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When Lieutenant Alex Spears first sees Corkie Brooks-Davenport secretly photographing an isolated war zone, he thought she was as crazy as she was beautiful. But later, as they run for their lives from a Mexican cartel boss, he learns that she isn't just crazy...she's foolhardy, conniving, and easily, the most intriguing woman he'd ever had the pleasure of kidnapping....

Title : black and white rainbows
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ISBN : 19021150
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 481 Pages
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black and white rainbows Reviews

  • Lint
    2019-03-26 05:00

    Take my damn five stars, Ms. McGee.I have particular tastes in the style of writing an author chooses and I particularly love the fact that this book did not sound like a ten year old was narrating. Right from the beginning I was intrigued to find the free-lance photographer- Courtney "Corkie" Davenport- captured by a desert-disguised army ranger, which will later be known as Lietenant Alex Spears. Now, I'm not one for army books or travelling across the desert or illegal activities but I was thoroughly impressed. Hats off to you, I owe you a burger. And fish. And chips. Or anything you want to eat really.Corkie is an impulsive character that made me laugh from her brazen attitudes and the words her impulsiveness forced her to say. Brilliant character indeed- or maybe I'm biased because she reminds me of myself. Courtney is a constant reminder of will-power, resilience and humbleness (mmm, sometimes.) Thank you woman! I was surprised at how I hadn't even felt an inkling of annoyance for Corkie because I usually did when reading females in other books, a very big neon sign as to why more people should be reading this.Alex Spears, who I quickly cast as another one of my boyfriend babes, is the definition of impassiveness and masculinity. All muscles and work is absolutely a big turn-on, and if you like rugged sexiness on a man, read it read it read it. His appeal is his mysterious demeanour, although sometimes his black-and-white perspective made me want to wallop him with a brick wall, his concealed caring side more than made up for it.As a whole, this book isn't the cliche type so if you're looking for a change-up, then by all means. Okay, that statement may or may not be true because this is the only army-type romance book I've read. But anyway.. if you do not agree with my review, suck it because I don't care. If you do then please suggest some books because I am tired of reading the same cliched plots.Hilarious scenes, hot-and-heavy interactions, humorous characters. What more is there to ask for?Love love love it. Please, I need more. If you are reading this Heather McGee, I am your number one fan. Or number two (after your partner of course.)"Black and White Rainbows" is a favourite that I hold dearly to my heart (because I have it as an ebook on my phone and my phone is usually tucked in my bra- please don't try this at home though, I don't promote the storage of any device atop your mammary glands.)I would have put more quotes and shit in this but I can't be bothered. I'll update it next year because I can.

  • LS
    2019-03-22 02:05

    This is one of my favourite books ever. I have read this book so many times. It’s been a few years since I first read it, and it’s still on my mind. Dear Heather, you are a magnificent writer. I love this book so much. You’re amazing.