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Book Description Publication Date: February 25, 2008 Valerie Bertinelli, then: bubbly sitcom star and America's Sweetheart turned tabloid headline and rock star wife. Now: actress, single working mother of teenage rock star, and weight-loss inspiration to millions. We all knew and loved Valerie Bertinelli years ago when she played girl-next-door cutie Barbara Cooper in theBook Description Publication Date: February 25, 2008 Valerie Bertinelli, then: bubbly sitcom star and America's Sweetheart turned tabloid headline and rock star wife. Now: actress, single working mother of teenage rock star, and weight-loss inspiration to millions. We all knew and loved Valerie Bertinelli years ago when she played girl-next-door cutie Barbara Cooper in the hit TV show "One Day at a Time," and then starred in numerous TV movies. From wholesome primetime in America's living rooms, Valerie moved to late nights with the hardest-partying band of the decadent eighties when she became, at twenty, wife to rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Losing It is Valerie's frank account of her life backstage and in the spotlight. Here are the ups and downs of teen stardom, of her complicated marriage to a brilliant, tormented musical genius, and of her very public struggle with her weight....

Title : Losing It: And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time
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Losing It: And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time Reviews

  • Ken
    2019-03-10 07:28

    Celebrity biographies can be enjoyable if they reward the reader with bits of insight and honesty about the writers life. We're looking for something that we haven't heard before and stories that make them more human/real. Valerie Bertinelli offers us an incredibly candid story of her life (so far) that runs along the thread of how she handled weight gain. This book was actually loaned to my wife but as a Van Halen fan I scanned it for annedotes on the Rock and Roll lifestyle and ended up reading the whole thing. Of course, having a teenage crush on Valerie didn't hinder my interest either. She packs a lot into this little book. It seems as though she covers just about everything from sex, to marriage, to drugs, to weight gain, to..well you get the idea. Her writing is straightforward and painfully honest. We also get another side of the Van Halen break-up that was not published in the music rags. Overall, an impressive memoir. If we could all clean our closets this way, the world might be an easier place to live in.

  • Mary Beth
    2019-03-02 03:14

    I remember as a child watching One Day at a Time and my family sitting around the TV watching the show. Barbara was my favorite character on the show, since she was a huge Elton John fan. Later, I remember hearing the band Van Halen and being blown away. In high school I had a huge crush on Eddie and had my locker covered in pictures of him. When I found out that my favorite actress and favorite musician married, it was like the "best of both worlds". Valerie's writing in this book is like she is just talking to you. She comes across as a normal everyday woman, who like me, has battled her insecurities and her weight. The battle isn't easy and her marriage to Edward was difficult but they both love their son dearly. Eventually Valerie had to leave Ed, his demons had finally become too much to cope with and Valerie had to find herself.She writes openly and honestly about her life. She comes across as funny and sincere and genuine and most importantly she comes across as a loving and devoted mother who deeply loves her son. Though Jenny Craig she lost weight and found herself. She inspirer me to go on Jenny Craig and years of trying fad diets and nothing working. It isn't easy but I feel the pounds starting to fall off.In the end, the is the first book I've given five stars to because it touched me and made me think and for that I thank the author.

  • Tara D-K
    2019-03-01 03:33

    LOVED. THIS. BOOK. I went to her booksigning and waited on line for 2 hours- it was that good. I read it in two days. It's just so down-to-earth and honest. She comes off as a real person and very likable. She tells it all- nothing vague.

