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Daniel’s peaceful life has been destroyed after discovering the hideous truth about the Over-seers – the new masters of humanity. Hiding in centuries-old flint mines from Hunters and from the terrifying Triclops machines, Daniel’s recurring nightmares lead him, once more, into danger. With mankind brainwashed under the false hope of a glorious new life in the Achievement CDaniel’s peaceful life has been destroyed after discovering the hideous truth about the Over-seers – the new masters of humanity. Hiding in centuries-old flint mines from Hunters and from the terrifying Triclops machines, Daniel’s recurring nightmares lead him, once more, into danger. With mankind brainwashed under the false hope of a glorious new life in the Achievement Centre, he must return home through a devastated landscape to save his fatherfrom certain death.Daniel reunites with two fellow fugitives – Mary and her young companion Gwendolyn – to undertake a rescue mission so dangerous that death is the only guarantee. Is it too late for Daniel’s family or is it too late for humanity itself? Daniel Jones DOOM, the exciting new sequel to FRENZY a Daniel Jones Story, is another fast-paced, engrossing chronicle of three rebels who once again risk their lives in a vividly depicted world peopled by memorable new and known characters....

Title : Daniel Jones Doom
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ISBN : 9781781331200
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Daniel Jones Doom Reviews

  • Rosie Amber
    2019-03-10 04:47

    Doom is the second book in the Daniels Jones series which fits the YA/ dystopia genre. Daniel lived with his family in a very primitive society, ruled by a set of procedures and the Over-Seers who are saviours of humanity. Village elders look forward to their Day of Achievement on the turn of their 40th birthdays as a reward for all their hard work in life.All this changed for Daniel when he found out what really happens to people once they enter the Achievement Centres and forced him to flee. Doom continues the story from book 1. Daniel now travels with Mary and Gwendolyn, two other outcasts who know the truth about the Over-seers, but they are constantly afraid of capture by the ruthless Hunters. They find Jack, a boy left alone after his parents were taken. He has access to technology never seen by Daniel and together they form a plan to return to Daniel's village and tell his father the truth before he reaches his Achievement Day and it is too late.

  • Em Fletcher
    2019-02-23 09:34

    Fantastic sequel! Love it

  • Caroline Barker
    2019-03-07 04:37

    DOOM is another incredibly written, fast-paced post-apocalyptic adventure from author Mark King. The sequel to Frenzy, it continues where we left off with young Daniel Jones surviving with Resistance veteran, Mary, and her young companion, Gwendolyn.Daniel has begun to have terrible dreams after witnessing the horrific methods of the Over-Seers. He is also aware that it is coming up to his father’s fortieth season, where he knows his dad will be preparing for a life of rest and rewards from the Over-Seers in the Achievement Centre. After a life of being brainwashed by these beings his father, and the rest of humanity, simply have no idea of the horrors that await them. It’s simply too much for Daniel to bear; he must return to his home village to warn his family. Only that would be difficult with the Over-Seers sending Hunters and Triclops to hunt him and his companions down! This boy loves a challenge, and with his friends support they are a team to be reckoned with.Meanwhile, we learn that the consequences of Frenzy (Daniel Jones book 1) has left John, Daniel’s father, in a tired, weary and fragile state. Not only has he lost his son to the desolate lands, without knowing why, he now also works alone, chopping down trees, with no horse to pull his cart. He is emotionally and physically drained with only the hope of the Achievement Centre to relieve him of his exhausting life.“… but with losing his axe, his horse, and his son in the space of two days John was not going to take any risks with his chance of entering the Achievement Centre, and in receiving a lifetime of the rewards that were promised.”I am absolutely hooked with this series, longing to read the next instalment. It is a perfect read for young adults and over, with the right dosage of action, horror and gore mixed with great dialogue, brilliant characters and an addictive storyline.Will Daniel reach his village to warn his father? Or will be captured by the Hunters, along with his companions? Is it too late for his father to be saved? What will become of Daniel, and all of those he cares about? This truly is a MUST-READ that I would recommend to place at the top of your reading list!

