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I am a sociopath. I know this because I diagnosed myself. I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology from a very prestigious university. I am charming, attractive, and you probably want to sleep with me. I take what I want, when I want, and I enjoy picking the most tragic of all my patients to experiment with. I have no remorse, I am unrelenting in my pursuit of tragedy, and I amI am a sociopath. I know this because I diagnosed myself. I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology from a very prestigious university. I am charming, attractive, and you probably want to sleep with me. I take what I want, when I want, and I enjoy picking the most tragic of all my patients to experiment with. I have no remorse, I am unrelenting in my pursuit of tragedy, and I am about to meet my match. Her name is not important, I am only allowed to call her Mistress. She is a femme fatale, a patient, and now an obsession. She will destroy me, I will do anything to get inside of her. I can already feel her inside of me. **Trigger warning. This novel is not a love story, but more of a journey through a few short days in the life of a madman. What you see is not always what you get, reality is altered through his eyes and sometimes there is no happily ever after....

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  • Christine Wallflower & Dark Romance Junkie
    2019-04-16 06:59

    FYI: I hear this book is perfect for fans of American Psycho, which I have not seen or read and I don't think I ever will.I think everyone who knows me and the books I like reading, will know that I mainly rate the books I read 4 or 5 Stars. Why? Because, rarely do I finish a 3 or lower star(in my opinion) read. And rarely do I rate a book I did not finish. Okay, now that I've got that off my chest, did I mention how much I enjoy this book? Well I did!A brief summary and description of the story and AlexandreAlexandre, is a highly paid and successful therapist, he has a small group of friends, people he graduated with. Actually friends is being too generous,they are a means to an end, everyone in Alexandre's life plays a part. They help enhance his professional image. Alexandre's is currently treating a select few of his patients with a new treatment, one that he has thought up himself. It's a controversial treatment and his patients are sworn to secrecy.The story follows his progress and the problems he encounters while "treating" his patients. You'll read about Alexandre's views about woman, what he thinks of his co-workers and the world around him. You'll also read about the mystery surrounding his childhood and how it has shaped him into the man he is. But mostly you'll read about Alexandre's obsession with himself and being perfect. Because Alexandre thinks he is at the top of the food chain, everyone else is prey and he is the predator.Shout out to my fellow dark loversYes, we've read darker but this one deserves a chance.My Thoughts When I read the synopsis for Therapist by Jaden Wilkes, I immediately thought: I have got to read that! I had no idea what to expect, I didn't expect it to be very dark, but I was intrigued enough to mark my calendar for release day.My reaction when I'd finished reading this book went something like this:Quite frankly I am astounded! Not once did I expect anything that happened in this book to happen. What I did expect was some kind of auto-biography type book narrated by the main character recounting his exploits and maybe a bit of a sadistic mind. Well it was that and so much more! I almost DNF this book after 10% and here's why:"And how does that make you feel?" I ask in my gentlest voice. What I really think is that she's lucky any man wants to fuck her fat ass. She's not completely unattractive, in her her early twenties she has youth on her side, but a fucking cow. She must weigh at least one forty, and at five and a half feet that puts her dangerously close to too fat to fuck category.My reaction?But then I read this:I know I'm an asshole. I get it. Most of you are probably hitting close on your kindle app right now, but hang in there. I might be a piece of shit but it makes for a good read. I guarantee I'll have your cunt dripping by the time you finish our crazy fucking ride.Me:So I carried on reading. And I stepped into the life of a therapist called Alexandre, who had an unconventional way of treating his sexuality abused patients. And as I read about his messed up exploits and delved deeper into his brilliant yet crazed mind, I realised I had no idea where this book was going. Trust me, every time I thought this book was heading in a particular direction. It would get there and then the author would give it a twist that I never saw coming. This book is definitely dark and it is most definitely a mind fuck, the plot for me was complex, because I thought I had it figured out and at times I was right but not completely. And then at some point I was like:I love dark romance, I tend to shy away from the strictly dark stuff because I'm a romantic first and foremost. But this is the type of book that got me excited about the genre again! Look it's not Shakespeare and I felt it needed more character development and more detail in certain scenes. What I needed was a longer book, I was confused about 50% of the time that I read this book. I actually loved Alexandre's character, apart from the almost DNF scene his character had so many dimensions. One minute I'd think he was a complete cold blooded and heartless bastard, the next he'd show a caring side to himself, and I could see the potential. He could have been a really good guy, but...

  • JaHy☝Hold the Fairy Dust
    2019-03-21 09:06

    ** 5 "DUBIOUS " STARS**'** Book warning **This novel contains situations of perversity and dubious consent. It is not a love story, but more of a journey through a few short days in the life of a madman. What you see is not always what you get, reality is altered through his eyes and sometimes there is no happily ever after. I chuckled. I cursed. I cringed. I choked up....I. LOVED. THIS. BOOK. BUT, that's not really saying much as my taste in literature is eccentric. Therapist is undoubtedly not for everyone. Please consider the book's warning before 1clicking this bizarre bad boy. Thank you. Alexandreis an attractive, reputal, psychologist , whom has some rather unconventional methods of treating his patience....... A-N-D he's a sociopath. ...Friends, that's all information you're getting out of me. Now don't be madI am fully aware of my big mouth tendencies. I refuse to accidentally spoil the Therapist for anyone, besides why would you want to read more of my rambling when you could be reading the book? To all my dark read playmates : What the fuck are you waiting for ?For more reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways

