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Terry Tyler’s ninth published work is a 36,000 word novella, i.e. between a third and half as long as a full length novel. Four Valentine cards – from four different men! Sophie Heron’s fortieth birthday is looming, and she is fed up with her job, her relationship, her whole life – not to mention her boyfriend’s new ‘hobby’, in which she definitely doesn’t want to get invoTerry Tyler’s ninth published work is a 36,000 word novella, i.e. between a third and half as long as a full length novel. Four Valentine cards – from four different men! Sophie Heron’s fortieth birthday is looming, and she is fed up with her job, her relationship, her whole life – not to mention her boyfriend’s new ‘hobby’, in which she definitely doesn’t want to get involved… Back in 1998 she had the choice of four men, and now she can’t help wondering how her life might have turned out if she’d chosen differently. The person to whom Sophie had always been closest was her beloved Auntie Flick, her second mother, friend and advisor. Before her death in 2001, Flick said, “when I’m up there having a cuppa with St Peter, I’ll have a word with him about making me your guardian angel, shall I?” As Sophie’s fortieth birthday draws near, she visits her aunt’s special place: a tree by a river, hidden from the world. Here she calls on Auntie Flick to show her the way forward – and help her look back into the past so she can see what might have been…...

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  • Elaine
    2019-04-25 22:44

    I love this brilliant, delightfully different novella! Most folks seem to panic and reevaluate their life choices as significant birthdays approach and, in this case, Sophie Heron’s fortieth birthday is going to prove to be more significant than most! If only we could all have guidance from an Aunt Flick, a personal guardian angel, to show us the future results of our choices to help us make ones that promise long term happiness . . . Sophie looks back on the choices she made and reconsiders what she wants and who she wants to be with in future.It felt like Sophie is a personal best friend, having a chat to tell me about everything, valuing my opinion and trusting me with secrets from her past and dreams for her future. It was an enthralling read, showing the potential impact of choices made in the past on the present and future well being of individuals. The author is highly skilled at making it easy to empathise with Sophie and to feel her angst and turmoil at life and the choices she has made and is facing now. . . . . and the ending is brilliant!I have no hesitation in highly recommending this superbly entertaining, well written page turner to anyone who enjoys stories which grip your imagination and take you into the life of a character at a significant turning point in her life. I will definitely be looking out for more stories by this author in future and wish to express my sincere thanks to her for gifting me an ecopy of this book in exchange for this, my honest review.

  • Dianne
    2019-05-21 14:49

    We’ve all done it, looked back and wondered if one simple decision would have made us happier, wealthier, more exciting, on and on. For Sophie, her moment of questioning her decisions came as she closed in on her fortieth birthday and she wasn’t particularly thrilled with the paths she chose throughout life. What if she has chosen a different man? Where would her life be? Her confidant and dearest aunt, Flick was her sounding board, but Auntie Flick has passed on, leaving behind their favorite place to talk and share things. In that special place, Sophie still returns to “talk” with Auntie Flick and somehow, she finds her answers. Is that a vow from her aunt to always be there? Is she Sophie’s guardian angel of sorts?Sophie’s life has been led hoping someone else will give her happiness, more than temporary happiness, but forever happiness. Will she finally learn the need for creating her own? Will she always need Auntie Flick?Told with humor and heart, Round and Round by Terry Tyler is a delightful read, a little dark sometimes, humorous at others, while being a “coming of age” for our late blooming Sophie. Ms. Tyler digs in and creates a woman we can all relate to, maybe finding a bit of her in ourselves at times. We could all benefit from an Auntie Flick to show us what could have been every once in a while, especially when the perfect scenarios you create in your mind grow a few warts in reality! The lesson? For me, it was life is what you make it, go with your heart and mind and do no harm. The journey through the unknown is an adventure in itself, but before you leap, take a look at what may be below you!Terry Tyler has created an entertaining read that is both thought-provoking while still fun!I received this copy from Terry Tyler in exchange for my honest review.Publication Date: July 22, 2014Publisher: Terry TylerGenre: Women's FictionPrint Length: 136 pagesAvailable from: Amazon

