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After fighting her way through a bitter and hurtful past, Mercedes Johnson has painstakingly carved out a life of quiet contentment on a Wyoming farm with her husband, Wayne, and their three sons. Together she and Wayne have survived the worst trials a couple can face, and their relationship has grown as solid and lasting as the farmland beneath their feet. If their relatiAfter fighting her way through a bitter and hurtful past, Mercedes Johnson has painstakingly carved out a life of quiet contentment on a Wyoming farm with her husband, Wayne, and their three sons. Together she and Wayne have survived the worst trials a couple can face, and their relationship has grown as solid and lasting as the farmland beneath their feet. If their relationship is not everything Mercedes might have hoped for, it is enough.All that changes when the birth father of Mercedes' oldest child returns to Riverton. Dr. Brandon Rhodes, a renowned heart surgeon, has plans for the son he has never met. Resentful at the secret Mercedes has kept for thirteen years, he threatens the carefully balanced life she and Wayne have created. Just how far is he willing to go to gain what he feels is rightfully his?As Mercedes uncovers the truth of Brandon's intentions regarding their son and the lies surrounding the past, she is torn between what is and what might have been. One choice, one decision, has led her to this place. How can she live with the consequences?In this painfully honest novel, author Rachel Ann Nunes explores the deepest kind of ties and the true definition of love. ...

Title : Fields of Home
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Fields of Home Reviews

  • Kami
    2019-02-28 14:51

    This book was a continuation of the book "Flying Home". It followed Mercedes through her painstaking realization of past regrets, an old flame, and the life she has made for herself. When this old flame comes back into her life it threatens to turn her world upside down. It questions her marriage and the truth of what happened in the past. I really enjoyed reading more about this character. The story had its twists and turns which I love. The characters were real and believable. Overall, I think I will read it again!

  • Anne
    2019-03-20 17:50

    This is another excellent novel by Rachel Ann Nunes. The poignant story drew me in and created immediate sympathy for several characters. It's a book that can make a huge difference in the lives of young adult readers as they make important and lasting life choices. Highly recommended no matter what the age.

  • Deb
    2019-03-04 12:52

    I thought it was a good book with an interesting side of her writing journal entries explaining her past. I have liked her other books more though.

  • Shannon
    2019-02-24 19:16

    Mercedes Johnson and her husband Wayne live on a farm in Wyoming and are happy with their life, despite the challenges. Until Brandon Rhodes, an old boyfriend and birth father of Mercedes' oldest son, comes back into town. Mercedes never told Brandon she was pregnant when he left at the end of his residency, and he has just found out he has a son, a son he's desperate to know since cancer has made it impossible for him to ever have any more children. How Mercedes, Wayne and Brandon deal with the situation and all their unresolved feelings about things that happened thirteen years ago is the rest of the book.This has to be one of the books written by an LDS author that I've enjoyed the most. While the situation of a birth father not knowing he has a child isn't all that common, it does happen, and with the situation Nunes explores a lot of issues related to choices we make and how we deal with the consequences. I really liked what some of the characters thought and said about what our dreams and goals really are and how we need to decide what it is we really do want.My one complaint with the book is that I thought some of the end scenes were overly dramatic, but I guess I can't fault making the end of a book of fiction a little more exciting. I just didn't know how much it mirrored real life when the rest of the story did fairly well.

  • Karen
    2019-03-02 15:02

    My dear sweet friend brought me this book to read as I'm infirm-ing. From her description of it, compared to what it was about, I think she thought she brought me a different book.But, that's ok. I enjoyed it. I liked it. And I can understand why some people loved it. But for me, personally, it was frustrating. It was hard to hear our main lady character hash out her love for a past boyfriend vs a husband she married out of need and had grown to love. It was frustrating, all of the near death experience that happened in such a short time, and that the happy ending was her husband awakening from a heart attack/heart surgery/coma, only to find that her old boyfriend's cancer had come back, but at least they could throw in the confusing element of letting their 12 year old, his son, get to know him, as he fights cancer, perhaps for the last time. I know that didn't make sense, but you can read the other reviews and sort it out.It's true that life can be messy that way. But, maybe I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to wanna wade through messiness that I didn't need to wade through.