  • Loyda
    2019-04-20 06:43

    4***WICKED & TWISTED ~ STARSGenre: Dark Erotic NovelType: StandalonePOV: First Person – Male"He needed inside her with the desperation of a dying man needing a cure. In this case there simply is no cure."*** BOOK WARNING ***For all my romantic lover readers be warned this book is not for everyone it is not a love story and sometimes there is no happily ever after. Now that you have been warned if you want to read please do so at your own discretion. The blurb sold me on this book well because I'm cray cray like that. To be honest I knew this one was going to be crazy but had no idea how much until I started it. This review is probably going to be the shortest reviews ever because if I tell you the story it will ruin this book and for all my dark book lovers I can't do that to you. Alexandre aka Dr. Dane; super-hot and attractive but at the same time full of himself who is pretty crazy which he knows; is a therapist and a sociopath. He has his own method of helping his hopeless and damaged clients. He believes in his head that what he is doing is correct for them but in all reality it is not; however the damages girls don't seem to mind I mean a sex on a stick Doctor that wants to help them get better and feel good in all the right places?! Come on, where do I sign up right?! Lol Anyhow everything is not like it seems; things started to get so strange and I was losing my sanity while reading this book but at the same time I was hooked and glued to the pages I just couldn't stop until I finished. Yes I read it in one setting; this book was funny, sexy, and crazy. I kept trying to figure out what the hell was going on, so much mystery, so many theories going in my head until I finally got to the ending and holy shit I did not see it coming. I think I will think about this book forever because I still can't come to terms of how this book ended it was so wicked and twisted and fucked up but I loved it. Yeah I must be losing it too hahaha. So in short words just read this book if you want to find out the insanity of Dr. Dane. "There simply is no cure" Do not open spoiler unless you've read the book:(view spoiler)[ I want to hurt those bitches and make them pay. I want to save him so bad it's killing me lmao (hide spoiler)]These songs are perfect for this book:Avenged Sevenfold – NightmareAvenged Sevenfold – Almost EasyF(BR) with my shhluts this week CC, WAR, MER and anyone else who dares to join the freaky party haha lol Order Series: StandaloneFor more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Lady Vigilante (Feifei)
    2019-04-18 08:51

    2.5 stars!The author said how you interpret this book will tell you a lot about yourself but what if you don’t even have an interpretation? Well, that’s me. Somehow I just did not get the point of this book. *scratches head*The book is about a self-diagnosed sociopath Alexandre who also happens to be one of the most brilliant and well-known therapists. He specializes in treating patients who have been sexually traumatized, and his eccentric methods basically force those victims to repeatedly engage in the abuse until it becomes enjoyable for them. This very short book is a deep look into a few days of his life, his attitude towards his peers and patients, and Mistress, a certain mysterious woman constantly plaguing his thoughts.This book didn’t work for me because:1. I am constantly questioning if Alexandre is really a sociopath like the blurb claims. Wouldn’t a sociopath avoid human contact? Why be a therapist in the first place? It doesn’t matter that the author painted him as a condescending, unlikable asshole who seems to loathe everyone – there are signs he secretly wishes that he could feel/empathize for others and that’s the number one thing sociopaths are incapable of.2. Like I mentioned earlier, I didn’t get the point of this book. My feelings the whole time bordered between indifference and vague annoyance – look, I GET it. The dude’s an ass. Tell me something new. 3. The ending was anticlimactic. I was disappointed to see Alexandre fade out in the last part of the book. While I appreciated (view spoiler)[the parts that Jane and Blythe played, (hide spoiler)] I wish Alexandre was an ACTIVE participant in the ending. It would’ve made a much bigger impact with the kind of ending this book had here. This is a book where nothing is definitively black and white. Ultimately, it is your interpretation that shapes how much you enjoy it. I’d say, if you’re intrigued by the blurb and you’re ok with the warnings, try it out! Everyone will have something different to say about the story. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Jaden Wilkes
    2019-04-21 11:05

    Just hit publish and released this little book into the world.I no longer feel as much disgust for Alexandre as I did when I first started writing it. This book was extremely difficult to write because I was so disdainful of him in the beginning. It's funny, I feel like a reporter interviewing a highly distasteful criminal when I write these dark characters. As I wrote his story, more of his inner character came through and I found myself, once again, falling for the bad guy.I guess that's just my lot in life. Not in real life, thank god, Mr. Wilkes is the consummate gentleman...but in literature and television and film I have had a thing for the psychos from an early age. I don't know what that says about me, and I don't think I care to know.Either way, his story is out there. Read it and let me know what you think. Did you fall for this bad boy, or is he beyond redemption? Stalker links:Facebook.Website.Twitter.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-04-11 07:45

