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"Let me worship you with my body."Blythe hungered for his caresses, knowing only time and sweet seduction would win the hardened heart of Roger Debrett, Earl of Eden, the man she'd marriedto save him from hanging for the murder of his first wife. She knew with her druid's instinct that they'd loved each other forever and that they were meant to be together, even when Roger"Let me worship you with my body."Blythe hungered for his caresses, knowing only time and sweet seduction would win the hardened heart of Roger Debrett, Earl of Eden, the man she'd married—to save him from hanging for the murder of his first wife. She knew with her druid's instinct that they'd loved each other forever and that they were meant to be together, even when Roger vowed to annul their marriage once he found the real killer. Roger's blazing eyes devoured her, even as he spoke words that hurt. His touch burned even as he denied its power. Now Blythe prepared to conquer her husband—body and soul...Roger Debrett owed her his life. He tried to see her as the sweet child he remembered from long ago, but reality struck—with ebony hair, violet eyes, and a body he was driven to possess. He couldn't afford to love. Yet even as a killer stalked his every move, he was consumed by Blythe, the innocent temptress who stood in harm's way......

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My Heart's Desire Reviews

  • Jaci
    2019-04-10 08:00

    originally read this book when it was first released in 1996. Blythe has loved Roger Debrett all her life. When he marries another woman she is devastated. Blythe has inherited her mother's gift of the Druids Instinct. Her mother tells her that Blythe and Roger are meant to be together, but just not at this time. Five years later Roger is accused of his faithless wife's murder. and sent to the Tower. After 3 months in the Tower there has been no new evidence but the Queen cannot release him without a public outcry, so her Courtiers come up with a solution. Marry his mentor's daughter Blythe. Roger agrees so that he can get out of the Tower and find the real killer to clear his name. He vows not to touch Blythe so she can get an annulment and marry someone closer to her age. He remembers her as a young child of 13 and is stunned that she has grown into a beautiful woman.He is determined to resist her and not consummate the marriage. Blythe will have none of his plan, she loves him and will do anything she can do to convince him that they belong together., even put herself in danger to find the villain to get her happily ever after. This is a beautiful story that is magical, romantic and mysterious. Court intrigue abounds with danger and betrayal. I adored this book when I first read it and I loved it again in it's re-release. Blythe and Roger are meant to be together, the Goddess says so! The unveiling of the villain will be a surprise that you do not want to miss!!

  • Katie
    2019-03-23 04:51

    I finally found this book! I was hooked from the preview. Yet another fabulous Majordomo. I loved him, and the fact that he was related to Richard's Majordomo. Miranda and Brandon are amazing and hilarious. Daisy and her husband were funny and endearing. There was a lot of distraction cider passed out too, lol. I liked a lot of things about Blythe; Her business sense, more fornicating numbers in this installment, her sunshine and bell, like her mother :), and her persistence and upbeat attitude. I loved her druidism. Patricia Grasso is a pleasure to read. Her descriptiveness gets me every time, as does her humor. I don't think that there are any other books about Keely and Richard's children, but I'm glad that she picked Blythe and Roger to write about. It was good to see the extended family again. Catching up with Bliss in Elizabeth's court for a while in this book, more bumbling relative villains, and an awesome brother round it out... The scene with Sir Walter Raleigh and the padded cod piece really cracked me up.

  • M.A. Levi
    2019-04-05 05:08

    This is the first book I have ever read from this author and as a fan of Johanna Lindsey, Catherine Coulter, Nora Roberts and other famous authors. She is put at the top along with them. This book was interesting and wonderful. With all the twists and turns, this book was full of comedy, insight, hope and of course my favorite true love, The eagle and the Butterfly really soar high with the love they share. The characters are spunky and this book just really grabs at you. Wonderful...just wonderful :)

