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A captivating new writer at an irresistible priceCritically acclaimed as "one of the brightest new writers in the genre," (Publishers Weekly) Madeline Hunter has taken the world of historical romance by storm with her sensually powerful novels that feature strong heroines, provocative heroes, and timeless passion. Now this hugely talented author offers us a new tale filledA captivating new writer at an irresistible priceCritically acclaimed as "one of the brightest new writers in the genre," (Publishers Weekly) Madeline Hunter has taken the world of historical romance by storm with her sensually powerful novels that feature strong heroines, provocative heroes, and timeless passion. Now this hugely talented author offers us a new tale filled with her trademark blend of danger, adventure, and sizzling seduction.The first time he laid eyes on her she had come to his rescue with a sword in her hand. Still Morvan Fitzwaryn had never seen any woman who aroused his interest and his passion more than the unconventional Breton warrior beauty. Anna de Leon took him into her castle and nursed him back to health, little knowing the spark of desire she was feeding with her caring ministrations. It wasn't long before Morvan had vowed to protect and conquer this unconquerable woman with all the sensual weapons at his disposal.For her part, Anna de Leon had no interest in men as lovers or husbands. She was used to commanding men in battle. But she suddenly had the strange feeling that her well-fortified defenses could be breached by this dark-eyed, smolderingly handsome English knight. When her castle is besieged by an old enemy who claims both her and her lands, Anna finds she has no choice but to accept Morvan's aid -- even if the enemy outside her walls is no match for the ally within, who with every tantalizing kiss and forbidden embrace threatens to make her a prisoner of her own fiery passion....

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The Protector Reviews

  • seton
    2019-05-13 23:32

    I don't even like medievals. The medieval I read before and after this one were both DNFs. However, The Protector grabbed me right from the beginning with the hero facing the spread of the Black Death. It was everything I could want in a medieval if I had to read one: meditative and gritty, political, and lots of action (there are at least 3 different battles shown in detail).The hero was introduced in this very loose series in the 1st book - By Arrangement. I had been avoiding his story because he was, and still is, one of those super alphas who expects to steamroll everything and everyone in his way. His pairing with a woman warrior alpha female herself, who will probably make him want to pull his hair out for the rest of his days, went a long way toward making me enjoy their romance.The only thing I did not like, and I decided this was a minor quibble because the focus was always on the romance since this was a romance novel, was that a subplot regarding the hero's patrimony was left dangling by the end of the book. It was finished in the next book - Lord of a Thousand Nights - which starts approximately seven years after Protector (with two new H/Hs).Grade: A-

  • Jaqueline Miguel
    2019-05-07 04:42

    Mais um livrinho desta autora que finalmente pude ler! Adoro estes romances históricos com algum erotismo à mistura… E aqui temos uma mulher ao poder! Anna é uma mulher guerreira que não hesita em passar por um soldado para defender a sua terra e os seus amigos e servos. Como presa a sua independência, não faz questão de se casar e menos ainda com Morvan, um homem habituado a comandar. Mas o amor troca-lhe as voltas… Então, neste livro temos o ponto de vista dos dois protagonistas, o que nos faz compreender melhor toda a situação. É um livro bastante curto e lê-se de forma rápida. Recomendado aos amantes do género, apesar de não ser o meu favorito da autora!

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-05-18 00:38

    Read this book if you like strong, warrior type romance novel heroines. I thought that Ms. Hunter did a great job of showing Anna as a strong woman but not making the hero seem wimpy in comparison. Anna didn't have to back down and pretend she was 'less' somehow to be a worthy mate. Morvan is a man of his times, so it took him an adjustment period to get used to this strong, fighting woman who didn't want to sit in the solar and do needlework. She was basically running her keep and protecting her people by fighting on the battlefield, so of course, she wasn't going to turn into a sweet, retiring lady-wife type.This book is fairly gritty in its descriptions of the plague and warfare. I prefer medievals that have this element because it is more realistic for the period. The medieval age was a fairly dark, violent time, where survival was never guaranteed. Reading a good medieval romance is like getting a history lesson but with a happy ending for me. Ms. Hunter has a way with words, and she really brought this period to life and has some very beautiful passages that touched my heart by the skill with which they were written. Although By Arrangement is still my favorite, I really enjoyed this for the unusual heroine that Ms. Hunter created in Anna.

