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'They came in the night, as their quarry slept.'Almost eighteen months on from the terrible events of Halholham and so much has changed. Karl and Esther no longer speak to each other and Mr Cauldwell has been ostracised by Shraye and its fickle residents. But the trio will not be parted for much longer because a shadow is growing in the west, a shadow which will reunite th'They came in the night, as their quarry slept.'Almost eighteen months on from the terrible events of Halholham and so much has changed. Karl and Esther no longer speak to each other and Mr Cauldwell has been ostracised by Shraye and its fickle residents. But the trio will not be parted for much longer because a shadow is growing in the west, a shadow which will reunite them in the name of all they have lost.Sequel novellas Unwoven and Torn are the second and third books of the Tethers trilogy....

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unwoven and torn Reviews

  • Megan Readinginthesunshine
    2019-05-18 21:29

    I was absolutely blown away by Jack’s first novel, Tethers, and after I had read it I instantly wanted to know what would happen next! So I was THRILLED when I had the chance to read the next instalment Unwoven.Eighteen months on, we are reunited with Karl and Esther, but so much has changed since the events of Halholham. Karl and Esther no longer speak to one another, and things are worse for Mr Cauldwell, who has been shunned by the residents of Shraye. But soon events are set in motion and the three are once again reunited as things take a darker turn…Oh it was so good to be reunited with Karl and Esther, words cannot describe how much I had missed them since Tethers, and so I was eager to be back in their company. Despite my complete shock at the thought of them not speaking to each other, I mean – WHAT?! HOW COULD THEY NOT BE SPEAKING?! I needed to know what had happened and why they were like this, and straight away I was again completely swept up in the story.One of my favourite things about sequels is that there are new characters to meet, one in particular completely stole my heart! The characters that return from Tethers are just as loveable as they were, but this time they come having grown up a bit, and matured from all they have suffered, seen and been through. I particularly loved Esther, she’s always been my favourite as she has this fierceness about her, she can fight and protect the others, but she has another side to her too and I’m pleased that this was explored. I really felt I understood Esther, I got her anger and her pain and oh how I felt for her.But I think Karl really stood out for me – he showed a lot of courage, bravery and feeling in everything he did and I know he has a truly loyal heart when it comes to the people he holds dear. The relationship between Karl and Esther….wow! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I read that they hadn’t been speaking and I could really feel the tension between them in their initial meetings. I really rooted for them throughout and as their relationship progressed I could sense the underlying feelings between them radiating from the pages and oh this had me excited and frustrated all at the same time! I’m really hoping for more in book three!The descriptions…oh Jack Croxall manages to create settings, emotion and feeling effortlessly with his words. It flows almost like poetry and draws you in straight away.I love that Unwoven had darker elements in it, everything that I read felt very real and on many occasions my heart pounded as I raced to find out what would happen to them on their journey.The ending…oh gosh I want to talk about the events near the end and the ending part SO BADLY but I can’t…I buddy-read this with Laura and live-messaged Jack whilst I read so they went through every single reaction with me, including the ending where I actually screamed. I had tried to guess what would happen but NOTHING could prepare me for the twists and turns in this book and the sheer shock that I’m sure was evident on my face. I am now so eager for the next part!Unwoven is a brilliant read, full of thrilling action scenes, darker moments and characters that you will want to cheer on and stick with throughout.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PREVIOUS FANGIRLING <3Did I mention how much I LOVE TETHERS?! I LOVE TETHERS SO MUCH LIKE ASDFGHJKL; :D :DMister Jack Croxall you have made me an excited wreck waiting for the next part! This is currently me everyday waiting for Unwoven:And when I think about being reunited with Karl & Esther SOOOOOON!ICan'tWaitICan'tWaitICan'tWaitICan'tWait!UPDATE 21/01/14 - Blurb is released.WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT HOLD UP A SECOND - Esther and Karl AREN'T SPEAKING?!?!?!This can't be! How can they not be speaking? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME JACK CROXALL?!Oh I need to read this book SOON and I hope they get reunited VERY QUICKLY and that they're FRIENDS FOREVER AGAIN <3I can hope anyway....

