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This book is designed to give women the respectthey deserve by teaching them how to earn it. Why shouldany man respect you when you don’t respect yourself? Toget respect you must earn respect. It’s about women losingthemselves to keep a man happy who will never love themthe way they should be loved. It’s about women lying down anaccepting any and everything men throw at thThis book is designed to give women the respectthey deserve by teaching them how to earn it. Why shouldany man respect you when you don’t respect yourself? Toget respect you must earn respect. It’s about women losingthemselves to keep a man happy who will never love themthe way they should be loved. It’s about women lying down anaccepting any and everything men throw at them. It’s aboutme seeing my two daughters growing up knowingeverything they should know, good or bad....

Title : If I were a chick...
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If I were a chick... Reviews

  • Amy
    2019-03-10 23:55

    So, I have been asked by the author to write a review on his book to spread more awareness for it, since it's very new. And personally I find new authors exciting because their first works often carry the most personal feelings and views.And as I'm not good at doing any speeches I'll come right to business now. I have decided to tell my opinion of each chapter individually. And just at the end sum up the book as a whole.I will leave out the Prolog. Although, yes, it is important in terms to catch attention. But, it's merely a foreword. You show the reader what they will find if they continue reading.Chapter onePersonally I think the first chapter is the most important. With that the author catches the readers attention, or not. It depends on the skills of the writer. And the author caught my attention here. However, in the negative sense of things. So, what was it I didn't like about this chapter? The thing is you wrote a view from a man's perspective, which can be. But what you have to account also is the woman's as well. And I think that was your goal. To write something were you a woman. But honestly, even that didn't work out.Telling women how to dress and be always sexy? You fully ignored self-taste. So, the way you wrote it a woman should ignore personal taste and go do something that is not her? Why should a woman do that? Why should a woman be always sexy? If the guy can't stand she dresses more plain he's not worth anything. A real decent guy sees through looks and sees her personality. Just because a woman doesn't do her nails, or lets her hair look plain doesn't make her any less.It's as you said somewhere in that chapter, “Your style is everything.” And it always should be. So don't make yourself something you are not and do your thing. That will earn you someone who sees you as you are.Though yes, there is a dress-code in work. But out side of it you can get respect no matter what you wear.My other problem is excusing men for harassing women. Yes, you said it was wrong to do so, but just because someone dresses certain way means it's inviting? Boy, you really should re-think what you said. It's never okay, doesn't matter how anyone dresses. And again, it's often not to be sexy or anything, but because that someone prefers it. For example if someone wears tiny shorts it's not to look sexy. But because that person prefers them to other stuff. It's not to be revealing, but to be comfortable. It's not a problem of the women. But the men because they are assholes. Not all, of course, but quite a lot of them.The only thing I kinda agreed on with the author is that people shouldn't let themselves go. If someone shows you half-blackened teeth it's nothing nice.Chapter twoAgain, always look sexy? If a guy would always want that from a woman he's just an idiot. Your better half should be accepted in clothes she herself find comfortable and like them. Not that you can't dress sexy. But usually people wear stuff they are comfortable with, and that's how others should be accepted most.Secondly, telling someone how to behave? Yes, maybe in some situations. But behave differently to get someone. Again, won't work. You have to be yourself.Same when you said, “Chose you character.” Wait, what? Honestly that doesn't make one sense. You can't chose your character. Well, you can play it. But honestly is it worth? You can't pretend your whole life. And change? You can change the small stuff, but not the nature of your personality. That is simply not possible. You can believe it is if you like. But in reality it's not. It's something you are born with. You can play in front of your boss, but not someone you want to be your life partner.Just to quote my favorite TV character, MD. House. “People do not change.”Chapter threeBe who he wants? This is a very twisted statement, my friend. Everyone needs to be who they really are. That cannot be changed, as I said earlier. At lest not in the usual way. If in your nature you are a dick, you will always be one no matter what you do.Of course extreme circumstances can change you. Slightly at least. But that is something one wouldn't usually wish upon someone else.You first plus is when you said, “Don't let them be rude.” Yes, if someone say slaps your butt, don't just wave your hand over it saying he's only playing. Because that is never a play. If you thing harassment is a play then there is something wrong with you.Yes, I agree that we have to say no. If we don't they will think it's okay, and will continue, or even go further. And I think we don't want that.Set up boundaries. That is very related to the previous point. Yes, set up boundaries to where someone can go. Fixed boundaries. If you bend your own rules they don't have any meaning.Chapter fourSeparate yourself from your friends. Now, I'd be careful with this statement. If someone cannot understand we are not different from others it's their own fault. Just