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The second Lizzie White lays eyes on her new English teacher Brandon Thomas, she is hooked. Brandon is young, cool and sexy - and nothing like the other teachers at her school. But of course he is forbidden from fraternising with the students or forming any sort out of outside hours relationship. And combined with the fact that Lizzie's best friend Taylor declared her feelThe second Lizzie White lays eyes on her new English teacher Brandon Thomas, she is hooked. Brandon is young, cool and sexy - and nothing like the other teachers at her school. But of course he is forbidden from fraternising with the students or forming any sort out of outside hours relationship. And combined with the fact that Lizzie's best friend Taylor declared her feelings for Brandon first (and has therefore claimed theoretical ownership), Lizzie decides it's all too hard and focuses on a budding relationship with fellow student and class clown Gabe instead. But then Jason shows up. Jason is Brandon's trouble-making twin brother who seems to have no qualms about flirting with students or leaving a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes. Before she knows it, Lizzie is dragged into a confusing world of blurred lines and lustful thoughts, where loyalties are tested and true feelings are explored....

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Dismissed Reviews

  • Lauren (Northern Plunder)
    2019-03-03 02:05

    This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to see more reviews please click here. Meet Lizzie our brunnette protagonist and her beautiful blonde-haired best friend as they both pine over a new dreamy teacher.Who will win in this fight between best friends?I don't know because I didn't finish the book...The moment the book did this typical pitting girls against girls when they're best friends but acting as if they don't even get along from the get-go it just hit snooze for me.I decided to try and keep at it, well for 13% of the book at least but I just couldn't do it. I was just so annoyed and irritated with every character we met, with how they were acting with each other, and I've just had enough. The only interesting things that really stood out to me was that Lizzie could beatbox and it wasn't set in the US. I feel super bad about not being able to connect with this book as I recieved it for review but I guess its just not for me. I guess I'm just too old for any more highschool drama, I've had my share.Whilst I didn't finish the book I'm still giving it 2 stars as I didn't hate it and it wasn't badly written.

  • Poulami
    2019-03-23 02:06

    Full reviews can be viewed at Daydreaming Books.**I received a digital copy of this book from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.**I really, really hate giving a low rating to a book, but I had no choice here. There was nothing in this book that could hold my attention. Thankfully it was short enough so I finished it easily but I was thinking something's going to happen now but nothing exiting ever happened. The plot felt flat for me and the characters were somewhat okay, sometimes even too irritating, that's why Dismissed was a huge dissapointment for me.The story revolves around a girl named Lizzie who is always overshadows by her best friend Taylor. A new teacher called Brandon comes to their high school to teach them English and he is gorgeously handsome. As Taylor announces to Lizzie that she is in love with Brandon and she is going to make him his, Lizzie keeps her dreams aside but she can't help but like him. Plot twist occurs when they find out he has a twin brother named Jason and they are in a band together. Taylor decides she is going to go for Jason instead and things become too messy and complicated which threatens to destroy the reputation of Lizzie and Brandon.I read the blurb and thought that there was going to be some epic forbidden romance between Lizzie and the teacher, Brandon. You guys know that I am a sucker for forbidden romance. Unfortunately nothing ever happened in the plot overall. It just felt flat for me. These two people, Lizzie and Brandon fall in love with each other without even a minimum communication between them. They barely communicated, other than what the strictly teacher student relationship required and it is expected to believe that they somehow fell in love. There was not a bit of realistic factor in this book which really enraged me. Like I said earlier, particularly nothing happened to keep me hooked.I didn't like much the characters either. Yes, Lizzie was sensible but she barely stood up to her best friend, Taylor. But I did like it when she finally stood up for herself. I didn't know why she even stuck with a shallow person like that. But nonetheless I could somewhat understand the situation cause I had a similar friend like this in school and I'm really relieved I don't have to see her anymore in my life. (I consider that as a dark phase in my life!) Taylor was really so irritating, I felt like closing this books because of her, I really wanted to strangle her. Basically I just hated this character. Brandon was the only sensible person in this whole book but this is also the reason nothing romantic ever happened between him and Lizzie. Jason, his twin brother was another nuisance in this book but he laters comes out as a good character. So, basically I had a hard time connecting with the characters and I didn't root for any of them.The writing was smooth. I did like how the dialogues flowed out. The pace was even throughout the book and that's why I was able to finish this book very fast. Overall, I am disappointed with this book. I expected a lot of action, secrets, going behind the back, massive betrays and most importantly epic forbidden romance. Nothing of this sort ever happened in this book. The plot felt flat for me and the characters didn't manage to hold my attention. Only the writing was smooth and the pages easily flew by easily. Recommend it?I don’t think so.

