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Title : kokushikan satsujin jiken japanese edition
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kokushikan satsujin jiken japanese edition Reviews

  • Mizuki
    2019-04-12 13:14

    Murder At the Mansion of Black Death by Mushitarō Oguri, is widely considered one of 'The Four Books of Wonder' in the realm of Japanese detective/murder mystery novels. So I dutifully read this book for not one, but twice; but in the end I'm disappointed.Let's talk about the strong points of this novel first: Baroque setting of a serial murder which took place inside an isolated European-style mansion, twisted family secrets, schemes and cursed bloodline, chilling death threats, preposterous murder cases. The story is very complicated in an all-out mind-fucking way, so if mind-fuck is your thing, then you might enjoy this book. Plus the author really did demonstrate his wide knowledge on history, religions, occultism, architecture etc. (the author was known for being REALLY into occultism and he had spent fortunes on collecting rare books on occultism and other rare knowledge, despite not being very well off)However, the characters are mere pawns to move the plots onward, I never feel sorry for any of the murdered victims because they are so paper-thinned as characters; the same goes for the Great Detective and his companies, it feels like they are mere thinking machines to solve the murder cases than real people.Furthermore, the author had spent too much screen time on stuffing his story with knowledge of occultism etc, just for the sake of he could do it and for the sake of showing off. In the end, I got bored. I mean, Mr. Oguri I know you liked occultism, a lot; I get it, can we move on to another subject already?The other novels among the 'Four Books of Wonder' in the History of Japanese Detective Novels:Dogra Magra, by Kyūsaku Yumeno, (Translation: Encephalon Hell or Pericardium Hell, or Braincell Hell):匣の中の失楽, by 竹本健治, (Translation: The Lost Music in the Box):虚無への供物 by 中井英夫, (Translation: The Offerings to the Void):

  • DongJae Ryoo
    2019-04-18 16:18

    I tried my best to understand the murder story in the black house. I'm usually okay with criminal fictions and any other genre that requires thinking while reading it. However, this time, I couldn't figure out what the author was trying to say. Perhaps, I need to read this novel again in a few years ... I guess I need to brainstorm this fiction on a A2 paper to get a sense of what was going on in the black house.