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Scarred in a duel over a feckless woman, Gavin Lawrence leaves America to take up his new duty as Marquess of Effingham, vowing never to care about others again. But lurking in the secret passages of his crumbling manor house is a courageous and exceedingly annoying young woman in terrible danger.The self-sufficient daughter of a soldier, Dillian Whitnell guards her injureScarred in a duel over a feckless woman, Gavin Lawrence leaves America to take up his new duty as Marquess of Effingham, vowing never to care about others again. But lurking in the secret passages of his crumbling manor house is a courageous and exceedingly annoying young woman in terrible danger.The self-sufficient daughter of a soldier, Dillian Whitnell guards her injured cousin in isolated Arinmede manor after an attempt on both their lives. Dillian hadn’t expected the new marquess to notice her, but his stubborn refusal to believe she’s a ghost turns into a hide-and-seek game that leads to increasingly close encounters. A game where irritation turns to intrigue, and intrigue to a forbidden passion as the real villain emerges from the past....

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  • Desi
    2019-03-20 16:09

    The set up for sex in this book was coerced and rape-y. As were subsequent 'love' scenes. He was also a bit on the abusive side in his thoughts. Thinking crap like he'd be mean so she would know things weren't permanent and that later on he would be kinder. F U. He also made her feel like a whore. Repeatedly. Even after she explained how his actions made her feel. Thoroughly d*ck behaviour in general, including contemplating her suitability for his brother after he, in his mind, had 'soiled her'. Loss of any male lead status. I disliked everything from then on #noredemption for that worm.“Deliberate cruelty was the only way to protect them both. Once she understood this relationship had no future, he could offer her the small kindnesses he would offer a mistress. Until then he would obliterate any small hope she might harbor that he could offer her more. He should never have bedded a virgin. They mixed up emotions with lust.Gavin tried not to feel guilty about those thoughts as he removed his clothes while she slipped behind the screen. She was twenty-five years of age, long past marriageable. She knew what she was doing. She benefited as much as he, maybe more so, from this arrangement. He had no reason to feel guilty over what was, after all, a business transaction. He didn’t exactly bed a child."I'm sorry, but if you're shoving your 'male member' up a woman the least you can offer is some kindness and basic courtesy. Once again, a giant, Giant, F U....

  • Moria
    2019-03-22 11:22

    Started off well. Soon became tediously slow & repetitive. Grew to dislike the two main characters. Got to page 280 with some long breaks built in, then realized I didn't care. Stopped reading. So boring. Also, really not into reading about a heroine forced into sex against her will/with someone she dislikes over and over and over...It's not romantic, not even if "it's all ok because they are meant to be together". Also not romantic, reading endlessly afterwards how she feels like a whore & is ashamed of herself. Not my cup of tea.

  • M—
    2019-03-27 15:17

    I really enjoyed this book up until the hero and the heroine actually started interacting. The first fifty pages her sneaking about the secret passages of his ruin of a manor trying to figure out who he is and why he'd kidnapped her injured, blinded young cousin, and when he finally succeeds in catching her at this he threatens her with deportation for breaking in and stealing food. This coming from a kidnapper I thought was a bit rich. And when he grandly announces (as he's binding her up in ropes, now that he's finally caught her) that, "I have reason for what I do. You are in no position to comment on it." (p. 51) — like she doesn't? — I had to put the book down in order to sufficiently roll my eyes. I decided right then I wouldn't give the book more than a two-star rating unless she sasses that exact quotation back to him at a later point (spoiler alert: this book rates two stars).I found it inexplicable that the heroine got herself half free of her binds only to fall asleep for just long enough for him to check on her and notice that one hand was free, and then free herself completely in the space of the two pages it took for the hero to wander out of the room, muse about how voluptuous she is, and wander back. I'm sorry. If someone's accosted you and tied you up, you don't fall asleep mid-way through untying yourself, especially when five minutes more work would complete the untying, to say nothing of the fact you don't have any reason to fall asleep when you've spent several days relatively well-rested, robbing the kitchen at will, and are purportedly terrified out of your mind (or enraged. Either or). Narrow-eyed glare of incredulousness does not pleasantly follow eyeroll. And while I dutifully read on clear to the end of this book, I never regained any pleasure reading it. The remaining 300 pages of story dragged tediously.I reviewed one of Rice's contemporary books not long ago (Evil Genius) and adored it. I'm quite disappointed with this one. Even though I generally prefer historic and regency-themed romances to contemporaries, I found so very little to enjoy here.This is an electronic reissue of long out-of-print book, and it has apparently become something a fan favorite. A never-before-available sequel is scheduled to be published shortly (The English Heiress); it had been written concurrently but its publication was delayed. I'm a bit of two minds of whether I'll go through the trouble of reading the sequel. Eh. Maybe if I find it for free. I received a finished ecopy of this book through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers Program. This is the fourth review title I've received from this publisher, and the second from this author.Quote pulled from ISBN 9781611381733.

