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Love and Betrayal . . . Regency StyleThe Seduction of Sophie Seacrest is Book One of Mary Campisi's Regency historical series, An Unlikely Husband.When Holt Langford, the new Earl of Westover, returns to England after twelve years at sea, he resembles more pirate than nobleman, a far cry from the scrawny youth whose father shipped off to become a man. No one recognizes himLove and Betrayal . . . Regency StyleThe Seduction of Sophie Seacrest is Book One of Mary Campisi's Regency historical series, An Unlikely Husband.When Holt Langford, the new Earl of Westover, returns to England after twelve years at sea, he resembles more pirate than nobleman, a far cry from the scrawny youth whose father shipped off to become a man. No one recognizes him, and he'll use this anonymity to enter a game of subterfuge in order to expose the scoundrel who has vowed to destroy Holt's family business.Unfortunately, that scoundrel has a devoted daughter, Sophie Seacrest. Sophie can't deny her attraction to the unorthodox stranger who stirs her blood and makes her think things no proper lady should. Holt and Sophie are drawn into a seductive tangle and just when he's about to reveal his true identity and his honorable intentions, she discovers the truth and must choose between love and family duty.An Unlikely Husband Series:Book One: The Seduction of Sophie Seacrest (Sophie & Holt's story)Book Two: A Taste of Seduction (Francie & Alexander's story)Book Three: A Touch of Seduction: a novella (Ariana & Jason's story)Book Four: A Scent of Seduction (Julia & Jon's story)...

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the seduction of sophie seacrest Reviews

  • Nish
    2019-04-14 09:52

    What was up with this story? It was free and I had no idea who this author was, so I thought "Why not start reading something of hers that does not cost money?" I have always thought that the free ebooks serve as a foretaste of the works of authors, especially lesser known ones. If this book was supposed to serve to attract more readers for her other books, somebody somewhere made a gross misjudgment. Simply put, the writing was not great, the plot felt so disjointed and the characters were ninnies. First off, I felt like I was missing something. Is there another book before this that would somehow make that 'off' feeling go away? Well, not that I can see. There is a small subplot of a married couple called Francie and Alexander where Francie is trying to match-make or something. Pray tell, who in the whole wide world are these people? Are we given an explanation? Nope. After finishing the book, the preview of book 2 is the story of Francie and Alexander. What?? How can they be in love and married during book 1 and then book 2 is ABOUT them. Where is the continuity? I'm so confused still.Secondly, the hero is a little bit of a douchebag and the heroine is a sex-crazed idiot. He treats her badly many a times throughout the story. Every time I think that she is going to stand up to him and tell him to buzz off until he learns how to treat women, esp. her, with respect, she ends up on her back. I'm sorry, where is your self-respect? I know he's hot and sexy and the desire is so great and bla bla bla. But there comes a time when you just have to call a spade a spade. Instead, she rewards his bad behaviour with sex? Frustrating to read.Thirdly, there is a hint of a villain. While in other novels, a villain lets their presence known by some harrowing incidents peppered throughout the story, this one doesn't. I almost imagine this villain in the shadows tapping their fingers in glee over what they will do to make the hero/heroine pay, but they never make their presence feel threatening or dreaded. Instead, the story chugs along as if they don't exist and you forget they are there until the next one-off scene where again they are tapping their fingers together in evil glee. That's how much impact the villain had on me throughout the story - nada.Fourthly, any big revelations about family members are treated so poorly. No tearful reunions, no admonitions or shock. Everything is taken in stride. I'm sitting here, going "OMG, this should be good when the truth comes out." And then... nothing. So disappointing.Anyway, that was my overall rant about this book that could have been so much more under the right author, but sadly ended up being a debacle I would rather forget.