    ~3.5 I NEED A THERAPIST NOW STARS~"I know I’m an asshole. I get it. Most of you are probably hitting close on your kindle app right now, but hang in there. I might be a piece of shit but it makes for a good read."-AlexandreTherapist is a semi-dark read with a heavy hand of sensuality and some surprising twists and turns. Alexandre Dane is a therapist who specializes in working with patients dealing with post traumatic sexual events. He spends his days meeting with patients and his nights exploring his own sexual desires. Alexandre has some distinct sexual preferences. He finds great pleasure in dominating his partners and doing whatever he wants with his patients."I love our world today. Everything is so insta-this and insta-that, it seems perfectly natural to invite a total stranger home with you to fuck you silly and leave you panting. It makes it so easy for me."-AlexandreNo one and nothing will stop him from enjoying the dark pleasures he desires. He does not discriminate between male or female only seeks patients partners in which he can maintain emotional and physical control over. Dr. Dane maintains a professional persona. He maintains this reputation meticulously to the point that his personal friends and office mates never suspect what is taking place behind closed doors. Or do they?Therapist is written predominately in Alexandre's POV which is crucial to understanding his psyche. The dialogue is quite funny at times and yet, truly disturbing all at the same time. This author has mastered the art of "brutal description" and I felt conflicted over my feelings for Alexandre. In one breath I was quite turned on and the next, I would be completely disgusted by his conduct and behavior. When a book can evoke such emotional depth, it is more than worthy of a read in my opinion. There is much to be discovered as you begin this journey. Things are not always as they appear to be. Overall, Therapist was an enjoyable read. Although Alexandre's character was well developed (and explored), I would have liked to have had more character development with regards to the supporting characters. Additionally, after finishing the read, I felt like some key elements of the plot could have been better explored. Although I found the end to be interesting and slightly surprising, it felt a bit rushed and without more background knowledge it didn't feel believable. Still, I am glad I invested the time on this read and would not hesitate to recommend it to my dark and demented friends (you know who you are)! “Have a nice life, Doctor Dane. Thank you for everything, and for being a complete dick.”~BR with my Shh... Sisters CC, Loyda, Laci, War & Mer in honor of FADE TO BLACK: “I know you, I watch you, I crave you!”~For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

  • warhawke
    2019-04-10 09:52

    Genre:Dark EroticaType:StandalonePOV:First Person - MaleRating: Alexandre Dane was a successful clinical psychologist who also happened to be a sociopath. Equally good looking and cocky, he thought he was the best in everything and could get away with anything including implementing an unethical method of experimental treatment for on damaged patients. He was fearless with his method and lifestyle, until a mysterious woman known only as Mistress came into his life. She infiltrated his thoughts at all time, disrupting his life with the obsession he had for her even though he knew she could be his downfall. I’ve always been attracted non romantic dark erotica because they could go into the deepest level of darkness – the kind of darkness I prefer. I’m also drawn to fucked up characters and I’m glad that Alexandre was definitely one of them.I like tears. I like humiliating the stupid little bitches I’m fucking.Alexandre was not a likeable character. His believe and behavior was repulsive especially for a professional, but I actually liked him with how he manipulated his patients and how highly he thought of himself. I also love seeing how he interacted with his friends. He reckoned he avoided being weak by shutting his emotions to people around him, so when there was a chink in his armor, he was thrown off course and couldn’t handle it well. I like seeing this side of him.I grasp his head and hold him still, his mouth is open and his gaze is locked on my cock and his eyes are full of nervous excitement.There were some very sexy scenes and one of my favorite was his session with the couple. Hot damn I want to watch that from the first row! And there were also some very disturbing scenes and my favorite was the umm… “popping scene”. That was something haha!“You have been a very, very wicked boy, Alexandre,” she says, her voice still a purr.However, even with all the disturbing scenes, the book didn’t feel dark for me. The appearance of Mistress was a significant event in Alexandre’s life, but Mistress herself wasn’t a significant character.I love reading about his day to day session with his patients, learning his method and their submissions. However I didn’t like the ending – actually more like not impressed with it because I figured it out as soon as there’s a hint what it could be. It took away the surprise. I do however liked the end part of the epilogueTherapist follows the life of a man in a few days journey into the dark hole he put himself in. It was disturbingly sexy and would satisfy your dark needs with mystery and suspense to make you keep flipping the page. ★ ★ ★ (F)BR with CC, Loyda, Laci, Liz & Mer ★ ★ ★Read as part of Captive Of The Dark (F)BR in Fade To Black: " I Know You, I Watch You, I Crave You" TopPick on Shh... Join the darkness: more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

