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The candid, hilarious, and inspiring memoir of the iconic star of Beauty and the Beast,the Hellboy movies,and Sons of Anarchy. A classically trained actor who cut his teeth in the East Village's Off-Broadway scene, Ron Perlman—a Golden Globe winner (Beauty and the Beast) with starring roles in the Hellboymovies, Drive, Pacific Rim, and Sons of Anarchy—has traveled an offbeThe candid, hilarious, and inspiring memoir of the iconic star of Beauty and the Beast,the Hellboy movies,and Sons of Anarchy. A classically trained actor who cut his teeth in the East Village's Off-Broadway scene, Ron Perlman—a Golden Globe winner (Beauty and the Beast) with starring roles in the Hellboymovies, Drive, Pacific Rim, and Sons of Anarchy—has traveled an offbeat path to showbiz success. His story involves rising from New York's tough Washington Heights neighborhood, enduring incredible hardships, and ignoring the naysayers who taunted him for his distinctive looks. It's a tale that demonstrates the power of persistence. With a filmography of nearly 200 credits working alongside countless stars during his forty-year career, Perlman knows the ins-and-outs of filmmaking. In Easy Street (the Hard Way), he shares his inspiring story for the next generation of performers....

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Easy Street: The Hard Way Reviews

  • Ash
    2019-04-06 10:43

    Can I take a moment to speak about the cover?Fantastic.Mysterious.Badass.If I had to judge this book by its cover, I would think it was the best thing ever. After reading it, well, I still think it's the best thing ever!Ron Perlman's Easy Street (the Hard Way) or, as I refer to it as, The True Story of Hellboy, is an unflinching, honest, and absolutely hilarious autobiography. I was really worried that it was going to fall short. Perlmam has played some iconic characters that have, in some way, resonated with me. I didn't want another "fallen idol" situation on my hands.All of his characters have had some sort of badass swagger. I knew there was no way that the real life actor could ever measure up but I didn't want him to be so far below that all I would be able to think of is: I guess Ron Perlman is truly the greatest actor of all time. However, not only did he measure up, he surpassed all of my expectations.I knew this was going to be a different type of celebrity autobiography when I read Guillermo del Toro's foreword. It was honest, blunt but kind and hilarious. It made me excited. I wanted to know this man that someone spoke so lovingly about. Perlman discusses everything here.He gets into his early childhood, his first foray into acting, starting his own family, and his successes. That's the positive. Perlman gets into the negative. His father's unexpected death, his brother's undiagnosed mental disorder, and Perlman's own self-doubt and lack of self esteem. Of course, his trademark humour is sprinkled throughout. But all of this is told in an non scandalous or tell-all manner. I felt that he was just informing about his life up until this very point. Perlman displayed humility and brutal honesty and understanding. I was blown away.I greatly enjoyed Easy Street. I was surprised and just how quickly I was enthralled and captivated by his storytelling. I was also taken aback on how I related to him. Here's a quote: "There was no way for the outside world to understand what I was feeling on the inside because, well, once you're fat--I don't give a shit if you now weigh forty-five pounds--you always think of yourself as fat."I swear, from the mouth of babes! Another standout was his chapter called Legacy. It's essentially all he's learned in his 63 (WTF? Hellboy's 63?!) years of life and it is a tour de force. In no way, I felt Perlman was lecturing me. It was fantastic. I could go on and on. I really could because I think this review has turned into a crazy fangirl love letter to Hellboy but I would stop myself now.However, for any fans of Perlman's work or anyone who was to read one of the "real" celebrity autobiographies, please read Easy Street (the Hard Way), you would not regret it.

  • Reese Copeland
    2019-04-06 11:58

    I really enjoyed the book. Perlman details the hard work it took for him to get where he is, including the ups and downs. Full of passion and humility, this is a great self portrait of Perlman. You may want to skip from chapter 25 on however, unless you're Liberal as he gets on his soapbox and starts ranting, including his great disdain for Free Market Capitalism; without which, he may not have been able to develop his own movie studio, A Wing and A Prayer pictures.