  • Carole Rae
    2019-04-03 11:11

    This one may sound like a typical romance novel, but there's way more to it. There's a lot of intrigue, murder, complex situations, and complex relationships. Also all the characters seem like real people. Patricia Rice forces you to believe that all these characters really existed. I love being sucked into a world. Better showed then told I've always been told, and Patricia Rice does good by that.I hate simple stories like boy-meets-girl-boy-loses-girl-he-fights-for-her-all-ends-happily-ever-after and stories such as those. This novel reminded me a lot of 'Castle of the Wolf' by Sandra Schwab, because there is a serious Beauty-and-the-Beast feel to it. Gavin was scared horribly in a duel and a beautiful, smart girl doesn't fear him and in the ends falls for him. I love that aspect of the book, because it made their love seem real. However, they just tried to cover it up and just call it 'lust', which you can obviously see through throughout the entire book. I loved how it took forever for Gavin and Dillan to realize that they actually cared for each other. It all seemed very realistic. However, I did roll my eyes at some parts because they seemed melodramatic and I just wanted to strangle someone (mostly Gavin or Dillan). Some of the dialogue was a little annoying, but I enjoyed all the wit being tossed around. Besides for some of the parts, there's nothing else I can really complain about. I couldn't put this book down! It was a cute book, but it really made you think. Too be honest, I had no clue how it was going to end and I thought I had the bad guy figured out, but I was wrong. I was a little shocked by the ending! I was a little upset at myself, because I was wrong. However, I give a bow to Patricia Rice for keeping me on the edge of my seat the whole book through. She bested me. I'm not sure what else to say, except that I really enjoyed this book and I plan to re-read it in the future! It's a cute book to read during lazy summer days. I grant this book five stars. ^.^ I recommend this book to those that like historical romance novels or just a cute book to pass by the time with. I plan to check out more of Patricia Rice's books in the future

  • Cathy Geha
    2019-03-25 11:57

    Beauty and the Beast but oh so much more! What a wild and wonderful, action-packed, romance-filled, delightful story set in the early 1800’s. And, it is predominately about family, family ties and family loyalty. Gavin Lawrence comes from America to take up the title of Marquess bringing his younger brother along. Living in his crumbling estate he is surprised by the return of Michael who brings a woman injured in a fire to his home. Little did Gavin know that her companion arrived with her. Not wanting his quiet interrupted he was surprised to find that he was not only taking care of a burn victim but playing hide and seek with the companion, Dillian.Dillian and Blanche are cousins but also staunch supporters of one another – especially when they realize that someone is trying to kill one or both of them. Gavin and Michael are brothers who care for one another with Gavin as the older always trying to provide for Michael. The brothers become involved in sorting things out for the ladies and this includes riding down a mob, instigating a mob, putting fires out, starting fires, thievery, visits to high society, disguises and a whole lot more. I have enjoyed every book I have read by Patricia Rice and look forward to reading many more in the future! I received a copy of this book from eBook Discovery in exchange for my honest review. 4.5 Stars

