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Olivia James has never been one to walk on the wild side, at least not until she meets Seth Marc—a cocky, sexy fighter at her father’s gym. He’s infuriating, nauseatingly addictive and she just can’t seem to shake him. He’s only been in town a short while and his name is already on everyone’s lips. He's the kind of guy moms’ warn their daughters about—the kind that leavesOlivia James has never been one to walk on the wild side, at least not until she meets Seth Marc—a cocky, sexy fighter at her father’s gym. He’s infuriating, nauseatingly addictive and she just can’t seem to shake him. He’s only been in town a short while and his name is already on everyone’s lips. He's the kind of guy moms’ warn their daughters about—the kind that leaves a trail of shattered hearts behind him and he has Olivia in his sights.Olivia has never met anyone as confusing as Seth and his hot and cold attitude constantly sends her reeling. She’s never wanted anyone’s touch so badly in her life, but having recently come out of a long term relationship diving into another is something she'd prefer to avoid.Determined for his touch, but not to let him under her skin, Olivia embarks on the most thrilling ride of her life....

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  • Lisa
    2019-03-12 03:42

    3.5 StarsConsumed is book one in Skyla Madi's new series. This is the classic tale of bad-ass MMA fighter meets sweet girl, sparks fly and a story ensues. While this is the overall formula for many novels about sexy MMA fighters, I found this book to be an enjoyable read.Seth Marc is a sexy as sin MMA fighter training for his amateur fights in an attempt to go pro. He is essentially the love them and discard them type. He doesn't do relationships. He does sex. And, lots of it. While training at the gym, he catches a beautiful girl ogling him. What he does not expect is how quickly his world will shift from that moment. Olivia has finally had it with her cheating douche of a boyfriend who she has been in a relationship with for the last six years. She breaks up with him and she is determined that this time they will stay broken up. Newly single and embracing that fact, Olivia finds herself drooling over a fighter in her dad's gym the very next day. Even though this sexy hunk of man invokes many lust-filled thoughts, Olivia is set on staying single and is not ready to pursue anything with anyone. What she does not expect is how one very determined MMA fighter can change her life for good.Olivia is not willing to become yet another notch on Seth's belt. She may be attracted to him but she is not the type of girl who can have meaningless sex. When Olivia's judgment lapses one night, Seth makes it clear that he does not want to give in to her advances as he is convinced that she is too good for him. They slowly become involved in each other's lives and soon the attraction they feel for one another is acted upon. I really liked how their relationship slowly progressed. Even when things got physical between them, declarations of love were not forthcoming. When it comes to this aspect of the book I think that this author did a stellar job. It made for a more organic ease into a romance. Both Seth and Olivia begin to develop strong feelings for one another as their bond deepens but Seth holds some painful secrets having to do with his past. Can he trust Olivia enough to let her completely into his life? And, how about Olivia? Can she handle being involved with a MMA fighter? Both Seth and Olivia stay true to themselves and each other as they navigate friends, family, and their respective careers.While I did truly like this book, there were a few things that fell a little short for me. I wanted more on Seth's past. Yes, we are given somewhat of a back story but I felt that it did not fully explain why Seth was the way he was. Perhaps if we were given alternating POVs this problem would have been solved. Also, I did not really get Olivia's best friend, Selena. Here is a girl who did a copious amount of drinking all of the damn time and no one said anything about this. Where was the concern? Selena carries around mini alcoholic bottles for consumption and this is normal? Plus, I did not find her a great best friend as she threw Olivia under the bus more than once by running her mouth off. Another aspect of the book that bothered me and didn't add up was Olivia's job. Throughout the novel Olivia missed a lot of work and a few times when she was actually at work her antics when Selena appeared were childish and so unprofessional. Why was her ass not fired? Again, I remained completely engrossed in the book while reading it but I did feel like there were some indiscrepancies. All in all, I enjoyed Consumed. It was relatively low on the angsty bull-shit which was appreciated. Instead the focus was on Seth and Olivia's relationship growing into something beautiful in the midst of change, heart-ache and tragedy. This book is told completely from Olivia's POV with the exception of the Epilogue. Consumed does end in a HEA; however, the Epilogue did leave me wondering if the second book in this series will be about a new couple or if it would be the continuation of Seth and Olivia's story. Regardless, I will be continuing on with this series.

  • Skyla Madi
    2019-03-10 05:56

    Hi guys! I just wanted to state again that the first copy of Consumed that was published was actually my first draft copy and wasn't meant to be seen. Since then, my publisher has updated the copy through Amazon and Amazon sent out an email to everyone who downloaded it with a link to update to the new copy. Also, I've seen a lot of comments about the whole 'Portland is nowhere near Boston' thing. It's stated 'Portland, Maine' a million times in the book. I may not be American, but I know how to use a map. ;)