  • Jenny Twist
    2019-05-04 15:25

    Sophie Heron is not looking forward to her fortieth birthday. Her life is in a rut and now it’s too late to do the things she wished she had done. She harks back to 1998, the year she received four Valentine cards and wonders whether she made the wrong choice. Then something happens to show her how each of the others would have turned out. She is convinced it is her beloved Auntie Flick communicating with her from the other side. This is a theme which has always fascinated me – the alternative universe, other dimensions – and Terry Tyler seems to have a knack of choosing themes that grip my imagination. I have been a devoted fan ever since I read her first novel, You Wish, and I look forward each new story coming out. She has never disappointed me. If you enjoy a great plot, wonderfully realistic characters and flawless prose, you are in for a treat when you discover Terry Tyler. Incidentally, I’d love to know whether MagiSlim really exists.

  • Zoe Saadia
    2019-05-15 19:51

    A fan of this author's works, which I read quite a few by now, I picked 'Round and Round' with high expectations, having fallen in love with it's cover the moment I saw it. This calm, warming sense of the perfect, sunny afternoon out there in the country - did it make me long to be out there too!Well, the story itself fit the cover as perfectly. Sophie and her 'magical' tree that Aunt Flick had left for her behind, after passing away, promising to watch after her beloved niece no matter what. The story flowed in this exact pace, not too fast and not to slow, in a perfect accord with Sophie's character, and with my preference as a reader.Sophie is a reserved, introvert girl, one of these people we meet quite often, interesting, deep, but not a doer, not a type to get up and do things. She prefers to go with the flow of her life, to drift along. Good friend, good partner, good lover, good worker - a positive type. Even when it comes to her passion, a stage play, something she seems to be quite good at, even talented, she hesitates, feeling it safer to drift with her amateur local theater instead of trying her luck out there. Even when her life accelerates all of a sudden in her mid-twenties, trowing many great possibilities her way, the crazy year of four Valentine cards, even then, Sophie keeps on drifting, undecided, keeping herself and everyone on edge, not taking a plunge. But that's her. The author rounded her character so well, I never found myself questioning her deeds or decisions. It was like watching a friend's life. Sophie was Sophie and that was that.But then....Oh my, did I love the unexpected twist this story took! Not one but many. At one point I stopped even trying to guess what would happen. I just went with the flow, and such exciting ride it was! Those four Valentine choices, they kept haunting not only Sophie. I was as obsessed with those, with the question what would have happened - such a classical question.It was a wonderful read,one of those books that leave you perfectly satisfied with the ending, yet at same time it makes you longing for more. You don't know what exactly this 'more' means as everything ended just like it should have, at the perfectly fitting accord, and yet, and yet...I supposed it means that I would do myself a favor by by picking another book by this author.

  • Scatterbooker
    2019-04-24 18:25

    Round and Round is just a short read of 136 pages which will really make you think. Sophie is nearing her 40th birthday, which prompts her to reflect on her past and all of the things that might have been but never were. In 1998 she had received Valentines Day cards from four men and she is convinced that she made the wrong decision all those years ago. Her Auntie Flick pulls some strings from beyond the grave to help Sophie to create a happier future for herself by examining her past and what might have been.I thought that the idea behind Round and Round was very thought provoking. I’m sure most of us have a few moments on our past that we realise now changed everything. Imagine if we were able to see what might have happened if we had made a different choice!Originally posted at

