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Nell McNamarová si nemá na co stěžovat – žije ve spokojeném vztahu s dlouholetým přítelem Ollym a společně vychovávají čtyřletou dceru Petal. Velkou oporou jsou jí i kolegové z práce, majitel rychlého občerstvení Phil, starostlivá Constance a kamarádská Jenny. Zdá se, že Nell ke štěstí nic neschází. Co když vám, ale někdo vnukne myšlenku, že můžete dokázat víc, než jen doNell McNamarová si nemá na co stěžovat – žije ve spokojeném vztahu s dlouholetým přítelem Ollym a společně vychovávají čtyřletou dceru Petal. Velkou oporou jsou jí i kolegové z práce, majitel rychlého občerstvení Phil, starostlivá Constance a kamarádská Jenny. Zdá se, že Nell ke štěstí nic neschází. Co když vám, ale někdo vnukne myšlenku, že můžete dokázat víc, než jen do konce života pracovat v rychlém občerstvení, a určitě byste měla zúročit svůj talent? Nell zpočátku váhá, nechce se vzdát svého pohodlného života, ale zároveň by si chtěla splnit sen – stát se světoznámou módní návrhářkou kabelek. Cesta za úspěchem je trnitá, ale nakonec zdá se, že Nell dosáhne vysněného cíle. To by se jí však do cesty nesměla postavit Lola Codyová, která jí slíbí, že z ní udělá v Americe hvězdu. Nell této nabídce zcela propadně, najednou přestává mít čas na rodinu i na přátele, a nevědomky padá do propasti. Dokáže najít cestu zpět do svého starého života a hlavně ke svému milovanému muži?...

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letn snn Reviews

  • Kelly
    2019-04-21 10:43

    I'm all for uplifting, happy novels but jeez. Everything the lead character Nell touched turned to gold! One day she wants to make a handbag and two chapters later she's being whisked away to Buckingham Palace to meet Prince Charles?! Then comes the huge deals, the celebrities with her bags and big business?! All of these things could have happened throughout the novel, granted, it IS fiction, but for it to all largely happen within a few chapters was a bit much. Nell came across as too arrogant for me. She was annoyed when her husband and friend got too close but went for dates with her agent/mentor... One moment she was shocked at the publicity her bags were getting, and the next she was congratulating herself on being a creative genius...I liked Olly, and felt that he was in the right for a lot of the novel, Nell made all the major decisions without him and I was expecting them to break up and stay that way. Their wedding was a ridiculous event that was only apparently worthy of a chapter of the book despite being a huge personal change for the family. Oh and I really didn't like their kid, she was meant, I think, to be comic relief but she just came across like a brat and a bit mouthy. Overall I read it, (Mostly, I did start skipping parts towards the end) but I didn't really enjoy it at all. It was all too good to be true and not like some of Matthews other feel-good books which have better developed characters and plots. This novel was rushed, forced and unbelievable even for someone with an imagination like mine.

  • Frenchorchidea
    2019-04-19 12:25

    5 stars for me! Wonderful book from Carole Matthews! Carole is for sure my favorite author! I loved all the characters of this book, I loved the tension that is building up bit by bit, I loved the story and all the events that happened. Perfect book!

  • Βίκυ Μωραγιάννη
    2019-03-26 14:34

    Να, κάτι τέτοια βιβλία με έκαναν κι εμένα να θέλω να γράψω πράγματα που θα δημιουργούν στους ανθρώπους το ίδιο αίσθημα που προκαλεί μια ζεστή σοκολάτα ή μια ρομαντική κομεντί. Είναι το 17ο βιβλίο μου για φέτος κι ενώ έχω διαβάσει βιβλιάρες, αυτό το διάβασα με ένα χαμόγελο στα χείλη και θυμήθηκα γιατί λατρεύω αυτό το λογοτεχνικό είδος. Η Carole Matthews, αν δεν την ξέρετε θα σας πρότεινα να τη μάθετε, γράφει πάντα με έναν τέτοιο τρόπο που σου δίνει την αίσθηση ότι κάθεσαι στον απέναντι καναπέ στο σαλόνι των ηρώων της με ένα φλιτζάνι τσάι στο χέρι και παρακολουθείς τί γίνεται. Το βιβλίο πέρα από το ανάλαφρο στυλ του, προβληματίζει πάνω σε θέματα όπως ο γάμος, η συντροφικότητα, η γονεικότητα ο συνδυασμός καριέρας και μητρότητας, η φιλία και τα ανεκπλήρωτα όνειρα. Εγώ πέρασα φανταστικά!❤️