  • Dan Thompson
    2019-05-03 03:35

    Jack Croxall's Torn is one anticipated novel - a novel that promises to tie up all the loose ends from the previous instalments in the trilogy, whilst reintroducing us to the lovable Karl and Esther. It's a book I devoured, flicking through the pages desperate to know where the author was going to take us.The author's language and voice is evident from the start - a YA title that successfully and vividly brings to life the Victorian setting, albeit in the rural highlands of Scotland that we find ourselves in Torn. It's an easy read, one you can simply sit back and enjoy in just a few short hours.The characters, as before, are brilliant - especially the lovable and relatable Karl with a K. His brave nature and logical personality makes him a winner; a protagonist to stand the test of time. It was great to see a loveable return for one character too, and the link between the two previous books are evidently there. A fan of the series so far will love all the little nuances scattered so mischievously.I especially fell in love with Omorose - a female antagonist who is dark and twisted and mysterious. And it is important to note how much more mature this final episode seems. There will be death in abundance and readers should be aware that this added depth and evolution from the innocent beginnings in Shraye seem so far away. And yet, this is a fantastic thing. It isn't until I look back now that I realise just how far Karl and Esther have come, from their humble and sheltered life in rural Lincolnshire. They certainly have matured and changed, having being forced to adapt to all the situations they have found themselves in.I guess the only thing that really bothered me was just how short the book was. For a final instalment, I craved more and in fact, both Unwoven (the second book in the trilogy) and this could have been put together to make one solid book. With Tethers being a good 257 pages long, Torn manages just 90.And yet, you could say that Torn is Jack Croxall's most compelling novel to date, with fantasy in abundance, heart-wrenching moments where you urge the brilliant gang on, as well as entertaining bouts of rifle fire and sword fights bringing us to a successful conclusion. Torn, and indeed the Tethers trilogy as a whole, is a teenage fantasy lover's perfect companion in that all three books stands up to the heavyweights of the genre - Pullman, Colfer, Paolini - and you know what, manages to topple some of the best.

  • Lisa Veldkamp
    2019-05-04 21:18

    Torn, the final part of the Tethers trilogy, has left me with a dull ache inside. Never again will I hear more about the adventures of Karl and Esther, Croxall makes sure of that.Having said as much, the final installment reads like a train as we pick up only moments after the ending of Unwoven. We meet the same characters, this time though, they start out on different paths, not unlike Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Somewhere in the middle, our main characters catch up with each other to spiral towards a cataclysmic end. Who will live to tell the tale, is everyone who they say they are, can people return from the dead and will Karl and Esther sort out their differences?Croxall's writing is so captivating, you don't care which storyline you're currently reading, you want to know it all. An accomplishment in itself, as I'm usually drawn to the main storyline, Karl and Esther in this case, but I could hardly tell the difference as the book is a real page-turner.Far too soon we reach the end. Whether or not Croxall has chosen to head for disaster like a raging bull or give us a happy ending, you will have to find out for yourself. I for one am left feeling torn. Torn between the pleasure of having read such a magnificent trilogy and the empty feeling that Karl and Esther are no longer with me. They became a part of my life this last year, thank you for the ride. It has been a pleasure!

  • Rebecca Stow
    2019-05-05 20:24

    A perfect end to the Trilogy, Jack, you should be very pleased with yourself.this book, just like the others, absolutely blew me away and I'm defiantly going to be buying it when its published so I can relive all of the action and heartbreak and adventure all over again.