  • Dorry Lou
    2019-03-07 21:02

    This was a totally different book than Nunes usually writes. I really enjoyed it and did stay puzzled about how it would end until almost the end. There were some good messages in the book. The story was about a girl on a Wyoming farm with a pretty unstable life. However she goes to college and gets in the medical field where she falls for Brandon Rhodes who is just beginning medicine. He leaves to become a renowned heart surgeon and leaves her behind. Little does he know he has his child and she has married someone that worked on the farm. Together they have 2 more boys and have built a good life for themselves....All that changes when Dr. Rhodes comes back to their town to instruct doctors at the hospital. The secret she has kept for 13 years he reveals. He wants a part of his son's life and since she has not told her oldest son he has a different father she doesn't want him to know he has until he is older.There are some twists & turns and you do wonder who Mercedes ends up with.

  • Lorie
    2019-03-11 18:50

    What if you married a good, stable man when the man of your genuine young passions simply left you? What if you made a wonderful, stable life with your good man, and then the man of your passions showed up again? How do you make decisions about yourself, your husband, your children, your ethics, your life, and the man of your genuine young passions? To what should you be true? How do you CARE about being true?This book made me consider a lot of things in my own past, and empathize deeply with the heroine's dilemmas and decisions. It is beautifully written, deeply moving, deeply troubling, and had me totally involved. I cried a lot. The ending was satisfying on many, many levels.Rachel Ann Nunes has written a lot of novels, the first of which were very happily-ever-after, and sold truck-loads. A couple of decades later, her insight and understanding has deepened tremendously. Now she tackles the hardest questions without fear and with great integrity and honor. Her writing is more transparent and truthful than ever.One of my best reads of 2009.

  • Kelli
    2019-02-23 12:52

    This was definitely not as much of a page turner as Flying Home was, in fact it seemed to repeat itself a little bit. She probably could have told the same story in a lot less pages. However, I still liked it. I really like how she emphasizes commitment and how important it is to love the person that you chose to be with instead of always thinking about how life would be if you had chosen another path. I especially liked the part at the end where it talks about how people give up something good they have for something they think would be better and would make them happier but they are really just trading one set of problems for another one. Good solid characters and a happy ending, which is always nice :)

  • Bridget
    2019-03-18 20:53

    This was a nice book that reminds you to not look to the past and how to change a decision, but to make the most of what you've got. I found myself needing the message, but it took me a while to like the characters. The main girl was a little too homemakerish and it didn't seem supported in the character development. She hated the farm growing up but then came back to it and turned into this wonderful farm wife. Even if she had hated it, it would have been nice for her to reminisce about the good old days when she learned how to bake and ride a horse, etc. Instead all we know is that her family had troubles and she absolutely hated everything about the farm.

  • Janyse
    2019-02-27 21:12

    Okay...I give up. I like Rachel Ann Nunes. I've fought it, I know, but I actually have found the two books I've read to be nice. Kind of an LDS equivalent of Nicholas Sparks--dramatic situation that needs preaching, no religion. This is the kind of light, clean book I have needed this summer...prepare yourselves for several more Nunes reviews. I'm a sucker for them right now. Back to more "difficult" literature later. =)

  • Andrea
    2019-03-13 18:51

    When I first started this book I wondered if I'd read it before. Much of the story seemed so familiar. I was pretty sure I hadn't read it, and wondered if the story was stolen from another book. And then it hit me that I'd read another book by this author that talked about some of the characters in this book. Then it all made sense. It was another fast read. I liked the idea of the story, although I was torn about what would happen.

  • Cecily
    2019-03-01 15:14

    I have read other books by Rachel Nunes and this is my favorite so far. This one seems to have a more universal appeal and deals with themes many of us face at some point in life--reqret and wondering whether we can have a "do over" in some things. I found the characters true to life and the plot was well-constructed, with only a few minor weak spots. I hadn't read "Flying Home" but plan to go back and do that!

