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Seventeen year old Minerva Carreno was a shy girl from the small town of Winslow, Arizona. She and her fellow high school seniors faced an uncertain future with few opportunities. When she enlisted in the Global Marines, it was for the allure of off-world travel, a paid education, and a dependable career. The young teens had no worry of coming into harm's way, as there hadSeventeen year old Minerva Carreno was a shy girl from the small town of Winslow, Arizona. She and her fellow high school seniors faced an uncertain future with few opportunities. When she enlisted in the Global Marines, it was for the allure of off-world travel, a paid education, and a dependable career. The young teens had no worry of coming into harm's way, as there had not been a war in better than a century.Minerva had hope of adventure, maybe even romance. It all felt so right, so exhilarating !Then, out of the blue, the alien gun ships appeared over our cities......

Title : The Mighty First, Episode 1
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ISBN : 9781630631765
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The Mighty First, Episode 1 Reviews

  • Jada Ryker
    2019-05-12 02:59

    Debut Science Fiction AdventureIn the future of space travel, the prosperous world is at peace. There's not even been a police action for over a hundred years. The last combat veteran died long ago. Military training programs are more along the lines of basic security outings. Now, United Earth President Petra Reyes is faced with imminent war. The Storian star system and its warrior government have always been unstable, committing atrocities with impunity. The President must employ creative strategies to save United Earth, including real-time partnerships between combat units and the Global News Network (GNN). She must also exploit the trade relationship with the Attayans, an alien race, using United Earth's bases and mass producing the weapons of war. And she gives the order to assimilate young people into the military to fight the war.In the tiny town of Winslow, Arizona, seventeen-year-old Minerva Carreno is a high school senior who is unaware of the looming shadow of war. She's excited by the new recruitment policies of the military. Paid for college, off-world travel, and early graduation from high school dazzle her into signing on the dotted line for four years of service…and her rite of passage from girl to woman and from civilian to soldier.New author Mark Bordner's debut science fiction The Mighty First is an action-packed adventure. Mr. Borner's military experience peppers the story and characters with realism, adding spice and color. With both strengths and flaws, his characters are realistic, making the reader laugh, cry, and cheer with them. Since this is Episode 1, then we're in for further treats from this talented new author.

  • S. Lim
    2019-05-14 09:58

    Free tuition.Travel.Adventure.Who wouldn't jump at the opportunity? For Minerva Carreno, the promise of a better life was too much to say no to, and at 17 years old she finds herself on the bus with her fellow classmates as new recruits for the Global Marines.Now imagine going to Boot Camp in times of peace, only to finish and find yourself stepping out into an impending war. A war bound for catastrophic results.The Mighty First is Mark Bordner's debut novel and is the first episode in this new series. As the first book, it introduces a myriad of new characters, which you both fall in love with and crave to learn more about. The technical terms and descriptions of military tactics, equipment and protocol make this book very realistic and paints vivid imagery. The Sci-Fi elements are bound to please lovers of books such as Ender's Game.Personally, I am a romance fan and what I loved most about this book was the relationship between Mark and Minerva. In true puppy love fashion, it is a whirlwind romance and you can't help but find yourself swept up in their love. I am dying to know if their relationship survives the war, and let me tell you there are scenes that left me at the edge of my seat!I can't wait to read episode 2!

  • Brenda
    2019-05-06 11:16

    Awesome book! I'm usually not into military stories but this book held my attention. I'm proud of you little brother! Anxiously waiting for Episode 2!!!

  • John Magill
    2019-04-26 05:01

    I can honestly say this is the best SCI-FI/Military book I have read in a long time. He paints a future that makes you believe could really happen. Very vivid and detailed battle scenes, without being overly graphic. No foul language in it. Which makes It a winner for me. That shows his talent, so everyone in the family can read it and be entertained. I also loved the development of the main character. She's starts out a innocent High School girl and by the end of the book, she's a battle hardened Marine, great job in showing her own personal struggles while going through a difficult situation and still being able to do the job that's required of her at such a young age. The authors military background really shows. His description of the training, the way Sailors and Marines talk to each other, and work together. Reminds me of my Navy days. A real thrill for me was seeing the name of my actual first ship as one of the ships In the story. His use of peoples actual names to me made it seem more personal, really makes you want to cheer them on. And feel for them when they suffer losses. I just finished reading it just moments prior to writing this. I am already anxious to read the next episode in the series. So many Sci-Fi books have become very formulaic. But this one is very refreshing to me. A real winner here. I would give it more then 5 stars if I could. You won't be disappointed.