  • LJ
    2019-05-05 02:30

    The Protector - VGHunter, Madeline Anna de Leon is like no other woman Morvan Fitzwaryn has ever met. She dresses like a man and fights alongside her troops to defend her people. Morvan is a landless knight, struggling to retain his honor as he leads a mercenary company through the political and social quagmire created in Brittany in the middle of the 14th century by a cruel combination of plague and war. From the first, the handsome English knight finds Anna a double temptation. He longs to win this fascinating woman's love -- and he knows that if he had her castle as a secure base, he could reclaim his father's lost estate. At first Anna is determined to make certain Morvan resists both temptations. She dreams of a time when she can return to the peace of the convent, because she knows that can only happen when she's certain that all those under her protection are safe. She has no wish to lose her freedom, or her land, to any husband...until Morvan convinces her to accept his protection against a fearsome threat outside her stronghold's walls. Rising star Madeline Hunter has created a beautiful medieval love story about a man and a woman equally matched in honor, passion, and devotion.Books by Hunter tend to be a notch above other romance authors. I thought this one was very good.

  • Adeselna
    2019-05-13 03:16

    SPOILERS ALERT:This has EVERYTHING to be a great historical book, if the guy was not a pervert, whose only goal was to get in Anna's pants. The author had some great ideas, but to make it a "best-seller" she had to make everything so obvious... Anna de Leon is a great heroine - independent, she manages both sword and bow, she does not want to get married, because she knows that it will end her Independence. Unfortunately that means that she will have to give up her estate as well. I find it quite accurate when Morvan is portrayed as an authority guy, who doesn't want Anna to get hurt - let's face it, women in Medieval Ages did not struggle in battle or had any type of own will. The point that I find lacking of in the book is the fact that sex heals everything. I feel that Anna de Leon betrays herself with the end. Personally the only end I would write for this novel was suicide or her being locked in a tower. Yet that would not make it a "best-seller", but at least I wouldn't be turning my main char into an hypocrite.

  • Ana Fernandes
    2019-05-05 23:24


  • Dion Ribeiro
    2019-05-20 03:39

    Apesar de saber que Madeline Hunter é bastante apreciada, só agora tive a minha estreia com a autora e devo dizer que fiquei feliz por ter mais livros da sua autoria a aguardar leitura na minha biblioteca.Adoro romances medievais e gostei muito de Anna de Leon, pela sua personalidade forte e independente, por ser destemida e rebelde. E o seu romance com Morvan, apesar das peripécias, foi romântico e encantador! :)

  • Susy
    2019-05-15 04:36

    I have now read 2 of Hunter's Medieval series, By Arrangement and The Protector. As with the first, I really liked this novel. Hunter does a very good job of recreating the medieval time period and not just as window dressing as happens in so many historical romances. No, Hunter's characters are products of their times right down to their inner struggles. That is one of the reasons I have enjoyed this series, but also the reason, I suspect that many other readers don't.Morvan Fitzwaryn, the handsome, charismatic brother of Christiana from By Arrangement, is a landless knight who operates under a chivalric code, but he is Alpha Male- bossy, presumptuous, imperious, inflexible. He is cocksure of the necessity of his taking charge of the people around him, particularly the women. I think modern women readers may be put off by him and how relatively unbending he remains even to the end of the book.I loved him.Anna de Leon, de facto lord of the castle and warrior princess, is a highly unusual young woman who may claim to have been driven to act in man's world, but who actually has been blessed by circumstances to have an excuse to do so. She loves the activity, the challenge, the danger and especially the freedom. Irresistible Force, meet Immovable Object. In the hands of many if not most authors, this set-up would culminate with a nice set-down to the Alpha Male hero in a feminist-approved, Grrl-power sort of resolution. "Spunky heroine tames Evil Rake"--That sort of thing.That doesn't happen here. There is giving and taking to make this relationship work, but true to the time period, most of the giving is borne by Anna. (If one can pit aside our cultural indoctrination, one can see and admit that Morvan's reasoning is correct, sad as it may be for Anna.)Anyway, I really enjoyed Morvan's story and was pleased with the heroine Hunter created for him. The heat and passion between the two starts as early as page 10and never really lets up. This is a soul mates story. Morvan and Anna are not just two characters who fall in love; The Protector's hero and heroine are destined for each other,'and Hunter sells this from 30 pages into their story.I enjoy Hunter's writing style, particularly her effective use of repetition and symmetry. Some examples of repetition: the phrases "It is done," "I would have you stay with me," and "it sounded a lot like a command." And this long one--"Although Anna saw nothing of Morvan for several days, she heard about him. He was the main topic of conversation for the bored courtiers.Especially among the women.Everyone expressed interest in his adventures, and relief that he survived the plague.Especially the women.They all seemed very happy to have him with them again.Especially the women.Aye, any number of ladies were very excited that Morvan Fitzwaryn was back at court."Hunter uses repetition throughout the book and makes both the narration and especially the dialogue seem natural and cohesive.I appreciate that effort.Definitely a 4.5