  • Jamie
    2019-03-18 09:24

    The full title here is Losing It: And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time by Valerie Bertinelli. Yes, that's right. I read an autobiography by Valerie Bertinelli, she of One Day at a Time fame, countless made-for-TV movies, and a marriage to a certain Van Halen member. Let's chalk it up to expanding my horizons and stepping outside my usual reading comfort zone.And actually, it's not a particularly BAD book. Bertinelli tells her life's story (so far), following what I can only assume is the typical celebrity autobiography template: she talks about her parents, her roots, her childhood, her coming of age, the train wreck her life becomes, and how she stepped up to pull things back together and be happy (and thin). All through the narrative is the theme of her obsession with her weight, and she sprinkles numbers throughout that serve as both measures of her weight and sign posts to various crises in her life. Personally, I'm surprised that she could remember with such precision how much she weighed 20 or 30 years ago, but apparently she was obsessed with that kind of thing.The most interesting parts of the book were the early chapters where she talked about her childhood and how she broke into acting through a stumbling start with a few commercials and eventually landing her role as Barbara Cooper on One Day at a Time. The middle part of the book where she describes juggling a TV acting career with a doomed rock star marriage was actually pretty boring, and only served to make me realize that I'd actually rather be reading a biography about Van Halen. But Bertinnelli really only lived on the periphery of that story, so we got very little gossip or insight there. The last 20 pages are so are dedicated to her joining the Cult of Jenny and becoming a spokesperson for the Jenny Craig weight loss system.The book isn't helped by the fact that Bertinelli isn't a particularly great writer, though I've certainly read worse. The theme of how her weight related to her self-esteem provided a common thread to all parts of the story, but personally I got pretty sick of hearing numbers tossed around and all the constant "BLECK! Jalapeno cheddar poppers! I WAS SO FAT! Jordan almonds! AAACK!" At times it felt less like a real story and more like the extended script for that Cathy comic strip I used to always think was not funny as a kid. She also breaks off into non-sequeter screeds against poparatzi and George Bush that seemed to come out of nowhere.So, on balance the book wasn't bad, but it's the kind of itch that could probably be scratched by watching any random episode of E True Hollywood Story or possibly VH1 Behind the Music. If you're there for some kind of personal insights or triumph, you're going see them coming far before Bertinelli gets them, and get tired of them well before she's through with you. If you're particularly interested in her as a person, go for it. She seems like a pretty nice person and I was left feeling glad that things seem to have worked out for her.

  • Lennie
    2019-03-10 04:09

    In this memoir, Valerie Bertinelli describes her life as a Hollywood actress as well as her 20-year marriage to Eddie, the guitarist for the band Van Halen. At one point, it seemed like she was living a charmed life but the truth was that she was miserable. During their marriage, she fought with her husband about his drinking and the extramarital affairs he was having and their fighting both wore them out. In the end she felt like she couldn’t compete for attention with his rock-n-roll lifestyle. She turned her misery into a reason for eating. Food became a solution to her problems. As a result, she gained weight and was horribly depressed. Then at the age of 47 she decided to join Jenny Craig and it changed her life. This book is about her journey that started with a diet and how in the process of losing 30 pounds, she was able to stop hiding and face all her problems and finally like herself which is what she really wanted the whole time. I grew up watching One Day at a Time, the TV sitcom in which Valerie Bertinelli played Barbara Cooper and I am also a fan of Van Halen music so I really looked forward to this memoir. I enjoyed reading all about her celebrity life and what famous people she dated or were friends with. While I admit that I was in it for the Hollywood gossip, I do appreciate the serious tone of the book when it came to discussing the challenges she faced in her life and I admire her for opening up about her self-doubts, insecurities, and mistakes. It’s nice to see that through hard work, discipline, and faith she was able to get through those rough times.

  • Amanda
    2019-03-14 05:31

    Maybe I missed most of this because she is from my mom's generation. I felt like I did at the end of Eat, Pray, Love-- get over yourself already! I appreciate her battle with weight and how she was able to retrospectfully examine her eating habits and attitudes. That is true for a lot of women. But I felt for the rest of the book it was all about how when she did drugs and slept around, it was justified (she admitted it was wrong, but then justified it) but when her ex-husband did it, that was horrible. I find it hard to feel sorry for someone who has made a good living on television and can't feel too sorry for someone who finds herself divorced and not sure how she will provide a life for her son when she has a huge house both in LA and in Park City. When you married one of the biggest rock stars at the age of 20 and had already been dating a 24 year old when you were 16, what did you think would happen? I think my main problem with the book is that my bio father looked and carried on the same lifestyle as Eddie Van Halen. It's almost eerie. I just can't feel sorry for her for that many pages, maybe that is why I didn't appreciate the book as much as others. I wanted to be inspired in my quest to loose weight, but all she said about it was that she was sponsored and put into a program where she had more resources than I ever will. I probably won't make it to the tai-bo gym with Billy Blanks or a Beverly Hills self affirmation seminar.