  • Catarina
    2019-03-04 21:41

    3.5 Fighting StarsOlivia (finally!) breaks up with her boyfriend of six years whom being cheating in a regular basis. When she goes to her father’s gym to ease the stress she meets Seth, hot-as-hell MMA fighter and ultimate male whore. She knows she can’t have him, she had enough of guys in her life wanting to jump in everything that moves… but unfortunately her body and her subconscious don’t know that. Seth also wants Olivia, but for the first time in his life he wants more than sex from a woman and he believes that she is too good for him, especially a man with a past like his. But he doesn’t want to give up on her and he has to find out how to become the man she needs… without losing her in the process. Although I liked the story and it was an enjoyable reading, there were some things that didn’t quite work for me. First it was Olivia. She annoyed me to no end, not because she was whiny or stubborn or anything like that: She was completely unprofessional!! I don’t know how she didn’t get fired before. And sometimes the dialogue was too unnatural, the plot to predictable and the supportive characters didn’t do anything for me. And Seth talked about his very bad past, okay, is bad… but let’s not make something way worse than it really is. (view spoiler)[ And for a male whore who didn’t want any kind of compromise… he changed real quick.(hide spoiler)]However, if you’re into books with steam, romance and badass MMA fighters… you’ll probably like this one ;) ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • J *deep in the heart of Texas*
    2019-03-04 22:07

    4.5--SURPRISING--Stars!I really, really liked this one. Going in to it, I had no idea what to expect. I hadn't read a book about an a MMA fighter in awhile so I was optimistic. What I really liked about this one was the banter between the characters. I wasn't expecting it to be so funny. The story begins with Olivia finally kicking her loser, cheating boyfriend Blade to the curb. During a visit to her dad's gym she meets Seth. Seth is an MMA fighter. I will say it was insta-attraction for Seth and Olivia but I don't think it was insta-love. Seth makes it known from the beginning that he doesn't do relationships.Seth and Olivia continue to run in to each other and before long they give in to that attraction. Seth is still hesitant to commit to Olivia but you can see his feelings gradually changing. Seth and Olivia were super HOT together. The majority of the book follows Seth on his quest to go pro.Olivia....That was just comical. How she wasn't fired from her job sooner is beyond me. I loved all of the secondary characters too. I know a lot of people didn't like her BFF Selena but I thought she was hilarious...yes, she did a lot of thisand she was a bit DITZY!But I still thought she was funny. I hope the next book is about her and Jackson.Overall, I really enjoyed this one. It wasn't over the top drama and it had me laughing and swooning. It was a standalone with a HEA...other books will be about other characters.

  • ~Dawn~TUG
    2019-03-21 21:49

    Let's start with a mantra I live by..I LOVE FIGHTERS and especially MMA boys..Seth..mmmmmmmSeth is the typical slam bam thank you ma'am lover that doesn't do the second time around and doesn't hang out to even care enough to get your name. [image error]”He’s definitely the kind of guy moms warn their daughters about-the kind that breaks hearts and leaves a long line of them behind him”Why this makes my panties wet? I will never know but I love me a bad boy.. And Seth delivered starting out with the initial eyes set on each other and sparks fly..but being the consummate bad boy he “doesn’t do the girlfriend thing.” Do any of them? Until the one girl who gets under their skin and CONSUMES him..[image error]Queue Olivia, loyal to a fault has been with one guy for the last 6 years that treats her like she is disposable. Fed up with the cheating and lies she finally calls it quits with all she has ever known and starts to remember who she is. I can appreciate being stuck in a rut you know with all your heart this is not what you deserve but the safety of the situation is almost comforting. Some people see this as weak but the ins and outs of life can do this to the best of us. So I enjoyed Olivia and felt her naivety was part of her charm and not an annoyance, for me. Plus her ditched douchebag was named Blade..really? What are you a fucking Power Ranger? Even when all signs were pointing to these two being right for each other, Seth had to do something or say something to derail the whole situation..and I felt O stayed true to what she knew she wanted. Having already experienced what she definitely did not deserve.[image error]”You can take your dinner, your apology and your heads up and you can shove them up your ass because I don’t want you.”True? No but she didn’t want the treatment he was known for dispensing so you preach it Olivia. I enjoyed the surrounding and supporting cast and felt connected to the story. If you like bad boy fighters, alpha demanders and sweaty muscled up this book. If you are more Shakespeare and poetry I think your reading the wrong reviewer..**copy kindly given to us by author in exchange for honest reviews by the girls at ** Another fighter boy I love it!For more reviews please visit us at