  • Rosie Amber
    2019-05-14 22:44

    I have a special interest in the afterlife, so this book hit the spot for me. Sophie Heron is fast approaching her fortieth birthday and the future looks bleak. Aunt Flick who died a few years ago said "I'll always be with you" and Sophie visits her special Angel tree where she talks to the departed Flick.She reflects on her own life. Looking back to 1997, the year her friend Tallulah introduced her to a new slimming programme. The weight she dropped was fantastic, it gave her a confidence boost, a new job and four Valentine's cards. One card from Chris White, safe, stable live-in partner. Another from Sebastian Charteris, posh-boy artist who understood Sophie's creative side. The third was from Neil Raines, assistant Director at the theatre where she acted and the fourth was from Kieran Greenleaf, a musician who lived a carefree life in a VW Campervan.Choices, choices, Sophie looks back longingly to that time when she had a choice of four men and wonders what life with each one would have been like and did she make the right choice? Aunt Flick moves in mysterious ways and I did have to smile when reading several chapters of this book, I was sat in my tiny garden and a pair of pigeons decided to join me. They sat extremely close to me on the fence and as I read of Sophie's adventures they proceeded to kiss and cuddle. Pigeons, I believe mate for life and these two looked particularly content. Find out if Flick answered Sophie's pleas of "Help me" yourself in this lovely book.

  • Alison
    2019-04-29 14:34

    Sophie is feeling less than satisfied with her life and with her boyfriend who has developed an interesting new ‘hobby’ - one that she wants no part of. As her fortieth birthday approaches, Sophie thinks back to 1998, the year she received four Valentine’s cards and the year she had to make a choice - but did she make the right one? Feeling alone, now that her beloved Aunt Flick has died, her best friend is miles away and her mother is as being as judgemental and unhelpful as ever, Sophie questions her decisions and wonders what might have been. But Aunt Flick isn’t about to let a little thing like death prevent her from helping Sophie find the right path.I’m a complete sceptic about things like life after death and guardian angels, but I found myself thoroughly enjoying this lovely book. Sophie is a great central character - I really cared about her and felt her frustration as she struggled to come to terms with the regrets she had about what might have been. Supporting characters are well drawn and believable - they develop along with Sophie. The romance isn’t sugary sweet and there are plenty of laughs too. I recommend ‘Round and Round’ - having only read Terry Tyler’s short stories before in ‘Nine Lives’ (recommended too) I was impressed by this book and will definitely be reading more of the author’s novels.

  • Judith Barrow
    2019-05-12 14:28

    Round and Round is yet another brilliantly clever novel by Terry Tyler. I can’t get enough of her books; somehow they keep finding their way to the top of my ‘to be read’ pile.As usual, the narrative slips seamlessly along taking the reader into the world of the protagonist, Sophie Heron, fast approaching her fortieth birthday and looking back at her life. Each chapter focuses on different aspects of her choices. It’s a thought provoking read of ‘what if’The characters are skilfully drawn with many facets to their personalities; something that is done in all this author’s book. And the dialogue differentiates each one. Enough said; if the characters come to life for me, a story works. Even the elusive Aunt Flick, long gone but still a magical, guiding presence in Sophie’s life, is believable; don’t we all have times when we think ‘what would …. have done?’ Add your own name there – bet it’s true for all of us. Whether Sophie heeds the advice, is something to be discovered by the reader. Brilliant plot-line, great sense of place, skilful writing. Satisfying!! One for me to thoroughly recommend

  • Vanessa Wester
    2019-05-02 18:37

    Ever since I read "You Wish" by Terry Tyler I have been hooked on her style of writing.I read Round & Round quickly and I loved the twists & turns, as well as the clever, well thought-out ending.Sophie is constantly tormented by the "what if" - but, decisions once made are hard to change. The thing is, would she really have been any happier? Is life ever perfect? Her aunt has the power to help her make decisions... Yet, Sophie has to change her life on her own! Courage is the best lesson learnt! Four valentine's from four different men - who should she choose, who will make her happy? Does a man ever complete a woman, or do we have to find the best way for us, and not let the man make our decisions? Find out... And see if you would have done anything different! I have no idea what I would have done...If you have not read any of Terry's books you really should.

  • Jenny Worstall
    2019-05-19 18:43

    Well-written, entertaining and with a touch of magic - a great read, thoroughly recommended.My favourite sentence: 'The elephant in the room was growing almost tangible, so much so that Sophie wondered if she should lay a place for him at dinner.'

