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In this suspenseful sequel to The World of Karov, a ruby discovered in a mountain stream transports Joshua, and his best friend Sean, to the war-torn world of Karov. They are immediately caught up in a violent struggle between the people and their treacherous king, who is determined to find the legendary four-pound ruby hidden deep in the emerald caverns. But time is runniIn this suspenseful sequel to The World of Karov, a ruby discovered in a mountain stream transports Joshua, and his best friend Sean, to the war-torn world of Karov. They are immediately caught up in a violent struggle between the people and their treacherous king, who is determined to find the legendary four-pound ruby hidden deep in the emerald caverns. But time is running out. The king is closing in on Joshua and the gem, and the boys must help the Karovites find it before the king does. For if the king gets to it first, he will become the most powerful being in the universe and the Karovites will be enslaved… forever....

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the ruby amulet Reviews

  • Erica
    2019-02-26 04:50

    It isn’t possible for me to review a second book in a series without comparing it to the first. I will do so now. There were a few bits of book one that troubled me, mainly the overly dark villain, but as a whole, the story was well done. The world of Karov has a solid basis, and its clear that the author has gone out of her way to explain every little detail we readers might call into question. That is true for both books. Book two, unfortunately, is not as good as the first (at least in my opinion).The second book in a series is often a gamble. Typically, you have the same hero on a continuing quest. That is not the case here. As some other fantasy authors have done, Salpeter places this story in the future, and gives us a new cast of characters. That is easy to accept, though I personally would have preferred carrying on with the same storyline.This book could easily be read without reading book one of the series. There is enough explanation of what happened in book one, and there is plenty of information to fill in the gaps. Unfortunately, those explanations slow down the action of this book dramatically. In fact, they pretty much take over. There is so little action to this book that I hardly wanted to finish it. Having read this author before, I hoped it would get better, so I continued to read. Sadly, my wish never came true. The vast majority of this book involves the main characters standing around being told stories of what has been going on in the world of Karov. That was a disappointment.There are problems with the characters as well. First off, Josh, the main character, is a college student, but he is immensely articulate. He must be an English major. I have never read a book with a male protagonist of his age being so well-spoken. Secondly, his companion Sean was required to come along, but he plays no major part and he could have been left out entirely. Also, the villain Effram goes from bad to good randomly, and his dialogue and actions kept me confused through most of his scenes. He is far too inconsistent for my tastes.The author couldn’t escape without detailing actions of Alec, the ruthless villain who appeared in book one. Though he is not present in the story, I was forced to relive some of his vile, treacherous acts. There is still no explanation for why he is the way he is, and he has no redeeming qualities nor a reason to act the way he does. I know a story needs a villain, and I do enjoy hating them, but this guy is evil for the purpose of being evil. There is not past act nor current reason for him to be the way he is. He is not charismatic, and I’ve never heard of a mental condition like his. I still hate him, as I did in the first book. A look inside his head might be in order should he appear in subsequent books. I’d like to know what his problem is.The last chapter or two finally brings in a tiny bit of action. The war is begun and completed within that short span, and there isn’t enough action to call it a war. It’s more like a petty squabble with big consequences. I finished the book without ever thinking that the story had begun. Instead of telling me what happened over the years, show me. Those missing books would be far better than cramming everything into this one. Then skip to Josh and Sean somewhere down the road and have them do something more than stand around talking for ninety percent of the book.The writing is done well, but it is a bit lacking in description. I have no idea what the main character looked like. I may have overlooked a line or two while I was searching for action, though. This book could use an experienced proofreader. There aren’t many typos, but some phrases are not grammatically correct. The author sometimes writes the way people talk rather than the way that is correct, and it was noticeable. I am no expert, but I do know the basic rules. Any author should know just as much.I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • David Beeson
    2019-03-18 03:20

