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After a whirlwind marriage to Greek billionaire Angolos Constantine, Georgie was pregnant - and was sure Angolos would be delighted. Instead, he told her to "go away and never come back." So that was exactly what she did. Angolos has never seen his son - until now! In fact, Angolos Constantine didn't think he could have children, and now he's not prepared to let this miracAfter a whirlwind marriage to Greek billionaire Angolos Constantine, Georgie was pregnant - and was sure Angolos would be delighted. Instead, he told her to "go away and never come back." So that was exactly what she did. Angolos has never seen his son - until now! In fact, Angolos Constantine didn't think he could have children, and now he's not prepared to let this miracle go. Even though Georgie seems to hate him, he'll have what's rightfully whatever means possible!...

Title : Pregnant by the Greek Tycoon
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Pregnant by the Greek Tycoon Reviews

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-04-27 02:27

    I am so glad I read this book. I was really expecting not to like it, because of the storyline. I hate when the hero doubts that the heroine had his child. But.....I really liked this book. It was a 4.5 star read for me. Kim Lawrence is a very good writer. She does a great, emotional love story with sizzling sexual tension, and characters you can like and root for.In the case of this story, I was surprised at how easily I forgave Angolos for walking out on his pregnant wife. He had a very good reason for it, at least in his mind. He believed he could not have sired her child, and he thought he had proof that she cheated on him. Plus, he felt guilty for marrying Georgie when she was so young. You see, Angolos had just found out he was in remission for cancer the day he met Georgie. He fell in love at first sight with her, but his emotions were in turmoil because of his guilt that he had greedily snatched her up. He thought she just felt hero worship, and that she fell out of love with him when he took her home and fell into his workaholic routine. How wrong he was.Georgie is very likeable. She's strong and pretty mature for her age. I think she realized looking back that she was too willing to give on things she should have fought over. She was insecure and felt like she wasn't enough woman for Angolos, because of his ex-wife still being in the picture, and the fact that his mother didn't care for her. When Angolos goes cold and walks out on her when she tells him she's pregnant, she leaves him and goes back to her family. Georgie has issues because her mother walked out on her as a baby, to marry a Greek waiter she ran off with. Her father and grandmother played into her issues of insecurity and inadequacy. In her mind, she couldn't believe she was good enough for the beautiful, Greek god-like man who swept her up into a worldwind courtship and marriage.One day (four years later), Angolos shows up, after his doctor friend tells him that her son has to be his, since he's the spitting image of Angolos. Of course, she thinks Angolos just wants her back because of his child. She still doesn't know he believed he was sterile. She realized she never stopped loving him, but she doesn't fall like putty back into his hands. Rightfully, she's wary and keeps her barriers up. But, she's not silly about it. I think that Georgie and Angolos were both mature and reasonable, wanting to do the right thing for their son, and both hopelessly in love.I was prepared to hear about Angolos sleeping with other women during their separation, but get this: He's a man who believes in honoring his marriage vows, even with evidence that his wife didn't do the same. So, he didn't sleep with other women while they were separated! Yay! I loved him just for that. As usual, Kim Lawrence writes an engaging love story that I could sink my teeth into and read with full enjoyment. Although there were a few issues that didn't get explained or resolved by the time this story ended, I definitely believed in Georgie and Angolos' love for each other. That it was built to last, and stronger for all that they had suffered. This wasn't quite a five star book, but darn close. Don't be afraid to read this one, if this theme normally turns you off. I think you'd enjoy it.Recommended. Rating: 4.5/5.0 stars.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-05-04 00:17

    This is one of the better HPs I have read. Angolos Constantine has had cancer and thinks he cannot father a child so when his wife turns up pregnant he assumes she had cheated on him and kicks her out. The story starts about 4 years later when the boy is 3. Angolos' friend sees the boy and says he's got to be yours since he looks just like you. Whan Angolos realizes how wrong he was he tries everything he knows to regain his wife. But here's the difference, he doesn't do it in a totally arrogant way, but admits his mistake and tries to make amends. Another good part is that in the intervening years, the heroine, Georgie, who was 21 when they split up has grown a backbone and does not immediately fall back under his spell/power. Her strength is not just a token either, she follows through and makes him really work for her love. If you're into Harlequins at all this is a good one to read.