  • Anthea
    2019-03-23 08:55

    I didn't like this. I had so many issues with this book, I've completely lost count. The original premise sounded like something I'd totally be interested in, but the actual execution of the book was a major let down. However, if I really dislike a book, I won't finish it... but I found myself finishing this book, I guess I was intrigued as to what would happen - no matter how ridiculous it became. Which is a positive. Full review on my blog:

  • Lena
    2019-02-20 02:45

    I'm such a sucker for a forbidden romance, especially of the student teacher variety! And what's not to love about this one?Sexy musicians - check!Cheeky trouble causing twin - check! (btw, Jason needs his own book!)Teenage angst - check!All this equals a super sweet read :)

  • Elien
    2019-02-20 07:45

    This review and more onSo BookaliciousI have some very mixed feelings about this book; therefore I also had a hard time rating and reviewing it. I believe that the only reason why I finished reading the book with ease was because it was short. And there was something addictive about the book; I just kept reading even when I did not feel like it. The plot was underdeveloped; this book could have been really good. It had all the right elements to be a good book filled with drama: forbidden romance, friendship and betrayal. But unfortunately the author did not use these elements to their full potential. The saving of this book were probably the characters. I did not like them but they were worked out okay. At times I was a bit annoyed by them; they were so young in so many ways. And I know that might be how teenagers act nowadays but still I could not help but be aggravated by it. Also I mainly read YA books and it normally does not bother me like this. A lot of the characters were so superficial; especially Lizzie’s friend Taylor. All she cared about was appearance. To be honest she was a horrible character. Lizzie was okay in most ways, I guess she represents well how a lot of teenagers are. She felt insecure and wanted to be loved by her friends. And she grew throughout the book; she became stronger and realized that she did not need those people that said were here friends but did not act like it. When I read the blurb I thought that there would be an epic forbidden romance between Lizzie and her teacher, Brandon. But I was disappointed by it. I could not see why they liked each other in the first place. They might have had maybe four “normal” conversations in the whole book. I could not feel the attraction and the chemistry between them. So the romance part felt really unrealistic to me and well that is a bit of a bummer since it is supposed to be a romance novel. Overall, I was a bit disappointed with this book. I expected more of it; more action, more romance, just more of everything. But nothing like this happened in it. Luckily the writing was smooth and the dialogues flowed easily. This made it possible to finish the book fast. If you are looking for a book with forbidden romance in it than I can only say that there are better options out there. But if you are looking for a quick read than you can give this one a shot.