  • Darla
    2019-04-30 01:14

    **POSSIBLE SPOILERS**** OMG! I didn't think I would ever get thru this book! It just seemed to drag and drag and DRAG some more! I hate having to say that, but it was true. Of all the books I have read thus far in the series THIS is the WORST one yet!!!!! Both our hero and heroine began to tick me off to the point I was in no rush to read the book, but just to be done with it! Morvan, for all his sex appeal and masculinity was an overbearing pain in my ass!!!!! I mean DAMMIT man! Ease up just a little and stop acting like such a freaking cave-man! WTF!!! Then there was Anna: this was the oldest young woman I had ever read about, she acted like she was a 50 year old widow, virgin widow on top of that!! "Oh boohoo, no man wants a woman that is tall and homely and plain and dresses in men's clothes and fights like me so I guess to avoid heartarch I will just join the Abbey and never dream of encountering a man that actually would.." GET OVER YOURSELF WOMAN! I would choke her if we were face to face!!! She was a total walking contradiction, oh so strong,the "lord" of her household who could lead her men in battle and maintain her holdings practically alone, but then totally weak in her opinions of herself and her value as a woman! That makes no sense how she was both of those women when they were polar opposites!! Morvan and Anna literally drove me crazy with the power tug-of-war going on between them, it was like damn, there is no real chemistry between them, attraction yes, but I felt like the connection between them was a weak one at best, they spent all their time trying to either make the other do what they wanted or to just get over on the other in their plans. UGH! The whole storyline between these two really was a pain in my ass!!!! The highlight was when we saw Morvan's sister Christiana and her husband David again, and this was almost the end of the book if that tells you anything. Then we were back to dull ass reading and praying that it would soon come to an end. Once we hit the end of the book, it was like a switch flipped and all of a sudden they were on the same page and realized they felt the same way and there was trust between them....after all the pointless in-fighting, they were in love!!! Pfft!!! The ending felt totally rushed like our author realized late in the game that our characters had been mentally duking it out for a majority of the book and it was time for them to fulfill their destiny together!!!! Having said that, I actually enjoyed the ending very much, just wish it didnt feel counterfeit. I'm just glad to be done with it, so I'm moving on to the last in the series. Phew!! Fingers crossed for an amazing comeback on the last installment!