  • Dan Thompson
    2019-05-16 19:12

    Jack Croxall is a phenomenal storyteller, proven in his previous works. The first book in his Victorian era trilogy, Tethers, left us in suspense of what is to come and it seems like it has been an eternity, but finally, Unwoven is upon us. The author's likeable and charismatic characters left a lasting impression in my mind and I was eager to read this sequel, as it promised more of the original's charm and subtle fantasy elements that made the original so, well, original.Unwoven takes place 18 months after the first instalment, and in all honesty, much has changed in the quiet village of Shraye. Karl Scheffer is now working in a school - a reference hinted at in Tethers. But more importantly, Karl and Esther (the other protagonist in the series) are not on speaking terms anymore. Why? What has happened? It isn't long though before the two lost friends are reunited on a journey; forced to work together to discover the true origins behind the Viniculum - a supernatural stone that allowed Karl to see pictures and events before him. Will they put their differences aside to save the life of a mutual friend?I think it is a bold move by the author to introduce this tense relationship between the two protagonists. Especially since in the first book, both Karl and Esther's chemistry and platonic relationship were at it's heart. Why turn everything around? Well for starters, it adds a new dynamic and an original one at that. Their tension shakes things up a bit and it was interesting to see how it was going to play out. Jack Croxall doesn't release the details behind their unfriendship for want of a better term quickly, but instead, expands upon it, leaving you guessing until much later in the story.Esther was a highlight in Tethers, and not just for me, as many reviews have stated her to be their favourite character. She was lovable, spunky and rebellious, but all in a charming way. Here Esther has other things on her mind. She is out for blood. We get to see a much more dark and menacing side to her, showing us her coming of age personality has maybe taken a turn for the worse. Karl on the other hand seems to have matured sensibly and although often acts responsibly, seems a little too serious at times. Although, his loyal nature and inquisitive side that got him into trouble in Tethers does shine through, rather cheekily actually.Unwoven does have a perfect balance of action and information. You are never far from something happening, drawing you in, forcing you to keep the book open for another minute longer. Yet, I've got to say that the dialogue in here is superb. Natural, authentic and true to the Victorian times, Jack Croxall manages to convey emotion and sincerity in bounds. I only wish I had that skill. The way the characters interact with one another is one of the stand out aspects to this book. I felt like you get to see more of Karl's way of thinking more in here. It's a nice touch and shows how far Karl has progressed in the 18 months we've been away.The author's writing style seems more sharper, more direct this time around, which makes for a quick read. Paragraphs are short, description and imagery spaced out to allow the reader to imagine much for themselves. I think it is a very mature approach to his voice, expanding on his debut rather than matching it. So when Esther is quickly unsheathing her sword, the action erupts in seconds.I guess one of the most distinguishable differences in here when compared to Tethers is the length. Unwoven is considerably shorter, and for some, I would think it would be a little disappointing. I would say however, that this is in fact more to do with the fact that Jack Croxall has such a addictive writing style, you just wish the story could continue further.Unwoven is more an intermediary in the trilogy, surely linking its fantastic debut to the final conclusion. Yet, despite its length, Unwoven is a tightly-knit adventure that picks you up right from the start and leaves you at another shocking cliffhanger at its end. Jack Croxall is a superb storyteller; a master of a charming and effortless yarn that will have you giddy for days. It's also darker, more intense than Tethers, which shows its progression from beginning to middle, and now we must wait for the end. Perfect for any lover of YA or for any reader who enjoys a well told story, Unwoven is a brilliant for an afternoon read.

  • Laura
    2019-05-18 00:25

    I've struggled for days to write this review. Mainly because I can't really find the words to explain how much I love Unwoven!But I think I've just about managed it.Unwoven begins eighteen months after Tethers and we are invited back into the world of Karl and Esther. Disappointingly, the pair seem to have gone their separate ways and are no longer talking (much to my despair). The story opens with Karl on his way to meet Mr Cauldwell and very soon we learn that the Viniculum is still very much a part of their lives.When Mr Cauldwell shares a shocking piece of news with Karl, he rushes to talk to Esther about it and desperately tries to figure out why she's so upset with him but, very quickly, events happen that throw them back together leaving little time for an emotional reconciliation.The pair set off on another adventure, this one full of danger, more sword fighting and a whole lot of betrayal.So, it's no surprise I read this book in one very quick sitting. It landed in my inbox and I greedily read it; I was so desperate to be back with Karl and Esther.I was ecstatic to be back in their world and the two teenagers fill me with such pride when I read about them, they are so fearless and driven by justice that I can't help but admire them immensely. Their relationship is a tricky one during this novel, they almost have to start again and put their past behind them but there are still so many unresolved feelings fizzing between the two. I love the chemistry between them and constantly wanted them to just have a quick kiss! I totally melted when Karl spoke about Esther in this book, especially when he is watching her in the candlelight. It gave me butterflies! Stunningly written. We are introduced to some new characters in Unwoven and they were really well introduced and developed nicely throughout. I always like the way the characters are introduced, I always feel like I need to be a little wary of them to begin with, instead of trusting them straight away. The plot was full of twists and turns, I kept having to take deep breaths before reading certain pages. I was fearful of what would happen next. I love books that grip onto me so tightly and immerse me in their world that I can’t help but act a little bit crazy when I read them! I would LOVE to discuss the plot in more detail but I totally can’t without spoiling it so I have to stop here before I give it all away!As always, Jack writes beautifully, using the most lyrical of descriptions that are honestly the best I’ve ever read. Every sentence flows seamlessly into the next and, to me, encapsulates the Victoria era perfectly. I so desperately want to jump into the pages of the book and run around with Karl and Esther, whipping out a sword and having a few fights! This book ends on a complete cliff hanger that had me genuinely hyperventilating, completely shocked by what had happened. I could NEVER have predicted it was coming! It has left me desperate for the third book: Torn. Hurry up and write it Jack!! I can’t really write much more about this book without being too much of a fan-girl and declaring how much I want to squeeze Jack and how much I love him so I think I will stop before we get into fan-girl territory! All I have to say is READ THIS BOOK. (After reading Tethers.)