  • Tracy Emro
    2019-04-07 23:55

    *I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher. I am voluntarily leaving my review*4.5 starsPlease Note: I did not read this book when it was first released in 1996 - this book has been revised and re-released for 2016. I have no idea what revisions were made, so if you are reading this review, please be aware that it is for the 2016 released version.Patricia Grasso is a hit or miss author for me, as another reviewer pointed out, she likes to throw in mistresses, illegitimate children and man-ho heroes - none of which appeal to me. So, I either LOVE the book or I HATE the book. I LOVED this book - mistresses and all!Blythe has loved Roger Debrett, the Earl of Eden forever, she believes that they have loved each other in many lifetimes and are meant to be together. On her thirteenth birthday, she is heart broken when Roger announces that he is going to marry Lady Darnel Howard. Blythe confesses her love to him and tells him he will regret marrying Darnel. Five years later, Roger does regret his marriage. And when his wife is murdered, he is the prime suspect and sent to the tower. Blythe's father proposes a solution - marry Blythe and he will be released from prison and can find the real killer. Roger has no desire to marry again - but he misses his daughter and wants to clear his name. He agrees, but plans to annul the marriage once his name is cleared.Blythe can hardly believe her dreams are about to come true and is taken aback by Roger's coldness. She knows Darnel hurt him and tries to be patient, but his constant coldness towards her is starting to wear her down. When she seeks advice from her grandmother - I actually laughed out loud. Blythe is a kind, loving woman, I loved the way she handled Roger and the love she freely gave to her step-daughter. Even when she is dishearten by Roger's rejection of her, she never gives up on him. I had a hard time putting this book down, I was enthralled! I wanted to smack Roger for his treatment of Blythe, but I also understood his aloofness and his fear. I could have done without the mistresses, but they did serve a purpose in the book and he stayed faithful to Blythe, so they didn't bother too much. I loved the magical aspect of the book, Blythe's gift and her devotion to her druid beliefs was refreshing change of pace from the typical HR without making this a paranormal read. The ongoing mystery of who killed Darnel was well done and while I did have an idea of who the real killer was, I was still a bit surprised at the end, even though I was right about who the real villain was. Overall this was a great book, set in Elizabethan England, it has some magic, some steamy scenes, a mystery and some laugh out loud moments. My only complaint about the book was the constant incorrect use of formal address - it also got a little confusing as the author not only got the title incorrect, but proceeded to call them by variations of the incorrect title. I would happily recommend this book and even though it is part of a series, I had no problem reading this as a stand alone title.

  • Mary
    2019-03-31 02:12

    So many ins & outs to the story, but I loved it! Blythe has loved Roger Debrett, Earl of Eden since she was a girl, but when he marries another, her hopes are put on hold. Roger finds that his lovely wife freely spreads her favors around Queen Elizabeth's court, but when she is found dead, he is accused of her murder and is imprisoned in the Tower. The only way for him to get out of the Tower and find his wife's killer is to marry the daughter of his mentor, Blythe, his childhood friend, but Roger is determined to never again give his heart to anyone.Mix in Blythe's role as a Druid and fun minor characters as servants and it makes for an excellent story.

  • Janet
    2019-03-23 01:59

    Lady Blythe Devereux has always loved Roger Debrett, the Earl of Eden, Queen Elizabeth’s soaring eagle. She thought he was going to profess his love on her thirteenth birthday when he gave her a necklace but he married Darnel. Blythe knows with her druid's instinct that they are meant to be together. Five years later fate deals Roger a cruel blow when he’s wrongly accused of murdering his wife Darnel & he’s taken to the Tower of London. In order to secure his freedom so that he can uncover the truth, Roger is forced to marry Blythe, the beloved eldest daughter of one of England’s most powerful and favoured men, Richard Devereux, the Earl of Basildon.With his heart hardened against love, Roger tries to see Blythe as the young girl he'd known years earlier, but her seductive beauty, warmth, and charm, entice him at every turn. Roger doesn’t trust women thinking they always Have an ulterior motive for the things they do, however he soon realises Blythe is different. She has a loving nature & treats Roger’s daughter Miranda like her own. They are invited back to Queen Elizabeth’s court at Hampton Court where an unseen killer stalks them & tries to kill Blythe. Roger needs to catch a killer. He realises that Blythe is his heart’s desire.A very enjoyable book although it is part of a series is could well stand alone. The plot is well paced & I wanted to keep on reading to find out who the killer was & also for Roger & Blythe to have their HEA. The characters are well rounded. I’ll certainly be reading more of the authors booksI voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book