  • Preeti ♥︎ (Romance She Reads)
    2019-04-26 22:08

    It is an enjoyable book with the broken marriage and a secret child trope. The usual lot of MUs to work out for the h/H, but done well by KL. I wont say much about the story beyond that I enjoyed it and finished in one go. The h was snarky and recalcitrant but then she had good cause. The chemistry was sizzling. The ‘Constantine creature’ was as Greekly hot as possible. The in laws on both sides were nicely obnoxious and did their lovely bits.I will only point out the imperfections, emphasizing at the same time that they don’t take away anything from the book.There were a few inconsistencies like when he asks her why she never used the money he deposited monthly in her account and she gives this answer . . ‘I couldn’t take anything off you when you didn’t believe that Nicky was yours.’ All through we are told that the h had no clue why the H had callously thrown her out when she told him about her pregnancy. She thought perhaps it was because he didn’t want a child or maybe he had tired of her.The first time the H sees his son, the child has a minor mishap with a vase (that broke) and he had a bruise on his forehead and was crying. The h picked him up and soothed him before sending him off. And the H incredulously asks her -'Do you always reward him for misbehaving?’ Angolos’s eyes were flat and icy as they scanned her face. I was quite aghast at this stupid sermonizing. The first time you clap eyes on your child and this is the best you can do? The h’s pointing out later that he should perhaps stop pampering and smoothening out things for his adult sister was really a case in point.Then there were a few times when I couldn’t tell who was saying which lines. It always irks me when I have to read back (a few times) to work that out. There was a plenty of back and forth and sidestep with the flashbacks, but still was done well.

  • Vintage
    2019-05-08 02:58

    I hated the hero. No redemption, nada. Georgie has a few good moments, but ultimately his magic penis enraptures her again.Needs a lot more groveling!!!

  • Grecia Robles
    2019-05-05 22:26

    No fue lo que esperaba, este libro lo vi recomendado en un grupo y como lo habían descrito dije Ay es de esos protas que se portan como unos idiotas y luego se arrastran por perdón pero en ningún momento ocurrió siempre mantuvo su postura hasta cuando dijo lo siento se justificaba la verdad es que lo odié y lo que más me molestó fue la actitud sumisa de la protagonista verán les cuento ellos están casados, él piensa que es estéril pero nunca se lo dice a ella, así que cuando sale embarazada la corre acusándola de infidelidad pasan 4 años y por azares del destino se entera que el niño es su viva imagen y cuando ve que es verdad quiere recuperarlos como si nada hubiera pasado que ella lo acepte por el simple hecho que es el papá del niño y como dije me molestó que ella cediera tan rápido yo quería que no se la pusiera fácil que se arrastrara el perro por perdón y NUNCA NUNCA se redimió. Fue una historia bastante machista que denigra a la mujer la ponen como que no tienen voz ni voto que si un hombre te deja y luego vuelve tiene el derecho de la duda y él perdón pero ellas no si acaso se llegan a equivocar son repudiadas.

  • StMargarets
    2019-05-04 02:21

    I'm not a big Kim Lawrence fan, but this was very entertaining. The hero thinks his wife cheated on him when she announces her pregnancy. Since he had chemo before he met the heroine, he thinks he's sterile. (Heroine didn't know until the very end that he had cancer before he met her). Fast forward four years: the hero's doctor sees the H/h's son and he is the spitting image of his father. He informs the hero that maybe his wife didn't cheat and this is his child. The hero finally goes to see this child and that's where the story begins.What I liked about this story is that the hero was ridiculously thick. I mean - this isn't a LG hero who sees every implication with his computer fast brain. This is a hero who needs everything spelled out for him and that means there are chapters of delicious angst as the hero realizes just what he put the heroine through. He is amazed and stricken so many times. *gleeful*For example. When a friend of his describes giving birth and how she was so glad her husband was there - the hero realizes he wasn't there at his son's birth and asks the heroine about it. The heroine keeps downplaying all her trials and tribulations, which made me annoyed with her - but we get to relive it all as the hero wallows in guilt. No, he didn't grovel enough at the end - but he had to confront every aspect of his stupid behavior and that lasted the entire novel. *happy sigh* I love hero torture. Um. Did I say that out loud?Anyway, I couldn't go higher with the stars because the heroine was ridiculously forgiving - not just of the hero but of her family and his family.