  • Richard Guion
    2019-04-16 10:45

    One of the best autobiographies by an actor I have ever read / listened to! If you're a fan of Ron Perlman (I've been one since Beauty and the Beast on CBS) this book is chock full of tales of how he became an actor, made some movies and landed the role of Vincent on Beauty and the Beast. Every time Perlman thought he made it on Easy Street, there was inevitably some kind of lag / disappointment. But he kept on going, kept on working and there is a good section about how Guillermo Del Toro doggedly pursued the Hellboy movies starring Perlman. You have to listen to the audiobook version of this if you're a fan, there's no other choice - although it ain't for the faint hearted, Perlman uses the F-word liberally in almost every paragraph. There are some very funny stories in here that you have to hear in his voice - and he does impressions too - of meeting Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra. The funniest story for my money is the movie he made with Marlon Brando, The Island of Dr Moreau. Perlman also mentions his new Amazon TV show, Hand of God, and talks about Sons of Anarchy.

  • JW
    2019-04-13 13:47

    Early outline of "Easy Street: The Hard Way":Fuckin' family.Fuckin' school.Fuckin' theatre.Fuckin' movie?Fuckin' nothin'.Fuckin' TV show?Fuckin' movies!Fuckin' therapy.Fuckin' God?Fuckin' work!We can fuckin' do better.Overall, pretty fuckin' great.

  • Deetimes
    2019-04-10 14:36

    A truly enjoyable and inspirational memoir! Blunt, memorable and fast- paced! Perlman simply tells it like it is with compelling candor while giving humorous life lessons and suggestions for future actors.5+ stars

  • Jean
    2019-04-23 13:40

    Easy Street: The Hard Way is exactly what I look for when I pick up a celebrity biog: written strongly in Perlman's very unique voice, it gives you not only an overview of his early life, but also of his career, in a chronological order. That sounds like a very sterile observation, but it's always a disappointment when a celebrity's memoirs are all over the place, focused on the wrong things, or assume that I'm so fascinated personally by the mundanities of the personal lives. (It's what ruined Simon Pegg's Nerd Do Well for me, sadly.)Perlman is, as he seems, larger than life, though simultaneously extremely down to earth, honest, impeccably smart and irreverent without coming across as completely full of himself. He's humble almost to a fault, and occasionally brutal. The book is comprehensive and well written; he makes it a pleasure, not a chore, to read about his very interesting life, as well as the projects he's been a part of.

  • Janet Rivenbark
    2019-04-01 10:00

    I don't often read memoirs, biographies or autobiographies, but I read this one because I’ve been a fan of Ron Perlman’s since I first laid eyes on Vincent in Beauty and the Beast in 1987.I loved this. It is a rather intimate look into the life of a man who’s always been relatively private. I think it should be required reading in schools… well, considering the language (he is a New Yorker from a rough neighborhood) maybe it should be required reading in college. He relates a lot of life lessons he learned along the way, expresses a few opinions with which I agree 99% of the time. I highly recommend the book, even if you aren’t a huge Ron Perlman fan. It’s worth reading and even at my age (63) I learned a few things.

  • Darcy
    2019-04-20 16:40

    What a beautiful tale of a seemingly ordinary and yet extraordinary life. I am incredibly impressed by Ron Perlman. I was delighted to travel with him through his life and be included in his inner landscape. He's frank and brusque and passionate and kind. He is someone who values truth and honesty and intention and he's ferocious about what he believes in. I admire this man and believe we can all learn a little from Ron Perlman.

