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“Let’s go chew on someone’s face. What else is there to do on a Saturday night?”* * *As Trinity and her friends find the life of a supernatural is not what it seems, the true monsters are exposed. Friendships are forged and alliances are made as they try to stay ahead of the humans that now hunt them. Doubt clouds Trinity's mind though as the right path seems to take her i“Let’s go chew on someone’s face. What else is there to do on a Saturday night?”* * *As Trinity and her friends find the life of a supernatural is not what it seems, the true monsters are exposed. Friendships are forged and alliances are made as they try to stay ahead of the humans that now hunt them. Doubt clouds Trinity's mind though as the right path seems to take her in the wrong direction. Lust will consume her, and despair and torment will rip her apart.Fate has many plans for her…Will she find the strength within her to defy them all?...

Title : Trinity - Defying Destiny (Trinity, #2)
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ISBN : 9781507641125
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 255 Pages
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Trinity - Defying Destiny (Trinity, #2) Reviews

  • Donna Hokanson
    2019-04-26 10:18

    Exciting and entertainingTrinity and her friends are learning as they go what it’s like to live among the supernatural and what it means to be one. Trials and tribulations are occurring all throughout the book. Jealousy comes to rear its head in a few places in this book as well. Are the prophecies written in stone or can destiny be defied? Or is it that it can come in several different paths and Trinity just has to find the right one. Well written and very enjoyable to read. I had a minor role in helping to edit this book.

  • Tracy Ehlers
    2019-05-15 08:05

    Wow. Just WOW!! If I could give it more stars I would..Vamps Weres, witches and so much more.. Book 2 begins where book 1 ends and it flowed on really well. I really love the characters and the authors ability to tell a story that really captured my attention... I couldn't put it down. Trinity is an amazing character and in this book we see her growing and becoming what she is meant to be.. Along the way there are some revelations that were just OMG moments. (No spoilers) Just a fantastic fast paced read with awesome characters and storyline that has left me wanting more.. Can't wait to read more.. Highly recommend to fans of the Paranormal Genre.

  • Crystal Gaede
    2019-05-07 06:21

    ARC reader reviewAmazing second book book! With some I've read lately it's been more of "the first is the best"! But defying destiny was as good if not better that the 1st book!But that is not hard to say because all of kylie prices books are amazing and well written to the point you never want to put them down!Trinity is back and she is pissed, scared and lost! But when she embraces herself for who she is ment to be all along, this new women kicks some major ass, but still has the heart of gold! Not to mention the hot Jason in there ready to bend over backwards for his women and friends & family!!New faimies are made some are lost but never forgotten!

  • Nik August
    2019-05-25 07:16

    ARC review.As the story of Trinity continues, she must learn she has the power to control those around her. She must transform from a young woman to a leader; a leader others are willing to follow. Satisfied the traumas from book 1 are resolved and the many trinities of relationships unite, they forge their way ahead to find that which will bring them all together. There's a new element of danger surfacing within the ranks of their supernatural world. An evil that carries the weight of wealth and the military behind it. With her new found confidence in herself, Trinity faces the loss of her closest loved ones if she isn't up to the task at hand.

  • Juli
    2019-05-04 08:56

    Omg I loved this sequel. Now I want the next book now lol Kylie you did an awesome job with Trinity. I was hooked, lined, & sinker. You have a fan for life. I received this book as an ARC. so glad I had the opportunity to read this before the shelf date. Thanks again so much for a wonderful read. Juli

  • Tovah Levine
    2019-05-21 09:12

    WhatWow, what can I say? I love this book so much I hope this is not the end of it for them. I want to know what else happens. I love the sexual tent between trinity and Jason it's really powerful.

  • Mona Livsey
    2019-05-15 09:12

    Prophecies do Not Define What You Are!What an incredible continuation of the Trinity Series!This second installment is just as fast paced and exciting as the first. It continues the Saga of Trinity and her friends as they all become embroiled in the life and tragedies associated with the Vampires, Werewolves and Witches. This incredible story is enthralling I could not put it down! Great characters with even greater back stories entangled in a life and death adventure to protect the ones they love and to try and stop those who want to kill or pervert the paranormal. I cannot wait to continue this Saga!I recommend this to all lovers of the Paranormal!!♥️Well Done!🌺

  • Victoria Simcox
    2019-05-25 09:18

    Fate seems to have it in for Trinity. She’ll have to find inside herself the fortitude to win the battle against what may be her destiny. Now that the monsters are uncovered, what lies inside the paranormal world is brought into the light. Humans are on the hunt for her and her companions and they must decide who their real friends and rivals are. Trinity’s mind is fogged with fear and doubt, and she gets confused as to which way to turn, who to trust and who to be on the lookout for. Trinity - Defying Destiny, is book 2 in The Trinity series. The story continues straight away from book I, Trinity -The Prophecy. I like how Kylie has incorporated more of Trinity’s back ground into this book so that the reader doesn’t have any confusion right off the bat. Trinity will learn of even more deception that has been kept from her, and honestly, it is quite daunting. Same as the first book, this book snagged me in from the get-go. Kylie has once again written an in depth, suspenseful tale of uncertainty, mystery, mixed together with a huge amount of her great imagination. Hats off to another great read by Ms. Price.