  • Ashleyjo
    2019-03-10 22:53

    The reason this book rates so low is primarily because the FMC has more character flaws than a 1970 Gremlin..FMC Doormat? She's handed her proverbial last straw in a six year relationship full of cheating, emotional blackmail, and verbal abuse. Yeah, she kinda lota sorta is. But, I do get it.. Douchebag was her first and only. I'm good. Quivering Ovary FMCThe very next AM after breakup of her 6-year relationship, she is ogling the finest piece of man meat she's ever seen, AKA the upfront manwhore, Seth. Okay. We are moving a bit fast, but I'll play insta-lust. Damn, girl can't help that her ovaries are quivering and ...But, as the endless mental drivel about how hot Seth is continues, I'm ready to slap some duct tape on this chick's ovaries and brain. Prima Donna FMC"My older brother Chase gets to run around the world unbothered by our parents because he's serving our country. God forbid I do something for myself. Likability is getting difficult. Endless Slut Slamming FMC".. a bouncy brunette enters the gym and demands attention. In her tight tube dress and with heels, no doubt higher than her morals (I'm aware that's not an accepted form of measurement but it makes me feel better thinking it,) she prances right over to Seth. Weren't you the chick mentally fucking this dude from the moment you laid eyes on him? And, wtf are her morals when she's throwing her puss and boots at him not long later? Likability is in the toilet. TSTL FMC "There's just something about a healthy love and a happy ending that inspires me."Yet, moments later she's thinking about clear player Seth.. "I'm a little angry that he so openly flirted with me when is {his} girlfriend was in the same building. That is not okay and I hate myself for being weak. I never want to be the girl a guy cheats with because I know what it's like to be the girl that gets cheated on and it sucks. I can fantasize and perve on him in a gym though, can't I. I mean where's the harm in that? ... He's definitely the kind of guy moms warn their daughters about - the kind that breaks hearts and leaves a long line of them behind him." She just broke up with a cheating manwhore. She's now enamored with an upfront manwhore. Go figure. Seth turns out to be a great guy underneath it all, but she didn't fucking know that. Later she QUITS her job so that she can be there for Seth. *shakes head* Passive Aggressive Judgmental Bitch "Trying to read people without getting to know them is a habit of mine. "I'm actually a people watcher, too. I love to silently observe people, but my God this chuck is such a judgmental bitch to everyone. She has an obsession with pointing out everyonehas fake boobs & that it either makes them a slut or old lady trying to be young. FMC should just wear a shirt and save us some time... She also has an age tic of calling people "old." Forties are old, hum. A driver is so old he shouldn't be driving and she wasn't going to pay full price because he kept missing turns. Old lady taking a shower requires her to close her eyes. By 14%, "lesbian" is used twice as a joking insult between the FMC & her BFF. So unnecessary to use the term in negative connotation. Ehh, tight red dress = whore."I've never wanted a tattoo. They've always seemed so dirty to me."Wishy-Washy FMC "I don't like fighting - play, practice or otherwise and being in the presence of someone who does it for a living makes me uncomfortable. " Wait, five minutes ago you said... "I used to take boxing classes when I was younger." " I love boxing."Later, she punches a girl in the face at a club. She's The Most Sexually Irresistible Plain & Boring Chick EvahShe's so plain and boring, or so we hear. Yet....She breaks up w/ 6-year douche and has showdowns with him as he pulls her from a guy mauling her on a dance floor.Her 40-year-old boss has such a crush on her that she can just not show up for work and have friends visit with a purse full of alcohol. She's roofied at a bar. She's almost sexually assaulted by a blind date, but is saved because sheaccidentallytexts Seth during the date. Don, another MMA fighter, aggressively hits on her FOUR separate times. Some Unbelievable Plot Points Years ago and hundreds of miles away in Seattle, Seth just happened to have fucked his father's therapist's wife. And said therapist is none other than the FMC's boss now. And, what happens directly after this revelation? She initiates their first sex scene, of course. That was so mistimed and out of place following her finding out he has fucked married women, specifically her kind boss's ex wife. Oh, and I would love to have a boss that just lets me miss work any time I want and have my drunken BFF throw back wine IN A DOCTOR's office. Laughable.The WritingI've read worse. I've read much better.Way too many typos and grammatical errors for this to be under a publishing company and have an "editor" thanked in the acknowledgements. Trite shit like flashing eyes, heated crotches, electrical currents, gazes, lust-laden lids, clenching insides, are overdone. A lot of repetition - how hot he is, how aroused she is, how "good" she is, etc.Too much time spent on clothing changes and getting ready. Overwritten plot points (such as the number of times some man messes with the FMC.) It Wasn't All Bad While there is a tremendous amount of push/pull angst u relationship shit, the FMC & MMC didn't let problems fester. There were no miscommunication or 'I'm going to ignore you' devices here. I very much appreciate that. The MMC is frustratingly hot and cold and very difficult to like for a good portion of the book. It's somewhat explained and somewhat understandable. I appreciated that there were NO OW sex scenes, and no OW at all after he commits to going after the FMC. Overall, Seth becomes a likable character trying his best to woo and develop a relationship with her once he decides she's his. Lust and obsession are instant, but the ILYs don't come until the end. Again, I appreciate this not being insta love. Both characters had mental shit to work through first. For non-erotica sex scenes, these were well done, a good length, and with good spacing. Most traditional romance readers will be more than satisfied here. The MMA plot line was well done. Nice ending. HFN w/ promise of HEA. Bottom Line2 1/2 generous stars

  • CasPerfitz~SLiTsReaD
    2019-03-01 23:08

    also posted here : first time Olivia saw Seth in the gym punching a blue bag: "Whoa.A shiver instantly shoots down my spine, igniting something dark and sinister deep down in my core. I helplessly drink in the strangers features, gaping at him like an idiot."Seth is also instantly pulled towards Olivia but he sees her as "good" and according to Seth; "Wholesome girls like you have no business being with boys like me.” Seth couldn't promise anything to Olivia at the same time he claims her as his.Let's just say, Seth is effing HOT and their story is HOT! Now here's one HOT MMA fighter romance novel! Thank God or rather, thank you Skyla Madi!!!! It completely had me from start to finished. I loved it!

  • Karen111
    2019-03-25 04:00

    FINALLY finished this! Despite all the hype, this book bored me to tears!Olivia is a receptionist and Seth is an amateur MMA fighter, on the cusp of going professional. They meet when Seth starts training at her father's gym.I liked Seth, but Olivia annoyed the absolute beejeesus out of me and I couldn't stand her. She was selfish (anyone for a day or twenty off work, kind boss be-damned???), spoilt and judgmental (calling the patrons of a nightclub "scum and skanks" for no reason - she didn't know these people!), and had nothing going on or any endearing qualities. When her dad died, she was more worried about how her make-up looked than anything else. All men fell over themselves to try and be with her (Don, Seth, Blade, her boss), yet despite her apparent good looks, she had no personality. Seth's issues were blown out of all proportion. The way he never had a real girlfriend, and all this "stay away from me, I'm no good for you" was a pile of poop, and led to nothing. I thought his playboy lifestyle was going to catch up to him in the form of a disgruntled ex, or something like that, but nothing came out of the big deal that was made of it either. Also, yes, he had a shortish fuse, but nothing out of the ordinary - he was far from dangerous. He was no Remy from "Real", but he was a likable enough character, all in all. And what was with the random death of her dad?! I'm quite an empathetic person, but even I couldn't muster up any sympathy or emotion during this part of the story. Why it was thrown in is beyond me.The first 20% was OK, but this ended up being one of the most mind-numbingly boring books I've read in quite a while. Add in a litany of spelling errors, and a continuous mix up of tenses, and you've got yourself a 1 star read.