  • CC
    2019-04-13 05:51

    3.75 StarsWhat can I say about this book that won’t include any spoilers?Well, from page one, this book had me hooked. The story is told from Dr. Alexandre Dane’s POV which draws you in immediately! Alexandre is a successful clinical psychologist (and a sociopath) who believes in an experimental treatment of certain trauma patients. It doesn’t hurt that he is quite charming, has arrestingly handsome good looks and speaks with a proper British accent.Alexandre’s depravity certainly knows no limits. His sexual encounters are primal and he does not discriminate - he is open to men and women. There were times when I thought how much further can he take it but I still couldn’t get enough of wickedness. “My fetish is humanity.”In addition to Alexandre’s internal monologue, the secondary characters (Alexandre’s friends and patients) add tension to the story. So many questions were swirling around in my mind! I liked the diverse personalities of these characters - none were perfect and they all had their own demons. At first, Alexandre comes across as an arrogant bastard, but despite his flaws, you still want to read what he will do next! The pace of the story was perfectly executed and I liked how the chapters were categorized by date and patient sessions.The! I appreciated the unexpected twist!The author, Jaden Wilkes, is new to me and I am very interested in reading more of her work. I recommend this book to those who are seeking a thriller/mystery with a side dish of depraved sex! ‘P**Note: This book is not a romance. Do not expect a HEA or HFN! Author’s warning: “This novel contains situations of perversity and dubious consent. It is not a love story, but more of a journey through a few short days in the life of a madman. What you see is not always what you get, reality is altered through his eyes and sometimes there is no happily ever after.”*** This book was a F(BR) with the ladies of Shh…duringTopPick: FADE TO BLACK: “I know you, I watch you, I crave you.”Come join us during the week of 10/26/15:***Special thanks to Loyda, Hawkey, Mercedes, Laci, and Liz for getting some of Dr. Dane’s therapy! ;D

  • Vina
    2019-04-10 04:41

    I loved how the book started.I was so sure that Alex would be one of my all time favorite hero.But then the author had to spoil it all.I mean how the hell am I suppose to know if all along it was really him or if it was just the drug talking.The end didn't do it for me AT ALL.However, this book got me intrigued to read more books with sociopath or Psyco heroes.I was surprised by how much I liked getting inside Alexender's head.

  • Jennifer Kyle
    2019-04-11 06:01

    "He needed inside her with the desperation of a dying man needing a cure. In this case there simply is no cure."I knew I was in for a bizarre ride when I read this quote… ”I know I’m an asshole. I get it. Most of you are probably hitting close on your Kindle app right now, but hang in there. I might be a piece of shit but it makes for a good read. I guarantee I’ll have your cunt dripping by the time you finish our crazy fucking ride.”Dr. Dane is a Psychologist who pretty much believes he is God’s gift to women and actually gets off on his patient’s sexual abusive pasts. Dr. Dane goes as far as to include about eighteen women to his “special studies” where he is with them sexually working though their past pain. "Some in my field might call it rape; some might call it taking advantage of the most vulnerable victims sent to me for assistance. I call it genius."Dr. Dane is completely arrogant and is in constant state of arousal and to boot he seems to be coming unhinged…This story has a great twist that indeed upped my rating to a full 4 Stars. I was oddly entertained (don't judge) by this sociopath but would only recommend this book to fans of dark reads because Dr. Dane’s treatment of woman is pretty deplorable.

  • La-Lionne
    2019-03-31 07:50

    *** 2 tiny stars ***I'm going to quote from a blogpost written by an author last year:"Author should never underestimate intelligence of a reader."I'm so disappointed in this book, because it started on such a high, had such a solid middle and ended on such a low. I was as exited when I started this book, as I was pissed by the time I finished it.I'm not going to go into details summarizing the story. I'll just say that I enjoyed despising the male MC. I couldn't wait to read about the miserable ending he will get. Imagine my disappointment when I found out that he simply faded into the background in the last 10%. The ending was incredibly anticlimactic. It completely ruined the whole story for me. Up until the very last bit of the story, it was a five star read for me, but the ending was so bad, and quite insulting to my intelligence, that I can't give more than two stars.--- SPOILERS ---Halfway through some things started happening that made me all exited. I like when it's hard to predict what will happened and I'm not sure where the story will take me. I had so many theories. I didn't know if it was all in his head or what the hell was happening. As I got closer to the end, things started falling into place, at the same time, I felt like author was treating me like I was stupid and wasn't able to put two and two together, that's why she felt the need to explained to me EVERYTHING. The ending went something like this:"Remember when you read this part in the book? Ha! Nope. It was actually this and this character that did this and this because of this. Remember you thought it was this? Nope. It was actually this and this character that did this because of this. Remember you read that scene? Well, what really happened was this. That sound you read about? Let me tell you... And that day when character felt that way? It was because this or that was done by this or that person for this or that reason."It felt like the last 15(or so) percent author was storming through, trying to explain scene for scene what happened, just in case reader didn't get it. It wasn't subtle or revealed gradually. It was all thrown at the reader at the very end. For such a twisted and dark read there were too many answers given away. Actually, there were no questions left at all. I have a feeling author was trying drop a giant bomb, make it seem like a huge twist, but because of the amount of the information that was revealed, and because of the way it was executed, in so few pages, I felt like author failed and went unnecessarily overboard trying to explain it all. Dude, have a little faith in your reader!The perfect ending would've been one of the characters pocketing a syringe or pills. It would've answered a lot of question while leaving "whens" and "hows" sort of unanswered. It would've been a perfect mind-fuck. Now I sit here thinking "Okay. I guess I should go and play with my Legos now."This book had the most disappointing ending I've ever read.

