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Caleb, a 24 year old coder at the world's largest internet company, wins a competition to spend a week at a private mountain retreat belonging to Nathan, the reclusive CEO of the company. But when Caleb arrives at the remote location he finds that he will have to participate in a strange and fascinating experiment in which he must interact with the world's first true artCaleb, a 24 year old coder at the world's largest internet company, wins a competition to spend a week at a private mountain retreat belonging to Nathan, the reclusive CEO of the company. But when Caleb arrives at the remote location he finds that he will have to participate in a strange and fascinating experiment in which he must interact with the world's first true artificial intelligence, housed in the body of a beautiful robot girl. EX MACHINA is an intense psychological thriller, played out in a love triangle. It explores big ideas about the nature of consciousness, emotion, sexuality, truth and lies....

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ex machina screenplay Reviews

  • Joseph Delaney
    2019-05-01 10:10

    This is a screenplay rather than a novel and I thought it might be interesting to read it in that form. I was right. It proved to be excellent and after a while I got used to the layout and the different ways in which the narrative is communicated. When I read a fiction, after a while I see pictures in my head and become unaware of the words. So it was in this case. The heroine is a sentient AI (artificial intelligence/android/robot) called Ava who is played in the actual film by Alicia Vikander (who had the role of Alice in the film adaptation of ‘The Spook’s Apprentice’). A young man is brought into contact with her, perhaps to test her. Is she truly sentient or is it that her coding only makes her seem that way? Is she dangerous? Is she attractive? There are many twists and turns in the plot and, although grounded in a genre where many of the plot features might have be done before, it still comes across as fresh and compelling. I really enjoyed it. I am interested in androids at the moment because combat androids feature in my new series ‘Arena 13’. If that ever gets turned into a film, I’d like Alex Garland to direct it.

  • Sabrina Grafenberger
    2019-05-06 10:03

    I had to read the script after watching the film, because Ex Machina is a brilliant, smart, gripping and thought provoking movie with great actors. The screenplay didn't disappoint. Although it's almost identical to the film, it clarifies some things and gives a bit more insight into some scenes.I'd recommend watching the movie rather than reading the script (it is one of my favorite films of all time). But if you want additional information for a better understanding or if you just love screenplays - go for it.

  • Michelle
    2019-05-15 08:01

    Just as good as the movie.

  • Ashlinn Craven
    2019-04-24 05:00

    I'm an Alex Garland nut, he's been in my top 5 authors list since The Beach. And with AI being one of my specialty topics, my expectations were skyrocketing as I downloaded this screenplay and let's just say there was some risk of anticlimax. But I'm happy to say, with Ex Machina, Garland has excelled once again. With surprisingly few words he paints a compelling and unsettling picture of how early AI might infiltrate our world and our system of ethics. Handling of the academic points is light, accurate and blissfully original--the tired old Turning test gets a makeover here. Garland has that happy skill of looking at familiar concepts from a new, oblique angle. the screenplay can be read on several levels: romance/noir/techno-thriller/dystopian and it should appeal to a broad audience. I wouldn't be surprised if it became another cult classic. The ending is perfect.

  • Aaron
    2019-04-24 09:55

    Exactly what I would expect from the author of 28 days later. It was quick paced, action packed, believable and very dark. Since the zombie apocalypse phase has passed the Artificial Intelligence uprising seems to be the current zeitgeist. With folks like Stephen Hawking supporting the fear and our military trend towards unmanned artillery it would appear to be the logical progression. No matter what form the apocalypse comes in I feel I will be well prepared. At least after a few dozen more AI apocalypse novels that is.

  • Mariah
    2019-04-20 06:10

    This is actually the first time I have every read a screen play, but I love this movie and wondered what it was originally written like. While the movie is amazing the screen play gives us a little more explanation and understanding of the character Ava. And even Kyoko, though it is not much. In short the screen play answered some of the questions the movie left me with. I, for instance was never sure of Ava and Kyoko's communication with both everyone else and with each other. But the screen play shows us how Ava hears and how she sees which is far different than what I assumed. Instead of her hearing and seeing the way we do, she seems to process in sound pitches and expressions the same way the movie showed Caleb in the beginning. Which for the first time makes her feel more robotic than ever in the film, even though for most of her screen time she is seen with all of her robotics just on full display. And on the other hand there is Kyoko. We learn next to nothing about her in the movie, but in the screen play we learn that she was just like the other AI's at first but when Nathan striped her subroutines he decided to keep her body and make her unable to communicate. But we learn that she not only has been watching and absorbing what has been going on throughout the film but that she can still communicate with Ava. Its not explained how Ava understands her but it is shown in the movie that Kyoko opens her mouth to Ava's ear and a sort of static sound comes out. From this I came to the conclusion that Ava understood Kyoko from the fact that she interrupts things the same way a computer does and therefore did not need words to communicate with another AI. And the only thing that still surprises me about the story in whole is that Ava seems to not know kyoko because there is a scene that she sees her and says "who are you" I assume this is because Nathan did not want them to meet, maybe he knew that they could communicate in a way that he would not understand and therefore he kept them apart? But its Kyoko that seems to at least partially orchestrate the escape with Ava. Is it communicated between them that she wanted to kill Nathan? Did Ava promise her an escape if she helped? Did she know that in helping Ava she would be killed? Was the blue fluid that seeped out of her head wound the wetware that we learn their brains are made of? Could she have been repaired if Nathan somehow survived? And when Ava took the skin from the Jade body, why did jade look up at her? Was she still charged? What use would Nathan Have to have her charged if she no longer functioned? Was the same thing done to her that was done to Kyoko? If so, was Nathan using all of his past AI's as sex robots like he was planning to do with Ava? And what of Caleb? In the end after he sees Ava fly away in the helicopter he goes to the computer and types in a line of code that when executed would have spelled out "Goodbye world" does that mean he thinks hes gonna die in there? He was left in the room with Nathan's workout weights couldn't he at least attempt to escape? If he could stack things to the ceiling could he get to the window he was looking through when he saw the plane fly away? Though I am left with many questions, I still see this as a great movie and great screenplay!

  • Alexander Kowalak
    2019-05-13 11:58

    Die ganze Geschichte ist ein einziger Turing Test. Und stellt die Frage, wer testet eigentlich wen. Und vor allem, wann beginnt es. Die Illusion, es hätte bereits begonnen, gelingt der Erzählung allerdings meiner Meinung nach nicht. Eine Bearbeitung als Theaterstück hätte Potenzial.

  • Michael
    2019-05-17 06:08

    startling storyThe story was not at all what I thought. incredible story. Can't wait for the film when it comes to local theaters.

  • Seth Whitfield
    2019-05-14 05:45

    Wow.. Just WOW!

  • James Levesque
    2019-04-27 09:57

    WOW! I loved this screenplay! Looking forward to seeing the movie!

  • Jeevan
    2019-04-24 06:53

    Very good one. Character driven script. Thoroughly enjoyed