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The marvels of tomorrows past and tomorrows yet to come abound in this delightful volume. A helpful list of honorable mentions and Gardner Dozois's insightful summation of the year in science fiction round out the volume, making it indispensable for anyone interested in science fiction today.Contents ix • Summation: 1995 • (1996) • essay by Gardner Dozois1 • A Woman's LibeThe marvels of tomorrows past and tomorrows yet to come abound in this delightful volume. A helpful list of honorable mentions and Gardner Dozois's insightful summation of the year in science fiction round out the volume, making it indispensable for anyone interested in science fiction today.Contents ix • Summation: 1995 • (1996) • essay by Gardner Dozois1 • A Woman's Liberation • [Yeowe and Werel • 4] • (1995) • novella by Ursula K. Le Guin51 • Starship Day • (1995) • novelette by Ian R. MacLeod68 • A Place with Shade • [The Remarkables] • (1995) • novelette by Robert Reed100 • Luminous • (1995) • novelette by Greg Egan129 • The Promise of God • (1995) • shortstory by Michael F. Flynn143 • Death in the Promised Land • (1995) • novelette by Pat Cadigan195 • For White Hill • (1995) • novella by Joe Haldeman231 • Some Like It Cold • (1995) • shortstory by John Kessel243 • The Death of Captain Future • [The Captain Future Duet] • (1995) • novella by Allen Steele281 • The Lincoln Train • (1995) • shortstory by Maureen F. McHugh293 • We Were Out of Our Minds with Joy • [North American future] • (1995) • novella by David Marusek341 • Radio Waves • (1995) • novelette by Michael Swanwick360 • Wang's Carpets • (1995) • novelette by Greg Egan389 • Casting at Pegasus • (1995) • novelette by Mary Rosenblum414 • Looking for Kelly Dahl • (1995) • novella by Dan Simmons452 • Think Like a Dinosaur • (1995) • novelette by James Patrick Kelly470 • Coming of Age in Karhide • [Hainish] • (1995) • novelette by Ursula K. Le Guin489 • Genesis • (1995) • novella by Poul Anderson575 • Feigenbaum Number • (1995) • shortstory by Nancy Kress589 • Home • (1995) • shortstory by Geoff Ryman595 • There Are No Dead • (1995) • shortstory by Terry Bisson602 • Recording Angel • (1995) • novelette by Paul J. McAuley627 • Elvis Bearpaw's Luck • (1995) • novelette by William Sanders645 • Mortimer Gray's "History of Death" • (1995) • novella by Brian Stableford698 • Honorable Mentions: 1995 • (1996) • essay by Gardner Dozois...

Title : The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirteenth Annual Collection
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The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirteenth Annual Collection Reviews

  • Paul Bryant
    2019-05-06 10:03

    After the fun and frolics of the 12th Annual Dozois, which was stuffed with good stories and was responsible for getting me interested in sf again after many years of ignoring it, this one thwaps back to earth and shines a screeching white light on some of the less happy aspects of modern sf. It also comes to us with a nasty hipdippy cover featuring whales and dolphins. This bunch were kind of blah, often longwinded blah, except for two great ones, making the this anthology even more annoying because you can't just write the whole anthology off as an unlucky-thirteen bag of bollocks. The two great ones were David Marusek's "We Were Out of Our Minds With Joy" and "Mortimer Gray’s ‘History of Death’" by Brian Stableford - these were exciting, poetic, daring, and they left all the others in the space dust.

  • Mark Isaak
    2019-04-20 06:59

    The stories in this collection were first published in 1995. There's a good variety here, and although some of the stories might be recognized as having come from the mid-1990s purely from internal evidence, all the stories age well.