  • Cydnie
    2019-02-20 13:13

    'Fields of Home' is another sequel of sorts to 'Flying Home'. It continues the story of Mercedes and Wayne. They live a peaceful life on the family farm in Wyoming. That peace threatens to be shattered with the appearance of Mercedes former love, Brandon, who has just discovered that he is the father of Mercedes' oldest son. Nunes writes an enjoyable novel, good characters & story, and all without questionable language or scenes [THANK YOU!:]

  • Kristy
    2019-03-07 16:18

    I LOVED this book!! It really got me thinking about how much all of the choices we make affect our future and those around us so much. Also, it made me think about how important it is not to live in the past and "what ifs" but to enjoy the here and now and make the most with what you have. I couldn't put the book down, especially by half way through. Definitely a must read!

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-14 18:05

    Between 3.5 and 4 stars. Mercedes comes to find that her life the way it is is what she's always wanted. It took a bit of shaking up for her to realize this, but isn't that what normally happens with all of us. The grass is always greener somewhere else until we are faced with the somewhere else and we realize how good we had it.

  • Kristen
    2019-03-14 18:49

    I enjoyed this book of Merecedes and her husband Wayne. You felt her inner battles of her first love returning and then the comfortable love of her husband and family. I didn't know how it would end, but I liked the whole book. Come to find out it is kind of a sequel to Flying Home so I guess I will read that book also.

  • Lacey
    2019-03-08 13:18

    This book is a spin off a small charecter in her book flying home. I actually enjoyed this book more then flying home. The emotions that were being described with each charecter felt so real to me. This novel didn't feel so "cheesy" to me but it felt real. It brought out real problems that people face everyday.

  • Judie
    2019-03-10 16:55

    I enjoyed the story and the use of journal entries to review the past while reading about the present. I didn't know there was an earlier book, so I might have to read that as well. Life doesn't always work out so neatly, but I was glad there was a good resolution for everyone in this story. When I read, I enjoy having things work out.

  • Ann
    2019-03-01 15:19

    This book was a continuation of the characters of the book Flying Home. I enjoyed both of the books and found the characters to be very believable. The book was very enjoyable and I read it all in one day.

  • Melissa M.
    2019-03-09 17:56

    This book was a dissapointment. The story was good, but SO SLOW and didn't really have a climactic point. I was bummed because I'm usually happy with this author's stories, but it just didn't happen this time. Oh well.

  • Heather
    2019-03-04 13:17

    I didn't like this as much as Flying Home. The main point of the story seemed obvious. I felt like the main character never showed her strong personality-- she was always reacting, rather than acting. ("Grade: B-".)

  • Laurie
    2019-02-25 19:09

    I liked this book...but the ending was too convenient for the storyline. I feel that more should have been put into the ending. It wasn't as good as Flying Home, (the book that was written before this one). They can be read seperately, but more is understood if read in order.

  • Chelsea Funk
    2019-02-28 13:49

    Another one of my must read authors. This is a good read also that I could not put down. Rachel Nunes knows how to add in a little bit of everyday life so that it makes you know that you can make it through your tough days and life will be better at the end. She is great LDS author.

  • Diane Mueller
    2019-03-15 15:56

    Excellent book. Very touching. Well written . I felt for everyone in the story and the author wrote so you could feel what each were feeling and understand their feelings fairly. What you want might be right in front of you all along.

  • Julia
    2019-02-25 18:08

    Definitely not my favorite by Rachel Ann Nunes. I should've read the fine print more carefully before starting this book, because then I would've known beforehand about how this story was about a paternity issue. Not a fan of this subject, for the most part.

  • Elaine
    2019-03-08 12:54


  • Rhonda
    2019-02-25 19:01

    Cheri Butterfield recommended.

  • Tangi
    2019-03-20 18:04

    okay not my favorite of hers but not the worst book

  • Liz
    2019-03-16 20:05

    A little bit of a slow read, but over all a great book. A real tear jerker. :)

  • Shelli
    2019-03-01 16:50

    This was a fast read that keeps your interest the whole time. Nice to read a book that you don't have to really think a lot through. A feel good and enjoyable book.