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If you don't give your heart away, you can't get it broken.When twenty-year-old Kendall Jordan transfers across the country to Garrison University, the last thing she's looking for is a one-night stand. Unfortunately that's exactly what gorgeous Cruise Elton offers. Kendall has long since come to realize that love is an illusion, and Cruise couldn't agree more, but somethiIf you don't give your heart away, you can't get it broken.When twenty-year-old Kendall Jordan transfers across the country to Garrison University, the last thing she's looking for is a one-night stand. Unfortunately that's exactly what gorgeous Cruise Elton offers. Kendall has long since come to realize that love is an illusion, and Cruise couldn't agree more, but something deep inside her wants him all for herself. So Kendall devises a plan to 'play the player' and proposes that Cruise tutor her in becoming a female version of himself, Garrison University's own playboy. But as real feelings emerge, the game gets complicated, and Kendall and Cruise will find themselves questioning everything they thought they knew about love.A New York Times and USA Today BestsellerNew Adult - Contemporary Romance *Intended for mature audiences 17+* Sexual situations...

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someone to love Reviews

  • Jenny Levine
    2019-05-01 05:47

    I don't actually plan on doing a review for this one, but since I'm bored...Here goes... (I'll just keep it short)The preface/prologue for this book was so damn good, I was like:HOLY SHIT! I can already sense that this is going to be a great read.But, as the story went on, I lost interest.I got bored and skipped a lot of parts. I just read the MC's convos (which are also too cheesy for my taste, it makes me want to barf.)But still, I tell myself to finish reading it 'cause maybe the ending's gonna be its saving grace. The ending was okay, but the issue with the hero's ex, the nasty stuff she did has not been addressed. Yeah, the main characters have talked about it without even confronting her, so IDK what to think.That is all. 2 STARS!

  • Kerri
    2019-04-22 23:08

    Overall this was a very long and disappointing read for me. I found the writing choppy and at times hard to follow. Too many unnecessary and wordy comparisons bog down this story rather than enrich it. The characters lacked depth and came across more cliche than real. Finally the storyline was absurd. So many ridiculous things happened that the end result was more comical than anything else. I'm sorry I honestly don't like to give bad reviews and have only given a handful to date. Having said this I still do believe this story could be saved with the proper handiwork of a truly skilled editor.

  • Jaye
    2019-05-08 04:03

    Considering the intriguing premise and number of good reviews on Amazon, I was expecting to absolutely love this book. The shocker: I didn't. There were a number of issues with this book that I just couldn't get past. First, Kendall and Cruise are supposed to possess jaded outlooks on love. I mean, the description claims Kendall is seeking to become the female version of a playboy. This is not so. Within the first few moments of meeting each other, both Kendall and Cruise decide they want to be with the other. Where's the struggle? Where's the angst? Also, Kendall's "playgirl" endeavor? A complete joke. I was expecting a kick-ass young woman with sass to spare. Instead I got naive young virgin. While I'm on the subject, I did not understand or appreciate the author's inclusion of Cruise's collar-play. It felt unnecessary and out of character and had no bearing on the story whatsoever. Then, there was the style of writing. I couldn't get past it. Not only was the wording too abundant, but it was extremely fanciful and elaborate. Less would have been more.However, I could have dealt with this language exaggeration if it were not for my complete lack of connection with either Kendall or Cruise. I just couldn't bring myself to care about them.

  • Julia
    2019-05-07 04:52

    I really wanted to like this book. The beginning was so promising that I thought that it could be the next Wallbanger. Unfortunately, this did not happen. My major problem with Someone To Love was Cruise's voice. It did not sound like a guy's POV to me. While Kendall was bouncing between entertaining and sometimes annoying, Cruise just sounded like a girl. When I read chapters written from his POV, I couldn't believe it's a guy's voice. Or well, I must be used to the macho guys too much :-)Crusie fell in love with Kendall way too quickly, right while discussing that he'd never love again. And I couldn't understand why. Kendall swore off love, but from the first time she met Crusie, she wants him for herself hoping for something deeper than a one night stand.It's definitely a story of lust at first sight. About the love part, it wasn't too convincing for me. Maybe because I did not feel any kind of emotional connection with either Cruise or Kendall. Or my expectations were too high.However, this book was not bad. It's simple and could be enjoyable as light beach read. Also, Addison Moore has a great way with words, and her editor did a good job.