  • Célia Loureiro
    2019-05-07 00:15

    ENGIn this book, we have two strong charactered characters: Morvan and Anna de Léon. They're both strong and independent and when the plague threatens to take them both during war, they get connected by that almost-death experience. Now what I didn't like about the book is the fact that Morvan keeps trying to fasten Anna's freedom, for "her protection", that argument infuriates any woman with brains. And she, at times, allows it! Maybe I read it focusing on my 21st century, but if the characters were as open-minded as Madeline tried to make us believe about so many other things... why couldn't them behave like two PEOPLE in love, and not a “man” and a “woman”, therefore a man that must protect his woman and a woman who must be submitted to her man? I understand that this is a medieval novel, but please don’t shove it down my throat under the label “bigger love”. I consider it a poor reading. The historical element saves it from a lower rate.------------PTNeste livro temos duas personagens de carácter marcado: Morvan e Anna de Léon. São ambos fortes e independentes, e quando a peste negra ameaça tomá-los durante a guerra, os dois ficam ligados por uma situação de quase morte. O que não gostei no livro foi o facto de o Morvan procurar constantemente cingir a liberdade da Anna, “para sua protecção”. Esse argumento enfurece qualquer mulher com cérebro. E, tantas vezes, ela acaba por ceder!Talvez me esteja a focar demasiado no século XXI, mas se as personagens fossem tão mente-aberta quanto a autora nos tenta fazer crer, sobre tantos outros assuntos, porque não podiam comportar-se como duas pessoas apaixonadas, e não um “homem” e uma “mulher”, logo um homem que deve proteger a mulher e uma mulher que deve submeter-se ao homem? Entendo que estejamos a falar de um enredo medieval, mas não mo venda sob o rótulo de “grande amor”. Considero uma leitura fraca, e apenas o elemento histórico o salva de uma nota pior.

  • ☮ mary
    2019-04-24 03:41

    Let Me start by saying what an awfuL cover for such a fantastic book !! Please do not let that discourage you from reading it ... As far as Medieval romances are concerned "THE PROTECTOR" portrays one of the best Hero you can find out there !! He is only second best to another of Madeline Hunter's protagonist ADDIS DE VALENCE in "By Possession"!! Morvan Fitzwaryn is everything you want and expect in a Knight, honorable, strong, smart and of course handsome ;) We learn of his sacrifices and his burning desire to reclaim his family's birth rights and lands... He meets an unusual lady who defies medieval conventions and shatters the walls of this jaded cold-hearted warrior !!! I cannot express precisely how beautiful and original this romance really is, you need to experience it first hand ... Madeline Hunter is more often than not a miss or hit author who can weave the most memorable tale as well as crafting dull and washed out stories ... THIS ONE is a jewel you should try it at once !! The historical background of Brittany is a great glimpse into the chaotic times where females had to become extraordinary to survive those circumstances ... you will learn and enjoy Anna de Leon and her protector's Journey of love and friendship...

  • Dina Batista
    2019-04-27 23:38

    Muitas vezes neste tipo de livros, passamos a maior parte do livro a ler acerca dos encontros eróticos das personagens até não podermos mais, mas nesta historia (claro que existem esses encontros) não são a única coisa a acontecer, tem mais enredo o que tornou a historia mais interessante. A relação dos personagens principais Morvan e Anna é bastante complexa, com a rebeldia de Anna (muito moderna para o seu tempo) e com Morvan constantemente a tentar controla-la (compreendo que era assim naquela época, mas para uma mulher do séc. XXI, as vezes as suas atitudes de macho irritavam-me solenemente), ainda tivemos direito a um pouco de Historia dessa época, guerra entre a França e Inglaterra, traição de amigos, batalhas, peste negra, corte inglesa (o horror para mim, de um rei ter o direito de controlar a vida de uma mulher ao ponto de mandar com quem deve casar, prendê-la se lhe convém mais, tudo pelo bem de uma coroa). O enredo segue sempre a passos, sem muitas partes mortas, sempre algo a acontecer para nos manter interessados até chegarmos ao fim. Confesso que gostei muito da ultima batalha, foi muito interessante e criativa.Uma boa leitura de fim-de-semana.

