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Lanie Coates’s life is spinning out of control. She’s piled everything she owns into a U-Haul and driven with her husband, Peter, and their three little boys from their cozy Texas home to a multiflight walkup in the Northeast. She’s left behind family, friends, and a comfortable life–all so her husband can realize his dream of becoming a professional musician. But somewherLanie Coates’s life is spinning out of control. She’s piled everything she owns into a U-Haul and driven with her husband, Peter, and their three little boys from their cozy Texas home to a multiflight walkup in the Northeast. She’s left behind family, friends, and a comfortable life–all so her husband can realize his dream of becoming a professional musician. But somewhere in the eye of her personal hurricane, it hits Lanie that she once had dreams too. If only she could remember what they were.These days, Lanie always seems to rank herself dead last–and when another mom accidentally criticizes her appearance, it’s the final straw. Fifteen years, three babies, and more pounds than she’s willing to count since the day she said “I do,” Lanie longs desperately to feel like her old self again. It’s time to rise up, fish her moxie out of the diaper pail, and find the woman she was before motherhood capsized her entire existence.Lanie sets change in motion–joining a gym, signing up for photography classes, and finding a new best friend. But she also creates waves that come to threaten her whole life. In the end, Lanie must figure out once and for all how to find herself without losing everything else in the process.Katherine Center’s Everyone Is Beautiful is a hugely entertaining, poignant, and charming new novel about what happens after happily ever after: how a woman learns to fall in love with her husband–and her entire life–all over again....

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Everyone Is Beautiful Reviews

  • Christie
    2019-05-15 10:34

    I was thrilled with this sweet book about the not so glamorous sides of motherhood, wifehood. Every young mom will benefit from its honest look at what life is really like. I loved that it didn't go where it could have predictably gone. I love that at the end the main character didn't attain a size 2 to solve all her troubles. I loved that it emphasized that a mother/wife needs personal fulfillment to adequately fulfill her family. I loved the relationship between the husband and wife. A sweet, easy and entertaining read. Last night at book club we were asked "did this book change your life?" and everyone agreed that even though it was light, it changed the way we thought about things, even if it was simply by validating what we go through every day.

  • Myrna
    2019-05-03 05:39

    I listened to the audio because I loved Happiness for Beginners and The Lost Wife by the same author. I didn’t like this one as much as the others, though. It wasn’t a bad book. On the contrary, it was entertaining, a quick read, brought back memories of being a new mom, and had a good message. My small complaint was that it sounded like the main character was reading her diary entries. Maybe the book was better. Recommended to new moms. You will be able to relate a great deal! I will happily continue to read her books. 3.5★s!

  • Kris Irvin
    2019-05-13 10:00

    Eh, I had higher hopes for this one because of the premise. Is there any mom out there who hasn't, at one time or another, felt frumpy, overwhelmed, and lonely? I pretty much feel that way at least a few times a day. And while I'm not in the same situation as Lanie, I definitely empathize with her on several points. And yet, the overall story fell flat on its face. The writing was okay, but every so often Center would stick in a "but little did I know, THIS WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!" paragraph, and those make me very, very cranky. I guess for a novel that worked on the premise that Lanie was about to improve a whole lot, I never actually saw any improvement. Not even in her new, gym-going body. Also, her husband was a selfish tool. Also, none of the characters really made any sense. The more I think about this book the more I start to hate it. I want my $8 back.

  • Nicole
    2019-05-03 03:54

    The story of Lanie Coates, a married mother of three, who just relocated with her family to a new town across the country, so her husband could follow his dream.Based on the story itself I would give this book 3.5/4 stars - but the way the story was relatable to my own life right now it got bumped up to 5 stars. The way Lanie deals with motherhood, marriage, friends, and carving time out for herself is so real - and close to home - I was thinking at times this could seriously be a close parallel to a memoir of my own life :) I was so taken with the idea of motherhood through this story - and how so many other mothers are in the exact same boat - whose kids do the exact same things that drive them crazy - that I was refreshed in my own role as mom.I would recommend this book to anyone - but especially to mothers - and to mothers of boys there are things in this book that will make you laugh out loud with relevance to your own life.