  • Anna
    2019-03-02 04:48

    On a fighter bingeeeeAnd yes cover lust binge too LOL

  • ✿
    2019-03-19 23:45

    “What are you thinking?” She asks me, searching my eyes. If I press harder against her, she’ll be able to feel me and put two and two together. Instead, I smile. “It isn’t very PG, I’ll tell you that.” - Lol!! So naughty Seth!! ;)The good: Solid, intriguing, and engaging read! The story line is intriguing, the characters are likable, and there was just enough "smutt" to keep me sated. ;)The bad: Had some typical elements that we come across in reads: good girl meets bad boy; bad boy thinks he's not good enough for whatever reason; some pushing and pulling going on between them; characters give in to their attraction; some drama occurs; they live happily ever after.MY THOUGHTS/REVIEW:Overview:"Consumed" was a lovely, lovely read to pass the time. I swear, whenever I had free time I would grab my e-reader in between my babysitting gig and would sneak away to read me some more of Seth Marc!! I was that obsessed with finishing this! lol.I also appreciated the fact that "Consumed" wasn't all about sex and had kept this part of Seth and Olivia's relationship steamy yet tasteful. Sometimes in these kinds of reads that's all I come across and it's annoying and redundant at times. Makes me skim or skip over a lot of the sex/love scenes which thankfully never happened in this book!! The Characters:I liked how Olivia, "O" or "Oli", was so easy to relate with. She, to me, was like the most of us in how she reacted or took things. Plus too, she actually had backbone!! Wohoo!! How refreshing!!"I saved his number into my phone, but I’m yet to glance at it. I don’t really want to hear what he’s got to say. I’m not in the mood for his ‘I care, but I don’t care’ with the ‘I want you, but I can’t let myself have you’ kind of speeches."My only qualm though with her is that she has to be the worst employee ever! So unprofessional! She's lucky Mason (her boss) was really sweet on her or else the amount of days she took off from work or got interrupted during work hours would have cost Olivia her job real fast with a normal employer! As for Seth, well, he was sort of typical in the personality I will admit. Confident, ruggedly handsome, and a cocky attitude to boot, Seth is a MMA fighter that definitely has his pick of women. The thing that won me over with Seth was that although he felt he wasn't good enough to be with someone so untainted like Olivia, I loved that he had many admirable qualities to rule out the bad. Seth was...:- very straight up and could admit his faults/short-comings"I’m a mess. I’m stubborn, selfish, spoiled and a little too proud. I act like I don’t give a f*ck—and most of the time I don’t, but there’s a small portion of me that cares too much and for some fall into that portion. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea and it has been driving me f*cking insane.”-always tried to be a better man for Olivia“I’m trying change, O. I want to be there for you like you are for me even though I close you out.”- had heart. <3“It’ll be yours. You can control everything that happens to it. I know you love that place...” “You’d do that for me?”Seth steps forward, planting a kiss on my forehead. “I’d do anything for you."“I’d fly to the moon and back to comfort you when you need it.”- AND, NOT TO MENTION the fact that he was an ALPHA MALE!! *Squee!!* He was so possessive and overprotective of Olivia.“We might not be using the titles, but I still claim you as mine.”“Yours?” Normally, I hate when people refer to other people as a possession, but when Seth says it there’s something extremely sexy and alluring about it.“Damn straight.” He grips my hips, pulling me into him. “You are mine and I’ll make sure every single person in the club knows it.”SO, MY VERDICT:I HIGHLY RECOMMEND "Consumed" for those of you looking for a hot, MMA fighter, with a heart of gold!"Consumed" will literally consume your life for a couple of hours. It was that addictive for me. I'm not saying that it's completely mind-blowing and life changing but a couple parts were it was really touching and made you think/re-evaluate your life and it's priorities. "When you think back on your childhood or your life last week even, you don’t remember the hours you slaved at work or doing things you hate. You remember going outside. You remember being with your friends and loving life. I want to look back on my life and not regret it. If Seth becomes a distant memory I want to be able to honestly say I had the time of my life."- Olivia “After today—and especially what you said in the car—I realized there are too many things in this world that can drive us apart. Right now, we don’t owe each other anything. If we want to go separate ways, we don’t even have to supply the other with an explanation and I don’t like that. I want to owe you things. I want to owe you explanations..."- SethI'm really hoping that Ms. Madi will write more books and make this into a series. Perhaps, make book two about Jackson and Selena, book two on Chase (Olivia's brother whom I have already developed a mini crush on!), and book three on Seth's mysterious sister and her rock star boyfriend?? *crosses fingers* please make it happen if possible!! Anyways, I'll conclude my review here with a random thought. How cute but true was it when Olivia's brother, Chase, points this out about Seth because it suits how much Seth is enamored with Olivia as well as fits into the book's title:“He seems like a good guy. I mean, sometimes he looks at you like he wants to consume you, but you are beautiful so I’m not going to hold that against him.”Interesting, don't you think? Seth wants to consume Olivia? I think it goes both ways honey!! They have a 'consuming love.'-Buahahahaha!! I just had to add this in!! It was so hilarious!!