  • Ilze
    2019-04-10 11:52

    Be warned: this is not a love story, there is no romance in it and it does not have HEA.Alexandre is sick, twisted, manipulative bastard who enjoys other people's pain and humiliation. He is a therapist with 'unique' treatment for women who comes to his office to seek help for their sexual 'problems.' He loves to experiment with the most tragic of his patents. "I like to milk them of their emotions, to feed on their trauma and pain like some kind of vampire, inducing pathos instead of sucking blood."The encounters with his patents were very entertaining for me. Although he was 'helping' his patents for his own enjoyment, they did make a lot of sense. "She’s like a puppy, the more you kick her the less it takes to make her happy."I was completely blown away by this book and I don't think I have ever read anything like this! Alexandre will come across like a total douche, and I don't know what it says about me, but being inside of sociopath's head was pretty fun. "I’m such a smug prick, but I just know what people want long before they do. It’s a gift, the gift of sexual intuition."Alexandre reminded me a bit of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, so I just kept imagining Christian Bale as Alexandre!Anyway, this book is not for faint heart and if you cannot handle situations involving dubious consent, M/M/F, M/M and cruel, heartless bastard, then you should not read this. Lastly, I really enjoyed this mind fuck, and loved that it made me wonder what is real and what's not! If you enjoy pushing your boundaries I highly recommend this! When love is not madness, it is not love. - Spanish Proverb

  • Barbara
    2019-03-26 04:42

    **Trigger warning. This novel contains situations of perversity and dubious consent. It is not a love story, but more of a journey through a few short days in the life of a madman. What you see is not always what you get, reality is altered through his eyes and sometimes there is no happily ever after… You were warned !!!***5 What you see is not always what you get STARS**Alexandre Bane, He is sinfully sexy with a very dark humour , he is a therapist with an unusual treatment for women who comes to his office. The story is told through his eyes, we get an all access to his mind, and what a fucked up mind it is, but being inside of sociopath's head was pretty fun! I was hooked, to his world like a moth to the flame, because Alexandre can´t set you on fire just with his presence, this story is so intense with so many twists and turns that will consume your thoughts and play with your mind!I can't say more without spoiling… It was dark and fucked up but it is an incredible read! Recommended for dark readers....Thanks so much Jahy! <3

  • Arianna✦❋SteamyReadsBlog❋✦
    2019-04-21 06:51

    First I have to say this book just blow my mind!!!Soo...uhm, this was definitely different! If you expect hearts and flowers...just don't. That is not what you will get. This book is not for everybody, but if you have an open mind and enjoy a dark, gritty read, maybe you should consider give it a try.Alexandre Dane is a successful clinical psychologist, one of the best in Vancouver...but, what you don't know is he has his own methods to treat some of his patients, sexually traumatized women. His method is unique and sick and secret. The story presents the problems with his patients, their interactions and is relations with his friends. The first pages were a little boring for me at first, but reading some more , the author got my attention. I didn't know were the story will go, so i didn't have any expectation, but in the end I was pleased and really enjoyed this story.I really liked the premise and the plot line, they are totally intriguing and reading and reading you will wonder what's reality and what's fantasy. Alexander Dane is a great complex character. He is an attractive, charming man who knows what he wants and who will do anything to obtain it.Like a "good" sociopath, Alexandre doesn't have a conscience. He understands what moral behavior is suppose to look like and he understands his action has consequences...but he doesn't care." I've spent years cultivating a certain image, and I wouldn't want some whiny slag to bring it tumbling down..."Alexandre has a small group of friends, some people he graduated with, but he doesn't consider them real friends. He doesn't build real relationships , so he sees his relations with others as games. For him other people are simply pawns to be played. He is a sick manipulative bastard, he sees others as objects, he uses them and after discards them. Egoistical and arrogant, Alexandre Dane he truly believes he is perfect, better than anyone else.Author Jaden Wilkes gives a glimpse inside the main character past as a child, so readers can understand the man who became Dr. Alexandre Dane.The story is told from Alexandre point of view which I find helpful in understanding him and his mind. It was interesting to get into a sociopath mind.The final twist at the end I never see it coming...WOW, just WOW. Overall

  • Lucy
    2019-04-15 06:04

    (view spoiler)[ Therapist or The/Rapist works also as an appropriate title (hide spoiler)]This was so my type of book! It's a mixture of erotica/thriller/horror and I loved every single minute of it. It was outrageous, offensive, funny, and intriguing. The main character, Alexandre, is repulsive but damn it he was funny as hell! I also LOVED the ending! I thought it ended perfectly! This book needs to be read unspoiled so I won't say much more. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Alessandra Torre
    2019-04-05 05:07

    A very interesting anti-hero. I really enjoyed reading about all of his clients and the sexual situations he ended up in. Definitely some dubious consent moments and some demeaning scenes to women. They didn't bother me but might be a trigger for some readers.