  • Jen
    2019-03-16 04:24

    There are pros and cons to this one, and I am not sure that the pros outweigh the cons enough to recommend this book. Also, to be fair, I really don't think I read this book for the right reasons. Originally, I was more interested in the rock and roll gossip, and not Valerie Bertinelli's story. Then, over the course of the book, I did become more interested in her journey. Towards the end, I was really rooting for her. I liked the brutal honesty in which she describes her life. I also appreciated that the book was not about a bitter divorcee slamming her ex husband and telling the world how difficult her celebrity experience has been. Rather, she did an exceptional job journaling her path with humility and humor. I think that Valerie is very brave to be so objectively honest. I found some negative aspects about this book, too. The biggest obstacle, in my opinion, was that the writing style was very simplistic. I really felt her lack of talent as a writer throughout the book. I understand that Valerie Bertinelli is not known for her writing aptitude, but I felt that she could have used some help from a professional writer/co-author. It was hard for me to stay engaged in the actual story, because the writing style was so weak. If pressed to give a recommendation, I would say that the story is interesting and worth suffering through her modest skill as an author.

  • Suzanne
    2019-03-13 07:31

    I'm not sure it's fair to judge someone's perspective of their own life. It is exactly what it is...their story to tell. I found it interesting that she spends the entire book relating her life to her issues with food and weight but skimmed over her drug use as if it were no big deal, as if "easy come...easy go". It took me a very long time to read this book. Not because I didn't enjoy it. I enjoyed reading while I was reading but once I put it down it didn't call for me to pick it back up. I was hoping for some wisdom or insight in her journey with food/body issues but wasn't satisfied. Having a diet company approach you to be a spokesperson and sponsor your way through the program isn't something I can relate to. Overall her story is interesting and I got the feeling that if I had the opportunity to sit down and visit with Valerie, I would like her.

  • David Jay
    2019-02-19 11:22

    Proof, were it needed, that I will read just about anything. And in the world of celebrity autobiographies, will not only read anything but will enjoy it as well!I have always loved Valerie Bertinelli,(I never missed an episode of "One Day at a Time")and she comes across in her book pretty much the way she always has on TV. Written with real warmth and honesty (tons about her difficult marriage to Eddie Van Halen and really written from a place of kindness), I found her struggles with compulsive overeating and obsessing about her weight to be very easy to relate to. I was worried the book would be one long Jenny Craig ad but the diet plan doesn't even get mentioned until the last section of the book. An enjoyable read for fans of Valerie. Mackenzie Phillips, your book is calling...

  • Sandy
    2019-03-22 11:17

    I wanted to like this book, I really did. I always was a fan of Valerie Bertinelli so I was sure I would like her book. Honestly it is one of the worst books I have ever read. It reads like a high school diary. Bertinelli spends most of the book name dropping and blaming everyone she can for her feelings and her overeating. Her experience with the Jenny Craig program is saved for the very end and is incredibly vague. She went on the program and with seemingly no big hurdles or stumbling blocks loses the weight. So does her boyfriend! So does her mother! No mention though of her son's obvious weight problem. This book is not insightful or insprirational it is published to make money off the Bertinelli/ Van Halen / Jenny Craig names and offers nothing worthwhile.

  • Janie
    2019-02-19 06:08

    I'm being generous with two stars. I suppose if you are interested in hearing about a star's life, you might enjoy this book. I didn't choose it because of the star but to hear about her weight loss, yet I found I couldn't bear it anymore. Maybe if I finished it I would get what I wanted out of it, but I felt my time would be better spent somewhere else.I had to create a shelf and marked this as "Abandoned." But it is hardly "Read."

  • Gina
    2019-03-18 04:20

    For some reason, I thought by the title and blurbs on the cover itself that this book would be about her journey in losing weight. Not so. Most of the book was about feeling heavy her entire life and yoyoing with dieting (or cocaine) and her dysfunctional marriage to Eddie Van Halen. It wasn't until the last few chapters that she spoke of her Jenny Craig experience. It was an okay book- just not what I expected.