  • Ang (Sizzling Pages)
    2019-03-18 02:09

    ARC Provided by author in return for an honest review.For more reviews please visit out of 5 starsWhat do you get when you take a good girl who has suffered from a broken heart and a sexy, muscled bound womanizer that’s a tattooed MMA fighter? A 4 star hot romance.Olivia James is unlucky in love. She’s involved in a six-year relationship with Blade - a cheating, good for nothing loser bastard. Olivia becomes fed up, decides to dump his cheating ass and declares she is done with love, men and relationships.Cue in Seth Marc.He’s a fighter, a man whore with sexy tats, lickable muscles and a self-proclaimed “stubborn, selfish, spoiled and a little too proud” type of guy. Uhm…bells and whistles should be going off with this dude, Olivia. But, as luck would have it, Seth trains at her dad’s gym. There is no escape from this bad boy and no chance of her fighting off a strong sexual attraction to him.Seth can’t seem to tear himself away from Olivia (aka O). He is an enigma – on one hand, confessing he is a commitment phobe, a lothario, who is satisfied with an endless string of one night stands – offering women nothing more than a “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” encounter. On the other, he’s magnetically drawn to O…. needing to touch her, kiss her, spend any available moment in her presence. But just as things heat up, and O is determined to give into a one-night stand, Seth pushes her away. WHY?? Because Olivia is a good girl pretending to be bad and Seth refuses to corrupt her. “Look, you can’t keep holding a grudge against me because I didn’t sleep with you and before your girl brain over-thinks what I’m saying—you’re not ugly, you’re not fat and it’s not because you threw yourself at me….If I let you have me I’m almost certain you wouldn’t be able to handle me….I act like I don’t give a fuck—and most of the time I don’t, but there’s a small portion of me that cares too much and for some fall into that portion. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea and it has been driving me fucking insane….I can’t have good...because I don’t deserve good.”Seth, a Casanova with morals, it’s just what O does not need. He cares for Olivia; she brings light into his life, even though he believes he is not worthy of her affections. Oh Seth, you hunk of man, you wormed your way into my heart and now hold the top spot of favorite storybook fighter. Olivia and Seth manage to work through all their relationship fears, tear down their walls, and fall in love. Their love carries them through the most difficult of times and grows stronger. Their love for each other is all consuming. Seth has truly reformed his ways and is absolutely committed his heart to O…She affects me and I love it. I love her. When someone affects you so much that you can’t sleep at night without them, you can’t think straight whenever they’re in the room and you’d risk it all for them, you go for it. You take no risks.I enjoyed reading CONSUMED. The main characters were lovable and Seth is a swoon worthy bad boy turned one woman lovin’ Romeo. It was so easy to fall in love with him. I would have liked to learn more about his dark past and an explanation as to why he was adamant about not drinking. Perhaps that will be explored further in the sequel. Until then, I will be patiently waiting to see what happens next in COMSUMED #2.

  • ♥~♥Geri Reads ♥~♥
    2019-03-21 03:56

    3 starsAnother one of those okay reads for me. It was good but nothing really mind-blowing. This one is definitely better than other MMA books out there with likable characters.Don't let my rating fool you though. I know for a fact a lot of people will fall in love with Seth Marc. This one is definitely worth looking into.

  • Snow
    2019-03-16 01:07

    5 "well, hello there, Seth baby" starsoh, boy! this is like reading about my Remy in younger suit...LOL (apart from the (view spoiler)[mental illness issue that Remy had (hide spoiler)])Yes, Seth Marc is another fighter that comes aboard my team, hell it's gonna be difficult to keep them all maintained...LOLAnyway, the story was nothing new, well nothing that wasn't already familiar to start with - a troubled fighter dealing with his own mistakes from the past decides to change scenery to try out for a second chance shot at winning the Amateur MMAC Tournament and he's doing the focusing hard on his training while keeping his "troubles" under control until she walks into the gym...Olivia/Olly/O is a 23 year old woman who played a doormat of a forgiving fool for her boyfriend of six years Blade. He's a compulsive cheater and she's a fool and she's aware of it and then she wakes up (thank fuck she did!) and for the "good old times" sake she brakes things off with him never expecting for her life to change so quickly...Deciding to turn her life around she sets her life to a more firm course of making herself stronger for her sake. By entering her father's gym, she never expected to be thrown to her feet so soon after the heartbrake...and she fights the attraction against strong, muscular, hard body and a set of deep intimidating dark eyes...She sees the ways of a fighter's lifestyle (manwhore) and she refuses to be one of the bed post she fights him...BUT not for long...They are both changing and slowly molding into each other's space after they actually admit to themselves and to each other that there's unmistakable chemistry between them and that it is worth of exploring its limits and how far could it go...the "friends with benefits" is a first label they throw into the air but very soon that theory doesn't hold the strings of their hearts grows deeper until the limits are melted away..."I'd do anything for you."I'd fly to the moon and back to comfort you when you need it."and I have just the right song to cover this basis...She's taking her time making up the reasons To justify all the hurt inside Guess she knows from the smiles and the look in their eyes Everyone's got a theory about the bitter one They're saying mamma never loved her much And, daddy never keeps in touch That's why she shies away from human affection But somewhere in a private place She packs her bags for outer space And now she's waiting for the right kind of pilot to come And she'll say to him I would fly to the moon and back if you'll be my baby Got a ticket for a world where we belong So would you be my baby?...To the moon and back by Savage GardenI love Ms. Madi's writting, she makes it flow easily and effortlessly and I know it takes a true master to do have a way with words that you can just get lost in a story that you read fast being light and satisfying which will leave you with a question mark over your head thinking "when did this end?" I want, I am headed to the second part...