  • Birgit Wahl
    2019-05-07 05:20

    I got this book send to me by the author which is a Facebook friend of mine for a honest review.I loved Trinity - The Prophecy and yep I got ask to translate it into my native language by the author.This book (Trinity - Defying Destiny) is a beautiful read, I loved it so far and can't wait to get my hands on the 3rd installment. The characters are complex, troubled (Trinity and Jason) cause Jason who is Trinity's first love and loves her back has to pretend to be the boyfriend of his ex cause of some trouble but you have to read about it yourself. I will not spoil the fun. This books has twists and is full of surprises also the plot is thoughtful written there is only a discrepanz and that is that the author mixed up the FBI with an australian territory aka country (Queensland), lol, but that is the only thing which bothered me cause the FBI is an amerikan special police force and not an australian and the book plot is playing in australia ok in this book the characters has to travel to bhutan and back to australia.

  • Sabrina Joy
    2019-05-18 08:15

    Right off the bat, this book hits you with emotions! Honestly, the beginning hooks you right in and churns those emotions that you dearly try to hold onto because this book will definitely make your heart hurt. Again, Trinity goes through a lot. She finds out even more secrets that are just kept from her, and believe me if I was in her position, I'd drop everything and crawl under my blanket, just dwelling on them. But Trinity is strong, which is what makes this book amazing because Trinity is a great heroine!I could not put this book down, just like I could't with the first one. Again, another five stars and a satisfied reader!

  • Lydia Gaona
    2019-05-26 03:55

    Kylie has done it again!! Im so in love with this series its not even funny. I love this storyline and all the characters and how it all intertwines together but leaves you guessing and wanting more! I do not like to give any spoilers but you will not be disappointed in this sequel one bit! You must read Trinity the Prophecy before reading this book as it is not a standalone book. With that being said you will not be disappointed and will be ecstatic that you read both of them! What will Trinity do in this sequel? Great work again Kylie!! This book had my emotions all over the place in a great way and I can not wait for the next book!!

  • Toni Michelle-Editor
    2019-05-18 08:23

    I just don't know where to begin! This book is fantastic! Book 1 I loved, but book 2 WOWSER! The unexpected is happening and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Poor Trinity, this prophecy business is weighing on her quite heavily. Find out if she can handle being the one to carry out such a burden. Trust me, this book is going to have you on the edge of your seat and begging for more!I have read it once just a few short weeks ago and cannot wait to curl up with my Kindle tonight to read it again!

  • Heather
    2019-05-23 11:20

    In book 2 Trinity must learn to accept who she is and what she has become . While also trying to protect all whom she loves . Trinity discovers more each day what her powers are and surprising even the elder or older vamps and werewolfs. Kylie did an amazing job of picking up where the last book left off at and is very consent with her character, roles and plots. Book 1 left me wanting more and book two didnt let me down ethier, as im waiting for book three . if you love vamps werewolfs this youre read oh and a dab of witches.

  • Michellee Vedder
    2019-04-29 08:20

    This starts out continuing to learn more about Trinity, her past, how she became who she is and learning who and how to trust her new friends and needing to save the supernatural from being discovered and destroyed by the humans. Will trinity defy her destiny and learn more about herself than anyone knows? Find out in this amazing book!!!!

  • Tabatha
    2019-05-21 03:13

    This is the second book in the series and we learn more about Trinity and what her destiny entails. I absolutely love this book and recommend it to anyone young or old! It flows well it is a well rounded story and the characters are amazing!

  • Annmarie Young
    2019-05-17 06:06

    I so loved this story just as much as the first book, I couldn't put my kindle down. It was really well written, I loved all characters. I can't wait for the next book. A recommended read. Come on Kylie Price I need my next fix.

  • Julie Pratt
    2019-05-03 08:01

    Loved this book as much as Trinity The Prophecy. The story is so captivating that I read it in one day. I couldn't put it down. I love Miss Price and all her books. I can't wait for more.

  • Simon
    2019-05-18 08:10

    i so want my book signed by this fantastic author.

  • Belinda Donaldson
    2019-05-19 09:17

    With the decision made Trinity has picked which side she will fight for the monsters or the beasts or in typical Trinity fashion her own side.After the battle and decision to save her best friend she know lives with the guilt of the prophecy and her friends lives in her hands.Jason is there standing by supporting her and loving her but at what cost.Her friends are there fighting right beside her but she feels more alone than ever.

  • Katherine Logan
    2019-05-05 09:57

    As always, a great book on the continuing adventures of Trinity and her friends and family. I'm really looking forward to starting "Trinity: Accepting Fate". Thanks Kylie for the great read and keep up the fantastic art!

  • Keith McArdle
    2019-05-05 09:06

    Good sequelThis was a good follow on to the first novel and took both Trinity and I, the reader, on a rollercoaster of a ride. Looking forward to getting stuck into the third book!