  • Alexandra
    2019-05-19 05:36

    Everyone is beautiful! Oh oh! That's what makes you beautiful! EVERYTIME I looked at the title, I got that One Direction song stuck in my head. I can't say the title out loud or in my head without singing that blasted tune. Ah well. Them's the breaks. This book. I did not want to put it down.There was no chapter end that I could say, okay, I feel comfortable closing it for now, I'm content. I just wanted to keep going. I was fascinated by Lanie, a woman who is a mother of three children under five years old. Three boys. How she managed to get through each day, with all the diaper changing and the messes and biting and coloring on walls, AND be a good wife and friend and neighbor. I thought she was fantastic. I loved her character. The beginning few chapters had me laughing out loud numerous times, with the family's move to Cambridge and settling into the new apartment. Priceless. Although this book's target audience is women, I would not classify this as "chick lit" because to me, that implies it is one of the dime a dozen novels and it's not. The author's voice is so fresh and entertaining. Although the subject matter has been done countless times before, this keeps you glued to the pages and never, ever gets boring or tedious. I would say this is one of my favorites this year. And I wouldn't have found it without Goodreads! :) I am starting to take full advantage of this site and all it's lists and recommendations and it has been spot on with giving me books I am LOVING. ♥

  • Relyn
    2019-05-06 07:38

    I really enjoyed this book. It wasn't fabulous literature. It was just a very nice story. The characters were likable and very real. They struggle with the same things we struggle with. I loved the messages that I found in this book. I loved that this book portrayed marriage well. I love that Center shows that marriage is (or can be) beautiful, even when it is a whole lot of hard work; that marriage is worth working at; that intimacy is much more valuable than excitement and adventure. And, of course, that everyone is beautiful.

    2019-04-27 05:34

    Dollycas’s ThoughtsI needed to read something different and funny and this book fit the bill.Lanie’s life takes an abrupt turn when her husband’s new job uproots her family from their Texas home and into a 3rd floor 2 bedroom apartment in Massachusetts. She is with her kids, three under the age of 4, 24/7. While visiting a nearby park one day she reconnects with a classmate from high school and this gives her at least one adult to share things with and keep her sane. Her husband is wrapped up in his work and their relationship has reached the phase where you just go through the days without any real firm connection beyond being parents. At the end of her rope she joins a gym and realizes she has dreams as well. She just needs to figure out what they are and then find space to place them in her life. But can her marriage survive her putting herself first even just for part of the day or week without losing everything else so important to her.As a mother of four I could relate to Lanie’s story quite easily. Mom’s always put themselves last. Those days when the children are small and it is a triumph to just get a shower or go to the bathroom by yourself. Unlike Lanie, I worked full time when my children were growing up, so I was around adults for a least 8 hours of the day. Lanie heads to the gym for her “me time”. I used to escape to my sewing room, where I made the lion’s share of the clothes for my family, and let my creative juices flow.The author gives us an entertaining and in places really funny look at family life. You know the day to day stuff most of our lives are filled with. It’s not rocket science but sometimes getting through days with toddlers it seems like rocket science would be easier. Three little boys can be tough, especially 3 boys under four years old. I did want to jump in the book a few times to tell her to put the youngest one down. He was almost a year old and not crawling or walking yet and I think that was because she carried him everywhere. He was like her security blanket. Funny, after some lifestyle adjustments near the end of the book the little guy starts walking and crawling all in one dayThis was just the book I needed to read at this time. It brought back some fond memories, but even it, a book like this, my new trigger word appeared, “suicide”. It seems I just can’t escape that in anything I read these days. Thankfully it was only a mention and was followed by a moment that made me laugh. This book was recommended to me several years ago, long before my son took his life. It has been buried in my To-Be-Read stacks since then. Waiting for me to find the perfect time to read it. Well last Sunday was the perfect time. If you need a light read, this may be the one.