  • Lauren
    2019-04-10 09:53

    This book took me about 4 weeks to get through when usually I'll read through a great novel in a day or two. It started out fine and I thought Dillian sneaking around the manor was amusing, if not a little drawn out. Turns out the whole book was drawn out. And not in a good way. The two main characters' "relationship" seemed to be on repeat the entire book. First, they would sleep together. Second, Dillian would be angry at herself for sleeping with him. Third, they would reason with themselves why they didn't belong with one another. Fourth, they would follow leads on who was trying to kill who. And repeat. The only reason it's not getting a 1 star review is because I thought the characters had really great chemistry in the beginning and the fact that Gavin is an intriguing character. However, I found myself skimming most of The Marquess, mostly because I hate to have a novel unfinished. I've heard really great things about this book, but unfortunately I couldn't understand why after reading it.

  • Eleanore June
    2019-04-02 13:14

    I tried to like this book. And for the first 40% I did. But then is got all weird and heroine bargaining for her and her companion's safety with sex. The sex was *barely* consensual and afterwards she felt like a whore. BUT it is supposed to be OK because she orgasmed? Nope, not for me. I let the first time go, but it happened again and when it was about to happen a 3rd time - with her telling him she felt like a whore - I was out. There are just some things I don't want in my romance novels -- being treated like a whore is one of them. Just not my thing.

  • Christine
    2019-04-19 08:03

    Started out okay, slowed down in the middle, and I lost the plot somewhere towards the end. The writing felt off somehow or awkward. And Rice is not good at sex scenes, they put me off the hero -- who I had liked a great deal up to that point. There's not many, but there is enough to well become jarring in spots.

  • Linda
    2019-03-25 15:07

    Interesting read; well written tho I have admit to being intrigued by the secondary characters of Michael & Blanche. The romance/relationship btwn the H/H doesn't really start till past 1/3 of the book.

  • Elle
    2019-04-13 12:21

    This book was so close to being good. I loved everything about the first half, but then there was all the womanising and I didn't feel good about it. It made the relationship unbearable almost wholly unbearable.

  • Amber
    2019-04-15 12:08

    halfway through and I just can't right now. It started out sweet and then abruptly turned into a shitshow. I should have read the reviews first.

  • Sharyn
    2019-04-09 14:58

    I read number 4 first so I knew the characters, but reading how they became who they were was interesting to read. Gavin Lawrence was raised in America and was scarred in a duel. He came to England to claim his title of Marquess of Effington only to find a ruin of a major and no money. He is suddenly saddled with a women burned in a fire and a mystery begins. Who are the villains is difficult to ascertain and there is some politics of the times as there is in each book of the series. There is of course a love story, and as in the other books, it takes the hero quite sometime to realize he is in love and not just in lust. The heroine is a strong, feisty woman who has sworn to never marry because of the horrible role model father she had. But love wins all. Off to the next book.

  • Kelly Ann
    2019-03-30 15:13

    I really liked this story and the h/H characters. It might have been a 4-star book except that the last 1/5 of it seemed a bit disjointed. I'm looking forward to reading the remaining two books in the series,although I'm disappointed the remaining heroes won't be tall like our Marquess!

  • Charlene Vertefeuille
    2019-04-16 08:03

    DNF mostly because life got busy. Was good though.