  • AmandaNemec
    2019-04-28 05:46

    This is a BAD BOOK. No seriously, it's so bad. Do not spend the money. I got through 10 pages and that is ONLY because the writing is so colossally bad that I wanted to copy lines to send to my friends for a laugh. SO BAD. Here is the very first sentence for your enjoyment: "It was that season in my life, the coming of age of the woman inside me who longed to know the secrets of the universe - those potent with lust and desire - the very thing that harnessed a sexual frenzy and drove humanity along on its erotic trembling wings."Oh, and let's not forget about the references to the guy's eyes on pages 3 and 4 respectively: "He drinks me in with a fondling gaze, undressing me with those blue cellophane eyes. He's rounding out all the bases mentally - he's already bent me over home plate, I can tell.""He's tall with broad shoulders and light blue eyes the color that rain wishes it could be".NO. I rarely write bad reviews because I get that it's a huge accomplishment to complete a book, but you really shouldn't spend money on this.

  • Christy
    2019-05-22 00:51

    3 Stars 
After getting his heartbroken, Cruise starts to play the field. He has developed quite a reputation. He meets Kendall at a party. She is new to school and he feels a spark right away. She does too. Neither want to admit it. Kendall’s mom has been married and divorced more than she can count. She’s not sure if she believes in love at all. Cruise thought he was in love once, but a cheating ex-girlfriend changed that. Kendall decides she wants to be a ‘player’ like Cruise. She just needs a little help, some training. Cruise is more than willing. They become friends, and Cruise gives Kendall some ‘lessons’. They start to fall for one another, but neither wants to admit it. Eventually, they both confess their feelings for each other. Sounds great, right? I wanted to love this one, and there were a few things I did really like. I enjoyed Cruise most of the time. He and Kendall had some sweet moments, some funny moments, but I never truly connected with either character. Things got jumbled up at the end for me. There were a lot of loose ends, and unnecessary things in the story line. It wasn’t a bad book- I just found it lacking- something was missing for me. It was an okay read, just didn’t do it for me...

  • Ash Wednesday
    2019-05-21 02:54

    Just a 3 star read for me but:This is my first Addison Moore read and I have to say, I kept getting distracted by thoughts of which genre her writing style would fit best. Because holy hells this woman can write, but it felt like an awkward fit for this kind of story. When she wants to be evocative and poetic she pulls it off really well and when she wants to be light-hearted and funny, she doesn't end up trying, she WILL make stuff come out of your nose.It boggles my simpleton brain how this could exist in a chapter: [Kendall on sex] Crap. I must have done something wrong. There must have been some step I missed, like prepping my insides with barbed wire in the event he decides to draw his unholy weapon. along with this in another:The anxious waves thrust their hips against the shore, roaring as they push deep into the pliable sand until it smooths into submission. The water trembles over her tawny expanse until it ejaculates all of its foaming affection, reducing itself to a whisper. The waves roll back into themselves in a bionic rush, just to repeat the effort. Cruise is the sea, insatiable and hungry, all whispers and roarsThe rhythm just never really settled with me enough to actually enjoy the plot or sketch the characters clearly in my mind. If anything it got a little distracting. But when I view each side as disparate from the other, it works really well. I loved the Christmas lunch as much as I loved to creative turns of phrases I got introduced to (thank you, for NOT having anyone be a moth drawn to a flame).I do have issues in plot logic: (view spoiler)[ How could it not be an issue that a teacher is living with/dating a student? Sure, Cruise got expelled AFTER pictures of him and Kendall were brought to attention but before that, no one seemed too concerned about this at all!(hide spoiler)] I'm not even sure that's the reason (view spoiler)[ he got expelled from the fellowship and teaching position(hide spoiler)] or was it just a case of public indiscretion? Which, if it is, again boggles my mind. Lauren's ploys to get Cal (who was the best and clearly depicted character, by the way) to own up to her suspicions were extreme and, to me, ludicrous. The final conflict and its resolution were bland -- I don't mind predictable plot twists, I do mind predictable executions.I can see myself reading another book from this author. I know she's bound to produce something amazing in a different genre, probably.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Jo ★The Book Sloth★
    2019-05-14 05:59

    Dnf about 20% into the book.I just couldn't keep reading. The heroine is a hormonal mess of lust, she gets into the car with a complete stranger, stays at his place and after one glance she's already dreaming HEAs. God save me from half-witted idiots.The hero is another hormonal mess to match the heroine, he invites an unknown girl to stay with him after knowing her for two hours(and I don't mean sleep, I mean that he invites her to stay at his place), and he already dreams of her as pregnant and barefoot.But that's not why I couldn't keep reading. The reason I just couldn't go on was the writing. The hero's thoughts were an awful mix of flowery metaphors and slang swear words that was bound to give you a headache 2 pages into the book. The heroine's thoughts were also full of idiotic, poetic metaphors that no horny 18-year old would be thinking.Hope the rest of you had better luck with this one but it wasn't for me.

  • Bev
    2019-05-08 23:45

    Really struggled with this book, it's rare I don't finish a book but sadly this was one of those. Loved the idea of the book but found the style of writing and over embellishment and grammar/editing problems got tiresome and I ended up skimming. When that happens I DNF.So 1* for the cover and 1 for the idea of the book. Could have been brilliant.