  • TORI
    2019-04-06 04:52

    I was really excited when I started this one. I thought I was really in for some dark demented fun.Yeah....that didn't happen.So the good doctor is a little crazy. According to the book he is a sociopath. SociopathA person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.Okay so basically Alexandre is a doctor who specializes in treating women who have had traumatic sexual experiences. Rape, molestation, sexual abuse from husbands, etc. Not all, but some of his patients qualify for his special brand of treatment. Which basically entails desensitizing them to the abuse they've suffered by repeatedly engaging them in it until they enjoy it. Mm...kay.So the first 42% or so he's being crazy and f**king patients. What was once intriguing is now becoming boring. I need some action. Something. Anything. I feel my interest slip slip slipping away....And then I ray of sunshine breaks through. A new character is introduced!....but that falls flat because she disappears and we go back to the mundane. He screws another patient. Has a crazy run in with a friend in his apartment. Runs into a friend that he seems to not know, even though she tells him they meet up for lunch at least once a month. The man has memory issues. He sometimes can't remember if something really happened or if it was part of his imagination. And another thing that bugged me. As I read along I started to feel that Alexandre was not an actual sociopath. A true sociopath is antisocial. Sure they can act like the life of the party when in the company of others, but they avoid being around people unless they have no choice.Would a true sociopath really choose to be a therapist as an occupation? A job where he has to not only come in daily contact with people, but he has to have the capacity to care. To listen to his patients problems. To empathize with them and provide advice. Um...I don't think so. Sociopaths lack the ability to empathize which is one of the most important characteristics a therapist would need to perform their job. I don't was a nice try but fell short for me.DNF at 64%.

  • Eliza
    2019-04-17 08:50

    Title: TherapistAuthor: Jaden WilkesRelease Date:May 19th, 2014Rating: No Rating as DNFDNF. But hang on, not because it horribly written it's the opposite. My weak sensibilities can't hack it anymore.It's impressive how the author up until now kept me reading the story even though I was completed shocked by Alexandre's behaviour. He is down right cruel on occasion. He's excessive in the way that he conveys his sordid imagery, we get the point but it's as if he want to drive home his explicit point.I enjoyed the story for the most part but as we delved further in, it started to change for me. It's written well, the thought is there, the creativity is there. It's the content or rather the content of Alexandre's brain that I can't deal with.I'm the kind of girl that has to work up the nerve to watch a horror film and even then, it's only ever in the daytime. Witnessing people's fear, emotional torment and pain stays with me and I can't easily shake it off, reading this I couldn't help but think of girls like Anna and wonder if there's any happy ending for girls like these.Maybe I'm being a big baby and over reacting but I like my happy endings and I like my MC's with redeemable qualities.I get the feeling I'm missing out on a great story here as I prise my fingers from my pearls, it's a chance I'll have to take.~ Copy provided by Author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you ~FOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK BLOG ON:

  • Elaine
    2019-03-27 06:41

    4 Didn't See That Coming StarsThe Therapist is the sort of book that has you being sucked in and sucked back out again.Alexandre is a Sex Therapist of some sorts. I'm sure his methods are very unconventional, he's not conventional.He has very dark humour and as its told mainly from his POV we can delve into his thoughts.. are they the thoughts of a man bordering on madness or something else. Its hard to say too much without giving the plot away. Its a story that at times seems a bit confusing but stick with it because....I really enjoyed it...

  • Carla ☺Did I Say That☺
    2019-04-21 05:56

    3.5 Holy Shit Stars!!!

  • Steph
    2019-03-27 06:09

    Okay, so I am rating this book two stars because I cannot deny that it was really well written. Also, the storyline turned out to be pretty clever in the end. But I simply cannot rate it any higher because I didn't enjoy it at all. Seriously, not even a little bit. I have read some pretty disturbing shit... I love to push my boundaries as far as possible sometimes, that's just one of the many joys of reading. But this book just made my skin crawl. It made me feel disgusting. There is absolutely nothing to like about Alexandre. He's about twenty sandwiches short of a picnic. Seriously, he's not right in the head! The way he treats his patients and every single person he comes into contact with is dispicable...And the way the book ends just made me want to punch someone. Who the hell are these women... plotting, stealing, lying, drugging, raping, and justifying their own horrific behaviour the whole time.I still feel sick...

  • -y.a
    2019-04-09 11:42

    Is it romantic? NOA love story in there? NOViolent? Not really.Dark and twisted? Yes.At 10%: WTF?!?! Should I dnf this??At 20%: WTF? dnf? It is now or never...At 40%: umm…this is getting more interesting…I don't want to give the spoiler away. The ending is a bit anticlimactic and is tied up too quickly to make it a 4-stars for me. It is an interesting pick if you are game for a dark read.#psychological # only 151 kindle pages #can’t put it down