  • Todd
    2019-05-21 04:00

    Here's my review of the individual stories from this annual collection. I hope somebody might be able to find some real gems (which there are) and be happy that there aren't any real stinkers in this volume.The average rating for all the stories is a 3.A Woman's Liberation - 3 (a little dry, especially from LeGuin)Starship Day - 4 (surprisingly clever)A Place With Shade - 5 (brutally fun)Luminous - 4 (interesting premise, nice cyberpunk feel)The Promise Of God - 3 (good premise, so-so execution)Death In The Promised Land - 3 (decent premise, better-than-average execution)For White Hill - 4 (good character study, feels real)Some Like It Cold - 3 (more like a missing chapter from John Kessel's fun novel Corrupting Dr. Nice)The Death Of Captain Future - 4 (flames out at the end, but takes a fun path getting there)The Lincoln Train - 2 (borderline offensive, saved by some decent writing)We Were Out Of Our Minds With Joy - 5 (easily the gem of this collection, heartbreaking)Radio Waves - 3 (a little odd, but a good change of pace)Wang's Carpets - 3 (smart science, a little dull)Casting At Pegasus - 3 (perhaps a little too clever for its own good, and the main character isn't terribly compelling)Looking For Kelly Dahl - 4 (another "fun" story from Dan Simmons, closer in tone to his horror stories)Think Like A Dinosaur - 4 (a particularly nasty little morality tale)Coming Of Age In Karhide - 3 (LeGuin's second story in the collection, not one of her best)Genesis - 3 (feels like it easily could have been longer, but feels unfinished at the current length)Feigenbaum Number - 3 (another story with a compelling scientific premise, but a so-so execution)Home - 2 (not really much there to get excited about)There Are No Dead - 3 (short, Twilight Zone sort of tale)Recording Angel - 2 (a few clever bits but not much point to the story, a twisted fairy tale of sorts)Elvis Bearpaw's Luck - 3 (funny, silly palate cleanser)Mortimer Gray's History Of Death - 4 (not as grim as the title might suggest, and a nice capper to the collection)

  • Thomas
    2019-05-03 05:52

    My introduction to the series. I don't read newer ones as thoroughly as I used to, but it renewed my interest in science fiction for a time. One's I remember particularly liking. The Death of Captain Future - Kind of a futuristic version of the original idea of "Don Quixote." In the first sections of Quixote it's pretty explicit he's kind of a nut who's obsessed with chivalric/knighthood novels and tales, but develops a kind of nobility. Similar here with comics or the like. The Lincoln Train - Alternate History.Looking for Kelly Dahl - Kind of more of a Twilight-Zone style fantasy there was a strange quality to it I surprisingly liked. Think Like a Dinosaur - Classic "moral quandary" type story, later made into a so-so episode of "The New Outer Limits."Genesis - Liked it enough I later read the novel. You get far-future and an exploration of alternate histories. Feigenbaum Number - Perils of knowing of a better world. His "freak out" at his students struck me at the time as I think I might have just started college. Recording Angel - Nicely exotic. Elvis Bearpaw's Luck - A bit of humor and terror from a writer I would later get to know, more or less, online. Mortimer Gray's "History of Death" - Like taking a kind of futuristic "death and dying" class, but maybe better than that sounds.

  • James
    2019-05-06 04:11

    every single one of these collections is essential reading for true fans of science fiction short stories... each lengthy volume has a stellar array of all mini-genres and areas of powerfully influential science fiction: hard science, speculative, steampunk, alien invasions, apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, space opera, fantasy, aliens, monsters, horror-ish, space travel, time travel, eco-science, evolutionary, pre-historic, parallel universes, extraterrestrials... in each successive volume in the series the tales have advanced and grown in imagination and detail with our ability to envision greater concepts and possibilities... Rod Serling said, "...fantasy is the impossible made probable. science fiction is the improbable made possible..." and in the pages of these books is the absolute best the vastness of science fiction writing has to offer... sit back, relax, and dream...

  • KMO
    2019-05-14 05:09

    This book contains the short story "We Were Out of Our Minds with Joy," by David Marusek which later formed the first chapter of his debut novel Counting Heads. That story moved me. If I had time, I'd say a lot more. There are other great stories in this volume as well. Thanks to Mike Brodie for sending it with me when my family and I departed Thailand for Australia!

  • Patrick
    2019-04-30 09:16

    2/17/12: "Starship Day" by Ian R. MacLeod2/19/12: "Some Like It Cold" by John Kessel2/20/12: "There Are No Dead" by Terry Bisson2/24/12: "Radio Waves" by Michael Swanwick2/24/12: "Think Like a Dinosaur" by James Patrick Kelly2/24/12: "Luminous" by Greg Egan2/27/12: "Wang's Carpets" by Greg Egan

  • John Devlin
    2019-04-22 05:02

    If you read one sci-fi book a year, this is the one. Always stories of high caliber with a few tossed in that will keep you thinking weeks later, not to mention the collection is a primer for what science and technology everyone will be talking about five to ten years from now.

  • Lord Humungus
    2019-05-19 11:03

    Only stories I remember were one of my favorite of Swanwick's, Radio Waves, the Allen Steele silly space opera, McHugh's dull "Lincoln Train", and McAuley's obtuse Recording Angel.

  • Kevin Gallan
    2019-05-20 07:21


  • Mainrun
    2019-05-14 10:11

    Introduced me to Dan Simmons.

  • Timon Karnezos
    2019-04-24 09:20

    Marusek is god. I can't believe how his stuff is, sometimes.