  • Hannah
    2019-04-25 23:20

    Oh my Goodness this is amazing. Perfect ending to a fantastic series! There may be slight spoilers in here but I have hidden the big ones.This picks up immediately after the second book in the series Unwoven, and is immediately gripping. Karl, Esther and Vivian set off to Scotland in an attempt to find the final stone and the reader is swept away on an engrossing adventure. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the historical aspect of the series makes the travelling so much more interesting and is absolute genius as far as I'm concerned. The plot of this book, in fact the whole series, is wonderful. It's exciting with twists and turns throughout. The writing is fantastic with beautifully crafted concepts and the characters are just incredible.Esther is an amazing heroine, she is fearless and fierce all the way through the series and I am so pleased that she eventually calmed down and forgave Karl :) Karl himself is just as fantastic, he's determined and will do anything necessary for the cause. I love him!Mr Cauldwell was always my favourite character though, I don't know why but something about him just clicks with me. I was very happy to find he was well again and I thought that him not being with Karl and Esther was a nice difference from the first two books and worked really well. It showed how independent Karl and Esther had become and Alexander was as accommodating towards them as he always had been. I absolutely love how he was so willing to die before giving Karl and Esther away to Asquith. What a wonderful man.Shona, oh Shona how I love you. Utterly selfless, she is wonderful.Mr Dufor and Asquith are very well painted (or written) villains, willing to do anything in order to win. Asquith is awful and I very nearly threw my Kindle across the room (view spoiler)[ when he killed Vivan(hide spoiler)] because he's so evil.I loved the addition of the zombie like beings as weapons, really fantastic idea. There will always be something terrifying about the living dead as far as I'm concerned. I thought it was very clever how quickly it turned friend into foe too.Ailig was a great addition as a minor character. I love characters who go along with the madness that's happening in books without asking too many questions (view spoiler)[ and even though I didn't know him for very long, I was sad when he was turned evil by the machine and Esther was forced to kill him(hide spoiler)]The final chapter was a lovely way to wrap up such a wonderful series (view spoiler)[ I love that Karl and Esther ended up together after everything they'd been through. Loved the fact that named their son Harland (I am still upset about his death in Tethers by the way) and the suggestion that they may name their second child after another one of their late friends(hide spoiler)]You should seriously read all three of these incredible, beautifully written novels. I really, really love them!Jack, you are a genius.

  • Liz Barnsley
    2019-04-28 03:32

    Book 2 of the “Tethers” Trilogy.Almost eighteen months on from the terrible events of Halholham and so much has changed.Karl and Esther no longer speak to one another and Mr Cauldwell has been ostracised by Shraye and its fickle residents. But the trio will not be parted for much longer because a shadow is growing in the west, a shadow which will reunite them in the name of all they have lost.So, 18 months or so on from the events of “Tethers” and things have changed. Something, we know not what, has changed the dynamic between our terrible twosome and they no longer speak. They will soon be thrown together on yet another quest – and slowly but surely things are revealed and the mythology of Tethers deepens..I loved this one yet again for many reasons. The writing is short, sharp and addictive, the prose slightly darker than previously as our protagonists grow up, and yet it keeps its sense of adventure and the Victorian tone perfectly. Its quite a short intense read but extraordinarily good and as a middle part to the whole it worked perfectly for me.I adore Esther – showing her darker side here really ramped up my Esther love as well, she was always kick ass now she’s kick ass with added attitude. Karl still has his cheeky side and throughout the whole of the read I was dying for them to sort out their differences – so much so that I spent a lot of time yelling. Metaphorically speaking. Ok actually once or twice which possibly frightened the bunny. Sorry Willow…Anyway – story – Jack Croxall is a magnificent storyteller, I’d like to say of the old school kind. If ever there was a writer you would want telling you ghost stories around the campfire, Jack would be your man. This particular story was simple yet complex, adding superb depth to some already brilliantly drawn characters and keeping an intense yet compelling flow to the tale throughout. Emotionally speaking this resonates – and the ending nearly killed me. Literally. I scared the bunny again…and now I’m Torn. Hopefully very soon…Highly Recommended