  • John
    2019-04-05 11:52

    Ron Perlman has been one of my favorite actors since I first saw him in The Name of the Rose and Beauty and the Beast. When Enemy at the Gates came out, I didn't care that Rachel Weisz, Jude Law, or Joseph Fiennes were in it—I saw that movie because of Ron Perlman and Ed Harris.Mr. Perlman is one of the most compelling performers in movies and television. He makes challenging and intelligent choices, his portrayals are always riveting. He's widely respected, reportedly well liked by his coworkers, and he has a reputation in the acting community for being generous, kind, and big-hearted.Prior to reading Easy Street (the Hard Way), I hadn't known much of anything about his background—the poverty he was raised in, his family tragedies, his struggle with depression. Mr. Perlman is an admirable man. Knowing now what he's been through and what he overcame to achieve his personal and professional success, I admire him all the more.But he's a terrible writer.The writing in this book is painfully amateurish—and that's being kinder than I probably should be. It's self-consciously affected, cliché-ridden, and embarrassingly convinced of its own profundity.But here's the thing—I don't want to be harsh about this book. Mr. Perlman is smart and self-aware, a skilled and accomplished man who overcame great obstacles in his life and yet managed to remain kind and passionate, and who somehow kept his sense of humor through it all. All of that is evident in this work and all of that is worthy of great praise.It's just that, for all his talents, he's a terrible writer.It's always interesting to get a glimpse into someone else's worldview, to learn about someone else's experience of life. The stories he tells of Hollywood and the entertainment industry, of his family and personal history, are fascinating. I have no doubt that if Mr. Perlman were to regale us with these tales in person, the experience would be an utter delight.Written out on paper, it's frequently cringe-worthy.To criticize this book feels too much like I'm personally criticizing the man. And that bothers me because it's unfair to the man.Moreover, this book is driven by a powerful sense of mission. Mr. Perlman wants to make a difference in the world by telling his own story. Observing the changes wrought in our culture over the course of his lifetime, he doesn't like what he's seen and he has dedicated himself to making something better for his children. He's passionate about his cause, and about his beloved art. Whether or not you agree with his vociferous criticisms of modern culture, you have to admire his strong commitment to define a better and more humane path forward for us all.I have immense respect and admiration for Ron Perlman, as a human being and as an actor.But his writing is pretty bad.He has important things to say—I just wish he said them better.

  • Katreniah
    2019-03-30 15:55

    I've been a fan of Ron Perlman's since "The Beauty and the Beast" - in fact, his deep timbered reading of poetry introduced me to one of my favorite poets (ee cummings). I haven't followed him directly, although learning that he was on a program that interested me definitely had me tuning in, and I was excited not just to learn more about him but to also get his insider perspective about his various jobs.I wasn't disappointed at all when he wrote about his life, the progression of how he's come to better handle the uncertain life of an actor, the wonderful story about him and his wife.And I enjoyed reading about his point-of-view about "Beauty and the Beast", since it obviously differed from mine as a television viewer.I have to admit that I actually learned something about myself in reading the book - he starred in "The Magnificent Seven", a show that still holds a special place in my heart and still commands a huge, devoted following online, and one of the main reasons I picked up the book was to learn more about how he felt about shooting it for two seasons. He glossed over it, writing something like, "I filmed some TV shows and guest starring roles over a few years, and then this other thing happened". I was really, really disappointed to realize that something that still impacts my life didn't even merit a title mention in his autobiography. And I learned that I have to respect that just because I'm heavily impacted by an artist, I can't expect them to be impacted just as much by the same things.It's a good book, and I appreciated his honesty in not glossing over his faults or ignoring things that make him proud. I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in his story. Just be prepared that he may not devote as much attention to a particular show or film that you might consider one of his best, and you shouldn't be disappointed.

