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SILVER SCORPION #1As seen in hundreds of major media outlets around the world, such as Time, Wired, The New York Post, USA Today, Fox News, NPR, Gulf News, Asharq Al-Awsat and more, experience the origin story of the new superhero, "Silver Scorpion." "The comic book will help to establish trust and understanding between cultures, to empower young people with disabilities."SILVER SCORPION #1As seen in hundreds of major media outlets around the world, such as Time, Wired, The New York Post, USA Today, Fox News, NPR, Gulf News, Asharq Al-Awsat and more, experience the origin story of the new superhero, "Silver Scorpion." "The comic book will help to establish trust and understanding between cultures, to empower young people with disabilities." – President Bill Clinton, at the 2010 Clinton Global InitiativeThe Silver Scorpion tells the story of a teenager, Bashir Bari, who loses his legs in a tragic accident. Consumed with anger and grief, Bashir retreats into a world of isolation, resentful of the pitiful looks and whispers of strangers. When he accidentally witnesses the murder of Tarek, a mysterious local metal smith, Bashir is unwittingly chosen as the new guardian of an ancient power that has remained hidden for centuries. With new abilities allowing him to manipulate the metal around him, Bashir must now decide how to use this gift and balance the line between justice and vengeance. ...

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silver scorpion 1 Reviews

  • Shomeret
    2019-03-22 04:55

    I was delighted to download a copy of this graphic novel from Net Galley.The history of the creation of Silver Scorpion is an amazing one. The Open Hands Initiative sponsored a Youth Ability Summit for American and Syrian differently abled teenagers which took place in Damascus in 2010. These young people created a Middle Eastern protagonist in a wheelchair who undergoes a metamorphosis into a superhero. The Open Hands Initiative partnered with the digital publisher Liquid Comics and Dynamite Entertainment to realize their vision. I was impressed with the character of Bashir, the young Syrian sculptor who becomes the Silver Scorpion. Bashir lives with his uncle Tamim, who is a scrap metal dealer. According to the sources I consulted, Tamim in Arabic means strong, solid and impeccable. Tamim in Hebrew is used to describe a fully-committed spiritual relationship with God. The character Tamim is a wise mentor for Bashir. He provides stability through Bashir's transformative ordeal. There have been other comic book heroes who sit in wheelchairs, but have extraordinary abilities. Marvel's Professor X, the leader of the X-Men, is probably the most famous of them. He was born Charles Xavier and became a powerful telepath. Another comic book hero in a wheelchair known as Oracle, the leader of the female superheroes called Birds of Prey, was a tremendous inspiration to a great many people. She didn't have any superpowers, but she was a former librarian and wielded the formidable power of information. Unfortunately, Oracle is gone. I have seen her tombstone and have mourned her. The Silver Scorpion can't replace Oracle, but I do recognize him as a successor who can play a similarly important role.What happens when our heroes are in wheelchairs? I hope that what happens as a result of this graphic novel is positive change like the transformation of Bashir into the Silver Scorpion.For my complete review see my October blog post "The Silver Scorpion Challenges Biases and Bridges Cultures" at

  • David Caldwell
    2019-02-22 10:59

    A graphic novel that tells the origin of the Silver Scorpion character. After a tragedy leaves one boy dead and another in a wheelchair, he receives an amulet that allows him to control metal. He vows to fight the gang that is terrorizing the city.A fairly interesting premise, even if it is one that is familiar. A nice start to the series.

  • Joseph David markle
    2019-03-23 03:58

    Review It's not that bad. It's just boring at the beginning. I was really bored at the beginning. It is uninteresting.

  • Bárbara
    2019-03-03 05:06

    Cool cast of characters, and nice idea for the superhero origin. However, the story felt lacking in the plot department (weak points and plot holes), so it could have been much better.

  • Sumejja
    2019-03-05 04:21

    {Silver scorpion}I think this was a really good comic book I've seen other comics but so far this one was my favorite can't wait for the next comic lights out

  • Bruce Ruadan
    2019-03-04 06:00

    I was super excited to read the first issue of Silver Scorpion by Ron Marz and Mukesh Singh. I had a brand new superhero to meet and I definitely had fun meeting Bashir of “the city”.  Bashir, not long after squashing a scorpion with his foot in his uncle’s scrapyard and coming across a wheelchair, looses both of his legs as well as a friend thanks to a landmine. When he meets Tarek, a friend of his uncle, his world is on the verge of changing. The gift he is about to receive will turn him into Silver Scorpion.As far as I could tell, this comic is full of Middle-Eastern people, so the culture factor was something fresh for me and something that had pulled me more towards reading this book. Bashir loves art and art itself plays very important roles in this issue. Not one to keep his mouth shut, he is the type of guy that won’t be intimidated by anyone and he can be mulish when he wants to be. His missing legs was a worry for me, but the action at the end was enjoyable. Flames everywhere and thugs running for their lives.First posted at

  • Emma Dargue
    2019-03-21 07:55

    really interesting concept. I really liked how inclusive this comic which featuring Arabic characters and having the main protagonist be disabled was an intersecting twist. I really liked the characters and the origins plot and look forward to reading more of this character.