because one seems one way doesn't necessarily mean all do. If guys can't understand that it's not the women fault, but their own. On the other hand one should know their friends. If you feel like you can't fully trust one, then yes.If I had to make someone understand I'm different I wouldn't give a damn. Why? If they cannot understand that just because I hang around a certain group, or do some stuff, I'm not better that the “rest,” whatever you imagine under that, then it's them putting everyone in the same box. If that's all you can do you are not worth any of my attention.Slut bucket? You really got me with this one. What is the norm for being a slut, huh? Is it when a woman sleeps with many partners? So now tell me, is it okay if a guy sleeps with many partners? If yes, why? And why is not okay if a woman does. I mean, if she doesn't have a permanent one, then she perhaps likes to experiment. What is bad about that? I tell you what. Because you used that word without thinking. It's what guys do, and you just proved you are one of those. It shows you have the same mentality. If a guy sleeps with many women he's a cool dude. But with a woman sleeps with many guys she's a slut. Yes, bravo.The world is full with this stupid shaming. Sluts and Prudes most. Guys like you are too into ownership. You want to own her. Best you'd like someone who is “pure”. Just so it satisfies you basic, “hunter” needs. It's pathetic. And if a woman had very little or no experience you call her a Prude, and sometimes even want to fix her. It's sick!The whole Slut and Prude shaming is just sick. And you just did it yourself. Really, good job, you can be proud of yourself.Chapter fiveIn this chapter only one thing caught my attention. And that could be summarized like this. “Women can't do dumb shit but men can.” Honestly, if you see it like this, that man can do and/or even are expected, than you are not better than them, because you have the same mentality. To this I would recommend you to think about what you say.If you want one side to be responsible and take you seriously, then also the second side has to be that way. Honestly, should a man be irresponsible then to what is he necessary? No one needs anyone like that. If you expect responsibility, you have to show it yourself.Chapter sixFor this I'd first mention two thing. First is where the author said don't let yourself be used. With which I agree. No one will respect you if you let others use you. They will just come when they need something and come back again and again, as long as you let them. Then they will kick you away like some piece of dirt. So, know your worth and don't let others manipulate you. Show people you won't and the right people will slowly come to you.Second is when you want something work for it. Also true. Nothing will happen just by waiting. Even for something small you have to work.But, I'd be careful about saying women are lazy. I mean, sure some are. Some only live from what the government gives them. But many men do that too. But no, it is not right.On the other hand some do only because it's really hard sometimes to find a job. Lets face it, the situation in the world is not easy. In some parts worse than in others.Another point of the view is ambition. Some have high ambition, other don't. You might have gone for the managers job. Why not? I mean, it might be exactly right for you. I for example wouldn't. That is not right for me. I'm sure I'm not a leader. And my ambition is not to go who knows high. I strive for something comfortable for me. And that should be okay.Chapter sevenHonestly I have no big thoughts on this chapter. All in all it's been okay.Chapter eightI agree that if you are looking for a partner, may it be a man or whoever, that someone should be right for you, as the author states. Not you right for the person. That if you are right for the other person is for them to decide, not you. Your main goal should be to look if that someone if good for you. But honestly this was the only positive point I found in this chapter. Test if he's loyal? Maybe it's me, but I think relationships should be based on trust as one thing. So, testing him is showing you don't trust hum. At leas that's how I see it.Learn when to speak up and when to be silent? Okaaaaay, that can be viewed as sexist and controlling. Yes, there are moments when talking is no good. But on the other hand a man should learn that women are more sensitive than them, and talking is often very important to them. I don¨t say it applies to all, but to a lot. So I'd say a both side understanding is necessary.Control the house-hold. Perhaps this was just worded unfortunately. But it sound like you are saying women are for the house-hold and men for the rest. Honestly that'd be a very sexist view.Do whatever you have to to keep him? That can be a little excessive. I'd would word it, “If you love him do whatever is in your power to do.” That means understanding, trust, compromises. However, saying do whatever you have to is too much. There can be things one simply cannot go over. Meaning, that they can go beyond your principles, beyond what someone is comfortable with. No, never go so far you'd go far you'd do stuff you are not comfortable doing.And the last, most controversial statement. “Real women listen?” Really? Honestly, I think it's more them men who don't listen. Most women I think are attentive and listen what their beloved likes.What I really learned from this book is you know shit what it means to be a woman. You might have seen a lot in your life, I don't deny that. However, you sure interpreted it pretty wrong. And honestly seem just like an ignorant sexist, and that at least. Worst you sometimes sound like the street harassers, because here you made some stupid excuses for such men. Same with making excuses for irresponsible men. That's really not cool.Many of your views are simply silly and offensive. You sure have no clue what you talk about.