  • Ed Correa
    2019-04-18 11:52

    Todo un personaje dentro y fuera de las pantallas, Ron Perlman siempre ha sido un tipo de papeles poco convencionales. Sus mejores películas son maravillosas y dirigidas por grandes maestros del cine. Este libro le abre a uno los ojos en muchos aspectos que no se pueden imaginar cuando vemos a actores o actrices siendo entrevistados o caminando hacia el estreno de una película. Los dos últimos capítulos del libros son los que me parecen ilustran de una manera más fuerte y clara el carácter, la personalidad y la filosofía de este gran actor. Me encantó cómo cuenta sobre los proyectos con Jean Jacques Annaud y sobre todo su gran amistad con el grandioso Guillermo del Toro (incluyendo la posibilidad de una futura 3era parte de Hellboy). Si algo debo reclamarle a lo que cuenta el libro es lo poco que habla sobre Sons of Anarchy, serie que le que terminó de ubicar frente a los ojos de un público más masivo y una serie que personalmente amé; aunque claro, leyendo entrelíneas puede darse uno cuenta que su salida de esta obra (o sus últimos años en ella) no fueron de grato recuerdo para él, se comprende entonces la parquedad en su relato. En definitiva queda uno con las ganas de revisitar sus grandes clásicos, cosa que muy seguramente haré estas vacaciones.

  • Leigh Clemons
    2019-03-31 11:45

    The memoir of one of Hollywood's most memorable actors is pure Ron Perlman: brash, honest, and unflinchingly forthright. He speaks with passion and candor of his early struggles to work in acting, his breakthrough role as Vincent in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, his close friendship and working relationship with Guillermo del Toro from CHRONOS to PACIFIC RIM, and his battle with personal demons, aided by Dr. Phil. He is generous with his praise of his friends, and circumspect in his assessment of those people who have, over the years, crossed swords with him. It is less text than narrative in its construction, as del Toro notes in his foreword, and one can imagine sitting in a smoky tavern listening to "the Perl" tell his stories, ubiquitous cigar in hand. It's an easy read, but an intensely personal story; Perlman pulls few, if any, punches in his assessment of acting, Hollywood, and the general state of humanity today. In the end, we come away with a greater understanding of the man behind the masks we have seen him wear over the years, and a deeper respect for his skill and knowledge of the art of acting and craft of life.

  • Jen
    2019-04-07 10:59

    To be honest, I never knew much about Ron Perlman until Sons of Anarchy and only decided to try this book on audiobook because I thought it would be fun to listen to him read it. This turned out to be probably one of the best memoirs I've read/listened to. Funny, fascinating and full of foul language, this book entertained me from beginning to end. Who would have thought the man best known to me as Hellboy and Clay Morrow would leave me with so many nuggets of wisdom, such as my absolute favorite..."Don't say a word unless that word is worth saying, and if that word is worth saying, say it beautifully."Definitely worth the read!

  • sixthreezy
    2019-03-26 14:46

    I have so much more respect for Ron Perlman now than I already did. An excellent man of many stories, living a life that is equally excellent. So interesting to hear how awesome his career was and how he made his way through some really scary life events. Told with the one of the coolest voices in Hollywood, Ron guides you through his memoir like it's Easy Street. Ryan Gosling's blurb does this book incredible justice. This book is just straight up as cool as the Perl.