  • Maria Ana
    2019-05-04 23:31

    O Protetor de Madeleine Hunter é um romance bastante leve e agradável. Tal como verifiquei em outros romances da autora, esta pretende retratar dois poderes distintos: o poder de uma mulher livre, e o desejo de um homem a subjugar. A autora procura uma época histórica, onde a subjugação seja evidente, e cria uma heroína.Anna de Leon é essa heroína. Numa altura assolada pela vinda da peste na Bretanha (condado independente no norte da França), Anna recebe nas suas propriedades todos os enfermos e cuida deles com zelo e devoção. Tendo sido destinada a uma vida eclesiástica, é nas suas propriedades que desempenha o seu papel como Senhora das terras, criação de cavalos, e arqueira e protetora de La Rocher. Ignorante quanto aos homens, os seus desejos e motivações, vive simplesmente e da forma mais humilde, partilhando com os seus soldados as montadas, os arcos, as cotas de malha, e o mais importante de tudo as calças.Morvan é resgatado e tratado da peste por Anna. Desde o início que afirma o seu desejo pela jovem e bela mulher. A sua ingenuidade convencem-lhe o coração. Após recuperar, e sucessivas aproximações a Anna, este é destacado para ir com ela a Inglaterra reivindicar terras e direitos. Não sendo reconhecidos tais direitos a uma mulher solteira, Morvan apresenta-se como pretendente para o casamento com Anna de Leon.Achei O Protetor uma leitura bastante prática e sem demoras. Romances que focam o papel da mulher e demonstram a vontade da sua independência nunca são demais. Segue o mesmo esquema dos outros livros da autora. O única parte que me marcou pela negativa é o excessivo machismo concedido a Morvan. Sempre a ideia presente de um desejo sexual incontrolável por ele, por vezes mostra-se “chatinho” e “desesperado”.

  • Ashleighloveland
    2019-04-25 00:26

    Not Hunter's best. Didn't like the characters much, her hero just too dominating and manly, and the jealousy and protecting, got old and annoying, granted, it's historical and it's call the protector, all that, and he comes around, but he was really kinda a jerk. And she, she was supposed to be in denial, but come on, there's denial and stupidity. And she being rebellious, and there's rebellious and then there's stupidity. So much of these problems could have been worked out with one honest conversation between two intellegent people. Still better than most romance novels, however, because Hunter is just that good.

  • Amanda Mc
    2019-04-28 06:39

    Anna de Leon & Morvan Fitzwaren. Brittany England/France. Anna is warrior-saint set for convent but currently protecting her home/castle. Everyone's dead in the plague. She finds Movan who then gets the plague but survives it. Kind Edward makes her marry. She semi-chooses Morvan. They have to figure out how to allow her to keep her wild spirit while still letting him rule the land. Good. Same theme as seen before. Standard Hunter. Nice Characters. nothing too annoying. B+/A-

  • Carolyn F.
    2019-05-04 02:22

    I wasn't sure whether I would like this book when I first started it, but I ended up liking it a lot. Anna had changed from an ugly duckling to a swan and wouldn't believe anyone who told her so. This ends up causing her to think anyone who tells her she's beautiful is a liar including Morvan. The ending was good. I would recommend this book.

  • Vanessa Montês
    2019-05-16 02:25

    Gostei deste livro, mas continuo a achar "O Casamento de Conveniência" melhor. "Ah e tal gosto do teu espírito livre! Mas quero casar contigo, retirar tudo o que te faz e prender-te em casa a costurar até eu te querer de novo na minha cama" xDApesar de tudo até é um livro giro :)

  • Audrey
    2019-05-17 23:25

    It started slow, interesting but slow and put down able. I took almost a week to finish this. That says a lot.But luckily it picked up toward the end.It would have been a 2 stars if I stop reading midway. But the last few chapters save it for me. I love how it all came around since I was starting to get annoyed with both Anna and Morvan.My favourite character would be Ascanio.Overall, I love a strong woman character that showed inner strength, Independent spirit without bring too strong for the hero. And this book ticked it all.A man who's not Intimidated by a woman. Love it!Ps: it reminded me of one of my fave story and on my top re-read list, Never love a highlander by Maya Banks. Similar sentiment. I think this will be on my re-read list as well.