  • Mary Smith
    2019-03-07 10:36

    Doom was as enjoyable to read as Frenzy and the two book so far are turning in a very good series of Daniel Jones stories. I do hope there is a third book. A mixture of War of the Worlds, the Hunger Games mixed with elements of Logan's run and you are left with a thrilling story as Daniel and his two trusted female friends Mary and Gwendolyn return through a dangerous landscape to save his father. Do they make it? What I really liked is that there are no guarantees and you will have to read to the very last page to find out!

  • Ivana
    2019-02-22 03:23

    I got a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads.Even though I haven't read Frenzy there was no problem following the storyline. I liked the general idea of the series, it's refreshing to read something completely new (not re-chewing the same topics from different angles). Daniel and his crew are an interesting combination. I liked this book and would definitely love to read the sequel. It seems there will be even more action in the next book.

  • Vincent Ripley
    2019-02-23 08:49

    book review will be posted first on

  • Joseph
    2019-03-11 04:28

    It is not odd to remember a book's storyline after two years. It is also not that odd to remember a book in the context of what was going on at the time when you read it. I do think it is a bit unusual when a book takes priority over scheduled events that you have been looking forward to. I was really looking forward to seeing Rickie Lee Jones in Dallas. She has been a favorite singer of mine, but life events and the military kept me from catching even one of her shows. I finally had a chance to see her in Dallas. At the time, I also received a copy of Frenzy: A Daniel Jones Story to review. I started the book a few hours before catching the train. Read it on the train. Read it at the venue before the concert. Regretted when the lights went down and the show started. Read it on the train home, and finished it late that evening. It was that kind of book. I was happily surprised to hear from Mark King just over a week ago that he had the second book in the series ready and would like to send me one of the first copies. Daniel Jones: Doom arrived a week later and it had a lot to live up to. Mark King is a private man aside from mentions of traveling, his blog, and living in Norwich, he is pretty quiet about himself. From the information on the cover flap, it looks like Frenzy did pretty well. I gave up fantasy and science-fiction/fantasy a while ago and read mostly non-fiction. When I tried to pick up a book in the genre its been difficult to want to read through it. I read many of these books in the early 1980s but since then, it has been hard to find a match for me. The Daniel Jones series, however, seemed to hit the spot perfectly. I gave the first book five stars which is really unusual for me to award to contemporary fiction. The characters seemed to be just right. There was a mix of experience, youth, recklessness, and caution among the characters on the side of good. Evil held that relentless drive that made them believable and hated; there was little in the way of their weakness. There was hope, blind hope, the darker side of human nature, and a sense of community mixed into the story in a near perfect ratio. Doom picks up after Frenzy ends with very little time passing. It keeps to the formula set in Frenzy with the same characters, with a few minor additions. The story now lets on a bit more about the characters and exposes new and perhaps unexpected connections between the core characters. The new revelations work well in the story and are not forced to make the plot work. They blend well together.Although not much time has passed for the characters between books, plenty of time has passed for the reader. It has been eighteen months and more than two hundred books ago since I read Frenzy. Doom very gently reminds the reader of the events in the past book while progressing in the new story. I couldn't quite place the character Wolf in the story, I knew who he was, but had forgotten exactly what his role was in the first book. The character's past from Frenzy was reintroduced in Doom by his rival piecing together Wolf's past while plotting against him. Cleverly done, and very effective. The important parts of the past are recounted in a non-intrusive way and eliminated my need to go back to the first book and use it as a reference. The story is well done. The plot flows smoothly and moves at a quick pace. The events in the story are all plausible if you buy into the overall premise of aliens occupying the earth -- it is science fiction, after all. The actions of the aliens are really no different than any occupying force in history. Maintain dominance, recruit help from the local population, remove methods of resistance-- like weapons, organization, and printed communication. Like pacified populations, most people conform, especially decades after the occupation. A few fight and use their differences to build a strong team. Doom is a sequel that fully lives up to the original book. It is part of the plan and not an afterthought. Like the first book Doom brings closure to the immediate storyline but leaves it room for continuation. A very enjoyable read and well worth the effort. Great science fiction.

  • Mark King
    2019-03-10 07:48

    If you enjoyed reading the first book in the series, FRENZY a Daniel Jones Story, then you will love Daniel Jones Doom even more. With the return of beloved characters and new ones on the scene; you follow the exciting journey the three heroes have to take to try and save Daniel's Family. Will they make it? The only thing guaranteed in this new world order is death so this is a page turner until the very end.