  • Aishwarya
    2019-05-18 05:05

    I would have actually liked to give this book a half star but sadly the lowest is a one star.The heroine is a spineless doormat. The arrogant jerk of a hero throws her out of his life and disowns his child. But still when he comes back (without an apology mind you) all she can think of is how she is burning up with lust for him (There was so much mention of this that I actually kept rolling my eyes and scoffing). As Tina in her review has rightly mentioned "her burning loins" is all she thinks about and is all this book is about.She tries to show how magnanimous of a mother she is going back to the high handed delusional jerk of a hero for the sake of her son. But she actually does it all because she is dying to get into bed with the hero. In short she was pathetic. In fact by her reaction every time she meets the hero I started to feel like she was some kind of a sex maniac.The part I hated the most is how Nicky is almost neglected in this story. They were supposedly getting back together for Nicky but he is nearly forgotten. Instead its all about the heroine's burning lust(seriously needs to see a therapist). I know its a romance and these scenes show the depth of emotion H and h have for each other. But it's completely unnecessary when they get in the way of the plot and they were just too many of them(we understand she loves and lusts for the hero with one mention of it. No need to keep repeating it).In the end when Nicky gets hurt, as a mother her only concern naturally should have been her son nothing and no-one else. But mostly she thought about how the hero was going to blame her, how her mother in law has changed, the party she left,her new baby(like anything but her injured son!). In fact they don't even spend much time even just sitting beside Nicky's bed (hello? your son just had a brain surgery!!).It is laughable when she says at the end "This is what life is like as a parent at the beck and call of children twenty-four seven"They don't even spend 24 minutes with their son.All in all it was a big disappointment. It has put me off of Harlequin for now. I seriously wanted to deck the hero (he does say sorry towards the end but too little too late). The heroine seriously needs therapy or medication for as Tina said "her burning loins".

  • JG
    2019-04-27 23:00

    Question:1. Why can't harlequin heroines seem to get mad without being aroused by the mere presence of our hero?Seriously? Why can't you get mad like a normal person does? Wanting to wring his neck and not getting him naked? It's kinda annoying

  • AvidReader
    2019-05-14 23:07

    Just flat out amazing.what always nag me in HP is heroine is always hurt by hero’s words. Here it was reverse hero was stung so many times by heroine’s words which he deserved. He was genuinely appalled and I love love the feisty heroine and their witty banter.

  • Marajean
    2019-05-20 05:09

    I give this book four stars for the beginning.The heroine is confronted by the hero after 4 years and going through her pregnancy alone because NOW he wants to be with his kid and get her back. Despite the fact that her raging hormones are telling her to sex him up, she remains firm and gives him set down after set down.Georgie basically told the hero off in so many ways I was surprised. I mean, for what he did, it could always be more, but it was still 10,000 times more than any other heroine has ever done. So the story goes..Georgie was kicked out by her husband when she told him she was pregnant. He believed that she cheated on him and it wasn't his kid. She didn't know it but he'd had cancer and the treatments more than likely made his sterile, but he never got himself tested to find out for sure.Four years later his doctor/friend confronts him to inform him that he'd seen his estranged wife and her son, who was the spitting image of him and had to be his son. Angolos goes to see his wife and her child to prove to himself that he's not the father, but when he actually sees him he realized he made a small error in judgement and it really was his child. Now he wants to get back together with her so he can be a father to his son.I loved the start. I loved how the heroine told him off and most of her comments put a big grin on my face.Then what happened?It didn't turn bad, exactly, but it didn't go out with a bang that's for sure.So few issues were actually discussed or worked out that I really feel cheated at the end.There wasn't a lot that was actually worked out, sure we have the obligatory HEA, but the reason for it is because no matter what the hero did, the heroine felt bad for him, actually apologized for the hard time he had and how she was over it.What would have made this book so good? If they'd actually worked out all the issues from their past. If the hero actually showed some suffering for him being such an idiot. You know what, for a guy who always wanted children, I can sort of understand how he would think that he couldn't have children, but he also knew there was a possibility that he could. He refused to face it.He really needed MORE pain and suffering for his bad choices. OH, and I absolutely loved how he threw a tantrum and ran away where NO ONE COULD FIND HIM FOR HOURS *by the way, we never find out where he disappeared to, but my bet is on the ex-wife* while the heroine had to deal with the near death experience of her son, emergency room signing papers to release her 3 year old for operation to have his head drilled to relieve the pressure of internal bleeding in his skull. And this is not long after the hero being so upset that she had such a hard labor and he wasn't there with her. Really, what happened to this book? It's like the author lost her way or just had so many open things that she couldn't close them all and wound up really closing..basically none.