  • Joana (The Boundless Booklist)
    2019-02-24 06:59

    For more reviews go to: start of Lizzie White’s last year of high school brings about some unexpected surprises. The biggest being her very hot--but very off-limits--new English teacher. Every girl in school has their eyes on Brandon Thomas, who is unlike any of the other teachers; he is young, sexy, and in a totally cool band. Lizzie decides that the situation is futile so she sets her feelings aside and focuses on her budding romance with a fellow student, Gabe. However, things get a bit complicated when Brandon’s twin brother, Jason, shows up. Jason has no quarrels when it comes to getting involved with one of Brandon’s students so that’s exactly what he does. I found a lot of faults within this. My biggest issue is that the book is probably 90% dialogue. No time was really focused on describing things, instead everything is straight up told to us which takes away from the reading experience in my opinion. The whole thing--plot, characters, drama, conflicts--just did not seem believable in the slightest. Lizzie speaks to Gabe (her classmate) on the very first day of school for the very first time and by that afternoon they have already decided that they want to be boyfriend/girlfriend. As for her romance with Brandon, they have a total of like 2 moments where they connect and seem to like each other. But again, two whole conversations does not make an amazing romance or relationship. Another issue I had was that Jason is portrayed as the player, but by the end he isn’t actually any of these things and is really just “misunderstood”. The problem with this is that it all happened out of the blue and without any character development whatsoever.I also didn’t particularly like Lizzie. She complains all the time about what a terrible friend Taylor is (and she’s right, don’t get me wrong), but at the same time she never says anything and continues to let Taylor mistreat her. I can’t stand when anyone--whether they be real or fictional--constantly plays the victim. I really wish I had liked this because the premise is something I usually enjoy, but there were just way more problems than redeeming qualities. This is a really short read which is a plus (and probably what got me all the way to the end) and the cover is super cute, but other than that this just wasn't for me.

  • Tonja Drecker
    2019-03-08 06:54

    Firstly, I found the cover priceless--a picture perfect fan girl look. And it sums up the story pretty well. Lizzie is a seventeen (almost eighteen) year old, who finds the new English teacher cute. But so does every other girl in the school. But what makes Lizzie sympathetic is that she doesn't freak out like everyone else. She thinks the guy's cute. Sure. She fantasizes about him a bit too, but unlike her best friend, she doesn't really go all out. She has a level head and tries to stop her best friend's sillinesses. . .well, in so far that it's possible. I enjoyed the peer-pressure in this, subtle yet the message is there. Lizzie is a great friend, but like many kids that age, sometimes blind and gets in over her head. Still, she's got a strong character, who tries to do what's right.The story moves along nicely, not many slow moments. It's easy to drop into Lizzie's world and get to know the people around her. Sometimes the motion details could have been cut back, and I was a little disturbed at how ready and willing people seemed to be to pop into bed with someone else. I would definitely recommend this for a higher YA, since comments and suggestions can get pretty heavy. As to the plot itself, it's pretty clear cut and keeps up a nice pace. We get to know the characters pretty well, there's a little bit of mystery going on, and there are some unexpected twists and turns. But this is a clear teen romance. Summed up, this for the higher YA end and teens who love comedy romance with a bit of a fan girl twist. I definitely wouldn't recommend this to anyone who has problems with a student/teacher relationships--although this book does not over step moral/ethical bounds.

  • Caitlyn
    2019-02-25 03:42

    *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*I have a confession to make, I'm a sucker for student/teacher romances. Horrible, I know, but they are fascinating to me. I mean when I hear about them on the news I'm like nope that's awful but when I read about them in books I'm intrigued. That being said when I found this book and got the chance to review it I submitted my request right away. This book is pretty slow burn which drives me crazy but I actually enjoyed it very much. Kirsty put a spin on the whole student/teacher trope by making it as legal and acceptable as possible which I thought was classy of her. I finished this book in less than 3 hours so it was a pretty quick read and I loved that about it. Let's talk about the two main girl characters for a second here:Lizzie, the main character is very lovable. I connected with her almost immediately and once she said she's an insomniac I was like "Hey, Me too!" and boom I could relate. Taylor, hmm, Taylor is one of those friends that I could not stand to have. She just bugs me the way she is disgusted by someone until she finds out they have money then she's okay with them. Just. Uhg. Taylor. At the very end of the book she was better but I'm still not sure. read the rest of my review here