  • Liv ☾
    2019-03-02 03:07

    ✱4.5 STARS!✱Forever one of my favorite fighter series :)

  • Jess-i-ca ~Sometimes a Gif Witch~
    2019-03-13 05:08

    Seth is a hot MMA Fighter who Olivia sees in the gym... What???This is me....This was a cute but sometimes cheesy book... Olivia like NEVER went to work! NEVER! She must not be too worried about making it on her own since she was an awful employee! But her boss let her get away with wayyy tooo much stuff as well. He was just as unprofessional as she was.Olivia's friend Selena was a shitty friend for running her mouth to Blade and also needs to attend meetings...I mean how many ppl are drinking at 11 a.m.?Anyways this was a cute short read and I enjoyed it for the most part.

  • [~Ami~]♥Sexy Dexy♥
    2019-03-22 05:01

    I started off not sure about this book. Olivia breaks up with her boyfriend of 6 years (4 of which she knew he been cheating on her!) And then BAM the insta love... Hmm!But I'm glad I carried on because the relationship between Seth, a MMA fighter, and Olivia was nicely done.Remember that I don't do girlfriends and I don't do feelings. If you get hurt, it's on youI loved the sexy time and the fight scenes. I thought Olivia will be one of those heroines (how wrong was I!) Seth was a mystery but of course he has a sweet side,“I’d fly to the moon and back to comfort you when you need it.” I normally love side characters, but I didn't like Selena (the BFF). A great attempt for a debut but there was times my attention wondered off.If you like an MMA fighter with good girl meets bad boy cute/sexy no excessive drama type book... This would be the one. Enjoy! X

  • I.Heart.Romance
    2019-02-26 04:09

    DNF @ 83%I can't stand when Hs go to strip clubs after getting together with h. ***Will not continue series. Apparently this same H cheats on h in book #3 (after they're married) by kissing two OW. He also wants her to abort their baby.

  • Naksed
    2019-03-15 02:07

    The story begins as the heroine breaks up with her boyfriend of six years after the millionth time he has brazenly cheated on her and verbally and emotionally abused her. Six years. I shook my head already because I do not like to read about doormat heroines. But hey, maybe this was one of those stories where the character evolves from being a victim to standing up for herself. I like those a lot. So I went on.Unfortunately, as is typical in NA romances, the way the heroine moves on from one horrible relationship with a known player with dubious commitment issues is by jumping into another one with an even worse self-styled player with dubious commitment issues who openly mistreats the women that he uses for one night stands. But that's okay because they are all sluts, per the heroine. Every single one of them has fake boobs and wear short skirts. So it's open season right? Lots and lots of slut shaming in this book, and that always makes me ill.So, back to our heroine, does she fall for this gem of a guy because she gradually got to know him and saw what was beneath the surface and despite all his flaws, fell in love? Nope. She did it because of his abs and his eyes. Insta love after seeing him at the gym, right after her six year break up. And she decides to embark on this non relationship with him despite the guy telling her he does not do commitment, but for her (cause she's so special y'all) he "might". Down the line. Just wait and see. And in the meantime, let's have a friends with benefits thing going. Right in front of the girl's dad, who happens to be the guy's employee. Romantic uh?To make it more icky, she seals the deal right after a nasty confrontation with her boss, who it turns out had his marriage implode because this manwhore f¥^€d his wife on the reception desk while his dad was being treated next door. For the love of.....*sigh* So indeed we have a doormat heroine combined with an airhead heroine here.NA romance cliche at its worst. I could see the road the story was taking. He was going to inevitably break her heart by cheating with one of those "sluts" but hey he warned her didn't he? Then it would turn out that he only did it either because it was a set up or because he was so afraid of his feelings that he wanted to deliberately hurt her because he is so tortured and all that he does not deserve something "good" aka a doormat airhead girlfriend! I did not want to go down that road or any other road where these characters would be traveling. DNF

  • TaraTUG
    2019-03-02 21:40

    ITs no secret I love anything with a bad boy,MMA fighter or just all around cocky guy.With that said I also enjoy a well wrote story to go along with all my swooning and this girls is it.I devoured this story the characters were so relatable it made the reading just fly by.Lets talk Seth..I love him and actually plan on having little MMA babies with him.Troubled guy with past who thinks he deserves not to have anything good in life until he meets the one person that makes him want that good in his life.Hes all bad boy,protective,hot and cold I want you but cant have you smirking man god.Olivia is the good girl she just came out of a 6 year relationship with an ass who cheated on her more times than she can count.Recently single she walks into her dads gym and sees Seth who is all man oozing sex appeal.This is where the journey for these two starts.SHe couldnt escape him even if she wanted to and lets be honest why would she want too.Although Seth made the story for me I enjoyed reading about a female who was not weak.She made her mind up and went after what she wanted.I loved watching Seth brought to his knees over a girl and then slowly watch these two fall in love.I act like I don't give a fuck- and most of the time I don't,but there's a small portion of me that cares too much and for some fall into that portionSo yes I know this is another fighter book but trust me its so worth the read.Its a feel good fall in love with a hard ass and cheer on the female story with some kick ass back characters.Did I mention Im having Seth MMA babies..Read More Reviews on our Blog!Like Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews on Facebook..