  • Mel
    2019-04-23 16:04

    Fucking brilliant! Ron gives a great insight into his life and work. How he grew up, who the people are who've influenced him the most. What it was like to be the "fat kid", how low self esteem can haunt you even when you are successful. He talks openly about his depression, a suicide attempt and how therapy has managed to turn around the way he sees himself. I cried several times reading this, on the tube, at work, but don't think this was told in a depressing way. It was told through some of the most amusing and funny stories you'll read. I've been a fan of Ron's since the days of Beauty and the Beast. That show taught me everything I knew about love and acceptance. Things that were virtually nonexistence in my own life so I took what I could from the way Vincent and Catherine treated each other. And buried the words they said to each other deep in my heart. It was great reading this book to see how much respect Ron had for the show and what it was trying to do. There's always a worry that something could be just a job, but he got it. He also mentioned how Linda's bipolar disorder affected her work, even though they didn't know what it was then. How he tried to create a safe space for her when she was having one of her bad days. How he was so impressed with everything she'd done speaking up about her mental illness and the work she'd done to promote mental health issues. One of the many times I cried.One of the stories that stuck with me the most was when Ron heard that Quest for fire had definitely been cancelled. How he had a 100 bucks left and went to watch baseball, getting the best ticket and buying beers for everyone seated with him. While I personally don't care at all for baseball. I LOVED this idea of meeting disappointment with celebration. There was also a wonderful moment when he talked about how he'd come to terms with not being successful or famous. When he realised if he didn't get any more roles he could return to New York and teach and as long as his wife and children. Which was lovely.There were also stories of him meeting his idols Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando which were very funy! (Turns out Frank always had his family tape Beauty and the Beast). The Marlon Brando story was one of the few times he talked in detail about working on a set.He was also discreetly talking about when things worked and when they didn't on Sons of Anarchy. Which I totally agreed with.Then there were the last two chapters which were an AMAZING and inspiring rant about how shit Hollywood has become. How corporations have control over everything and have ruined it all. How lawyers and marketing are turning out the worst shit, how there is so little actual art left and how his goal is to try and produce things worthwhile in the years he has left. Ron is very honest in the book about all the work he did to support his family. Things that were just a paycheck because he had kids at private school and to him being a father who could provide for them was the most important thing. I read this book because decades ago Ron played a character who inspired me more than anything else I'd known. Years later I'm so glad to have read this as now I'm inspired by the person behind the character. One who presents the best and worst parts of themselves and is always looking for the better.I listened to the audio book of Ron reading this. It took much longer to hear him tell it. But it was also great to hear it in his own voice. Still overwhelmed by his honesty and openness reading this. The last two chapters are just so inspiring. Exactly what we need right now. The stories are entertaining, the impersonations amusing, and connects with the common humanity in all of us.

  • Tiffany Fox
    2019-04-08 13:42

    Easy Street (the Hard Way) is the only other biography I have been able to get through, first being Betty White's If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won't). And like Betty White, Ron Perlman read his own life story in this audio book, published by Blackstone Audio. I enjoyed every min of the almost 11 hour long audio book and was ready to restart it as soon as I was finished. I have been a long fan of Mr. Perlman. Being a huge fan of the Alien series, when he took on the role of Johner in Aliens: Resurrection, I knew he was familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. Easy Street gave me the answer. Back in the late 80s Mr. Perlman did a show called Beauty and the Beast as Vincent, the Beast. All this time I never realized that it was Ron Perlman. I was again hooked by Mr. Perlman's acting ability in Blade II and again with his role in the Hellboy series. But what truly made me a fan, what has truly made me go out and trying to locate everything he has been in, was when he read the audio book versions of The Strain Trilogy by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. I listened with enthusiasm that I had never had while listening to an audio book because Ron Perlman was reading it to me. His voice, his careful annunciation of the words that I couldn't even begin to pronounce, connected me to that story more profoundly than I ever could have been by reading the books themselves. And again I was drawn into the story by Mr. Perlman with Easy Street. Only the person having experienced the true story itself could have given this justice. Now that I have listened to his life thus far, I have a new appreciation for The Strain Trilogy, due to his life changing relationship with Guillermo del Toro. I see now where his passion is when I re-watch these movies and re-listen to these books, because there is so much history and meaning behind Mr. Perlman doing these things with and for Guillermo del Toro. I see beyond him just playing a role. I understand now that he is just like me. He has trouble believing in himself that he can do these great things, he has a family he needs to support and he is after all human! Mr. Perlman even discusses this at a later point in his biography. We are all human. I commend Mr. Perlman for his honest, unfiltered look into a career actor, a celebrity. I am over joyed with having been given the opportunity to listen to this audio book and give this review. You should take the time to listen to Mr. Perlman tell you his life's journey thus far and his very sage advice about the arts. Please do not let this book pass you by. Go to your nearest book store, check your local library or ask a friend, but pick up a copy of this book. Better still, pick up a copy of this audio book because he tells you how things are in a no non-sense manner that I can only admire. Review originally posted