  • Jenny L-R
    2019-03-29 11:27

    Loved this book and couldn't put it down

  • Simona
    2019-04-07 12:48

    A gorgeous family from the start =) Petal seems so sweet and reading about Olly and Nell being parents is so cute. They are a happy family with not much money.Both of them have small jobs and also works nights to get through. However, Nell is not happy and wants to go tot he college of arts, she is really talented. But what about the money? Her boss Phil helps her out. It turns out, that she is not really made for it and gets kicked out.Then she starts designing handbags and the people like them. She becomes more and more successful, but this also changes her and her relationship to Olly and Petal. She is working all the time and has barley time for them, Olly even has to take Petal to work. It was sad and not fun at all to see them drift apart, I liked them so much as a couple and as a family as well. I just hoped for it to turn around.He doesn’t like her changing at all and Nell’s colleague Jenny likes Olly (or rather Nell’s life). It’s only then when Olly realises what is really important in life.Also Nell has learn what is essential and that she is still completely in love with Olly.Her handbag business is blooming, but then everything changes.One night Olly just leaves, sells his scooter and flys out to Miami and tries fix it. It’s dangerous. Nell however, has no idea where he is, he didn’t even leave a message.She is so stunned when he comes back. I think it’s so cute what he did for them and the ending is just adorable, especially one little bit.After reading this wonderful story and quickly downloaded the short story following it. It’s about Jenny trying to find love. It’s really cute and heart warming.This story shows how close success and failure can be and how important family is in these moments.

  • Claire Hill
    2019-03-27 12:39

    This is the second book By Carole Matthews and I hooked from the first page like calling Mrs Christmas I found it hard to put this book down.In this book we meet Nell McNamara how is happy in life she is with Olly her patter of ten years and they lovely daughter Petal. Nell's life is Olly and Petal she works happily in the local Chip shop but the shop days are number as sales are down till Nell thinks that it needs a makeover to solve its problems and she jumps at the chance. While working in the makeover on the shop she realises that she dreams of a better life for family and decide that her life path should be design school. Her dear old boss gives her the money to go to design school , but working and family life takes its toll after a few weeks she asked to leave the course as she can't met the demands, but support from family and friends Nell designs her one luxury bags!!!!!!!Her bags her are a hit and fly off the shelves but life for Nell is not plain sailing she has some troubles on the way from her designs being poached to fraud tv sells programme but will Nell finally get her life her family deserves well then you will have to read the book to the end I promise you will not be disappointed and I look forward to my next read from Carole Matthews!!

  • Callie Carling
    2019-04-04 12:42

    Summer Daydreams is the latest of Carole Matthews' glorious, heart-stopping romp-through-life books - and I absolutely LOVED it!!Summer Daydreams shares a tantalising tale about an everyday item - handbags, so dear to most women's hearts! - and the highs and lows as Nell McNamara makes huge changes to her life as she chases her dreams.Carol, yet again, writes about the most delicious characters and brings them to life with such ease : Petal and Olly, Phil and Constance, Jenny, Betty and Tod - even Cruella Dev Vil's twin sister, Amelia - all make you feel as if you have known them for years and love them dearly, little quirks and all.Summer Daydreams follows Nell's life as she makes many terrifying twists and triumphant turns; you cannot help but feel for her as she is torn between two very different worlds, and I often found myself pausing for breath inbetween chapters and wondering what I would do if I were Nell.As with all of Carole's books, this is another great page-turner and a real keeper for lazy summer day reading!

  • chippyvale
    2019-04-20 15:52

    The book started off brilliantly; I was very keen to find out about Nell's adventures but the storyline quickly tumbled after the first few chapters. I'm baffled by her seemingly overnight success- ok so she struggled at first as with all new businesses but the business skyrocketed very soon. Paris Fashion Week? Shows? It doesn't sound in the least realistic to me. Plus I disliked Nell's attitude toward her poor obliging husband Olly. When her husband flew to Miami, I thought Nell REALLY didn't deserve that at all when you consider her crappy attitude toward him and their daughter Petal. The only saving grace is the people at the Chips shop (save for Jenny), Olly and Petal, whose remarks I find amusing and charming for a 4 year-old.