  • KatieV
    2019-04-26 23:14

    This had some enjoyable elements and kept me interested. However, I never could fully buy into the reasons the hero ditched the heroine 4 years earlier. Especially based on his flimsy "evidence" against her as a cheater. Also, he was told his cancer treatment would likely make him sterile. He'd never had the testing to prove it one way or the other. So, it was all so unbelievable that he just threw her out without even demanding a DNA test. He would have served her with divorce papers too if he hadn't seen the child and realized he had to be his.To his credit the hero was otherwise fairly likeable for an arrogant Greek tycoon and I felt he did have some real guilt. But I still found it hard to get past him convicting the heroine so swiftly and completely without even a small doubt. For her part she did put up a token resistance at first, but after that was far to quick to absolve him.

  • Leona
    2019-05-10 00:26

    On re-read, I am less enamored by the hero and the heroine. If I were to rate this again, I would have put it between 2.5 and 3 stars.______________________________________________________________________________________This is my second by Kim Lawrence. This is a book with a ton of angst, delivered with incredible punch. Angolos and Georgie met 5 years ago when he was given a clean bill of health from cancer. They meet, fall in love, though there is a significant difference in age and level of maturity. Yet they marry and have a child together. The story starts 4 years later when we learn that Angolos threw Georgie out because he did not believe the baby was his. He never told Georgie that he could not have children due to chemo treatments and he believed that she was having an affair with someone else. So when she drops the "P" bomb, he kicks her out.What I loved about the story1) In spite of his stupidity, I really liked Angolos as the hero. He recognized that he did wrong in not recognizing his son and he does everything he can to correct the situation and make it right for Georgie and Nicky. The author did a tremendous job in portraying a man humbled by his illness, passionate in his love but somewhat immature in the decisions he made.2) I absolutely loved Georgie and the story that is woven around her ability to pick herself up, make a life for her son, grow into a strong woman, yet have the capacity to love and forgive.3) I loved the storyline. This plot is actually a derivation of the "secret" baby theme with a unique twist. I like when authors can do that.4) I loved that the Hero kept his vows, even though they were separated, he still believed in keeping his commitment.All in all a fun fast entertaining read.

  • Becky
    2019-05-11 00:06

    There were things I liked, the way heroine stood up to hero in the beginning was great, also her condition of not living with his family again was impressive, but then it all fell apart for me....I agree with reviews that say conversations stop making sense and that heroine put her libido above her son. I don't see how based on his non-explanation, she could put her son at risk by agreeing to go to Greece with Angolos. After he essentially handed her divorce papers and then ripped them up, so we are back in business? Fickle much? A good mother would demand counseling and brief supervised visitation, plus an iron-clad custody agreement, before allowing him anywhere near her child, I would at all costs protect my son from a father who rejected him. Also, she's just pathetic when he expresses remorse for abandoning her to be alone during a difficult birth...the "no big deal" lack of vindictiveness got Pollyanna like. Her responses became bizarre. Ludicrously mild (to his vicious accusations of infidelity) and absurdly melodramatic (to worry over a dinner party). I hated how she and Angolos were so disrespectful to her father. Hard to find a caring and protective parent in an HP. Maybe overprotective but given what Angolos did to her, I would have been outraged if I was her parent.

  • Kiki
    2019-04-22 00:05

    I have to question hero's mental stability when he'd rather blame the "love of his life" of infidelity to hide his own weakness and would throw them out rather than tell them they had cancer. Apparently that makes them appear weak.No, that makes you human, what makes you appear weak is exactly the things you did to avoid appearing weak.That's called ironic.Heroine could do without his so called love, which was nothing more than selfish desire. He NEVER cared about what she wants. Apart from orgasms.I would have gone with one star if not for his celibacy. Also if he didn't see the kid by the stroke of luck they'd be divorced and he did NOTHING to redeem himself. The TSTL heroine didn't even let him grovel because she was too horny for him to waste time in grovelling. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

  • Tina
    2019-05-07 03:00

    Why this HP didnt work for me: (didn't like the heroine - or her as a mother)It seemed like it took the hero less than a day to win her over (even though she pretends it isnt so) after all he had done to her (dumped her when she's preg with his child/seen by many other women in the past). And although what the hero was saying to the heroine made a lot of sense (he wanted to be in his son's life - about damn time), heroine's inner dialog made it seem as if all she cared about was her feelings and her flaming loins. How he still turned her on... *rolls eyes*. She ultimately does go along with his plan for their son's sake, however, I, as the reader didn't buy this. I felt as if she went along with it because this is what she had been wishing for all along.Even this I might have accepted. However, he had treated his son like crap and completely ignored him for 4 yrs. I cant believe that any decent mother would forget and forgive a man who treated her son like this so easily and even had dreams of getting back with him. Instead of pining for the bastard, I would have been wanting some revenge for my son. But no, all she cared about was her flaming loins and how beautiful he still is to her ...What a stupid, stupid girl....Something positive about the books:For once, the hero's explanation is reasonable and heartfelt from the beginning, and not just the last 5 pages of the book which is case the with most HP.