  • Khris Peter
    2019-03-26 13:39

    I will start by saying this I got this book because I am a huge fan of the Perl. So there is bias. Undoubtedly one of the best biographies and books I have ever read by a man who doesn't hold his punches, a man who always kept moving forward."Once the real you emerges and appears unfettered, naked, and completely in touch with the good, the bad, and the ugly, then you really meet yourself." Ron PerlmanRon Perlman is the underrated actor of the last 35 years before finding global fame in Hellboy and Sons of Anarchy. His credits also include Jean-Jacques Annaud's Quest of Fire and The Name of the Rose, The City of Lost Children, Guillermo del Toro's Cornos, Blade II, Drive and Pacific Rim. A straight shooting man of the people, it does feel you are sitting back on the couch and listening to a Master Storyteller as he recounts his life, his loves and his lows. He is original, one of the few true characters left in a world where none now exists, truly one of a kind amongst his peers. He built his own road with his bare hands and left a path for everyone to follow and learn. He faced his demons as well as coming face to face with some of the greatest entertainers in the last century as well as carving a legacy not built on dollars and business, but on quality, his art and what he believes and holds close within himself.This one is for anyone who appreciates raw and unapologetic storytelling and many lessons can be learned from Ron's experiences. It is probably one of the best, if not the best, biography/memoir I will ever read.

  • Katie
    2019-04-23 15:05

    Even if you don't already love Ron Perlman, this book will make you like him a lot, if not love him. From the very first chapter, his ability to set a scene, to draw you into the time and place is phenomenal. He is a great storyteller, and if you listen to the audiobook version, you get the added bonus of hearing the stories in his own voice. I highly recommend it. He is brutally honest about his personal struggles with his self-image and his career. Some chapters were almost painful for me, 'cause I admire and respect the guy, and am glad he made it through. For those contemplating a career in the entertainment industry, he lays out how things have changed, and how it is, strangely enough, even MORE difficult NOW for young people to make it. He points out that this can be changed if enough people with enough drive set out to do it.I will warn you that if the use of what is called "Marine Corps punctuation" in our house bothers you, you will be put off at first by the book. Ron grew up in a tough neighborhood in New York. His vocabulary reflects this. Don't let that cause you to miss a great story, though. His warm heart and his wit more than make up for it. You won't be sorry.

  • Barry Hammond
    2019-04-14 16:52

    The actor whose credits have spanned such classic film and TV fare as Quest For Fire, Beauty & The Beast, The Name Of The Rose, Hellboy, Enemy At The Gates, and Sons Of Anarchy started with a Masters Degree in Theater Arts and making the rounds of hundreds of auditions in New York, where the Brooklyn Heights-born native grew up. Like many actors with unconventional looks, his road to stardom wasn't a swift ascent but a steady grind of hard work and talent. His memoir focuses as much on his working out of self-esteem issues as it does on show biz stories and has some lessons that any reader can benefit from, not just those interested in the history of film and television. A down-to-earth sensibility and sense of humour about himself pervade this memoir and make it an enjoyable read. As seems always to be the case in acting memoirs, the author always leaves out the story of some little gem that I'm personally fixated on. In Perlman's case, I was dying to know the story behind his role in the little Independent masterpiece, I Sell The Dead. I guess I'll have to wait for a second volume to get the scoop on that but, that omission aside, this is a fine career memoir that does the author proud. - BH.

  • Dawn
    2019-04-19 10:44

    Warning: there is some very colorful language both in the book, and this review! Ron Perlman has inspired me to use more profanity! What a fantastic memoir! Instead of the usual, "I was born, I did some interesting things and now I'll name-drop some famous people" kind of celebrity bio, Ron Perlman just tells his f*ckin' story, no holds barred. If he was f*ckin' miserable, he admits it and makes no excuses. If he thought a fancy-pants director was being an asshole, he said so. What makes this book really shine for me is how genuine Perlman is. I mean, he's an actor--his job is to lie! Or, maybe it's that the greatest actors don't lie, they go past the fiction to connect on such a real level that all you see is truth. I don't know if I could recommend this to an aspiring actor, because Ron Perlman has made a career of taking a role, playing it in a totally unique and mind-blowing way, and then being out of work for a few years afterward because he was so unique and mind-blowing that nobody in Hollywood knew what to do with him. That's great craftsmanship, but it's not exactly encouraging if you're hoping to pay your rent with art. Instead, I'd recommend it to anyone who is would welcome a refreshingly honest look at a life well lived.