  • Mindy Hollinworth
    2019-03-20 23:41

    Ok I am truly amazed how any women can read this book and not be inspired. He never once says in this book women should bow down or submit to men. Since I read the last review I will give a chapter by chapter review also. Prologue: I'm going speak on this part first, in here the author explains how the book will go. He says in here he knows many women will be mad at his view point. He says and I will quote him "When reading this do not take anything personal, this isn't about you. It's about women losing themselves to keep a man happy who will never love them they way they should be loved." Now I know ho to read and I do not see anything in the prologue where the author offend me or any women in the matter. As a matter of fact , he does everything here to give women the strength to master their own minds. He says and I quote "When you are happy with yourself, then and only then will you be able to be happy for others" Chapter 1:This chapter was all about appearance, and how they effect. What's funny to me is in this part he talks about different ways of dressing and the effects it causes in men. He told us how if we wore revealing clothes, we should expect men to stare or even speak. To me it was something I already knew but Why I liked it was because it made sense if I didn't want men to look at me this way I should dress myself differently and if i'm the type not to change me then I should understand exactly why I have these type of men attracted to me. I took what he said as if I know how men view my appearance I can then begin to attract the type men I want. I gave us a template to work with. See what gets me is how he said things, it was raw and even rude at times but the message was clear.Chapter 2: With this chapter he chose to speak about attitudes. For the most part he explains how women should take responsibility for the things they do. He spoke on how a females attitude can "speak volumes" for her. He never says be sexy always in this chapter, as a matter of fact he did not even use the word sexy in this chapter, in that sense. He says and I quote "It's not sexy to be the loudest person in the room." Only time the word was used. In this chapter he tells women however they act they should understand others will judge you by that. Whose to say whether that's wrong or right but what we all know as women is that's very true. He also tells use to choose our character which I took as he meant for us to be who we want to be. He says and I will quote him "Your personality defines you, it's your character. I would choose my character smartly if I could" Again, he tells us how we act, our attitude will define us, so we should know this and adjust our attitudes to fit how we WANT TO LIVE. He never tells us how to live, he suggest we should know what we want from us and to make it happen. Chapter 3:This chapter was all about men and how to handle them. He never says be who he wants. He says and I quote "All women should understand a man should do as you want. In a sense, your're his rib so he will do anything for his rib." He never says again about women bowing down. He tells us how to deal with rude men. He even tells how to say no to rude men. This whole chapter is what I believe to be useful to a lot of women. He shows us how to stop letting men abuse us and use us. This chapter had a lot of points I agreed with and from reading the last review she agreed with this chapter also. She may have still going hard on the author but she really can't because she agreed with most of the chapter. Last but not least he said and I will quote him. "Once you have a hold on you, That's when you step out and get the man you deserve, a man within your standards. I WOULD NEVER TRY TO BECOME WHAT ANY MAN ASK OF ME. He would and will be happy with me for who I am."Chapter 4: this chapter was all about how the friends we have will make a difference in how men look at us. He says and I quote "It's just hard to prove to any man. It takes time to make a man understand then realize your different from the rest." I took that as him saying women should just understand how men view the matter. even though me, as a women had much to say on that I still respect what he's saying. Again wrong or right he showed us a mans thought. As far as the slut bucket comment/.....If she didn't understand what the author had to say then maybe she is a slut bucket herself. Every women knows what a slut bucket is and every women I know would hate to be considered one. I know a bunch of slut buckets and they know who they are. No real women will be offended by that statement. Again he says through out the book if this doesn't apply to you then continue on reading. I read it and thought it was funny because it was so true. He explained how women should respect themselves so everyone else will too. Chapter 5: This chapter is all about family, he explains how women should realize they are the role models for the children in their lives. This chapter says nothing about women can't do dumb shit and men can. the purpose of this book was the give strength to women so the author rarely speaks about men and their role. his focus was on the women so when he speaks about women keeping themselves under control was meant for women to understand our children are watching us. He made me feel like even though i'm a single mother I can and will do it. I can make it because at the end of the day I have God and myself. Everyday I wake up I kiss my daughter and tell her let's go. I realize i'm strong enough to take care of her and me. This chapter was meant for women to make family the most important role. Chapter 6:This was the chapter about setting goals for yourself. There wasn't nothing here to disagree with. What I will say is he said at one point know your worth and that I do. LAZY.... He said and I quote "a lot of women need to stop being lazy and get up, make something happen.Let's not be undecided,let's have a plan and see it through." I read the last review and just could not believe how she twisted his words up then I see the author speaking so kindly to everyone and no one read the book themselves. I read it, bought it and gave out a copy. Amy I think you mistook some of the things the author wrote one thing I do know is this author is willing to explain any and everything you do not understand. He is no where close to being a sexist. He is rude at time but we all are.Chapter 7:This chapter was about independence and as Amy said he was pretty much on point. He explains what independence means then shows us how we either are or not independent. "Single mothers do it all the time so it can be done." And I quoted him. He tells us how we should DO verses TALKING ABOUT DOING.Chapter 8:This was the keeping your man chapter and I have to say I know this was misunderstood by the last reviewer. The author tells us not to accept a man because he accepts us. He tells to make sure he is the one we want and when we realize that, we should accept him and all his flaws. Then he says if he is the one for us then we should be able to do whatever we need to, to keep our man. He tells us to never over step our boundaries the man will do for us. He said and I quote "IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KEEP YOUR MAN IT SHOULD BE BECAUSE YOU WANT TO KEEP HIM. IF YOU WANT TO KEEP HIM, I SAY DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO, TO KEEP YOUR MAN."What I learned from this book was one: men can be crazy but two I learned how to handle the men I need to handle. I also realized what the author meant by women will be mad at the truth. Don't take something personal that has nothing to do with you. It's women out there who truly needs help in life and I believe he will reach those. I hope the last reviewer didn't react how she did because she felt a certain way behind the author speaking the truth. No where in this book does the author stick up or make excuses for men. If anything he made some men mad by telling women all he did. I thank him for his words and as always he has my support and the support of many other women who truly spoke with him on many of the same subjects.