  • Maura
    2019-05-02 06:18

    Lady Anna has been ruling her lands and engaging in men's pursuits for years, and necessity keeps her at it. When Morvan Fitzwaryn arrives and promptly falls sick with the Plague, her and her people nurse him through it. This gives him leave to stay a while longer and even to woo Lady Anna, although none too gently. She's a complete innocent, but she incites a passion in Morvan previously unknown to him. But she's convent bound and off limits. Until the King decrees that she marry and Morvan will take the job. Anna sees Morvan as the best of her options, but she has no desire to marry, for a husband would require she change and become someone other than who she is. Even Morvan, the man she loves. This is another fantastically woven story with flawed characters and a definite angst between the characters. Anna I liked, having connected to her immediately but also recognizing that her struggle was not likely to end well for her. She gained my sympathy immediately and it seemed that no matter how stubborn or how reckless, it couldn't shake my like of her. Even her TSTL moments don't really come across as TSTL...just reckless. Morvan I liked at times and didn't at others. He seemed quite opportunistic and a bit too Machiavellian at times. Especially when he chooses to marry her on his terms (not favorable to her) knowing how unhappy she will be, but also acknowledging that if she'd held her ground he would have caved. His pride is what drives him and that irks me a bit. On the whole this story kind of reminds me of another I read where the hero married the heroine knowing exactly the kind of woman he was getting and promising that he appreciated who she was, her spirit and everything about her. Then, once the wedding night was over he promptly expected her to be someone else. Anna's angst in this case was palpable, but she wasn't near angry enough to suit me. But what really sets this story apart from the other I read is that Morvan actually realizes that, for all her happy moments, Anna is unhappy with who she's forced to be. And he doesn't want that for her. At first he takes the wrong approach, but he eventually realizes that compromise must be made and that he really does love her for who she is. Still, I have several hot buttons, and one of them is "control." I didn't like that Morvan sought to control Anna - you could see it in the way he gave her commands instead of requests and how, the only reason he really wanted her in the first place was because he saw a challenge - a woman who would be difficult to control...but he could do it. So it kind of got in the way of my enjoyment here, despite the positives of this story. Trigger Warning: the villain rapes two women in this story, one a 13-year-old girl. Nothing graphic, but the recounting of the event and the reactions of the women themselves are more than enough to disturb. There was also an attempted rape of the heroine when she was 12 by the same villain.

  • Foggygirl
    2019-04-29 23:27

    An entertaining read, the two main characters have great "on page" chemistry.

  • Pamela
    2019-05-18 04:30

    Rated 4.5

  • Debbie Dodd
    2019-05-05 23:38

    I enjoyed reading.

  • Ne
    2019-05-06 01:23

    Madeline Hunter enquadra-se naquele género de escritoras que nos habitua a um tipo de escrita sem erros, sem nada a apontar e que só nos surpreende com as histórias que vai criando. Neste aspecto está no mesmo patamar da minha tão querida Nora Roberts.O problema é mesmo essas histórias.Pessoalmente sou bastante apologistas dos romances com finais felizes, em que o casal se conhece e apaixona e que os segredos entre eles ou os seus passados é que vão apimentar a situação. Isto tudo acontece nos dois primeiros livros de Madeline. Os seguintes perdem um pouco essa característica em que me sinto tão confortável e por isso é que tenha desgostado mais destes. Principalmente deste último.Atenção que não digo que não gostei. Sublinho que adorei, só que a história não me cativou assim tanto.Começando com a sinopse que se tornou um pouco "falsa", pois tem informação não muito correcta, e terminando nas personagens principais, este livro de capa tão linda, que também saiu um pouco do padrão da anterior (refiro-me só ao Casamento de Conveniência, pois este vem em seguimento desse), foi o que menos gostei.Se o objectivo era Morvan ser um homem bastante machista e arrogante em demasia, Madeline Hunter conseguiu transmiti-lo perfeitamente. No inicio em que estas características não estava tão evidentes, e apenas era "visível" o seu amor e dedicação pela irmã, eu até tinha uma certa empatia por ele e ansiava pela continuação, mas desde o casamento esta personagem sofreu uma reviravolta e acabou por representar o tipo de homem que mais detesto: mandão, hiper-protector, etc.A sua companheira, Anna de Leon, acabou por ser perfeita para ele, visto que a sua personalidade se manteve tão inconstante como a de Morvan. Passou de amazona e mulher independente, para esposa submissa... o que não corresponde ao eu ideal de personagem feminina. Estes aspectos contraditórios são resolvidos no final, mas continuo a defender que a escritora não apresentou a ideia da melhor maneira. Confesso que durante essa fase submissa, Anna teve algumas atitudes revoltosas e mais em comum com o inicio, mas para mim a base esteve sempre lá.O que mais gostei foi do envolvimento dos cavaleiros amigos de Morvan e de Anna. Estes vão surgindo e sendo-nos apresentados ao longo da história, enriquecendo o leque de personagens e desviando um pouco o cerne da história. Os cavalos também foram um elemento enriquecedor, tanto para a história, como para o cenário ou até para o desenvolvimento e conhecimento das personagens.De qualquer forma, o resultado foi bastante positivo e estou ansiosa pelo novo desta escritora.