  • Carrie
    2019-04-29 05:07

    DNF at 15%The characters were unrealistic, with barely any character development. I really don't know why they were involved with each other. Their relationship was just bizarre.And the overuse of adjectives drove me nuts. Everything was so descriptive that it became difficult to follow the storyline. And the adjectives used didn't make sense. For example, "he drinks me in with a fondling gaze, undressing me with those blue cellophane eyes." WTF is a fondling gaze and why would you describe blue eyes as being cellophane?

  • Tania
    2019-04-29 03:09

    This book is alright, definitely categorized as a light, beach read. I felt like there wasn't much character development. The entire book was just about sex, sex, and sex. That's all Kendall and Cruise ever thought about. Such a simple story. Cruise fell in love with Kendall so quickly, I don't even know why really. He kept saying how she was so different from Blair, but really, how did you know? I just didn't fall in love with the characters. Even though it's written in both POV, I just didn't feel the attraction towards each other. It's definitely not a sweet love story where the characters slowly get to know each other and fall in love. It's definitely a story of lust and "love at first sight". Overall, it wasn't the worst romance novel I've ever read, just nothing special or intriguing about the plot. Sex scenes are pretty mild, definitely not erotica.

  • Book Reader
    2019-05-04 05:45

    I felt like I was reading the same thing i have in other books .Player hero........checkVirgin heroine.........checkHero finding heroine different and taking a liking to her within minutes of meeting her.......obviously checkHero leaving his player days behind.......checkCliches.......checkJealous ex......checkTrust issues.......checkMisunderstandings leading to breakup.......checkClearing up of the misunderstanding leading to HEA......checkVery predictable from the beginning....check, check, check.

  • Vikki ~ *squee* lite ~
    2019-04-26 23:03

    This one was kind of a mixed bag for me. There was a lot that I liked. At times, it heartwarming and even swoony. Cruise was sexy as hell, and for a "player" he turned out to be a big 'ol ball of romantic marshmallow sweetness.Kendall had some truly funny lines, and had a sarcastic inner dialogue that left me smiling. "Sorry, cowboy, I'm not into one-night stands either. I get it. I really do," I say, trying to maneuver my way from under him. "You're on a road show with your penis, and trust me, I'm the last person who wants to get in your way. But I'm telling you, operation occupy-my-vagina is a no-go for the evening."The problem with Kendall was that she seemed to be two entirely different people. One was this semi-snarky, world-weary, jaded chick who has put her heart on ice, but then the next minute she is this insanely naive girl who acts like a freshman in high school. (view spoiler)[ I mean who confesses to two chicks you don't even know that you are trying to get Cruise to fall in love with you. and what 20 year old woman doesn't know that you should wait a month for birth control pills to kick in???(hide spoiler)]Also, for two people who have sworn off love, they certainly jumped back on that train pretty darn quickly. I'm pretty sure this qualifies as "insta-love" even if they waited a bit to actually confess their feelings.Then there is Cruise. He's supposed to be a smart dude, but seriously, he really did some truly bone-head things. (view spoiler)[ why in gods name did he think it was a good idea to put special "syllabus" in writing - and did he not worry about banging one of his students? I seems like it never crossed his mind that that could be a bad idea.(hide spoiler)]Oh man, and while there were some really great, sweet lines, occasionally the prose just got a little crazy trying to be a too profound, and I found myself rolling my eyes."Kenny perfumed my existence with her regal charm, her sovereign splendor."She hypnotized me, and now I'm drunk off the wine of her love."I was totally surprised by what I thought was the most romantic part of the book. I'm pretty sure it says bad things about what I find attractive in a hero (bordering on obsessive is apparently a plus in my book) (view spoiler)[ After they have broken up and Cruise gets called in because Blair dropped off the pictures of him and Kendall and he is getting fired and the dean lays out all the pictures asks what he has to say for himself "What I'd really like to say is, can I have these? I'd like to spread them over my bed - lay over them naked, frame them, replicate them, and wallpaper my new crappy room with a dizzying pattern of who we once were - all of our adventures surrounding me like an erotic kaleidoscope."(hide spoiler)]Overall, I'm glad I read it, and while it wasn't perfect, and won't be in my re-read pile, I'm definitely willing to take a chance on another book by this author.

  • Anastacia
    2019-04-27 02:10

    I like romance novels to begin with, but this isn't the usual romance novel I usually read. I like the characters in the book. However the girl in the story (Kendall/Kenny)bugs me sometimes. The author does a good job at representing her age due to her personality and actions (i.e. dramatic, makes a lot of assumptions, "my world is ending") All of these traits accurately represent a 20 year old girl. But the character gets on my nerves with all of her assumptions!There is a very subtle mentioning of there backgrounds...which somewhat explains why they are the way they are. There should be more explanation as they are quite messed up individuals (in my opinion).I actually enjoy the author. I appreciate her a little more because she a sense of humor compared to other romance novelists who only state that the couple "laughs together"...this author actually shows a humorous rapport between the characters. Maybe it is because I love humor that I prefer to have that in romance novels, but it comes out in this novel which I like.I decided not to give too much away, but the best part of the book is when they are in an art class posing naked in front of's hilarious!