  • Amber Garabrandt
    2019-04-12 12:12

    I received a copy of The Marquess by Patricia rice from eBook Discovery in exchange for an honest review. Honestly, I loved it. It had so much heart and drama, humor and adventure… I couldn’t put it down (in fact, it is currently 11:00 PM and I wake up for work at 4:45. Worth it!). Dillon is companion to her cousin, Lady Blanche. When their home is burned down, and Blanche badly injured in the fire, an unlikely rescuer delivers them to the loving care of… the most short tempered beast in England. Sitting in the rotting castle, they try to divine their next move while cursing the kidnapper/footman O’Toole for bringing them here.Gavin, an American soldier and navy man, now and English Marquess, is furious with his brother Michael. Disfigured from a duel, and having fought too many battles in his life, he does not want responsibility for an injured heiress and her mouthy companion. He has to figure out how to keep their roof from tumbling around them without money to fix anything. Add to that the few servants he can keep think the castle haunted, and the villagers think him a monster. Really, how much is a man really expected to handle? But he sees Dillon and she isn’t afraid of him. Through the story you see them fight, laugh and grow- it’s beautiful.But Dillon is in trouble. They have to find out who wants to hurt the ladies-and put a stop to it. For me it was a fun, exciting, well written piece. I cannot wait to see what awaits Blanche!This book is out now- go get it!On the adult content scale, I give it a five- more for sexual content than anything, but there is swearing and violence.

  • Melanie
    2019-04-07 16:21

    This story was such a pleasure to read. Patricia Rice gives us her version of the beauty and the beast, and I really liked her take on it.Gavin Lawrence, recently titled Marquess of Effingham, a badly scarred man, has finally arrived in England to claim his title and properties, including an old and run down castle with hardly any servants. His brother Michael accompanies him for this adventure, and as younger brothers go, Michael is ever so obliging in throwing Gavin for a loop, and the latest one is particularly troubling to this impoverished newly minted aristocrat.Dillian Whitnell has lived with her young cousin Lady Blanche Perceval for a while now, and to many in the society, she’s known as Miss Reynolds, Blanche’s companion. The pretence is deliberate even though the name is legitimate. The women have become very close confidants and mostly rely on each other, and not on Lady Blanches cousin, young Neville, Duke of Anglesey who neither of them trust and are suspecting of trying to kill Blanche.The two main characters were very likable once you got to know them better and understand their backgrounds. Trust never came easy to them and trusting each other took some time. Once Gavin finds out who Dillian really is and learns of her childhood, he can’t help but admire the woman she’s become. The same goes for Dillian, although it was much harder for her to get to know the man behind the scars.What I also appreciated in this story is ...for the rest of this review, please visit me at...,Melanie

  • Debbie
    2019-04-08 09:16

    After finding out that he is the only male heir left to inherit the title of the Marquess of Effingham, Gavin Lawrence returns to England from his life in America only to find that the inheritance, Arinmede, consisted of a run down manor home on un-worked land with a town that had become used to being taken advantage of. The daughter of a soldier, Dillian Whitnell knew how to take care of herself, but when her fair cousin, Blanche was injured while trying to help others, Dillian had to find a way to protect them both from who ever was trying to get at them. Working with the stubborn and reclusive Marquess might be more than the resourceful and cunning girl can handle. Book 1, or Book 3 (depending on which series you are following) ..... Kind of a beauty and the beast type of story in it. The Marquess is such a recluse and always uses his scars as an excuse, he leans toward the heroic life, if only he can get over himself. Dillian is a bit overbearing in her own ways, like her protection of Blanche. While I really enjoyed the book, the use of all the titles, names, formal names, ranks, ect. got a little tedious and confusing at times. I was still very happy to have received this as an Early Reviewer (even though it was a re-release) from LibraryThing. This was an e-book version of the previously published book. It is the 3rd in a series (from 1997), but with the re-publishing, it is being followed by a new book, The English Heiress which was due July of 2012.

  • Melissa Bowen
    2019-03-29 16:18

    To start off, I highly recommend anyone wanting to read this book first read the prequel, The Genuine Article, which is only available in Ebook format. If you don't read this book first, you might be completed turned off in the beginning of the book. Without meeting Gavin in the first book, a lot of readers will be disgusted with the way he treats Dillian. Also, without having read the prequel, the relationship be Gavin and Michael will be very odd and hard to understand. I, myself, probably would not have completed this book without the prequel. Having said that, as I did read the prequel I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Very gothic in nature in the beginning in my opinion, with the falling down haunted castle and the dark lord stomping around, mad at the world. The complexity of the mystery involving the attempts on the lives of Dillian and Blanche, was able to keep the book moving at a fast clip. Always love a heroine who doesn't sit around and wait for a hero to rescue her at every turn. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. Was hard to put this one down as I couldn't wait to see the conclusion of the mystery, not to mention the love story.