  • Lisa Veldkamp
    2019-05-02 22:18

    Unwoven, part two of the Tethers Trilogy, what a ride!Karl and Esther have changed. Something between them has gone terribly wrong and they are currently not on speaking terms. They have to be though and soon, because trouble is coming for them. Where Tethers gives us hints that there is more to the viniculum Karl and Esther found in book one, Unwoven explores much deeper levels. We meet the people who are after the stone, why Esther is suddenly dead set on killing and how Karl learns about a mysterious brotherhood, who seem to understand him better, than he does himself.They join mr. Cauldwell yet again on another journey. A journey full of danger, fighting, discoveries. Throughout the book though, above all, you desperately long for Esther and Karl to work out their differences. What happened in those months after Tethers? How does a young girl turn into a dangerous force to be reckoned with and why does Karl feel guilty?Croxall manages to pull you into his story, head first, and you don't want to resurface until you've reached that last page. Even though Unwoven has less pages than its predecessor, it surprisingly gives you more. More about the world of Karl and Esther, more about their motives, more about their friends and more about the new people they meet. Now there's only one thing I want. More.

  • D.M. Cain
    2019-05-07 02:10

    Torn is a fantastic end to a wonderful series of novels – a series that I was sad to see the end of. Torn pulls all the threads (or tethers if you will) of the preceding books into one neat, satisfying package. The characters really come into their own in this final book – particularly Karl who I feel had been lurking in Esther’s shadow in the previous two books. In this third instalment, however, he commands a stronger presence – one of an intelligent, caring and resourceful young man who would do anything to help the people he loves. Esther is, as ever, strong, determined and wilful – a wonderful character who, for me, ranks up there with other strong female characters such as Lyra from His Dark Materials, Katniss from The Hunger Games and Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. The action is non-stop from start to finish and I couldn’t put the book down. Jack Croxall has an incredible talent for choosing words which convey strong imagery, without needing to resort to long-winded descriptive passages. As such, his style is clear and simple to read, yet vivid too. Another triumph from the mind of Mr Croxall. Now I guess I’ll just have to twiddle my thumbs until he publishes his next masterpiece.

  • Izzles25
    2019-05-20 03:12

    A brilliant ending to an amazing trilogy. I have enjoyed the pace of the books and the characters. Each are different and unique. Esther is brilliant. She's determined and strong willed. Loved the three books because they were different and well written.

  • Laura
    2019-05-17 01:16

    I kind of love Jack but I also kind of really hate him. This was a totally bittersweet book !

  • Lloyd Baron
    2019-05-18 03:20

    I only picked up the first novel, Tethers, because it was free for the weekend and thought why not. I discovered that it was an insanely good read, so when I found out that the sequel was here I snapped it up. The next installment Unwoven.It’s been eighteen months and a lot has changed since book one. Karl and Esther no longer speak to one another which is bad, but not as bad as what Mr Cauldwell has been through after being shunned by the residents of Shraye, poor guy. There are points where you really feel the tension between Karl and Esther and as the book goes on… well that’s one of the things you’ll need to read to find out.It isn’t long though until events begin to unfold and the three are reunited. The fact that Karl and Esther no longer speak to each other was a good place to begin. It makes you instantly want to know what could have happened to make them fall out.Esther was my favourite character in the first book, as she is not the usual damsel in distress I so hate to read about; she is bold and daring and gutsy. She is that and more here and she develops nicely as you read further into the book.Karl for me in book one (although I still enjoyed his character) was a little less in some ways. However, my mind changed within the pages of Unwoven. He showed himself to be loyal, courageous and strong, putting others first and for me he really grew as a character, almost knocking Esther off the top spot. Perhaps he’ll get that opportunity in book three.I won’t talk much about the plot, I hate reviews that spill the story but I will say that is becomes dark… Set in rural Victorian England, the locations and characters (both new and old) bring the events and story to life. If you have read book one then you’ll love this even more.Now a little shout out to the man, Jack Croxall. Having read three of his books (Tethers and the short story X) I can truly say that he has a flare for description which is getting better with each piece he reveals upon the world. His writing has heart, soul and guts which he hones into fabulously wonderful scenes that have you gripped and desperate for more. It’s colourful and magnificent, leaving you reeling from how real he makes everything sound. I for one have been won over by Jack and I am so glad that I took a chance on his work.I would give this book more than 5/5 if the universe allowed such crazy ideas and breaking of reality. Oh, sod it, 100/5… yay The Tethers Saga. Book three, I’m already waiting for you.