  • Jeremy Judd
    2019-05-12 08:57

    Totally awesome read! Great space/alien science fiction. Very cool tech. Interesting, lovable characters. Awesome fight scenes. A fun amount of romance between the two main characters. All accomplished with a writing style and censorship that allows just about any age group to read and enjoy.And you know what, I can TOTALLY see Morgan Freeman and Edward James Olmos as the general and admiral characters. I was a huge fan of the Battlestar Gallactica tv show and I had a similar 'feel' in certain parts of Mark Bordner's book. It also reminded me of the book Ender's Game... and the new movie. Every bit of the way I could totally see this whole series as an awesome set of movies, or at least a mini-series like HBO's Band of Brothers. I really believe this title and its future counterparts are going to go the distance!!Great job sir, keep it up! Now if we only didn't have to wait a year for the second book...... =)Jeremy

  • Derek Clarkson
    2019-05-14 08:10

    I only lasted about 5 chapters into this and I'm actually surprised at all the good reviews on this site. Some even comparing this book to Starship Troopers (No - not the movie). The only reason I would compare it to Starship Trooper is because it tried to copy the basic story. And not in a good way.I found this book to be poorly written. The English felt stilted and didn't flow well. Some things not clear, others overly described and sentences populated with unnecessary information that broke the flow and ruled out any chances for suspense. I know a books bad when I ended up thinking about sentence construction more that the story. The characters are cartoonish in their simplicity, and the things they said and did simply felt unreal. As if the author had no idea and was simple making guesses at the way people behave. His bio states a military background which, given the way the story developed, sounded odd as he made the military sound more like a tennis club than the military we have seen in so many books and movies. I wonder if perhaps he was trying to promote the military in some manner.Another idea that made me winch was to have the only 3 known races in the galaxy so similar that they can interbreed or at least be sexually attracted to each other, despite no common ancestry. And then to take it to the point where a city of an alien planet look like America in the 60s, except people have fur. Now it may turn out that if and when we meet aliens, that they are similar to us. But the level this takes it to is ridiculous.Not recommended.

  • Kurt Springs
    2019-05-11 11:00

    This review first appeared on Invincible Love of Reading under Kurt's Frontier.Synopsis:The Mighty First Episode 1 follows the story of Minerva Carreno. With her town facing economic hardship, she decides to enlist in the United Earth Marine Corps. She would travel to exotic locations, be fully paid for college, and get into the best physical shape of her life. However, as she dreams of a future and flirts with a cute marine corporal, a tyrant is making his opening moves. After almost a century of peace, Earth has little time to prepare of war.When Earth is invaded by the Storians, Minerva is on an alien world, being held in reserve for a counter strike. When it comes, she must be ready to fight in a life or death struggle to save earth and the marines who follow her.Review:Mark Bordner has written military science fiction novel that is in the tradition of Robert A. Heinlein’s Starship Troopers. He takes us through the behind the scenes preparation for war as Minerva and her friends train for battle. Mark Bordner story telling draws his audience into his universe at war. Some of the dialog is a little stilted. Beyond that his audience will come away anxious for the next book.

  • Jeanne
    2019-05-24 07:26

    I received this book as an Advanced Reading Copy and later bought an autographed copy from the author. Although I don't normally read YA, I did enjoy this book. Minerva, the main character, is brave and compassionate, an excellent role model for young women. Her boyfriend, Mark, is a courageous leader with great integrity.The battle scenes are particularly well drawn, pulling the reader deep into the story. As a vet, the author writes with authority about boot camp, military training, and the personal loss of life on the battlefield. My main disappointment was that I felt the book ended too soon. I wanted to know more about the fate of some of the characters, but that resolution has been left for the next installment!This would be a great book for young people to read, especially those who are considering joining the military. Lots of insights about the military lifestyle--both good and bad.

  • Julie Wiessner
    2019-05-01 06:14

    Naturally flowing, intensely exciting, Minerva, a seventeen year old girl, decides to leave the safety and comfort of her small town Winslow, Arizona and join the United Earth Marine Corp. Little did she know at that time, war was brewing across the galaxy and she is caught up in the fray. She finds her true love Mark and between battles, they have short moments to spend together. They are fighting against an evil alien hoard that thinks eradicating the earth of all humans is what the Creator desires. Believable battles in space and on earth move the story along. A gripping tale of love and evil, "The Mighty First," is well worth reading. I could not put it down. It is a winner and should be made into a movie to capture its full essence.Watch Out Hunger Games!

  • Kris Licht
    2019-05-26 05:05

    Mark's ease of character development makes you want to continue into the story and lives of each one, no matter the significance in the story. A great look into the future. My one dislike is he uses the Navy in the skies instead of the Air Force. In my opinion, they're the ones that should be up there in space. Congratulations, Mark, I look forward to the rest of the series.

  • Mark Bordner
    2019-05-11 09:25