  • Danni
    2019-04-07 13:55

    This was a well written and engaging romance novel. The characters drew you into a mysterious story involving inheritances, historical gender roles, and lasting relationships. Best of all there weren't any glaring and distracting items of historical inaccuracy. I'm not an expert on the time period. However, it's nice to not be blown out a story by small details that scream of poor research. The heroine was intelligent and not easily wooed giving more substance to the actual story than most generic romance novels. I think anyone who enjoys seeing reluctant lovers realize the chemistry between them can carry them into a lasting relationship will find this a to be a great read. I was also thoroughly intrigued by the tidbits given for Michael and Lady Blanche. I'm looking forward to reading that story as well. Overall, it's a wonderful tale that will fill your needs for a mysterious and thrilling love story.

  • Teresa Gibson
    2019-04-08 12:58

    I really enjoyed The Marquess (BookCafe e-edition, originally published 1997). I've tired of recent romances where plot is secondary to um, other things. In this case, the story centers around a mystery--someone is trying to kill Blanche, the beautiful English heiress, or are they after her cousin/companion, Dillian? There's lots of action here--burning houses, hijacked coaches, swordplay, a mysterious brother who's a master of disguise, a scarred hero (and how cool that he is an American war hero?), missing journals, and more and more? A crumbling mansion adds a touch of gothic mystery to the story (and makes me want to revisit that genre!)With twists galore, the action is non-stop, and the romance is believable, as Rice allows the hero and heroine time to get acquainted and understand each other. A very satisfying read!

  • Marjorie Mindel
    2019-03-24 13:00

    This book was given to Marjorie Mindel on instaFreebie.Historical romance, traitors to England during the war against Napoleon, secrets held by everyone, and chases across English at night, ghostly hauntings of a ruinous monstrosity of a house---How could one not enjoy this tense, humorous, sad romance.An impoverished American inherits the title of Marquess, but hides from the world because of rapier scars on his face. Two women, cousins, try to survive attempts a the life of one of them, which they aren't sure. A chameleon of a man, servant?, and his wily ways and magical sleight-of-hand, weaves mystery and love. Should the women marry who society tells them t0, or for love? Can the men stop running long enough to give their hearts to the women who've given them theirs?The Marquess is a supremely exciting and satisfying read. I think that you'll agree with me.

  • Gail
    2019-04-09 11:05

    The hero is a scarred American who has inherited an English title -- a marquessate obviously -- but the land got sold to someone else and all he has is a huge, maze-like pile of a building and no money. His adopted brother brings home an heiress who got caught in a fire that was probably arson, so she needs hiding and tending. The companion and cousin of the heiress tags along, apparently clinging to the outside of the carriage (which sounded improbable to me, but maybe it wasn't that far to the hero's estate-- that part wasn't clear). Anyway, the heroine (the companion) hides in the overgrown, rather Gothic mansion to protect her injured cousin while the hero tries to track her down and catch her, once he figures out she's not rats. It's a fairly complicated plot, the hero and heroine argue amusingly, and I liked it a lot.

  • Shelly Ash
    2019-03-20 08:18

    A most enjoyable historical romance! Gavin and Dillian are an unusual match, but they ended up being the perfect couple, even though they tried to fight their attraction from the beginning. The story is detailed, but engrossing from start to finish. The interaction between the hero and heroine shows their feisty nature and adds a romantic touch that will delight you. The supporting characters were the perfect compliment to the hero and heroine and they were not only fun, but mysterious as well. The plot is unusual, but the story is so well put together, it keeps your mind churning, your heart pounding, and just maybe, your temperature rising. I highly recommend The Marquess and look forward to reading more from Ms. Rice!

