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72 hours. That's what the note said. 72 hours and the girl would be dead. Jaxon held the paper in one hand and the severed finger in the other. It was not a hoax. A day with his new hobby had turned into something he hadn't seen coming.GeoCaching--a modern scavenger hunt--was now a race against time. A woman he had never met was praying he wouldn't fail.72 hours. Three day72 hours. That's what the note said. 72 hours and the girl would be dead. Jaxon held the paper in one hand and the severed finger in the other. It was not a hoax. A day with his new hobby had turned into something he hadn't seen coming.GeoCaching--a modern scavenger hunt--was now a race against time. A woman he had never met was praying he wouldn't fail.72 hours. Three days. A life hanging in the balance and the clock ticking. The killer's game deadly. Jaxon Jennings, retired cop and private eye, knew the girl had only one chance...And he was it....

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  • Toni
    2019-03-19 23:01

    When I first started reading this, my thought was, oh no - this is a copy of Book 1! But as I read on, it got better. This book has the same tension building, with a couple twists to surprise you.Good story, but I hope the next book has a fresh, New storyline. Be sure I'll find out, because Richard C. Hale has been added to my list of authors to watch for.

  • Colleen L
    2019-03-03 16:01

    I have definitely found a new author from Blank to the Jaxon Jennings series. I have read the first two in both series I will continue.

  • Pat
    2019-03-23 16:05

    Not bad, not bad at all. Interesting premise regarding geo caching and characters I actually cared about. My only criticisms are that the villain needed a little more fleshing out during the story, perhaps through some chapters written from the perps point of view, which could have been done without spoiling the reveal; also, I found the ending and epilogue both to be somewhat rushed and abbreviated. Still, a fun vacation read.

  • Debbie Oxier
    2019-03-10 15:07

    Jaxon Jennings is a former cop, retired, now a private investigator. His wife, Victoria, works in the business with him. She's former FBI. They had a son, Michael, who was murdered. Now Jaxon has taken up GeoCaching, a treasure hunt of sorts, as a hobby. When he follows his GPS coordinates to a wooded area he finds a small box tied up with a pretty bow. When he opens it he finds a severed finger and a note. It informs him that he now has 72 hours to find a girl named Bethany Hope or she dies. He's given a set of latitude and longitude numbers that supposedly will lead him to the next clue. Thus the game begins. Along the way, as Jaxon follows the clues from one site to another, he meets a young couple, Gil and Mel, who end up helping him with his quest. This violates the rules of the game so whoever is doing this decides to punish Jaxon. But it's Gil who opens the next clue and he's bitten by a Black Mamba snake. Jaxon, Gil, and Mel, have to reach the next set of coordinates in order to find the anti-venom and keep Gil alive. They barely make it. Then someone tries to kill Gil in the hospital but he and Mel manage to escape. Jaxon realizes they now not only have to save Bethany but watch out for themselves as well. As they race around the state of Florida, fighting the clock and the evil genius behind this plot, they encounter more pitfalls and find themselves butting heads with local law enforcement. It's Victoria who suggests that Jaxon wasn't chosen to play the game at random but that whoever has involved him did so on purpose. This makes the list of suspects endless unless they can somehow get ahead of the game, save Bethany, and figure out who wants Jaxon dead.This book had me hooked from the very first page. It was so entertaining I couldn't put it down. It had plenty of action and a whole lot of suspense. Jaxon could be bull headed when working on a case and doesn't always follow the rules but he's the type of guy you want on your side when circumstances are against you. He refuses to back down from a fight, especially when someone's life is on the line. At first he brings Gil and Mel along just to keep them safe but before long he realizes what a help they can be, that he isn't going to be able to make the deadline without them. They're young and initially think Jaxon is on some kind of adrenaline rush adventure and they want to tag along. Pretty soon they're up to their necks in the game. Even though Jaxon lets them in on what's going on, it doesn't totally sink in until Gil is seriously hurt and they find a dead body. They seem to kind of mature over night and the interaction between Jaxon and Mel is kind of like that of an older brother with his sister. I really liked the whole premise of the book. While I was reading it, it felt like I was actually on a treasure hunt myself. I couldn't wait to get the next clue and find out where we were going and what we might encounter when we get there. The people that cross their path keep the action flowing smoothly and add to the appeal of the story. And the way it was written it was pretty much impossible to guess who was behind the game until the very end. This is one character I plan to keep following and hope the author will continue with the series beyond the three books already written.