  • Michelle
    2019-04-23 06:53

    My guilty pleasure are simple sweet love stories with good girls and bad boys (who are secretly good boys who are more afraid to be hurt) - this book is just that. Add to that a younger hilarity that at the forefront of Wallbanger - this book had me smiling, laughing and yes, at times screaming at them to fucking just talk to each other.The only thing I did not like is that none of the characters held conversations. Ally and Lauren could have told Kenny who Blair was. Kenny could have told Cruise what her favors were for Lauren and Cruise could have told Kenny about his breakup with Blair - problem and drama solved - simple as that. But you just fell in love with Cruise immediately and Kenny you found endearing - she was so against love that she was just destined to fall in so deep."You're on a road show with your penis, and trust me, I'm the last person who wants to get in your way. But I'm telling you, operation occupy-my-vagina is a no-go for the evening." Kenny to CruiseFor her sake, I hope Santa leaves an industrial sized bottle of Ritalin in her stocking or at least a trial size of Xanax. Kenny referring to Jackie (Penn's mom)Honest to God, his penis should be classified as a weapon of vaginal destructionAdd to that the hilarious musings the morning after and the hostile condition of her vagina and the reaction to Penn's Christmas gift - I was bursting at the seams.

  • Marga
    2019-05-14 01:58

    I finish. I finish! Round of applause please for my courage to force myself through this book. Ugh. UGH. UGGGH.Do not even bother to read this book. Seriously. I think something's wrong with me.. I didn't read the blurb and this is what I get! (I am that stressed at school lol) This book can cause your eyes to hurt from rolling them so much. This also could result in intense migraines.Wrong things about this book:1. The first meeting, emphasis on first, the girl went home with the guy she barely knew. Duuuude seriously? 2. The guy was such a playboy. The girl thought that it would be nice to be the campus' playgirl. And she wonder if he could teach her the basics. Oh crap. Just horrible. 3. The girl fell in love even though this guy screams trouble! I know some people like bad boy type of guys but noooo, I can't stand this. 4. Of course, the woman will change the man. She was the beeeeest thing that has ever happened to him. He luuuurve her already. She's DIFFERENT from other girls.. Gag me.5. Of course, there is also the jealous ex-girlfriend. And some petty misunderstandings. Really, formulaic NA. I want to strangle this couple!There were so many other things that was just so wrong. It was too many so I wouldn't write it all down. That ending though.. It was just so hilariously bad. At least, I earned a few laughs.Just stay away from this thing, I mean book. Why the hell did I even read this one?

  • Lisa Jayne
    2019-04-21 02:52

    What's not to like about this sweet sweet book about falling in love and finding your soul mate. At times the author was almost poetic with her writing, the storyline and plot were predictable but pleasant and easy to read, packed with plenty of heartwarming scenes.An easy 3.5 stars.

  • Ellen
    2019-04-24 02:59

    First I want to say I loved this book, however I want more. It so easily could have been turned into a trilogy and I'm kind of sad it wasn't. At the very least there should have been an epilogue!!!! Still a great heart warming read that was very funny.

  • CrazyForRomance
    2019-05-11 01:49

    Il libro è strutturato in modo strano. Presenta tutti i cliché del mondo:Playboy osannato dall’universo femminile del college? C’è.Nuova studentessa infatuata del playboy? C’è.Patto scellerato tra i due per passare del tempo insieme? Per favore.Ex stronza, gelosa e vendicativa? Ovvio che c’è.Famiglie disfunzionali alle spalle? Ci sono.Sono tutti elementi che coesistono splendidamente nel mondo dei new adult. Insomma abbiamo letto delle vere perle del genere, basti pensare a J. Lynn (conosciuta dai più come Jennifer L. Armentrout), ma in questo libro, tutti questi elementi sono montati un po’ a casaccio.Cruise, dopo una bruciante delusione d’amore, ha deciso di dire stop e si è buttato a tutta birra nelle storie di una notte, perché non possono spezzarti il cuore se non lo doni a nessuno. Kendall sembra pensarla allo stesso modo, se non altro i cinque matrimoni falliti della madre l’hanno senz’altro convinta che l’amore è una fregatura, un’invenzione creata da chi commercializza in bigliettini d’amore e peluche a forma di cuore. Ma questa convinzione crolla quando conosce Cruise. Si prende subito una cotta per lui, arrivando persino a chiedergli di insegnarle ad essere come lui: una seduttrice a tutto tondo.La storia tra Cruise e Kenny sarebbe anche carina, ma se doveva partire con delle lezioni di seduzione, penso che l’autrice ci abbia ripensato, perché l’innamoramento arriva prima di tutto il resto. Continua a leggere la recensione su: CrazyForRomancePer acquistare il libro clicca qui