  • Penny Watson
    2019-05-18 02:22

    This is one of my favorite re-reads.It has a different twist on the "secret-baby" trope. Early on in the book the hero realizes he made a huge mistake and is filled with regrets and guilt. But here's the twist...Instead of being bitter and angry, the heroine sees the situation from his point of view and forgives him. Not in a doormat-sort of way, but in a real-life married couple sort of way. He is shocked that she is so kind and understanding, and it makes their relationship more real and emotionally satisfying IMO.Love this story!Grade: A

  • Akanksha❤ Søren♰
    2019-05-06 22:00

    The female lead deserved a slap.

  • lily waheed
    2019-04-27 22:12

    wow Kim Lawrence wow ♡

  • Nancy Crocker
    2019-05-22 02:26

    Talk about LACK of communication, this book was loaded with it. The Hero Angolos Constantine had suffered with cancer and had Chemotherapy to treat his cancer and thought it had left him sterile. So when wife turns up pregnant he throws her out, believing that she cheated on him and was carrying another mans baby. Angolos had never told the Heroine Georgette that he had cancer. He met her the day he was told he had beat cancer and was starting to LIVE a full life.Flash forward almost 4 years later were the story actually begins. And a doctor friend of Angolos's meets him tells him that he had run into Georgie "her nickname" at the medical office and saw her son and basically there is no way that anyone else is the father but Angolos. Angolos is still not convinced but decides to check it out for himself. And upon seeing first hand his son he no longer doubts that little Nicky is his. He then decides to right a wrong and make a home for his wife and son. But he still believed she had cheated.I really felt for the Heroine in this story. She had no one with her when she gave birth. She had always loved her husband and did not understand why he felt the way he did. And she had been treated poorly by everyone including his family and her own. But she was no longer a push over either and she had made a life for her son and finished school and got a job. One of the things that really bothered me about the book was the closeness of Angolos with his ex wife. I personally would have been spitting nails with my husband meeting his ex out of the country and going to dinner and inviting her to come stay in our home right after we had married. I mean really who the hell does that? Was tickled to see Georgie pull the plug so to speak, but this almost made me mark the book way down in rating it.

  • RLA
    2019-05-20 01:08

    The heroine Georgie is shocked when the husband she hasn't seen in four years - ever since he kicked her out of his life - turns up demanding to see his son. The hero Angolos has spent five years believing that Georgie had betrayed him and that her son was not his. Now he has been confronted with the truth that not only did he abandon Georgie but also his precious son. Georgie initially thinks that Angolos is there to get a divorce, and although this brings her hurt she is only too happy to agree. But she's even more shocked when he tells her that he wants them to be a family. She agrees but knows she will never forgive him for the way he treated her, and Georgie refuses to let him take over and change the life she has built for herself and her son. Angolos is surprised by the new more assertive Georgie, and pleased that the all consuming passion that was always between them is still there. However, as much as he wants Georgie to forgive him he still can't make himself completely trust her. I have read quite a few of Kim Lawrence's books and I find them a little hit and miss, so I didn't actually expect to like this one as much as I did. There is so much emotion and tension weaved throughout this book that makes it totally absorbing to read. The hero's background is so sad yet he behaves badly towards the heroine, but this somehow works and is very entertaining to read. The heroine is strong and independent, and not at all silly. I loved reading the snippets of their past, it really added depth to the book. This is an engaging and riveting read. Recommended. Originally posted at http://everyday-is-the-same.blogspot....