  • Shelby
    2019-04-05 08:13

    This book is pretty fantastic. I'll freely admit to strongly disliking Roger from around chapter 2 straight through to very nearly the end of the book. I wanted to shake him at times even though I did understand his hesitations. Luckily, Roger being a jerk does not take anything away from the wonderful storyline or the extremely well thought out characters, even his own.My Heart's Desire is as rich in detail as it is in history. There is nothing that can compare to opening up a book so well written that the author is able to transport you back to a time in history that you previously knew very little about but are now able to fully participate in thanks to their keen attention to detail and masterful story telling. I was a little sad to find out (this is only my 2nd Patricia Grasso novel) that this book doesn't follow Richard and Keely Devereaux, like Love In a Mist, since I loved them so much but it was pretty great to be able to meet their children and see Roger, the little page boy, all grown up. Patricia Grasso has turned me into a fan for life with the Devereaux series which is the perfect blend of romance, historical fiction, and mystery. I can't wait to see what she has in store for her readers next!

  • Nicole
    2019-04-19 05:16

    I received this book from net galley for an honest review. Thank you!!This book was enjoyable. The author wrote rather well and I liked some of the descriptions she used to describe various scenes. We meet Roger and Blythe, the main characters of the story. Roger is several years older than Blythe, but she already loves him. When Blythe turns 13, she learns Roger will marry a woman and she tells him he will regret it. And eventually does, but he has a daughter from her. When Roger's wife is murdered 5 years later, he blamed and the only solution to remove him from prison is to marry Blythe, who is no longer a child. She loves him so much and some of the scenes broke my heart with how "cruel" he was to her because of his past experiences. In the end love conquers all and Blythe makes her presence know by bringing hope to all those she comes across. Roger realizes the true depth of his feelings towards Blythe. This book also has a little mystery to it, but the killer is a little bit obvious. If you enjoy romance, some mystery, and some magic, you will enjoy this novel.

  • Vicki Highley
    2019-04-17 04:59

    Roger Debrett, Earl of Eden has broken Lady Blythe Devereux's heart when her told her on her thirteen birthday he was to marry Darnel Howard. She told him he will regret it and he does. After five years of marriage Darnel is strangled and he is blamed, to prove he is innocent he agrees to marry Lady Blythe. I loved the way Lady Blythe tricks him with the marriage contract and the running of her companies. She stills loves him and is willing to stand by him no matter how he treats her. The solving of his first wife's murder is the most important thing, he needs to clear his name to protect his standing in Queen Elizabeth I court. I also loved that I could catch up with Lady Blythe's parents. But you do not need to read Love in a Mist, but you should it is a wonderful series that takes place in England in the 1800's.

  • Lisa
    2019-04-11 07:00

    You can find more reviews Mademoisellesnow BlogI found that you could read this book stand alone from the series and would still be able understand the story. Roger doesn’t trust women after his first wife and when he married Blythe he treats her quite cruel at times. To be honest, I understood his reasoning’s but I really didn’t like him all that much in the beginning. I enjoyed the pace of the book and it was an easy read for me to and from work. I really wanted to continue reading to find out who killed Roger’s first wife and who was still looking to kill him. I enjoyed the twists and turns and the characters were well developed. I’d be interested in reading the rest of the series.

  • Gail
    2019-03-26 06:15

    A historical romance story filled with suspense. An interesting story filled with twists and turns that keep you guessing all the way to the end of the book.