  • Victoria
    2019-04-30 01:07

    I was extremly shocked when i saw all of this reviews, and my opinion was so different .-. I mean im a pretty easy pleaser but i guess this one wasn't my type..Okay, the story starts with a virgin who after 0.3 nanoseconds of meeting a manwhore , moves in with him due to lack of having somewhere to stay because he gave over the responsibility to a person she knows nothing about , then our brilliant main character decides to change all she believes in and become a whore to match his personality. After less than 3 days they decide they fell in love, have awesome sexual chemistry and they are going to merry. OkaaayNot only did i found this plot twisted in way that it rushed through a story line that could've been possible turning it into something that just does not make sense but this book was sexiest to a extreme that makes me mad. Yes. Do understand there are occasions in which having an alpha male is totally sweet but there is a fine line between that and an unhealthy behavior. Because this was what it was. UNHEALTHY BEHAVIOR.The living arrangement (she staid there without giving p so much as a penny after less than an hour knowing him , and this measure of time its not exaggerated) , the sexual encounters ("get on your knees" , "unzip it with your mouth" , the chains and taking her everywhere as if she were a dog.... Etc) , their normal conversations and just their behavior.They did not know each other, they broke caused for this guy to be expelled and revoked a great possibility of his future without so much of a but then saying that he was just going to manage the business and whatever , and they had a interwined family in so many messy ways that was just not normal.There were so many points that could have been addressed, such as learning how to solve your situation independently, empowerment of woman, learning to wait while in a relationship, not giving up your values for anyone unless you believe is the right thing to do for yourself , the "daddy issues" , more SAFE SEX (because our little darling is going all rough in the sexual aspect yet knows nothing about a safe sex life, lies about it and its all good after) , and simply learning how to be in a healthier relationship.To me this book was not realistic, disappointing , sexist and plainly boring.-No offense intended with the review, this is just my opinion

  • Marie
    2019-05-10 01:47

    First off that cover has me drooling! It's so hot and heavy and so suited to this book. I cannot think of a cover more perfect to represent 'Someone to Love' Ok so I bought this book a little under 2 hours ago and I have already finished it.This book was a little at times boring. However it is all about 2 people's first love and of course that means that their going to be a little obsessive about each other and of course inseparable. The heroine- Kenny did get a little annoying. She only had a one track mind, all she cared about was her heart and to put it bluntly sex. I ain't denying that Cruise Elton isn't a yummy piece of ass and damn I wouldn't mind waking up to him every day but every second, of every minuet of every day was a little too much. I would have liked her to be a little more independent. I cant find one fault with Cruise I mean guys are like that you know, their only capable of thinking with one thing if you know what I mean. Plus he thought, worried and cared about his family. He was a little more deep. There was more to him. I did like this book a lot though. I have read all of Addison's books and its safe to say that this differs from her norm books of celestial, fantasy and ya novels. But it's good, very good. I would have liked to have seen a little more of their lives and had a little more going on upside of Cruises b&b ;) but never the less it was an enjoyable and romantic book about two people, more alike than they think, who are both stubborn, hurt and lost finding themselves and who against all odds end up falling for each other even when no one else expects them to. It's about two people's journey who although stumble along the way find happiness in each others forever. .'We press into a kiss under the magical lavender sky. Forever begins tonight.'

  • Christine
    2019-05-18 01:44

    I love these types stories. I was excited to read this cute contemporary romance.I liked Kendall (some of her lines at the beginning made me laugh) and I liked Cruise (he was just a good person) and I liked the premise of the story (I seek out these types of stories in YA books). However, somewhere at 65%, it lost me. I can’t put my finger on it. Cruise has some history with an ex-girlfriend that comes back to stir some trouble, but that part did not bother me. I am reader who likes when an ex comes back to cause some drama. I so wanted to love this book, but did not. It was a great disappointment.Kendall’s behaviors with her friends got on my nerves. There was a scene were Kendall was involved in trying to prove that one of her friend’s boyfriend was possibly cheating. The way they tried to prove that was very immature for college age girls. Kendall was witty and smart yet some of the things she did were out of character. Cruise, I would think, being a college teaching assistant, would be more careful and not be so open about his relationship with a student. Cruise wasn’t an idiot, but yet some of the choices he made, were just dumb. -DID I SKIM? A LITTLE. CERTAIN PARTS GOT A LITTLE SILLY. YOU GET DUAL POVS FROM BOTH KENDALL AND CRUISE. CRUISE STARTED GOING A LITTLE OVERBOARD WITH HIS THOUGHTS ABOUT KENDALL BEING SO HOT AND PRETTY. CERTAIN THINGS HE SAID SOUNDED MORE LIKE THEY WERE COMING FROM A GIRL NOT A GUY.-DID I FELL CONNECTED TO THE CHARACTERS? AT TIMES. -HOW WAS THE PACE OF THE STORY? THE WRITING WAS A LITTLE CHOPPY AND WAS HARD TO FOLLOW AT TIMES.-WILL I RE-READ? NO-ENDING/CLIFFHANGER? THE ENDING WAS OKAY. THERE WAS ONE PART OF THE STORY THAT I WISH WOULD HAVE ENDED ON A BETTER NOTE. I DON’T BELIEVE THERE IS A SEQUEL SO I WISH IT WOULD HAVE ENDED ON A BETTER NOTE.