  • Niki
    2019-03-31 09:45

    Carole Matthews is one of my favorite authors of the chicklit genre but this book just didn't do it for me. I didn't like the main character Nell, she seems to complain a whole lot and everything magically happens for her. I did like the other characters especially Ollie and Petal and the chip-shop people but unfortunately they hardly get any character building. It also might have something to do that I am not at all interested in handbags. I found the first half of the book to be dragging, then it sped up but unfortunately the story also turned so much less realistic with it. An ok read but not great.

  • Agi
    2019-04-21 15:53

    This book belongs to the category of books that I want to read as fast as possible, because I am so curious what's going to happen, and as slowly as possible, because it is so, so good that I don't want to finish it.Amazing. I don't know why but I just loved this book. It was full of warmth and love, it was funny and sad. OK, it was predictable and sometimes a little too cliche as well, but nevertheless it was a fabulous read. I really loved everything in this book. And Petal is my idea of a perfect daughter:)

  • Kim
    2019-04-09 16:31

    My first time reading anything from Carole Matthews. The novel is about a woman who realizes she wants more out of life, but struggles to do it without losing her husband and her child. I had a difficult time getting into the book at first but I forced myself to continue. I was happy I did, the book got really interesting once you get into. Although the story is a bit too unrealistic for me, it's nice to read the real life situation in what can happen if you don't cherish your family. Overall a nice read.

  • Rosemary Kind
    2019-04-19 11:27

    I've enjoyed the other titles by Carole Matthews that I have read much more than this one. They are good books, but for this one you will have to suspend reality just a little too much to make some of the scenes believable. In my opinion, a little more research of facts could have made this a much stronger title than it is.

  • Kate Williams
    2019-03-27 16:48

    The only book of Carole's I've read. Is based on the life of my favourite kitsch designer Helen Rochfort. Was so interesting to read about Helen's dreams and struggles. Well written. Funny. Really enjoyed reading it. Will read another of Carole's books now

  • Jo
    2019-04-08 17:30

    Another great read from this author. Loved the story of Olly and Nell (and the handbags) and feel the need for a sequel to find out more. A feel good story.

  • Lillybee
    2019-03-29 10:48

    I gave up at chapter 23, couldn't take anymore of it. I have really enjoyed other books by this author but this one is terrible. The main character and the child were so irritating, can't believe it's from Carole Matthews, I think I will be avoiding her books in future

  • Desirée Boom
    2019-04-23 16:39

    What did I think... It's a fun book, but oh, I so often found Nell so selfish! Everytime I thought I liked her, she'd do something silly without even consulting her boyfriend, like going away for the week, spending thousands of pounds, all 'for the business'. I hated those bits. The story was also very unrealistic, and not at all how an average starting business fares. But most of the book was fun, fast paced, and of course there's a good ending.

  • Kerry
    2019-04-10 09:26

    I took this on holiday and it was the perfect book. Good story line, likeable characters.

  • Joanne Nock
    2019-03-25 13:39

    A pleasant summer read

  • Shaz Goodwin
    2019-04-12 16:27

    The first chapter of Summer Daydreams introduces the reader to the shortage of customers at Live and Let Fry and how owner Phil and his employees are more like family than work colleagues. This leads seamlessly on to Nell’s favourite shop (Betty the Bag Lady) and we get a glimpse of her family (partner Olly and four year old daughter Petal). That’s one of the things I loved about Summer Daydreams … the way the author seamlessly moves us through Nell’s story from the foundations to the finale.Written mostly in the first person with Nell narrating we also get chapters interspersed in the third person letting the reader get to know Olly’s character and how he is feeling. I think this is quite important as it not only allows us to identify with Olly but we also get to know things that Nell will never know.The characters are real and could be people we all know! That’s another thing I loved about Summer Daydreams. Nell with her gutsy spirit who picks herself up after setbacks with her determination to succeed, who is naïve when it comes to the fashion industry; Olly with his vulnerability and Petal with her knowledge that the whole world really does revolve around her (as do all four year olds). The characters on the periphery are also well-developed.Another thing that is real is the love that Nell and Olly have for each other. It’s down to earth and practical with compromise and sacrifice – not always comfortable and inspiring – but has a solid foundation and at times passion, which is a reflection of real intimate relationships (in my opinion).There are some poignant scenes that will tug at your heart-strings, scenes that will make you put your head in your hands and shout “NO”, scenes that will make you chuckle (Petal showing her bottom to the ducks springs to mind!) You’ll find tension and conflict; betrayal and misunderstanding; vulnerability, strength, community and plenty of humour too.The finale is … quite simply amazing I found Summer Daydreams very emotive. I didn’t want the story to end … didn’t want to leave these characters behind. Definitely a four-fairy read!There are ‘extras’ after the story has ended. ‘What happens next?’ tells the reader there’s a free exclusive short story available and what to do receive it. This is followed by a conversation between Carole Matthews and Helen Rochfort (Helen is the inspiration behind the story). A Beginners Guide to Designing a Handbag from Helen follows and finally, the first three chapters of Carole’s October 2012 release ‘With Love at Christmas’.I would like to thank the publishers for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Carly
    2019-04-20 16:35