  • Cooksonmom
    2019-03-07 09:18

    Valerie Bertinelli seems to be the kind of person I would like and hang out with. Her weight loss story had as much to do with food as it did the things in her life that kept her eating...and eating and eating. I read this book in less than 24 hours, I passed this on to my MIL and she will be done with done with it in less time than that! Great, fun read.

  • Kellie
    2019-03-03 11:22

    I enjoy reading about the lives of actors told from their voice. One of my vices. There is really no literary value by reading these type of books. I like to read about celebrities lives, especially those that were in shows back when I was a kid. I always have a picture in my mind about what this person is really like. The books put it in perspective and confirm whether I had the right picture or not. With Valerie, I was close but not right on. I always viewed her as a girl who seemed to have her act together, wholesome and true to herself. I also thought her marriage to Eddie Van Halen had to be good because it lasted for so long and I never heard anything bad about it. Well, Val was pretty straight but I was surprised to read that she did cocaine and pot as a teenager. Definitely not as hard core as MacKenzie Phillips, but enough to taint the wholesome characteristic. She was insecure like any other teenager. But more so because of her weight issues. I appreciate her honesty about her weight and her issues with it through out this book. She was asked to try out for a part in Friends. I think it was Ross’s ex wife. She didn’t even try for it because she was so intimidated by the skinniness of Jennifer, Courtney and Lisa. Amazing. Her marriage to Ed was rocky from the start. They cheated on each other and he had a severe drinking problem. She was angry about his substance abuse all through out their marriage until she couldn’t take it anymore. I think this is one of the better autobiographies I’ve read. It read more like an honest life story without the frantic drug abuse littered throughout MacKenzie’s and Tatum’s. Valerie is also an avid reader and is a member of a bookclub. Some one I can relate to. I heard she has come out with another book and I would probably be interested in reading this one as well.

  • Debra
    2019-03-16 09:25

    To be honest, I didn't know much about Valerie Bertinelli other than she'd married Eddy Valen and stared in One Day at A Time back in the 1975's-84's. But I have to admit I wanted to read her book. I'm about six years older than her, but when her show debuted I was in my heyday 20's and the memories are strong. People used to mistake me for her TV sister, Mackenzie Phillips.Plus, I have an interest in rock and roll marriages. I mean, how do they handle women throwing themselves at their husbands? In Bertinelli's case, maybe through food.Her obsession with food is showcased in this book. Apparently she was made fun of by everyone, including parents.To be fair, it isn't easy writing a book about oneself and being totally honest--but unless one is totally honest, one shouldn't write a book. The book plods along in a boring and predictable manner for someone married to a rock God. Losing It shakes out to be nothing more than a very elaborate and boring advertisement for Jenny Craig.Van Halen is framed as an abusive, addict and drunk, sleeping around, unable, or unwilling to pull it together for his wife who eats her way through a floundering marriage only to find herself in motherhood.Some skeletons should stay in the closet.Though the book is about emotional growth, I didn't see total victory. Up until the last pages she's still talking about her insecurities and telling her weight--down to the numbers, and then she mentions that she's now attending an eastern religion church. And then she's quoting them as knowing truth. I groaned.But of course....

  • Lauren
    2019-03-01 04:34

    Valerie Bertinelli is a TV star who grew up in front of the cameras. From child star to teenage sitcom queen, Valerie has had a long history of fame, but all that time spent in front of the cameras has its drawbacks. Her public divorce and weight gain, splashed on the front page of the tabloids, left serious scars on her self-esteem that took her years to erase. In this, her first memoir, Valerie recounts how she became a child star, the struggles she faced in the public eye, and how she gradually regained control of her life after a series of personal and public set-backs. I had seen Valerie Bertinelli for the first time on Hot in Cleveland and instantly liked her. Knowing she had a long history in front of the cameras, I was interested in reading a book that discussed how she has made a lifetime career in entertainment. While I enjoyed hearing more insider stories about Hollywood celebrities and information about how a sitcom is made, I don’t think I was the intended demographic of this book, and I couldn’t relate to a lot of stories about her crumbling marriage and struggles to raise her son as a working mother. I enjoyed hearing from Valerie because I genuinely like her as a person, but I don’t think the book was as meaningful for me as it would be for someone in my mother’s generation. Actually, having recently told my mother some tid-bits from the book, she asked me if she could borrow it. So, all-in-all, as celebrity bios go, it wasn’t bad, but I definitely think someone in their 40’s or 50’s would probably appreciate it more.