  • Lorraine
    2019-04-28 01:10

    I liked this story how it was told from alternating points of view. Loved getting a look inside the guys head for once I think it should be done more often. ****MAJOR SPOILERS*****stop reading if you don't want to read any spoilersOne of the things I can say I didn't like was the way these two 'in love' people never once really communicated which of course was a plot device but seriously how can you love someone want to marry them and never have really told them much about yourself. Almost everything painful could have been avoided if both of them would just tell eachother things like the favor Kendall does why wouldn't you tell Cruise? are you stupid or something? So this kind of wrecked my ability to believe totally in there being in love.And Kendalls friends Lauren and Alley why wouldn't they come right out and be like why are you talking to the bitch that broke Cruise last summer? Seriously they wouldn't gossip after seeing them get chummy? Even men would say something after seing this.Also in the end when Cruise is being expelled and he doesn't even fight or try to explain because it just doesn't matter without her well really? You would let all that time effort and dept accumulate for nothing because you lost your girlfriend? I don't think so. And what about telling the professor that it was his ex girlfriend stalking him and his fiance with a camera no less. Also he could have said he hadn't made the 'revised syllabus' for anyone but his girlfiends eyes. He is not a full professor there was no talk of no fraternization and if there was why wouldn't he at least fight. Giving up so easily just sems weak and pathetic. Also unresolved. I wish the author would have gone back in the end and fixed this takin Blaire down it would have made for a more well rounded ending to me.

  • Amanda
    2019-05-14 02:59

    I quit. After about 40% of the book, I just couldn't do it anymore. The writing was over the top fanciful and the analogies were just driving me crazy. I didn't connect with either character and I expected a bit more angst from both characters given that neither believes in love. I enjoyed the first several books in Ms. Moore's other series (although towards the end of that series I had to hang it up as well). There was just something off with this book. The characters didn't feel like they connected (or had chemistry), there was a lot of outside drama going on, but none of it seemed to relate to the main story (Blair, Jackie, Pennington). The main story was slow, then fast, then slow. I'm confused with the relationship and how that is playing out with the fact that Cruise is technically Kendall's professor (because, neither seemed to care about that at all and what that would do to his career). Just seemed overly bizarre and not something I could relate to.

  • Floe (TheRandomFlo)
    2019-04-24 04:42

    Arrrggghh this is driving me crazy! I can't get it through Kindle UK and Nook. I might have to go by Smashwords on this one. :(Finally bought a copy of this one from the Kindle store. What an emotional roller coaster though but i loved it!!!Full review tomorrow :)