    A more than fitting sequel to the enthralling The World of Karov, Elyse Salpeter’s Ruby Amulet recounts the struggle back up towards redemption of the Karovites, left in the bleakest of positions at the end of the first book.The downfall of the world of Karov had been brought about chiefly through the intervention of an Outer-Worlder, someone from our own world, who had unwittingly left the door open to a powerful evil: specifically, Adam had made it possible for his twin Alec, evil in every way that Adam is good, to take control of Karov and bring it under his tyranny. At the opening of the second book, four hundred years have passed. History has unfolded in the intervening centuries as badly for the Karovites as had been feared; the formerly free population is now enslaved to the power of a King, descended from that same usurping Alec who had brought the world so low four centuries earlier; the Kings have kept their line pure by always abducting women from Outer World to be the bearers of their progeny, so the blood of Karov’s own people has never diluted their cruelty and barbarism.One reason to maintain that purity is that Outer Worlders have a power denied to Karovites, that of being able to communicate telepathically with animals and bring them under their control.Surrounded by guards kept in loyalty by their dependence on the drug druemer, and by animals under their dominance, including the fierce manogs, bred from dogs to be particularly powerful killers, the Kings have the world under their control. Why, they even hold the Semptors, the wise men of Karov who have survived the challenging test of the caverns, under their domination.All, that is, except one. As the new story opens, the only Semptor to have escaped is living with the Karovite resistance movement, which is increasing in strength. It numbers among its members Alasia, a daughter of King Markson, the descendant of Alec who now sits on the Karovite throne. He had her abandoned in the swamps to die, keeping only her brother Effram as his heir, but she was saved by free Semptor, Orrel-Asim. Alasia, herself an Outerworlder, also has the capacity to control animals.The rebels turn again to Outerworlders for help, bringing Josh and Sean to assist in preparing for the coming rebellion. Their powers will greatly increase the rebels’ ability to defeat the beasts who serve Markson. In addition, the rebels have one great weapon at their disposal: Alasia is in telepathic contact with her own brother, Effram, giving them a potential ally within the castle. She is also in touch with their mother, declared to be a witch by Markson, and held in a cell in a tower of the castle to avoid her having contact with any Karovites.And Markson still lacks one vital piece of the jigsaw of power: despite Alec’s proud boast at the end of The World of Karov that he would set out to find the fabled four-pound ruby, no one in four hundred years has succeeded. Which is the Karovites’ one great hope: with the ruby, Markson would be unassailable. Without it he’s a perilous enemy, but they can take him on. They have to act quickly. Sean and Josh will be called on to play a leading role in the desperate battle ahead of them, which will determine the ultimate fate of the Karovites...

  • Eric
    2019-03-06 04:11

    In this book we are given much background and history of Innerworld. Approximately 400 years have elapsed between the ending of the first in the series and the beginning of this one and there is much for us to learn. I found this aspect particularly interesting as I did have questions about Karov in general and reading of the world Alec had wrought was compelling. This installment also opens new paths into the Karov saga, chiefly in the persons of Josh and Sean, the two Outerworlders who are tasked with aiding the oppressed people of that realm. These two must learn to master their new-found powers(Outerworlders inherently have these)in short order for there is little time to be had before facing off against the evil forces of King Markson(Alec's lineage). Can these young men realize their potential in time to save a desperate people from certain doom? What role will the mysterious Children of Demilee play in their efforts? There is much magic and mysticism contained within, along with some social dynamics which parallel life in this dimension quite well. This is an author who I have come to enjoy a great deal. She writes in a smooth and compelling fashion and despite this being a YA series I find that a crusty, middle-aged man such as myself quite enjoys the experience of reading it. Though not as dark as the first installment, this one was still fantastic.

  • C.K. Raggio
    2019-02-25 05:58

    The Ruby Amulet is the incredible sequel to Elyse Salpeter's The World Of Karov. While I enjoyed the first novel in The Children of Demillee series, The Ruby Amulet really takes everything to new and exciting levels.400 Years have passed since the first novel and things in Karov are not going well for the Karovites. Many are either enslaved by a ruthless king, or forced into hiding to escape death. But there is a silver lining. A prophesy about two young men who will save them all from their seemingly hopeless existence. But will the boys figure out how to use their new found powers in time? And what about this Ruby amulet, will it finally be found? You need to read to find out!I love how this novel was created as a story Salpeter told to her cousins. A really neat tidbit found in the dedication!

  • Elyse Salpeter
    2019-02-28 01:16