    Wow, Summer Daydreams was just the warm fun read that I was looking for. I really won't be able to praise this book enough, but I will give it a go. The storyline is so relate-able on so many levels and I think it will be for most people in one way or another. It is perfectly balanced with highs, lows, love, heartache, disappointment, it really did have a whirlwind of emotions throughout. I fell in love with the well developed characters and I ended up staying up all night just to get the book finished. I am sad to say this is the first Carole Matthews book I have had the pleasure of reading, but I am pleased to announce it will definitely not be the last, I am now a new fan of the author. Nell Mc Namara is happily struggling along in life, she has a beautiful 4 year old daughter called Petal & a great boyfriend who adores her called Olly. She works in a chippy and she really does love it. When her boss Phil OK's the make-over on the chippy Nell is delighted and instantly starts to work.Everyone tells Nell what a fantastic job she has done and Phil tells her she should go do something more with her life. Nell is soon waving goodbye to the chip shop, she is starting up her own business making handbags. But everything is such hard work and it puts a strain on Nell's relationship as well as her bank balance.. With her handbags flying off the shelves it seems her dreams are finally coming true.But nothing in life ever runs smoothly and there will be lots of bumps along the road. Can everything Nell ever dreamt of come true? Well the ending for me was very satisfying and I was more than happy with how everything panned out. If you fancy some summer daydreams of your own, take a break, relax and pick up this fabulous book. You will definitely not be disappointed, this is a real winner that I won't soon forget. My favourite characters:Nell: She is down-to-earth, like-able, relate-able, and ambitious. I clicked with her very early on and I genuinely cared what happened to her. I think most people will love her too. Phil: He is a fatherly type of figure, he is also a genuine nice guy who is both caring and like-able. I would love to read more about him and his new love interest, Constance.*Special thanks to Sphere for the review copy*5/5 StarsCarly :)

  • Best Crime Books & More
    2019-03-28 16:29

    First off I need to admit I am a big Carole Matthews fans and a huge fan of the Chocolate Lovers series of books that she wrote. Having said that, I'm certainly not biased and if I don't enjoy one of her books I will say. Her last release Wrapped Up In You I enjoyed but it wasn't my favourite.Moving onto this latest Release Summer Daydreams, we are in a whole new ball park! Within the first two chapters I had fallen in love with the fabulous people. Nell McNamara works in the chip shop and lives locally with her boyfriend Olly and her young daughter Petal. What starts as a makeover for the chippy, pushes Nell into a new line of work designing her own handbags.What caught my attention from the beginning are the people. Nell's boss Phil, her two work colleagues Constance and Jenny and Nell's partner Olly. They are all so readable and lovely. They all have their place in the story and before the first few chapters I couldn't get enough of them all.Nell was likeable but frustrating as you see her try to juggle her home life with work and making something for herself and her family's future. As Nell realises that she may well have talent, you see her facing all the trials and tribulations that I imagine many people starting up on their own face. She has to work out how it all works, against the constant pressure of rising debt to fund her business.While she is doing all this things start to go wrong, and once they start down that route they only seem to get worse! Towards the middle I realised that I had been reading it straight and had only picked it up that morning. I also realised that these were the first set of characters I had read since the Chocolate Lovers girls that I wanted to see more of (although they still remain my absolute favourites).Having worked my normal day job I excitedly finished the rest of the book literally not being able to put it down, as I so desperately wanted things to work out well. I finished this in one day and must say it is one of Carole's best books I have read in a long time. I devoured this and would love nothing more than to see these characters again in the future. Whether we will or not remains to be seen, all I know is that her Carole's latest release is a true testament to why she is a very successful author. Highly recommended!