  • Lloyd Baron
    2019-05-09 22:07

    Jack Croxall's Torn is the final part, the final piece of the Tethers Trilogy, set in rural Britain during the Victorian era. If you have read the two books which come before then you are in for a treat as you read your way through the events leading towards its conclusion. And it is not a disappointment. It didn't take me that long to read Torn, as I was hooked and wanted to get to the end in a timely fashion.The characters are still wonderful and the descriptions and settings are so detailed that you feel like you are there within the pages. Karl is brave with a logical way of thinking. In the second book I felt his character fell behind Esther but he is re-awoken here and becomes the top dog once again.This is a much more mature book than the first, seeing both the characters grow and the story turning darker. How much has changed for these two since we first saw them in Tethers, having a somewhat dull and innocent life in their home village in Lincoinshire. A must read for all fans of Jack Croxall and for those who have followed the footsteps of these two characters over the years.

  • D.M. Cain
    2019-05-08 00:34

    Unwoven is a gripping tale of mysterious artefacts and shady conspiracies. As part 2 of a trilogy, this book has an 'Empire Strikes Back' feel to it, with the characters gaining more depth and emotion. The story becomes more complex and involving and opens the reader up to a wider world of underhanded dealings and powers greater than ever imagined. Although the book is aimed at young adults (and it would certainly thrill many a teenager with its swashbuckling sword fights and edge-of-your-seat train chases) it also appeals to older readers due to the depth of the characters' emotions and their interactions. There is certainly a greater sense of loss and tragedy than in the first book, and it is interesting to see how the characters have changed in the interim. I read this book in one and half days, which is a record for me, as I was totally hooked from start to finish! Jack Croxall has that wonderful talent of making you care deeply for the characters and giving you the sense of undertaking their journey with them. I cannot wait for book number three (Torn) to be released - I am entirely confident that it will be yet another fantastic read!

  • Hannah
    2019-04-30 23:14

    I love this, I love Karl, I love Esther, I love Mr Cauldwell.Like Tethers, Unwoven takes the reader on an exciting adventure through Victorian Britain. The author's use of descriptive language is wonderful and really does a good job of pulling you in to the era as well as the adventure.The plot was pretty much perfect too, although I was distressed when I first read the description and found out Karl & Esther weren't speaking any more this was used as a fabulous plot device and when explained, completely understandable (and a bit emotional if you're a Harland lover like myself). The adventure itself was amazing, I love the way they have to travel relatively slowly due to the era as so much more can happen with the extra time. The new characters we have been introduced to are also great, I particularly enjoyed Mr Brock.The double cliffhanger at the end is a combination of really incredible and annoying (purely because I'd quite like to read it now!) Another great, easy and quick to read novel in this series. Cannot wait for the last one!

  • Alison MacConnell
    2019-05-03 02:06

    Both Jack Croxall's talents as a writer and the continuation of the story begun in Tethers go from strength to strength in this second book of the trilogy. Tethers was good, no doubt about it, but somehow this is that little bit better. Croxall gives the impression of settling into his craft, becoming more confident in his talents, and that makes for an even more enjoyable tale than book one. The characters are stronger and more engaging, the story pulls you in that little bit deeper and the cliffhanger ending is oh-so-bittersweet. I'm thoroughly looking forward to the final book in the series, Torn.

  • Victorialovesbooks
    2019-05-18 01:22