  • Chelsea
    2019-04-06 10:35

    More reviews available at my blog, Beauty and the Bookworm.This was a terribly frustrating historical romance. I did not like it. Here's why.It's about Holt, a long-vanished heir to an earldom that has returned after his father's death. However, he's not yet sure that he wants to take his position as earl. What he does want to do is mend the rift between his family and the Seacrests; currently they're in the midst of a feud that might very well destroy Holt's family's business. On his first day out and about, though, he runs into Sophie and they immediately have a tryst--though no sex. And so Holt gets sucked into her charm...I feel like Campisi didn't know where she wanted the plot of this to go. It starts out like the feud is going to be a central point of the plot when Holt's brother alleges the Seacrest family has paid people to burn several of Holt's family's ships. Holt immediately inserts himself into the Seacrest family as a business partner, and helps them mend the business. The feud is never really mentioned again. Instead, a different feud emerges--one that alleges that Holt's mother and Sophie's father had an affair, and that is what has caused the argument. And then there's some lady creeping around in the shadows--but not until two-thirds of the way through the book--who wants Holt for herself for some really weird reasons. And then there's a bunch of other convoluted stuff going on that seems like it wants to be Jane Eyre-gothic but instead it just comes across as muddled and confused.Sophie was sweet, Holt made me want to punch him. He claims that Sophie can't be a virgin, because no virgin reacts to amorous situations like she does. He says mean, hateful things and then just abandons her after coercing her into marrying him. And then, just a few pages later, he's all possessive and he loves her and blah-blah-blah. He's a psycho. Which, given his mother, makes sense. Geeze.The pacing here was also very strange. It goes from zero to sixty and back to zero--nothing happens, and then there's suddenly a tryst with no build up at all, and then they're back to almost ignoring each other until the next tryst, which again comes out of nowhere. And once everything seems like it's resolved, it feels like Campisi felt like the book just wasn't long enough, so she tacked another plot onto the end which hadn't really been present throughout the rest of the book. And then there's Francie! Why was she even included? She had no impact on the plot at all; the process and outcome were exactly the same as they would have been if she hadn't been featured at all. And why did every appearance of hers have to feature her having sex with her husband? I get it, it's a historical romance and those are known for their steamy scenes, but it seems that the focus of those should have remained on the main couple (and those scenes were pretty good!), not some superfluous extras that were just tacked on to the side.This book was a hot mess. I liked Jason and would like to know his story, but I don't think I'm quite intrigued enough to brave Campisi's plot constructions again.1.5 to 2 stars out of 5.

  • Steelwhisper
    2019-04-15 16:35

    Silly and terminally anachronistic.

  • Joan
    2019-04-07 16:01

    Not a likeable character in the whole book. Far-fetched with too many baaaaad sex scenes

  • Regan Walker
    2019-04-18 09:45

    Regency Romp with some Family TwistsSet in England in 1817, this is the story of Sophie Seacrest, oldest daughter of the Earl of Rendhaven, a spirited young miss who is in no hurry to wed, that is until she succumbs to the sexual charms of Holt Langford, new Earl of Westover, returned from years away upon his father’s death.It’s a well-told story and a bit of a Regency romp. When Holt returns from his years in the West Indies, he looks more like a pirate than a British lord. His brother, Jason, tells him Sophie’s father, their neighbor, the Earl of Rendhaven is trying to destroy the Langford shipping business for revenge (it seems their father dallied with Rendhaven’s wife, who is now dead). Holt decides to take the matter in hand to destroy the Rendahaven’s shipping business, adopting a fake identity as a merchant named Gregory Thurston. He also wants to observe the nobility to see if he wants to accept his title. The first person he intends to observe—and perhaps have his revenge on—is Rendhaven’s oldest daughter, Sophie.When Holt rescues Sophie in a storm and steals a kiss in a most forward way, she does not resist. I liked Holt’s brash manner but Sophie’s willingness to fall in his arms was a bit unusual for a Regency innocent. Holt (posing as Gregory) quickly falls for Sophie and then it’s an on again off again love affair with him trying to lose himself in the arms of other women and failing. The alpha hero tumbled in the end.There was a lot going on in this story and sometimes we got only a small glimpse of some of the threads. For example, there are no ship scenes and little about the shipping business. I liked the author’s voice and will likely read more of hers. But this one had a lot of sex, more than might have been necessary, and Sophie had moves like a courtesan. With “seduction” in the title, perhaps I should not have been surprised. Still, it’s a clever tale that will hold your interest.An Unlikely Husband series (a trilogy with a novella):The Seduction of Sophie SeacrestA Taste of SeductionA Touch of Seduction (novella)A Scent of Seduction