  • Stephanie
    2019-05-15 09:03

    The ladies at Five Minutes for Books picked Everyone is Beautiful by Katherine Center as their June book club selection and I was able to get a copy at my local library. This book really resonated with me as Dawn predicted it would! Lanie, the main character, is a [email protected] mom to three busy little boys. The book starts out as her family moves across the country so her husband can make some major steps in his musical career ... leaving behind the only home she's ever known as well as her family, friends, and life as she knew it. Suddenly thrust into a new environment she starts to see things about herself and that moves her towards making some changes.Dawn posed some questions over at 5M4B for our review and I thought about several of them as I finished this book:How did you relate to Lanie's character? Beyond just the mom/young children connections, did you feel any type of kinship with her?Yes! this book resonated with me. :) The tired, out of shape, wornout mommy. The mommy that chose to stay at home with her little ones ... even though she/I chose that, and I truly believe it is the right decision, it's still hard at times. She was commited to her husband and supporting him in his career. I felt a connection with her as she made sacrifices for Peter's career - while her's involved a cross country move (which we haven't done), there are activities that I have stepped out of to support my husband's involvement and ministry in other areas. No matter how much you agree with or believe in the sacrifice that you are making, occasionally there are those moments where this mommy feels left behind a little bit. :) What did you think about Lanie's pursuit of a new definition of herself, with her workout routine and photography interest? Is there something you'd love to pursue in your own life?I think it is a good thing when a mom has something to recharge her from her day-to-dayness of maintaining her household and taking care of her family. I do believe that there are times and seasons for this ... when I have little tiny babies is not the time for me to sign up for extra projects and activities when I can barely get done what needs to be done because I'm running on so little sleep. :) Also, I think one thing that holds me back in this area is that I just don't stop to take the time to recharge until it's too late and I'm desperate for a little time away. I forget that my husband longs/works to/makes it his goal to provide for me and if I just ask him and it's in his ability, he will provide that outlet and time for me to recharge and pursue something. My tendency is to run myself to empty and then try and recharge instead of taking little bites here and there when I can.How would you describe the message a reader takes away from Everyone is Beautiful?When someone is passionate about something, living in the moment - that makes you beautiful. As a Christian, I believe our passion for Christ - regardless of whether we have skills in photogrphay, writing, singing, etc. - that alone can bring an unblievable beauty that can't be found in any earthly pursuit. That should be my first passion ... and if I only have time for one, that's the one I want to be at the top of the list! However, I think it is also important for stay-at-home-moms to have some sort of mental outlet for them to express their creativity. I look at my friends and their interests are so varied according to their likes and personalities and it adds something to the beauty of each woman.I hope my notes make sense - I'm reading my scratchings from my journal as I type here. :) I did enjoy this book although I don't know that I will recommend it to many. Truthfully, I found the language (swearing) in the book to bother me. I'm sure the book was realistic to some, but that is not how I talk and I don't care to read others talk like that either. One of my favorite books that tackles this same theme (without the swearing) is SAHM I Am by Meredith Efken (and it's two follow-up books, @Home for the Holidays and Play It Again, SAHM). Those get two thumbs up from me.

  • Andrea
    2019-05-21 02:56

    It took a while to get into this book, but the general idea is a stay at home mother of three young boys is forced to move to a new city and deal with the lonliness of being a stay at home parent. Now, I'm not having a pity party, but only other mothers who have stayed at home for any length of time with their children can understand how one loses oneself in filling the needs of everyone else. I can relate. I know that it is fortunate that we are able to afford this for our children. It will make a world of difference for years to come. In the meanwhile, I am lost. It is hard to explain and if I try, it comes off sounding like "oh, poor me... Matt makes enough money to support us (if we watch our spending closely)... I stay home and get to wake up and not have to worry about what I need to wear or if my hair looks nice... I don't have to worry about day care issues or make my children be sick year round because they attend a public facility... etc." But, like I have said: only another (extended) stay at home parent can relate. Thing is: I love my children and I wouldn't change being able to stay home for the world... but sometimes I wish I could wash dishes for minimum wage two nights a week just to get out of the house and do something with myself. Can anyone relate?Finished this book at the library while the kids were at story hour. I cried in all of its relatability and in the hopes of finding myself.Started: 4/16/09Finished: 4/22/09233pps

  • Amy
    2019-05-03 10:55

    I gave this book 3 stars, but after being unable to stop thinking about it all morning long, I'm back to give it 4 stars. I actually love this book. I love the message. I love all the insightful epiphanies I've gained from reading it. I love that I don't have to be perfect to be beautiful. I love that no one is perfect and everyone is beautiful. I love that a husbands' love for his wife is so much deeper than her looks. I marvel at how much my husband loves me. The world would say I don't deserve to be loved that deeply because I don't look like Jennifer Garner. But Jennifer Garner is beautiful because of who she is and not what she looks like and after reading this book I feel beautiful because of who I am and not because of how I look. And I gained all that from reading an entertaining, hilarious, heart-felt fictional novel... not a lack luster self-help book.I can't recommend it though because the horrible language (used only occasionally, but still it is there) isn't necessary.