  • Experiment BL626
    2019-03-08 10:01

    Narrative logic was clearly not a priority in this comic book. I tried ignoring the plot holes and contrivances and mindlessly enjoy the action but I couldn’t. The story was just too ridiculous to tolerate.The Characters+ BashirStarting with the worst offender, I didn’t understand why Bashir wore a flying, mini-fridge looking wheelchair in his superhero form. With his power, he was completely capable of crafting metal legs to walk, soar in the sky, kick with super strength, etc. I know the guy who gave him the power strongly advised against it, saying it would draw evil attention, but Bashir became The Silver Scorpion anyway. He started saving people, fighting organized crime, and appearing on TV. Clearly, Bashir did not listen about the attention part but apparently he chose to listen about the leg thing. Talk about missing the point!I think the comic was trying to say, “hey, this kid in a wheelchair can become a superhero even in a wheelchair.” However, the power bestowed upon Bashir made it entirely possible for him to have legs, super-legs. It was a perfect example of the elephant in the room. As a result, Bashir’s character suffered severely for it, and it was not like he was a great character from the start.Bashir was a jerk. He made rash decisions. He trusted too easily; who is to say the super-powered girls were good guys and not bad guys in disguise. Bashir did improve on the jerk part eventually, but he was still too headstrong for his own good. As the saying goes, “courage without wisdom is foolishness,” and Bashir was quite a fool.+ Bashir’s uncleThe other characters were not that much better. I’ll be blunt; Bashir’s uncle was a bad parent. He recklessly allowed Bashir to become a superhero. Bashir is only the family his uncle has, and the only parent Bashir has. Did no one, Bashir or his uncle, think that super-heroing was dangerous? That Bashir had no training or experience of any kind rescuing people or fighting crimes, that he could die from if he make one wrong move, or his Uncle could be taken hostage if Bashir’s identity was revealed?Bashir’s uncle’s parenting instinct should have risen to overprotectiveness after the accident that caused Bashir to lose his legs. But it didn’t, and it was bad character development on the story’s part.+ Aimee and RobinaThe other members of Bashir’s little superhero team were not that good either. Aimee should know that a hood is a horrible way to hide her face in her superhero costume. At least she had a personality, even if it was a stereotypical rude American tourist. Robina on the other hand was bland and forgettable. The PlotI liked that it was fast-paced, but I did not like how the plot smackdown logic to accomplish it. Everything happened too conveniently.Tarek was the guy who gave Bashir his Silver Scorpion power. I didn’t understand why Tarek did not use the power to fashion a bulletproof under-clothing to wear at all time so he wouldn’t die when the gangster shot him. Tarek knew full well he was going to be shot by gangsters inevitably. It was really contrived how Bashir got his power from Tarek when Bashir just met the guy.Speaking of encounters, Bashir, Aimee, and Robina got along too quickly to be believable. The three shared their life story almost immediately after they met. It wasn’t “let’s get to know each other,” it was “let’s tell each other our most private matters and act as if we have always been best friends instead of strangers who only have known each other for about a day.”Then, there was the issue of where the three got captured by the main villain. Of all the bad guys they fought, bad guys who shoot first, ask questions later, the main villain just happened to be a guy who only imprisoned them once he got what he wanted from them.These examples are only a few of the countless things that happened too conveniently. Worse, the ending was open-ended with nary a conflict resolved. The story was simply about how the three young superheroes met and overcame their first hurdle as a team, and then “The End” followed by some art pages. There’s no volume 2.In ConclusionI rate The Silver Scorpion 2-stars for it was okay. I liked the art and the action, but that was about it. I was disappointed by the great lack of polish because it would have been easily likeable comic book otherwise.

  • Ardo
    2019-03-24 03:55

    This was a nice read. I love that it had a) characters with disabilities that are both visible and invisible (dyslexia), b) diversity both ethnically as well as in terms of gender and c) a nice back story for the heroes. The fact that this idea emerged from the ideas of American and Syrian teens just added to the comic and made it memorable for me. The writing and progression of the story wasn’t really challenging but, with that said, I think it’s great for middle schoolers and teens to read…even grown ups with the wrong ideas surrounding disabilities could learn a thing or two. There were moments though that the writing was amazing (check out my Instagram Book Moments). I also found that the Silver Scorpion (Bashir) wasn’t the main character but instead shared that titled with his female companions (Robina and Aimee) which has mean wondering if the comic should be called Silver Scorpion (mmm…).I’m not going to pretend that I’m an expert on art but it was pretty good here. It’s not popping off the page or taking much risk in terms of placement of the panels but I like the way the females in this book are drawn (realistic!!!) which tends to be an ongoing issue in the comics industry as a whole. So good job on that! The cover is okay as well. Again, if it was on the shelf, it would probably get lost or over shadowed.Overall, not a bad comic and it’s got a great story to tell!

    2019-03-07 07:18

    A good ya story.It's interesting to see a story about Muslims. It's. Good to see a story about the handicapped. It feels a little like straining after political correctness to put them all into one story. Like that old George Carlin joke about the company that hired a black,wheelchair bound lesbian to satisfy 3 affirmative action requirements at once?

  • Jaspreet Kaur | jas_thebookthief
    2019-03-03 06:04

    Nice and quick day..

  • Rachel Dawson
    2019-03-18 07:08

    Great story!! I really liked it!Good concept, story was told very well, in a way that invests the reader in the story. Great story, I recommend it to anyone who loves a hero.

  • Gerald Sessions
    2019-03-18 08:10

    Metal powerGreat book great graphics. A story is told and then more elements are hinted at. Good enough for me to consider reading more.