  • Selly - Leggere Romanticamente
    2019-04-25 05:05

    3 stelline e mezzoLa mia recensione sul blog romanzo della serie romance new adult Someone to Love, Qualcuno di Speciale segna l'esordio in Italia dell'autrice Addison Moore. Quando le trame mi ispirano, sono sempre curiosa di scoprire qualche nuova autrice, quindi eccomi qui a parlarvi della mia ultima lettura. Ambientato alla Garrison University, nel Massachusetts, il libro è narrato alternando i punti di vista dei due protagonisti principali: Kendall e Cruise. Kendall è una ragazza di 20 anni che frequenta il secondo anno, ma è una nuova arrivata alla Garrison. È un personaggio che si prende subito in simpatia per la sua inesperienza e ingenuità; quando si parla di sesso e ragazzi infatti i sui pensieri e le sue riflessioni sono davvero esilaranti, ed è grazie a questa sua caratteristica che la lettura è carica di humor. Cruise Elton ha 24 anni, è il bello del campus oltre che un donnaiolo seriale. Quando Kendall si ritrova senza alloggio, per fortuna che c'è lui nei paraggi ad offrirle una stanza libera nel suo appartamento. Cruise non diventerà soltanto il suo nuovo coinquilino, ma anche il suo mentore: lui, seduttore per eccellenza, accetterà infatti di aiutare l'ingenua e inesperta Kendall a diventare la sua versione al femminile. Non preoccupatevi però, è tutto fumo e niente arrosto, perché lei in realtà è interessata a lui e lui soltanto e Cruise si ritroverà prima del previsto a volerla tutta per sé. A questo proposito avevo il timore che le cose andassero troppo per le lunghe, invece no, e pensare che inizialmente lei non credeva nemmeno nell'amore e lui aveva una delusione alle spalle... Nella trama sono presenti diversi personaggi secondari, ma nessuno di particolare spicco, nemmeno il risvolto familiare presente mi ha sorpreso, diciamo che me lo aspettavo sin dall'inizio. Una delle due nuove amiche di Kendall sarà però la protagonista del secondo romanzo della serie, quindi immagino che approfondiremo la sua conoscenza nel prossimo romanzo. Lo stile di scrittura della Moore è scorrevole, moderno, schietto e i dialoghi sono spesso carichi di humor. Per quanto riguarda il livello di sensualità, la lettura è particolarmente hot, fino a metà libro l'aria è carica di tensione sessuale ma i due ci fanno penare, poi l'autrice ci prende fin troppo gusto con le scene tra le lenzuola. Nella trama c'è spazio per vari fraintendimenti, scene imbarazzanti ed ex odiose che non sono contente finché non riescono a mettere zizzania. Nulla di nuovo insomma se avete letto tanti romanzi di questo genere, ma se cercate una lettura carina, spassosa e sensuale ambientata in un campus universitario, questo romanzo potrebbe piacervi!

  • Francesca
    2019-05-02 01:03

    La storia in se mi è pure piaciuta: Cruise è il principe azzurro perfetto, un finto play boy, un finto cattivo ragazzo, che da un passato burrascoso esce divino. Kenny è una vergine per scelta. Una tontolona ma di quelle simpatiche, che ci sembra tale solo perché non ha fatto determinate esperienze.Nonostante nel primo capitolo mi siano cadute le braccia per tutto quello che succede in modo troppo frettoloso, l'evolversi del libro mi è piaciuto.Un inno all'amore in piena regola.Ma... in sto libro non succede un cazzo. Tutto fila liscio come l'olio, anche quando può scatenarsi la guerra... niente. L'amore vince sempre.E se va bene che i libri troppo tragici non mi piacciano, non va nemmeno bene che non succeda niente in 300 e spingi pagine.Il loro amore è una favola a tinte rosa shocking, talmente abbagliante da riuscire ad accecare un cieco. Beh, noioso.Però consiglio questo libro a chi è al primo approccio con il mondo dei New Adult. È un bell'inizio per questo genere letterario che parla di un'amore giovane. A chi invece, come me, ne ha già macinati troppi... passate oltre.

  • Jenn
    2019-05-19 01:02

    2.5I rounded up because the beginning was hilarious.When one of the first lines uttered by a main character is "You're on a road show with your penis, and trust me, I'm the last person who wants to get in your way. But I'm telling you, operation occupy-my-vagina is a no-go for the evening.", you have to continue just for the laughs.So, Someone to Love. Basically, a girl transfers colleges and on her first day there meets resident playboy. Hijinks ensue and they end up falling for each other - shocker, I know. Kendall, or Kenny as she is dubbed early on, transfers to hoity-toity Garrison college at the urging of her unlucky-in-love mother. Mommy is on her 4th or 5th divorce (I honestly can't remember the number), so it's no shock that Kendall doesn't believe in love. Oh, and she's also a virgin. Cruise Elton (yes, that's actually his name) is currently sleeping his way through the female population at Garrison. Why? Because he had his heartbroken of course. Kendall and Cruise meet at a frat party the night our disillusioned virgin arrives at Garrison. Kendall's mother has all but promised her daughters hand in marriage to the rich son of her best friend, Pennington. Pennington was supposed to have secured a dorm for Kendall using his "I'm a rich boy I get what I want" stature. Too bad our rich boy spends a little too much time with ganja. Needless to say, Kendall does not have a place to stay. Enter Adonis, I mean, Cruise. (Why is everyone described as Adonis nowadays? Sigh...) He just happens to have a spare bedroom at his place and promises to keep his hands to himself. Sure...anyway...Kendall accepts and because she fully believes that love is for the weak, she decides that Cruise should teach her his ways of playerdom. Basically, she wants to be the female Cruise. This book was as cliched as they come- like so many cliches I'm not even going to begin to list them here. And oh so predictable. I really enjoyed the first half of this book. The banter between the two of them was hilarious. Even though I knew what was coming, I didn't mind it because I was so amused. Then the second half of the book happened. Suddenly, Kendall lost about half her IQ and Cruise lost his balls. They both became so frustrating that I wanted to strangle them both. And has anyone ever heard of a little thing called COMMUNICATION?Then there's the writing style of the author. Like I previously stated, the writing was very witty. I laughed...a lot. But Moore loves using metaphors and there is such a thing as over-description. Another problem for me, I was really confused on the whole timeline thing. Kendall transfers in at Christmas. Got that part. But what follows next is: days pass...a few weeks later...the following week...another few weeks later. When it seems like almost half a year has passed, I find out it's only about Valentine's day. *scratches head* What?Aside from all my confusion, I remembered this was a romance novel and I shouldn't be digging too deep into the meaning of the book. This was not a deep moralized story. It was fun, quick, and easy read. And I recognize it as such.