  • Cheryl
    2019-04-02 15:02

    I liked the quality of the writing, but there were several "misses" in the plot that kept me from really loving this book. The historical accuracy seems a bit questionable. Ms. Campisi would do well to have a critical reader proof her books more carefully -- for example, on one page, the character spent all night thinking of an answer to her problem (?), but she had just stated that she had only come up with it that morning. A small point, but the kind of error that slowly deflates a reader's confidence. There was also a lot more "action" and a lot less conversation that would have rounded out the plot, and the reader is just supposed to not think too much and accept everything. I liked the characters and the plot line had great potential, but it just didn't hit the mark for me. Now for the spoiler part: did he just stop being a spy for the Crown? Was he ever going to tell her what he did all of those years? Could that have played into the story more? Could Holt really just forget that his mother just conveniently drowned? Are we supposed to feel warm and mushy toward Vivian now that she has told us that ridiculous story? There's more, but that's enough. All of that being said, I did enjoy the suspense and it was somewhat diverting.

  • Jeanne Johnston
    2019-03-23 14:42

    So... the main guy is a complete arsehole who thinks rape is fine, the "heroine" alternately a strong woman with no need to simper to obtain a husband just because society dictates, yet still instantly okay with letting herself be pretty much raped by said arsehole as soon as he kisses her. Yeah... Mkay... No. The story is equally weird. There's apparently a backstory we're supposed to be in on, the matchmaking Francine with a history of failures but doesn't let that stop her. There are the adulterous parents, the bitter and jealous spinster aunt, a hint of spying for the Crown that's never developed, bastard children, uncontrollable girls, questionable murders, arson and corporate subterfuge and a plot to destroy rival business (es) that quickly morphs into helping them expand because, goddamnitall, Sophie is just irresistible and doesn't deserve it. All this us interspersed with variations if "C'mere, c"mere, go away, go away," sex that needs no foreplay, even where virgins are concerned, and the occasional upper-crust soirée to stave off boredom.In sum: Hated the people, hated the convoluted (yet weirdly simplistic) story. The fact it was free didn't help.

  • Jennifer F
    2019-03-31 09:58

    This book was ok. I enjoyed the premise of the plot line with Lady Sophie running a shipping company in her fathers place and believing lie from years past. Holt, who has been missing for years comes back after his fathers death and meets Lady Sophie and her lovely sister. The flow was pretty good although there is some unfinished parts in the plot line that now I have no idea what happened, and the older brothers descriptions of his little sister were a little disturbing. I did like the characters, and the sex was steamy.

  • Angela
    2019-04-16 15:41

    Skipped whole sections of character development.

  • Mary
    2019-04-17 11:40

    This was such a good book. I liked the mystery and the romance in the book. I don't think I have read any other books by Mary Campisi, but I will be reading more of them now.