  • Uri Guzman
    2019-05-23 06:15

    I have officially added Kylie Price to my fave authors list. I love her style of writing! Defying Destiny was definitely just as good as the first book of this series. It is rare to find a 2nd book that is just as good as the first. We got to fall in love with the characters more and we got to see some new romances start. I love Trinity and Jason's relationship, especially all the chemistry they have. They're not like sappy in love with corny dumb lines but more like a realistic love story that is so beautiful. I can picture that kind of love story happening in real life. She is in love but then again she has known him for so long and so has he yet they still are taking things slowly. It's not like they just met, fell in love, and all they think about is that person. That's not real life, in real life things get complicated and Kylie Price depicts all those real life complications well. I can't wait for the next book! I don't want this series to end! I want a spin off series with Trinity & Jason's future babies (if they ever have any lol).

  • Jadeness
    2019-04-27 06:59

    Everything is changing. Some things really quickly and others not quick enough. Limits are pushed and bonds are formed or broken. Doubt can be poisonous and Trinity is slowly being infected from it. If she can get over the doubt and trust herself, she might be able to see things clearly. She can either defy what fate is trying to push her towards or continue. Which will it be?I like that this second book picked up almost right after the first. I laughed quite a few times and I think my favorite part was when Trinity got all excited to be able to buy her own underwear. I get excited for new underwear too!!Things I didn't like about the book, it went by really quickly. I feel like I could have finished it in about a day if I really was able to sit down and read it. There wasn't anything else I have to complain about.If you want to read the full review please go to my blog:

  • Morgan Barton
    2019-05-25 10:07

    Holy cow! Defying Destiny picked up right off from the end of chapter two seamlessly. There was a twist at the end of book one that had me scrambling to one click Defying Trinity as fast as I could.I also love Kylie Price's chapter markers/pictures they are unique and fit with the story perfectly.There are surprises that will leave your head spinning.Trinity has learned a lot in a short period of time and has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders.Plus add the fact that just her bite will change you. Trinity must learn to become the leader everyone needs her to be, but she doesn't think she can.Trinity doesn't have much time. Will she be able to grow and be the leader she can and needs to be or will it all be to late?Will Trinity learn to be able to control her powers in time.Read Defying Destiny now to see.Another five star read by the amazing Kylie Price.

  • Clayr Catherall
    2019-05-17 08:57

    Trinity-Defying Destiny, follows straight on from Trinity-The Prophecy..Battling with her destiny, and the paranormal world, she's been thrust into. Trinity must learn fast, how to survive. The humans are hunting her....Who she thought, were her friends, are turning against each other. So many lies have been told, and so many secrets have been kept. Trinity doesn't who to believe, or who trust. Everything seems to stacked against her...Can Trinity over come it all, and make the right choices?You'll have to read to find out ;)Wow! Really enjoyed this book Kylie Price. I can't wait to find out what happens next.

  • Sharon Richmond
    2019-04-30 10:18

    Trinity - Defying Destiny is the 2nd book in the series and Wow, it starts again with such power and intensity that it will again keep you glued to the book till the last page.Trinity must learn to become a leader to her friends, she must try and understand this crazy world of monsters she has been thrown into. Then when passions ignite, friendships are formed, and the prophecy will begin to take it's toll, will have you squeezing your book and holding your breath. Full of twists and turns so intense it is great!!!The ending will have you screaming cause you will have to get book 3 to continue this story..

  • Samantha
    2019-05-20 05:18

    My mom got me hooked on this series Trinity,Jason,Nikkee and Sky are in trouble again.its full of surprises and twist. I like that Jason has loved Trinity for a long time it makes them a cute couple lol Jason in Nikkee's older brother. Sky was attacked by Ally in the warehouse she is now a werewolf and Nikkee was almost killed so Trinity changed her into a vampire its a lot you need to read it this is only the second non zombie book I have read I love it I am really glad my mom got me to read it if she ever tells me another book I am going to read it. but don't tell her I said that. I started a account on amazon so I could leave the reviews for these books can't wait for book 3

  • StephanieMae
    2019-05-11 06:21

    Trinity continues to learn about her prophecy and her changes going on with her body. She now knows who her real parents are. Her father teaching her more about her mother and how she ended up in the foster care of hell. She struggles with the killing that she had to do. While I liked the story itself, this one fell a little short of my expectations. I loved the 1st book in this series. Giving it a 5 star rating. Some of the story drug out for me. Over all still a good read. Reviewed for HeadTripping Books by Tammy

  • Denise Woodruff
    2019-04-25 05:16

    I was lucky enough to read and review this bookI loved this the 2nd book is like wow OK Trinity and her friends get into trouble again well mark Sky's boyfriend turned the guys had recording of Sky's and his conversion told the cops the put him in a loony bin well guess what someone broke him out and the bones from the witch hose missing so here we go lol not going to spoil it I will recommend this book my daughter wants to read it lol she is almost done with the first one

  • LaGina
    2019-05-25 11:03

    Book 2 doesnt disappoint. It picks right up where book one left off and we get a little more insight into Trinitys prophecy . I cant say anymore then that cause there is a twist in this book and I dont want to give it away.