  • Sandra
    2019-04-22 02:42

    Desde o primeiro livro que li desta autora que sinto uma vontade de devorar todos os seus livros.Tratam-se de romances bem construídos, com personagens bem estruturadas e cativantes e sempre com enredos que me atraem e agarram durante a leitura.Morvan Fitzwaryn é um reconhecido cavaleiro com destreza de armas, quando se vê em terras Bretãs e infectado pela peste negra assim como alguns dos seus homens, não tem outra solução a não ser parar a campanha e pedir ajuda. Quis o destino que Morvan fosse bater à porta de uma mulher muito peculiar para a altura em que vivem. Anna de Leon ao ver toda a sua família dizimada pela peste, luta pelos homens e mulheres que trabalham para si e habitam os seus regadios. Tendo sido a primeira pessoa a conseguir vencer o espectro da peste e da morte, Anna é considerada uma mulher santa. Será que Anna conseguirá reunir forças para lutar contra a peste e principalmente contra um poderoso inimigo que a quer desposar à força apenas para a poder subjugar?Apesar de ter lido este livro à meses, ficou em mim um carinho especial por ele. Tal deve-se, e muito, à maravilhosa personagem principal - Anna de Leon. Uma jovem simples, sem qualquer pretensão de poder e com a única preocupação de conseguir salvar o seu povo. Uma verdadeira Joana D'Arc da Idade Média.Ao visitar o site de Madeline Hunter descobri (aqui) um pequeno parágrafo que traduz na perfeição esta poderosa personagem feminina:"In The Protector, Anna is teetering on this delicate balance, and she knows it. She is, as she tells Morvan, walking a fine line through no choice of her own, and knows that only the disruption of her world has made her acceptable. She is aware that her situation is temporary, and that there is no permanent place in her society for a woman with her inclinations. "Today I am a saint. Next year the crops fail and I am a witch."

  • Jules2016
    2019-05-07 23:26

    This was a mixed bag for me. While I love me some woman warrior, which is our heroine in the story, I do not like the rich heiress/impoverished and landless hero trope, which we also have in the story.What we have here is a rich retelling of life during the time of the plague. The heroine's father and brother have died so she has left the abbey where she was planning to take The vows to become a nun.She returns home to take charge of her family castle and vast the estates. In this new role she also leads the few knight who remain in defense of the castle. She is an excellent archer, swordswoman and leader.The hero comes upon her estate looking for refuge with his squire who is suffering from the plague. Since she has already been infected and survived she is now immune and takes care of the Squire, who eventually dies and the hero who is also beset by the plague but recovers.The Majority of the story is focused on the heroine's childhood betrothed, whom she had rejected because he tried to rape her, trying to take her as his bride so he can get her wealth and land. When she goes to court to appeal to the king suggesting a solution to this problem, instead, the king decrees that she should marry the hero.The H/h butt heads constantly over what the role of a lady should be in a marriage. As you can probably guess he wants her supervising the household staff, which she does not find appealing at all. So she is rebellious and uncooperative. While the hero has loved her from the start she takes a while to come around to his side. Eventually, there is a lovely romance with some sexy times.A really good read if you like A side of history with your romance.