  • Rea Cobb
    2019-03-29 13:37

    I am a huge fan of Carole Matthews and I have been eagerly awaiting her next novel. Since Carole has changed publishers her book covers have really changed and are really eye-catching and Summer Daydreams has a beautiful and bright cover which certainly suits the title.Nell McNamara works in the local fish and chips shop to try and bring more money in to help her struggling family keep their heads above water. Husband Olly is juggling work trying to make ends meet. Nell and Olly have a beautiful little girl called Petal who they have to try and juggle child care between their jobs. Nell wants a better life for her family and after an idea is put in her head by her chip shop boss Phil she decides to go into business on her own. As with the start of any business venture there sure are ups and downs but poor Nell does get more than her fair share of problems.This book had a very realistic storyline, with so many people struggling with the current economic climate people are trying to do whatever they can to try and bring more money in to take the strain off of the constant flow of bills they have to pay. It was great to see Nell take on a new challenge and to use her own skills to set up a business but it shows how difficult and also how important it is when having your own business to try and get the work and family balance right. I liked that although Nell is our main character in this book every so often the book switches to Olly’s point of view and we get to see firsthand how Nells new business has an effect on their relationship and also how it is effecting Petal.I loved little Petal in this book she really was a fun little character that brought a lot of humour to the storyline. I loved the friendly mix of characters in this book there didn’t feel as though there were and ulterior motives from any of the characters which made the book a joy to read it made the book a simple and enjoyable read without having to have your guard up trying to find out who was the bad guy!Once again Carole’s beautiful writing style had me gripped meaning I finished this book in a few hours. As ever she has created a great group of characters and a fresh new storyline that just keeps you turning the page. Carole Matthews strikes again!

  • Susan
    2019-04-11 10:45

    A chick lit book which had mixed appeal. I began thinking it was not for me, but then got interested in Nell setting up her handbag business. Opinion changed again as her success just seemed so unrealistic. Her cramped home life was chaotic as she and husband Olly juggled their low paid work shifts with looking after 4 year old daughter Petal. Yet Nell was managing to design and make her bags at home - bags which sold for £65 on a market stall! I was sorry for Petal who struck me as a typical 4 year old and remarkably patient with her mother's life style. Nell's business adviserstruck me as less than professional and I did wonder if this was an angle the story might take - but not so. Success in many ways came far too quickly, including a Prince's Trust meeting with Prince Charles, and a presence at top fashion shows. The best part of the story line for me was Olly's realization of what Nell's driving ambition was doing to their relationship and to their daughter. I "switched" off from Olly's Miami adventure and the "happy" ending seemed much too simplistic. Some well drawn minor characters (at the chip shop) helped to make this a light holiday read, but not one I would return to. Plus the fact I could not personally see the appeal of pop-art handbags! Probably more a 2.5 rating.

  • hanka
    2019-04-12 11:23

    not my usual type of read but needed something to chill and take my mind of other things and this book has done just that. just as i thought this story is way too good to be true i found out its actually based on a real person's way to success and that's when it caught my full attention. thanks to this book i've discovered an amazing collection of handbags at and started following Helen on Facebook (waiting for a new updates in her collection to drool over :)). According to her own words the book is like 75% accurate, so well done Carole Matthews!I like the interview at the end of the book and the final comment/advice of Helen herself, plus the option of following up on the other characters's lifes by getting an exclusive short story directly to yr inbox.At the beginning of the book I would never tell I would be that much intrigued with it. its not as much about the fairytale story itself (come on, is there really the kind of saint husband somewhere out there??) as it is about the way this book is done - simply love it. I think bcs of this considerate way of having the book presented to her readers, it's not my last Carole's book.

  • Nikki
    2019-04-10 14:41

    Having seen the cheery cover of Summer Daydreams I wanted to know if the confident, smart, sweet lady on the front was actually over confident and about to fall flat on her face or whether this was a woman whose dreams really have come true. I hoped for another classic Carole Matthews escapade and she does not disappoint in her latest frolic through the life of an exuberant, comical, warm-hearted character that seems to be forever having to juggle very real and current situations with mixed success. Nell McNamara’s family, Olly and Petal, are her world and her world is small. Life isn’t easy, they have little money and things could be better. It’s this reality which turns what might have been an otherwise fluffy character into a hardworking young woman with determination and spirit.The success of the transformation to spruce up the chip shop where she works and the unrelenting support of her friends stir a passion in Nell to make something of herself for her family. She has dreams of making it big, moving on from the chip shop to handbag heaven on the fashion runway but Nell is naïve in the world of business. She has lots of offers of help along the way but should she trust them? That question will only be answered by reading the book…no spoilers here!