  • Edna White
    2019-02-28 23:59

    Uh oh, ladies it looks like the author here has you pegged. I have been waiting for someone "regular" to say the things I have been thinking and feeling for women. And now he has done it with the sure & clear words with decisive detail on what men really feel. The author states the little nuances which serve to remind a woman of the moments where she may get that attention but never gain commitment. Straight talk, but the author seems to hold back even though he makes his thoughts clear. I just wish he'd have pulled out all the stops! Because we as women need to hear these things! I put this book on the shelf next to "Steve Harvey". I highly recommend this easy read.

  • Kitani
    2019-03-14 05:57

    This was a quick read with not too many errors. It was good learning from a man's perceptive. So many women find themselves in a constant battle questioning why things didn't work. Chris gave readers an idea of what attracts a man, as well as what causes them to treat women a certain way. It's understandable and I agree that women really need to conduct themselves in a way in which men will respect them and not degrade them every time an opportunity presents itself. I do wish it was a little longer but I got the point being made.

  • Lexy Mckibben
    2019-03-19 22:48

    My wife is a fan of Michael Lawrence. She has almost all his books except this particular one. For me reading novel is not my hobby, until she pleaded with me to get her this particular book “If I Were A Chick” I reluctantly bought it for her. She liked it so much that she told me to give it a try. I decided to read only the first chapter and drop the book but before I knew i found myself at chapter 3 and kept on reading until I finish reading the book. “If I were A Chick” is an awesome book I must say. Michael Lawrence did a good job. The book is indeed worth more than the price offered.After reading the book I began to see life of women differently and positively; the need for them to be respected and loved by men. After reading the whole chapters, the Feeling of being closer to my wife aroused just to understand her more. Although before reading “If I were A Chick”, have always respected my wife but this book let me see the other side of women and why they should be respected.“If I were A Chick” is not only for ladies in fact I felt the book should be read more by we men. It is worth reading glad my wife asked me to read to give it a try. I never had any regret reading my first Michael Lawrence book. I will definitely be buying more of his books.

  • Selena Scott
    2019-03-21 04:51

    I had to sit down and rethink my life after reading this one. I finished this one in Dec. 14. What stuck out the most was how I could feel the author speaking to me. I will keep it real and say yes I was one of those girls who believed everyone but myself. It took some time but I realized I am worth it. I am somebody who deserves better. I had a lot go thru me after reading such a book that all I needed to do was look at me and become who I want to be. So when it come to this book All i will say is, if you need to know more about you as a woman THEN PLEASE READ THIS ONE CAREFULLY. Great short read the author gets straight to the point here.

  • Michael Lawrence
    2019-03-18 00:46

    Hello to all, I hope the ladies enjoy this book. It was meant to show women how to care about themselves more. There are other reviews on Any questions or concerns, just ask. As for feed back all is welcome neg. or positive. I just enjoy the interaction.

  • Michael Lawrence
    2019-03-24 21:40

    I thought it was a great way for women to see and hear what some men feel from one mans prospective.

  • Michelle
    2019-03-06 04:02

    It is refreshing to hear a man's point of view and there are some valid points in this book.I think that you respect women and that growing up around a lot of them is a good reason why.I look forward to finding and reading your other books.