  • Nancy Silk
    2019-03-04 15:54

    "The Games Some Villains Play"This novel grabbed me right from the very first sentence, and it kept speeding me beside the characters on their many trips around Florida. Retired cop, ex-Army MP, and now Private Detective Jaxon Jennings is taking what he thinks is a fun treasure hunt diversion from his office. He's in the woods when he picks up a small box, opens it to be shocked to see a severed bloody finger, which then falls on his leather shoe. It's a woman's finger with pink fingernail polish. Inside is a note identifying the finger belonging to Bethany Hope, who is still alive, trapped in a hidden place. Also written is the first clue containing longitude/latitude position. Jaxon looks around, up in a tree he spots a camera, removes it, and sends a threatening message before turning it off. Jaxon is a big guy, 6'3", 240 lbs., with an angry aggressive attitude at times. His wife Victoria is also an ex-cop and retired FBI agent and they work together at Jennings' Investigations. He advises Vick of his findings, adding that the note says they have 72-hours to locate Bethany. Jaxon's fun treasure hunt is an on-line game which many people throughout the world enjoy: GeoCaching, which is a scavenger hunt providing clues. The villian is obviously a player of this game and knows all the frequently used sites to leave further clues. Some of the sites can be lethal as Jaxon soon finds out. As Jaxon checks the note again, the purple swirling ink is unusual; a spot on one corner carries the scent of perfume. But this is not the type of crime committed by women. There is no ransom requested, it's very suspenseful; what is the motive of this kidnapper/killer? This is a finely-honed, suspenseful novel which you'll not be able to put down. Fast reading, excellently written and edited, with many twists, turns, shocking surprises, with Jaxon sometimes out of control. He's not going to be shoved aside in solving this crime. Read this thriller, it's exciting beyond imagination!

  • Lauren
    2019-03-10 15:59

    This was definitely a huge improvement over the last Jaxon Jennings novel. Unlike the last novel, there weren't as many extra details, and what was there was pertinent to the plot or at the very least not SO monotonous that I wanted to stop reading. It was relatively fast paced, which made it much easier to get through as well.I would have liked a little more (in the beginning) about what GeoCaching is, but it was a little easier to figure out as the story went along.The only real issue I had with it, other than the writing tended to be a little simple/ repetitive in spots was that parts of the trail itself became repetitive, although it kind of worked with the killer's personality. I also got a little confused with the timeline because chapters stopped including how much time was left or had passed. It also felt like a few of the chapters were out of order, according to the time plot, although that could have been me misreading it.SPEAKING OF THE KILLER, that seems to be a common plot point in Hale's stories that's getting predictable. The killer always seems to be the father of one of the victims and he always goes after Jaxon because of something he did earlier in life. I really hope his other two books aren't the same. I mean, seriously, how many psychotic people can one man piss off in his life that have the means to get back at him later for it?

  • Jeff Dalton
    2019-02-28 18:41

    Good book. Typical Hale, strong storytelling with big plot holes and lacking character development. Less deaths than other books, but that is one trait I like about Hale. He is not afraid to kill characters. Would have really liked to know more about how Jaxxon got engaged in Geocaching and how the protagonist had such strong tech skills. I missed Jaxxon's wife in this one. She is there, but more of a bit character.

  • Robert Blanchette
    2019-03-18 19:40

    I got this book for free, so I can't complain about the value I received. I am a geocacher and I knew that a book about geocaching wouldn't be good. But it's free, so why not?From the start when he wrote GeoCaching over and over I knew I'd hate it. Right letters, but the G and the C are not capitalized. They never are. Just looking at would show this. Apparently zero research was done. Now let's look at the plot. A guy who was bullied wants to avenge his daughters death. She died because she took her own life after being bullied. OK, sounds good. But, here's the kicker. He's going to slowly torture his daughters bully while leading his own bully to her through geocaches. Yeah, that's not going to work. Not at all. There are so many variables that could go wrong. And the father? He can hack anything. Of course he can. The situations the characters get in aren't believable, and then of course all law enforcement works with them, no problem at all. Do you see where I'm going with this? It's not well thought out. The thriller part was good, the plot not at all, and the way the characters acted felt like a made for TV movie that plays at 2 am.

