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Heather Meadows has finally gotten her life in order and is enjoying some much-deserved happiness after being widowed with three children. But now that Heather is happily remarried and her children are thriving once more, her best friend Jenny’s life is falling apart. Despite Heather’s support, Jenny’s marriage is doomed and nothing the two friends plan is enough to renewHeather Meadows has finally gotten her life in order and is enjoying some much-deserved happiness after being widowed with three children. But now that Heather is happily remarried and her children are thriving once more, her best friend Jenny’s life is falling apart. Despite Heather’s support, Jenny’s marriage is doomed and nothing the two friends plan is enough to renew Jenny’s faith in getting her own opportunity for happiness. But when a chance meeting with an old friend from high school alters the course of Jenny’s life she wonders if maybe there’s hope after all. Another Tomorrow is a story of friendship, hope, and taking life as it comes....

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another tomorrow Reviews

  • All-Things-Books [Whairigail]
    2019-03-09 22:55

    My ReviewWe didn't meet again for this to end so quickly.I was asked by Julie Farley, in June 2013, if I was interested in reading a story about a young mother who lost her husband suddenly and had to deal with life continuing on as though nothing had changed. At the time, it was a bit out of my comfort zone, but I agreed and it was something I did not regret.Book 1 was a brilliantly funny novel with several tearful moments centring around Heather and her new partner Peter.Book 2 was a continuation of their story.Book 3 is a whole other ball game.Firstly, Heather is a secondary character. We do hear from her - she has her own chapters towards the middle/end - and she is involved in a lot of the dialogue.Secondly, one of the Secondary characters from books 1&2, Jenny, becomes the main character and the strong woman our story centres around.Jenny is a mother of two children who's marriage had recently broken down - through no fault of her own. She is having a difficult time coming to terms with the way her life is going to be from then on. She turns to yoga and her friends. It seems to help for a while but life has other plans.Two major themes run through this book - romance and medical issues. I won't go into detail on either of these but Julie Farley does them both fantastic justice.Julie is a beautiful writer with a warm heart and this is evident from page one of book one and it flowed through to Another Tomorrow. The story is mainly told from Jenny's PoV, but it does go to Others occasionally - this is my only complaint; I am unsure why the PoV changes. I feel the whole story could have been told from a single PoV but it's possible that I may just be missing the point here.If you love romance and read New Adult/Young Adult and feel you may need a read from a slightly older persons PoV, this is defiantly a read for you.Four Solid Stars.Let all this good stuff come your way.

  • C.M. Albert
    2019-02-28 00:55

    If you loved the first two books of Julie Farley's New Ever After Series, you will love her third book, Another Tomorrow. While the first two focus mostly on Heather and Peter, book three takes us deeper into her best friend Jenny's life, while still giving us the heart of the series and the beautiful bond of tested, enduring friendship. Just when things seem to be settling down for Heather, Jenny's life seems to be handing her nothing but lemons. After losing her husband to an affair, and deciding to give him the boot for good, Jenny embarks on a life-changing quest to figure out how to start her new tomorrow in the new life she has. But nothing is ever easy it seems, and her world gets turned upside down with a few unexpected surprises - including a brush-in with her best friend from high school, who happens to be a great guy at just the right time in her life. Especially when her life flips upside down again. The one thing I've come to love and expect from Julie's books is her unique ability to make the ordinary feel special, relatable, funny, touching. We love her books because we are her characters. We understand the pains and triumphs and every day boring normalness of their lives...all the things that make life so beautiful, messy, and wonderful. This book is a heart-warming story of the bonds of ever-lasting friendship, the courage it takes to face an unexpected new life after a road bump or three, and how we all sometimes need the beautiful and painful reminder that we are never promised Another Tomorrow in life...but when we get one, it's worth fighting for.

  • Hadiqa
    2019-03-02 05:56

    (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to NetGalley.)The book wasn't as good as I had expected before I began reading it. This was my first Julie Farley novel and I wasn't particularly impressed. The scene in the yoga class where Jenny shares a kiss with another woman was uncomfortable and the story could have been better without it and would not disturb the rest of the story. The flow was good and I liked that she, being a single mom, deals with her ex as well as believes that she deserves better and then starts going out with her old friend from high school who has loved her ever since but never admitted it or told her. I loved both of them and how their romance grew.

  • Sarah
    2019-02-26 04:34

    Heartwarming ReadI loved the first two books in this series and was excited to read Jenny's story. The characters, old and new, are just as wonderful as ever and the storyline is compelling as well. What I noticed more about this book than the other two was the rhythm of the story was a little choppier and there were some annoying grammar mistakes or inconsistencies. Sometimes there are references to this story taking place just a few months after the second book (twins are 14 months old) but other times it seems as though it's the next year. The changing perspectives constantly also breaks up the story a little oddly. I cannot wait to read the next book-there has to be one in order to figure out Hank's secret! Although I do wonder who will star in it-Victoria? Or another Jenny book? I definitely have a soft spot for the Richmond location, gives me fond memories of my college years in the 2-3-1-7-3! I appreciated that friendship more than romance was really the focus of this book but have to give James credit for being a serious catch!

  • Liz
    2019-02-23 04:45

    So I am still not on the five-star bandwagon with this series. I somehow presumed we'd see significantly less Heather and significantly more Jenny in this one. And while this was mainly Jenny, we still spent far too much time with Heather for my liking. But this left me wanting to edit the heck out of this.There was no need for Hank's college time capsule with a mystery that will never be resolved... what was the point? That's it's still about Heather all of the time?I needed more revenge against Matt... a total d-bag loser of a husband... and Victoria even though she's unhappy. He was asked to step up and help with the kids... did he?I needed less references to the 2-3-1-1-3... we get it.I needed SIGNIFICANTLY MORE about the relationship with James and chemo and not in some crappy epilogue where there are still more questions than answers.

  • Jamie Rhodes
    2019-03-22 23:36

    This is a book more about friendship than romance. If you have read the other books in this series, then you will remember Heather and Jenny. They are best friends. Heather found her happily ever after in the other books, while Jenny is going through a divorce. We get a point of view from both Jenny and Heather. We get to see how both of them feel about what is going on in the other's life. Jenny meets an old friend from college who turns into her new love interest. Jenny goes through a horrible experience during this book. You will see how great friends and family can help any situation feel better than it may be. This is how real people react to life. We are left with a bit of a mystery that Heather needs to uncover. Therefore, I am going to assume that there will be another book.

  • Carla
    2019-03-17 05:59

    While the writing is not exceptional, the characters and the stories in this series are entertaining to me because they tell the tales of people that practically live in my neighborhood. The author talks about local streets, restaurants and shopping so much that I feel like I might bump into the characters at Target or Kroger. I am not usually a romance reader, but I will keep reading this series as long as the author keeps cranking them out. The main characters are likeable, and it's kind of like a peek into the homes of some of the more affluent neighbors in the adjacent zip code, coincidentally and literally on the other side of the tracks!

  • Jill Meengs
    2019-03-02 22:43

    Another Tomorrow is a story of hope, friendship and love. Fans of The New Ever After Series will enjoy getting to know Jenny, Heather’s friend, and her story of survival. I found Another Tomorrow to be a great addition to the series and can only hope we may have more to look forward to in the future.

  • Angie Burns
    2019-03-19 01:48

    Another fabulous story Even more realistic then the first two. A fabulous love story and encouraging sense of home for those that are battling the Cancer. It was great to read about Jenny's support system and even more amazing to see a strong man come into her life and stand by her side.