  • Pamela
    2019-05-05 04:59

    It occurred to me as I read my second book by this author that they both are a sort of romance novel. Not my usual genre at all. But these are not sappy, sentimental, women-being-rescued-by-men books. They are stories of women facing a bit of crisis, trying to find themselves. What I really like is the romance is secondary to the search--they don't find romance until they solve their inner struggle. And the women who are the main characters are so real and relatable. If you are mothers, especially Everyone is Beautiful. Having three children myself, I can relate to so many little scenes in the book. Again, Center's books remind me a lot of Maeve Binchy--glimpses of an everyday life, although Center concentrates on one character and Binchy's books have ensemble casts. But nice reads, altogether (to borrow that Irish turn of phrase from Ms. Binchy's!).

  • Jessica
    2019-05-08 10:35

    A light read with a heavy message. The book is a great reminder to not completely lose yourself or forget to invest in your relationship after kids come into the picture. I'm sure it's easier said than done with the fierce demands of children, but fierce love of your spouse is the reason they're in your lives in the first place, right?! (Hopefully, anyway!) Loved the book & the ending, even despite Lanie's children being complete TERRORS, lol"...the human condition is imperfection. And that's how it's supposed to be.""I believe the eyes see everything through the heart -- and nothing in the world feels as good as resting them on someone you love."

  • Nicole
    2019-04-23 09:48

    This was an enjoyable story about a woman finding hersrlf again while being overwhelmed with 3 small children, a move across the country, a husband bogged down by graduate school, and parents who leave the country. While every experience is different, it shows how easy you can lose yourself, but also find yourself when overwhelmed with life.

  • WhatIReallyRead
    2019-05-09 10:47

    I picked this book up because Brene Brown recommended it. Admittedly, it took me four years to get around to reading it, but I'm glad I did. The writing was so honest it made me bond with the characters instantly. It made me laugh out loud multiple times, it was so sweet got diabetes, it made me feel sad, scared and soul-crushingly lonely. Jeez, this is just chick-lit, why am I such a mess? Ah, well, I'm just a chick, what can I do? :)The main character is middle-aged, married and a mother of three kids. Since I have neither a husband nor any kids, and am over ten years younger, I didn't quite expect to have much of a response to her struggles. I wonder, if I could relate - would it make the novel funnier or sadder? I definitely want to read more of Katherine Center. I wonder if I should wait until a later stage in life. Though, to be fair, with my TBR it'll take 10 years to get around to it anyway :)

  • Lisa
    2019-05-13 06:56

    This is a fun read that I went through quickly. Some of the parts made me laugh. I tend to like stories about building into your marriage amidst the challenges of parenting and other parts of normal life, so I guess it's predictable that I liked this book. The last couple pages are excellent and worth quoting, as the author (in the character's first person voice) shares her thoughts on beauty. I did feel like some parts of the plot were a bit exaggerated/contrived--for instance the challenges of being a mom to 3 little ones seemed at times exaggerated for comic effect or to further the story, and there were a few other details that just seemed a bit improbable in real life (maybe that's just me), but all in all it was a good read.

  • Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance
    2019-05-22 06:59

    Not every book we read has to be a big literary novel, clever, thoughtful, dense. At times, we just want to read a book that reassures us about the troubles that hit us as humans and about the hidden strengths we have to overcome. And we might just want a laugh or two at the foibles of little boys. Everyone is Beautiful is such a book, a book when we are seeking a gentle, funny read.I like this book. It’s not Tolstoy, but it’s a perfect read for spring break. It reminded me of the tiring days of young motherhood and the sweetness and pain of raising children. It’s funny here and there and always true.

  • Carrie
    2019-05-14 10:58

    I've only read the first chapter, but so far this book is hilarious. She's really got the harried-mom-at-the-park thing down pat. If it keeps up like this, I think you guys would really like this book!------I thought this book was really funny at first: dealing with three boys at the park, harried mom, that sort of thing. But then it just kind of got depressing with all the problems the main character was having: problems with moving far from home, not having enough money, marriage communication issues. And then in the end, it was not so uplifting as I hoped it would be, or as the author tried to make it.