  • Karolyn
    2019-02-26 17:55

    Cache 72 (Jaxon Jennings #2)by Richard C. Hale (Goodreads Author) 4.10 · Rating Details · 231 Ratings · 35 Reviews72 hours. That's what the note said. 72 hours and the girl would be dead. Jaxon held the paper in one hand and the severed finger in the other. It was not a hoax. A day with his new hobby had turned into something he hadn't seen coming.GeoCaching--a modern scavenger hunt--was now a race against time. A woman he had never met was praying he wouldn't fail.72 hours. Three days. A life hanging in the balance and the clock ticking. The killer's game deadly. Jaxon Jennings, retired cop and private eye, knew the girl had only one chance...And he was it.I AM REALLY INTO RICHARD C HALE'S WRITING AND STORY TELLING. THIS BOOK KEPT ME UP ALL NIGHT READING. THAT'S A GOOD THING FOR A AUTHOR. REALLY A PAGE TURNER AND VERY SUSPENSEFUL. AND THE GAME HE WAS PLAYING OF "CACHE72" LOL... KIND OF REMINED ME OF ALL THE PEOPLE PLAYING POKE'MON NOW. WOULDN'T THAT BE HORRIBLE. GREAT IMAGINATION.

  • Randy
    2019-03-10 19:40

    With enough twists and turns, I was frequently reading in bits and pieces throughout a day to find out what happens next. Although Geocaching was the premise, Jaxson didn't have enough experience to have a chance of success. His opponent seemed to have so many resources and abilities, it was hard to understand how he could be so far ahead. I have done several many-stage multi caches and even when restricted to a single park can take many hours. Jaxson had 72 hours but miles and miles to go. It all comes together nicely at the end but doesn't address the underlying issue of bullying, retribution, and healing.  An interesting problem solving book with twists and dangers throughout.

  • Pamela Manning
    2019-03-03 20:46

    My my my where do I start? Richard C Hale is such a great author. His books grab your attention and reel you in. Easy read and easy to follow. A must read. Excitement every page. This book is worth reading.

  • Valenchia Hershberger
    2019-03-14 15:53

    Once again, Jaxon Jennings has found himself in the midst of a seemingly impossible situation. While exploring his new hobby, GeoCaching, Jaxon comes across a box containing a severed finger and a piece of paper. He now has 72 hours to solve the mystery and save a young girl's life. With the help of some old friends and new ones he makes along the way, will Jaxon reach his goal?I love Richard Hale's gripping style and believable characters. A nice, tight ending with a bit of a surprise to delight you. I would definitely recommend this book.

  • Books n AllJill Burkinshaw
    2019-02-25 19:44

    2nd book in the Jaxon series absolutely loving these books. Richard is really making me think outside the box and read books that I might otherwise pass by due to the description. This book appears to be about Geo Caching, a game I am not interested in, but having almost passed by Frozen Past due to the description I was determined to read this book. I was gripped from the very start with the suspense building throughout the book with many twists and turns. Again realistic characters well developed and a believable plot. I have already downloaded the next book. Brilliant.

  • Carol
    2019-02-23 14:58

    Loved it .. very different mystery, with ever evolving puzzles to solve.. Fantastic book for geocachers especially. I was introduced to that addictive pastime some time ago by a very good friend. There are currently over 6 million geocachers across the world and millions of caches to explore. This story makes the game taken on a different dimension and makes it so exciting. Highly recommend this book to everyone (not just current geocachers) - if you want to know more check out

  • Mary
    2019-03-05 16:45

    72 hours. That's what the note said. 72 hours and the girl would be dead. Jaxon held the paper in one hand and the severed finger in the other. It was not a hoax. A day with his new hobby had turned into something he hadnt seen coming. GeoCachinga modern scavenger huntwas now a race against time. A woman he had never met was praying he wouldn't fail. 72 hours. Three days. A life hanging in the balance and the clock ticking. The killer's game deadly. Jaxon Jennings, retired cop and private eye, knew the girl had only one chance And he was it.