  • Mediaman
    2019-03-21 03:35

    This actress is nothing like her on-screen image: she is a super-liberal, raunchy, immoral celebrity who doesn't think her cheating on her husband is a problem, nor does she think her taking volumes of illegal drugs is a problem, nor does she apparently think allowing 14-year-old boys to drink is a problem. What does she think is a problem? Weighing more than 120 pounds! The book is filled with her exploits of having lots of sex with various people, including cheating on her husband a few times. She also mentions her cocaine and marijuana usage as if it's normal. Worst is how she seems to have no problem with her husband being raised by parents who allowed him to drink as a child, and her own teenage son hanging around drug-taking rockers. A role model she's not. Then she has the audacity to slam Republicans, Christians, women who choose to keep their babies instead of aborting, and others that don't match her liberal causes or New Age spirituality.But she does think weighing more than a model is a problem! Her book constantly mentions her struggle with her self-image and eating. The problem is that it's the most boring part of her story. Instead of analyzing her years on drugs or why she so hypocritically condemns her husband's own drug use, she keeps coming back to her love of food and desire to look thinner.This is a very disappointing book that should get one star but she does offer a few behind-the-scenes stories of One Day At a Time that make it worthwhile for those looking for some TV history. Otherwise skip it.

  • Katherine Coble
    2019-02-19 10:14

    Absolutely dull. I dont read celeb bios for the dirt on fleeting sexual encounters--not that there is much of that here--or the name dropping. I read them to find out what it was like to work on a hit TV show for a decade. What it was like to be a child with a highly lucrative and intense job and what it is like now that those days are in the rearview. This vapid volume glosses over those details, and instead gives a seemingly endless litany of Bertinelli's poundage and pant size at every major occasion in her life. "and then I was in this TV movie and I weighed 108lbs and wore a size six."You get less from this book than you'd have gotten from a sheaf of People Magazine articles. Unless what you are truly looking for is a sappy love letter to the Jenny Craig weight loss program. Then you're in luck. Part of my gripe with this book--aside from it being a thin Wikipedia account of a minor celeb's life wrapped around a commercial for diet food--is that I abhor women who define themselves through their children. And Bertinelli does that in spades. It was frankly uncomfortable to read the endless gushing over her son, whom she appears to love more than both her husbands and her waistline from the seventies. Just not a good book on any level.

  • Elaine
    2019-02-26 04:32

    I have always been a "fan" of Valerie Bertinelli and enjoyed reading her life story. She always had a squeaky clean reputation but opened up in the book about her own drug use and heavy drinking. I liked her honesty. She was also honest about her overeating and weight gain which she did when she was emotional and stressed. Her marriage to Eddie VanHalen was rocky from the start and affected her well-being. She wrote respectfully of friends and family who she could have shone in a bad light but rather took responsibility for her own short-comings 241 - ".. you either contribute to a relationship or contaminate it. It's your choice."pg 245 - Time is our most precious asset, the dumbest thing to 261 - To my delight, the 12s were too big. I poked my head out of the dressing room and said, "Oh Tom, can you get me some 10s?" When some of them were also large, I wanted to knock on all the other dressing room doors and say, "Sorry to bother you, but these 10s were too big on me. I'm now going to try on a few 8s."Pg 265 - It's none of your business what other people think of 272 - When you're busy blocking out difficult emotions and feelings, you're not going to feel the good stuff, either.

  • Wendy
    2019-02-27 05:32

    I have always liked Valerie Bertinelli, and this book didn't change my mind about that. There's always a surprise in store in an autobiography, and this one is replete with them. Barbara Cooper did drugs? Had premarital sex? Wasn't raised strict Catholic, as I had understood? Was impulsive and insecure, and had terrible body-image issues? Well, who knew? I remember being surprised when her split with Eddie Van Halen was announced, after more than twenty years of marriage, but having read this, I'm only surprised they lasted as long as they did. Val doesn't dish on anyone but herself - Eddie's substance abuse problems were a matter of public record by the time she wrote this (or perhaps ghost-wrote, based on the acknowledgments) - and she's honest about herself, her actions and motivations, her fears and worries, her joys and loves. I feel like I got to know Val pretty well, and I like her even more than I did before I started reading. There's a follow-up to this book, called Finding It: And Satisfying My Hunger for Life Without Opening the Fridge, and I've acquired that one, too.

