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A Bad Girl's SecretsYears ago, when Maddie Gray ran away from Yella, Texas, pregnant and alone, she left behind an undeserved reputation—and her young lover, rancher and oil heir John Coleman. Now she's on the edges of his sophisticated world once again, determined to keep all her secrets.With Maddie back in his life, Cole finally has a chance to forget her for good—if heA Bad Girl's SecretsYears ago, when Maddie Gray ran away from Yella, Texas, pregnant and alone, she left behind an undeserved reputation—and her young lover, rancher and oil heir John Coleman. Now she's on the edges of his sophisticated world once again, determined to keep all her secrets.With Maddie back in his life, Cole finally has a chance to forget her for good—if he can. The single mother is more beautiful, passionate and mystifying than ever, and John will stop at nothing to get at the truth. Even if that means making her his wife....

Title : His for the Taking
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ISBN : 9780373732487
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 192 Pages
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His for the Taking Reviews

  • Erica
    2019-03-06 08:03

    Gag! worst book ever!!! (as of the moment) a weak MC. One of the first scenes, at the lake , the MC Maddie smatty dripping wet blah blah blah so curvy luscious blah blah blagag!!!!! so cheezy!! and then he ask her to marry him so he can be in his sons life. It got to a point where I was just like u know what?! this is exactly how it seems. She hooked up with him when she was young, got pregnant and rejected and ran away. He married lusted after another women (gag) and as soon as his wife dies, the so called woman comes back, he sees her at a lake, sleeps with her, admits he was ashamed of her (poorness, her mother) so he never invited her into his house. His moms a total meddling B*tch!! Maddie is soooo weak! she let's him bully her over and over!! sleeps with him, regrets it and then he come and breaks up her relationship with her fiance! threatens her job! and her custody of her son! like he's going to take him away from her, just because years ago he rejected the baby, and despised her for years. What a load of Bullsh*t!! MEDIOCORE, CHEEZY, BULL!!!, OUT OF NOWHERE LIKE! UNBELIEVABLE! RUDE, WEAK, BLASSFUMY, just argh!!!! I really hate this book. It could have been written soooooo much better, and I'm not talking about grammar and all that jazz, I'm talking about plot charcaters. I just kept thinking in my head, BOOHOO!! suck it up that's life!! sigh......what a waste of time..Anyway srry if this doesn't make any sense.

  • Susan
    2019-03-22 03:21

    Not my favorite of the series. Maddie had come back to Yella to take care of a friend. She neither expected or wanted to see Cole again. The people of the town had always looked down on her and she had been happy to escape. Cole's reappearance has shaken up her plans for her future and her desire to forget her past.I had a hard time liking either Maddie or Cole, though I liked her marginally better. Maddie had grown up with a mother who was basically the town drunk and slut. She worked very hard in school and to protect her own reputation but it did no good. Everyone thought she was just like her mother. As a teenager she fell for Cole and they indulged in a secret relationship, but she was always sure that he still considered her beneath him. Her attempts to contact him after she left were rejected so she made a life on her own with her son. I liked her determination to better herself and the success she made of it. She was a good mother and had a good life. I didn't particularly like her approach to her future marriage to Greg - it was far to emotionless and calculated. I understood her reasons, but it was kind of cold. When Cole barged back into her life she tried to keep him at a distance but her attraction kept getting the better of her. Whenever they were apart she would be able to see what she should do but she just couldn't stand up to him in person. She also had some serious issues with really caring what the people in town thought of her instead of believing in herself. She admitted to herself that she loved him, but she didn't have enough confidence to believe that he would be there for her. All she really wanted was to be sure that he loved and wanted her, not just taking her because he wanted their son.Cole just irritated me. He blew hot and cold throughout the entire book. When he first heard she was back he trash talked her to his brother. He remembered how they were together but had no problem believing what her mother told him about why she left. When he saw her again he was overcome by his attraction to her even though he was angry about the past. But he listened to her explanation and appeared to believe her. I didn't like the way that throughout the book he just steamrollered right over what her wishes were and only considered what he wanted. He would seem to be coming around in his feelings but then something would happen and he would go right back to not trusting her. I did like that he accepted some of the responsibility for their misunderstandings but it just never seemed to make enough difference to his total attitude. He appeared to finally get it at the end, but it left me wondering if he would backslide. I do hope that there will be a story for his brother Adam. I liked him a lot more.

  • Bonnie
    2019-03-11 03:03

    His For The Taking by Ann Major was a good book. Maddie Gray came from a poor family and her mother was a slut. Everyone though Maddie was also. As a teenager, Maddie had a summer fling with John "Cole" Coleman. Cole's family had lots of money. His mother wanted to make sure Cole married a nice girl. At the end of the summer one night Maddie went home and was raped by one of her mothers boyfriends. Maddie called Cole but his mother answered the phone and told her she wasn't good enough for Cole. Coles mother didn't tell Cole that Maddie had called. Maddie left town. After she left town she found out she was pregnant. The child looks just like Cole. Maddie was afraid the child might be the guys who raped her. Cole was mad because she didn't contact him before leaving town. He marries the "good girl in town" Cole was unhappy which made for an unhappy marriage. His wife dies. Now Maddie is back in town to take care of an older woman who fell and needed help. Since this lady was the only one who believed in Maddie. Maddie went back to help her. Maddie and Cole connect again. First many problems had to be solved.

  • Andrea Sanchez
    2019-03-25 03:03

    Ugggg me desespero el libro esperaba más pero sinceramente todo va en picada desde las primeras páginas. Odié a los protagonistas, la madre, etc. A excepciones del hermanó la maestra e hijo. Definitivamente esperaba más.

  • Nadia Hamed
    2019-03-23 08:01

    read it in a day. it was frustrating the way the characters went back and forth and back and forth and back and forth ... There's a lot to dislike about this book, and not many redeeming points ... was a good way to pass a lazy afternoon though.

  • Kesha
    2019-02-27 07:01

    I hated all the characters except, Noah(the son), Adam(the bastard older brother), and Ms. Jennie(the older lady teacher who knows everybody's secrets).

  • Harlequin Books
    2019-03-13 09:23

    Miniseries: Rich, Rugged RanchersCategory: Passion

  • Nabilah
    2019-03-02 11:00

    The story has its moments. But a predictable story.

  • Tia
    2019-03-16 06:14

    I'm really reminded why I don't usually read Harlequin Desires, because they are usually so horribly written. I loved the description but this novel just sucked.

  • Andrea Moreno
    2019-02-27 04:09

    2.5 ☆☆☆...