  • Mercedes
    2019-04-11 09:42

    This book was definitely intriguing and kept me interested but the ending fell flat for me. Alexandre’s story is definitely not a romance story. The format of the story is interesting, we only get to spend a few days with him and some of his patients; he just goes about his business and we get to peek in at what is happening. Women are here to serve men's sexual desires. I believe this from the base of my ball sack to the top of my cerebellum.Alexandre was a character with arguably no redeeming qualities other than the fact that he knew he had no redeeming qualities. I loved that about him. He was sort of an unapologetically awful human being. I enjoy characters who are so terrible you’re not sure why you’re reading their story. Alexandre appeared to be lacking the entire spectrum of human emotions. Sure he was a Therapist specializing in sexually traumatized victims, but that doesn’t mean he empathized with them. He was definitely an interesting character, I was fascinated by his psychological problems. My fetish is humanity, and I want to drain my balls into the sticky, hot mess of feelings that I bring up in the bitches stupid enough to open their bodies to me.The ending of the book left so many things hanging. There were so many loose ends that weren’t tied up. Sometime’s it’s okay to leave things unanswered, what fun is it to have all the answers right? but there were just too many unanswered questions at the end of this. Too many theories and questions and concerns floating around in my head at the end. I felt like the ending was too swift, we didn’t get time to ruminate over the “reveal” at the end. It was just dropped on the reader all of a sudden. And the reveal it’s self seemed like a last minute fix. You don’t see it coming and not in the good way, it was improbable. **Look at all that text below, it's terrifying! You don't have to read it, it's me complaining about things I should complain about as someone with a Psychology degree. Technical problems with the book. Alexandre, who allegedly has a PhD in Clinical Psychology has diagnosed himself as a sociopath. This is not an actual psychological diagnosis. There’s this thing called the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition) it’s got diagnostic criteria and names of psychological disorders. No where in this manual is Sociopathy (or psychopathy for that matter) considered a diagnosable disorder. The symptomatology that leads people to believe someone is a “sociopath” or “psychopath” would probably lead to a diagnosis of Antisocial Personality Disorder. This bothered me so much. And I know, you say someone is a sociopath and everyone will have some idea of the symptoms that go with that, it’s a common term. However, the main character in this book is a mental health professional, surrounded by other mental health professionals, and he also has a clinical disorder, this makes the terminology so much more important! This is such an easy fix, a quick google search would provide this same information. This was my main technical problem with this book. The next would be that Alexandre mentions getting samples of meds from pharmaceutical company reps. These reps would not be visiting a psychologist, he cannot prescribe medications. If Alexandre had been a psychiatrist then yes, he would be able to prescribe medication. I read this book as part of the Sinister Desires anthologyAnother F(BR) with my girls Loyda, Hawkey, CC, Laci, and Liz over on Shh…during this weeks TopPick: FADE TO BLACK: “I know you, I watch you, I crave you.”Stop by to chat dark reads :)

  • ♥Booklish Reviews♥
    2019-04-21 07:51

    Huh. Something about this book seems strangely familiar.I am a sociopath. I know this because I diagnosed myself.I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology from a very prestigious university.I am charming, attractive, and you probably want to sleep with me.I lean in to the mirror and stare at my face, my skin. I can see my pores. I need to exfoliate. I'm a guy's guy, obviously into women more than most, but I like having nice skin. I want to hear this though, the gory details. I want to picture this little simpering cunt down on her knees as her fiance shoved his cock down her throat, chocked her on it like a fucking whore...Once Christian Bale's Psycho character got in my mind, I couldn't finish this. The originality was gone. Both men got a thrill out of beating their sexual conquests. Both were crazy ect.,...Both wanted to maintain a calm, collected demeanor in front of friends, but when alone their demons came out to play...I'm gonna pass on this one. (And any others if it's a series.)The writing was decent from what I gathered and the characters seemed to be well developed, but I just couldn't get past 29%.NOTE: The well developed characters could have something to do with my comparisons to Psycho. It wasn't hard to imagine things once Christian Bale's persona invaded my mind so...

  • Jan
    2019-03-26 10:02

    Freaking Hell!Another insane book!What a sick bastard! What a bundle of freak people!What a crazy author! Now Mrs Wilkes, don't take me wrong. It is a compliment, from a crazy reader.

  • Laci
    2019-04-07 10:50

    *** 3.5 Solid stars ***This one messed with my mind and I liked it. I was so intrigued and turned on by the story that I couldn't put it down. It was a quick hot read, and if that's what your looking for give this a try. Why the 1/2 star you ask, well without giving it away, I can't tell you. You'll just have to read it for yourself.

  • ❃**✿【Yasmine】✿**❃
    2019-04-12 05:45

    Sorry DNFNot my type of book, at all. From the characters to the end. Wouldn't recommend this to romance lovers. For psycho/horror/sex lovers, yes.