  • Reannan
    2019-03-16 06:35

    While reading this book was enlightening I felt there were portions left out. I'm going to be honest, I expected more dirt. In my mind there are two reasons celebrities write biographies: money and to set some record straight. There wasn't any real drama with Ms. Bertinelli. The book is called "Losing it" for a reason. I get that. It is more about her weight struggle and less about her life. I appreciate celebrities letting us girls in on the pressures of Hollywood. In my opinion she glosses over her life. She was married to one of the most notorious guitar players. I expected more about that. In some ways, I respect that she kept most of that stuff to herself but still's a biography. We're in a society that loves celebrity gossip. *SPOILER ALERT* Once I got to the Jenny Craig chapters I skimmed the rest of the book. I appreciate her success with that diet. However, I don't suspect I will ever be able to afford that diet. Once again, the title of the book is really what this autiobiography is about. I gave it three stars because I didn't really finish the book and although the title isn't misleading I still expected more.

  • Susan
    2019-03-10 05:32

    I switched to this autobiography from Valerie Bertinelli and found it to be an interesting insight to one of the people who I enjoyed watching on TV when I was younger.You could almost say we grew up together as she is only a few years older than myself. We spend our time watching celebrities on tv or in movies, but we really don't know who they are at all except for what we see on tv or in movies. Who they are in that realm is not who they really are in life at all. This book really proved that. I always wondered about her marriage to Eddie Van Halen, why she only had one child, and if those stories about rock stars were true. This story is an enlightening look inside that world and into her life. I read it because I wanted to learn about her relationship with food since I m struggling with similar issues as she. It was good to see that despite different upbringings, we weren't that too much different in our thought processes when it comes to food. It gave me hope that I too, one day, will be able to overcome my demons with food.

  • Jo (Bloomin'Chick)
    2019-03-20 08:26

    picked up 2/27. so far very personable! conversational reading! started last night (2/29) and am more than 90 pgs into it already!update: (3/4) finished! a very easy, interesting, relate-able read! her writing is very conversational and i could hear her voice in my mind as i read. i've also had relationships w/musicians (infamous & not!) & relationships that i lost myself in trying to force them to work, i'm now over weight (for me) for the 1st time since grade school & i've always had self image & self confidence issues. i've always loved her (since watching her on one day at a time!) and having so much in common with her only makes her more likeable! what i like about it is that she's honest about her feelings & things that were happening in and around her life without being trashy, crude or disrespectful and i give her credit for that - it takes a lot of class to write about her problems with herself and her marriage like that when i'm sure someone somewhere in the publishing world wanted her to be more racey about her relationship with eddie vanhalen.

  • Jackie
    2019-03-20 07:08

    Mixed Review - Agonizing and Inspiring. I was hoping for more of what I found in the last chapter or two of this book but, after some consideration I realized the journey of getting to those last few chapters and what it took for Valerie to finally get there was the point. Becoming, a child bride and a child actress was not an easy road to take. It may have taken a looonnngggg time to realize life wasn't working out as she had hoped but, Bravo for finally facing the truth and moving forward. It's difficult to say I liked this book because who would have liked to live a life of torment and self-doubt but, I will say I "Get It" especially in the last few chapters but, you'll have to take the journey with Valerie to get there too. I will like to say less, much less of Edddie VanHalen and more of Valerie but, that I believe is how she is living her life now. Like a lot of women who put themselves on the back burner now she is it should have always been. And I am intrigued enough to read Finding It. Thanks Valerie Bertinelli for putting it all out there.