  • Denise
    2019-03-11 22:03

    This is the only book from this series that I've read, and it definitely won't be the last. I loved the storyline. I literally did not put this book down. I was drawn in from the beginning and was led on quite the adventure. Well written. I loved the characters. The way this story played out was full of suspense, mystery, action and some memorable heroics. A must add to your tbr list. Definitely recommended.

  • Arleene
    2019-02-23 16:55

    ThrillingA great story by Hale. He has a the ability to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the book. The scavenger hunt premise of this one kept you waiting for the next harrowing experience. Then, when you think the story has reached its climax, bam!, you're off on another wild ride. This was a great read.

  • Rod
    2019-03-22 14:52

    Very impressed with Book two in the Jaxon Jennings Series right from the start we took off and didn't stop till the last few pages this type of writing really grabs Me top stuff i was pretty exhausted by the time it was finished going off to download father figure now and good to see Richard Hale has been busy we have quite a collection to get through

  • Nancy
    2019-03-24 21:03

    Entertaining story. Lots of gobbledygook to me about geocaching, but still interesting to follow that chase. I thought I had the killer figured out, but I was wrong. His connection seems a little too contrived at the end, but it works. I actually like my pick better, but that person wouldn't have had a connection to Jaxson. I could see the story as a made-for-tv movie.

  • Lisa Denn
    2019-02-21 20:37

    Hmmmm....just finished the book. Was it good? Yes it was BUT I have to admit the GeoCaching storyline was a wee bit distracting for me. All the jumping from one GPS location to the next annoyed me. I actually had to put the book down a few times to get a break from racing around with Jaxon and Company. The last minute unexpected plot twists and revelations kept me guessing.

  • Jeff Hawley
    2019-03-04 20:03

    This was one of the better books that I have read recently. The plot was different than most mystery novels. I have done just a little bit of geocaching. That aspect of the book was quite interesting. The action was continuous and it was a hard book to put down. I will definitely be looking for other books from this author.

  • Cheryl
    2019-02-24 15:02

    This book kept me going. I've never done any geocaching, so I'm not up-to-date on that hobby. Although it sounds like fun, I wouldn't categorize this book as fun because of the thriller theme throughout. One star off for foul language.

  • Nicki
    2019-03-07 20:44

    Good BookGood story, well-written. The characters were believable and interesting. The reason for the 4 stars, instead of 5 is because, at times, things seemed pretty far-fetched.

  • Donna
    2019-03-04 16:45

    This was even better than the 1st book in this trilogy. Now will begin to read the last book of the jaxon Jennings series books 1-3. Very good thrillers with some humor, sadness, happiness, romance & twists. Enjoying this series & recommend.

  • Michael
    2019-03-10 23:00

    This is the best murder mystery I've read. It kept me on edge and moved fast. Very original story line that kept me guessing until the end. It was well edited and error free. I can't imagine anybody not liking this book. I will be looking for more from this author.

  • Dustin Owen
    2019-02-25 19:48

    This book was good but not as good as Frozen Past. It started off kind of cheesy, but got better 1/4 of the way into the story and I was really enjoying it by the end. Another solid book but just needed to build the story a little better at the beginning.

  • Loobyz
    2019-03-13 23:03

    Absolutely loved this book.. Kept me intrigued throughout and didn't lose me through any of the twists and turns.Flowed well, kept me captivated and although i wanted to see the outcomeI also didn't want the book to end either..Excellent book well worth a read

  • Jackie Hayter
    2019-03-17 21:47

    A Geocaching game and a thriller. What an interstingly geeky combination. It was the first time in ages that i wanted to stay up on a school night and read till it was finished.

  • Randy Grossman
    2019-03-10 15:44

    This was the 2nd of the Jaxon Jennings books I was able to read. Good story and fast paced. I would have no problem reading more books by Mr Hale if I have a chance to.

  • Geoff Herschell
    2019-03-15 22:53

    Hard to put down. Who, why and how will he be stopped in every chapter.