  • E.L. Lindley
    2019-05-10 17:32

    Round and Round by Terry Tyler is a novella with a hint of paranormal but its roots are firmly fixed in real life. Tyler raises the question of self-determination versus fate and in so doing reminds us that life is to be cherished as it comes with no guarantees. Tyler’s protagonist, Sophie Heron is staring down the barrel of forty and faced with the realisation that her life hasn’t turned out the way she expected it to. Not all writers enjoy both skill and popularity but Terry Tyler manages to secure a foot resolutely in both camps. One of the reasons why her books are so appealing is the way in which she creates characters who we can all relate to. Sophie Heron is every woman, she’s dealing with authentic issues such as insecurity and uncertainty that we all, at some point in our lives, experience. Tyler has a real knack of being able to describe the everyday in a way that allows us to connect with it and live it along with her characters. Round and Round is the third Terry Tyler book that I have read and each one has been infused with her warm, gritty humour. There is a light-heartedness to them which belies the series issues that are simmering beneath the surface. Round and Round is no different and readers are invited to reflect on the way, for most women, confidence is directly linked to appearance, especially weight. There’s also the loneliness and sense of loss that is inevitable as we get older and friends disperse. Most of all though Tyler asks us to contemplate what it is that makes a relationship healthy and enduring? Tyler’s power as a writer lies in her ability to make it seem so effortless. In Round and Round, she adopts a conversational tone that draws the reader directly into the story, we can almost hear her warm, husky voice narrating it to us. The sheer readability of Tyler’s novels, however, shouldn’t distract us from the expert control she wields over the novella’s form. Employing a Christmas Carol style technique, she allows us to see Sophie’s life in the past, present and future and, in less assured hands, the story might not have flowed as naturally as it does. What I like most about Round and Round is that, at its heart, it is an uplifting but cautionary tale urging us not to take our lives for granted. Sophie does not have the confidence to go after what she wants and throws in her lot with four men, each of whom represent something different. Tyler uses the men to highlight how the characteristics we think are important aren’t always the ones that make us happy. Lust, excitement, money and stability will only get us so far and true happiness maybe comes from friendship, acceptance and understanding. The brevity of Round and Round makes it the perfect introduction to Tyler’s style and I have no qualms in recommending this or any other of her novels. She is a safe pair of hands, who comes with a guarantee of an entertaining, thoughtful and relevant read.

  • Geoffrey West
    2019-04-27 17:21

    This is a feelgood book that makes you feel really goodSophie is an ordinary girl, a bit on the plump side, jogging along in a fairly dull life with her boring boyfriend Chris. Sophie has a gloomy, pessimistic mum, who tries to erode her self esteem, warning her that reaching the age of forty is a miserable milestone. But luckily Sophie has also got a bright and adorable Auntie Flick, who is wholeheartedly on her side. Two things happen: Sophie loses weight, and her consequent surge of confidence allows her to accept promotion at work, and also to begin an affair with a handsome man, who has all the charisma and style that dull Chris lacks, and also to meet other potential suitors as well. And then Auntie Flick dies. Going into too much details might spoil the story, but Sophie’s love life becomes vastly complicated, and she faces tough choices. Auntie Flick, from ‘the other side’ is able to outline to Sophie how her life will pan out according to the decisions she makes, in various fascinating ‘alternative realities’ projecting how her life would be, depending on which life partner she chooses. 'Round and Round' touches on all kinds of things, some of them fairly challenging. Is the future set in stone? What is fate? And just how far can you control your own personal destiny? Most important of all, how do you know if you’ve made the right choices in life? The fact is, you don’t, you never know, you just make the decision that seem right at the time and muddle through as best you can. But the joy of this book is that Sophie is allowed the magic luxury of hindsight, thanks to Auntie Flick’s paranormal interference, and, luckily, I can reveal that eventually Sophie’s life becomes happy and fulfilled, despite plenty of hiccups on the road to get there. I liked Sophie. I liked Auntie Flick. And I felt sorry for the sad fact, that, for everyone, your happiness or otherwise often depends largely on the life partner you choose to accept or reject – and that’s not even considering the people you might or might not meet, which again depends on the things you choose to do, or where you choose to live. Is everything really as random as it seems, or could it be that there is some guardian angel guiding each and every one of us towards happiness? I like all Ms Tyler’s books, she’s never written a bad one, but I especially liked 'Round and Round', because everything works out so neatly and cleverly, and it’s so enjoyable. This book makes you think, it gives you plenty of laughs, it’s a bit sexy (but certainly not offensive or explicit in any way), but most of all it makes you happy.