  • Kat
    2019-04-02 17:48

    I probably shouldn’t have read this book. The premise sounded pretty good though, so I was willing to give it a shot. Unfortunately, this book had the exact kind of hero I dislike strongly, and was replete with gaps, unexplained plot points, and more repetitive sex scenes than substance. First, our hero. Holt Langford shows up and shocks his former household, because he apparently now looks like a large hairy pirate and wears a large ruby medallion. That was about all I gleaned from the author’s description. His own brother doesn’t recognize him, and it takes his sister noticing his eyes to determine who he is; I mean, really? The author beats us over the head with the fact that no one recognizes Holt because he’s “so different” from the scrawny sickly bookworm he used to be at eighteen. Two things about this annoyed me: 1) the author gives us a huge stigma around the nerdy beta type. Admittedly this is a pet peeve of mine, because I enjoy reading beta hero romances, but I’ll buy into a well-written alpha hero every now and then. 2) The author doesn’t even tenuously connect Holt’s past self with who he is now (AKA maybe he’s still really knowledgeable about obscure topics, maybe he still enjoys reading). Nope. He’s just muscles and a hairy chest and sex. It left a sour taste in my mouth, because all of Holt’s past acquaintances (and his family, for that matter) buy into this drastic change. Granted, we’re given a reason for why Holt had to toughen up, but it’s not explored in any detail whatsoever (which seemed particularly egregious, because we’re led to believe Holt was not the only member of the nobility put in this position; he’s certainly got contemporaries/others sons of other noble families who went through the same thing). The plot was thinly stretched at best. The Langford clan is rival to the Seacrest clan, and Sophie is the only person in society that has bought into her father’s explanation for the feud. Even the Langfords know what’s what. I found Sophie’s complete ignorance to be extremely implausible, and the real explanation even moreso. Characters frequently made revelations that fell into the plot like stones in water, and sank; no plot point, no matter how shocking, seemed to make a real difference to Sophie or Holt.At multiple points in the story, the characters of Francie and Alexander appear, and really don’t seem to have much relevance to the story. I think the author intended Francie to act as matchmaker, but there was really no point to her involvement, as Sophie and Holt got along without much intervention. Even Julia, who was supposed to be a close friend of Francie’s, didn’t seem all that close to her, and Jason’s efforts to separate them because of Francie’s “bad influence” seemed like an unneeded distraction. I could barely bring myself to care about Sophie and Holt’s unnecessary sex scenes, and Francie’s and Alexander’s scenes seemed like pointless copy-paste. I didn’t go into this book with my heart set on disliking it, but Sophie’s and Holt’s story really managed to bore me — I would not recommend this book.

    2019-04-01 12:55

    It was actually goodI wad a tually avoiding reading this for quite some time as I read reviews on goodreads, most of them negative. But now after finally reading I realized sometimes opinions do differ.The story begins with hero Holt coming home after long time only after the death of his father implicating his hatred towards him. There is a family feud between H and h's family due to reasons later disclosed in books. Save it to say that H decides to use h as a pawn to compensate his company losses. But then everything changes as he meets her and is attracted to her. Stubborn that he is he would not confess to feel anything and so he does the only thing he could think of . He offers her to be his mistress and when she refuses he goes on berating her and using debauchery to exorcise from his system. Well of course he was a fool to believe he could do that and there are a series of misunderstandings (not silly and all to blamed on H) that leads to end of their betrothal. Then he disappears only to return later meet her at the end of aisle on eve of her marriage. To ANOTHER MAN . Still not able to come to terms with his feelings he goes to do more mistake and more sexy make up sex. Then come the plot of villain; which either should not have been used (story was good without it too) or should have been more explored. I only didnt like that the aithor never mentions the inner mechanisms of their shipping company around which story centered. Overall it is a good read . Of course others may disagree.

  • Siobhan Johnson
    2019-04-21 15:05

    Love and Betrayal. . . Regency StyleThe Seduction of Sophie Seacrest is Book One of Mary Campisi's Regency historical series, An Unlikely Husband.When Holt Langford, the new Earl of Westover, returns to England after twelve years at sea, he resembles more pirate than nobleman, a far cry from the scrawny youth whose father shipped off to become a man. No one recognizes him, and he'll use this anonymity to enter a game of subterfuge in order to expose the scoundrel who has vowed to destroy Holt's family business.Unfortunately, that scoundrel has a devoted daughter, Sophie Seacrest. Sophie can't deny her attraction to the unorthodox stranger who stirs her blood and makes her think things no proper lady should. Holt and Sophie are drawn into a seductive tangle and just when he's about to reveal his true identity and his honorable intentions, she discovers the truth and must choose between love and family duty.I really enjoyed this book it had me hooked from the start to the end. Would recommend this book if you love romance novels.