  • Christine
    2019-03-04 01:01

    This was awesome!!!It wasn't over dramatic and boring at all!!!!!! I loved the characters and I loved that O always stood up for herself. And I really love the fact that Seth was always there....."I never feared death or dyin', I only fear never tryin'". Yup. I JUST downloaded this song too. :)I literally don't think I'll stop thinking about this book for a while. It had a great writing style to it so it was super easy to read too! Just SO HOT!!!!! And awesome. I said that, it it truly is!

  • KAT ⚛ Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books ⚛
    2019-03-27 02:58

    4 Alpha male sexy fighter starsTwenty-three year old Olivia has only been with one man from the age of seventeen, (drop kick) Blade..She doesn't know what it's like to be with anyone other than him..Good girl Olivia has never been one to walk on the wild side, at least not until she meets Seth Marc, a know it all sexy as sin, cocky fighter at her father’s gym..When she first encounters Seth it was like he'd come straight out of some hot steamy, erotic woman's magazine and she couldn't stop eye balling him..At the age of twenty-one he competed in an amateur MMA comp but dropped out seconds before the championship bout, due to family drama, now he's back to give it another shot..Seth is the kind of guy Mum's warn their daughters about-the kind that breaks hearts and leaves a long line of them behind him but one we'd all like a chance at taming..Seth doesn't do girlfriends, or feelings, he's cocky as all hell, sexy as buggery, men want to be him and woman just want to fuck him..Be prepared to be CONSUMED by all that is SETH!!Definitely recommend this hotter than hot alpha make fighter book!! Can't wait for book 2!!

  • Taralinda
    2019-03-26 01:41

    5 Super Happy, I'm in Love StarsI feel solucky to have found another amazing fighter romance! This book had so much going for it that was really well done: a strong, independent heroine; a sexy as hell bad boy hero; a relatively drama free romance; and a whole ton of hot angst. It was so refreshing to read a romance where there isn't constantly a lack of communication or insecurity getting in the way the two MC's falling for each other!Olivia was my idea of a perfect heroine. She knew what she wanted and she went for it, not getting completely discouraged when things weren't going perfectly smoothly, and didn't play games or create unnecessary drama. I like that she didn't put of with Seth's bullshit, but she also didn't just write him off because of his bad boy reputation. She had a great sense of humor, blowing of Seth whenever he dared to tell her how he wasn't "good" and therefore couldn't be with her. She was so funny in the way she dealt with Seth's almost diva behavior, not taking any shit from him but maintaining a good attitude.OliviaOh, where to begin with Seth. I think I already mentioned that he was sexy as hell, but he was also so gorgeous in many other ways. He is not just my book boyfriend, he's my book husband, I loved him that much. He didn't apologize for his reputation or what a cocky bastard he could be, but he did try to protect Olivia from himself and not treat her like all of his previous conquests. I wouldn't go so far as to say he was a tortured soul, but he knew he hadn't made good decisions in his past and that those bad decisions would follow him around if he did try a go for Olivia. He also had major daddy issues. But he had a totally wicked sense of humor that was somehow more endearing.SethThe attraction and chemistry, along with Olivia's strength and Seth's inability to stay away from Olivia, bring them together and sparks fly. Seth feels protective of Olivia, especially after the numerous scrapes he gets her out of, and his repeated interventions to save Olivia from the trouble she gets herself into ensure he dives deeper into her life. Olivia isn't intimidated by Seth her his past, and she's determined to prove to him she isn't just the good girl he see's her as. Seth cant guarantee Olivia there's a future for them, but they jump into any kind of relationship with each other they can just to satisfy the burning desire they have for each other. And lordy, it was hott!!Seth was completely taken aback by Olivia's acceptance of who he is, past and all, and it slowly but surely prevents him from letting her go. Even though Olivia knows Seth doesn't see a future for them and has never actually had a real relationship with a woman, she's determined to enjoy him while she can. But Olivia cant help but develop feelings for him, and soon the lack of any clear standing of their relationship isn't enough for her, but she's too afraid of scaring Seth away to say anything.Olivia and Seth do get a HFN, but luckily this book is part of a trilogy. Yay I'm so excited for more Seth and Olivia! I really cant get enough of these two!