  • Elizabeth Lloyd
    2019-05-01 21:47

    Have you ever wondered what might have happened if you had done things differently, taken that job abroad, studied harder or married your first love? Well in Terry Tyler’s new novella, “Round and Round,” heroine Sophie does just that. As she approaches her dreaded 40th birthday she looks back sixteen years and wonders whether she made the right choices.I warmed to Sophie very quickly. She is trying to make the best of her life but indecision in the past and the loss of her greatly loved Aunt Flick cause her to question her way of life. Looking back to 1998 when she had lost weight and made advances in her career, it seemed as though she would have a golden future but there were four men in her life and she couldn’t choose between them.But this is not a lightweight romance. The story is set in the modern world, with concerns about career, home and family. Sophie’s mother Alana is an embittered, abandoned woman who wants her daughter to settle down with a reliable man. In contrast Flick is a woman of the 1960s who talks about karma and auras. She takes Sophie to the Angel tree, a special place where all cares disappear and life seems clearer.The four suitors; cheerful, affectionate Chris, handsome, artistic Seb, carefree Kieran and Neil, the friend who shares her interest in the theatre, are believable, well-drawn characters who gradually change over time as their lives progress. Sophie is not naturally promiscuous, she is aware that each of them offer her the possibility of a happy, fulfilling future and she doesn’t want to hurt any of them; or herself.What makes this book different is the way in which alternative life paths are shown. It raises the question, are we entirely responsible for the way our life turns out? And if things go wrong can we do something about it? Of course a little bit of magic or help from a guardian angel is always useful.

  • Suze Lavender
    2019-05-22 19:45

    Sophie's almost forty. According to her mother things can only go downhill from there. Sophie wonders if she's right. She doesn't like her life at all. Her relationship with a man she doesn't really love turns into something she hates, because of his new interests Sophie wants to stay far away from. Since her best friend moved abroad she doesn't really have close friends who are around. She misses her aunt Flick now more than ever. Her beloved aunt was like a second mother and when she died Sophie was devastated. Her aunt promised to guide her before she passed away. Sophie wonders if she's made the right choice. In 1998 she received four cards on Valentine's Day, which man would have been mister right? Sophie and her aunt shared a special tree and Sophie is spending a lot of time there to think about life and the decisions she's made and has to make. Will her aunt stay true to her word and guide Sophie so she will steer her life in the right direction this time?Round and Round is a story about important choices. What would or could have happened if they'd handled things differently is something a lot of people are often thinking about. Terry Tyler writes about that topic in a beautiful way. Aunt Flick is a wise person and she's there for Sophie all the time, she's a constant presence and I liked that. Sophie has to make a choice, she can't spend the next years in a relationship that's going nowhere. Her fortieth birthday is around the corner and if she wants to be happier something has to change. I loved reading about the way aunt Flick helps her to make her see and do things. Round And Round is such a great story, it's symbolic and it broadcasts several important life lessons without ever becoming obtrusive, which is really clever. I think Terry Tyler has written a fabulous story and I'm glad I had the chance to read it.