  • Jann
    2019-04-09 11:05

    This started off well but I found there was too much sex, which was boringly repetitive and not much lead in to each occurrence. I think the author could also benefit from reading a few other Regency Romances to find all the different ways of describing what goes on between two people and stop resorting to the same trite phrases all through the book.If most readers are like me they like to feel some anticipation, some teasing, being able to wonder if the two star crossed individuals will end up together or not. There was a plot but as the book ended all I was left with was an impression of a mad dash between sexual encounters.On the whole, it was boring, boring, boring!

  • Stacey Raymond
    2019-04-04 16:58

    So basically... My betrothed says he wont force me to marry him... He then goes out and screws the whole town... Then comes back to me to marry me... But he won't even be a little sexual before we are married. This portrayal of a man is so off that I can't even kind of like this book. It is actually a bit disgusting to me. It is like the author wanted a clean book, but still wanted a rake and have some titillating stuff happening behind the scenes. It almost felt more dirty then just having explicit sex scenes. I did not like this story at all.

  • Leta McCurry
    2019-04-19 09:35

    Holt and Sophie (aristocrats naturally) meet in England in 1817. This is the story of how they navigate the lies, secrets, and misunderstandings of a developing relationship and eventually end up happily ever after. Some scenes seem contrived. Some weren’t convincing and the story was somewhat choppy. There we quite a few unanswered questions. However, it was a fairly entertaining pass-the-time read.

  • Krystle
    2019-04-06 10:39

    It was awkward, I'm not going to lie. The beginning scene at the groundskeeper's cabin made no sense, the scene in the carriage where he was going to "teach her a lesson" made no sense, the interchange between the main character and her future husband blew hot and cold so often it gave me whiplash...but I couldn't put the book down. That's the only reason it got 2 stars instead of 1.

  • BJ
    2019-04-18 09:37

    I tried to read for the second time and once again did not finish. The H is TSTL, now her wants her, now he doesn't, so many plot devices made the story seem as if the writer didn't quite know how to make up her mind, so threw it all in there. Not for me.

  • Pamela Harding
    2019-04-15 12:41

    Great storyThis book was one of the ones that you don't want to put down until your finished and can't wait for the next.

  • Lynnette
    2019-04-08 10:57

    The loonnnggessst short book I’ve read in a while. Can’t quite put my finger on what I disliked, but won’t be reading any others by this author.

  • Norma Peramo
    2019-04-21 09:40

    Very enjoyable stand alone bookNice story for a lazy Sunday read. The plot and characters were interesting and enjoyable. I look forward to reading more from Ms Campisi.

  • Margaret Laskey
    2019-04-22 10:03

    Intrigue and humor mixed together.A delightful story that will keep you interested until the end. Some twist and turns you didn't expect. Well worth reading.

    2019-04-14 12:56

    Good read

  • jane pearson
    2019-04-12 17:46

    Unlikely Husband A very good read I thoughtfully enjoyed it I loved Holt's character, his I 'l never fall in love attitude. It's very well written and has everything secrets romance betrayal and of course the happy ever after.

  • Monica Peterson-Monk
    2019-03-25 09:35

    Not my typical genreI enjoyed the book, it kept me hooked right to the end. Even though it's not a book I would normally pick I can certainly recommend it!