  • Plamena
    2019-03-27 03:04

    4 Stars!!! One cocky/sexy fighter + one (relatively) good girl + drama/intrigue/fights/attitude = YEAH…I liked it! “You can’t reach your dream unless you try, right?” Olivia is in a serious relationship…with a total asshole that disrespects her all the time. But she finally decides that enough is enough. They’ve been together for the past six years and she is quite shaken by the turn of events so she decides a good workout in her dad’s gym would help her. Well…usually it does…but not when a sexy fighter she had never seen before (apparently) started training there. Olivia is captured by Seth’s sexy body and cocky attitude. But after some encounters she soon learns he doesn’t do relationships (Yeah…well…nothing new there). “If you don’t push me away and you decide to let me in… Remember that I don’t do girlfriends and I don’t do feelings. If you get hurt, it’s on you. Not me.”So…Olivia decides not to get involved with him because she doesn’t want to get hurt. But (of course) she finds him seriously hard to resist. The problem is will she be able to make him open up and share his secrets? “I can’t have good… because I don’t deserve good.”When I think of Seth Marc this is what pops up in my mind: He is hot, then is cold…he cannot decide what he wants. It was frustrating!!! Buuuttt I liked him. I am not sure about Olivia though. Sometimes she was really annoying me! And I didn’t exactly get why Seth labeled her as ‘a good girl’?! Anyway… There isn’t a cliffy and the ending was quite acceptable…but apparently there are two more books about Olivia and Seth (the last one will be out soon) so I’m starting the second one immediately. I hope the author won’t drag the story… just because!!! Well…fingers crossed ;)

  • Sheryl
    2019-03-22 04:56


  • Miri
    2019-03-09 04:46

    Bookwhore is the term I would use for myself since I’m always falling in love with all these bad boys. Honestly book boyfriends are like shoes, you can never have to many.lolAfter being in a long relationship with an asshole of a boyfriend Olivia finally decides she needs to move on .. she decides to start over. She wants to prove to her parents that she is a responsible independent woman. Seth is an upcoming MMA fighter.. Having gone through some family issues he decides to put his dreams on hold until now. Seth is a typical bad boy, womanizer, makes no apologies on how he treats women in his life. Until one morning he is eye-fucked by shy Olivia. He is intrigued with Olivia on how shy and beautiful she is. Yet he feels he is wrong for her. He knows she’s a good girl not the women he is accustom to getting involve with.Remember that I don't do girlfriends and I don't do feelings. If you get hurt, it's on youI loved this book... Seth is freaking hot. I know a bad boy when i read one.. he made me love him, swoon over him, and hate him at the same time. He is a perfect mixture of alpha male, cocky, asshole yet caring and overprotective. I loved Seth and his cockiness and the way he was there for Olivia when she needed him the most. This book is definitely a hot and romantic book.”He’s definitely the kind of guy moms warn their daughters about-the kind that breaks hearts and leaves a long line of them behind him”"Whoa. A shiver instantly shoots down my spine, igniting something dark and sinister deep down in my core. I helplessly drink in the strangers features, gaping at him like an idiot."I will recommend this book to the other Bookwhores who love bad boys and alpha males. “What are you thinking?” She asks me, searching my eyes. If I press harder against her, she’ll be able to feel me and put two and two together. Instead, I smile. “It isn’t very PG, I’ll tell you that.”This is a definitely a really good read. This will be a series and I’m excited to read more from this author.Deuces!Miri

  • Christine
    2019-02-27 05:05

    HOLY HOTNESS ON A STICKI have fallen in love with another bad ass cage fighter and he is definitely giving my top 2 bad boys a run for their money!! After being in a relationship with an unappreciative asshole Olivia finally decides to end things with her jack hole boyfriend Blade. She comes from a small family who love her dearly and over protective parents who try to smother her with their love. As much as she loves them she feels the need to stand on her own two feet and be the independent woman she knows is there.Seth is an up and coming MMA fighter who had his chance at fame but due to family issues he was forced to put his dream on hold. He's your typical womanizer bad boy who makes no excuses for the way he treats women.That is until he's practically eye fucked from across the gym by Olivia. He's curious yet cautious as he realizes she is not like the countless women he has been with in the past. Ok so this is my Seth...❤❤❤OliviaCan I say how much I love a bad boy that makes me swoon and wet my panties all in the same sentence! Seth is so freaking perfect!! Totally in love and in lust with my shirtless bad boy. I loved this book and practically devoured it in one sitting! Seth is the perfect mix of bad boy asshole, and loving, loyal and devoted friend. Olivia has her moments but I loved that she was such a strong willed character and didn't let her insecurities get the better of her.Definitely a must read and I just noticed that it's part of a series so I'm definitely looking forward to the next book!!! More Seth?? Yes please!! 4.5 SCORCHING HOT STARS

  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    2019-03-03 22:05

    kindle freebie 9/10/16

  • Destini Brown
    2019-02-27 22:56

    I was a little hesitant to start this, since it doesn't have many reviews, but it just screamed at me to read it! I am so glad I did, this book CONSUMED me! LOVED it! I want more!!!

  • Vaneesha
    2019-03-03 03:51

    Here we have another case of a book that's rated highly on GR but is completely and totally terrible. I made it to about 40% before I had to shelve this as a dnf. I highly doubt the remainder of the book would be able to redeem how utterly problematic it was. The narrator, Olivia, is the "good girl" who's beautiful but doesn't know it *vomit*. There's guys coming at her from every possible direction. For about 6 years she put up with an abusive asshole ex boyfriend called Blade. To be honest, his character was so poorly developed I couldn't even feel sympathetic towards Olivia, I just thought she was a stupid child. There's lots of slut-shaming.Olivia's best friend, Selena, has problems with alcohol that seem glorified; Olivia makes no attempt to help, because she's not only delusional, but also selfish as hell. Then there's a dude called Seth who reinforces all the MMA/fighter tropes that older NA/contemporary-romances have WORN OUT. This story is nothing new. The writing is juvenile. The characters are one-dimensional. This book was a flop.

  • SamJ ★Needs a HEA★
    2019-03-13 01:50

    Free - 25/1/16Amazon UK Link - Consumed (Consumed Series Book 1)Amazon US Link -