  • Valerie Poore
    2019-04-29 14:26

    As someone who has to read an awful lot of dry, factual and scientific papers for my work, I sometimes get a hankering to be entertained by a book that just takes me to another world.This was one of those occasions. I've just spent the evening reading Round and Round after a day of grading tedious papers and I just loved it. It was precisely what the doctor ordered. As always with Terry Tyler's work, this wonderfully esoteric story is beautifully written. It is also very well paced and totally compulsive. It could have been chick lit, but Terry Tyler, being the writer she is, has avoided that by weaving some serious relationship issues as well as hints of the paranormal into the story that will have many readers wondering about their own lives.The blurb summarises the book well, but the pivotal point in the story - the year Sophie has to choose between the four who have sent her valentine cards while she is trying to come to terms with her less than happy situation - means that all the possible scenarios she might have opted for continue to haunt her in day and night-time dreams for years. This is of course until fate (or perhaps even Aunt Flick) presents her with a very un-dreamlike and real solution by pushing her into a situation that forces her to make some decisions. Sophie is charming, real, human and flawed and we can all recognise the reality of her dilemma.And as for the heavenly Aunt Flick, I loved the way she kept trying to remind a rather obstinate Sophie about what she really wanted in life. I also liked the way the romantic outcome was not the clichéd solution we would usually get in romance novels. As I've said this was just what I needed, and the ending was - well - simply magic. Just the best read I've had in a goodly long while. Thanks so much Ms T!!

  • Storm
    2019-05-16 15:32

    Sophie Heron's 40th birthday is fast approaching, and she is taking stock. Sophie is filled with deep regrets of a life wasted and potential unfulfilled. She is desperately miserable with how things have turned out for her – and is torturing herself over the decisions she made to bring her life to its current point. One day, 16 years ago, she was faced with limitless opportunities... did she choose the wrong path?In a 'It's a Wonderful Life' meets 'Mr Destiny' sort of scenario. Sophie is treated to some very vivid experiences of how life might have been, had she made some different choices, walked a different path; and I felt genuinely gutted for her when some of these parallel worlds that she visited were in fact a whole lot better than 'real life'. Round and Round is yet another treasured Terry Tyler creation in my collection. This was a delightful novella again showcasing Tyler's talents for creating real, likeable characters with 'real world' problems. Focusing on the what-ifs and never-weres that I'm sure everybody considers at some point in their lives; Tyler delivers an authentic account of the human condition, in an enjoyable and endearing way. With no lengthy build up to events, you are immediately drawn into Sophie's world; and although each chapter has its own focal point, they all blend seamlessly together to reinforce the bitter-sweet message – things may not always turn out how you would have hoped, but the powers that be have got your back!Many thanks to the author for providing this book for review

  • Kerry Burnett
    2019-05-14 22:47

    Many thanks, first of all, to Terry Tyler for sending a copy of Round and Round for review. Life begins at forty? Not if you listened to Sophie Heron’s mother. After years of listening to her mother declaring that it’s all downhill after hitting the big four-o, she was dreading the big milestone. After losing weight her confidence rocketed. Her relationship with Chris is steady, apart from a fling with his ex, and she is promoted at work. Her job takes her away from home through the week and she meets a variety of new people.Valentine’s Day 1998 sees Sophie receive four Valentine cards. Who should she choose? How can she make this choice? Auntie Flick of course. Sophie’s auntie promised on her death bed that she would always be watching over her as her guardian angel. Now she needed her more than ever.Years later, with her relationship with Chris on its last legs, she has a series of dreams. Dreams that show her how life may have been had she made a different choice. As a big believer in fate and guardian angels I loved this book. The twist at the end made it all the more believable. Terry’s talent for writing about believable characters in believable situations really shines through in this book. Let’s face it we’d all like to think there’s someone watching over our every move and guiding us through life. This is a great weekend read if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary with a twist.