  • Diane K. Peterson
    2019-03-29 08:53

    I want to first make it clear that I really enjoyed this book. That being said, it did have a few shortcomings. It was a bit long, it was a slow read, and the plot seemed to meander somewhat. What made the book so good were the characters. Gavin and Dillian were so hard on themselves. Each was afraid to reach out for different reasons. It was a case of opposites attract to a large degree, but their similarities brought them together. We were also very much introduced to his brother, Michael and her cousin, Blanche -- the H/h of the sequel, The English Heiress (which I am reading now). This was an emotional journey for me and I sobbed at the end.

  • Maria Dariotis
    2019-03-20 12:57

    I received this book for free from eBook Discovery in exchange for an honest review.Gavin is a scarred man who leaves America with his half brother Michael he had inherited a manor in England he finally gets to his destination only to find its in ruins but before he gets comfortable in his new home his brother who is known to collect strays and wounded animals in this case Lady Blanche he saved her unknowingly from a mysterious person out to murder her meanwhile her cousin Dillon is hiding in the Marquees's home pretending she's a ghost! Through the story Dillon and Gavin have to figure out who is plotting to murder Blanche or maybe both women while they're falling in love! To me this story was a bit Beauty and the Beast but with a twist!

  • Wendy Tavenner
    2019-04-07 08:22

    Loved the book, just a lot of back and forth btwn the 2 main characters Gavin & Dillian!! Gavin who was raised in America with a scared face becomes a Marquee and brings himself and his brother Michael to England hoping to have a forever home!! Dillian and her cousin are running from who wants then dead or so she thinks!! They hide out in Gavin's monstrosity of a delopadated castle of sorts!! You have Gavin and ex-military man with a scar upon his face that his tires to keep hidden, you have Dillian a daughter of a Military man who practically abandoned her to his men to raise at each other's throats!! Then you have Michael a man of many talents and Blanche a well born lady all making up for a fun, dangerous and adventurous book!!!

  • Jessica Woods
    2019-03-30 10:01

    I received a copy of this book form eBook Discovery for an honest review. I loved this story. Dillian is my kind of heroine, sassy, smart, and tough. Gavin is a scarred hero, surly and a loner. The battle that's waged between the two is humorous and exciting because Dillian is not the type of girl to do what she's told. They try to discover the mystery of who is trying to hurt Dillian and her cousin Blanche while staying alive and fighting their affection for each other. Great plot and great characters make for a great read! Patricia Rice is a great storyteller!

  • M
    2019-04-14 11:01

    Penniless American, Gavin, is heir to a title and a crumbling mansion in England. He and his brother Michael are drawn in to the perils of Lady Blanche and her cousin Dillion. As Gavin discovers who is trying to kill Dillion he also discovers how much he cares for her. Michael saves Lady Blanche from a dark plot to kidnap her. A conspiracy revolves around the ladies' military fathers and some journals that have incriminating evidence of fraud and graft. Interesting mystery and fun romance--good read.

  • Jo(Mixed Book Bag)
    2019-04-18 13:20

    The Marquess by Patricia Rice looks like a take on the beauty and beast story. The Marquess is a wounded American who inheres a title with a large home but no land and no money. When I local and wealthy heiress is injured in a fire she ends up hiding at the home of the Marquess. Sounds like she would be the one but no. It is her companion who attracts the Marquess. Then it turns out the companion is the one in danger and everything moves from there. This is a fun read with a twist. If you like Regency books pick up the Marquess. It is part of a series.

  • Helen
    2019-04-03 09:12

    I enjoyed The Marquess. I liked the mystery surrounding Blanche and I always kept wondering what Michael was up to. The characters were colorful and I kept trying to guess where the plot was going to go. I always like to see a not so perfect hero find true love. Because I read this book several months ago I am now limited doing this review, but I do remember wanting to continue to read the wonderful series. I enjoyed every book in this series.