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Through his gift of being able to burst into flames at will, Johnny Storm is a recognized member of the Fantastic Four, but despite his position and privileged life, Johnny doesn t feel complete and so, goes in search of that special something that is missing from his life. Original....

Title : Essential Human Torch, Vol. 1
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ISBN : 9780785113096
Format Type : Paperback
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Essential Human Torch, Vol. 1 Reviews

  • Quentin Wallace
    2019-03-26 09:58

    So this volume reprints very early Human Torch solo stories (and later, team ups with the Thing) that I barely knew existed from Strange Tales. This are very early stories right at the time the Marvel Universe got going in the early 60s. To give you an idea of the timeline, these stories were being published prior to Captain American being re-introduced in Avengers 4. As far as the stories themselves go, very typical of 60s Marvel, but not the top tier. Very wordy stories still aimed more at younger readers but as a historical read they are interesting. We see villains such as The Mad Thinker, the Puppet Master, Namor, The Wizard, Plantman, and how can we forget...Paste Pot Pete. The art is mostly Dick Ayers, Jack Kirby, even Carl Burgos does an issue.Compared to modern comics the stories are very primitive but if you like the fun of 1960s Marvel Comics you'll enjoy this one, especially since these may have been under your radar. And of course the Fantastic Four does show up from time to time, so this is one for the completists.

  • Jay Hancock
    2019-03-28 12:57

    Johnny storm is a complex kid.He likes girls, cars, making fun of his friend's complexion, and rotating between doubting his self worth and crippling narcissism.He also happens to be the human torch.Through this volume we find him trying to either impress girls, or prove he can do things on his own. Typically both scenarios end with him getting doused with water or ensnared in some handy asbestos lined whatever, only for him to mentally beat himself up for being a dumb teenager and somehow overcome the odds and save the day. Spoiler alert: it always involves fire.

  • Chuck White
    2019-04-21 10:01

    This collection reprints the complete run of Human Torch solo stories that originally appeared in issues #101 to #134 and Annual #2 of STRANGE TALES.Though the stories are fairly primitive, and the villains strictly third-tier, they have an early 60s charm that Marvel was so good at presenting.These stories find Johnny Storm, and his sister Sue, living in upstate New York in the small town of Glenview, though they are still full-fledged members of the Fantastic Four and stories occasionally have them back at FF headquarters in New York.As mentioned, the villains are mostly third-rate and include the first appearances and early versions of the Wizard and Paste-Pot Pete, along with a couple of issues featuring the Puppet Master and the Mad Thinker. The majority of the remaining villains were one-offs and I don't think many of them appeared again.This series also has the first meeting between the Human Torch and Spider-man (Annual #2), which was quite enjoyable. The seeds of their friendship/rivalry are planted in this issue.The most disappointing issue for me was #130, where the Torch and Thing meet the Beatles. Yes, the singing group, not the super-villain (that's the Beetle, ya goldbricks). I had been aware of this issue for years, but the experience was a letdown. The Beatles don't even say one thing in the whole issue!Overall, I found this to be a fun read from the Silver Age of Marvel Comics.

  • Fizzgig76
    2019-04-21 14:02

    Reprints Strange Tales #101-134 and Annual #1. The Human Torch sets out on his own to stop crime and occassionally gets assistance from his fantastic friends. The Human Torch as a solo act just doesn't quite hold up as well. The melodrama of the Fantastic Four develops through the "family" interaction, but here Johnny is solo until later issues when they smartly paired him with the Thing. Even that doesn't make much sense however because once again, it would be better just to read the Fantastic Four. Johnny's girlfriend Doris also seems underdeveloped compaired to stories in Amazing Spider-Man...partially because Human Torch was sharing time with Dr. Strange and the stories are all very short.

  • Dan R
    2019-03-29 10:10

    This collection of throw-away Torch stories originally published in Strange Tales adds next to nothing to the Fantastic Four legacy. Too-cute writing by Stan Lee trying to emulate the teenage Johnny Storm, and abysmal third-rate villains, make this collection painful to wade through. Except for a couple of Jack Kirby-drawn issues (including the best of the bunch -- a tryout story for the reintroduction of Captain America)and numerous great Kirby covers, one would be better off spending his or her hard-earned bucks on the back-end stories in the Strange Tales series -- the Ditko/Lee Essential Doctor Strange. Nuff said.

  • Brent
    2019-03-31 10:12

    I've given most of the Marvel Essentials 5 stars, if for nothing else than creating characters that have stood the test of time. Most of the good characters here however were created elsewhere, and there were some pretty bad stories.

  • Tara Calaby
    2019-04-13 12:00

    The Human Torch comics aren't among the best of the early lines, but are still entertaining.