That was a quick, fun read. It took a bit longer to get through since I'm not as familiar with the "down under" in the writing. But none-the-less, it was sexy and fun.