  • EatSleepReadReview
    2019-04-25 18:44

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review. An intriguing tale of the paths that life offers. What if you could go back and see the results of each path? That’s exactly what happens to Sophie on the days running up to her fortieth birthday. Seemingly trapped in a loveless long term relationship, Sophie is reminded of the time in her life when she received four Valentine cards from four different men. At that time, she had a choice to make – which man was the man for her, which man could provide a stable and solid future? But is stability really the path to choose or the cowards way out?With the help of her deceased Aunt Flick, Sophie gets to see exactly what each choice would have resulted in. What ensues is a beautifully crafted read of chances lost and a fate sealed. I thoroughly enjoyed this novella. Terry Tyler’s animated writing sucked me into the story and there I remained until the final page, reading the whole thing in one sitting. Her charm and wit had me laughing and left me with that good kind of warmth that can only be found by reading a truly satisfying tale. As soon as I started reading I was reminded of Sophie Kinsella, because Terry Tyler’s style closely matches hers. This is a delightful and light little read that relaxes and charms and I will certainly be reading more from Terry Tyler in the future.An easily achieved 5/5

  • Cathy Ryan
    2019-05-11 16:41

    4.5 starsA very apt title for this novella for, as Sophie’s discontent and unhappiness with the way her life is unfolding grows, the thoughts of what might have been are swirling round her head. With all her choices, had she made the right decision all those years ago? The ‘what ifs’ are questions most of us would, at least, give a passing thought to from time to time. It’s fascinating to accompany Sophie as she is indeed looked after and helped by her ‘guardian angel’ as she tries to work though and sort out her life.Anything with even a hint of the paranormal is a hook for me and I loved the way Sophie was shown the different potential consequences of her possible choices. Ultimately though, the only one who can make the turnaround is the person themselves. It’s quite thought-provoking, the many different ways a person’s life could turn out based on decisions taken.The characters are sympathetically written and engaging and I couldn’t help but sympathise, especially with Sophie’s dilemma. Brilliant ending. And wouldn’t it be lovely to have an Auntie Flick in your life. A great story.

  • Georgia Rose
    2019-04-28 15:50

    I was ever so slightly apprehensive about reading this book as I tend to steer clear of anything of a paranormal nature but I needn’t have worried. Tyler gives that side of things a light touch as she tells us about the choices Sophie Heron made in her earlier life that, on the run up to her fortieth birthday, she starts to think about more closely. One Valentine’s Day, 15 years ago, Sophie received four cards from four different men and had to choose her way forward and, facing difficulties in her current relationship, she wonders if she made the right decision.This came across as a very realistic story as I’m sure there are times in all our lives where we have thought back to the decisions we have made and wondered if we had done the right thing. Fortunately for Sophie she has her Auntie Flick to guide her in both seeing what her future might have been had she chosen differently as well as subtly pointing her in the right direction now. Don’t we all wish we had such a guardian angel!This is a wonderful story told very well, as I have come to expect from this author and I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys well written romantic tales.

  • Nicki
    2019-05-22 17:42

    Great short novel about a woman nearing her 40th birthday and wondering if she made the right choice in her romantic life. Via her much loved deceased aunt Flick, Sophie gets a preview of what might have been. Though it sounds far fetched, it's actually quite sweetly done - I found it easy to suspend my disbelief as I was just enjoying reading how things unfolded so much. I loved how it was as easy to see what Sophie saw in these guys, only to have it torn away by reality. For example, Kieran. How attractive did his lifestyle seem? Free, no work, no mortgage, travelling around with a gorgeous musician..........SPOILER.....................Oh, he lives in his mothers yard seven months a year plugged into her power. Of course he does! Supposedly safe Chris and his swinger lifestyle. Shudder. Maybe not....I also really liked the relationship between Sophie and Flick. Who wouldn't want an aunt like that. My only complaint is it wasn't longer!

  • Maria
    2019-05-19 17:28

    Another wonderfully imaginative and entertaining book from Terry Tyler. I always enjoy this author's books.Round and Round is similar in theme to her novels "You Wish..." and "The Other Side", similar but completely different!It has the wonderful magical quality of You Wish and the 'Sliding Doors' type of story like The Other Side.Sophie Heron is approaching her 40th birthday and is miserable. She's unhappy in her relationship and this makes her wonder how different her life would have been if she had chosen a different man. Back in her mid-twenties she received 4 Valentine's cards one year. If she'd chosen one of the others Would she have been happier?Round and Round explores: the ups and downs of modern relationships; friendship; choice; fate; intuition; and guardian angels! There are lots of true-to-life characters in this engrossing tale.