  • ~ Stephanie Lynn ~
    2019-04-09 08:41

    Review to come.Twisted Kinky Fuckery!Yep sign my ass up!!Sometime in May 2014

  • Brendy
    2019-04-05 04:57

    4.5 starsI really love a book that messes with my head, when it takes me from hating a character to loving it in one second, when it makes me go allSherlock Holmes in order to realize WTF is actually happening there.I’m not good at writing when I have a lot of things going on right now… (and believe me ..all of them are good things) but it just that I might be in the middle of a hangover right here, right now, and I’m rather writing this review now before I move to the next book.So, the book tells the story of Alexander Dane one of the bestpost traumatic sexual event therapists in all of Vancouver. Who happens to be charming little devilish womanizer who has the whole package: looks, money and confidence adding a bit of kinky and alluring tempting dirty mouth, who of course takes advantage of that and uses it at his convenience going through an infinite parade of women and men in order to satisfies his most basic needs…Women are here to serve men’s sexual desires. I believe this from the base of my ball sack to the top of my cerebellum.Gee!!Really, genius?I like them drunk, but I don’t like them throwing upBut he’s NOT the typical womanizer not at ALL!My fetish is humanity, and I want to draw my balls deep into the sticky, hot mess of feelings that I bring up in the bitches stupid enough to open their bodies to meNow you get why I was fucking throwing daggers with my eyes through my phone and wanting to smack some fucking sense inside his stupid head no matter what???...Come on! He was begging for it!And why his rate of success in that field was almost of 100%? 'cause...I am able to fulfill my urges to hurt and dominate while fulfilling my oath to heal my patiensPff…What a fucking gentleman!!!I know I’m an asshole. I get it. Most of you are probably hitting close on your Kindle app right now, but hang in there. I might be a piece of shit but it makes for a good read.That was soooooo Trueeeee!!!!But I always finish what I start, and by that point I was just considering to read after a cold shower or I’d end up throwing my phone by the window. XDBut as I was reading this, you can actually see that he was sick; I mean he really was unable to actually feel love or even slightest interest upon another human beingShe thinks she can loves me, she wants to take part of her and plant her inside of me, a toxic garden. She wants my heart, but it’s simply pumping my blood, it’s not fit for human consumption. Nothing will grow inside of me, and yet she wants it. That is not good for her.I was on clinical mode around this pointThen looks like he grows a conscience out of the blue and goes paranoid over everything”I am here because you have been wicked. I am here to punish you.”I was all GO TEAM Mistress GO!, he was desperately needing a lesson at that point, that I thought we’d go 50SOG with him , hehe.So from this point on, he tries to go a little bit soft over his practice. But while reading; this happens I live so deeply inside my own head and long to feel so intensely that at times I forget how to simply live, exist in the real world.And I’m finding myself being sympathetic with him.And then I’m fucking blown away!!! A marvelous twist that has me once again saying that WE (women) are the ultimate lethal weapon and we are to be feared!!! I really can’t say more or I’d end up giving you the whole book away. And besides if you ever considering on reading this one…. Oh God it totally deserves you go to it without further information, or you’ll end up ruining everything you could actually find out by yourself.I love this book, I love twisted characters that are desperate for some kind of redemption, even if they’re not aware of it. I’m always fascinated of mind games and how this develops under different circumstances, and how one can actually learn a lot from it. Like trying to perk your eyes inside of one person’s territory and figuring out their most dark and hidden secrets. It’s just a thrill.The book is amazingly well written with a huge doze of dirty talk, some little MM, BDSM, threesome, and well just simple sex in every way Alexandre can imagines. But given the background, I was more focus in his persona than rather in everything else he was doing with his low section, even thoughthere goes no one page where he’s not talking about his activities, ‘cause really! the word fantasies doesn’t apply here.We go through the whole list of Alexandres’s patients the ones that were needinghis special treatment and we come to see girls and women with every kind of disorder or problem.Actually It wouldn’t bother me the thought of recreating the events of each one of them in a secure enviroment in order to heal them, but knowing that the idea was not out of their minds but rather his, and with some other twisted purpose… that really bothered me. We get to see daddy issues, submissive issues, sexuality issues, rape issues, low steem issues and surely some more that I just can’t recall right now.I also find some beautiful quotes that I would totally be making them into a tattoo if it’s not that I like my tattoo to be small and delicate so not sure I’d go for a quote.She feels slippery and unsteady, like walking along a delta when an earthquake hits. One moment the ground is hard beneath your feet, the next it has turned to liquid and you find yourself buried neck deep in the earth.REVELATIONDo not envy the wicked, do not desire their company; for their hearts plot violence, and their lips talk about making trouble.-Proverbs 24.A hell of twisted and good ride.

  • Yael
    2019-04-08 11:09

    “I know I’m an asshole. I get it. Most of you are probably hitting close on your kindle app right now, but hang in there. I might be a piece of shit but it makes for a good read. I guarantee I’ll have your cunt dripping by the time you finish our crazy fucking ride.”In-freaking-deed! It was so intense with so many twists and turns. I was gripping the edge of my reader so tight, I never knew where the plot was going. I loved how this book kept me on edge since the beginning. First of all, I have to say there's NO romance, HEA or redeemable heroes or heroines. If you're a lover of the dark and twisted this is definitely for you. Meet swoon worthy Alexandre Dane: self diagnosed sociopath."Six and a half feet, trim muscle, cleanly favoured and imperially slim and all that. Women tended to go for my bright blue eyes and dark hair, a contrast that startles them and sets off my classic good looks.”The story is written in Alexandre's POV and diving into the mind of a sociopath wasn't easy, at all. Alexandre is an unconventional therapist who devised an alternative treatment for women who are dealing with post assault trauma. He has created this façade where he is surrounded by the right people, always at the right place and charming personality. What you don't know its that he feeds his fetish by under covering his "willing victims" shame and emotions. "My fetish is humanity, and I want to drain my balls into the sticky, hot mess of feelings that I bring up in the bitches stupid enough to open their bodies to me.”"I like to milk them of their emotions, to feed on their trauma and pain like some kind of vampire, inducing pathos instead of sucking blood.”He is cruel, depraved and one of the most complex characters I've ever read. It wasn't up until more than half the book that I could understand what was happening. I enjoyed too much how I never knew what else to expect from him. I could'nt help to think about Patrick Bateman (American Psycho) interpreted by Christian Bale with all his morning exercises and skin care routines. Then, there comes a twist and he has this "moments" where he just blacks out and doesn't remember what he did or said. I had to skip a few sex-scenes (be warned: theres m/m/f, m/m, m/f). I was searching for something short, action filled and fast paced that would suck me out of my "book limbo" and this one definitely did!