  • Colleen
    2019-05-19 10:35

    "I devoured Katherine Center's first book, The Bright Side of Disaster, but for some reason I just couldn't get into this book at all. I actually never finished it. Maybe its because I don't have kids and found it hard to relate to the main character. Her children's behavior was outrageous. I don't know that I would recommend this book to anyone which is sad because I recommended Center's first book to several friends. Save yourself the money and frustration. Skip this book."

  • Sara Mannal
    2019-05-12 05:50

    I thought this was a great book for when you need that easy to read good story that you can relate to. As far as chick-lit it was great. I have found with some chick-lit I end up hating the characters and find them unrealistic, this was a cute story about a non-perfect wife and mother. Perfect for a summer read.

  • Kristin
    2019-05-18 05:03

    Good for the motherhood "reality," but it was way to predictable and ended up too neat and tidy. A quick, fun read, but if I were to pick a good mommy lit book, I'd take "I Don't Know How She Does It." However, I'm looking forward to making some cupcakes!

  • Katherine
    2019-05-09 04:41

    Eh. Pleasant in sort of a glib way. Entertaining writing and premise, but the author takes short-cuts all over the place and none of it really seems authentic. Tilts briefly in the too-many-wacky-characters direction. Some funny stuff about motherhood.

  • Stephanie
    2019-04-30 07:48

    LOVED THIS BOOK! I read it in two nights and so related to the main character as a Mom with young kids. Katherine is a great writer: I recommend this unequivocally.

  • Janeene
    2019-05-06 06:49

    2.5 Stars.....didn't enjoy the book as much as I thought I would....pages 85-87 are laugh out loud funny.....the book got better as it went on and the ending made up for slower parts in the beginning

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-14 10:04

    Everyone is Beautiful A mom of 4, this really drew me in. I could relate on so many levels. Great book, highly recommended.

  • Amy
    2019-04-27 09:00

    love this. recharged me and took me to the raw parts I tried to forget about early mamahood. I did like the way it made me feel.

  • Krystyn
    2019-05-09 02:39

    Super cute,feel-good-kind-of-story. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • Sonia Cristina
    2019-05-08 09:37

    Gostei! É um livro simples, sobre o casamento e a sobrecarga que é a maternidade. Sem pretensiosismos, é um livro querido, de leitura fluida.

  • Michelle Odland
    2019-05-12 11:02

    What I loved:The absolute hilarious way this author depicts motherhood, the daily mundaneness of poop, letting your kids color on the walls because for a blissful few minutes it's quiet dang it.The descriptive writing she does. I love how I can actually see what she is writing. A lot of authors lack that ability and can get caught up with assuming you know. Sometimes I don't read to think. Sometimes I enjoy seeing beauty in a little girl in a pinafore dress with bandaids covering her legs.What I didn't love:I never really liked her husband. I didn't fall in love with him even as she was. Nor did I want her to be with the disheveled flip flop wearing teacher, but I would assume we'd have some kind of love for the man she adores and misses.Do not tell me in a book "little did I know that would be the end of this." It's really annoying. It's like being bit by a mosquito while relaxing in a hammock. Quit it. Overall I do suggest this book. Maybe because part of me identifies with the main character, or maybe just because I do think there's beauty in the non-commercial beauty.

  • Allison
    2019-05-15 06:56

    Lanie's whole life is about her husband and children, and she knows she needs to make a change to feel like herself again. By going to the gym and taking photography classes, she starts to feel more like an individual. Unfortunately, her photography teacher takes a little too much of an interest in her, which leads to (view spoiler)[ issues with her husband. (hide spoiler)]This was a fun read, but I finished it in about two days and I feel like I am already forgetting about it. Also - who would try to live on a grad school salary with three kids? I felt like Peter was irresponsible and selfish for bringing the family to live in a teeny apartment in Cambridge just so he could go to school.

  • Jessica
    2019-05-22 06:37

    truthfully, this was more like 1 1/2 stars and i was really disappointed because i enjoyed the other book i read by this author earlier in the summer. i didn't ever connect to the characters and i thought the story was kind of dumb. the only reason i didn't rate it a solid one star is because it doesn't even merit that strong a reaction. this was a perfectly "meh" book. and i thought the random (if infrequent) profanity was unnecessary and a bit of a non sequitur.