  • Karena Marie
    2019-05-13 18:23

    Once again, Ms. Tyler has delivered an excellent read! The magic of Terry Tyler's writing is that although you may or may not identify directly to one of her main characters, she definitely captures the unique nuances of the intricate and delicate relationships portrayed. You can see and relate to a piece of ourselves in her characters circumstances and from different points of view. In Round and Round, the story is relate-able in that we have all looked back and wondered 'what if I did something different than the path I took?' This story explores the different possibilities and potential outcomes. As when reading her other books, the time flies by until you suddenly reach a very satisfying ending!

  • Brenda Perlin
    2019-05-25 16:35

    Round And Round by Terry Tyler is a comfortable read. Easy to fall into the storyline  and get glued to the mystery that this tale holds. I found this to be an amusing book and even pretty insightful. The writing is clear enough that the scenes come alive on the pages and the characters are realistic, likable and compelling in their own way. An enjoyable escape that entertained me all the way through.Quote ~"Over and over and round and round her mind went, thinking about that brief time fifteen years before when she'd stood in the middle of the crossroads, and selected the wrong path."

  • Bodicia
    2019-05-06 18:35

    The question of ‘what if?’ has got to be one most of us have asked ourselves when we look back at our lives, especially our relationships. In this novella, Terry Tyler explores this question very thoroughly through her main character Sophie. It’s an interesting thought for all of us!As Sophie reaches a point in her life where her discontentment at where she has arrived outweighs her joy in life she remembers her Aunt’s promise and visits their special place by the river. Asking her late Aunt Flick for help, Sophie finds out exactly how things might have been and it’s not all as she imagined it would be.Terry has written another excellent story here, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • Mary Rowen
    2019-05-11 15:46

    It's almost 1AM and I should be in bed--busy day tomorrow--but I couldn't stop reading Round and Round! Such a wonderful, insightful, interesting, and ultimately unpredictable story. I should also note that I'm not normally a fan of books with any element of the paranormal in them, but this one grabbed me and wouldn't let go. Terry Tyler is a skilled writer who knows her characters--all of them--and paints them in three vivid dimensions. A really lovely piece of work, and one I'd recommend to anyone looking for a compelling, unique read.

  • R.C. Matthews
    2019-05-14 18:40

    This was a quick read that I truly enjoy. The writing is straight-forward and the storytelling simple, but it held my interest throughout and I really wanted to know how it all ended. Who doesn't have those moments in their life when they wonder 'what might have been' if they's made different decisions? But what I took out of this book was that things happen for a reason and your decisions guide you where you ultimately need to be - even if you can't see it at first. Lovely story.

  • Shelley Wilson
    2019-05-20 20:31

    I rarely read romance novels, opting for fantasy over real life any day, but Terry Tyler's novel Round And Round has converted me. I could relate so much to Sophie as I often over think my dreams (& life!) It was Auntie Flick who won me over, she is my kind of person and gave me my little fantasy/supernatural fix to make this a perfect read. Wonderfully woven storyline with a cast of adorable characters.

  • Mandy Baggot
    2019-05-14 14:38

    A really good read. Real life mixed with a spiritual/paranormal element which adds lots of interest and intrigue. It reminded me of Sliding Doors with a similar theme set around how your whole life can change if you make one different decision which doesn't seem important at the time.I really enjoy Terry Tyler's writing style and you can relate to all the characters. Recommended.

  • Eunice Pangiochi
    2019-05-19 16:48

    Great bookThis was a great read. There were times that this book made me go back 15 years and think about my decisions. I agree with Sophie 40 is the new 30's. This is a good tread for any age. I read it in one sitting. I could not wait to read the outcome.