  • Anna
    2019-05-04 06:21

    I enjoyed this book very much. Madeline Hunter is known for her skill in writing love scenes. In this book one sees her skill in not only showing the physical connection and intimacy between lovers, but how that leads to intimacy beyond the physical and truly make the man and woman "one".Set in 1348 Brittany, this is a romance between the Amazonian Bretonian Lady Anna and the English Lord Morvan who has lost his land in England. They are drawn to each other from the first meeting but both assumed nothing could come of it. The author weaves an intriguing story of how the strong, handsome and powerful warrior determines to win the woman he desires. Not only is Lady Anna taller and stronger than the average woman she is also used to being in charge of the Keep and the land as her father's heiress. Many problems result from this but in the end having each other to love proves to be more important than having the standard delineation of what "duties" a Lady should occupy herself with.Readers who enjoy historical romance will enjoy this medieval romance by Madeline Hunter.

  • penelopewanders
    2019-05-17 03:25

    There was a time when I read a number of books set in the middle ages - and the best were very likely those in the 14 Century London series by Madeline Hunter. I'm not sure if it took me longer to get my hands on this one or why I didn't read it while I was in full swing, but it's been a number of years since I read the earlier ones in the series and this time period has appealed to me less. I think part of it is the heaviness in the male-female gender divide - surely accurate for the time period, but so teeth gnashing nowadays. In this one, (and I'll try to avoid a spoiler) despite the amazon heroine, the hero, who really is a good hero as far as heroes go, has to be "the guy" for so much of the book that he pretty much loses my allegiance. The heroine is a bit irritatingly naive about her role in the whole situation as well, but still. This being said, compared to some other books set in the period, Hunter's writing does save the day. A very good read, all said and done.

  • Jodi
    2019-05-22 01:35

    I have had this book as a bound ARC since 2001. I regret that it took me so long to read it, particularly since I knew I liked her work. I just wasn't sure I was in the mood for a medieval era story. I was wrong. Anna de Leon assumed the convent was her future. Tall, bright, and unconventional, able to ride and shoot and fight like a man, she wants to direct her own life. But in her time, that simply isn't done. When Morvan Fitzwaryn and his men catch the Plague, it is to Anna's land that they come to die. But Morvan does not die and he and Anna form a connection. But when the King demand that they marry, Anna does not react well. It's even worse when her former fiancé who rejected her, decides he wants to make a claim to her now. She hates that she's property. Hunter worked very well to create a heroine who is her own person but still worked within the time period to make her choices realistic.

  • Jackie
    2019-05-18 06:16

    Hunter shifts the pattern of heroine in peril providing the major emotional kick here by also putting her hero in peril, and having the heroine save him (twice, no less!) The hero still gets to kill the man who terrorized the heroine as a child, though, so we're not talking major reenvisioning of the Hunter romance trope.I've been thinking about how different authors' works embody different ideas about how people fall in love/come to love one another. A really great author can shift ideology from book to book, but I find that most authors have one belief about this, and repeat the pattern over and over from book to book. For Hunter, the pattern is "I'm attracted to you sexually as soon as I meet you. The attraction, though, means more than just lust -- it means we are destined for one another." Usually I find this trope rather annoying, but Hunter is such a good writer than she can sucker me into it despite my ideological problems...

  • Vanessa
    2019-04-25 01:28

    Este é já o sexto livro que eu leio desta autora, dos sete que se encontram traduzidos para a nossa língua até agora - para além deste, li também "As Regras da Sedução", "Lições de Desejo", "Jogos de Sedução" e "Os Pecados de Lord Easterbrook", que fazem parte da saga da família Rothwell, e também "Casamento de Conveniência" que é um livro independente, tal como este volume sobre o qual estou a escrever.Uma vez mais, fiquei fascinada com a imaginação e com a escrita de Madeline Hunter. Este é mais um livro misterioso, recheado de acção e emocionante até ao fim, com personagens excepcionais.Algo que achei bastante curioso e de que gostei imenso foi o facto de este livro remeter para personagens de "Casamento de Conveniência", apesar de eles não constituírem nenhuma série.Resumindo e concluindo, é mais um livro fantástico e que recomendo vivamente!