  • BlackTulip
    2019-04-20 12:38

    Reviewed By BlackTulip for Booked UpIf you want to have a good time just pick up this book, you won't regret it! It has all the ingredients to keep you captivated from start to finish: strong characters, a wonderful storyline, love, and passion!Twelve years ago, the young and skinny Holt Langford was shipped off to the West Indies by his father like a crate of sugarcane. No one recognizes the tall dark haired man with a ponytail who enters the Langford mansion with dusty and old fashioned cloths; well nearly nobody but her little sister Julia who was eight years old at the time he left.He has only come back to see his siblings after the death of his father and to take care of the family shipping business. He doesn't intend to remain in England and certainly not intend to take his title of Earl of Westover! After living so long without restrictions of any kind he is afraid he'll find English society suffocating. All he wants is anonymity to serve his purpose and destroy once and for all their enemy, the Seacrest Family Shipping. There's bad blood and old family secrets between them.The easiest and quickest way to strike back is to ruin the eldest daughter's reputation. But never in a million years would he have imagined to experience such a reaction for the stunning and ardent Miss Sophie Seacrest. And indeed, as soon as they meet and touch, they catch fire! His perfect plan begins to collapse and he becomes trapped between, his heart, his lie, and the family feud.We have two strong characters here. Holt is very determined and he guards his heart. He was ripped away from his home at a young age and sent to an uncle who was a nasty piece of work. From that moment he buried all feelings and memories deep inside. There is no place for love in his life and so he is overwhelmed and afraid of what he feels for Sophie.Sophie is a lively and passionate young woman who is very determined too. She is reliable, sensible, and optimistic. She is a very intriguing mix and she adores her younger sister.It is a very well balanced story. All the secondary characters are very interesting and colorful and give a lot of depth to it; there is a very good interaction between them. Even if there are ups and downs between Holt and Sophie their chemistry is undeniableI am looking forward to reading more of Mary Campisi books. I give 4.5/5.

  • Hardly
    2019-04-09 11:35

    I kept flipping back and forth between one and two stars; I ended up giving only one because the characterization was really just awful; the plot was idiotic, the prose was florid and clunky...The foremost crime committed here is terrible, terrible charactization. The male protagonist (I cannot in honesty call him a 'hero') is a schmuck who has idiotic notions of revenge. Devoid of principles and yet chock-full of arrogance (unmerited, I might add), his sole redeeming quality is his handsome appearance. He is incredibly disrespectful of others, both physically and verbally: manhandling them, speaking with incredible rudeness and purposeful cruelty, his mood changes faster than a rapid-cyclic manic-depressive. He wants to destroy her father's business; then he doesn't. He wants to make her his mistress, sneering in contempt at the idea of marriage... for about 2 weeks, and then decides he'll marry her. Her acquiescence, to this, of course, is unnecessary.That brings us to her. The 'heroine' is a Mary Sue, with others describing her as 'perfect' several times. As others readers have pointed out, she is too stupid to live, sheeplike in her bafflingly unwise reactions to how others treat her. She seems to have no concept of self-preservation. When faced with a super-hottie intending to deflower her, she just lets him strip and fondle her, within 10 minutes of meeting him. In an era when even having sex before marriage with an aristrocrat would spell disaster, doing it with a gamekeeper would have been catastrophic for her, and yet off goes her kit, up go her legs, etc. Then the male protag keeps being offensive and hurtful to her, and she keeps forgiving him when, honestly, she should have been arranging to have someone kill him. Minor characters were even more shallowly portrayed than that. Enough said there; I'm sure you can imagine that mess.Onward! The plot: it was stupid, a clumsy and obvious device to bring these two dopes together, since they have nothing in common and no redeeming qualities that any sane person would find attractive. The language: it was overwrought: examples include instances of "auburn-haired vixen" and "emerald-eyed enchantress", among other atrocities.Glad this was free. Will mosdef NOT be purchasing anything else by this author; will mosdef be avoiding anything she's ever done.

  • Eva
    2019-03-27 17:58

    This one has been a freebee at Amazon a couple of weeks ago. “The Seduction of Sophie Seacrest” is a lovely Regency Style romance-family-novella …. Only 190 pages long. The story is rather easy. After years of being not in England Holt Langford, soon to be Earl of Westover, comes back home to the family estate, his parents are both dead and he is to be earl next. Holt is a mysterious huge guy with dark hair, amazing eyes and broad shoulders. He looks like a pirate with the loop in his ear. His family is in the ship business as the neighbors are – the Seacrests. Those two families are bond together by family history nobody is talking about but were ripped apart by Sophie’s mother’s death when she was a teenager. Nobody is talking about the reasons or the event itself anymore. Sophie, now a young woman in her early 20s is managing the family business because her father prefers the drink. She does rather well. But the family quarrels aren’t simply between the families but also between the companies because Sophie’s father wants/wanted to destroy the Westover’s business by burning the warehouses for example.One day Sophie meets Holt while riding through heavy rain. They find themselves in the gamekeeper’s cottage … but he doesn’t tell her, that he is Holt Langfort but a friend of the Langfort family. It’s a story of love and betrayal … +190 page can be too short. I was like okay, I still have 10 percent to go … unfortunately those 10% were the beginning of another book. I hate that. Really. The story was well written BUT the part about Sophie’s mom and aunt was a little much and it came pretty unprepared for me and didn’t make a lot of sense. I would have loved to read 250 pages or even 330 about Sophie and Holt but unfortunately this story came to an end pretty quickly after they “survived” their first initial problems. I only give it 3 stars because of the aunt/mother storyline and the fact that it was rather short and the story ended abruptly Rating: 3***