  • Mary
    2019-03-12 09:23

    Wasn't sure what to expect when I picked this book. I thought it would be a lot of Jenny Craig blah blah blah, but no it really wasn't. Valerie mentions Jenny towards the end of the book but very little throughout the book. She talks about her struggle with her weight through out her life. Being with what her career is, I can understand why she was always concerned about her weight, I kept shaking my head whenever she would say she was "fat" at 160, 170. Sad that the pressure of being an actress has this affect on women. But on the other hand, I did find it comforting to know that someone famous talks openly about their struggles with weight. It's the same kind of stuggles your average Jane goes through. I was please that she spoke openly about here ups and downs in her marriage and how much of a loving and compassionate mother she is. I was very happy that I decided to picked this book and I recommend it to all Valerie fans and anyone struggling with the weight loss yo yo.

  • Alaskan
    2019-03-22 11:23

    I enjoyed reading Valerie Bertinelli's frank depictions of her childhood and adult life as she chroniciles the beginning of her stardom up to the few years after her divorce from Eddie Van Halen. I was surprised at some of the things she chose to reveal, but maybe that's what she felt she needed to do (cleansing). I know I was wanting more of the experiences she was having - the gamut of emotions at the start of her Jenny Craig program. The book title attests to gaining her life back one pound at a time but I wanted more and didn't get it until the end. I suppose she felt (and probably rightly so) that the reader needed to know all the details of her life prior to the last chapter or two in the book- getting at when she finally gained back her life through the time of her weight loss. I adore Valerie, always have. I'm very happy for her and really enjoy watching her in her new show HOT in Cleveland with Betty White.

  • Charlotte (Buried in Books)
    2019-03-14 06:09

    I bought this a couple of years ago after seeing Valerie on the Oprah show. I was interested to find out more about the woman who had been married to Eddie Van Halen.While this book was interesting I thought that she glossed over a rather important subject - her own drug use - instead she focused on her struggle with her weight and the numerous diets that she tried (including the cocaine diet - who knew taking that could kill your apetite??).It was surprising to know that just 4 years into her marriage she realised she'd made a mistake but was determined to try and make her marriage work. It's clear that neither party were faithful in their marriage, but Valerie didn't make the move to end her marriage until just over 20 years together and with a 10 year old son.She was incredibly hard on her ex-husband, but I understand the stress she was under trying to look after her son.I know she's written more books, but I don't think I'll be reading them.

  • Gato
    2019-03-20 08:07

    I have always been a Bertinelli fan - and was sort of surprised at how unsure and self critical she is. This is not the impression I had of her at all. The weight loss parts of this book are completely overshadowed by her admission of multiple affairs while married to EVH (gasp!) and the fact that she mentions over and over that they never had sex. How is this possible you ask? Well, it appears to have been possible because: they were constantly apart; Ed was (when able) hittin' it elsewhere, though from what I gather Ed was too drunk to perform most nights; and she was completely freaked out about being naked in front of anyone, including her husband. I hope she is dealing with all her issues around self image and intimacy or Val will be a big (as in, heavy) girl again in a few years' time.

  • Gprice99
    2019-03-01 10:16

    Easy & fast read. It's a basic narrative of Valerie's marriage to Eddie Van Halen, her own career, and being a mom. I didn't find any great life lessons or deep thoughts to ponder. I think if I didn't know much about Van Halen (the band), I would have been bored & not known or cared about most of the book.Valerie is an emotional eater. She was a yo-yo dieter her whole life. She was miserable in her marriage, and she loves her son. She joined Jenny Craig and talks about that in the last 20 or 30 pages of the book.If you're looking for diet inspiration, there's not much. If you're looking for juicy celebrity gossip, there's not much...nothing that you would be surprised at, anyway.Glad I read it. Would not read it again. Would not recommend it unless you're obsessed with Valerie or Eddie Van Halen.

  • Jackie
    2019-03-01 10:13

    I grew up watching Valerie Bertinelli on the t.v. show "One Day at a Time" as well as many made for t.v. movies. She was always one of my favorites so when I saw this book at the used bookstore it caught my eye. After reading the first chapter I knew for sure it was going to keep my attention. I never would have thought Valerie struggled with her weight as I always thought she was so pretty. I have that in common so that also helped with my interest in this book. Valerie gave an honest and open account of her life which included her weight struggles and all the other daily life that happens. It was written very well, keeping my interest through the entire book. I couldn't put it down but had to occasionally to get things done.