  • Karen Wilson
    2019-05-02 02:18

    This was automatically recommended because of The Spaniard's Marriage Bargain which I thought was a good book.The bigger issue with this book is how stupid the main characters become in the proximity of the other. The passage of time was also choppy and hard to follow. With all that took place in the story, a better sense of time would have helped a lot.The author may also have thrown in the proverbial kitchen sink and the neighbor's cat with the mother-in-law from hell, the spoiled bratty sister-in-law, and the beautiful ex-wife. Too many things going on for such a short book and not enough follow through to go around; sacrificing book space better used for character growth and development of their love and commitment for each other.In short, while this is a reconciliation book, there's no proof in the pudding to make me feel positive that this time, Angolos will man up for his family.On the plus side, I do like their chemistry.

  • Roub
    2019-05-12 05:25

    i was absolutely disgusted by georgette! she was pathetic! no better than a lap dog, really! after being so horribly treated by angolos, she was mad for him!? to the point dat she cud forsake her dad and her family!? who supported her when she was abandoned, pregnant and poor!? however, i still rated the book a 3 star and i think it's worth more because the author made such a great job! she actually made it all seem logical! angolos did love his wife but he was insecure because she was young and inexperienced. he was not sure she really loved him! i felt for georgie too! she loved dat man to death! so much dat she cud forgive him anything and she was happy, just being wid him. she was alive again after 3 years.

  • Debbie DiFiore
    2019-04-21 02:23

    I have no idea why but I love this book. It's definitely one of my favorites. He was a jerk but i think he groveled very nicely. I loved the h. She was strong and I loved how she learned to stand up to him. Nicky was a cute boy and I loved the scene at the hospital when the Grandma shows up and is kind to her. Just a feel good we ending and overall ahhh factor.

  • Jenny
    2019-05-02 23:04

    ‘I will make it up to you. If it takes me the rest of my life I’ll make it up to you,’ he vowed, grinding one clenched fist into the other. Oh my! Kim Lawrence's heroes have a way with words! I melt every single time I read a book of hers!

  • Love_doped
    2019-05-22 02:24

    it was... okay??!! i dont know how i feel about this book... i loved the concept but i hated the writing style. it was infuriating to say the least... it randomly jumped time from past to present. i seriously liked the heroine- in the beginning. later she seemed to loose her character that appealed to me so much. it was as if reading about someone in a newspaper-impersonal! ok so its really late and i might not be coherent enough to making sense but point being it could have been better. the only reason i tolerated it was it was a nice break from all the billionaire knocking up naive and spineless woman and making her marry him stories! i would have appreciated it more if the writing style had impressed me but then again to each one their own.

  • rm2h
    2019-05-10 00:00

    I would like to deal with life as the heroine did in this book. It was worth reading it.No blurb for books so here it is:After a whirlwind marriage to Greek billionaire Angolos Constantine, Georgie was pregnant--and was sure Angolos would be delighted. Instead, he told her to "go away and never come back." So that was exactly what she did. Angolos has never seen his son--until now!In fact, Angolos Constantine didn't think he could have children, and now he's not prepared to let this miracle go. Even though Georgie seems to hate him, he'll have what's rightfully whatever means possible!

  • Loata93
    2019-05-19 06:18

    It was allright. Not enough grovelling in my opinion. Also the heroine took a lot of the blame on herself which I found annoying because none of it was her fault. The hero definitely got off easy and his reasons were readily accepted by the heroine which was stupid on her part. She came off as a doormat tbh. It was like she just had the hots for the hero constantly and wanted to jump his bones and in order to do so she just ignored all the crap he put her through. Don't know why I read these with the hope of it being good. It seems they only just irritate me in the end. sigh*

  • ★¸. • * ° * ༺*Blanka*༺*°°*•.¸. ♥★
    2019-05-15 23:24

    I can’t believe you showed up just when I finally resolved to forget you! Three years ago, Angolos Constantine, you cruelly accused me of getting pregnant by another man. Even though I was surrounded by slander and abuse for not being of your social class, you are the only man I ever loved. This time, as luck would have it, our son, Nicky, ran up to you. You froze when you saw that he is the spitting image of you. Yes, this child is unmistakably your son. Why didn’t you believe me back then? And what is your purpose for coming to see me now?

  • Missy
    2019-04-29 04:21

    A heartwarming tale of love at first sight and not believing in that love leads to years of loneliness only to be united again by love of a child. A great book on second chances. I enjoyed how the heroine matured & stood up for herself the second time around, added a bit of feistiness to the tale.

  • Lu Bielefeld **
    2019-05-09 00:13

    Kim Lawrence - Sopro De Vida Pregnant By The Greek Tycoon - Jessica 71.2 paperback portuguese edition