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**DISCOUNTED BOXED SET CONTAINS ENTIRE SERIES OF JET-SETTING ESCORT (BOOKS 1-7) FOR ONE LOW PRICE!**These steamy books are recommended for 18+ **Genre: Contemporary Erotic RomanceFor as long as I can remember, I've had a boring, predictable life. I work at a low-paying job and have ho-hum missionary sex with my long-term boyfriend, who calls me "pear shaped" (and not in a **DISCOUNTED BOXED SET CONTAINS ENTIRE SERIES OF JET-SETTING ESCORT (BOOKS 1-7) FOR ONE LOW PRICE!**These steamy books are recommended for 18+ **Genre: Contemporary Erotic RomanceFor as long as I can remember, I've had a boring, predictable life. I work at a low-paying job and have ho-hum missionary sex with my long-term boyfriend, who calls me "pear shaped" (and not in a good way). I've never been with more than one man or explored myself sexually. That's for sexy, skinny girls. Girls with exciting lives. Girls I'm not.When a series of events send my life into a tailspin, I find myself at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, locking eyes with a gorgeous, sexy stranger who sends my heart racing. Our first night together is one I'll never forget. Or the next. Shockingly, he wants to pay me lots of money just to have me as his personal sex goddess. Best of all, he's not the only one.Soon, I'm discovering my sexuality for the first time, caught up in the exciting, glamorous world of high-class escorting. I'm also discovering myself: the independent, sexy, confident woman I was meant to be. Trouble is, I can't give my body without giving my heart. I'm falling in love with more than one man, and they with me. I can't choose just one... Or can I?SET INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING BOOKS:BOOK 1: Ariella meets Brant, a sexy Olympic millionaire ski racer who rocks her world. But does he have a secret side?BOOK 2: Ariella continues her relationship with Brant, the sexy Olympic ski racer with a secret. But the lure of a mysterious billionaire beckons...BOOK 3: Ariella meets Sterling, the mysterious billionaire with a dark side. Will her feelings for him be enough to overcome his past? And what happens when Brant shows up again?BOOK 4: Ariella seduces Westcott, the wealthy, brooding artist who promises her the world. But when a man from her past shows up, who will she choose?BOOK 5: Ariella meets sexy identical twins who wine her and dine her... and more. But what happens when two men from her past reappear? And what will she say when one proposes?BOOK 6: Ariella must choose between the rich, sexy men who love her, each with his own (ahem) attributes. Which man finally wins her heart? Or does she walk away from them all?BOOK 7: Ariella finally chooses the man she will spend the rest of her life with. He's rich, sexy, successful, and gives her the best sex of her life. But can she forget the other men who also stole her heart?*BOOK 8 (SOLD SEPARATELY): Ariella's love life is everything she's ever dreamed of: hot, steamy, and romantic. Life is perfect...until she meets her fiance's parents. Will they approve of her? And if they don't, will her relationship survive?*CHRISTMAS IN SEATTLE (SOLD SEPARATELY): It's Christmas Eve, and jet-setting Ariella and her husband are in Seattle for an elegant party. After a steamy encounter on top of the Space Needle, Ariella enters the ballroom to discover that a menacing stranger has revealed a secret from her past to everyone in the room. Although Ariella puts on a brave face, her character is called into question by the very person she trusts most in the world: her sexy millionaire husband. When she finds herself out on the dark, rainy streets of Seattle on Christmas Eve, she is confronted with the possibility that her happily-ever-after might not be what it seemed....

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jet setting escort boxed set books 1 7 Reviews

  • Cherish Robinson-smetek
    2019-04-30 06:02

    Monique writes a very well thought out and TASTEFUL series about how a young girl/woman can blossom with confidence of her self worth.* SPOILER *Ariella goes from having just 1 man in her life to several. Each man helped to shape her thoughts about her own self worth.Brant helps her out of the shell of being the "fat chick" and to opening her up to the sexual possibilities that await her.Sterling gives her a taste of BDSM yet she helps him too.Westcott confuses his feelings of lust vs the same time Ariella realizes that she can be more dominate in her sexual encounters.The Twins...(they can come get me anytime!) Rob & Brad show Ariella how a true Goddess should be worshiped. Too bad they are just looking for some fun & games.Then comes the proposals - marriage & business...who will she choose? How can she choose?I really enjoyed this series. Reading some of the other comments asked what size Ariella was...personally, I'm glad that Monique didn't put a number to Ariella's size. It allowed me to "transplant" myself into Ariella's shoes.I would totally recommend getting the full box set because you will NOT want to put this series down until you reach the very last page!!!

  • Jenny Charles
    2019-05-02 05:01

    Well, I initially read book 1 because it was a freebie. After finishing it, I had to read the other books and it didn't disappoint.Ariella was a character that I could relate to. someone who was insecure in herself and the way she looks. She had a boyfriend who didn't appreciate her and dumps her out of the blue. On the rebound, she goes to a party and meets a man that likes her curves. From her initial meeting she is then thrust into the world of becoming an escort.Each book shows her journey to acceptance and learning confidence while also become sexually aware of herself with each man she encounters. Within her journey she finds a man that will eventually become "the one". The sex scenes were HOT!!!!! But there were times where I thought some of the scenarios she found herself in were a bit ridiculous. Either way, it was an enjoyable read and I wouldn't mind reading a book from Monique DuBois.

  • Kristen McCready
    2019-05-12 08:55

    If you are ready for some heat...this is the series to readfull of hot page turning reads. this will putt the steam back in your own life.highly recommended for women looking for some spark in their lives

  • Lynda
    2019-04-23 10:46

    Still stinging from a long-term breakup, bank teller Ariella lived an all-work, no play existence. Barely making ends meet, forced to live in an undesirable area, her outlook was depressing. A friend’s offer to have some fun was a god-sent. Self-conscious of her body image, Ariella was about to learn a valuable lesson, only she could define herself, not others.The first book in a series, “Romance: Jet-Setting Escort” was a fast-paced, sensual read. Within its ten chapters, it was a romantic fantasy with intense sexuality throbbing from its pages. It was a well-defined sexual awakening, layer upon layer of arousal and anticipation to the ultimate explosive release. The focused writing connected with its believable characters, frank dialogue and heart-pumping action. Due to the nature of this book, it was recommended for only 18+ readers.My review was based on the free ebook.

  • Nickie Amrhein
    2019-05-03 11:06

    Steamy, Erotic and Romantic all in one series!I loved the main character. She was so easy to connect with. Through the books she goes on a journey awakening her sexual side as well as her soul. She discovers who she is and just what she is looking for in a partner. Steamy encounters she never thought possible awaken her true sexual being and help build her confidence. She learns her self-worth and not to settle for less than she deserve.The only problem I had reading the series was in the actual written words. Some parts were confusing when wrong names were written. I had to re-read the sentence to make sure I was understanding it properly.

  • Christa
    2019-05-13 02:54

    This series is seriously lacking a story line or character development, you are supposed to like or hate the main character. I felt neither for her. The author has a limited vocabulary using the same phrases over and over again in each love making scene. If I heard/read the word “tight” again out of her lovers mouths…I was about to toss the book out the window. It was graphic and that was fine but that’s all it was.

  • Meraline
    2019-04-29 10:45

    Arghhh.. WTF was I listening to? If she said "folds" "impressive length" "grew larger, if it was even possible" one more fucking time, I was going to kill myself. I DNF this crap. Not impressed. Wayyyy to ruin a "plus-sized" themed novel..Bravo!