  • Steve
    2019-03-27 15:51

    I liked this book. It was heart felt, Very funny, full of advice mostly good but in my opinion not all. If you admire or are interested in Ron or his work i think you will enjoy this book. I was aware of Beauty & The Beast and had seen some of his other films like (Ron forbid) Ice Pirates. My real intruduction and interest in ron came from his Voice work in Video Games, Cartoons, and so on. I saw him in Highlander the series, but didn"t get the real badass until he played Reinhardt in Blade 2. He was my favorite character. I had read Hellboy comics so i saw Hellboy 1 & 2 Opening night and ate up everything he did afterwords. I loved this book an learned much about him i did not know. However if you read nothing else about this book read Chapter 24 it is the icing on the cake. You can however skip the last chapter, where he gets political and goes a bit off the deep end about it. If you are not an Obama you"ll probably throw the book against the wall, set a fire and walk away for good no matter your view on politics this chapter sours the satisfaction of the read. Still it's a very good book and still very much worth the read.

  • Pamela
    2019-03-30 12:44

    It's difficult to judge Ron Perlman's 'Easy Street: The Hard Way', because it really all comes down to how you feel about Ron Perlman. I love Ron Perlman, so it was no stretch to assume that I would like this book.'Easy Street' is written in a way that perfectly emulates Perlman's voice. When I was reading it, I could literally hear his distinctive tones in my head giving the book a sense of realism. It has a blunt honesty in it which was refreshing, and yet within this honesty one also has the sense that Perlman is aware that his memory is fallible, and the important thing is to tell a good story. It had some moments of depth, gave a great insight in to the man, his upbringing and his career and was a genuinely enjoyable read.If you're a fan of Perlman, there is nothing in this book you won't enjoy, and if some of the slight pacing issues and the occasional lapse in to assumptions of profundity that aren't there start bothering you, just picture them said in Perlman's voice and all will be made right.

  • Nick
    2019-04-15 11:01

    I have always been a fan of Ron Perlman. Whether unrecognisable under countless layers of latex and makeup or there for all to see, he always leaves a memorable mark on any film or show he is involved in, no matter the size of the role. His memoir, I'm pleased to say, is equally memorable, being full of funny anecdotes as well as fascinating details about the inner workings of the Hollywood machine. As a fan of Sons of Anarchy, however, it was disappointing to hear that Ron did not have the best of times whilst on the show, despite its success. All in all, however, a very raw and enlightening insight into the life and work of one of the most intriguing character-actors to ever appear on our screens. Although the latter chapters left a somewhat sour taste in my mouth due to Ron's heavy religious and political views, the book on the most part was enjoyable and often witty. If you get the chance I strongly recommend listening to the audiobook version read by Ron himself - 4 Stars.

  • AnnMarie
    2019-04-11 10:02

    I enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I might. I like Ron Perlman as an actor but I didn't know much about him otherwise and I wasn't disappointed. You got the good with the bad. I often am hesitant to read autobiographies because well.. what person is really going to say anything other than good about themselves knowing millions of people could read it? But Perlman didn't hold much back. He was very open and you could honestly feel like he was standing right in front of you telling you these stories. I learned alot not only about HIM but about the movie industry and many other famous actors and directors as well. It was very eye opening. He did go on a bit of a rant at the end that, while I agreed with him, felt like it could have been said a bit more concisely but hey, it's his book and he can tell it like he wants. Over all, very enjoyable.