  • Char Sowers
    2019-04-04 16:02

    Mary Campisi put me in a Historical Romance time machine and a came out in a really great place. This is the type of Historical that I first fell in love with when I began reading Romances. Strong, forceful Alpha Male, and a feisty, headstrong heroine collide in inescapable, scorching, and intense sexual attraction in Regency England.The prodigal eldest son, Holt Langford, returns home, 12 years after the his father had sent away his bookish, scrawny embarrassment of an heir. He strides into the family mansion in dusty clothes, black hair in a ponytail, wearing an earring and a ruby medallion hanging from his neck visible since his lawn shirt is unbuttoned partway. He is unrecognizable to even his younger brother, Jason, but his baby sister, Julia, recognizes his unusual Navy eyes and begs him to stay. Their family business has been having trouble with sabotage, presumably by their rival Rendhaven. He doesn't know if he will stay in London and take the title of Earl of Westover, so in the meantime he will continue to assume the identity of rakish, wealthy, seafaring Gregory Thurston so that he can travel in various circles without having to observe the proprieties of the ton.Sophie Seacrest is the 22 year old daughter of the owner of Seacrest Shipping, she has no intention of finding a husband because she does not think she will find a man that would accept her sister Caroline into his home. It is thought that Sophie's sister witnessed their mother's death, when she was 3 years old, and has been mute for the last 10 years. The sisters' main caretaker is their Aunt Vivian who is quite severe and is very concerned about what society thinks about Sophie's choices or lack of action in the area of the "Marriage Mart". Another stress is that Sophie is for the most part running the business because her father is an alcoholic ever since it was revealed that his wife was having an affair with his business rival and neighbor the owner of Langford Shipping, the Earl of Westover.Read the rest of my review at

  • Crazychriss889
    2019-03-29 14:39

    Langford against SeacrestBoth families have been basically at war since an affair ten years ago. I would have been glad had they remained enemies. Cause this book is just… disappointing. And disgusting.You want to read a novel with a cruel male character? Read this one.You want to read a novel with a male character who is bitter, doesn't now what's good in his life and basically lashes out every opportunity he gets? Read this one.I love historical romances because of all the propriety in there. Unfortunately, the author of this novel doesn’t think so.I can’t believe the way the first meeting of Holt and Sophie enfolds… It’s so dumb and silly and just Holt is a cruel bastard. I can’t believe he seduces Sophie and then totally blames her. What the hell? And of course he continues to bed certain ladies even though he says he can’t even enjoy it because of Sophie. hah. What’s that supposed to tell us?Also great that he thinks she basically beds everyone.So yeah now that we know he’s not loyal to fault, he’s cruel, well, he’s also a coward. Totally leaves Sophie after she finds out that he betrayed her, that he lied to her. And of course he doesn’t come back after a week – why would he, right? No, it takes him MONTHS!!And then he doesn’t even come back to fight for her because apparently he doesn’t love her enough. Oh, yeah, sorry he doesn’t love her at all – cause he didn’t fight for her, he didn’t apologize and then he tells her he needs an heir. I mean, dude!!!I don’t like to call women wanton because in most of the historical romances, the heroines aren’t wanton. Well, Sophie is. I can’t believe she would let herself go like that…How can you even finish reading such bullshit??