  • Millie
    2019-03-01 09:07

    *I RECEIVED A COPY OF THIS BOOK IN EXCHANGE FOR A REVIEW*Lizzie along with he friend Taylor are just going into their final year before they go there separate ways to uni or travel (not that she is sure what she wants to do). The, in comes the gorgeous new English teacher that has got all the girls swooning (and the readers!). I have not read a book about student/teacher relationships before so didn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. However,I will say the main focus of this book is NOT student/teacher as this is only a small part. The book is about friendship, first loves and discovering your path. The writing is not a literary masterpiece but we don't always read books for the sentence structure. I do fly through it and came to enjoy the company of the characters. Lizzie was a likable character who I could relate to a lot and you become fond of. The others such as Taylor her friend and Gabe the class clown are also greatly depicted, each being very individual. And Mr Thomas - what a hottie! The themes running through this book are really relevant to a teenager's life. It talks a lot about drifting friendships as well as exam/future stress which are definitely two things that are very prominent in my life at the moment. It's safe to say that this book can give a helping hand to anyone sharing these issues.If you're looking for a cute contemporary to indulge during the summer, this will be your perfect match!

  • Sierra the Nerdgirl
    2019-02-24 09:51

    This is the second forbidden teacher romance I have read within a two day span. The first one was a disappoint so I came in with pretty low expectations. Fortunately I liked this one better than the first one, unfortunately I didn't like it that much.I think a large problem I had with the story was I hated all of the characters and I did not ship any of the couples together. The twins that the girls pined after to me really weren't anything special. Personally I was kind of repulsed by their physical descriptions. And the girls... they were quite annoying and I was not a fan of them.One thing I liked was Lizzie's clear character development. She became a stronger character and didn't allow herself to controlled as much as in the beginning. That being said, she was still not quite in her wits.Also one thing I was not prepared for was the book being set in Australia. I was a bit unfamiliar with some of the terms they used and the way their education system was set up.Overall the book was okay, but it didn't really appeal to me. It might be better suited for those from Australia who are in their preteens/early teens into contemporaries.

  • Melissa
    2019-03-09 04:41

    A Sweet, Cute, YA RomanceThis is a student/teacher romance and I know there have been a flood of them lately some good, some not so good and this one definitely falls into the good pile. The story flows along at a good pace and the plot kept me turning the pages reading the whole thing in one go. I really liked Lizzie she is smart and funny and just a little quirky and I just find her very endearing. I have to admit that I did not like her friend Taylor at all. I usually don't get that kind of dislike on for a character but there is just so much about her that screams UGH! She didn't detract from my enjoyment of the book however and I look forward to reading more from this author. I was generously provided a complimentary copy of this book by Xpresso Book Tours for an honest review.

  • Daiane
    2019-02-22 06:56

    I received an ebook copy in exchange for my honest review. I really enjoyed this book and I couldn't stop thinking about it even after I was finished. It was definitely my type of book and I really enjoyed how the story ended off. I like how the characters were portrayed in the story. The good girl (Lizzie) and her daring friend with their ongoing drama of girls and boys. I liked how Lizzie kept encountering Brandon like it was faith. This book kept me up all night but it was worth the read!! I am very much looking forward to reading more from this author!!

  • Aria Brooks
    2019-02-25 03:00

    ***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***Writing Style: 2/5Plot: 2/5Character Development: 3/5Overall: ♛♛♛I quickly found that I was not the ideal audience for this book. Maybe the real problem (for me, at least) is that it didn't transcend into an adult audience like many YA books do.I had a hard time rating this book and even decided to change it later.

  • Meedah
    2019-02-20 02:06

    Thanks To Xpresso Tours for the free copy. I have found after reading another book in this Genre that i am done with High school settings or school settings, well i guess i shouldn't say that but i got bored after reading for like 3 pages. I feel bad for giving this review but i am a picky reader. And i love books with an age limit where teacher wants student and vice versa but this sadly was not it.

  • Rachael Slate
    2019-03-21 03:06

    Once I got into the story, I didn't want to put it down. The author captured the angst of YA perfectly in this book. I really liked Lizzie. She was relatable and her talent for beat boxing was a great addition to her personality. The struggle over which guy she would choose kept me turning the pages, and the ending didn’t disappoint. I can’t wait to read more from this author.

  • Kirsty McManus
    2019-03-03 07:46