  • Jason
    2019-03-28 09:49

    It was an immense treat and privilege to read this book, penned by Ron himself and Michael Largo. Ron speaks unflinchingly on his life, and from the very beginning, I was hooked. For me, he is one of those few distinctive personalities whose voice I can hear when I see his words on the page, and what words! From growing up in NYC in the '50s and '60s to getting his start in theatre and movies, and allll that was contained therein - from before Quest for Fire all the way to Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy and beyond, he leaves no stone unturned. Anyone who is a fan of Mr. Perlman, or of insightful, intelligent and witty-as-hell writing would do well to read this book. It is sometimes harrowing, often hilarious, and always memorable.

  • Dave
    2019-04-15 17:04

    Ron Perlman, known for playing the titular role in the "Hellboy" movies, is the son of a working musician, and he's known want, tragedy, and tremendous ups and downs in his career. He's not especially writerly, but he writes with an honesty that's endearing and impactful. He discusses his life and his convictions as a child of the 1960s who grew up conscious of the Civil Rights Movement in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York (where I live now) and how he's dealt, successfully, with deep depression. He writes with the generosity of someone who really believes he has some insights that other, younger people can learn and benefit from. Get the audiobook, not the print book, because his impressions of former co-stars Sean Connery and Marlon Brando are hilarious.

  • Rich Baker
    2019-04-11 15:44

    Unbelievably great!!! I read a ton of biographies. This one definitely shot up to my top five instantly. Honestly, It's a toss up for my favorite ever between this and Alan Aarkin's book. This was so good. Definitely read it. I did the audio version which he reads himself. His voice is powerful and booms with a suddenness and beauty akin to rolling thunder. And what he says is...well, I don't know of a word better than 'inspiring,' but I feel that's not strong enough of a word. He holds no punches about anything. He's not unkind, but he does not soften the blow either. We all have problems. He talks about his in a way that frankly and succinctly in a way that his words sound as much like therapy for the listener as they are history the author. Can't recommend this enough!

  • David
    2019-04-11 14:53

    A frank and insightful view of the times, in the world he lived in, according to Ron.I listened to the audio book, all 10 hours of it day by day... His voice would bring the book to life! Read it while listening for full effect - fucking fantastic! :-)I now have a far better perspective on several life events, as a result of this man taking the time to put pen to paper.It's down to earth, with minimal "bragging" - but hey, the guy has achieved something, who cares if he wants to tell a story about it, just shut-up and listen! It's a pretty good story! lolRegardless of whether there is any "agenda" for him writing the book - the man has insight to share that is worth knowing, and tells a story to do so. I loved it! Bring on the sequel! lol

  • Donna
    2019-04-04 12:35

    I was inspired to read this book because, as a child, this man in "Beast' makeup was on my TV every Friday night and became one of the staples of my childhood. I've always loved "Beauty and the Beast." I admittedly did not see anything else with him in it until "Sons of Anarchy." Intrigued? Absolutely! I was hooked after the first page. The book was sad, funny, and truly inspiring, and I learned a whole lot. Ron, himself, is very down to earth and tells it like it is. Clearly, I've missed some great movies with him, that I can't wait to watch now! I would recommend this book to those who have been a fan. For those who have no idea who he is...get acquainted. It was a fast-paced, quick read, and Ron is an amazing talent!

  • Susan
    2019-04-01 16:49

    This was an audio book, biography, written and read by actor Ron Perlman. Since I listened to it I didn't read it, obviously, but I'm cataloging it anyway. Ron's narration is sometimes spoken with an underlying controlled sadness (appropriately so considering the tragedies he shares) but also entertaining and humorous for the most part as he chronicles his life from childhood up until now including his film & television career and encounters with several famous names including Frank Sinatra and of course his good friend Guillermo del Toro. I prefer reading the books but as far as audio goes I love when they're read by the author (if the author is a performer) and Ron's burly (but friendly) attitude lends itself well to the audio.