  • Kat Robson
    2019-04-15 11:33

    I enjoyed this book. the first chapter introduces the main characters of the story to give you a briefing of who is who. then as time pursued nothing gripped me until 1/3 of the way through. poor Nelly bored in her basic chip shop duty. has a love of handbags and basically what woman doesn't??? she gets the idea to design her own and from that, she looks into it. she is introduced to a business manager TOD who doesn't charge her for his first years services which is brilliant considering she's not bringing money in. He takes her to Paris and then she is offered a channel at the home shopping network. that doesn't work out and she looses Alot of money she cannot afford to.her Husband is sick of her being so low he takes matters into his own hands and shows Nelly just what his family mean to him... he gets everything they are owed and Nelly is on the fashion map to becoming a well known designer. A good ready read for those who need cheering up but I would like to add things in life don't go so swimmingly easy as it did for Nell. it would have been easier if things went wrong and couldn't be fixed like we all suffer on a daily basis. still a really good read no matter what I though. Hence 3 stars only.

  • Louise Graham
    2019-03-30 13:53

    Straight away you are right into the heart of the story. You meet Nell, Olly and their daughter Petal and understand their current circumstances. How they are just going from day-to-day just trying to make ends meet. Is it enough, are they happy?With gorgeous friends (particular mention to Phil – everyone should have a Phil in their lives I have decided) Nell comes to realise that there is more she is capable to do if she was just take that leap.It goes without saying this is a very easy book to read which will hook you straight away and beautifully written, everything you’d expect from Carole. This time I felt there was a lot more heartfelt emotions wrapped into the characters and yet again, I am torn as to who I thinks stands out as my favourite lead. Carole has a knack of not only writing wonderful, strong leading Heroines, she also makes the Hero’s so endearing and perfect. Olly is certainly perfect and any girl would be lucky to have a man like him in their life! (yes I know he is fictional … but Nell and Olly seem like people as you read)I am a huge fan of Carole’s books and yet again she hasn’t disappointed me … fabulous!

  • Rose McClelland
    2019-04-06 13:38

    Oh, I absolutely adored this book! If someone had said to me "It's about a girl who works in a chip shop who decides to start her own business making handbags", I don't know if I'd be that tempted to read it, but it really works. It's the way Matthews writes it; the clever development of the characters, the nice easy pace, the way that it flows along, the way that it's so easy to imagine the characters. And not just imagine the characters, but like them and root for them. The funny thing is, is that the main character is actually quite selfish, and yet she's still likeable. I think that is what Matthews is clever at; she steers away from the two-dimensional character and instead creates likeable characters with their warts 'n' all. We can all identify with having selfish moments or even crazy obsessions. The gentle twists and turns, the ups and downs of the story made this a novel that kept me engrossed from start to finish. I listened to this on audio and I liked the narrator's gentle voice. I especially liked her adaptation of the four year old girl in the story who was quite the little madam. More Carol Matthews please!

  • Barbara Elsborg
    2019-04-03 15:24

    It was a pleasant enough story but I was left feeling a touch dissatisfied. I think I'd hoped for more of a love story and this is more about the growing up - learning how to live - of Nell the heroine. There were a few parts that drew me up a bit short - the doing up of the fish and chip shop - I kept thinking - those places smell so strongly and the odor sinks into everything - so all her gingham curtains etc - were going to pong. I think basically I couldn't get exited about a setting in a fish and chip shop. Then the handbags - that was lovely - I liked the way she came up with her ideas but I was astounded at what the college did. I won't say what it was - don't want to spoil the story - but that didn't ring true with me at all. Nor did the trip to the States. That was just ridiculous. Nice lines from Petal - the little girl. I liked the way Ollie was torn about Nell's success but I never felt the change in him from one side to the other, it just seemed to happen. I've read all Ms Matthews books but I like the early ones better I must admit. I'm sure this will entrance many readers but it wasn't for me.

  • Elisabeth
    2019-04-12 17:43

    Sweet read. A young couple with a 4yr old daughter are living hand to mouth with multiple jobs as they try to juggle the jobs and care of their daughter. The girl, whose name I embarassingly can't remember already, (most of the book is narrated in first person by her), is very creative and is lovingly pushed by her boss and friend Phil to take a college course which could open her horizons. She eventually starts a small handbag making business which takes up all her time and leaves her boyfiend Ollie worried that she will outgrow him because she is no longer happy with their rather precarious life.The book is about her growth and how she comes to terms with juggling family, work and friends. Towards the end Ollie himself realises that she's not outgrowing them, he should probably want a little more than he has and manages to meet her halfway.The very good friends that the young couple have are wonderfully supportive and a substitute family. The 4 year old daughter Petal is really precocious but really funny at times.