  • A. Bookzilla.
    2019-05-11 03:46

    This turned out to be completely different from what I thought it would be! Seriously, when I read the first couple of pages I said to my friend it's smut.I mean, it felt like it from the prologue! Well, it's not. Yeah, there's a lot of sex of all kinds, but it's a really sweet story about two people falling in love.Something amazing is happening — something meaningful and real.First I want to say that this was beautiful writing - I was drinking up every sentence. Absolutely beautiful. I haven't read this author before, but the way she writes, it pulls you into the story and you lose yourself in it.I loved the whole concept of this - playing the player. That's brilliant. It's written in dual POV, and the author manages to give two distinct voices to Kendall and Cruise.And it has everything, steam, love, a little bit of drama, it's laced with wonderful humor, there's a villainous ex-girlfriend you love to hate.Yeah, there are a lot of sex scenes but I was surprised they were more descriptive in that tasteful way rather than graphic. It is most definitely not smut, and I apologize to the author for making assumptions.Kendall is so awesome. She is smart, down-to-earth, and has an insane sense of humor. I loved it how she didn't play all high and mighty around Cruise and didn't fight their attraction. She's feisty! And that's exactly what lands her in this little agreement she makes with Cruise. HA! I figured out her agenda right at the beginning.Oh, Cruise. He has this perverse mind I loved to read! Seriously, some of the things he comes up with... But he's also incredibly sweet and romantic. He didn't over think, panic, or run from falling in love, he just went with it. He's like a nice guy in bad boy disguise. It caught me off guard when I learned the whole truth about Blair - his character made so much sense then!This is what I imagined love would be like, the beauty of the landscape luring you in then the surprise of the flames as you burn under the guise of your own foolishness.I'll come right out and say it - there's a bit of too intense, too fast in this! Did it bother me? Absolutely not! It was wonderful. It was also helped by the fact that they don't jump each other's bones the second they meet. Or long after that. It's a feelgood romance, I was grinning like a loon the whole time. I loved that it doesn't end on confessions of true love. You actually get to witness these two as a real, declared couple - something a lot of romance books deprive us of.I'll say something else, it has another one of my biggest pet-peeves: the big misunderstanding. But it made sense! I just wish they talked more, I have to wonder, do people really go around making assumptions and rash decisions based on what they see without talking (to the person they love) first? Why is this news to me?The fact that I loved, absolutely loved, this book despite these two things should tell you a lot. About this book. About the author. Read it!

  • Farah *Professor Dean's Beauty*
    2019-05-14 23:52

    I have to start this off saying that I really liked this book because offcourse Cruise is Another smoking HOTTT guy!!!!Kendall moves to go to university and is supposed to get a dorm room which is set up by her friend Paddington but when the plans fall through and she realizes she is stranded with no accomodation or money. She meets Cruise and starts talking to him and he offers her a place to stay till she sorts her living arrangement out.Cruise is sexy and the ultimate man whore! he sleeps with different girls every day. Kendall is a virgin but she tells him she wants to become the female version of him and that shes not interested in a relationship or falling in love because she doesnt believe in love. her mother scarred her in the 'love' department.So she propositions him to teach her everything he knows so she can be the ultimate player. This was such a dumb idea to begin with in my opinion as any girl knows that the first guy she is with is sort of special especially as she decides to get to know him first personally. SURPRISE SURPRISE she finds helself wanting more from him...!! I feel that there were pieces missing in their story... Its like everything which happened the feelings etc was too quick! like within a week he feels for her and vice versa while still pretending their ' train female whore' game.I know its crappy to compare books but atleast when you read a book like ' Beautiful Disaster' you see the long friendship bond between Travis and his Pigeon! :) This book wasnt like that at all!! Anyway, they fall in love as expected and gets engaged then Cruises Ex GF comes back and tries to manipulate the relationship. Going so far as taking pictures of Cruise and Kendall and getting Cruise fired.The story is missing another piece at the ending because NOTHING happens to the EX Blair, she never gets confronted or there are no repercussions for her actions!Atlease there is a HEA :)I'll be honest and say that this book will totally suck you in like it sucked me. There was miscommunication and trust issues and i wanted to see if they would finally see the truth.