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Dear Goodreads user,Apologies, but Six Short Stories is no longer available. I’m afraid the stories escaped the constraints of their bookish home (as stories are prone to do) and now reside … Actually, I’m not entirely sure where they all are. Maybe you can help? If you look hard enough, perhaps you'll be able to find them.- JackA collection of six incidents, memories andDear Goodreads user,Apologies, but Six Short Stories is no longer available. I’m afraid the stories escaped the constraints of their bookish home (as stories are prone to do) and now reside … Actually, I’m not entirely sure where they all are. Maybe you can help? If you look hard enough, perhaps you'll be able to find them.- JackA collection of six incidents, memories and curiosities. Some of these short stories are happy, some of them are not so happy. It’s difficult to tell whether any of them are related, such quandaries are never resolved easily.Includes: Dylan, Roseroot Rectory, Scruffy, Space Dementia, Tethered and X....

Title : six short stories
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ISBN : 24874262
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six short stories Reviews

  • Richard
    2019-05-16 02:07

    Review copy kindly donated by author and GR friend Jack Croxall. This collection of flash fiction is so short that it can be read in one sitting, but it is proof that stories don't have to be long to be good. They catch and hold the reader's interest. We hear from a variety of narrators. There is a blend of tones and moods that come through as well, ranging from humour to tragedy. My favorite stories were "Dylan" because of its quirky take on the paranormal, and "Space Dementia(¿)" [sic] because of its blend of irony and drama. Some of the stories left me wondering what actually happened. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if it makes the reader do a little work. But (especially in the case of "Space Dementia(¿)") it leaves me wanting more and wishing that Jack could have carried the narrative a bit farther or expanded the back stories.

  • AugustTimes
    2019-05-03 00:10

    I NEED LONGER STORIES JACK.I was so interested in all of these and I also had to re-read X again!

  • Jane Yates
    2019-05-10 01:41

    Review of Six Short Stories by Jack Croxall This book is a delight to read and written with the high quality that you come to expect from Jacks wonderful imaginative writing.Each story is a treat itself, and a good length so you can dip in and read one to break up the more mundane tasks of the day.I was already a fan of Jacks last story ‘X’. Well who does not like zombie apocalypse stories!But was equally thrilled to read the other good mix of super reads which I would compare it to pick and mix sweets.I loved the ‘who done it,’ element which leaves you thinking. It is rare in YA stories as so often the author feels he has to spell everything out clearly for the young reader so they can a full grasp on the situation.To me the best stories are always those that leave you wondering, who was that behind the door? Or in Jacks story, ‘Space Dementia’, does Space Dementia really exist, is there a cover up a conspiracy theory?I would like to see more of the story, ‘Roseroot Rectory,’ I do believe in ghosts and feel it would be great for a film, or TV series maybe?A marvellous read, for people of all ages, and I highly recommend it.EXTRA Book review for ‘X’ by Jack Croxall one of the stories in Six-Short-Stories-Jack-CroxallX is a captivating story set in a post-apocalyptic world. A teenage girl known only as ‘X’, is hiding below ground in an old farmhouse somewhere in the English countryside. As the story unfolds you realise that, although this is a temporary arrangement, she appears well organised; with food, tools and a torch to write her journal by.The character ‘X’ is beautifully written and you are instantly drawn to her as you tumble into her world. Just as with Esther Emerson in his debut ’Tethers’, Croxall has written a strong teenage heroine. Even though the character ‘X’ is incredibly brave, there is the continual fear of ‘the uglies’ from the outside.The tender relationship X had with her sister and the happy childhood memories of kicking up leaves in the wood are all she really has left. Not even a real photo of her family; X has to make do with an image of another girl scavenged from her hideout. She wants her life to have some purpose, so she leaves a dairy in the hope that it will be found and read by a surviving human, although she fears that she may be the last.‘X’, was an ordinary girl who has had to do extraordinary things and make unspeakable decisions. A must for zombie fans, this is a truly gripping story that is skilfully told by Jack Croxall. ‘X’,If you love zombie films, read this in the dark to get the full effect.

  • Kristin Ravelle
    2019-05-09 21:50

    4 Stars!Usually I don’t read YA/science but having read Tethers by Jack Croxall, I was glad of the opportunity to receive an ARC of his Six Short Stories being released on Amazon Kindle February 8, 2015.These are curious, charming, heart-warming, and strange stories that make a quick and interesting evening read. I like that the author approaches off-the-wall themes in a practical sort of way, keeping the weird factor manageable.The author has a way of writing that emotionally connects with the reader through feelings common to all of us, even if the story is unusual. Some of these stories, perhaps all, could be read aloud to older children.If I have one criticism, it is that some of the stories are waaay too short. I’d like to see Roseroot Rectory lengthened because I want to know more about the ghost!Some of the stories begin with a note about a newspaper clipping (from the Sentinel) that ties it into the story. What a great method for writing a novella, from a series of clippings relating to the same event.If you’re looking for a short, varied read, you will enjoy 6 Short Stories!

  • Dan Thompson
    2019-05-20 19:09

    Jack Croxall's aptly named Six Short Stories is exactly that, but an enjoyable, thrilling and interesting bunch they are. It includes the award winning X, which zombie lovers will relish. Despite differing in genre, the stories do all swing towards the YA genre the author is well versed in.What I found rather humbling about these stories is how the author leaves them. It seems he deliberately leaves them so as to leave the reader with questions of what happens next? What if this happens? Why did that occur? And as frustrating as that is, Jack Croxall forces us to use our own imagination. Subtlety is in the detail. Whether it is a journalist taking up the offer of staying in a haunted inn, a scifi yarn where the character questions his sanity, or in fact a short about a rather original take on the guardian angel concept, this collection is a fab read that you'll zip through in about half an hour. Perfect for a train ride.

  • D.M. Cain
    2019-05-07 21:03

    Another great piece of work from Jack Croxall! This collection of short stories is concise and no nonsense. The authors writing style is simple but effective. I marvel at how he manages to choose simple phrasings, yet convey such meaning! Each of the stories in this collection leave the reader with unanswered questions - Who is this character? What really happened there? etc. While this could be frustrating for some readers, I enjoyed the freedom to think things through myself. The answers aren't given here - that is left to the reader. I was already a huge fan of one of the stories - the award-winning 'X' which I read again as it is such a powerful piece of writing. My other favourite in the collection was Space Dementia which raised questions of sanity in outer space. A great collection.

  • Megan Readinginthesunshine
    2019-05-12 21:52

    Six short stories? DID YOU SAY SIX?!?!I NEED this. This calls for a Jack's-Written-New-Stories PARTY TIMEEEEEEE!!! :D

  • Tirion
    2019-05-06 18:41

    Loved re-reading X, such a great short story.All stories were so interesting and compelling.I need a full length book though!!!!!

  • Rebecca Stow
    2019-05-02 21:58

    A brilliant selection of stories that all explore the same interesting theme, absolutely loved it :)

  • L.E. Fitzpatrick
    2019-05-04 00:09

    I actually read this ages ago and totally forgot to post a review. I loved these stories. There are all YA, which isn't normally a genre I get into, and yet they all had a depth to them that reminded me of classic coming of age films like Stand By Me. Beautifully written, these simple stories cover horror, sci-fi and contemporary YA genres, all deeply moving.Highly recommend and I'll be looking for a lot more from this author.

  • Jason Mckinsey
    2019-05-06 01:45

    Nope. It's short, and not worth finishing. The first story was so full of errors that the editor should be forced to physically eat a copy of the tome while slathered in fire ants. After that one story, I had no interest in anything else this author has written.

  • Jack
    2019-05-03 21:52